Kiloshellooo africa06:02
superflySo what's the next step, Kilos?06:15
Kilosyou mean here?06:15
Kilosive got a couple of the newcomers to try find the missing locos06:16
Kilosbut they see its not so quick06:16
Kilosi just want to try get the site to show up quicker with google06:17
Kilosthat seo thing06:17
Kiloshi elacheche07:40
Kilosand ongolaBoy07:40
Kilosand the lurkers07:41
Kiloshi Neo3110:18
Kiloshello lunapersa  :)10:18
Neo31hi Kilos10:19
Neo31lunapersa, is also here10:19
lunapersaHi Kilos :)10:23
elachecheKilos, all my peps are in here x)10:24
Kiloshi SalahMessaoud10:24
elachecheThis is the #ubuntu-tn swat :D :p10:24
Kilosgood man elacheche10:24
elachechehahahha :D10:24
SalahMessaoudHi Kilos10:24
elacheched4rk-5c0rp, lunapersa Neo31 SalahMessaoud :D10:24
Kilosah i missed d4rk-5c0rp10:25
d4rk-5c0rphey Kilos :)10:25
Kilosnow we must push coco11  to get all the cameroonians here10:27
Kiloselacheche  where is your newest member?10:28
Kilosn3 something10:28
elachecheprobably sleeping :D10:29
Kiloscyrilb  daker  eebrah  kenju254  Neo31  R0ok_  stickyboy  have you guys joined our mailing list yet? we will have our first meeting in about 3 weeks time i think10:31
Kilosand joined here10:31
Kilosi forget where the mailing list is10:32
elachecheKilos, the ML is in that same link ;à10:32
Kilosyay ty10:32
Kiloswith luck inetpro  will chair our first meet10:34
Kiloswe just must try find a day when za peeps havent got load shedding10:35
Kilosoh elacheche  another thing10:35
Kilosdo you guys have lugs as well10:35
Kiloshi Akhenaton10:35
Akhenatonhi guys10:35
Kilosi think you are new here, if so welcome to ubuntu-africa10:36
Kiloswhere are you Akhenaton  ?10:36
Kilosim in south africa10:36
Akhenatonfrom cameroon10:36
Akhenatonlike ongolaBoy and coco1110:37
elachecheNo Kilos, the only GNU/Linux "official" group in Tunisia is #ubuntu-tn.. the others are University CLUBS10:37
Kiloswill you join our mailing list please10:37
cyrilbMailing list ubuntu-africa@lists.launchpad.net Policy: You must be a team member to subscribe to the team mailing list.10:37
Kiloselacheche  get the club peeps to join us too10:37
cyrilbHow to become a team member?10:38
Akhenatonok let me check it10:38
Kiloslemme think a bit cyrilb10:38
elachecheKilos, I'll try my best :) don't promise a thing :)10:38
Kilosi dont remember that10:38
Kiloselacheche  whats with the team member thing10:38
Kilosoh cyrilb  isnt there a join button?10:40
Kilosor join this group thingie10:41
Kilosshould be near the active members10:43
Akhenatonit's done10:52
Kilosgood ty10:52
Akhenatoni'm now a team menber10:52
Kilosdid you join the mailing list as well?10:53
Kilosill auth as soon as i get the mail10:53
Akhenatonit's was small strong but i try10:53
Akhenatonok thanks you10:54
Kilosas long as you managed thats good10:54
Kilosdone, now ill see who else joins then ill auth them after lunch10:55
Kiloscyrilb  did you find it?10:57
Kiloshmm... he got busy10:58
Neo31elacheche, u missed fedora-tn11:41
Kiloshi ariabbas11:43
elachecheNeo31, there is only 1 person in fedora-tn right now.. o/11:44
Kilosfetch him11:45
elachecheAlready in here :p11:47
cyrilbcan't login: "Invalid OpenID transaction"11:55
cyrilbcan we create a meetup or facebook group (like normal people)?11:55
Neo31elacheche, yeah u r right :p if u r talking about sidki, he's out of tunisia, I believe there is one or two other ambassadors here but they don't seem to be active11:55
elachechecyrilb, what is a facebook group? o_O11:59
elachecheWe can meetup ere cyrilb :)11:59
cyrilbthe Canonical website is not working, I can't login12:00
elachecheAh facebook is a website! :D12:00
cyrilbI have openid errors12:00
cyrilbon WHAT PLANET are you living elacheche?!12:01
cyrilbis Facebook available in Africa (playing the sarcasm game too)?12:01
elachecheI donno cyrilb :D I'm in the Top of the north.. Maybe there is no Facebook coverage in here :D12:02
cyrilbelacheche: is sending your private info to FB an issue?12:02
elachecheIt depends on your definition of "private" :D12:04
cyrilbsending to Canonical is the same12:04
elachecheDon't be lazy cyrilb let's debug your OpenID problem :)12:04
cyrilbI had nothing to do this afternoon at the office anyway12:04
cyrilblet's do that12:04
elachecheWhat are you trying to do ?12:04
cyrilb"my" openid ;-)12:05
elacheche:D I had a problem with openID once :D12:05
cyrilbi'm trying to join the mailing list12:05
elachecheAre you connected to LP?12:05
xarafrica rocks !12:06
elachecheYeah xar :D You see!! Someone read the logs ;)12:06
elachecheEven you :D12:06
elachechexar, you read the #ubuntu-tn log in your xchat :D that's why you're here :)12:07
xar#free_ads, please, fo never join #ubuntu-tn12:07
elachechehahaha.. Kilos meet the funny xar from Tunisia :D12:08
xarEvilDMP_, hi !12:09
EvilDMP_hello xar12:09
xarEvilDMP_, how are you ?12:10
Kiloscyrilb  i added you14:35
Kilosnow you can join the list i think14:36
Akhenatongood job kilos14:36
Kilosty took a while to work out14:37
Kiloscyrilb  is in mauritius14:59
Kiloshmm... elacheche  one 20.00 and one 22.0015:33
KilosQA  tell elacheche fix your mirror https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors18:56
QAKilos: Okay, I'll tell elacheche on freenode18:56

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