dholbachgood morning07:08
davidcalleGood morning o/07:24
davidcalledholbach, what's the best way to try the UI side of your data-store branch?12:59
dholbachdavidcalle, it's not quite there yet, but you can add a Gadget Snap List plugin just like you add a Raw HTML plugin13:05
dholbachand run ./manage.py update-gadget-snaps to get the entries into the database13:06
dholbachwith ./manage.py dbshell you can confirm if they're there13:06
davidcalledholbach, thanks, trying it in a moment!13:06
dholbach(select * from store_data_gadgetsnap;)13:06
dholbachI'm still stuck somewhere trying to get all the data listed in the plugin13:07
dholbachand display it properly13:07
dholbachI was looking at https://django-cms.readthedocs.org/en/latest/how_to/custom_plugins.html13:07
davidcalledholbach, I arrived to the point when adding the module, the modal window opens and the list is empty. I guess that's where you are stuck13:15
dholbachthe render() function in cms_plugins.py probably is the wrong place to define everything13:25
dholbachI will need to see how this is done in other custom plugins13:26
dholbachbut we should be pretty close already13:26
dholbachpopey, davidcalle, balloons, mhall119, dpm: who does the Q&A later on?14:06
dpmdholbach, I wasn't in the last two, so I'm up for it, who else wants to join?14:07
dholbachI did last week with Mike14:12
dpmballoons, popey? ^14:17
balloonstoday isn't the best for me, but I'm in if popey isn't14:27
dpmok, thanks popey14:29
* dpm starts the announcements14:29
dpmpopey, can you log into ubuntuonair.com?14:33
popeyi can14:33
dpmok, I'll pass you the link to the hangout, then14:33
dholbachdpm, popey, balloons, mhall119, davidcalle: I'll start inviting a couple of folks for the next Q&A if that's all right - I'll add them to the trello board15:02
mhall119dholbach: are we going to invite jono? :)15:04
mhall119we could have a special 30-minute segment called "Tell Jono Bacon why rebasing on Android is the worst idea ever"15:04
dholbachjust to give him an opportunity to tell the world that he replaced all of his Ubuntu with Macs15:04
czajkowskipopey: so do you wnt to tell that guy I dont keep a list of user groups just conferences :)15:11
popeyi think confs is what he wants15:11
czajkowskiah ok15:12
czajkowskican you remind me in the morning15:12
czajkowskiI have a few hrs left to submit Q2 reviews on activies before Q3 starts tomorrow15:12
dholbachall rightie my friends16:26
dholbachI call it a day - see you all tomorrow!16:26

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