OerHeksLoLz how can we help to discuss?03:30
* daftykins thinks someone found the wrong door03:31
OerHeksdiscussing is not that easy03:34
OerHeksall the mistakes i have done twice03:35
tintedwindowsno i accidently forgot the /03:55
tintedwindowsi wanted to figure out the commands to sign in03:55
lordievaderGood morning.08:16
TJ-Morning ... feels like afternoon to me!08:35
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BluesKajHi all12:58
lotuspsychjegood afternoon to all14:45
OerHeksHi lotus :-)14:46
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: hello mate,14:46
lotuspsychje30+ degrees here14:47
OerHeksJust a nice 26'C here, friday 37.. but not on the coast where i am living.14:47
OerHekslong long row of cars toward the beach14:48
OerHeksand those silly tourists follow the signs, not the maps to find the fastest road :-D14:49
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: on wich coast do you live?14:49
OerHeksafter 19:00 the row switches to return-home14:49
OerHeksHaarlem, 3 km from zandvoort14:49
lotuspsychjewe just cam back from sluis here14:49
lordievaderHey lotuspsychje14:50
OerHekstomorrow it get worse, Drabber feels the sun on the pavement, so i have to choose carefully my path in the shadows14:50
lotuspsychjelordievader: hello mate14:50
OerHekshi lordievader :-)14:50
lotuspsychje34+ is too much for us14:51
lordievaderHey OerHeks14:51
lordievaderHow are the two of you doing?14:51
lotuspsychjegreat and sunny14:51
OerHeksgreat, 3 dutchies talking english in a channel :-D14:51
lordievaderThe way it should be :P14:51
OerHeksIt is true, my english gets better every week.14:52
lotuspsychjesupporting ubuntu is good for everything :p14:53
lordievaderDoes anyone of you have experience with festival and hts voices?14:53
lotuspsychjewhats hts?14:53
OerHeksA little, tried it a few years back.14:53
lordievaderI got pocketsphinx working but now I want my pc to talk back to me.14:54
lordievaderlotuspsychje: An speech engine.14:54
lotuspsychjelike dragon naturaly speaking?14:54
lordievaderErr, I guess.14:54
lotuspsychjelordievader: there is an ubuntu distro specialized for blind users, maybe some usefull packages on there?14:55
lordievaderProblem is Ubuntu is usually behind with their packages.14:56
lotuspsychjethere has been an article about that14:57
lordievaderThis is the error I'm getting: Error: HTS_Model_load_pdf: Failed to load header of pdfs.14:58
lordievaderAh: "References to this error on the hts-users list suggest it's because the HTS API changed and that, where the old festival accepted 2.1 voices, the new version only accepts 2.1.1 voices."14:59
lordievaderlotuspsychje: Snappy is still futurework, right?14:59
lotuspsychjeyeah, but the plan is to replace apt-get14:59
lotuspsychjeno more .debs oO15:00
lotuspsychje!info festival15:00
ubot5festival (source: festival): General multi-lingual speech synthesis system. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:2.1~release-8 (vivid), package size 800 kB, installed size 2623 kB15:00
lordievaderI have 2.1 and 2.4.15:01
lotuspsychjelordievader: there's a bug about it here for debian: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=58961415:03
ubot5Debian bug 589614 in festival "Breaks nitech arctic hts 2.1 voices." [Wishlist,Fixed]15:03
lordievaderYeah, see the comment above ;)15:04
lotuspsychjelol, is that normal the bot shows debian bugs also?15:04
lordievaderIt can also show kde bugs ;)15:05
lotuspsychjecan this help lordievader http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=751169&page=1215:07
lordievaderlotuspsychje: I found flite, which is quite okay.15:08
lordievaderBut thanks anyways.15:08
lotuspsychjeok :p15:08
lotuspsychjehi mate15:09
Johnny_Linuxwhats shakin15:09
lotuspsychjeoh its hot outside here15:09
lotuspsychje30+ degrees15:09
lotuspsychjeand the whole week will be summer temps15:09
Johnny_Linuxsame here, working on the house, remodeling, so, im in&out15:09
lotuspsychjeJohnny_Linux: peeking on irc while your working eh...15:09
lotuspsychjethats the best! :p15:10
Johnny_Linuxmy wife is in the bathroom15:10
lotuspsychjeok put your cam on :p15:10
Johnny_Linuxok, im being paged, bbl15:10
lordievaderWhee, I can ask the program for the time and it will speak it :D15:21
lordievaderPretty nifty :)15:22
OerHeksyou've got meel!15:22
lordievaderI could do that XD15:23
lordievaderIt also control the music :D15:23
lotuspsychjeJohnny_Linux: where do you live in the world?17:23
Johnny_Linuxfla usa17:23
Johnny_Linuxold fart town17:23
lotuspsychjebruges, belgium here17:23
Johnny_Linuxi seen that .be17:23
Johnny_Linuxhow is it there17:24
lotuspsychjegood chocolats, belgian beer, wafles and lace :p17:24
Johnny_Linuxmmm beeer17:24
Johnny_Linuxlol youve got meeel17:25
Johnny_Linuxi tried gspeak myself17:25
lotuspsychjeJohnny_Linux: is it any good?17:25
lotuspsychje!info gspeak17:25
ubot5Package gspeak does not exist in vivid17:25
Johnny_Linuxi had to install hukt un fonix for keybords17:25
lotuspsychje!info hukt17:26
ubot5Package hukt does not exist in vivid17:26
Johnny_Linuxno, it sukd17:26
lotuspsychjeJohnny_Linux: wich distro are you on?17:26
Johnny_Linuxthere are other ways, i just havent time now, i run a electronics repair biz home and am swamped17:26
lotuspsychje14.04 64bit here17:27
Johnny_Linuxtv/dvd/ham and police radio17:27
Johnny_Linuxi have it on usb for install17:27
Johnny_Linuxim a power user also17:27
Johnny_Linuxasus overclocker17:28
lotuspsychjeJohnny_Linux: cool hardware tips will come in handy for me later17:28
lotuspsychjeJohnny_Linux: im preparing to start an ubuntu shop in my country17:28
Johnny_Linuxasus all the way, long and strong boards, gigabyte is a runner up but have weak north bridges17:28
lotuspsychjeJohnny_Linux: laptops,desktops,tablets and phones all with ubuntu + ssd17:28
Johnny_Linuxvery nice17:29
lotuspsychjeJohnny_Linux: you think the masses will be ready for it?17:29
Johnny_Linuxi have mentally ill people using ubuntu, i made everything a mouse click, they love it17:29
Johnny_Linuxsome times i use debian17:30
lotuspsychjeJohnny_Linux: same story here, my 75 y old father cant break his trusty box17:30
lotuspsychjebefore, i had to come every week to fix windows17:30
lotuspsychjeand with ssd its bloody fast17:30
Johnny_Linuxwindoze really does suck17:31
lotuspsychjethats what ppl want right17:31
Johnny_Linuxi think the ubunto phone will go over big when they get it together, a phone/pc is really ideal17:31
lotuspsychjeJohnny_Linux: you mean that convergence phone?17:32
lotuspsychjeyou always wear a pc :p17:32
Johnny_Linuxlol yep17:32
lotuspsychjewell for security ubuntu touch is already very nice17:32
lotuspsychjeim using it on my nexus717:32
Johnny_Linuxapple and windoze have $ signs attatched to every mouse click17:32
lotuspsychjeyeah its a paying world isnt it17:33
lotuspsychjethats where i wanna make the difference17:33
Johnny_Linuxinvisible economy17:33
Johnny_Linuxsame here17:33
lotuspsychjesell cheaper boxes without Os and install ubuntu free on it17:33
Johnny_Linuxi do it part time17:33
lotuspsychje+longer lifetime use with ssd17:33
lotuspsychjeme too17:33
lotuspsychjeJohnny_Linux: how many boxes would you have installed trusty on yet?17:34
Johnny_Linuxi stay away from wd, they should be sued17:34
Johnny_Linuxmaybe 517:34
lotuspsychjeyeah western digital many data loss17:34
Johnny_Linuxsame here, bought 7 in a row, all went bad in 6 months, and they dont stand behind them17:35
Johnny_Linuxnew egg17:35
Johnny_Linuxi quit those folks too17:35
Johnny_Linuxi got the best service from amazon so far17:35
lotuspsychjei had those WD books17:35
lotuspsychjeall bad also17:35
Johnny_Linuxyeah , seems they are doing it on purpose for some reason17:36
lotuspsychjecomercial trick lol17:36
Johnny_Linuxi bought a couple seagates and they are work horses17:36
lotuspsychjerelease bad hardware17:36
lotuspsychjeim addicted to samsung ssd's now17:36
Johnny_Linuxsamsung makes good stuff, back when i was doing vhs repair, samsung and jvc were the best17:37
Johnny_Linuxi just bought a samsung 40 inch tv17:37
lotuspsychjegot one also17:38
Johnny_Linuxmy buddy has a thumb drive, made by G, and it gets every tv channel on the planet, free, soon as i get it up and running, ill fill you in on it17:39
lotuspsychjeJohnny_Linux: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxE2X13KBcA17:40
Johnny_Linuxim not sure on how much bandwidth it uses, so, ill be interested to see17:40
* Johnny_Linux looks17:40
lotuspsychjetalked to a server guys once, he told me he hammered samsung ssd pro 24/7 and never had 1 failure yet17:41
Johnny_Linuxhow many writes does it get17:41
lotuspsychje550mb/sec read/write i think17:42
Johnny_Linuxdog gone17:42
groutyea they are crazy fast17:42
Johnny_Linuxgood ram17:42
grouti have one in my laptop17:43
groutubuntu boots in seconds17:43
lotuspsychjegrout: wich model, evo or pro17:43
groutits a pro17:44
grout256 gig17:44
lotuspsychjeJohnny_Linux: http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-512GB-2-5-Inch-Internal-MZ-7KE512BW/dp/B00LF10KTO/ref=lp_10432889011_1_1?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1435686205&sr=1-117:44
groutcan remember the exact model number17:44
lotuspsychjegrout: nice mate, you should make a youtube :p17:44
lotuspsychjegrout: wich ubuntu on it?17:44
grout15.04 on that one17:44
Johnny_Linuxthats not bad price for 500g17:44
lotuspsychjei prefer 120 or 256 cheaper, and fast as rocket also17:45
Johnny_Linuxi could go for a 25017:45
lotuspsychjeand combine a second seagate 2tb for data storage17:45
groutyea i put a 256 gig ssd and a 500 gig 7200 rpm drive in mt laptop17:46
lotuspsychjeJohnny_Linux: we really reccomend with ubuntu :p17:46
lotuspsychjegrout: nice17:46
lotuspsychjegrout: did you install preload17:46
Johnny_Linuxi use many os's, but my main is ubuntu and debian17:46
groutthis laptop was a preload17:47
lotuspsychjeive tested sabayon in the past17:47
Johnny_Linuxits broke most of the time17:47
groutbut i run ubuntu 14.04 on all my servers17:47
lotuspsychje!info preload | grout17:47
ubot5grout: preload (source: preload): adaptive readahead daemon. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.4-2 (vivid), package size 34 kB, installed size 135 kB17:47
lotuspsychjefastn up things on ssd also :p17:47
lotuspsychjeJohnny_Linux: yeah, ubuntu is very nice for updating an running stable n such17:48
lotuspsychjeso perfect for my store :p17:49
lotuspsychjebut i only have one prob, gaming isnt very high end on linux17:49
Johnny_Linuxgonna check out kernel 4.2 when it is done17:49
lotuspsychjeJohnny_Linux: yea readed that article of linus17:49
Johnny_Linuxcheap enough17:50
Johnny_Linuxmy first hd was a ps2 60 meg, it sounded like the space shuttle17:51
Johnny_Linuxok, back to work, ill be back later, be good17:52
lotuspsychjeJohnny_Linux: http://linux.softpedia.com/blog/linux-kernel-4-2-may-end-up-being-the-biggest-release-says-linus-torvalds-485451.shtml17:59
lotuspsychjewhen you get back17:59
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: good evening mate18:01
BluesKajHey lotuspsychje, what's up ?18:01
lotuspsychjeall fine here, high temps in our country18:02
BluesKajok, 27 and high humidity here18:02
BluesKaj the A/C is set at dehumidify, uses less power but stull makes it feel cooler18:04
lotuspsychjecool :p18:05
BluesKajerr still18:05
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: good evening mate19:11
lotuspsychjeBashing-om: greetings sir19:21
Bashing-om\o lotuspsychje ; Shift change ?19:22
lotuspsychjesure mate19:22
lotuspsychjeim about to watch movie19:22
JanC<BluesKaj>  the A/C is set at dehumidify, uses less power but stull makes it feel cooler19:22
JanCalso makes you dehydrate faster...19:23
* lotuspsychje slides a beer to JanC 19:23
Bashing-omI just comming on, Hoz it been ? Later I got chores I need to attend to .19:23
lotuspsychjefine fine but ttyl19:23
lotuspsychjeyou take it over from here :p19:23
Bashing-omBig pair of shoes to put on there .19:24

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