stiv2kdarkxst: 15.04 or 15.10?00:07
darkxst15.10 probably best if your doing it in a VM00:08
stiv2kdarkxst: how does one obtain it?00:08
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stiv2kdarkxst: hi21:55
darkxststiv2k, hi22:14
robert_ancelldarkxst, does anyone here work on updating GNOME packages in Debian? We have a bunch of packages in Ubuntu that are newer that would be great if someone wanted to push them into Debian.22:15
darkxstrobert_ancell, Noskcaj does sometimes22:17
darkxstI should, but have been pretty pressed for time recently22:18
robert_ancelldarkxst, Ah, I was trying to work out Jacksons's handle. Thanks!22:18
NoskcajI do occasionally, the lack of sponsorship there means i've been skipping it more than i should22:18
robert_ancellThe speed of Debian is kind of frustrating :(22:19
stiv2kdarkxst: i will basically be re-doing what i did yesterday, only now on my ubuntu 15.10 virtual machine22:35
darkxstok, I won't be around much this morning22:45
stiv2kdarkxst: what country?23:14

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