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greybackanpok_: hey, any ETA on silo4 landing?10:27
greybackhmm seems to be building with lots of failures, I'll assume it'll be a few days at least10:29
anpok_greyback: yes11:37
anpok_greyback: waiting on qtubuntu papi .. still need to port the older gtk+ used in vivid..11:37
alf_anpok_: You said something about making the input stack treat the device as touchscreen instead of touchpad?12:03
anpok_the flags array that indicates the available keys (EV_KEY) needs the BTN_TOUCH bit to be set and the evdev properties array needs the DIRECT_TOUCH (or TOUCH_DIRECT?) to be set.12:04
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alf_anpok_: INPUT_PROP_DIRECT ?12:07
anpok_ah yes12:07
* alf_ wonders where to use this with the evdev python bindings12:09
kdubAlbertA, thanks for the vulkan video12:12
anpok_there is a capabilities property12:13
anpok_but that seems to be read only12:13
anpok_alf_: but there is a chance that only setting BTN_TOUCH is enought (provided that the ABS_MT_POSITION_{X,Y} touch axes are configured)12:14
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greybackalf_: hey, when you launch mir with --vt=8, it correctly starts on vt8. But should it also switch the current vt to vt8?13:25
greybackseb128: ^^13:25
seb128note that on that snappy image, for some reason the lightdm log has warnings like13:25
seb128"Error using VT_ACTIVATE 7 on /dev/console: Inappropriate ioctl for13:25
greybackhmm, sounds relevant13:25
seb128so maybe that's the issue13:25
seb128unsure why it's doing that though13:26
greybackseb128: what hardware you using?13:26
seb128snappy is using the standard distro/kernel13:26
seb128inspiron 3000, all intel13:26
greybackshould be ok13:26
seb128ubuntu standard doesn't have that issue13:26
seb128unsure why13:26
seb128or unsure why snappy has it13:26
seb128it's the same software stack, just the image is built differently13:27
alf_seb128: greyback: it should normally switch vts13:28
seb128is there any log that could indicate why it fails it that's not working?13:28
greybackseb128: is usc definitely being started after the lightdm x session? In case X is preventing the vt switch somehow (guess)13:29
seb128I think so13:30
seb128well, usc is not started before I try to log in as far as I can tell13:30
seb128and logging in unity8 session doesn't start X, does it?13:30
greybackwell it shouldn't, unless something tries to spawn it13:32
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attentehi. when i run the mir_demo_server using the packaged version in W, mir-demos=0.13.3+15.10.20150617-0ubuntu1, the server just freezes up, no mouse input, no way to switch VTs15:48
AlbertAattente: ummm... I just tried here in a haswell laptop, using W and same pkg version: "sudo mir_demo_server --vt 1" it worked ok for me16:01
AlbertAattente: do you have a thread backtrace?16:02
attenteAlbertA: it doesn't crash, and there's very little on output on stdout/stderr16:04
attenteit's almost as if it doesn't respond to any input16:04
attenteincluding the vt switch shortcut16:04
AlbertAattente: umm that can happen if you start the server without sudo16:05
attenteAlbertA: doh. thanks :)16:06
dandraderI'm trying without success to print mir input log for unity816:48
dandradershould MIR_SERVER_INPUT_REPORT=log and MIR_SERVER_LEGACY_INPUT_REPORT=log still work?16:48
AlbertAdandrader: they should16:53
dandraderoh, wait! I think it did work!16:53
dandraderAlbertA, sorry for the noise16:53
AlbertAdandrader: no prob16:54
racarrHowdy :)17:38
dandraderracarr, so mir still uses android-input's EventHub and InputReader, right?17:51
racarrdandrader: For now ;)17:51
dandradertrying to get that detailed logging android-input has...17:52
racarrdandrader: You have to enable it with the ifdefs in the files17:52
racarrthen ANDROID_LOG_TAGS=*:v17:52
dandraderahhhh!!!! missed the ANDROID_LOG_TAGS!17:52
racarrIt's so bad :( sorry17:53
dandraderit's been ages since I last used it17:53
dandraderracarr, thanks17:53
dandraderracarr, all those android-input notifications of input devices coming and going etc they will be logged only by usc right? unity8 will get "high level" mir input events from usc like an app, right?17:59
racarrdandrader: True, yeah...inputreader and eventhub shouldn't be used in U818:00
dandraderAlbertA, where does usc logs go?18:02
dandradernot in .cache/upstart, right18:02
AlbertAdandrader: they go into  /var/log/lightdm/unity-system-compositor.log18:03
dandraderAlbertA, wow, would never find it. thanks!18:05
dandraderAlbertA, do you know how to flush usc log messages? they don't appear in the log file as soon as they happen18:16
dandraderAlbertA, so I have to touch the screen to get some more log happening so that the log file does get updated18:16
AlbertAdandrader: I don't know. I usually just do tail -f18:22
AlbertAmessages show up fine....18:22
dandraderAlbertA, that's what I'm doing. But the log file doens't get updated/written after every single message18:23
dandraderAlbertA, only after a number of them have been written. and sometimes it even stops in the middle of a log line18:23
AlbertAdandrader: ummm strange.. these are the android input stack message or everything?18:28
dandraderAlbertA, android-input.18:28
dandraderAlbertA, didn't enable other logging to tell18:28
AlbertAlet me see how they print18:29
dandraderracarr, "[InputDispatcher]Dropping event because there is no focused window or focused application." <- this shouldn't ever happen, right?18:30
dandraderracarr, in usc while unity8 is running18:30
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racarrdandrader: Hmm. I don't think it should no18:34
AlbertAdandrader: so it goes through the mir logger which doesn't flush after every line so probably explains the behavior18:36
dandraderAlbertA, thanks for looking into it. should I report a bug?18:36
dandraderracarr, this happens when running autopilot tests. as they create a /dev/input/eventX file for the fake keyboard18:37
dandraderracarr, the first time it works. but from the second time onwards it does not18:37
dandraderracarr, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/146802918:37
ubot5Launchpad bug 1468029 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "unity8 crash breaking autopilot tests entering text" [Critical,In progress]18:37
AlbertAdandrader: yeah18:39
dandraderAlbertA, https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/147020418:45
ubot5Launchpad bug 1470204 in Mir "android-input logs are not flushed as soon as they happen" [Undecided,New]18:45
racarrTrying to figure out what could be going on...18:46
racarrdandrader: I dunno...unfortunately too a lot of relevant code to key focus selection was just replaced with the new input dispatcher18:48
racarrunfortunately and or perhaps fortunately18:48
dandraderracarr, at least it's easy to reproduce18:51
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anpokracarr: hi19:04
anpokracarr: hm device introspection is kind of required for raw events because clients would observe/receive them per device rather then per surface?19:04
anpokracarr: could also be someone not focusing the surface19:27
anpoki mean .. there were more focus related changes in the past19:28
anpokin usc..19:28
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kgunnracarr: so can i assign you to that bug ?19:56
ubot5Launchpad bug 1468029 in Mir "unity8 crash breaking autopilot tests entering text" [Critical,New]19:56
kgunnit needs someone to love and care for it19:56
tedgI'm getting a "std::exception::what: No appropriate client platform module found"20:08
tedgHow do I tell mir client what backend to use?20:08
tedgOkay, fixed that.20:28
tedgRAOF, So I seem to be starting Xmir, and it seems to be happy, but Unity8 isn't rendering anything. I don't think it's getting that first buffer swap.20:29
tedgRAOF, What am I doing wrong? ;-)20:29
* tedg should be a talk show host.20:29
kgunnracarr: i went ahead and gave that one to you20:32
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racarrkgunn: Oh you're back, I just sent you an email but, roger re:text crash bug22:07
kgunnthanks racarr22:07
RAOFtedg: Have you connected a client to XMir? It's not going to render anything unless a client renders.23:50

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