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brendandpitti, is this resolvable? http://paste.ubuntu.com/11798706/12:02
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pittibrendand: doesn't look like it :/ you have a package installed (in the r/o system image) which conflicts with your test dependencies12:39
pittibrendand: unless you actually cheat and do the ro-apt-update stuff, of course12:40
brendandpitti, afaik i am doing that12:40
pittibrendand: ah right, update, but not dist-upgrade12:41
pittii. e. the current archive went through some transition, but the tested image didn't yet12:41
pittibrendand: are you in the "happy" position of having to test old images again? :-(12:41
brendandpitti, well it seems there will always be a period of time where the two are out of sync12:42
brendandi'll check for a new image12:42
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brendandpitti, weird even after i updated the image it still fails :/13:05
brendandpitti, crazily that error still happens even with the just built image ???14:51
pittibrendand: oxideqt-codecs-extra already ought to be on the image, is it not?14:52
pittiwhich version is it?14:53
pitti oxideqt-codecs-extra | 1.7.8-0ubuntu1 | wily | amd64, armhf, i38614:53
pittithat's the version we have in the archive, so I'm not sure what requires 1.7.914:53
pittioh, overlay PPA perhaps?14:53
brendandpitti, maybe, but the image i'm using should have been built with that14:54
pittioxide-qt also doesn't seem to be in teh overlay14:54
pittibrendand: what is apt-cache policy oxideqt-codecs-extra ?14:55
brendandpitti, http://paste.ubuntu.com/11799522/14:56
brendandpitti, 1.7.9 is in -updates ???14:56
pittibrendand: erk, someone SRUed it without updating wily14:57
pittisorry, I just looked at wily14:57
pittibrendand: so apparently we don't build the image with -updates/-security enabled, but do enable their apt sources14:59
pittibrendand: you should be able to work around this by commenting out the -updates/-security apt sources and running apt-get update15:00
pittibrendand: but congrats, you just found a rather major flaw in our image builds :)15:00
brendandpitti, will it be fixed?15:01
pittibrendand: I don't know; worth bringing up with ogra and sil2100 in #ubuntu-touch15:02
brendandpitti, ogra and sil seem to be in denial :)15:07
brendandpitti, well - they certainly are in sources.list, but why do you say they aren't used in the image build?15:07
pittihow do you mean? (I didn't see any recent discussion in #u-touch)15:07
pittiwell, your apt-cache policy proves just that15:07
brendandpitti, sorry i'm talking on -ci-eng. maybe i shouldn't15:07
pittiif it was a recently built image15:08
pittihttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/oxide-qt/1.7.9-0ubuntu0.15.04.1 landed on June 23, so a week aog15:09
pittiany image younger than a week ought to have it15:09
brendandpitti, it says published 3-4 hours ago on that page ??15:51
pittibrendand: oh, I see -- so it was held in some staging area for a week; nevermind then15:52
brendandpitti, probably the ppa15:52
brendandpitti, i think it just missed the cutoff for the new image15:53
brendandpitti, so need to wait for the next one15:53
pittithe -security staging PPA, not the touch overlay PPA15:53
brendandpitti, ah ok15:53
pittibrendand: as a workaround, you could remove -updates/-security apt sources from your image15:53
brendandpitti, i did try that, there was another error15:54
brendandpitti, http://paste.ubuntu.com/11799786/15:54
pittibrendand: ah, meh -- so, "next image" it is :/15:55
brendandpitti, yeah eventually this will happen enough times we'll be compelled to do something about it...15:55
brendandpitti, might become more urgent once more people start using autopkgtest15:56
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cachiobrendand, do you know how to avoid this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/11800900/?19:30
brendandcachio, it could be there is a problem importing a sub-module19:31
brendandcachio, is this with a specific branch?19:32
cachiobrendand, this happened when I install all the packages in the device manually19:32
cachiobrendand, and then I run the test with adt-run19:32
cachiobrendand, i.e. python3 -m ubuntu_system_tests.command_line --update-apt ubuntu_system_tests.tests.test_html5_application.HTML5ApplicationTest19:32
cachiobrendand, it happens with any branch19:33
brendandcachio, ok. i'm not sure off the top of my head19:34
brendandcachio, if you edit the adt-run command in command_line.py and add -S to it then it will break after that failure inside the adt-run environment19:34
brendandcachio, then you can try the import ubuntu_system_tests and see if it gives you a more detailed error19:34
cachiobrendand, ok19:35
cachiobrendand, tx19:36
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