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adam_gzul, is there an ETA for liberty1?00:28
zuladam_g: for CA? or wily?00:30
adam_gzul, both, i guess?00:30
adam_gor are they not coupled anymore?00:30
zuladam_g: uh...should be in the shoot now00:31
adam_galso, have you run into issues with dh_python2 and requirements.txt constraints like: oslo.messaging!=1.12.0,>=1.8.0 # Apache-2.000:31
adam_gthe !=1.12.0 breaks something00:31
adam_gand the pkg ends up with a dependency on 'python-oslo-messaging' and 'python-oslo-messaging-'00:32
adam_gi had to patch that !=1.12.0 out00:32
adam_gjamespage, FYI ^00:32
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RadarI'm trying to run apt-get update and I'm seeing Unable to connect to ftp.rz.tu-bs.de. Trying to connect to that in my browser times out as well. How can I choose not to use that site?01:55
tewardRadar: remove it from your sources lists.01:56
tewardcheck /etc/apt/sources.list and /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* and wherever that source shows up put a # at the beginning of the line01:56
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teward(you will need sudo to edit those files)01:56
Radarteward: that's made difficult by this being a Docker image.01:56
Redfoxieis anyone on?02:52
Redfoxieim running into a ticky issue with ubuntu server 14.04.2 thats making it impossible to install. Im using a memory stick that I have tried formating as fat32 and ntfs as well as put the os on via netbootin and dd I ether run into an issue where it says a cd is not located to do the install and when i manually mount the memory stick to media it is saying a file in pool is unable to be locaed02:56
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Redfoxieim back03:23
Redfoxielooks like at the moment im running into a md5sum issue03:23
Redfoxiebefore that it was claiming it couldnt mount a cdrom so i attempted to have the memory stick be mounted in media/cdrom and i ran into an issue where it could not locate a file in the pool driectory03:24
jak2000http://pastie.org/10265431   <--- line8 this hard disk of 4tb formated with mkfs ext4 i want repartitioning (create 4 partitions 1tb each one) how do this? andof course mount each partition in /etc/fstab file how do it?04:22
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jak2000now for format: mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdb2p1   right?05:01
jak2000the device apparently does not exist; did you specify it correctly?05:01
jak2000Could not stat /dev/sdb2p1 --- No such file or directory05:01
jak2000any advice for format my partition?05:01
nayKanghow to capture child out in shell05:52
bero88Hi there, My server is suddenly giving me this message , error :hdd0,1 out of disk06:04
bero88grub rescue:06:04
bero88Please just tell me what to look for,  My server is suddenly giving me this message , error :hdd0,1 out of disk  grub rescue:06:15
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jezenielIs upgrading the kernel will avoid the problems cause by the leap second?06:44
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TJ-jezeniel: what problems?06:51
jezenielTJ-: problems that will happen when the leap second happened.06:52
jezenielor happens rather*06:52
TJ-jezeniel: what problems?06:52
TJ-jezeniel: what applications are you using that are leap-second sensitive?06:52
jezenielTJ-: i am just asking if my deployed ubuntu servers will still be affected by this,06:54
TJ-jezeniel: And I asked which applications you are using that are time-sensitive?06:55
TJ-jezeniel: so far as I know, with most recent releases, the only direct impact may be for NTP, As long as the timezone data packages are up-to-date that should take care of inserting the leap second06:57
TJ-jezeniel: Other than that, it's down to the individual applications as to whether they might do something unexpected06:58
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lordievaderGood morning.08:15
jamespagecoreycb, zul: start of documentation for git packaging workflow08:44
jamespagecoreycb, can you add some stuff on pushing your own repo and proposing a change?08:44
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rbasaktekzilla: sorry, had a ton of requests come in yesterday. Now chased.10:09
rbasak^^ uh, teward10:12
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tewardrbasak: ack, i saw your email today12:19
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coreycbjamespage, I updated the wiki.  I wonder if there's an easier way to propose a merge.12:45
jamespagecoreycb, did you?12:52
* jamespage looks12:52
coreycbjamespage, I should save that12:52
jamespagecoreycb, +112:52
coreycbjamespage, done :)12:53
coreycbjamespage, have you ever hit this?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/11798943/12:55
coreycbthe existing version of python-cliff gets that in wily, so I assume it's a dep issue wit pbr or something else12:56
arcskyhello im trying to install ubuntu server from USB. it does work to boot up but after keyboard settings it search for "detec and mount CD-ROM" .. why that when if ddo this from USB ?13:51
tewardrbasak: the only thing missing in your email to the release team is, we could technically do nothing for Wily and leave 1.6.x in there14:38
rbasakteward: good point.14:39
tewardthen i deal with the complaints later saying "We missed the freeze date for the merges, sorry!" and blame whatever we want... xD14:39
tewardrbasak: although i think there'll be more complaints with that method, it's still an option if the release team doesn't get back to us by wily featurefreeze or finalfreeze14:39
tewardrbasak: i may follow up your email with a chaser one saying that's an option, but only for Wily, if only to follow up your message with the other lesser-desirable option :P14:44
rbasakdannf: sorry I didn't reply yesterday. No specific person - chase away. They have a daily rota I think.14:57
rbasaklooks like RAOF is on the hook today.14:58
dannfrbasak: ok, cool14:58
dannfrbasak: where's the right place to poke btw?15:01
dannflp team list?15:01
rbasakdannf: #ubuntu-release I think.15:01
tewardrbasak: i also replied to your email and gave my two cents, especially that while it's an undesirable option, it's available for Wily, so long as we decide on the exemptions or what not for X (16.04)15:02
rbasakdannf: for stuff that is priority inside Canonical, it's not uncommon to ask my team's manager to go across the company to find an SRU team member who is also a Canonical employee to do it.15:03
rbasak(or your manager perhaps in this case)15:03
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sloweIs there a place/mechanism in 14.04 that caches network configuration? I'm seeing a situation where changing interface files is still leaving fragments of the old configuration behind.16:04
sloweI won't rule out that I'm doing something wrong, of course. :-)16:04
sloweFound the answer (including it here in case anyone else needs it)---need to be sure to run "ip addr flush dev <device>" after changing configurations (after "ifdown <dev>" and before "ifup <dev>")16:10
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dine909i have a problem with a uart port16:50
dine909ugh i cant even explain it16:51
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