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bzoltan_mhall119:  the Ubuntu Connecetivity API docs come from the  connectivity-doc package what lives in the connectivity-api source https://launchpad.net/connectivity-api05:23
bzoltan_mhall119:  the main Qt Connectivity doc package is qtconnectivity5-doc and it comes from the  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtconnectivity-opensource-src source05:24
reepcaany suggestions for a phone to buy with ubuntu touch compatibility in the states?06:24
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dholbachgood morning07:08
sreejithpam trying to setup static ip on ubuntu touch but the ip configurations are not accepting07:13
sreejithpcan some one help07:13
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Meteor Watch Day! 😃08:07
nhainesreepca: The only one, if you can find it, is the Nexus 4.  Unless you're a developer, I recommend waiting for a retail unit to become available.08:25
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brobostigonhttp://forums.getpebble.com/discussion/26886/ubuntu-touch-support-of-pebble-time    there we go, there is demand for it.09:46
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popeybrobostigon: :)10:07
brobostigonneed sorting then doesnt it, :)10:07
popeyYes! :)10:07
brobostigona good start would be a port of icu and libpebble, as those already exist on desktop ubuntu to support the pebble.10:34
popeybrobostigon: looks like libpebble hasn't been touched for 2 years11:05
brobostigonpopey: yes, but its a place to start from, as it contains the functions to interface with the pebble fw.11:06
brobostigonthere is also an app for sailfish to interface with the pebble, i dont know if they have released the code for that, but that get regular updates as far as i can see.11:07
popeyyeah, it's on github11:09
popeyhah, beat me11:09
brobostigonother issue will be, differences between fw 2.9 and 3.0 on og-pebble and pebble time.11:10
popeybrobostigon: have you used libpebble?11:15
brobostigonpopey: i tried it a couple of years ago now, when i first got my pebble, but havent touched it since.11:15
popeyok, you use your pebble with android?11:16
popeystill use your pebble at all?11:16
julienrbtPebble user here :)11:16
julienrbtIt is possible to use with Ubuntu Touch? O.o11:16
popeynot yet11:16
popey\o/ lunchtime11:16
brobostigonpopey: yes, on android,11:17
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brobostigonjrbt: we are trying to work out how to make it possible to.11:18
jrbtCool :) That the only things with I keep Android on my Nexus :D11:19
brobostigona start, is open code for it, like libpebble and the pebble app for sailfish.11:20
jrbtit is hard to port?11:25
brobostigonjrbt: because we need to implement the functions to interface with the pebble fw, and then implement the functions in ubuntu touch's notification etc, to push to the pebble using those functions.11:25
jrbtBut good and cool to know! :)11:27
jrbtThanks for your works!11:28
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rvrmzanetti: https://bugs.launchpad.net/camera-app/+bug/147008311:33
ubot5Launchpad bug 1470083 in camera-app "Flipped view in right landscape mode" [Undecided,New]11:33
mzanettirvr, hi :)11:33
rvrmzanetti: Hi :)11:33
mzanettirvr, duplicate of https://bugs.launchpad.net/camera-app/+bug/1465541 ?11:34
ubot5Launchpad bug 1465541 in camera-app "rotate phone to 90 degrees,front camera not show full screen viewfinder" [Critical,Confirmed]11:34
rvrmzanetti: Nope11:34
rvrmzanetti: Full screen, but wrong "angle"11:34
WebDrakeHello all, would anyone be up for answering a question regarding OTA upgrades?  I'm not sure if this is the right channel for support questions, so apologies if I'm in the wrong place11:35
mzanettirvr, seems still something for Kaleo, right?11:35
rvrmzanetti: Is Kaleo the current camera-app maintainer?11:36
mzanettiafaik, yes11:36
rvrKaleo: https://bugs.launchpad.net/camera-app/+bug/1465541 :)11:36
ubot5Launchpad bug 1465541 in camera-app "rotate phone to 90 degrees,front camera not show full screen viewfinder" [Critical,Confirmed]11:36
ogra_WebDrake, it is a perfectly fine channel for this :)11:37
WebDrakeogra_: thanks! :-)  Question is about confirming that all went OK with update11:37
Kaleorvr, fix is landing now11:38
ogra_just check in system settings,, yu should set all the version info etc there11:38
Kaleorvr, been reported a few times already :)11:38
rvrKaleo: Ah, I didn't see any critical bug11:38
Kaleorvr, yeah they might not have been tagged critical11:39
Kaleorvr, but clearly it is11:39
rvrKaleo: Good to know fix is coming, thanks11:39
WebDrakeWith the last OTA update, I didn't read the release notes properly about the amount of time it would take to finalize the upgrade, and so I wound up hitting power keys when it seemed like nothing was happening for ages -- as far as I can tell, the update just proceeded on its merry way, but I thought it might be a good idea to check if there was a way to verify that all parts of the update (e.g. all AppArmor profiles etc.) real11:39
ogra_WebDrake, if you are unsure, just do another reboot ... apparmor makes usually sure that it re-generates the profiles before finishing the boot11:40
ogra_even if you interrupted it11:40
WebDrakeogra_: Then I figure I'm probably fine, because I've shutdown/restarted many times since then, & the phone "About" info records the OS as 15.04 (r23)11:41
ogra_yeah, that sounds all fine then11:42
WebDrakeGreat, thanks!11:42
WebDrakeAnd collective thanks to all involved in the phone development, this is really fun to use :-)11:43
melonHi! I've been lookinga round for a bit but can't seem to fond something definitive. Does the new MX4 support (or will support within a small timeframe) wifi tethering. I use it almost all day as of right now.11:43
ogra_WebDrake, great that you like it :)11:43
melonOk, I take that as "nobody knows". Is there some kind of list of features or comprehensive change log collection I can look through to see if wifi hotspots are mentioned anywhere?11:48
ogra_melon, the basics have been implemented by rsalveti and kenvandine a while ago (not sure it landed anywhere yet though) ... the Ui bits will surely still take a while though11:48
ogra_wired tethering via USB definitely works as an interim solution11:49
melonI'm quite decent with low level linux stuff, as far as the system goes. I've never written any code myself though. Do you mean as in "it works but you have to use the terminal" or "it works, but you might break you installation" or "the code is sort of there but not complete"?11:50
ogra_either of the latter two ... (not sure which one, i dont know if everything landed yet)11:51
melonAllright, thanks! Any idea where I could find further info?11:52
ogra_try asking on the mailing list (or wait til kenvandine is around, he might be able to answer)11:52
nhainesmelon: five minutes isn't really enough time to get a response from IRC.  :)11:54
nhainesIt's pretty likely that the following will work for the MX4 as well.  http://askubuntu.com/questions/616245/tether-ubuntu-bq-phone11:55
nhainesAnd of course, in due time it'll find its way into the network settings as a fully supported feature.  :)11:55
ogra_nhaines, melon was asking about wifi AP :)11:56
ogra_but yeah, USB tethering is definitely a fallback11:56
melonAllright thanks! Yeah. Thing is I have this tablet I bring with me everywhere. It only has Wifi so I kind of need a hotspot.11:58
melonBut I mean apart from that I'm hyped out the roof over the new phone11:58
rsalvetiogra_: yeah, would be really nice to land that now11:59
rsalvetiwonder if there were any UI design changes12:00
rsalvetimaybe bfiller knows better (wifi hotspot)12:00
ogra_i just know that ken said the silo wasnt ready when we talked about it ... but that was weeks ago12:01
melonI saw wifi hotspot mentioned in some update notes the other day. But that's the only place I've seen it. (That and in the source code). On the forums the story goes prety much like here. USB works.12:02
nhainesogra_: oh, I always think of celluar tethering as kind of one thing.12:03
* nhaines waves hand vaguely.12:03
nhainesBut yes, my Nexus 7 is wifi only, so whether I'm dualbooting or not, if I'm using it away from home my phone needs to be in Android, not Ubuntu.  For now.  :)12:04
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melonMan now I have this nasty situation. I need a new phone soon. Either I get the latest Nexus or I get the new MX4 with ubuntu. I want the MX4 but I don't really feel like buying it and hoping it gets implemented soon, they will only be on sale for one month.12:06
melonI'll wait for kenvandine and see12:06
Elleomelon: I think jgdx has been doing a lot of work on that, he might be able to give a good idea as to the current state of it12:07
jgdxmelon, Hi, we currently need to find a way to keep the phone alive as long as the hotspot is active. This is in a discussion phase at the moment.12:29
melonOh allright12:30
jgdxawake rather12:30
melonSo I take it you have gotten it to actually share network for some time, and now you need a good implementation. So it most likely is coming, at leat?12:31
jgdxmelon, correct. If you're savvy and want to try the current implementation, here's a script you can run http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mathieu-tl/+junk/touch-hotspot/view/head:/hotspot.py12:31
melonAllright. Well, I can deal with some waiting. Got my old phone if I really nead AP NOW! So in that case I might actually get the MX4 today. Just out of curiosity, are we talking months, weeks or days until it's in?12:33
melonThanks for the script. I'll definitely check it out.12:33
jgdxmelon, I don't really know, but when the discussion ends and a solution is chosen, we can fast track this I am sure. So weeks?12:37
Elleojgdx: can't you ask for a wakelock like media-hub does?12:37
jgdxElleo, yeah but from where?12:39
jgdxthe process that asks for the wakelock needs to be long running, i.e. not system settings and not a 'dispatcher script' (NM callback on if events).12:39
Elleoah, I see12:40
jgdxso it's either indicator-network or network-manager,12:40
jgdxand that requires some planning12:40
melonSweet! If I'd been in the loop I'd definitely help with what I can. But I've never written anything except for personal mini-projects so I'm not sure I'd be any help in an ongoing project. However I'm looking to get into development for ubuntu-touch. It might be the thing that actually takes me out of project euler. (y)12:41
jgdxmelon, testing is usually pretty easy to do, so if you want to be part of that, PM your email and I'll give you instructions when it's ready.12:42
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zzarrI get the error I got an error while building "make *** no rule to make target /android.config'. stop" when I run make (using cm as android base)12:54
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popeyjgdx: i always get excited when I get bug mail from bug 1241986 :)13:16
ubot5bug 1241986 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "Cannot connect to WPA/WPA2, EAP-PEAP, MSCHAPV2 network" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124198613:16
jgdxpopey, :) are you close to such a network?13:16
popeyno, but I know people who are, who moan at me all the time about this13:17
popeyso I moan by proxy13:17
popeyalso, it's one of the first bugs I filed in Ubuntu touch :)13:17
brunch875That really impacts me so I can use eduroam13:17
jgdxpopey, brunch875: If you can help test the silo when it's ready, that'd be great.13:19
jgdxthere are debs if you feel adventurous13:19
brunch875give me the instructions and I'll do it13:19
jgdxbrunch875, awesome. Download [1] and extract. Make the phone image writable. Copy libsystemsettings1_0.3+15.10.….deb ubuntu-system-settings_0.3+15.10.….deb to the phone and install them using $ sudo dpkg --force-all -i *.deb. [1] http://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/generic-mediumtests-builder-wily-armhf/199/artifact/work/output/*zip*/output.zip13:23
jgdxbrunch875, if you're unsure how to downgrade after testing (if you want that), just let me know.13:24
jgdxthere should be a silo real soon however13:24
brunch875I'm not sure if I'll be able to go to college tomorrow morning13:25
brunch875But I'll sure try to13:25
jgdxabeato, hi, I'm testing call forwarding on my device, and I get operation failed on all forwardings using the script13:30
jgdxquestion is why? Got coverage13:30
abeatojgdx, that depends on the operator, not all support all types of call forwardins13:31
abeatojgdx, in fact some force the forwarding the to voice mail13:31
jgdxabeato, that might be it.. hard/impossible to detect I assume13:32
abeatojgdx, would be good if you have another SIMs to try13:32
jgdxabeato, right, testing on my private sim which has a voice mail service enabled, so there's the answer.13:33
* jgdx fetches other sim13:33
jgdxbrunch875, thanks!13:35
jgdxabeato, works :)13:41
abeatojgdx, :)13:41
peat-psuwitWhat does this line mean in account-polld.log:13:42
peat-psuwitError while polling 3: Token expired13:42
* ogra_ bets it means that a token expired ... 13:43
ogra_... just guessing though13:43
blitz00Hi. Is there some guide anywhere to run Xorg nested in Mir ? I think i've installed the right packages, however I don't know how to actualy start X.. tried Xorg -mir X -mirSocket /run/mir_socket yet it complains it can't find a device13:44
peat-psuwitIt appears repeatedly. And account-polld uses approximately 20% of CPU.13:45
blitz00screen sorry13:45
* brobostigon is trying to make sense of the sailfish os pebble app source code.13:48
ogra_peat-psuwit, try to remove your U1 account and re-add it13:49
dobeyogra_: probably twitter or g+ token. i don't think polld cares about u1 token13:52
ogra_peat-psuwit, ^^ there yu got an expert :)13:52
peat-psuwitdobey: Messages doesn't go away when I removed account. Adding U1 account again hangs at account type selection.13:53
dobeypeat-psuwit: did you delete your twitter and/or google account? or just u1?13:54
jgdxNo notification or alarms end on my meizu atm. r4113:55
peat-psuwitdobey: Just U1. I'll try to remove others.13:55
dobeyi am pertty sure that polld doesn't care about u1 tokens13:55
dobeybecause it's just polling the twitter or google for notifications, and not using push at all13:56
peat-psuwitdobey: Ok, messages stops when I remove Google accnout.13:57
peat-psuwitdobey: But shouldn't it do something automatically?13:58
dobeyaccount-polld should probably create a notification for those cases that tells you what token is expired and give you a way to open accounts and log in again13:58
dobeyand should probably flag an invalid token as invalid and ignore it until it's refreshed or whatever13:59
dobeypeat-psuwit: feel free to file a bug against account-polld about that13:59
dobey(please do, even)13:59
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brobostigoni need to work out how account-polld creates notifications, and then create a background deamon that monitors those notifications and pushes them to a connected pebble.14:12
melonSo how close is ubuntu touch to ubuntu desktop? Can I for example build gimp for the armhf architecture and it would run? (albeit with an uncontrollable ui)?14:15
ogra_why would you build something thats alreday there14:16
melonoh, it is? cool14:17
ogra_there are ways to run Xmir (pretty much by trashing your installation though) on the phone already ... so theoretically you can run any X app14:17
melonBut say, if it wasn't. Would it work that way? (is that how it works?)14:17
jgdxmpt, hi, we have call forwarding and WPA-EP coming up in the form of silos. Call forwarding is in silo 22 if you want to give it a go.14:17
ogra_and for apps that natively support Mir (Qt and Gtk3) you dont even need XMir14:18
melonHow does it work when you trash your installation? Can you always plug it into you computer and reflash?14:18
ogra_so yes, gimp could work with the necessary hackery14:18
ogra_yeah, you can re-flash14:18
jgdxmpt, in that, there is contact import, but it's not 100% as spec. Created bug 1467816 for that.14:18
ubot5bug 1467816 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "Changing a contact to which a call forwarding item is associated, should prompt the user" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/146781614:18
brobostigonwhats the basic subsystem that manages/pushes notifications, account-polld seems to only work with the three webapps.14:20
melonSo I take it Meizu put another bootloader on the ubuntu edition then, if it's open to just reflash14:20
ogra_melon, it is th same as on every MX4 international edition14:21
ogra_the international one is open ...14:21
ogra_only the chinese edition is locked down14:21
ogra_(but you cant just re-flash the android device with ubuntu ... partition schemes are different)14:21
melonWas just about to ask that14:22
sturmflut2brobostigon: There are multiple ways. There is a push notification service that relies on the push.ubuntu.com server, that is e.g. used by Telegram. Then there is account-polld, which does polling for Google, Twitter and Facebook, because those providers won't change their system to use the push notification server.14:23
ogra_you need some flash tool that re-partitions ... and the right input file with the right size values14:23
brobostigonsturmflut2: ok, i see, so i will have to design into it to monitor both those notification sources?14:24
melonBut it's doable to go android->ubuntu and vice versa, just you need read up a bit? Or are those sizes proparitary or something?14:24
ogra_the sizes are public, not sure the tools are though14:25
ogra_(and if they are they most likely only run on windows)14:25
sturmflut2melon, ogra_: The MTK tool is public, it also runs on Linux, but are all the files public? The Meizu kernel release does not contain the preloader, Little Kernel etc.14:26
ogra_ah, yeah, bq offers whole zips for the images on their website ... meizu probably doesnt14:26
sturmflut2brobostigon: What are you trying to do in the end? Just monitor all incoming notifications?14:26
ogra_(zipps to flash with the mtk tool)14:27
brobostigonsturmflut2: exactly, and then design a system like me and popey were discussing earlier to push those to a pebble over bluetooth.14:27
brunch875I just flashed ubuntu from bootloader this time14:28
brunch875works without an issue on the aquaris14:28
brunch875but it surprises me how it didn't wipe anything14:28
brunch875is there a way to nuke everything and format when flashing?14:28
ogra_ubuntu-device-flash only wipes if you explicitly tell i to14:28
ogra_*tell it to14:29
brunch875I suppose it's --wipe14:29
brunch875does that absolutely nuke everything?14:29
brunch875aha then I'll toy until it breaks >:)14:29
ogra_it rm's all stuff in the writable partition14:29
brunch875what if I $ phablet-config writable-image?14:30
brunch875then sudo break the system14:30
brunch875is there a way to 'format'?14:30
sturmflut2brobostigon: Ah! Hm, I don't know if the notification subsystem has an API for that.14:30
sturmflut2brobostigon: And AFAIK in the future there will be a third way to generate notifications14:31
brobostigonsturmflut2: ok, oh well, so it just needs to monitor push.ubuntu.com and account-polld then seperatly for both for notifications?14:31
brobostigonsturmflut2: elaborate? if you can please.14:32
sturmflut2brobostigon: We discussed this yesterday, as far as I understood there will be a generic framework on the device you can plug your own code into and then generate notifications.14:33
sturmflut2brobostigon: How are you going to monitor the services? Do they have an API for that?14:34
brobostigonsturmflut2: all the pebble is designed for, is to show notifications form your phone, so ie, something needs to be designed to monitor those notifications and their text, and then push that to the pebble, i am just reading up on how data is pushed to the pebble fw form other pebble apps on other platforms.14:36
brobostigonsturmflut2: what i was thinking of, was some sort of background deamon to do the job.14:38
peat-psuwitdobey: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/account-polld/+bug/147013214:45
ubot5Launchpad bug 1470132 in account-polld (Ubuntu) "When an account's token is expired, account-polld should stop polling that account and show notification to refresh account." [Undecided,New]14:45
matv1hi kemmko114:52
kemmko1matv1: hi15:00
matv1kemmko1 I filed a bug the other day to dialer-app but noticed just now that something similar was filed against ubuntu-ux15:00
matv1the ux bug is assigned to you. mine is: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dialer-app/+bug/146946715:00
ubot5Launchpad bug 1469467 in dialer-app (Ubuntu) "notification bubble (snap decision)for incoming calls should display to which sim it is being made" [Undecided,New]15:01
kemmko1*having a look*15:01
matv1thing is. I have some parts that i feel are important that are not in the other bug.15:01
ubot5Launchpad bug 1460301 in Ubuntu UX "[Dialer] Incoming call - no info which SIM card was called (dual SIM)" [Medium,Triaged]15:01
kemmko1matv1:  yes, there is a similar one already15:01
matv1Is thereany way to merge them without loosing what I added?15:01
kemmko1matv1:  yes, you can copy&paste the parts you think are important into the bug description of the older bug15:02
kemmko1matv1:  and then mark the one you filed as a duplicate15:02
matv1kemmko1 okay will do that. thanks15:03
kemmko1matv1:  or you add a comment with your additions15:03
matv1ok I will see which makes more sense15:03
kemmko1matv1:  if you update the bug description, it would be great if you could mark it as "Update" so people know that this is a new addition15:04
kemmko1matv1:  hope it helps :)15:04
matv1me too :)15:05
kemmko1matv1:  also, if you file bugs against ubuntu-ux could you be so kind to find the corresponding package and file it against the bug too15:06
kemmko1matv1:  here is a list of all projects: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Avengers15:06
kemmko1matv1:  even if design is aware of the bug, developers need to be too so they can plan ahead15:06
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kalikiananow that was weird, I got a call, and it showed another person's name15:37
kalikianaso, I have texts from the real person, and the caller I just had, from somebody else, showing the same name....15:39
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brunch875jgdx: when installing the debs I got some warnings styled16:01
brunch875ubuntu-system-settings-autopilot depends on python3-dbusmock (>= 0.14); however:16:01
brunch875  Package python3-dbusmock is not installed.16:01
brunch875is that fine?16:01
ogra_uh, autopilot ?16:02
ogra_are you planning to have your device run automated tests ?16:02
brunch875for science!16:02
brunch875I want to help test if the new wifis work on eduroam16:03
kenvandinebrunch875, just don't install the ubuntu-system-settings-autopilot package16:03
ogra_well, but i ddoubt you want any autopilot testing ... you want real-world testing :)16:03
brunch875whoops! Too late? :D16:04
kenvandinedpkg -P ubuntu-system-settings-autopilot16:04
brunch875it doesn't really matter installing it though, does it?16:05
ogra_it might break a lot16:05
ogra_it is for unattende automated testing16:06
ogra_so it creates fake stuff on the phone and all16:06
brunch875hmph, does kevandine's instruction solve everything? I wouldn't care to format if you suspect it might interfere16:07
peat-psuwitDoes Ubuntu have support for Qualcomm's time daemon?16:22
ogra_peat-psuwit, if it is in the android HAL it could get that ... though the time management is usually done via regular ubuntu tools on the ubuntu side16:25
brunch875is there a way to reset the phone entirely? (not just the writable partition)16:39
awepeat-psuwit, what does their functionality does their time daemon provide?  We have NTP support16:40
brobostigonbrunch875: reboot into recovery, full wipe.16:40
brunch875cheerio! I'll get right to it16:41
peat-psuwitawe: I think it allows me to set hardware clock. Normal "hwclock -w" doesn't work on my phone.16:41
aweah, ok16:41
dobeyawe: it keeps time reasonably correct across reboots on Nexus5 and similar devices, iirc16:43
ogra_well, the proper fix would be to get hwclock to work16:45
peat-psuwithwclock: ioctl(RTC_SET_TIME) to /dev/rtc to set the time failed.: Invalid argument16:46
peat-psuwitThat's error from hwclock.16:47
jrbtIn which language are develop most of native apps on Ubuntu Touch?16:48
ogra_jrbt, QML and javascript ... if you want to go deeper you can use C++/Qt16:49
ogra_(but most use the former)16:49
jrbt? "the former"?16:49
ogra_QML and javascript ....16:49
jrbtok :)16:49
jrbtQml is like qt? for the design instead of html/css on firefoxos?16:50
brunch875brobostigon: wiping from recovery left traces16:52
ogra_yes, there is a bug open for that16:52
brobostigonbrunch875: i suppose, you could put into fastboot mode, wipe all the partitions, and rebuild everything from scratch?16:53
brobostigonit into*16:53
brunch875that highly risks killing the phone, doesn't it? :p16:53
brobostigonoh yes.16:54
brunch875so... there really isn't an easy way to wipe and reflash... is there?16:55
ogra_try using u-d-f with --bootstrap16:55
ogra_that should format the partitions iirc16:55
brunch875so something like ubuntu-device-flash touch --channel=ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en --bootstrap -udf16:57
brunch875oh, by udf you meant the program16:57
ogra_yes, thats short for ubuntu-device-flash16:57
ogra_and you need a recovery with adb enabled for this16:57
jgdxbrunch875, sorry, you have to only install the debs I mentioned16:58
ogra_(not -udf ... i was just lazy typing the full name)16:58
brunch875jgdx: my bad :-D16:58
brunch875I'm trying to wipe so it doesn't mess up the results16:59
jgdxbrunch875, you don't have to wipe though.. only flash16:59
brunch875doesn't really matter to me to wipe, so I'll try to clean it the cleanest17:00
brunch875besides, I like formatting often  all my devices17:00
brunch875I get it now17:11
brunch875flashing from bootstrap seems to be failing17:11
brunch875The steps I'm following are rebooting the phone into bootloader17:11
brunch875 ubuntu-device-flash touch --channel=ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en --bootstrap --wipe17:11
jgdx--bootstrap implies --wipe I think, and maybe call that outside the bootloader?17:12
brunch875then the phone boots into recovery, stays there until it gets bored of no interaction and eventually reboots17:12
ogra_as i said, you need the open recovery img and need to define it in an option17:12
ogra_the default recovery does not have adb17:12
* brunch875 is highly confused17:12
ahoneybunbrunch875: sounds like you need a custom recovery17:15
ahoneybunI have TWRP17:15
ogra_you need the right recovery that is promoted in the documentation for flashing17:15
brunch875is this fine with the b4 e4.5?17:15
brunch875ogra rocks my socks17:16
brunch875oh yes that did the trick!17:29
brunch875as a token of gratitude I'll do my best to help you guys out17:30
jrbtUh.. to create a QML + Javascript app is it HTML5 App on the Ubuntu SDK?18:01
bzoltan_jrbt:  no, the qml apps are qml apps18:05
Tassadarmariogrip: you tested ubuntu touch installation via the multirom manager app?18:05
jrbtbzoltan_, oh ok, but there are a lot of QML app with ... which one it is?18:05
jrbtSo what is HTML5 App?18:06
brobostigonits basiclly an app written in html running inside a html renderer, i would presume.18:07
jrbtOk, so for a "normal" native app it is QML App with Simple UI (qmlproject)?18:11
bzoltan_jrbt: for prototyping that is the easiest. The best is the qmake project with simple qml UI18:13
jrbtok and what is framework?18:20
jrbt(sorry I'm beginning)18:21
jrbtubuntu15.04 or ubuntu15.04-qml?18:21
jrbt(or doesn't matter?)18:21
dobeyjrbt: you might want to join #ubuntu-app-devel18:29
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Se7hi guys this working?19:54
dobeyWhatsApp *will* ban your account if you use unofficial clients. if you want whatsapp for ubuntu, bug whatsapp support to let them know you want it on ubuntu :)20:00
Se7tnx dobey i thought that :)20:00
nhainesdobey: can I just bug you to bug them for me?  :)20:00
nhainesActually I'm happy enough with Telegram that I'm forcing my friends to switch, ha.20:01
dobeynhaines: sure. that'll be $50,00020:01
nhainesdobey: I'll take two!20:01
* dobey waits for the paypal20:01
* nhaines sends via dogecoin20:02
Se7nhaines, it s very difficult to do that20:02
Se7force them to switch20:02
Se7ppl are too ignorant lool20:02
Se7for that they still using winzozz20:03
nhainesThey're all pretty happy with it so far, so now I count on them to bug their friends too, lol.20:03
nhainesBesides, Telegram works great on Android, iOS, Windows, and so on, so it's been an easy sell for the most important ones.20:03
Se7of course but still difficult20:04
om26erI cannot enable developer mode on wily, help ?20:04
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jgdxkenvandine, pushed fix for setting empty forwardings20:55
jgdxkenvandine, what else did your testing reveal? What are your thoughts on the checkbox?20:56
jgdxit's actually per spec.. :s https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PhoneApp?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=phone-settings-call-forwarding-number.png21:00
SturmFlutscoperegistry is running amok on my arale, any logs I should collect?21:16

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