karnidpm: do you know German :D?09:50
dpmkarni, I do, but if it's for translation, I'd rather leave the task to the translation teams :) What's up?09:50
karniWe're missing 3 important translations :( https://goo.gl/JyPW0z09:51
karniI'm blocked on translations.. first time in my lifetime haha09:51
dpmkarni, perhaps send another reminder on the ubuntu-translators mailing list, CC'ing ubuntu-l10n-de-community@lists.launchpad.net ?10:12
phillipkarni: hi18:37
karnihi phillip, how's it going :)18:37
phillipI'm in the ubuntu german translations review team so if you need something ping me :)18:38
karniphillip: on fantastic, thank you :)!18:38
phillipwe also have an irc channel #ubuntu-de-l10n18:39
karniwe got the 3 missing strings ("the important ones") translated after my second e-mail, so we're set for now :)18:39
karniphillip: gotcha :)18:39
karnithank you18:39
phillipI have also made some translations for the scopes, someone just need to review them :)18:40
karniI'll forward that message, thank you very much :)!18:41
karniphillip: or rather.. should someone from the 'de' team review them actually?18:41
karniI guess that would make sense?18:41
phillipkarni: yeah18:41
phillipkarni: so they are not so complicated so we can maybe wait a few days and if no one review I can also approve them, okey? Or do you want to have them now?18:45
karniphillip: I believe all Telegram's scope are already translated/reviewed, if you're asking about the others -- whichever makes more sense. To be honest I'm quite new to translations so not sure what's the best strategy. But I do know we very much appreciate the work our fantastic community is doing :)18:46
phillipkarni: ok, will be done soon, I found someone to review them :)18:52

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