diddledanemergency. kittens. https://twitter.com/EmrgencyKittens/status/615662321642414080/photo/1 !!!00:11
daftykinsdiddledan: Connection reset by purr - https://i.imgur.com/x6iQ1RD.jpg01:00
diddledanthat's sooo koot01:00
daftykinshmm activated the new SIM for the guy who dropped his phone in a harbour, phone still doesn't join a network01:01
daftykinsgranted O2 said 24hrs but wat01:02
mapps:4iant wait for the USSR  again04:15
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MooDoomorning popey07:48
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Meteor Watch Day! 😃08:07
awilkinsOffice365 mail seems to have failed. Woe is me.08:17
davmor2Morning all08:29
foobarryleap second tonight08:33
foobarrybroke stuff last time08:33
awilkinsWhat, so the leap second is breaking things so hard that the effects are rippling back into the past ;-)08:35
foobarry485.3 MiB +  77.9 MiB = 563.2 MiBchrome (11)08:36
foobarry690.5 MiB +   2.8 MiB = 693.3 MiBfirefox08:36
foobarryfierefox has 2 windows and 12 tabs. chrome has 1 tab :|08:36
foobarryit is an OS in a browser though08:36
zmoylan-piand government spy platform08:40
JamesTait"OK Google. Send all my browsing information to GCHQ."08:41
zmoylan-piwhat again? :-)08:41
foobarryface it, the pipes have sniffers on anyway. using midori and duckduckgo aint gonna change that08:46
zmoylan-piit's only defeat if you accept it08:47
popeyfoobarry: does your machine only have 1GB RAM or something?08:47
foobarryits an i5 desktop08:47
foobarryas we discussed yesterday, in normal use chrome is using 6gb for a few tabs08:48
foobarryits shot up lately08:48
foobarryafter a full disk, apt-get install -f doesn't work, complaining of no space on device, even thoguh there now is08:55
foobarrydon eautoclean and autoremove...08:55
foobarryah, dpkg --configure -a09:00
foobarryaaaaah inodes09:10
foobarryran out of inodes09:10
davmor2JamesTait: that doesn't sound like a happy day at all ;)09:17
JamesTaitdavmor2, more of a happy night, I suppose. 😉09:18
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:20
davmor2JamesTait: also you didn't say good morning infront of it so who are you and what have you done with the real JamesTait ??????09:20
JamesTait2015-06-30T09:07:01+0100 < JamesTait> Good morning all; happy Meteor Watch Day! 😃09:21
JamesTaitdavmor2, you need to read further back. 😝09:21
davmor2JamesTait: what the hell were you doing up so twirly09:22
foobarrynow autoremove is not removing old kernels :(09:23
zmoylan-piproblem with happy meteor watching day is that some asteroid will use it as cover... :-P09:23
zmoylan-pioooooh that's a big ****BOOOMMMMMM****09:24
JamesTaitdavmor2, it does happen occasionally. Today's excuse is... I don't really have an excuse, but I will be out for a large-ish part of tomorrow afternoon, so I suppose this is partially making up that time.09:25
davmor2JamesTait: ah fair enough09:25
zmoylan-piso... tomorrow will be national non JamesTait day?.... :-)09:26
JamesTaitdavmor2, I think today I just decided to get straight into work instead of tinkering beforehand. ☺09:27
JamesTaitzmoylan-pi, if that asteroid hits me, yes!09:27
JamesTaitBut I suspect, if that were to happen, a missing JamesTait would be the least of everyone's worries.09:28
zmoylan-picould you visit ukip hq tomorrow? 2 birds one gianomorous rock... :-P09:28
davmor2JamesTait: we don't need to know about your toilet habits before you start work :P09:28
JamesTaitdavmor2, only you could turn "tinkering" into something toilet-related. 😉09:29
davmor2JamesTait: well it would either be me or popey but he is probably in the garden sun bathing while pretending to work, so not really reading the chat on irc unless he nick is pinged ;)09:31
JamesTaitYeah, davmor2, but who would ping popey? 😝09:31
popeyI did pop to the shop to get some milk09:32
popeybut no, too hot to sit in the garden09:32
zmoylan-piwe could order lawn darts off ebay and throw them at him in his garden? :-P09:32
foobarryi love this weather so much09:32
foobarrylooks shady on your webcam09:33
davmor2popey: hahaha :)09:33
mappsi need o quit smoking09:45
mappsi went for a 5k run and it killed me09:46
zmoylan-piapply lubricant first...09:46
mappsand i think im in good shape09:46
mappsil prob never quit ;)09:46
mappsbut i can try;p09:46
foobarrysmoking reduces lung capacity09:46
zmoylan-pismoking reduces money...09:47
foobarryand life capacity09:47
diploHi all, keep having my network dropping on my 15.04 box randomly09:47
mappsim on about 25-30/day09:48
diploAny pointers where to look, all other machines on lan are fine, will try a cable but think it's software related as I'm sure I did some updates  Friday before shutting down09:48
diploStarted yesterday when i booted PC up back at work09:48
mappsi think im in trouble09:49
mapps25-30 for 18 years09:49
foobarryswitch to ecig?09:49
foobarryor champix09:49
diplonah, don't do e-cigs, my sister and a few other people I know are addicted to them now09:50
mappsbecause i also have a drink problem remember;p09:50
foobarrya friend quit on champix09:50
diploJust go cold turkey! That's how I did it09:50
diplo60 a day to nothing09:50
foobarryhe was doing a study09:50
foobarryclinical trial type thing09:50
foobarryand he quit compeltely09:50
mappsim 25-30/day 10 pints /half a litre of vodka day09:51
bashrc_diplo: I remember I had a similar problem, but I don't think I fixed it09:51
bashrc_i.e. wifi dropping out occasionally and not coming back09:51
foobarrybeing addicted to ecigs is more healthy09:51
diploI'll try and dig out a cable09:51
diploThis is wired bashrc_09:51
foobarrybashrc_: i read that as wife popping out occasionally and not coming back09:51
diploWhich makes it even odder09:51
shauno'more' is still debatable.  it's trading known risks for unknown risks at this point.09:51
bashrc_foobarry: :)09:52
diplo+1 shauno09:52
diploI started again after 15+ years of giving up09:52
foobarrythat sucks09:52
shaunowell that was silly09:52
foobarrylife event?09:52
bashrc_recently I bought a load of wifi dongles from thinkpenguin, and they work well even on the most hardcore free software systems09:53
diploIt does, and yup09:53
mappswhy cant i get help then;/09:53
diploWife left me and been in a lot of pain for 2-3 years ( still undiagnosed ) and I use it to take my mind off it09:53
mappsthat sucks diplo09:54
diplomapps: You've got to want to give up, you've got to be in the mindset09:54
mappsbut i dont want to09:54
diploWhen I gave up I had decided that it would be £2.50 a pack of 20, or work stopped letting us smoke inside09:54
diploBoth things happened on the same day!09:54
mappsi enjoy drinking09:54
diploSo I stopped there and then09:54
shaunoand then came back when it got to e10/pack?09:55
diploWell you're never going to give up if you don't want to, for me it was my kids as well09:55
mapps£2.50 how old are you;p09:55
diploRollies shauno :)09:55
mappsits like  8.10 a pack now09:55
diploSmoked from when I was 12 till I was 2209:55
mappsive smoked since i was 18 ..31 now09:55
foobarryare you planning on giving up again?09:56
mappsits so cheap here i smoke more09:56
mapps£2.20 20 marlboro09:56
diploI sometimes go a day or two without one, then I get in real pain and I want a ciggie, so defo easy to do09:56
mapps£5 litre of stoli vodka09:56
diploJust started a new exercise regime to try and fix myself as docs are failing, I think that more than anything will make me quit as I'm so short of breath atm09:57
mappsi can smoke/drink myself to death for £1009:57
mappsi ran 5k yesterday it killed me09:58
mappsi felt awful09:58
diploI do about 2 miles, can just about handle that, whats that 4k?09:58
diploBut I cycle for 10-20 miles most weekends09:58
shaunocycling and smoking are a pretty horrid combination10:00
shaunoif nothing else, it's really difficult to light with that much wind10:00
mappscycling is easy10:00
mappsits running that kills us;p10:00
mappsim sitting here smoking lol10:02
shaunopoor computer :(10:02
mappssmoking kills.fact10:03
mappsidiots game10:03
brobostigonmost things could kill you under the wrong circumstances, even taking a bath.10:04
mappsit killed my mum .so that says it all10:04
brobostigonit killed my gf's gradnmother as well.10:05
mappsshe smoked herself to death10:05
zmoylan-piwhich is natures way of saying don't smoke10:06
mappsmy mum would be alive if she hadnt smoked10:07
mappsdied at 42:(10:07
* bashrc_ doesn't smoke10:11
directhexsmoking is entirely natural.10:11
* mapps does10:11
directhexif you're a very dry tree.10:11
mappsil prob die from drink10:12
mappsbefore smoking10:12
foobarryits your choice10:13
foobarryoh but it is10:14
mappsyes and no10:15
mappsi didnt ask for any of this;p mum dying my irlfriend cheating on me10:17
mappsdidnt ask for it:P10:17
shaunothe crutch is, however, entirely your own doing10:19
diploSee my grandad smoked from 16 -> 8610:31
SuperMatttune in to court 3 for a plucky Brit taking on a Ukranian fellow10:34
awilkinsSomeone recommend good hosting11:04
ujjainpeeing standing up on a toilet and not putting the toilet seat up is a horrible thing to do, right?11:05
awilkinsSmoking : yes, there is an element of personal responsibility involved, but for many years the tobacco companies pretended that it was harmless or even good for your and they have a large culpability11:07
awilkinsEsp. for knowingly increasing nicotine levels and deliberately including chemicals that improve nicotine absorption so as to maximise addictive effects11:08
daftykinsdiddledan: win10 10158 \o/11:10
shaunoujjain: varies.  if it's a public toilet, not touching the seat is probably a good thing.  if you're sharing a house with a woman, it's a capital offense.  common sense & good judgement is up to you :)11:10
zmoylan-piof course if it's a toilet with systemd installed you don't want to touch that one at all so accidents can be expected... :-)11:12
daftykinsoh my how topical!11:13
daftykinsoh not you again :P11:21
daftykinshurrah at a second Samsung Galaxy S3 repaired11:26
daftykinsdiplo: it's totally easy :P11:26
diploOh really? It was more the price of screens that put me off11:27
diploCheapest I found at the time was £85~11:27
daftykinsoh i see, i got these for £48 each11:27
daftykinsdepends on the colour of model you want11:28
diploIncl Digi ?11:28
diploOnes white, ones granite grey11:28
daftykinsentire LCD, digitiser, glass and main frame assembly11:28
diploI never found it for that price!?!?!?!?!?11:28
diploThat was maybe Pre November11:28
diploCame to the conclusion it was too dear11:28
daftykinsbasically get that entire asembly, so you just transfer over a few components and job's a good-un11:28
diploCan you link me to where you bought yours ?11:29
daftykinssure, was just tracking it down11:29
diplota fanx :)11:29
daftykinsthere we are, i got both from the same seller11:30
daftykinsi didn't use the little toolkit as i had my own, but the spudger could come in handy for some perhaps11:30
daftykinsthey come with some grease smeared over the samsung logo as they must've had their wrists slapped, but it's easily removed :D11:31
diplonice thanks, will have to get one11:33
bujjidaftykins:how much will you charge11:33
daftykins^_^ np11:33
daftykinsbujji: for what11:33
bujjidaftykins:you said s3 repaired11:34
daftykinswas just doing it for fun, i don't operate a suspicious looking shop to do this kinda thing paid :>11:35
daftykinsdiplo: one thing i've noticed is to not be too easy on sharing your success with the original owners, they may end up wanting them back at cost ;)11:35
daftykinsmate didn't care about his one, now he wants to loan it to his mum11:35
daftykins(as in, i think mobile phone repairs require a dodgy shop :D )11:37
diploWell ones my sisters and the other is the sister in laws11:38
diploI guess I'll tell them I dumped them11:38
bujjidaftykins:xd ?11:45
daftykinsthis isn't your place for learning everything, bujji11:45
popeyThere's a nice little phone repair shop near me, it has so many flashing LEDs in the place it makes me freakout when inside :)11:45
daftykinsbah these cheap cases i bought don't fit11:46
daftykinsaww Microsoft stopped the run dialogue entry 'wuapp' from working as a shortcut to windows update11:47
daftykinscongratulations you have achieved: using a search engine11:49
daftykinslunch time11:49
bujjidaftykins:urbandictionary xd11:49
bujjidaftykins:what should i do for blue screen error while installing windows 7.11:58
popeyinstall linux12:01
davmor2bujji: put on a biohazzard suit, take the highly contagious device and place it in a biohazzard bin and never worry about it again?12:04
shaunokinda want a biohazard suit.  so many pranks.12:16
bujjishauno:have to pay))12:21
shaunoyeah.  that's where most my evil plans go wrong12:21
davmor2shauno: You need loads if you have evil plans those in volcano bases don't make themselves you know ;)12:31
zmoylan-pii'd have thought volcano bases did most of the making themselves12:32
bujjibye o/12:32
shaunowait, loads of biohazard suits or loads of money?12:33
bujjiloads of biohazard suits ==loads of money12:33
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davmor2zmoylan-pi: the cave yes but I said base, the cave is cheap the base bit isn't :P12:39
shaunoI'm now picturing a volcano base decked out in ikea for budgettary reasons12:40
zmoylan-piall those lava tubes are ready made cable conduits12:40
zmoylan-piwicker furniture snaffled from a skip12:42
davmor2yeah see not so evil if you have soft furnishings from ikea12:50
shaunowhere there's a will there's a way :)12:51
davmor2shauno: no it's where there's a will there a bunch of vultures you used to call family ;)12:52
diploThought my network issues had gone :(12:56
davmor2diplo: Foolish Mortal........Your soul is mine, yours sincerely your ISP12:58
zmoylan-piand your little dog too....12:58
diplodavmor2: Local... :/12:59
diploNetwork keeps dropping just on the ubuntu box :(12:59
davmor2diplo: is this wifi or wired12:59
diploChanged cables / ports etc already13:00
diploSo either software or hardware13:00
davmor2diplo: is the driver alx?13:00
diploGuessing software as had an update friday, shut it down and started monday and that's when the issues started13:01
diploNot sure13:01
diploEasiest way to check network cards mod used ?13:01
davmor2diplo: lsmod and look for alx13:02
diploNo alx in there13:02
davmor2diplo: that rules out the problem I had then sorry :)  Have a look for your lan/module on google and see if there are known issues that what I did with my alx issue13:03
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)13:05
bigcalmHome VirginMedia connection has been down since last night. That's the main reason to go to the office :S13:05
davmor2bigcalm: no that is the reason you moan at virgin and they give you a week worth of internet off your next bill :)13:06
bigcalmI'll moan at them when I get home this evening13:07
diploDisconnected again sorry13:07
bigcalmdavmor2: do you have the scroll back to see when I left IRC last night?13:08
davmor2diplo: that rules out the problem I had then sorry :)  Have a look for your lan/module on google and see if there are known issues that what I did with my alx issue13:08
davmor2bigcalm: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11799003/ looks like your connection is just up and down all night13:12
bigcalmdavmor2: most interesting, thanks13:12
davmor2bigcalm: welcome13:12
bigcalmI wonder if VM pushed a new firmware to the superhub and messed up13:13
davmor2bigcalm: please tell me you don't actually use it in hub mode13:13
bigcalmOf course I don't13:14
davmor2bigcalm: few13:14
bigcalmHaven't used it as a hub for years13:14
bigcalmRecently put a dual port nic into my proliant microserver so that I could even move all services away from dumb switches13:15
* davmor2 just never used it as a hub for more than 10 minutes, the guy fitted it tried to use it, failed switched it to modem only mode13:16
popeybigcalm: happy birthday!13:16
bigcalmpopey: thank you fella :)13:16
davmor2bigcalm: oh yeah hippo birdy dude13:17
bigcalmdavmor2: thanks very much13:17
davmor2popey: no irssi.org anymore13:39
foobarrydid the future arrive?13:40
popeyprobably under attack13:40
popeythey're using cloudflare13:40
foobarryso firefox smooth scrolling is not smooth at all14:02
daftykinsugh the case of the hosted exchange setup where calendar entries from last year are missing14:05
daftykinshow awkward14:05
shaunoI think I fixed my electrics in the kitchen.  I feel so freaking manly right now14:41
shaunohowever, I am stood here with a fire extinguisher staring at it.  just in case14:42
davmor2foobarry: just use dillo14:44
daftykinsshauno: what was up?14:45
davmor2daftykins: well the ceiling was up till the place caught fire now it's more of a carpet14:45
shaunonah, it wasn't that bad.  I got a lot of water in the electric cooker14:50
shaunobut instead of the breaker tripping, the switch on the wall melted14:50
shaunoso after a year of pre-made salads & microwave meals (and dominos. so much dominos) I've replaced the switch14:51
shaunotried that soylent stuff for a while too, but it takes too long to arrive14:52
davmor2shauno: well it takes a while to turn a person into green14:54
shaunoon the plus side, I now own a fire extinguisher, so I can have many more adventures :)14:55
daftykinsadventures \o/14:55
daftykinsboo to cheap aluminium frame phone cases off ebay that don't fit =|14:55
diddledanshauno: that's probably a bad decision, owning a fire extinguisher, 'cos it'll encourage you to be less thoughful15:08
diddledan"who cares if it goes pearshaped. I gots firesquirter!"15:09
davmor2diddledan: why would you want to squirt fire, surely you want to squirt something that puts out the fire ;)15:10
diddledaninsurance purposes?15:10
shaunodiddledan: wanna go to southampton next month?15:14
diddledanyou over?15:14
davmor2http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/watch-brilliant-star-wars-prank-5699692 :)15:14
shaunoI'll be passing through in august.  and I think you'd be a funny drunk  lol15:14
shaunoI think it's august.  or october.  whichever's sooner15:15
shaunohm, ignore me, I had it right the first time15:16
TwistedLuciditydavmor2: That's dreadful15:18
davmor2I'd be pressing the button wondering where my lightsaber was :D15:19
TwistedLucidityThe stormtroopers are of no concern, they never hit anything15:20
TwistedLucidityDarth is the threat.15:20
foobarrywhat do you see in this pic? SFW15:30
shaunoa really dirty window?15:33
foobarrynot a dancing man?15:34
foobarryits on the wall, high up15:34
TwistedLucidityA wall. Stained or cracked plaster?15:35
TwistedLucidityMaybe where a bracket came off?15:35
TwistedLucidityBut yes, perhaps a dancing man15:35
shaunobeing high up would be a pretty good argument against a dancing man15:36
foobarryits clearer in the shade15:40
foobarrysunshine is on it today15:40
foobarryits far away from brackets or anything15:40
TwistedLucidityfoobarry: Congrats, you have a stain. Call it "Gerald"15:44
foobarrypaddy dolia15:45
intrbizI think it's customary to assume it's jesus15:55
* daftykins lights up the 'emergency, religious topics' lightbulb16:02
shaunoaw maaaan  *buckles laptbelt*16:02
daftykins<Cat> What is it?16:03
* bashrc_ retreats to the bunker16:04
* popey turns up the voltage on the lamp16:04
* popey hmms at http://www.fleetdrive-electric.com/blog/vehicle/volkswagen-golf-gte-plug-in-hybrid/16:06
bigcalmWhat's wrong with the Volvo?16:07
popeyfailed mot16:08
popeypondering whether to throw money at it or not16:08
daftykinsbring it down here, no MOT ;)16:09
bigcalmpopey: isn't it getting on a bit now?16:10
bigcalmTime for a fresh face16:10
davmor2popey: I can recommend a Skoda Superb as an excellent family car if that helps at all?16:14
diddledandavmor2: I tend not to trust things that try to tell you how great they are in it's name16:42
diddledan"this new skoda? it's superb!" <-- like that16:43
davmor2diddledan: but it is, it is a passat running gear and engine with a Skoda top that is almost certainly imported from the vw plant with a skoda price tag instead of a vw one what isn't there to love :)16:44
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davmor2diddledan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIYs7oBUO3w16:48
bujjihello o/16:52
davmor2bujji: hello16:53
bujjidavmor2:check pm16:55
mappssing my phones 3g;[18:14
mappsnot really;p18:16
mappscant even go to mcdonalds18:16
awilkinsNo power in maccy d, no payment18:42
awilkinsOr maybe he's up a tall building with no UPS and an electric lift18:42
daftykinsretail places can fall back to older tech :D18:43
daftykinsunless they're poorly managed18:43
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knightwiseevening everyone19:19
knightwisehey popey , how are you tonight19:20
popeyticket boo19:24
knightwiseWorking on the podcast here .. putting together shownotes19:25
MartijnVdS\o/ getting my developer edition xps13 next week20:10
knightwiseMartijnVdS: ! Welcome to the club ! ! ! :)20:10
knightwiseif you need any help , let me know.20:10
MartijnVdSI kind of went all-in and went for the 3200x1800 / 512GB / i7 one20:10
MartijnVdSknightwise: they have some weird broadcom wifi right?20:11
knightwise2  sudo apt-get install -f 3  sudo apt-get update 4  sudo apt-get upgrade 5  sudo apt-get install linux-generic-lts-vivid20:11
knightwise Those are the commands you need after bootup ..  then move to bios A0420:11
MartijnVdSknightwise: My initial plan is to install A04 first, then install Debian Jessie, the 4.0 kernel from sid, and Cinnamon 2.6 from sid20:12
MartijnVdS(if it doesn't come with a04, it's being built right now, according to the dell status page)20:14
intrbizknightwise: what is the touchpad like on the new XPS?20:20
diddledanI hear thunder20:54
mappsnice 5hr powercut20:55
diddledanI guess my internettings will be disappearing soon :-p20:55
MartijnVdSdiddledan: A Sound of Thunder?20:55
mappscashpoints down...fresh aisles at morrisons closed etc20:55
mappsand no internet20:55
mappspowercuts suck20:55
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diddledandaftykins: http://blogs.windows.com/bloggingwindows/2015/06/30/whoa-another-pc-build/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter21:37
diddledanoh yes! leap seconds soon!21:38
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diddledan1 hour till the apocalypse22:45
diddledan(+15 minutes)22:45
diddledanin other words "sweet ooga mooga"22:46
intrbizt - 7 minutes22:53
diddledanintrbiz: gmt, another hour yet22:56
intrbizdiddledan: ah, of course22:56
intrbizdiddledan: damn these time zones22:57
diddledan"DAMN YOU. DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL"22:57
zmoylan-piwell you invented them!! :-P22:57
zmoylan-pipreferred deep impact22:58
diddledanodd how you often get two movies with similar plotlines appear simultaneaously23:00
zmoylan-pihollywood doesnt steal ideas!!23:00
popeypeople tout their scripts around studios, they all know what eachother is making23:03
intrbizdiddledan: you mean like failsafe and dr strangelove23:03
popeyWhat I find amusing is how everyone and his dog brings out $THING for $TOPIC of $CURRENT_MOVIE23:03
diddledanI don't think I know failsafe23:04
zmoylan-piwell one had peter sellers in multiple roles and one didn't23:04
popeywhere this time it was dinosaurs for archeology for jurassic park23:04
zmoylan-piyou can't fight here, this is the war room!23:04
diddledanzmoylan-pi: classic!23:05
zmoylan-piwhen you saw the sign in the simpsons 'no riding the bomb' you knew exactly what it was referring too23:05
diddledanI miss spoof-movies. nowadays a "spoof" isn't really an homage but more a "screw you"23:06
diddledane.g. not another teen movie and the like23:07
zmoylan-pithey could never top naked gun movies23:07
diddledanand the airplane23:07
zmoylan-piblazing saddles23:07
diddledanheck yeah!23:07
diddledanblazing saddles was genius23:07
zmoylan-pithe beans scene...23:07
zmoylan-pii cannot watch that scene without laughing out loud no matter how i swear this time i won't23:08
zmoylan-piand it's one of the few movies hollywood would never be able to do a remake of23:09
diddledanyeah the racial stuff just wouldn't be kosher to make now23:10
zmoylan-pithe sherriff is a n__ *bong*23:10
shaunoreminds me, I read they're making a sequel to Top Gun?23:11
diddledanshauno: yup, and tom cruise is back23:11
zmoylan-piwith or without the f35 which can't dogfight? :-)23:11
diddledanpmsl: https://twitter.com/sharoorocks/status/615877478511431680/photo/123:11
diddledanthe rumour is that it's not about dogfighting23:12
diddledanthis win10 upgrade is taking its sweet time - I set it going when I told daftykins about it with a link ^^^ (somewhere up there) and it's still not finished23:14
diddledanalso. apple music is refusing to activate.23:15
diddledan(in itunes on my maccytosh)23:15
diddledanI think with those two lines I've seriously undermined my position in linux circles :-p23:16
zmoylan-pimaybe it'll be like pentagon wars about development of f35 :-) might be as funny https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXQ2lO3ieBA23:16
intrbizdiddledan: will you be using WiFi Sense in W10?23:22
diddledanlol @ the bradley23:28
shaunoyou're not missing much diddledan23:28
zmoylan-pii highly recommend that movie23:32
diddledanshauno: oh?23:36
shaunoit's ...23:37
shaunowell, getting the UI right is usually apple's strong point.  except itunes.  what the hell itunes.23:37
shaunowell, so far, 'apple music' has just made itunes' UI even more disjoint.23:38
shaunothe actual service isn't bad.  but the UI is a trainwreck.  it seems to work best if you have no idea what you're looking for.  because if you're looking for something in particular, $DEITY help you23:39
diddledanhmm, I only have one $DEITY. maybe I should sign-up for a few more so that I can "$N * $DEITY help me"?23:40
diddledansurely more deities is the way to go, right?23:41
shaunomore or less ;)23:41
ali1234so it's spotify then?23:42
shaunospotify still drive me nuts because they care what country I'm in23:42
diddledanliek that ^^ :-D23:43
shaunounfortunately they think my office is in france, so I change countries several 6-10 times a week23:43
diddledanthat's nuts23:43
diddledangeorestrictions are so last millenia23:44
shaunooh it's not restrictions.  that's the best bit.  it works in france, it works in ireland, it just won't let you go from one to the other without kicking up a fuss23:44
shaunoit has a limit to how many times you can change per month.  the limit is perfectly suitable for vacations, but not for geopip-fail23:45
diddledanhow do you access when at work? i.e. via the corp net or via your cellular thingie23:46
shaunothat's it, corp lan, which is proxied via the main office.  in paris.23:46
diddledanyeah that's what I thunked23:47
diddledangeo restrictions just don't seem to anticipate that people will use routes23:47
diddledanany routes.23:47
shaunomy bank have got the hang of it, surprisingly enough23:48
diddledanthe whole point of IP is that it isn't geographical23:48
shaunothey used to freak out that I'd be buying things in france and ireland at the same time23:48
diddledanand with IP auctions now that there are none left for purchase means that routing tables are going to grow rather crazily and also mean that regional IP allocations are going to be impossible to quantify23:50
diddledane.g. Virgin might sell a /24 to an american co but it's still assigned by RIPE meaning that it's still a UK/European address that just happens to route to americaland23:51
diddledanin unrelated news. Having a touchscreen on my surfacepro3 has broken me - I keep trying to touch my mbp's screen expecting it to do stuff23:53
shaunodon't do that.  that's bad.23:54
diddledanhow bad?23:54
shaunoI'll cut your fingers off if you touch my screen23:55
diddledan"yeah, baby, touch my screen! you know you want to.."23:55
diddledanI could continue but that might risk me being kicked for non-family-friendly behaviour :-p23:56
shaunoor your fingers cut off :)23:56
diddledanor that23:56
diddledanI'm not sure finger cutting is family friendly, either23:56
shaunotouch my screen and we'll find out ;)23:57

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