nhainesWait, I thing what's missing here is context.01:38
nhainesRoguehorse: do you want to know about kickstarters as a backer or a project?01:38
* ianorlin right clicks01:52
nhainesBetter than wrong clicks!02:16
ianorlinhttp://www.gamasutra.com/view/pressreleases/246596/SMACH_Zero_Technical_Specifications.php I wonder how well this could run ubuntu touch02:42
darthrobot`Title: [Gamasutra - Press Releases - SMACH Zero Technical Specifications]02:42
DonkeyHoteiit's x86, so it cannot02:45
Roguehorsenhaines: backer02:51
nhainesRoguehorse: so the way that works is that you find something you believe in and give them money, and hope they can finish it.03:42
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Roguehorsenhaines: Ok, then I guess I would be submitting the project04:12
Roguehorsenhaines: I've never looked into it before04:12
nhainesRoguehorse: then the first step is to read the FAQs and look at a few successful crowdfunding campaigns.04:46
nhainesTypically you need to have a concrete business plan and a working prototype.04:46
Roguehorseok.....I'm just getting started but that should be easy enough05:34
nhainesCrowdfunding is basically for someone who has everything in place and is ready to go and just needs the funding.05:59
nhainesBecause anything less and no one has any confidence to back the project.  :)06:00
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nhainesThe cat has decided the best place to sleep is in my room, on top of my old jeans on the bed.12:09
nhainesThis is despite otherwise refusing to sit in my lap or sleep on me bed in any general circumstances.12:10
RoguehorseI have a bloodhound.......he used to sleep on my bed17:54
Roguehorsehe sleeps on the couch now17:54

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