Redfoxiehi hi02:51
ahoneybunhey Redfoxie03:09
Redfoxiehow are you?03:10
Redfoxiewe have had some crazy rain here lately huh?03:10
ahoneybunyea for sure03:11
Redfoxiehere is a big shot in the dark, you dont by chance work with ubuntu servers any do you?03:12
mhall119Redfoxie: crazy in that it comes in the morning, otherwise pretty standard summer weather03:15
Redfoxiefair enough, im in central most of ours have been in the afternoon but gone by evening03:16
mhall119Redfoxie: I *have* Ubuntu Servers, but I'm not a sysadmin, so I may or may not be able to help03:16
Redfoxie'im having trouble doing an install on 14.04.2 with a memorystick03:16
mhall119what's the trouble?03:17
Redfoxienot being able to install it at all lol03:17
Redfoxiethere are two issues i run into03:17
Redfoxiebut brb ill explain in a sec swaping systems03:17
mhall119what kind of servers are they? If they're RAID or something, I'm going to be totally lost03:18
* mhall119 might actually be lost for anything related to installing server, has only done cloud deployments in the last several years03:19

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