dzhoonce again I've "upgraded" Ubuntu and don't know if the new behavior I'm seeing is a bug or a feature17:00
dzhothe left-hand launcher is mostly gone, to be replaced by an "activities" button that brings up something launcher-like17:00
dzhois this normal?17:00
yanowait a second17:01
yanodzho: did you and i just have a convo on another network?17:02
dzhototes, bro17:02
yanowhoa, neat17:06
dzhothe Internet, how does it work17:07
yanoikr? heh17:07
dzhoanyway, alt-tab still does some stuff, just...very differently than it had done, which is very disappointing to find in an LTS17:08
dzhofor instance, repeated applications of Alt-tab do not walk me through my windows any more.  I get one run through, and that's it, and it doesn't descend into my multiple browser windows for instance.17:08
dzhooh, haha, I'll bet I know what happened.17:14
dzhoI bet during the upgrade and reboots, the login manager forgot my desktop preference and shoved me into GNOME17:15
dzhoahahahahaha, that was it17:16
dzhoshows you how often I use GNOME17:16

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