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superflyMorning barrydk 05:41
superflyAnd mazal05:41
superflyMorning ThatGraemeGuy 05:50
mazalMorning superfly , ThatGraemeGuy05:57
superflyMorning Kilos 05:59
Kilosmorning superfly  freezing here05:59
superflyMmmm, much the same here 05:59
Kiloseverything outside frizzed again05:59
mazalMore oom05:59
mazalmaaz define frizzed06:00
Maazmazal: Friz \Friz\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Frizzed}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Frizzing}.] [Cf. F. friser to curl, crisp, frizzle, to raise the nap (on certain stuffs); prob.akin to OFries. frisle hair of the head. Cf. {Frieze} kind of cloth.] [Written also {frizz}.] 1. To curl or form into small curls, as hair, with a crisping pin; to crisp. [1913 Webster]  With her hair06:00
Maazfrizzed short up to her ears. --Pepys. [1913 Webster]  2. To form into little burs, prominen…06:00
superflyOh, yeah, it's not physically freezing here06:00
Kiloshi mazal  barrydk  inetpro  MaNI  ThatGraemeGuy  and other lurkers06:00
superflyBut not too far off. 5 degrees. 06:00
Kiloscold weather sucks06:00
mazalsuperfly: Where you again ?06:01
superflymazal: Cape Town 06:01
mazalAh , ThatGraemeGuy also yes ?06:01
* ThatGraemeGuy reads06:01
superflyYes. We actually used to work together 06:01
mazalDon't you guys have freezing wind there atm ?06:02
superflySomething like that 06:02
ThatGraemeGuyno the wind is still coming06:02
mazalDon't send any more this way please :P06:02
ThatGraemeGuyany time from mid-July it starts properly06:03
Kilosits ThatGraemeGuy  that does it to us06:03
Kiloshe doesnt like getting cold on his own06:03
mazalmaaz coffee on06:04
* Maaz starts grinding coffee06:04
mazalmaaz huge06:04
Maazmazal: Sorry...06:04
mazalmaaz large06:04
MaazIn a beer mug just for you mazal06:04
superflyAi, I don't understand these finger tapping people. Swiping to type is so much easier and faster 06:04
ThatGraemeGuymy mommy always taught me to share06:04
Kilossuperfly  explain06:05
ThatGraemeGuyKilos: smartphone on-screen keyboards06:05
superflyKilos: on most Android phones these days you can just swipe your finger over the letters you want and the keyboard will figure out what you're typing 06:06
Kilosbuilt in dictionary?06:07
superflyAnd yet everyone still uses one or two fingers and toes each letter individually 06:07
ThatGraemeGuyvoice commands ftw06:07
superflyTypes, not toes06:07
ThatGraemeGuyOK Google, call the wife06:07
superflyThatGraemeGuy: not so easy in the train 06:08
KilosThatGraemeGuy  what the kids say this morning06:08
ThatGraemeGuyhe coughed a bit but that was at 5 instead of 106:08
MaazCoffee's ready for mazal!06:08
Kilosah so it did make a change06:08
mazalmaaz dankie06:08
MaazGroot plesier mazal my vriend06:08
mazalmaaz botsnack06:08
MaazYAY someone cares about me too!06:08
superflyThatGraemeGuy: maybe I should try that. Eldest has bad hay fever 06:09
Kilossuperfly  did you turn off your away goodie? 06:10
Kilosyou showed active all day yesterday06:10
ThatGraemeGuyhttp://www.russellhobbs.co.za/appliance/seasonal-winter/eco-extreme-fan-heater.aspx <-- i got that one, it has a nice analogue temperature adjustment06:10
superflyKilos: hrm06:10
superflyI'll have to investigate 06:10
* mazal go gooi some dirt06:11
ThatGraemeGuyi set it on eco mode, with the temp about 1/3 to max and with the door open a few inches that warms the room up nicely06:11
ThatGraemeGuynot hot, just comfortable compared to the rest of the house06:11
Kilosoh you got a bigger stand up one06:12
ThatGraemeGuyits not that big, maybe 30cm high or less06:12
Kilosoh i only know the ones that lie flat06:13
Kilossimilar thing though i think06:13
superflyCape Town station. Work time. Later folks 06:17
mazalHave a good day superfly06:19
SquirmMorning everyone06:45
Kiloshi Squirm  06:48
* Squirm yawns06:52
SquirmMaaz: Coffee on06:52
* Maaz washes some mugs06:52
Squirm`How are you Kilos?06:52
Kilosgood ty Squirm  and you?06:52
KilosMaaz  coffee please06:53
MaazKilos: Alrighty06:53
SquirmI'm good :)06:53
KilosWebtricity  you still alive?06:54
MaazCoffee's ready for Squirm and Kilos!06:56
KilosMaaz  danke06:56
* Squirm dances06:57
SquirmKilos: what's happening these days? I feel like I've been gone for a while06:57
Kilosshame on you Squirm  you have been mia for a while06:58
Kilosi thought you fell in love06:58
SquirmBut I did that almost 2 years ago :P06:58
Kilosnormally new loves and divorces make peeps forget everything else06:59
SquirmHave just been busy I suppose07:00
Kilosya that word covers lots, ian uses it even when he slept all day07:00
mazalSeems I must do a re-install. Might be away for a while07:00
Kiloswhy mazal  07:01
mazalNow the million dollar question07:01
Kiloswhats not working07:01
mazaliso with remaster or this new thingy07:01
Kiloswait man07:01
Kiloswhats wrong first07:01
mazalNew pc07:01
SquirmKilos: True. But when you're busy, sleep is to counter the busy :D07:01
mazalno choice :P07:01
Kiloshaha Squirm  07:01
mazall8tr guys , much l8tr , wish me luck07:02
Kilosi did a remaster sys on another drive last week so now i have a good copy of this kde spare07:02
Kilosgood luck mazal  07:02
Squirmmazal: that sentence makes no sense ;)07:02
mazalWhich one Squirm ?07:03
Squirm"mazal: l8tr guys , much l8tr , wish me luck"07:03
SquirmJust messing with you, cheers07:03
mazalI rarely make any sence Squirm :P07:03
Kiloswait mazal  07:03
mazalja ?07:03
Kilosanother one that makes no sense07:03
Kilosif its for a new pc why would it be a reinstall07:04
Kilosthe one you on is still going right?07:04
mazalby re-install I mean with my iso07:04
mazalSo let's call it iso install and data copy :)07:04
Kilosok good luck then07:05
mazalcheers for now guys07:05
barrydkMore almal07:13
pieter2627hi all07:50
Kiloshi pieter2627  07:51
pieter2627oh Kilos, wanted to ask. Which car has such good mileage that a trip to dbn costs R6 - can't even find a choc with enough Kj to get me across the street :P07:54
MaNItesla :p07:55
Kilosthat was in my DKW in 1971 i think07:56
Kilosbut iirc i only earned R60 a month07:59
pieter2627'only' - if a trip to dbn cost R6 then R60 is about R7 000+ today08:02
Kilosi have no idea what such a trip costs today08:03
Kilosand the deak wasnt very fuel efficient being a 2 stroke08:03
MaNIcars were less efficient then - R6 probably = two tanks now08:03
MaNIso need to double that :p08:03
Kilos1 $ was 63 of our cents08:06
MaNIcumulative inflation makes things crazy08:06
MaNII mean if I just look at how much say the price of a basic large pizza has changed in my lifetime08:07
pieter2627cumulative anything is crazy08:07
Kilosi bouth a 3 bedroom house is toti for 25k08:08
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MaNIheh yeah, vacant land on the mountain side, not uncommon to see the title deeds previous price be like R15k and now it is selling for over a million08:10
MaNIit makes the prospect of trying to save for a meaningful retirement somewhat scary08:11
MaNII mean what will everything cost in another 30 years08:11
Kilosthats the thing08:11
Kilosmany peeps retirement funds are worthless by the time they retire08:11
Kilosyou need large savings as well08:12
Kilosendownment funds and that kinda stuff08:16
MaNIpersonally the only reasonable way I see is to have some kind of asset/income that increases with inflation - a rental property or company or something08:17
MaNIotherwise the amount of funds you need to keep up is massive08:18
Kilosproperty was always a good investmnt08:24
Kilosbut i dunno how safe that is today08:25
Kilosspeak to the peeps at sanlam08:26
MaNInot for making a huge profit though, but rather it's a guaranteed income thats tied to inflation, I mean it is a rather safe bet that rent will continue to be more than food, so you can always live off a rental income :p08:26
Kilosbuying a house and renting it out is good and someone else pays your bond for you that way08:27
mazalUp and running again09:00
Kilosbetter pc mazal  ?09:44
Kilosnew tool or remastersys10:01
mazalOom Kilos nope , on laptop now. Remastersys , I stay with what I know for now10:05
pieter2627does anyone know what this dir is for - /var/lib/apt/lists/partial?10:37
pieter2627it is taking up 2.5Gb of disk space10:39
ThatGraemeGuyman apt-get10:39
mazalAnybody know how to reset kwallet password ? If you don't know what it is ?11:15
mazalAfter I re-installed and copied back my home , kwallet password prompt keeps popping up , I have tried all my passwords but it won't go away11:16
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mazalThanx Cryterion11:20
mazalWhat does kwallet do ? I never even used it11:21
Cryterionnot sure, that came up on google11:22
Kilosi think it remembers passwords or something11:23
MaNIit is kdes attempt at something like keepassx11:23
mazalChecking out wiki page of it now. Seems to be a passwords and credentials store yes11:24
magespawngood afternoon11:36
Kiloshi magespawn  11:37
mazalLo magespawn11:44
mazalOom Kilos , the only thing that doesn't work is my battery indicator11:44
mazalIt was working , and after I copied back my home it is not working11:44
Kilosmazal  fix it11:44
mazalJust say no battery found11:45
Kilossomething not installed like a battery sensor thing11:45
mazalWhy was it working then before home was copied back11:46
mazalIE , what in home data can break something like that11:46
mazalThat is a system app11:46
Kiloswhere is your home from another laptop?11:47
mazalWas a pc , still have backup on stick11:47
mazalSo when the home from pc was copied onto laptop , it broke the battery indicator. ???11:48
Kilossomething in desktop home doesnt see lappy battery11:48
mazalBut what is the question11:48
mazalI can't even find setting or config on that indicator11:49
Kiloslook in synaptic for indicators11:50
mazalThis is a panel widget11:51
Kilosright click panel and see options11:51
mazalThere isn't any , it only loads the power saving options. But no config for the indicator itself11:51
Kiloswait till one of the lappy peeps answer or google lots11:52
Kilosi know niks about lappies11:52
mazalMaybe reboot is required11:52
Kiloshave you done update etc11:53
mazalYeah , but already updated as it was my newest iso11:53
mazalNo updates available11:53
mazalI go ask google11:53
KilosMaaz  google ubuntu desktop /home disables battery indicator on laptop11:54
MaazKilos: "indicator - No battery status icon - Ask Ubuntu" http://askubuntu.com/questions/68445/no-battery-status-icon :: "How to disable mouse power status in indicator-power? - Ask Ubuntu" http://askubuntu.com/questions/361022/how-to-disable-mouse-power-status-in-indicator-power :: "Battery indicator missing, ubuntu 12.04 - Ask Ubuntu"11:54
Maazhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/148971/battery-indicator-missing-ubuntu-12-04 :: "Tips to extend battery life for lapto…11:54
ThatGraemeGuyditch KDE, use XFCE11:56
ThatGraemeGuymarvel at how much faster your PC is suddenly11:56
* ThatGraemeGuy runs away11:56
mazalhmm , XFCE you say. Kilos will kill me !! lol11:58
mazalJust gonna try a reboot and see if all feathers shakes itself in order11:59
mazalOk that fixed it12:04
mazalNow I have a different problem12:04
ThatGraemeGuythe problem is still the same... KDE12:04
* ThatGraemeGuy runs again12:04
mazalHow do I get the wireless to connect automatically without having to put the password in everytime the machine starts up ?12:05
mazalI did slect " connect automatically " and the wi-fi password is in the connection settings12:05
ThatGraemeGuyconfigure it to auto-connect, it's a property of the connection somewhere12:05
ThatGraemeGuyoh, then i don't know :-/12:05
mazalEven with that set , it still asks for password on boot ??12:06
mazalOom Kilos , die KDE van jou !12:06
ThatGraemeGuytry to delete the wi-fi connection and re-add it12:06
mazalK lemme try that12:07
ThatGraemeGuythis is why we don't keep old homedirs with new installations12:07
ThatGraemeGuyre-installing to fix your problem is a very Windows thing to do anyway, it's never the answer with any distro that's even half-decent12:08
CryterionThere goes his wi-fi I guess12:08
mazalUhm ok dumb question , how do I delete it ? Can't find a delete option on the current connection12:09
ThatGraemeGuyI haven't done the KDE thing in quite a while12:09
mazalThere is all the configs , and disconnect and connect , but no delete12:10
ThatGraemeGuya picture is worth a thousand words :)12:10
mazalDoing pic.......12:11
mazalWhat app can I paste in KDE ?12:12
mazalKILOS !!!!!!!!!12:12
mazalWhat app can I paste print screens to ?12:12
Kilosopen that and drag drop the pic12:12
mazalThat can also crop12:12
ThatGraemeGuyPrtScn key might be mapped to a screenshot app12:13
mazalNope printscreen does nothing12:13
Kilosit puts a copy in home methinks12:13
mazalHow ?12:13
mazalWith what app ?12:13
Kilosafter you push prntscreen12:14
mazalAnd ksnapshot useless cos I have to click on system tray to get wi-fi screen open , then it disapears12:15
ThatGraemeGuysudo apt-get install shutter12:16
mazalWhen I click on snapshot to get that back then wi-fi system tray gone again12:16
Kilosi only see gnome-screenshot12:16
ThatGraemeGuytake a photo with your phone12:16
ThatGraemeGuypoor man's screenshot12:16
Kilosmy prntscrn button works12:16
MaNIksnapshot has timer functionality12:16
MaNIamongst other things12:17
MaNIand should grab on printscreen as well12:17
mazalKubuntu probably don't work on this laptop's fn keys :(12:17
mazalIt's print screen key is a FN combo12:17
MaNIjust use the 'snapshot delay' field then12:17
ThatGraemeGuyall these hoops, thanks KDE12:17
MaNIhardly kdes fault if his keys aren't set up right, that it has an extra feature that can help him anyway seems great not a hoop :p12:19
Kiloslook in settings keyboard there might be something to find the screenshot button12:19
mazalLinux drivers problem that the FN key don't work12:19
ThatGraemeGuyfunny, my DE has a nice shortcut on PrtScn, I didn't even need to do anything12:20
ThatGraemeGuyso yes, thanks KDE!12:20
MaNIThatGraemeGuy, so does kde.12:20
mazalDoesn't work12:20
MaNIprintscreen opens ksnapshot with the current screen grabbed (except in this case because there is some keyboard issue)12:20
mazalI did that delay now , it takes snapshot , but system tray popup is not showed in snapshot12:21
MaNIwhat capture mode?12:21
ThatGraemeGuysounds like derp mode12:21
ThatGraemeGuymust recompile KDE with the correct config options12:22
MaNIworks for me12:22
ThatGraemeGuytry --derp-by-default=NoThanks and --try-to-be-cleverer-than-the-user=NEVER12:22
mazalThere's no mode setting I can find on ksnapshot12:23
MaNIwhat version of kde are you on?12:23
* ThatGraemeGuy hopes nobody is taking him seriously12:23
magespawnlol @ ThatGraemeGuy 12:24
mazalksnapshot itself is 0.8.212:24
MaNIokay, well can't explain that it should grab the full screen by default and that would include any popups12:24
MaNImine is also 0.8.212:25
MaNIif capture mode is set to 'window under cursor' that could do it, but if you don't see a capture mode setting I don't know why that would be12:26
mazalHang on , I found that12:27
mazalIs full screen currently12:27
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mazalFinally , got  2 snapshots that worked12:34
mazalPic 1 - system icon - config and disconnect. No delete12:36
mazalPic 2 - config setting - no delete options12:38
magespawnmazal are you trying to delete the wireless connection?12:39
mazalmagespawn: The original problem is that it doesn't want to keep the password. Even though it is in , I must put password in every time the laptop boots12:40
mazalSo wanted to try and delete the connection and re-create12:40
magespawnahh right12:40
mazalGot to run guys sorry12:40
magespawnno worries been a while since i used kde12:41
magespawnMaaz tell mazal http://www.kubuntu.org/docs/kquickguide/C/ch03s07.html12:43
Maazmagespawn: Sure, I'll tell mazal on freenode12:43
mazalmagespawn, still around ?13:09
mazalmaaz tell magespawn I get "url not found" on that link13:11
Maazmazal: Okay, I'll tell magespawn on freenode13:11
Kilosai! mazal  it works here13:12
mazalmaaz tell magespawn Never mind , I found a typo in the link13:16
Maazmazal: Okay, I'll tell magespawn on freenode13:16
mazalBut will have to wait for tomorrow , I'm at home now13:17
mazalDon't have permission for removal for that laptop yet13:18
mazalI don't think I will get anyway13:18
Squirmsuperfly: Hey13:49
superflyah, Kilos13:50
superflyI didn't notice Quassel running here... no wonder I'm "active"13:50
magespawnyup mazal ley me check again13:51
Maazmagespawn: By the way, mazal on freenode told me "tell magespawn I get "url not found" on that link" 39 minutes and 31 seconds ago13:51
Maazmagespawn: By the way, mazal on freenode told me "tell magespawn Never mind , I found a typo in the link" 34 minutes and 19 seconds ago13:51
grembleFor the next 4 weeks I don't even have to put on pants in the morning. Sometimes being a student isn't all that bad13:52
Kilosthats good superfly  at least nothing is broken13:55
magespawnhomw timw chat later14:06
magespawnhome time too14:07
Squirmsuperfly: check your pm when you have a gap ^^14:17
inetprogood mornings14:19
Kiloshi inetpro  14:19
inetprooh hi oom Kilos as well14:20
Kilosafter thought14:20
Kilosi dont nag enough14:20
gremblenag or nap?14:23
grembleI don't think there is something like "enough" naps14:23
Kiloswhen i nag him lots he even greets in the real morning14:23
Kilosnow he says morning in the avy to make us think he didnt forget14:23
* inetpro surprised to see no loadshedding today15:53
inetpromaybe they'll start it before 20:00 just to spite me again15:54
MaNIthey have to have a few days without so that people can't claim they are doing it "because they didn't get the increase" :p16:01
grembleThey're a bunch of knobs16:15
Kilosaw grumbles i saw a link to some chicks thats a maths wiz somewhere16:15
Kilosmight have even been twitter16:16
grembleSounds like fun16:16
Kilosi dont often go there but if i see it again ill tell you16:16
Kilosyou two could xyz each other16:17
grembleHaha that does sound like fun16:18
grembleAre you guys all ready for the leap second?16:39
grembleI'm hoping it brings about a new world order16:39
Kilosohi Symmetria  where you been?17:34
CuttingEdgei see the cd mirror for ubuntu i submitted, quietly went 'official'17:41
Kiloscool beans CuttingEdge  17:42
magespawngood evening18:01
gremblehey magespawn 18:07
magespawnhi gremble 18:07
Kiloshi magespawn  18:08
magespawnhey hey18:09
magespawnjust bought my first shoe polish in about 20 years18:11
grembleAre you going to teach your kids how to shine your shoes for you?18:11
magespawnmight not be a bad idea18:12
magespawnthey do not really were shoes at the moment though18:12
grembleThat is why I said your shoes. Not theirs18:12
magespawnindeed, it will be needed next year when my son goes to high school18:14
magespawnty Kilos 18:14
grembleIn my first week of high school we had to shine the matrics' shoes almost daily18:14
Kilosfly too busy18:15
grembleThe people that build django are very clever18:15
magespawnthat is a python framework, right?18:17
grembleA friend of mine wants to build an app but he cannot code. So I am partnering up with him.18:18
Kiloslol says he who hated coding18:18
Kilosbut you are good at it so carry on18:19
grembleI do dislike it quite a lot. But for some reason I am not too shit at it. So now I just go with it18:19
Kilosthe more you do the more you will like it18:20
grembleBesides, it feels nice to build something. I don't have the skills necessary or the place to build something with my hands, so I guess this is what I will make do18:20
magespawnokay shoes polished18:30
inetproCuttingEdge: well done!18:30
magespawnlike i said about the first time in almost 20 years18:32
Kiloswell then you have had a good break magespawn  18:32
Kilosso whats with the shoes that need polish now?18:33
Kilospeeps only wear them to church and interviews18:33
Kilosohi superfly  it be fixed now18:34
inetprolaunchpad buggy this evening?18:35
KilosMaaz  hmm...18:35
Maazhmm... is often used to try make others believe one is actually thinking18:35
Kilosinetpro  im giving 3 weeks notice18:35
inetprogot message "Uh oh! Something has gone wrong..." 18:35
Kiloscan you please arrange a date and time to chair an africa meeting18:36
inetproKilos: 3 weeks notice?18:36
Kilospreferable a day you dont load shed18:36
Kilosno ai! me man , you a good chair18:36
Kilossuperfly  can you also try make it to the first africa meet please18:37
Kilosyou guys choose a date18:37
Kilosor a day that suits you that is then i can squeeze others to fall in18:37
Kilosinetpro  where did you get that message from?18:38
superflyalmost any day, after 20:30 SAST18:38
Kilosgreat ty then we can follow pros choice18:39
inetproKilos: simply going to https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors18:39
Kilosworks fine inetpro  18:39
Kilosget a decent browser18:39
inetprobut it's intermittent 18:39
Kiloshee hee18:39
Kilosi been waiting to say that18:39
Kiloshow intermittent18:40
Kilosim there first time with 2 browsers18:40
inetproKilos: don't worry about it18:41
inetproworks now... I'm not the only one who noticed it... others at #launchpad also got the error18:42
magespawnKilos: i have only recently started wearing them18:42
CuttingEdgeinetpro: i saw some random issue earlier too18:42
Kilosno man inetpro  dont find other excuses now18:43
inetproKilos: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2015/06/30/%23launchpad.html#t17:4518:43
Kiloshahaha 18:44
Kilosi was just trying to rag you about your fox man18:44
inetproKilos: the fox has very little to do with it18:45
Kilosoh yes it has18:45
Kilossame as my opera battles at times18:45
Kilosgotta blaim something18:46
inetproKilos: you want a screenshot of chromium with the error?18:46
Kilosyou use chr4omium too18:46
grembleKilos: its blame18:46
grembleBrowsers are in such a shit place right now :(18:47
Kilosim using epiphany and midori quite a bit as well now18:47
inetproKilos: when something fails I try to find the cause through testing different scenarios18:47
Kilosand poor opera open daily to over 20 links18:47
Kilosyes thats why i always say inetpro  fixit18:48
Kilosi may be stupid but im not a fool18:48
inetproKilos: that doesn't mean that my tests are foolproof18:55
Kilosyes but you dont stop till its fixed18:55
Kilosim gonna try my first 3g telkom bundle in the morning18:57
Kiloshi Squirm  19:04
magespawnKilos: checking the speed?19:06
Kiloseeek slow tonight19:07
Kiloswill tweet them again tomorrow19:08
Kilosoh inetpro  you made that launchpad africa thing lekker19:09
Kilosone can even add peeps19:09
Kiloshavent found how to add them to the mailing list yet19:09
mazalNight all19:26
Kilosnight all too from me19:26
Kilossleep tight19:26
magespawnbedtime for me, good night all20:38

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