Bashing-omDoYouKnow: Do you think it may have created so many files that now you have consumed all your disk space ?00:00
mekhamii'm having a really hard time getting gnome terminal to behave, color wise. what's my easiest alternative to set up?00:07
minimecmekhami: xfce4-terminal00:12
minimecmekhami: You might have some small dependencies of the xfce desktop, but not that much...00:12
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drose379Hey guys, one of the USB ports on my brand new machine randomly will stop working once or twice a week00:15
drose379Any logs I can check to try and find the error?00:15
drose379And it also happens under windows, which leads me to think its a hardware issue00:15
minimecdrose379: /var/log/syslog or /var/log/kern.log. Also try 'dmesg' in a console for some hints.00:20
drose379minimec do you think it sounds like a hardware issue?00:20
drose379minimec I see nothing in syslog00:21
drose379Nothing in kern.log either00:22
minimecdrose379: As it happens with all OSes... maybe. Maybe you also put too many devices on one hub. Like two resource hungry USB devices.00:22
drose379I only have my phone plugged in00:22
minimecdrose379: If the phone uses MTP for the filesystem, that was sometimes a problem under linux, but should not be a problem under Windows.00:24
ehemSo, installing shutter via apt-get deleted my google-chrome00:34
ehemis this normal?00:34
nehzahehem: apt-get tells you what it's doing, if you look.00:35
Flannelehem: Where did you get chrome, and what version of ubuntu are you running?00:37
razieliyoI'm here again00:38
razieliyoafter a walk through a lot of tries :/00:39
razieliyois anyone using 'vesa'? it would suffice with that for me00:39
Craftedhow's everyone doing?00:39
ehem14.04 ubuntu, Im pretty sure i got google-chrome from apt-get00:39
nehzahCrafted: Channel does not need a greeter this is support.00:39
Craftedwell damn00:40
Flannelnehzah: relax.00:40
razieliyobut can't get to configure it, so any help with a xorg.conf would be appreciated00:40
nehzahI am relaxed but I'll work harder00:40
Flannelehem: You must've added repositories or something, as google chrome doesn't exist in the default repositories.  Which repository did you add?00:40
razieliyoI'm giving a try at #linux or something00:41
ehemwhile doing apt-get install shutter, it did say it would remove google-chrome, but idk why it would do that00:42
ehemit didnt give me a choice00:42
Attoxhey I have a problem with a laptop. I'm dualbooting windows 8 and ubuntu but bluetooth and wifi are simply turned off00:42
Attoxno physical switch, function key for wifi only works on windows00:42
Flannelehem: You used a PPA for shutter?  (What's wrong with the version in the repositories?)00:42
ehemi didnt know it had one, i followed an instruction online00:43
nehzahAttox: run in the terminal lspci and find the wifi hardware, My guess is broadcom.00:43
minimecAttox: Can you try 'rfkill list' in a console? What's the output?00:44
Attoxrfkill list outputs nothing00:44
Attoxthe adapter is a R8081E adapter00:44
ehemthats what i did00:44
Flannelehem: Alright, it's probably some sort of version conflict for a library or something.  I see that shutter's PPA has a lot of PPA versions of libraries.  (I don't know google chrome wants, I don't know what repository you're using)00:44
ehemi see00:45
ehemguess ill just have to reinstall chrome :(00:46
Flannelehem: This (version issues) is one of the (many) problems you can run into when using software that isn't in the repositories.  It may be possible to sort out, or may not, depending on what the issues are.00:46
minimecAttox: Looks that your hardware is not recognized correctly.00:47
Attoxis there any way to fix this? The ethernet works by the way, it's just the wifi that's giving me a headache00:50
nehzahAttox: Pastebin the whole lspci I see nothing on "R8081E adapter" R8081E seems familiar but the web shows nothing.00:51
minimecAttox: I cannot find any reference for R8081E wifi adapter. Are you sure that this is the correct model name?00:52
AttoxI'll check again00:52
OerHeksAttox, does the driver menu give a driver available?00:52
ehemis there a way to check personalled added ppa repositories?00:52
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ehemsee a list of them?00:52
irleLet's fell.00:52
OerHeksehem, softwarecenter > edit > sources00:53
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Attoxhere's the pastebin00:56
YokoBRhi guys00:57
YokoBRi can't enable my gpu here... i get glxinfo  name of display: :0.0 glxinfo: ../../../../../../src/gallium/drivers/ilo/core/ilo_dev.h:75: ilo_dev_assert: Assertion `dev->gen_opaque >= min_opqaue && dev->gen_opaque <= max_opqaue' failed. Abortado (imagem do núcleo gravada)00:57
nehzah!broadcom | Attox yours is Broadcom Corporation BCM4314200:57
ubottuAttox yours is Broadcom Corporation BCM43142: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx00:57
minimecAttox: http://askubuntu.com/questions/459654/drivers-for-broadcom-bcm43142-on-ubuntu-14-04-trusty-tahr00:57
Attoxokay, thanks!00:58
YokoBRalso steam gives me SteamUpdateUI: An X Error occurred X Error of failed request:  BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)00:59
YokoBRseems i have no driver installed :(00:59
Code_Bleui was messing with ip rule and ip route ( testing some pbr ) and when it didnt work, i deleted everything, and now my default route doesnt work.  I even flushed the cache.  Any idead?01:04
matt15hey guys, is anybody familiar with xfce on chromebooks?01:07
matt15I'm just trying to get access to Java, honestly just for runescape01:07
matt15anybody here?01:08
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.01:09
OerHeksopenJDK or oracle JDK ? and what browser?01:09
matt15i'm pretty sure i downloaded openjdk, but i can't find the download or anything like that. I did the thing in the command prompt.01:10
matt15Currently on xfce I'm only using the netsurf (I'm currently on the chromeOS)01:11
OerHeksOh, not ubuntu ?01:11
matt15isn't xfce ubuntu...?01:11
Code_Bleumatt15: xfce is a desktop manager xubuntu is xfce on ubuntu01:12
Code_Bleumatt15: xfce can run on more than just ubuntu01:12
matt15well. dude i have no idea lol I just downloaded crouton and said like "sudo blahblahblah xfce4"01:13
OerHekswell, follow the guide, apt-get install does not give you a deb in your download folder, it installs directly01:13
matt15as in whatever is downloaded is just in there?01:14
matt15When I went into Netsurf it didnt recognize that I had Java on Runescape01:14
OerHeksDefault would be where your comand is pointing at. probably ~/01:14
matt15dude i dont even know commands "pointed" at something01:15
YokoBRhi guys01:17
YokoBRi lost 3D accel. after a kernel upgrade01:17
lbattagliolihello my friends!01:29
anonymous_can someone help me with me resolution??01:30
lbattagliolii may be able to01:30
anonymous_i have a laptop, and have connected a monitor, but i am not getting the right resolution01:30
lbattaglioliim looking through the settings01:30
lbattaglioliwhat kind of laptop OS?01:31
lbattaglioliare you on ubuntu?01:31
lbattagliolilet me look it up01:32
anonymous_my monitor resolution is 1950x1050 but the highest i can set it in display settings is 1024x76801:32
lbattagliolitry this article:01:33
kelvinellahello what is the program called that is pre-install in ubuntu which gives you autospell check?01:33
anonymous_thx <lbattaglioli>01:34
lbattagliolino problem, did it help?01:34
squinty!backbox | squinty01:34
ubottusquinty, please see my private message01:34
ubottuBackbox Linux is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu and is thus not supported in #ubuntu. Please use #backbox on irc.autistici.org or https://forum.backbox.org/ for help with it.01:35
anonymous_i will try it now01:35
OerHeks!info aspell01:37
ubottuaspell (source: aspell): GNU Aspell spell-checker. In component main, is optional. Version 0.60.7~20110707-1.3 (vivid), package size 81 kB, installed size 376 kB01:37
OerHeksI don't think aspell is standard01:37
razieliyoI have to say that I SOLVED MY ISSUE01:37
* razieliyo dances01:37
ubottuGlad you made it! :-)01:38
razieliyoI did the following, I just need to spit it out01:38
razieliyoso, there was something wrong with drivers and stuff... don't know really still what happens, but... well, what I finally did was a thing that may seem very dumb to you01:39
razieliyobut well, I generated a new xorg.conf file with sudo X :0 -configure01:39
razieliyothen, launched a xorg instance with X -config /path/to/generated/xorg.conf01:40
razieliyothen, export DISPLAY=:0 to set the screen that will be used01:40
razieliyoand finally, icewm to start an icewm instance01:40
razieliyoI use awesomewm but I don't plan on turning the computer off, since there are still 2 days left of work, and I wanted this now because of that01:41
razieliyoand that's it, I know nobody cares, but I wanted to shoot this at the world01:41
OerHeksrazieliyo, at least it is logged now :-)01:43
__Myst__Guys, what do I do if I don't have /usr/local/share/man/man1?01:46
Bashing-om!celebrate | razieliyo UnFalse that no one cares01:46
razieliyoOerHeks: haha I think I'm starting a blog with this annecdote01:46
YokoBRplease, i can't get mesa running... i aways get glxinfo name of display: :0.0 glxinfo: ../../../../../../src/gallium/drivers/ilo/core/ilo_dev.h:75: ilo_dev_assert: Assertion `dev->gen_opaque >= min_opqaue && dev->gen_opaque <= max_opqaue' failed.01:47
OerHeksYokoBR, on what videocard?01:48
YokoBRati hd 640001:48
YokoBROerHeks:  :) HD 6400m01:49
__Myst__Question: Can I just create /usr/local/share/man/man1 myself?01:49
__Myst__Is it a directory...?01:49
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OerHeksYokoBR, reinstall the fglrx driver from the driver menu?01:50
__Myst__I wonder if I'm shadowbanned or something01:50
__Myst__can you be shadowbanned from irc?01:50
YokoBROerHeks: It doesn't work. I wish i could use gallium again01:51
teward__Myst__: your messages are showing up here but you need patience01:51
teward(be patient and wait for a response)01:51
__Myst__teward: Eh, kinda sucks to never be answered.01:52
Bashing-om__Myst__: ls -al /usr/local/share/man/man1 >> ls: cannot access /usr/local/share/man/man1: No such file or directory01:53
Bashing-om__Myst__: So ^ Yes you can creat the direcory, but what is the end goal .01:54
__Myst__Bashing-om: I was asking what kind of file it was01:54
__Myst__Since it's used by some packages/programs for man pages.01:54
MiniFridgeI was trying to boot off a Windows Live USB on my laptop (I got it figured out now, I needed a USB 2.0 drive, apparently), but I have a concern. It put me at the BusyBox prompt, so naturally, I typed the command "exit" as you would exit Windows PowerShell or the like, but instead of exiting the CLI, it started generating things like a swap partition. I'm concerned that I may have damaged my laptop, it boots, but I'm not sure if something got01:55
MiniFridgeoverwritten or what.01:55
MiniFridgeWhere did it generate these files? The live USB or the laptop?01:55
tewardis there a way to reduce how often the system pushes things into swap?01:55
notaeonteward: yes there's a value called swappiness you can change01:56
YokoBR_after installing the fglrx driver on driver menu i get aticonfig  aticonfig: No supported adapters detected01:56
notaeonteward: here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq#What_is_swappiness_and_how_do_I_change_it.3F01:56
tewardnotaeon: thanks01:56
amnesia__Quantum: u on?01:57
Bashing-om__Myst__: Terminal command ' file /usr/local/share/man/man1 ' returns what ?02:01
__Myst__No such file or directory, Bashing-om02:02
Bashing-om__Myst__: Then as advised, that file does not exist .02:03
__Myst__Bashing-om: Obviously.02:04
__Myst__But ronn still tries to go for it02:04
Bashing-om__Myst__: Then if some app expects that file to exist, one can create an empty file that might satisfy the app's requirement .02:06
ceolloalguem do brasil02:08
__Myst__Bashing-om: I believe it's a directory?02:08
OerHeks__Myst__, the man pages are in/usr/share/man/man1/ folder02:09
notaeon!portuguese | ceollo02:14
ubottuceollo: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.02:14
YokoBRguys.. still fighting to get gallium working after kernel upgrade02:16
Bashing-omYokoBR_: "gallium" is throwing me off somewhat ( fall back grahics driver - Does ' dpkg -l xserver-xorg ' come back "ii" in the 1st column ?02:27
YokoBRstill can't enable gallium here :(02:28
YokoBR00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09) 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Seymour [Radeon HD 6400M/7400M Series] (rev ff)02:29
YokoBRthose are my vga02:29
Bashing-omYokoBR: Hybrid grahics. Not much expereince with Intel/ATI graphics sets. Seems I recall that CCSM is required .02:30
Xubuntududehello all02:35
Xubuntududewhat is the easiest way to install fonts in Xubuntu?02:35
Bashing-omYokoBR: Does https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/AMD apply ? see 4.2. Manually installing Catalyst 13.4, special case for Intel/AMD hybrid graphics .02:35
prosodyContextHow do I see which partition is scsi #¹²02:36
hero100after install arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc-4.7, there is a file /usr/bin/arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc-4.7, how to generate soft link arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc automatically?02:39
hero100some package management methods ?02:40
Bashing-om!symlink | hero10002:43
ubottuhero100: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal02:43
rocki need help removing i2p from ubuntu02:43
Bashing-omhero100: Ummmm .. ^^ not as expected, one can creat a symbolic (soft)link to point between target and destination .02:44
hero100Bashing-om, I know symlink / soft link /hard link, there are multiple file need to set, how to do this fast02:46
Redfoxieanyone here work with ubuntu servers?02:46
Bashing-omhero100: None that I know of .02:47
Redfoxieok thank you02:47
hero100thanks anyway02:47
notaeonRedfoxie: there is a #ubuntu-server channel02:51
Redfoxiei was just looking through the channels for that thank you02:52
adexterHello, This might be something of a silly newbie question, but I was connected to a projector and disconnected the cable and ubuntu doesn't automatically switch back to the laptop screen. How can I set it so it automatically switches to the laptop screen when I unplug the projector?02:52
nehzahadexter: Is there a dismount?02:53
adexterMy solution so far has been to go to ctrl alt f7 and hit Fn-f8 so the monitor display comes up02:53
adexterit's just a vga cable02:53
adexterI don't think so, I just use the Fn-f8 menu to select output monitor02:53
adexterWhen the "Select output" menu comes up (hidden by a blank screen), I hit spacebar to change it back to the normal monitor02:54
adexterThis works sometimes but not always, and in those cases I just power off my computer and it auto-detects there's no monitor02:55
adexterI would really rather not do that.02:55
adexterA better formulation: what command can I enter from a TTY that will auto-detect monitors?02:56
adexterI would rather not lecture my girlfriend on how to use my laptop correctly and instead have it just autodetect that there's no more vga cable connected.03:00
adexter_Hello, This might be something of a silly newbie question, but I was connected to a projector and disconnected the cable and ubuntu doesn't automatically switch back to the laptop screen. How can I set it so it automatically switches to the laptop screen when I unplug the projector?03:00
citywidei need help removing i2p from ubuntu03:05
adexterablest1980: How did you install it?03:07
ablest1980install what?03:08
citywideanyone know  how to complete remove i2p /?03:09
adexterI assume you installed at least something, no?03:09
ablest1980i use software center03:10
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notaeoncitywide: how did you isntall it?03:11
citywidefollowed the geti2p.org website    but it dosent say how to uninstall03:12
jeeves_mosshow do I add a sub interface to my NIC and specify the VLAN it's on?03:14
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RadarI have a server in the EU region and `curl mirrors.ubuntu.com/mirrors.txt` returns (amongst plenty of others): http://ftp.rz.tu-bs.de/pub/mirror/ubuntu-packages/03:17
RadarThat address is currently timing out for me in EU and AU (where I am based) and so `apt-get update` is failing03:18
RadarHow do I explicitly tell Ubuntu to avoid that server?03:18
notaeonRadar: in the mirror list prepend the url with a # to comment it out of the mirror list, it won't be read anymore03:19
Radarnotaeon: is the mirror list stored anywhere?03:20
Radarnotaeon: It looks like this is pulling it from mirrors.ubuntu.com/mirrors.txt03:20
YokoBR:'( still can't enable gallium on thin %@#$ laptop03:20
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YokoBRi've tryied sudo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg-core libgl1-mesa-glx:i386 libgl1-mesa-dri:i386 libgl1-mesa-glx:amd64 libgl1-mesa-dri:amd6403:22
YokoBRbut didn't work :(03:22
notaeonRadar: some reading http://askubuntu.com/questions/319433/making-mirror-mirrors-ubuntu-com-highly-available03:23
Bashing-omYokoBR: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/AMD ; did you purge and (re-)install the grahics driver for your chip sets Intel/ATI ?03:26
transjogjaubuntu indonesia ada ?03:26
ubottujoin ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia03:34
MiniFridgeGoodnight, thanks anyways03:37
jsnowballhey there. someone wants to help me 2 minutes to test something? it's a game and it's pretty fun :) i need to check if the back-end work and I can't from my computer right now...03:47
salvumHey yall, I have a Lenovo T520 with Optimus on a NVS 4200m I would like to use it with dual monitors and i have gone through a few steps already but running into one last issue. I disabled optimus in the bios and have the dedicated card only running and disabled OS checking for it, I then installed the nvidia 331 drivers on the laptop which got me to get both screens to work but only in mirrored mode. If i03:49
salvumchange drivers up or down even one version the second screen does not come on. anyone know of a way to make the duel screens work in extended monitor mode?03:50
salvumAnother note is that when the laptop is logged out it will work with no issue03:56
grinchiersalvum: maybe this will help http://askubuntu.com/questions/91221/how-to-tell-xubuntu-not-to-clone-but-to-expand-the-laptop-display-to-the-externa03:57
bojanWhy grtting error while updating http://paste.ubuntu.com/11797021/ ??\03:58
salvumthanks grinchier03:58
xanguabojan: open software centre, edit menu, sources, first tab, disable CD source03:59
bojanxangua:This is in another root..am having two root ..I cant access software centre in that only command line04:00
dadisbojan, https://duckduckgo.com/?q=edit+apt+sources04:02
bojandadis:This is not looking like solution...Confusing04:04
jsnowballsomeone has a minute to help me test an online game? i can't from my current setup and I just need to know if it's online...it's on gamejolt04:06
locksmith2How do I make Google Maps sound like The Terminator?04:09
OsmodivsHello. I compiled Blender and have it in a folder in /Public, I now have Blender in the /menu/graphics, and everytime I open it it opens a Terminal window, but it opens a tiny little ugly pixelated LXTerminal, instead of my MATE, terminal, How do I change that?04:15
bojanI have corrupted my sources.list and sources.list.d...Is there any possibilities to update that as new??04:16
bojanI am getting this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/11797080/ ??04:20
jak2000http://pastie.org/10265431   <--- line8 this hard disk of 4tb formated with mkfs ext4 i want repartitioning (create 4 partitions 1tb each one) how do this? andof course mount each partition in /etc/fstab file how do it?04:22
nicekiwiwhen I run "ls -al" the format i get is: -rw-r--r--  1 root root  226 Jun 30 16:2404:26
nicekiwiwhat does the number 226 mean?04:26
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Ben64nicekiwi: size04:33
jak2000Ben64 and for me?04:33
MACscrmy syslog is showing a lot of ntpd entries and it appears to be listening on all interfaces. 1) If its just an ntp client, it shouldnt be listening at all, right? Shouldnt it be just be checking a remote server? listen sounds like its listening to take requests from other clients. Am i right?04:33
nicekiwiBen64, in bytes i asssume :)04:34
Ben64nicekiwi: yep04:34
nicekiwicool :)04:34
doctorly_I have a asus usb-n13, I just did a fresh install of 14.04 lts, I had internet in and out for a little bit and now I have none. I followed the steps outlined here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/168627/connecting-asus-usb-n13-wireless-adapter. and downloaded the driver here: http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads/downloadsView.aspx?Langid=1&PNid=21&PFid=48&Level=5&Conn=4&DownTypeID=3&GetDown=false&Downloads=true. BUT I have no internet to do04:36
doctorly_Also I downloaded the driver, but I can't install it as I don't know how to compile it from source.04:37
doctorly_Especially without the tools in the guide.04:37
bojanI am getting this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/11797080/04:38
doctorly_also, I didn't state that this is a wireless card problem, the usb-n13 is a wireless card.04:38
joshua__I'm looking for some help enabling ssh on Linux mint. Suggestions for a channel to join to ask this question?04:39
xangua!mint | joshua__04:41
ubottujoshua__: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org04:41
joshua__@ubottu: ok, actually I was just joining that as you mentioned it. thanks04:43
doctorly_Can you guys here me, or am I muted04:45
doctorly_just checking04:45
gunndawgi cannot hear you, though I see your text/chat04:47
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jak2000Ben64 its ok? http://pastie.org/1026544904:51
jak2000i patitioned my HDD4tb04:51
doctorly_gunndawg: Hear has other definitions, I used a very popular one.04:52
pragomersomeone could help me understanding and creating an own udev-rule?05:12
tiblockHi. I use ubuntu 14.04 and mine load average is very high, from 0.5 to 1.7 but there is only little node.js app running, and htop says 0% cpu, but sometimes CPU load jumps to ~80% but top process using only 0.7% CPU http://i.imgur.com/WVWarS3.png05:19
tiblockI don't understand what is happening, why LA so high? And what is using CPU?05:19
tiblockoh, now LA is 2.08 -_-05:21
ubuntu996tiblock: I would install htop, I thinks it's easier to navigate.05:21
tiblockubuntu996, it is htop05:21
ubuntu996ah my mistake, use the down key to look through all the info05:22
tiblockubuntu996, i sorted processes by CPU usage, top1 process using only 0.7% CPU05:23
ubuntu996not sure myself05:23
aj1114I have a laptop on which I've installed php + mysql, now I'd like to be able to connect to it's /var/www/html from other devices/computers using it's ip (I guess this is the simplest thing) but it doesn't return anything I should open port 80 or something else?05:23
tiblockubuntu996, there load spikes happening like once in 7 seconds, other time is this - https://i.imgur.com/Rd7TpqA.png05:24
tiblockubuntu996, 0.7% CPU and very high LA05:24
tiblockaj1114, did you installed apache?05:24
aj1114tiblock: yup, the server works fine on localhost, I have been able to run some wordpress sites..05:25
NerdkingGot some questions about ubuntu05:26
tiblockaj1114, do you know about "NAT" and "port forwarding"? Did you checked that?05:26
Bray90820Any web developers on here that can test out a page it seems to only be messing up on ubuntu05:27
ojikhallo test05:33
aj1114tiblock: sorry for the slow reply, thank you for your help, I've guessed that I need to forward the port but I haven't done this before and didn't knew if that was the correct step, I have no idea what NAT is .. what would be the next step? search  about NAT? or I can just search a step by step how to about port forwarding?05:34
tiblockaj1114, let's not flood in main channel, check private message05:34
AppAraathi everyone, I'm in a bit of a pickle... I just freshly installed 14.04 netinstall, but I'm now in a situation where I don't have an Ethernet cable to connect to the router. However, I do know the wifi password. Is there any method of connecting to the wifi on a fresh install? I'd install wicd-cli or wicd-curses but ehm... I don't have an Internet connection :p05:39
=== scx_ is now known as scx
tiblockAppAraat, i'm not sure about ubuntu, run "which wpa_supplicant". Is it showing anything?05:40
AppAraattiblock: ah yep it does. Last time I checked it was a pretty involved process of connecting to the wifi using wpa_supplicant, but I'll check out a tutorial.05:43
tiblockAppAraat, yeah, check tutorial. I don't remember how to do it too.05:43
jak2000anyone know how to add a user in samba?05:45
TheC4melWithin (any kind of DAW, particularly Ardour), is there a way to channel certain instruments to their own tracks as you record them, instead of them all being merged into one track as you record?05:49
ubuntu996TheC4mel: YOu familar with the #opensourcemusians channel05:51
ubuntu996#opensourcemusician.com  sorry05:52
ubuntu996err no com05:52
ImJune_lel, until now no io support for my touchpad on my laptop05:52
ImJune_windows and BSD support it however05:53
ImJune_why is linux so fail?05:53
michael_phas anyone had probs with 21906:00
michael_pin 15:0406:00
AppAraatwhat on earth. "Operation not possible due to RF-kill" ... I don't have a wifi hardware switch. Instead I have that blue wifi Fn logo on F2 (which is supposed to be (de)activated when pressing Fn+F2).06:16
AppAraatI pressed it but it's still RF-kill.06:16
AppAraatwhat's more weird is that during install of 14.04 netinstall I could connect using wifi.06:16
netametaHow can i move entire directories content to another ?06:21
BayesianBoojumnetama: mv my_dir/* other_dir/06:22
Sunson_anyone worked with lmms?06:29
Sunson_I'm new to ubuntu06:29
michael_pi am trying to get mine bug free06:29
Rene_xwelcome to Ubuntu then Sunson :)06:33
Sunson_michael_p how do i recognize bugs? might be what i'm going through...06:37
michael_pstarting service 21906:37
jezenielis the leap second being handled by newer kernel version?06:37
Sunson_Rene_x thanks for the welcome!06:37
Rene_xI'm about to wipe ubuntu 12 lts 32 bit and install ubuntu 14 lts 64 bit, I currently have a 6 GB swap file, i got the idea the swap is not used much, what would you all recommend for the swap drive size for ubuntu 14 ?06:37
Rene_xnp sunson :)06:38
michael_prunning kubuntu 15:0406:38
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hateballRene_x: swap has nothing to do with your distro version, but rather how much RAM you have and if you intend to use suspend at all06:43
Rene_xyeh i don't use hibernation, i read for that u need 1x to 2x the ram size, i got 12 gb ram atm with a 6 gig swap06:45
TJ-Rene_x: generally, 1.2x RAM is sufficient for hibernation06:46
Rene_xI guess i best leave the swap size as it is,i guess it's not used much but I don't also really need to gain 4 or 5 extra gig on the harddrive06:48
TJ-Rene_x: I find S3 sleep (suspend-to-RAM) is all I ever need06:50
Rene_xi have never used hibernation or suspend to ram, as i'm normaly not working on big projects where i wnt to leave everything open, i'm used to closing down everything06:51
Rene_xbooting from ssd is fast enough06:51
michael_pif i installed ubuntu would i get the same error06:52
TJ-Rene_x: I tend to have a lot going on and want to maintain context so S3 is very useful06:52
Rene_xyeh i can imagine06:52
Rene_x<michael_p> what error ?06:53
michael_pstarting service 21906:53
AppAraatI want to share my wifi connection of machine A through an ethernet cable to my offline machine B. What tutorials can I look up for that?06:54
Rene_x<michael_p> ah sorry i don't know what that is/means06:54
michael_pthe bug starting service 21906:54
netametaI am doing sudo apt-get install mysql-server-5.6 and i am getting : E: Unable to locate package mysql-server5.606:55
netametaE: Couldn't find any package by regex 'mysql-server5.6'06:55
netametaAnyone knows why ?06:56
Rene_x<AppAraat> machine A would need to be setup as a proxy server to redirect the traffic to machine b i think06:56
locksmith2weechat > irssi IMgo06:59
Name141How long is it before the next LTS ?07:00
explodesWhy does interop between mac os x drives and ubuntu suck so bad07:03
explodesThis "Time Machine" disk mounts as read-only for some reason07:03
Rene_xwhat is the currently preferred/most secure encryption algorithm used for full disk/swap encryption, out of the box when i go install ubuntu ?07:03
explodesIf I format it HFS+ w/ gparted, the Mac doesn't recognize the disk07:03
Rene_xubuntu 14*07:04
Rene_xi'm reading i should use : dm-crypt or LUKS or cryptsetup they are all equaly good ?07:05
locksmith2for full disk?07:05
Rene_xokay i go with that :) thanks07:05
locksmith2thats what Ubuntu does by default in its installer07:06
Rene_xokay :)07:06
locksmith2but if ur encrypting just a folder, CryptFS07:06
TJ-Rene_x: all the same thing :)07:06
Rene_xyeh i'm just preparing stuff, and gethering documentations before wiping the disk and installing07:06
locksmith2just remember, all encryption is crackable07:06
Rene_xah lol tj07:06
Rene_xtrue, they can still crap up my grub07:07
TJ-Rene_x: dm_crypt is the underlying encryption device. LUKS is a protocol/format for managing the keys used by dm_crypt; cryptsetup is the userspace tool for managing the encrypted devices07:07
AppAraatRene_x: I've heard recent grub can be encrypted as well.07:07
locksmith2and if you do full disk, and just 1 bit is off, the whole disk is off07:07
locksmith2I mean wrong07:07
TJ-Rene_x: You can encrypt GRUB's /boot/ file-system too... I've been doing that for a couple years now07:08
explodeswhat the fuuuuck m807:08
Rene_xi'm sort of worried atm that it's too easy to get in to linux from windows, if it's not encrypted, as i'm unsure how easy it would be to read/write to ext4 from windows07:08
Rene_xow is that in the install also or does that require extra steps tj ?07:08
explodesThis HFS+ will not remount as rw, it says "Read-only file system" - what am I missing here?07:08
locksmith2explodes: HFS is only read07:08
locksmith2I believe ....07:09
locksmith2no support for writing is coded07:09
locksmith2could be wron07:09
locksmith2wrong... but I run  ubuntu on macbook pro07:09
explodesAh, you're right: "You need to turn off the journaling if you want to write to it from Ubuntu. Ubuntu only has support for writing to non-journaled HFS+ volumes."07:10
locksmith2I wanted to share  a partition with osx .. couldnt07:10
TJ-Rene_x: It's a long time since I played with the installers, I usually pre-configure the volumes/partitioning myself then point the installer to the locations. But, on the GRUB issue, if you encrypt the /boot/ file-system then all you need to do is add "GRUB_ENABLE_CRYPTODISK=y" to "/etc/default/grub" and GRUB will do what is needed. If you go that route the encrypted fie-system must have a typable passphrase (you can't currently use a key-file to unlock GRUB)07:10
explodesOSX's Disk Utility can only make journaled partitions07:10
pezus1hi. is there a way to force non-efi installation via ubuntu? i try to install 15.04 via usb-stick on a dell notebook which is running in legacy mode (no uefi) but when booting the boot menu says it boots the stick via efi so ubuntu installs via efi. but after reboot it says "invalid partition table"07:10
explodesGparted can make HFS+, I'd assume it isn't journalled at taht point... but OSX complains about the drive07:11
Name141I'm guessing I probably might as well install the LTS version of *buntu if I don't want to be bothered for a while ?07:11
locksmith2pezus1: get the NON-efi ISO07:11
locksmith2get the non-efi installer07:11
Rene_xTJ- so what i need to do, is install ubuntu 14 normaly with full disk/swap encryption, and then after it's installed add "GRUB_ENABLE_CRYPTODISK=y" to "/etc/default/grub" ?07:11
TJ-pezus1: When you boot you'd need to select the legacy boot option of the installer ISO. Most UEFI systems will list the device the installer is on twice, once for UEFI and again for Legacy BIOS boot07:12
explodeslocksmith2: "in disk-utility select the partition, hold "OPTION" and Click the File menu, select the disable-journaling option" ecks dee ecks dee07:13
Rene_x<Name141> yes if you don't want to re-install every year go for the latest LTS version with 5 years support07:13
locksmith2explodes: I dont use osx anymore07:14
locksmith2cant stand the "smooth" fonts07:14
explodesAt home, my osx is just for music stuff07:15
TJ-Rene_x: During installation you'd need to pause after creating a partition for the /boot/ file-system, use a terminal, and use "cryptsetup luksFormat ..." to apply encryption to the /boot/ partition, then unlock it with "cryptsetup luksOpen ... LUKS_boot" put a file-system on it then return to the installer and point it to the LUKS_boot device. I think sometimes you have to force the installer to *refresh* its knowledge of the partitioning after you do that by dro07:15
TJ-pping back 1 step and then re-entering manual partitioning07:15
Rene_xi will try out osx as son as i canbuild my own apple pc from parts :P07:15
locksmith2WHat I think is cool thought is that FreeBSD comes with a EFI bootloader now07:15
explodesRene_x: so never?07:15
locksmith2which is awesome and what Linux should do07:15
TJ-locksmith2: Linux has been able to directly boot from UEFI for a while now07:16
Rene_x<explodes>: i guess xD07:16
TJ-locksmith2: And Intel have done some work to enable the kernel to direct-boot on BIOS/MBR too07:16
Rene_x<TJ-> okay so , i need to do this from a terminal and not use the standard route07:16
locksmith2yeah I don't care much anymore but freebsd booted up like a champ on my macbook pro in EFI.. but Ubuntu it took me 2 nights to install in EGI07:17
locksmith2EFI *07:17
TJ-Rene_x: Correct... the installer is for the mass requirements... it always lags behind on things like this because it is a VERY complex codebase that has to cope with masses of variables07:17
locksmith2well, freebsd had the correct video drivers at least...07:18
locksmith2in efi mode07:18
locksmith2I even installed OpenBSD with X11 on my macbook pro07:19
TJ-locksmith2: I think that's more an issue of the Macbook, last time I looked it required some special steps to install cleanly. Regular IBM-PC style UEFI installs are no different to MBR installs07:19
locksmith2but I couldnt get anything else to work... especially the video drivers07:19
TJ-locksmith2: Not surprising when Apple based their OS on the BSDs07:19
locksmith2Well you basically have to use something called ... reFIT07:20
TJ-locksmith2: Indeed, because the Apple EFI implementation isn't UEFI and is locked down to Apple specific requirements07:20
locksmith2http://www.rodsbooks.com/refind/ I mean ... rEFInd07:20
locksmith2AND you need osx first to install refind07:21
locksmith2then you can boot into the installer in efi mode07:21
explodesnautilus really shits the bed in a lot of edge cases, what's a good window manager that isn't (IMHO) ugly like gnome or kde?07:21
Rene_xTJ-  thanks for the crypt info, good that I asked here, or I would not have attempted to encrypt grub :)07:21
locksmith2what I would love is BitLocker on a macbook07:21
locksmith2not  that07:22
locksmith2UEFI secure boot!07:23
locksmith2that would be great07:23
locksmith2because then its hardware locked bootloader07:23
locksmith2cant override the bootloader07:23
locksmith2well it has to be signed07:23
locksmith2by a  hardware manufacurer07:24
pezus1alright, thanks guys!07:24
Amm0n+ infected OS can manipulate the firmware of your bios.. even remotly.. what a security improvement.. lol07:25
explodesla /media/evan07:26
AppAraatwhat are you testing locksmith2 ?07:29
locksmith2irc client07:30
Trinityhi, can someone explain to me what ls -l prints out?07:33
Trinityi know drwxrwxrwx portion07:33
Trinitybut right after theres some numbers07:33
Trinityranging from 1-20007:33
Trinitywhat do those mean?07:33
Trinityranging from 1-11707:33
locksmith2File size07:33
locksmith2try this command: ls -alh07:34
Trinityhow many files are in there07:34
Trinitylocksmith2, ooooh07:34
Trinityi like that command :D thanks07:34
locksmith2ls | wc -l07:35
locksmith2thats how many files07:35
locksmith2ls -l | wx -l07:35
=== salvum is now known as salvum_away
locksmith2anyone else from the bay area?07:36
Trinitylocksmith2, I think ls -hal07:37
Trinityis a good one :)07:37
Trinitygood mnemonic haha07:37
locksmith2I like -alh07:37
micalmTrinity: I can't let you do that07:37
Rene_xi'm from the netherlands :') sorry07:37
daedelothMy ubuntu 15.04 setup can't seem to detect the company wifi signal, but I can connect to other wifi networks just fine07:38
daedelothbeen googling for a while, but no idea what's goingon07:38
Rene_x<daedeloth> maybe two wifi signals are on the same channel ?07:39
daedelothmy colleagues can connect just fine07:40
Trinitydaedeloth, cant connect or can't detect?07:40
daedelothcan't detect07:40
Trinitymaybe it's out of range07:41
daedelothI can see other wifi networks07:41
Trinitycheck with your phone07:41
daedelothphone is connected07:41
Trinitysame hardware?07:41
daedelothno my phone is a phone :p07:41
Trinityyour ubuntu and your colleagues?07:41
daedelothah, no, everyone is on macbooks here07:42
Rene_x<daedeloth> can't you use a cable for the install temporarily, maybe it's easier to debug after installation ?07:42
daedelothah no it's installed07:42
daedelothI just can't connect07:42
b0nnHi all, I'm having some serious issues with udev. I can't write to a usb device unless I'm root, no matter what I set my udev rule to07:42
b0nn $ cat /etc/udev/rules.d/41-usb-weather-device.rules07:42
b0nnSUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="1941", ATTR{idProduct}=="8021", MODE="666"07:42
Trinitymaybe different frequencies or something07:42
explodesdaedeloth:  doubt it's an issue, but are you using network-manager or wicd?07:43
explodeswith my particular network adapter, i had to switch to wicd07:44
daedelothairplane mode seems to be on though07:44
daedelothwhich is strange, since I'm connected to phone right now07:44
locksmith2try changing the wifi router channel07:44
locksmith2but u probly cant07:44
locksmith2try setting the ISO standards from Europe to North America07:45
=== bebe is now known as Guest25531
=== Guest25531 is now known as b1be05
locksmith2^^ also would be in the Wifi hub settings07:45
locksmith2theres like a Euorope/US mode that wifi routers have07:46
daedelothlocksmith2, afraid I only have access to my client side here :p07:46
Rene_xEU has more restricted Frequencies i think07:46
Rene_xthen usa07:46
Rene_xless frequency channels in eu i mean07:47
locksmith2U might have to install with a wire, and then update the Wifi driver07:47
locksmith2after u install update the wifi driver07:47
Rene_xthanks all for the help & tips, going off to test the boot dvd , cya all on the other side ;) o/07:48
daedeloththe stranges thing is that airplane mode sign is on07:49
daedelothmaybe the wifi chip doesn't get enough power then or something07:49
explodesbye Rene_x07:49
Amm0ndaedeloth, maybe your wifi chipset isn't fully supported. See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported07:55
Amm0nand: http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/07:56
JohnDHi.  I have a problem with, ironically, the current general topic.  I'm having troubles getting my USB wifi adapter working with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.  The adapter is  the SMC EZ Connect g (SMC2862W-G).07:56
JohnDI followed the instructions at https://wiki.debian.org/prism54 but the wlan0 interface does not seem to be listed07:56
Amm0ndaedeloth, and JohnD: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessTroubleShootingGuide07:57
locksmith2i was thinking freebsd again :s07:58
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=== test is now known as Guest31617
meandrainhi. what is the best approach to iptables rules? Where should I add them so those rules are loaded when system start?08:06
Amm0nJohnD, all i can find is that your hardware is not supported out of the box: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1773593 and http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/saucy/man4/upgt.4freebsd.html08:09
BlueSharkHow can I check if I'm indeed using Google DNS?08:11
DoYouKnowhow do I view my wifi connected rate?08:11
Amm0nmeandrain, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo or have a look at ufw: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW08:11
meandrainAmm0n: thanx08:12
kayla2does anyone know how to get fn keys to work?08:20
kayla2like dim screen adjust volume ect? if they have those functions08:20
bojanCan anyone tell me how to configure joomla on ubuntu 14.04??08:28
OnkelTemHi all. Is anybody using an external monitor which is connected via USB (DisplayLink)?08:29
OnkelTemhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/529048/how-to-setup-asus-mb168b-usb-monitor-in-linux-mint - this looks like a non-negotiable NO08:29
cfhowlett!joomla | OnkelTem08:29
ubottuOnkelTem: joomla information can be had here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Joomla08:29
OnkelTemcfhowlett: missed!08:30
fotoflohello all.  I am running a production webserver on Ubuntu Server. How do i set the envirnment variables for sudo?08:39
TJ-OnkelTem: Interesting :) do you have a pastebin of "/var/log/dmesg" and "lsusb" report ?08:40
TJ-fotoflo: "man sudo"08:41
OnkelTemTJ-: no, I haven't purchased it yet. Reading this thread now: http://support.displaylink.com/forums/287786-displaylink-feature-suggestions/suggestions/7988955-support-linux-on-all-your-devices . Please vote if you care :)08:41
TJ-OnkelTem: We have DisplayLink support but it depends on the particular chipset, just as with WiFi and other technologies08:42
Samurairmhi gm08:42
OnkelTemTJ-: from their website FAQ it follows that they support only 1x series of drivers, while modern devices (like from ASUS) using 3x and 5x series of chips (or something like that)08:43
fotofloTJ-:  I used -E and launched my server… *this worked* but it seems like a bad practice08:43
OnkelTemTJ-: 1x series of chipset*08:43
fotoflofor a produciton server08:43
Samurairmi install browesr qtweb on my xubuntu 14.0408:44
Samurairmbut when install non pacages08:44
Samurairmi have installed ppa08:44
Samurairmsudo apt-add-repository ppa:nathan-renniewaldock/ppa08:45
Samurairmand uptade08:45
Samurairmafter sudo pat-get install qtweb08:45
TJ-fotoflo: From "man sudo": "Environment variables to be set for the command may also be passed on the command line in the form of VAR=value, e.g. LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/pkg/lib.  Variables passed on the command line are subject to restrictions ..."08:48
OnkelTemTJ-: this seems to be the most requent "idea": http://support.displaylink.com/forums/287786-displaylink-feature-suggestions/filters/top08:48
Samurairmbecause impossibile trovare il paccheto qtweb??08:49
Samurairmhel p me08:49
fotofloTJ- thanks. do you think that’s the best practice?  Put the launch command in a script and run it like that?08:49
k1l!it | Samurairm08:49
ubottuSamurairm: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)08:49
OnkelTemif only I had a magic wand to send ass pain to slackers, I would rain down my damnation to Canon and DisplayLink team08:49
Samurairmim banned08:49
Samurairmbecause my childre08:49
Samurairmchildren write08:49
Samurairmbecause banned from 1 years08:49
Samurairmhel pme08:50
k1lwhat ubuntu are you on?08:50
TJ-OnkelTem: The thing is, the in-kernel UDL driver is being continuously updated but I don't see contributing authors from DisplayLink identified there, so I'd say the in-kernel support is not dependent on the USB standard. Maybe that DisplayLink comment is about their own proprietary drivers08:50
OnkelTemTJ-: Sure it is opensource. The exact quote from the FAQ: An open source driver is available, for DL-1x5 devices which is now built into the Linux kernel. Linux support for DL-3x00 or DL-41xx is not currently available.08:51
TJ-fotoflo: That's the usual way but best to check with the people more focused on server issues in #ubuntu-server. Usually server services/applications are started by the init system which runs as root08:52
OnkelTemTJ-: so there is some proprietary binary stuff in there :(08:52
fotofloTJ-:  thanks, that makes sense08:52
TJ-OnkelTem: point me to that? Because I'm looking at the source code in-kernel right now08:52
OnkelTemTJ-: http://www.displaylink.com/for-business/common_questions.php08:53
TJ-OnkelTem: The reason I find it strange is that the particular USB protocol (v1, v2 v3) buses are separate from the devices that use the bus, so in theory there's no reason UDL won't operate with a USB3 bus device08:53
Samurairmbecause im banned from one years on ubuntu-it08:54
Samurairmadmin helpe08:54
k1l<k1l> what ubuntu are you on?08:55
bazhangSamurairm, thats not on topic here, contant the ops of that channel08:55
k1lSamurairm: and like we told you all the time: talk to the ops of that channel.08:55
Samurairmok ty08:55
bazhangSamurairm, STOP asking here08:55
BertalanImiGood day Everyone! :)08:55
Samurairmstop stop08:56
Samurairmone years08:57
TJ-OnkelTem: you may find this interesting: http://lxr.free-electrons.com/source/drivers/gpu/drm/udl/udl_drv.c#L10308:57
BertalanImiph, wao. It is killing time here?08:57
bazhangBertalanImi, #ubuntu-offtopic for chat08:58
TJ-OnkelTem: the implication of that comment is simply adding additional entries to 'id_table' with the required bInterfaceSubClass  and .bInterfaceProtocol would at least begin to support the newer devices08:59
BertalanImiWhy was he banned? Just so I won't make the same mistake. :D09:00
k1l!guidelines | BertalanImi09:00
ubottuBertalanImi: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines09:00
BertalanImiI see :D09:02
BertalanImiand what if someone asks an offtopic question (that is not ubuntu, but linux related) ? :P Not planing to, just asking :D09:02
k1lBertalanImi: sometimes the person gets directed to the specialised channel or to the offtopic channel, or ##linux . we try to keep this channel clear for support of ubuntu.09:04
BertalanImiI see. :) Glad I'M not so noobish now with it, tho I have to use Fedora and CentOS nowdays09:05
BertalanImibut it is good to have my ubuntu at home :D09:05
SamurairmImpossibile entrare in #ubuntu-it (Sei bannato).09:07
blzHello, I'm trying to resize my root partition online using resize2fs.  `sudo df -h` reports that the partition has the following characteristics:  /dev/sdb1       9.3G  6.5G  2.4G  74% /   However, when I run `sudo resize2fs /dev/sdb1 14G`, I get the following output:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/11797940/09:14
blzWhat am I doing wrong?09:15
=== marcos is now known as Guest75465
TJ-blz: you cannot make a file-system larger than the partition it is contained in09:16
blzTJ-: Yes, that makes sense, but I'm trying to resize both the partition and the filesystem to 14GB09:17
=== Guest75465 is now known as mgm_cabrito
blzTJ-: the googles seem to suggest that resize2fs is the way to go09:17
TJ-blz: you'll need to resize the partition first, tell the kernel to rescan the partition table, *then* resize the file-system09:17
TJ-blz: the partition can only be resized if there is free space immediately following it09:18
MonkeyDustblz  i guess you need LVM partitioning to do what you want09:18
blzTJ-: yes, that's the case.09:18
blzMonkeyDust: from the cursory reading i've been doing, it seems as though growing partitions can be done online as of kernel 2.609:18
blzTJ-: what can I use to grow the partition, bearing in mind that this is being done online?09:19
TJ-blz: Is there some reason you need to expand the root file-system, other than to use up spare space on the disk?09:19
blzTJ-: yes, I'm running out of space09:19
TJ-blz: use any partitioning tool that'll support changing the size... the partition table is only 64 bytes (16 bytes per partition) for MBR (128 bytes per partition on GPT), and simply stores the starting offset and ending offset09:20
blzTJ-: so fdisk, then?09:20
TJ-blz: An alternative is to use a separate file system for a sub-section of the root space; for example I have a separate FS for /var/ and additional FSes for /var/cache/ amongst others09:21
blzTJ-: I think I'd rather just attempt to grow the whole thing.  It's nothing insanely critical, so if I break it, I break it :)09:22
TJ-blz: I generally allocate ~8GB for the core root FS, and then use additional growable FSes for various mount points, and I use LVM for everything which makes allocating more/less space trivially easy09:22
blzTJ-: hm I guess I could do that09:22
TJ-blz: I think fdisk has avanced-menu options to resize... if not, simply delete the partition and recreate it at the same starting sector and accept the default size and it'll use all free space up to the next partition, set the type the same, and you're done09:23
hadifarnoudthis bash script with sed work but I want  '<script language="javascript" instead. how can I skip ' in sed?09:24
TJ-blz:  then tell the kernel with "sudo partprobe" or "sudo kpartx -a /dev/sdb" (depending on which tool you have available), then you can do "sudo resize2fs /dev/sdb1" and it'll automatically use up all the spare space in the partition09:24
hadifarnoudmaybe I can start sed with another character instead of ' ?09:24
TJ-hadifarnoud: escape-it within the sed expression with \'09:25
blzTJ-: this is my root partition so I can't really delete/recreate it.  I don't see anything pertaining to resizing in the fdisk advanced menu, either :/09:25
hadifarnoudTJ-:the problem is line 8. it should be like '<script language="javascript" src="http://camva.ir/assets/js/overhead.js"></script></body>'09:26
auronandace|workblz: when editing partitions it is usually best to do it from live media09:27
TJ-blz:  yes you can. All deleting does is blank the 16 bytes representing the partition location... you then immediately create a New partition, same starting sector, and accept the default size, set the type, and then check the table with "p" (print) to be sure its correct, then write it09:27
hadifarnoudit doesn't work when I try \'<script language="javascript" src="http://camva.ir/assets/js/overhead.js"></script></body>\'09:27
blzauronandace|work: that's not an option, unfortunately09:27
blzTJ-: ah ok, I didn't know that.  I'll give it a whirl09:27
TJ-blz: whilst you're inside fdisk it only edits its in-memory copy of the partition table... if you don't like what you've done Quit out and it won't change anything on disk09:28
blzTJ-: gotcha. cool!09:28
mgolischblz: why not?09:29
blzmgolisch: no access to the machine, presently09:29
mgolischoh i see09:29
mgolischipmi ftw09:29
blzTJ-: It seems to have worked, but I'd appreciate it if you could just double-check the output before I reboot:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/11798051/09:32
blzI suspect the zram errors aren't a big deal09:32
TJ-blz can you pastebin both "fdisk -l /dev/sdb" and "cat /proc/partitions" ?09:33
blzTJ-: fdisk:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/11798055/  and  /proc/partitions:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/11798057/09:34
TJ-blz: they match, that's fine. You don't need to do anything else (no reboot required for this)09:35
blzTJ-: wonderful, thank you!09:36
blzTJ-: one last question:  how would I assign /dev/sdb2 (just created it earlier) as swap?09:36
blzscratch that, google's got the answer09:37
blzTJ-: thanks again, you've been extremely helpful!09:37
TJ-blz: "sudo mkswap /dev/sdb2 && sudo swapon /dev/sdb2" - use "-d" option to swapon if the device is SSD09:37
blzah, even simpler!09:38
=== Malsasa_ is now known as Malsasa
TJ-blz: If you want it as permanent swap from boot you'll also need an entry in "/etc/fstab"09:38
hadifarnoudTJ-:I updated it https://gist.github.com/hadifarnoud/bb3d831735c8e074fe75 it now works but sed put everything in one line. how can I fix this?09:38
blzcool, and the -d flag is just for swapon? or also for mkswap?09:38
TJ-blz: for swapon ... see "man mkswap" and "man swapon" for details09:39
blzgot it, thanks!09:39
TJ-blz: ubuntu usually sets up the swap partition as encrypted and then uses the encrypted device-mapper device, but I'm not sure if there's a system tool to automate that process - usually its the installer that does that stuff09:41
thebrushhello may I create in ubuntu a protocol to open a client script, like http://, in my case: foo://  ?09:42
thebrushin windows It work adding an HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT in regedit09:43
mcpartyGood morning/afternoon, Has anyone had an issue with rsyslog not reporting the hostname of the reporting device?09:47
mon23c_    /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER mon23c zwtpgepqzwmh09:49
mon23c_    /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER mon23c zwtpgepqzwmh09:49
mcpartyA tcpdukm shows the hostname of the device reporting the rsyslog entry but rsyslog message logged just contains the IP09:51
hadifarnoudcan someone help find out why sed does not add new lines here? https://gist.github.com/hadifarnoud/bb3d831735c8e074fe7509:51
=== Hexeon|2 is now known as Hexeon
TJ-mcparty: does rsyslogd do a hostname lookup? if so, if that fails it'd just use the IP09:52
mcpartyYes it does and the hostname pings ok too.09:53
mcparty@TJ I have other devices which reports the hostnames fine. I have even added the host to the /etc/hosts to ensure there is no issue with the lookup09:55
TJ-mcparty: some issue with the rsyslogd rule - maybe using a custom formatter and inserting IP not hostname?09:55
=== ghostcube_ is now known as ghostcube
TJ-mcparty: It should use "%HOSTNAME%"09:57
mcparty@TJ The only rule I have is ":fromhost-ip, startswith, 10.*.*.*" to put some hosts in unique logfiles. Could this be the cause because it's looking for the ip, not the hostname?10:00
FreshlyHi all. I've installed ubuntu 14.02 here on a new PC. When I try to login (using the default unity / gnome gui) I get immediately logged out again (after entering the password)10:03
Freshlywhen I check syslog, I see the following messages:10:03
TJ-mcparty: I'm not sure... I like your logic but I'm not convinced it'd affect the template operation10:03
Freshlygnome-session: WARNING: software accelaration check fialed: Child process existed with code 110:03
Freshlygnome-session: CRITICAL: We failed, but the fail whale is dead. Sorry...10:04
FreshlyI've w8 running in parallell, which works without any problems10:04
Freshlyany idea what could be wrong?10:04
MonkeyDustFreshly  for a start: it's 14.04.210:04
hadifarnoudmy sed script works but It adds listen 80; at the end. how can I have it at the beginning and add a new line then the replacement string?10:05
hadifarnoudmy script https://gist.github.com/hadifarnoud/bb3d831735c8e074fe7510:05
MonkeyDusthadifarnoud  better ask in #bash10:06
hadifarnoudMonkeyDust:I will. it's a sed question though10:07
mcparty@TJ I will look a little further and see if i can mod the rules to look for hostname and retest. Thanks for your help.10:07
isleifHi, I need some help with smb:// to connect on a windows share (ethernet), since a week i can't find other computer in the workgroup (And sorry for my english). Can somebody help? thanks10:10
MonkeyDustisleif  i had that too, with my NAS, there's a solution, moment...10:15
MonkeyDustisleif  this saved my day : http://paste.ubuntu.com/11798247/10:19
MonkeyDustisleif  no, on second view, it's dofferent from your issue10:21
isleifarg :/10:23
MonkeyDustisleif  does 'gigolo' find the share?10:25
isleifNope, it faile10:29
isleifNope, it failed*10:29
isleifSame error message10:29
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hero100hi, I want to know which way is more fast: mount a samba server and cp file or scp ?10:33
MonkeyDusthero100  iirc, scp is used for ssh connections, not for samba10:39
hero100MonkeyDust, the server is ubuntu, it supports samba and ssh10:40
TJ-hero100: rsync/scp+ssh is my preference... I find samba/Windows networking in general can become a nightmare10:40
cfhowletthero100, also #ubuntu-server might know more10:40
TJ-hero100: If want to mount a remote file-system then NFS or even sshfs10:41
MrSNESI have a install of Xubuntu running as a headless server. I can easily plug a screen in and type in "sudo serivce lightdm start" to get a GUI, however I would like to VNC to the computer. I can start the gui over ssh but can't VNC until I login to my main useraccount at the system. Is there a way to remotely start xfce and be able to vnc to it?10:41
TJ-MrSNES: use X forwarding over ssh might be what you want10:43
hero100The server is out of my control. It seems the bottleneck is my usb2.0 hard disk.10:44
adschero100: if by fast, you mean copy speed, then samba server is probably a bit faster10:44
adscbecause scp has the ssh encryption overhead10:44
adscbut it will probably be limited by disk I/O anyway, so it shouldnt really matter10:45
hero100  100% 8160MB  36.3MB/s  this is by rcp == scp10:45
adscis this over internet or LAN?10:47
hero100over LAN10:47
adsccable or WLAN? if it's cable, you can see that it's clearly disk limited10:48
hero100My computer doesn10:48
hero100doesn't s have usb3.0 port10:48
adscanyway, 36MB/s isn't bad for write speed10:49
MrSNESTJ: Thanks, I googled X forwarding on Windows and found Putty + Xming.10:50
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hero100It's seems cp from samba server is about 2M/s faster than scp.10:57
MonkeyDusthero100  yes, but the s means secure10:58
wligtenbergHas anybody here got experience to get the Lenovo LT1421 USB monitor to work on Ubuntu 14.04?11:12
=== imalmosthappen is now known as tanoi
TJ-wligtenberg: Is this a DisplayPort question? You're the 2nd person today asking about such a device11:16
wligtenbergTJ- Maybe to other person was my boss :)11:16
wligtenbergIt is recognised as displayport yes11:16
TJ-wligtenberg: If Linux is recognising it you're doing OK ... 'lusb' lists it as a DisplayPort device?11:17
TJ-wligtenberg: oops, that's "lsusb"11:17
wligtenbergyes, it shows the device, but nothing is happing11:18
TJ-wligtenberg: Is the kernel's UDL driver loaded? "lsmod | grep udl"11:19
wligtenbergudl                    24545  211:20
wligtenbergseems loaded11:20
TJ-wligtenberg: That's good... how are you trying to active it? Have you checked the Xorg.0.log to see if it is recognised?11:21
wligtenbergTJ- It shows up in dmesg11:21
wligtenbergI am trying to use xrandr to somehow make it work11:21
TJ-wligtenberg: does xrandr 'see' the device ?11:22
wligtenbergBut apparently I now have tied the normal monitor to itself using:  xrandr --setprovideroutputsource 1 011:22
r0utewligtenberg: It might be worth trying arandr, it's a bit easier to work with initially11:22
wligtenbergnever heard of arandr :)11:23
wligtenbergTJ- This was my initial result: http://pastebin.com/a3a0j7Km11:25
r0utewligtenberg: It's just a GUI for xrandr so it's useful if you're not too familiar with the xrandr options.11:25
TJ-wligtenberg: Can you pastebin "/var/log/Xorg.0.log"11:27
Kayla_do you guys work with source lists?11:29
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baizon!ask | baizon11:32
ubottubaizon, please see my private message11:32
wligtenbergTJ- here is the xorg log http://pastebin.com/S8UMKvSx11:32
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TJ-Kayla_: Is that an Ubuntu support question?11:33
bazhangwhat version of debian Kayla_11:34
bazhangKayla_, this is ubuntu support ONLY11:36
bazhangKayla_, #debian for that11:36
wligtenbergTJ- The display configuration application now shows the 14.1 inch screen, but it seems to be mapped not my normal screen, the labels for identification appear only on my laptop screen11:36
histobazhang: how did you know Kayla_ was debian?11:36
Kayla_source list?11:36
TJ-wligtenberg: Well, that looks like the DP device is being detected OK, and its getting the EDID from the monitor "1366x768"11:37
bazhangKayla_, dont ask here for debian support11:37
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wligtenbergTJ- Also the resolution is correctly detected11:37
wligtenbergI probably messed up the xrandr thing...11:37
TJ-wligtenberg: has it placed it to the side... have you tried moving your mouse to it by pushing the mouse off all the sides of the primary display?11:37
wligtenbergIs there an easy way to reset that?11:37
bazhangKayla_, ##linux for general support, #debian for debian11:38
TJ-wligtenberg: Maybe log-out and log-in again so Xorg sorts things out?11:38
wligtenbergok, will try log out log in11:38
wligtenbergmmm, I cannot log out...11:38
TJ-wligtenberg: :D11:38
TJ-wligtenberg: Ctrl+Alt+F1 then "sudo service lightdm restart"11:39
melonI'm looking to get a definitive answer to this question. I've been looking around on ubuntu forums etc. and can't seem to find something definitive. Does the new MX4 Ubuntu edition support wifi tethring, and if not, is that a planned feature?11:39
wligtenbergTJ- that was interesting the terminal showed up on the usb screen11:40
wligtenbergHowever now after logging in, it does not show up in the displays configuration11:41
wligtenbergSo it works, but now I need to make it work in the graphical environment as well11:41
wligtenbergI can still easily switch to tty1 and get it on th eusb screen11:41
boncipis there any Fn key onboar virtual keyboard?11:44
boncipactually i wan to Fn + F911:44
boncipmine lenovo11:44
CostttaaaPhttp://kepfeltoltes.hu/view/150630/K_perny_k_p___8211__2015-06-30_13_16_16_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.png in this picture what is the problem ?11:46
TJ-wligtenberg: I think that may be because the UDL framebuffer driver is loaded11:51
wligtenbergTJ- ok, so I would have to blacklist that one11:52
wligtenbergis that correct?11:53
wligtenbergcan I unload the driver without rebooting to test that?11:53
histowligtenberg: rmmod11:54
TJ-wligtenberg: No, that wasn't what I meant!11:54
wligtenbergTJ- ok :)11:54
wligtenbergTJ- I didn't do anything yet :)11:54
TJ-wligtenberg: I meant the reason you're seeing the console on the DP is because the FB is loaded and seems to have chosen it as the default output device. You may need the FB for Xorg11:56
wligtenbergTJ- I don't quite get that I am afraid11:58
TJ-wligtenberg: "...the terminal showed up on the usb screen..." - I was referring to why that happened. It seems the console decided the UDL FB was the default display device.11:59
wligtenbergTJ- yes, so that means that at least it is working and correctly identified12:00
wligtenbergTJ- So now figuring out how to get it recognised in the graphical environment12:00
IsotoppWhat is the documented official ppa for php for ubuntu? I found https://launchpad.net/~ondrej/+archive/ubuntu/php5 and it looks good, but is this the official package source?12:01
pragomerwould somebody help me creating a (simple) udev-rule?12:01
bazhangIsotopp, PPA and official are not the same12:01
TJ-wligtenberg: Yes :)  ... we know Xorg has found it, so I wonder if it's an issue with the Nvidia driver not providing the correct Source? Have you tested against the nouveau driver?12:02
bazhangIsotopp, official is what is in the regular ubuntu repos, not the PPA12:02
wligtenbergTJ- Nope, I haven't tried that yet12:02
wligtenbergBut I think I now see it in xrandr12:02
Isotoppbazhang: i am searching for somebody who is part of the php project and builds php as a ppa that is newer than what is in 14.0412:02
wligtenbergDP-5 disconnected (normal left inverted right x axis y axis)12:03
wligtenberg  1368x768_59.90 (0x2e6)   85.7MHz12:03
wligtenberg        h: width  1368 start 1440 end 1584 total 1800 skew    0 clock   47.6KHz12:03
wligtenberg        v: height  768 start  769 end  772 total  795           clock   59.9Hz12:03
TJ-wligtenberg: make sure you know how you trigger it into 'finding' it in case it goes away again :)12:03
bazhangIsotopp, contact the PPA maintainer and ask them for support12:03
MonkeyDustwligtenberg  use a pastebin for multiple lines12:03
TJ-wligtenberg: OK, so you just need to force it to be "connected"12:03
wligtenbergTJ- And how do I do that?12:03
tiblockIsotopp, if you want latest version, you can compile from sources, its not hard12:03
TJ-wligtenberg: "xrandr --force on <output>" ... I think12:04
wligtenbergMonkeyDust: sorry forgot this time, as you can see from earlier pastes12:04
TJ-wligtenberg: scratch that, that isn't an xrandr option!12:05
mastahhDoes anyone know the next LTS version and release date for Ubuntu Server?12:06
TJ-wligtenberg: here's a tool that does what you want:  https://github.com/geyslan/xrasengan12:06
bazhangapril 2016 MasterOfDisaster12:06
bazhangmastahh, ^^12:06
bazhangsorry MasterOfDisaster12:06
tankerkiller125Ok so I have a major issue. I recently updated to 14.10 from a fresh install of 14.04. Now on boot it gets stuck at a flashing underscore. It has been doing this for the past 8-9 hours (I was sleeping) how do I fix this? I do have tty access12:08
Isotopptiblock: i can compile from source no problem. i'd rather not, and what i am looking for is a documented relationship between the project, the php ppa maintainer and ubuntu for the security documentation i am supposed to maintain12:08
mastahhbazhang Will that be version 16.04 do you think?12:09
bazhangmastahh, thats the next LTS, yes12:09
MonkeyDust!nomodeset | tankerkiller125 start here12:09
ubottutankerkiller125 start here: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter12:09
mastahhThank you very much bazhang :)12:09
xarSteve_Jobs, JOBS !!12:09
bazhangxar, stay on topic here12:10
xarbut, Steve_Jobs rocks !12:10
tankerkiller125MonkeyDust: Thats the first thing I did when I first noticed the issue.. I'll try it again though12:10
xar@ bazhang12:10
bazhang!ot | xar12:10
ubottuxar: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:10
ayushjust today i made a switch from mint to the elementary os.12:11
bazhang#elementary for support ayush12:11
=== __{{mgm}}__ is now known as _{{mgm}}_
ayushit is quite good, and light, but i am still getting used to it.12:11
MonkeyDustayush  type /j #elementary12:12
tankerkiller125MonkeyDust: nomodeset got me into the desktop but now my graphics are way off... Almost as if the graphics drivers arn't installed12:12
ayushgot it.12:12
wligtenbergTJ- rebooting to ensure that nouveau is loaded12:13
MonkeyDusttankerkiller125  ctrl-alt-F1 and troubleshoot from there12:13
=== it is now known as Guest29255
tankerkiller125MonkeyDust: I found out why... When the upgrader said that there were obsolete packages it could remove it removed some of the graphics drivers for some reason.12:15
MonkeyDusttankerkiller125  proble solved?12:15
tankerkiller125MonkeyDust: Going to do a reboot and find out for sure.12:16
tankerkiller125not used to these kinda problems. I normally use Ubuntu server (for a server OS of course)12:16
tankerkiller125MonkeyDust: Problem solved12:16
MonkeyDusttankerkiller125  great. breaking and fixing things is the best way to learn12:18
tankerkiller125MonkeyDust: Indeed I've learned that on servers. I really never had to deal with grapics issues on them though :P12:19
wligtenbergTJ- More luck I now see it in displays and xrandr as DVI, and I can turn it on. Which will show some activity but it seems to be only some artifacts12:19
TJ-wligtenberg: Slow progress :)12:21
wligtenbergTJ- But progress! :) (Yes, I have been around linux long enough to remember that almost everything was this hard :) )12:22
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=== explosive is now known as EriC^^
wligtenbergTJ- I got it working! With the help of this repo: https://github.com/thecaffiend/tvlt1421_ubuntu/blob/master/thinkvision.bash12:31
wligtenbergI just needed to fix the other screen that it should be next to12:32
TJ-wligtenberg: was adding a new mode the essence of what you did?12:33
TJ-wligtenberg: I can't see anything else there that would make a significant different over what you should have already had12:34
TJ-wligtenberg: I wonder if that will work with the nvidia driver too. It may need a more recent nvidia version, depending on which version was in use earlier12:35
=== topdownj1 is now known as topdownjimmy
wligtenbergTJ- I had the latest from the ubuntu  repo12:36
wligtenbergTJ- I also think it was the mode, because that would also explain why I saw something, but that the image was bad12:36
wligtenbergTJ- With the nvidia driver I had the DVI output never showed up...12:38
wligtenbergSo I guess I will just have to switch between them if I need to use these displays12:38
TJ-wligtenberg: the (more recent) nvidia drivers are supposed to support DP well12:40
Soelenhello everyone, I just installed ubuntu via usbstick and when it tried to restart my system told me there is no bootable device, what do I do?12:52
ioriayou changed the bios boot order ?12:53
TrudkoGuys does software updated have some log? It freezed and I would like to know why if possible12:54
Soelenioria: oh, you were talking to me?12:55
Soelensorry, let me check (let's see if I can)12:56
BluesKajHi all12:58
Soelenioria: that history.log it pretty big for a txt file, 80kb, pastebin seems to deny to upload it. what exactly do I need to check?13:00
ioriaSolen that's was Trudko :-)....   you should check the bios boot order13:00
pkullI can access my website when I go to http://IPADDRESS, but not when I go to the human readable URL (some kind of DNS error, I suppose). /var/log/nginx/access.log http://pastebin.com/B681rZy8 shows requests made to both IP address and readable address. How should I debug HTTP requests to pinpoint the problem?  Or my be someone can pinpoint the problem by looking at the bin?13:01
Soelenioria: how do I do so?13:01
ioriaSolen the pc can boot from cd, hd, or usb... maybe yours is stuck to usb, and not hd13:02
pbxpkull, you need to confirm your DNS records are set up right, and that your web server is configured to respond to that name13:03
ikoniapkull: test your dns13:03
Soelenioria: ah, so I need to check in the bios that13:03
pbxpkull, the latter is most likely the cause.  clearly the domain is resolving to your IP (or your server wouldn't be logging that request)13:03
ioriaSoelen yes13:03
Soelenioria: first boot prioity is hdd13:04
Soelenso I guess that is correct13:04
ioriaSoelen and you got no bootable device ?13:04
Soelenioria: when I try to restart normally it says so13:05
kubanchello, I have changed my vino-server port in dconf-editor but the actual port is still the same as it was before. Do I need to go and change it somewhere else?13:05
pkullpbx: how to see that "web server is configured to respond to that name"? I am using nginx/gunicorn13:05
ioriaSoelen dual boot with win ?13:05
Soelenioria: nope, I chose clear disk and install ubuntu on complete disk13:06
ioriaSoelen so, it's a grub problem maybe ...13:07
ioriaSoelen did you choose automatic installation ?13:07
Soelenioria: I did13:08
ioriaSoelen you cannot boot in any ways ?13:08
ioriaSoelen try to reinstall grub from live cd13:09
Soelenioria: oki, will try13:10
ioriaSoelen are you on an efi system ?13:11
Soelenioria: uefi yeah13:13
Soelenwith secure boot and whatnot13:13
ioriaSoelen don't know much about that13:14
Soelenioria: me too : P13:14
ioriaSoelen but there is a guide : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI13:15
ioriaSoelen well, try to disable  fast boot and secure boot for now13:16
MrSNEStrying to do X forwarding from my Windows computer to my Xubuntu server. I have x11 forwarding enabled in sshd, and x11 forwarding enabled in Putty. I am running the Xming server on my windows system but every time I try to run a gui program in putty I get  GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion 'sys_page_size == 0' failed Error: no display specified13:16
Soelenioria: thanks a lot ioria, will check it out! : )13:18
ioriaSoelen ok ^_^13:18
Pinkamena_DHello guys, I could use some help. I installed a WWAN device for future use, and in network manager I started to add a mobile broadband connection but I did not commplete the process successfully. I gave up on that. The real issue is now, a day later after restarting the computer, the network-manager icon no longer loads.13:24
Pinkamena_Drunning nm-applet gives two errors: "Could not initialize NMClient" and "Error connecting to ModemManager"13:25
Pinkamena_DI have tried purgeing and reinstalling the packages13:25
Pinkamena_DI can manually start modemmanager which seems to fix the second error but the first error still seems to be keeping the manager from loading13:26
joshua__what exactly is it? i think its a vpn?13:27
Pinkamena_DI have googled the error around but no fixes yet13:28
joshua__yea can you explain? is it a network manager13:28
Pinkamena_Dwhen I run 'nm-applet' (ubuntu's built in network manager) That is the error I get from it13:29
Exagone313Hello, I want to generate a self signed certificate for multiple wildcards domain for TLS 1.2 with the cipher TLS_ECDHE_ECDSA_WITH_AES_128_GCM_SHA256, and then use it with apache2. What openssl command(s) can I use? Thanks for help.13:30
joshua__Pinkamena_D what distro are you using13:31
Pinkamena_D64 bit13:31
joshua__put this code in a file called test.py, execute +x test.py ./test.py13:34
joshua__#!/usr/bin/env python13:34
joshua__import pygtk13:34
joshua__import gtk13:34
joshua__i = gtk.StatusIcon()13:34
Pinkamena_Dcan you place code in a pastebin of sort sort in the future? Just a friendly tip13:35
sublimateAnyone here familiar with btrfs?13:35
Pinkamena_DI get no output13:36
sublimateI'm trying to make a btrfs volume but alas I'm being told that it can't check if it's mounted :p13:36
Pinkamena_Dno errors, etc.13:36
joshua__did it fix your issue or no13:36
sublimatejoshua__, You realize your code got cut off?13:36
sublimateBy the bot auto-quieting you13:37
joshua__did that work13:37
Pinkamena_DOk so with this program I get nothing, It is waiting like it is running but no window or other message comes up13:38
Pinkamena_Dand no the other error is still there13:38
joshua__now try running the program normaly and see what happens13:39
TheC4melAnyone know what could possibly be wrong with my pulseaudio sink? Turn up or down the volume with pulseaudio sink on my computer, the little volume notification sound it gives me sounds like its popping/ distorted.13:43
MrSNESI followed the guides.. install xming, unblock it from my firewall, enable x11forwarding in sshd_config on server. then click forward x11 in putty.. reconnect to my server.. make sure xorg and xauth is installed.. try running a gui program like firefox.. but all I get is Error: no display specified.13:43
arcskyhello im trying to install ubuntu server from USB. it does work to boot up but after keyboard settings it search for "detec and mount CD-ROM" .. why that when if ddo this from USB ?13:51
ubottuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging13:56
=== Pathfinder_ is now known as Pathfinder
TomyWorkok, suppose there is nothing in ubuntu-backports, how do i build one? wasnt there a factoid about this?13:57
popeyarcsky: because if you copy a cd image to usb stick, it's still technically a cd image.13:59
arcskypopey: how can i solve this?14:02
popeyarcsky: solve what? It's looking inside the USB key for the CD image, which will be there. It's not broken.14:02
popeyarcsky: Unless there's some other issue you have with it?14:02
jsnowballhow do you deal with an exploited box? what are the first step in cleaning it up?14:06
=== pat_ is now known as Guest96981
k1ljsnowball: reinstall.14:07
mtnjsnowball, reformat and reinstall with data from your known good backups14:07
k1lyou cant know what is wrong and what is still ok.14:07
jsnowballmmm yeah. what i though... arf14:08
wenischHi i am facing this issue when compiling my C code on my ubuntu machine can someone please help "/opt/sparc-elf-4.4.2/bin/../libexec/gcc/sparc-elf/4.4.2/cc1: error while loading shared libraries: libmpfr.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"14:08
wenischi heard the latest version of ubuntu does not support  libmpfr.so.1...what do i do?14:11
TomyWorkjsnowball it's worse if your hardware is compromised :)14:12
TomyWorkreflashed mainboard bios, device bios, usb drive controllers14:12
TomyWorkwenisch sparc?14:13
jsnowballsounds like some nsa story... anyway it's a vps so i guess i shouldn't worry14:13
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest8948
OerHeks!info  libmpfr14:13
ubottuPackage libmpfr does not exist in vivid14:13
OerHeks!info libmpfr14:14
wenischlibmpfr.so.1 is required for the sparc compiler...libmpfr.so.4 is available14:14
OerHekswenisch, yes it does  libmpfr-dev, libmpfr-doc, libmpfr4, libmpfr4-dbg, libmpfrc++-dev14:14
OerHekswenisch, my best guess: libmpfr-dev14:15
wenischi have libmpfr-dev installed but i get the previously mentioned error when i try to compile from terminal14:16
OerHekswenisch, install libmpfrc++-dev too?14:17
MrSNESya I always reformat and start over on my server every other year because I don't know enough about Linux yet to tell if my system has been exploited. I try to add a little more security on each incarnation of my server. ^I will defiantly do a reflash of my bios and hard drive firmware this up coming wipe.14:17
Guest8948hello ??14:17
wenischOerHeks, i have installed that also but i guess somehow my compiler is not able to locate them14:18
wenischit says its a shared library error14:19
=== sysop is now known as Guest48510
RubasHi all, I have a local repository, and I have a package in this local repository, and I was wondering how I would be able to put in a new version of the package into my local repository?14:21
=== Guest48510 is now known as sysop2
OerHekswenisch, what are you building, and what instructions?14:22
tewardRubas: what's the software behind the repository? reprepro?  or a PPA?14:22
Rubasteward: I am using reprepro14:23
wenischits a hello world program for a sparc processor...I installed the sparc compiler in my machine first then tried building the code but i get this error14:23
tewardRubas: the same 'add to the repository' command should work - the system should see the newer package on systems accessing the repository from my small scale tests and update14:23
arcskywierd none seens this problem14:24
Rubasteward: so I should just change the version number in the .deb file, and it should be able to figure it out itself?14:24
tewardRubas: you need to rebuild the package then use the same command to add the version to reprepro, but it should14:24
tewardand i mean *rebuild* not just change the version number and hope all is well, as that pacakge needs built for that versoin :P14:25
Rubasteward: what do you mean by built for that version? :P Doesn't it just overwrite the previous versions content?14:26
MrSNESI wish they would add a jumpers to motherboards and hard drives so you could physically disable the firmware/biso reflash option. Would stop your hardware from getting screwed over if the system is hacked. But allow you to pull the jumper and boot into a "safe" environment to do firmware updates.14:27
wenischTomyWork, yes sparc- for a Leon core processor...but am compiling in my local machine14:27
Rubasteward: sorry this is pretty new for me :) But I have multiple servers, that are using a package I made myself, and instead of manually doing installing it, I would like to have a repository which has the package, and this package will be able to be installed on all the servers I have.14:27
tailgateHi, I'm trying to set up a dual monitors(VGA) on Ubuntu 12.04 with a Lenovo W540 with nvidia drivers. I am having trouble, however getting xrandr to see the VGA monitor.14:29
tailgatemy xorg logs havn't given me a lot of information on what's wrong, so I was looking for help diagnosing my issue.14:30
laksdjfsalkjHow cum that window better then Ubentu?14:31
tewardRubas: did you build the source package for inclusion into the repository?14:31
tewardRubas: with each new package you have to debuild or pbuilder or sbuild the package so you get .deb binaries14:31
tewardRubas: you then have to add that to the repository server (reprepro) with the commands that it has to do it (I don't remember them offhand)14:31
Rubasteward: I used the following command to create a deb file: dpkg --build14:34
Rubasteward: dpkg --build mysource/14:34
tewardRubas: that works too, i use sbuild but same thing.  You then use the commands you used to add the first package to reprepro to add the new package too, it'll put the newer version up there and update the available packages list and such14:35
Rubasteward: okay, that's cool, but by installing a newer package (by changing the version number and files in it), it will overwrite the current versions files right?14:36
Rubasteward: thank you very much for helping me out with my stupid questions :)14:36
tewardRubas: that i can't comment on14:37
tewardi'm not as familiar with that14:37
Rubasteward: thank you! I'll test it, and see how it acts :D14:39
AceKingI have 15.04 installed on my PC. Everything was running fine until I rebooted. Now after I put in my login info, the screen goes black, and all I see is my mouse pointer. I tried going into recovery mode, and enabeling networking, but when I click on it I get an error getting autority message. Any idea how to fix any of this?14:46
EriC^^AceKing: does the guest account work?14:47
AceKingEriC^^: It's not showing. I also tried failsafe, but that just loops back to the login14:47
EriC^^AceKing: ok where are you now?14:48
AceKingEriC^^: On my laptop14:48
EriC^^ok try to get to tty114:48
EriC^^(press ctrl+alt+f1)14:49
AceKingEriC^^: I'm at the login screen, and tried that. Nothing came up14:50
AceKingEriC^^: Sorry, did you want me to try it from the black screen, after I login?14:50
EriC^^AceKing: ok sure14:51
EriC^^wait no14:51
EriC^^try recovery mode then enable networking then drop to root shell14:51
AceKingEriC^^: That's what I was saying. It will not allow me to enable networking in recovery14:52
=== BrunoPT is now known as strang3quark
EriC^^ok do you have a live usb?14:52
AceKingEriC^^: yes14:53
EriC^^ok, boot it14:53
=== strang3quark is now known as BrunoPT
=== BrunoPT is now known as strang3quark
AceKingEriC^^: OK, I have LiveCD up14:55
EriC^^AceKing: ok, type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999914:55
=== qdii_ is now known as qdii
AceKingEriC^^: OK, done14:56
EriC^^what's the link it gave?14:57
EriC^^AceKing: type sudo mount /dev/sda2 /mnt14:58
AceKingEriC^^: OK14:59
EriC^^AceKing: for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done15:00
EriC^^AceKing: type the whole line please15:00
AceKingEriC^^: bash: syntax error near unexptected token 'done'15:02
EriC^^AceKing: did you put the do before sudo?15:02
AceKingEriC^^: Yes, but I think I missed the space between , and do15:03
AceKingEriC^^: give me a second, I'm going to reread and make sure I have the whole thing correct15:04
EriC^AceKing: all good?15:06
=== EriC^ is now known as EriC^^
Johnny_Linuxhe said he was going over it again to make sure15:06
EriC^^ok thanks Johnny_Linux :)15:06
AceKingEriC^^: OK, I copied and pasted it to a thumb drive.. that worked15:07
nejni-marji_Are there any Ubuntu installers which would have Ubuntu Desktop but without a DE?15:07
lotuspsychje!discuss > Johnny_Linux15:08
ubottuJohnny_Linux, please see my private message15:08
EriC^^nejni-marji_: mini.iso or the server if you want that15:08
EriC^^!mini | nejni-marji_15:08
ubottunejni-marji_: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD15:08
EriC^^AceKing: ok, type sudo chroot /mnt15:08
AceKingEriC^^: OK, done15:09
nejni-marji_EriC^^: Thanks15:09
EriC^^AceKing: ok, type ubuntu-drivers devices | nc termbin.com 999915:10
syntaxxi am not sure what i did wrong but when i single user mode I can't see the /var/log after remounting. Any idea?15:11
AceKingEriC^^: paste.ubuntu.com/1179959415:13
EriC^^AceKing: ok, try apt-get install pastebinit15:14
EriC^^then ubuntu-drivers devices | pastebinit15:14
AceKingEriC^^: OK, installed15:15
EriC^^ok try ubuntu-drivers devices | pastebinit15:15
AceKingEriC^^: It says: You are trying to send an empty document15:17
EriC^^ok, keep the terminal open, and open another one, and type lspci -k | grep -A2 VGA | nc termbin.com 999915:17
=== noncomcinse is now known as nejni-marji
AceKingEriC^^: I am so sorry, I misspelled it. http://paste.ubuntu.com1179962815:19
=== IanV0rn2341 is now known as IanV0rn2341[away
AceKingEriC^^: Did you see my last post?15:28
jmspeexHi, I just did an update on my 14.10 VM and I can't login anymore.15:29
klemaxwhich one is suitable for the beginners? openstack, cloudstack or proxmox?15:29
klemaxfor blade server systems...15:29
ActionParsnipjmspeex: If you boot an older kernel, is it ok?15:29
jmspeexgdm (or whatever dm it is) says "failed to authenticate" before I even enter a password15:30
ActionParsnipjmspeex: 14.10 is EOL next month, I suggest you upgrade soon15:30
jmspeexActionParsnip: No the kernel's fine. It's the login manager that doesn't work15:30
ActionParsnipjmspeex: if yuo drop to TTY1, do your partitions have free space?15:30
MonkeyDustjmspeex  it's VM? than why are you worried?15:31
jmspeexOops, sorry it's not 14.10 but 14.04, i.e. Trusty15:31
ActionParsnipjmspeex: ahh, thats ok15:31
jmspeexMonkeyDust: Well, despite being a VM, I'd still like to not have to re-install.15:31
ActionParsnipjmspeex: do your partitions have free space?15:32
jmspeexI don't know. I'd need to login for that15:32
ActionParsnipjmspeex: log in at TTY1, not GUI15:32
ActionParsnipjmspeex: Press CTRL + ALT + F115:32
jmspeexThat gets interpreted by the host and not the VM15:32
EriC^^AceKing: sorry, i'm back, those are the list of recommended drivers15:33
ActionParsnipjmspeex: then you will need to work out how to send it to the guest....15:33
jmspeexAny way I just do this on boot?15:33
EriC^^AceKing: type dpkg -l | grep nvidia | pastebinit15:33
AceKingEriC^^: OK15:33
=== kubuntu is now known as Guest95835
ActionParsnipjmspeex: hold shift at boot and drop to root recovery console15:34
MonkeyDustjmspeex  what kind of VM is it, vbox? vmware? kvm? qemu?15:34
AceKingEriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11799685/15:34
jmspeexOK, holding shift doesn't seem to work :-(15:35
MonkeyDustjmspeex  scrol down to ctrl ctrl ctrl alt f1   http://askubuntu.com/questions/54814/how-can-i-ctrl-alt-f-to-get-to-a-tty-in-a-qemu-session15:36
faLUCEhello  I have a script which launches the "wget" command continuously after boot. I can see the wget process with "top". How  can I find the file (script) that launches this command?15:36
lotuspsychje!it | TOM5415:37
ubottuTOM54: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)15:37
MonkeyDust!list > TOM5415:37
ubottuTOM54, please see my private message15:37
TOM54chat very good15:37
ArneLurkPainted a desktop: http://androidarts.com/misc/ubunchie2c.jpg - that is all.15:37
TOM54any body online?15:37
lotuspsychjeTOM54: this is an ubuntu support channel15:38
chotaz`wArneLurk, is it the same from 2005? :315:38
lotuspsychjeTOM54: only ask ubuntu issues here please15:38
ArneLurkNo. I updated it.15:38
chotaz`w!it > TOM5415:38
ubottuTOM54, please see my private message15:38
chotaz`w!topic > TOM5415:39
TOM54okay,i am italy no inglish15:39
faLUCEhello  I have a script which launches the "wget" command continuously after boot. I can see the wget process with "top". How  can I find the file (script) that launches this command?15:39
jmspeexMonkeyDust: Crtl-Alt-2 doesn't give me a prompt, just a black screen15:39
k1l_TOM54: #ubuntu-it is the italian channel15:39
ArneLurkchotaz`w: > I posted it on the ubuntu forums many years ago.15:39
TOM54!topic hello15:39
pbx!it| TOM5415:39
ubottuTOM54: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)15:39
jmspeexBTW, am I the only one to see this gdm bug? It's really broken.15:39
=== harrison is now known as Guest24215
MonkeyDustjmspeex  apparentally, you have to hit two times ctrl and then ctrl-alt-f115:40
jmspeexAs soon as I select the username, I get "Failed to authenticate" and then the password field gets disabled15:40
MonkeyDustjmspeex  i'm sure you mean lightdm, not gdm15:40
jmspeexwell, whatever dm 14.04 uses15:41
jmspeexOh, and I can tell I'm not out of disk space because my image is still smaller than the max size I allow15:42
MonkeyDustjmspeex  gdm is different from lightdm, so which is it?15:42
ActionParsnipfaLUCE: ps -ef | grep wget | awk {'print $7'}15:42
jmspeexMonkeyDust: how do I tell?15:42
jmspeexAh, actually, it's the XUbuntu default in case it's different15:43
MonkeyDustjmspeex  what are you douing and what are you trying ro achieve?15:43
=== Ululus is now known as Guest13666
jmspeexMonkeyDust: I'm booting a VM I installed a while ago (and has always worked). I'm just trying to login15:44
jmspeexThe dm won't let me in15:44
faLUCEActionParsnip: without awk I obtain that "pi        3371  3143  0 15:44 pts/1    00:00:00 grep --color=auto wget"  <---- 3143 is always the same: is it the parent pid?15:44
MonkeyDustjmspeex  what happens when you try?15:45
jmspeexAs I said, I'm getting the red "Failed to authenticate" before I even get a chance to enter a password15:45
ActionParsnipfaLUCE: yes that is the parent pid15:47
OerHeksfaLUCE, if you know the PID, you can look up /proc/<PID>/cmdline >> http://askubuntu.com/a/31830515:47
ActionParsnipOerHeks: Oooh I like that :)15:48
jmspeexI did an "apt-get upgrade" yesterday, so I assume that's what caused it15:49
=== esteban is now known as Guest36165
faLUCEOerHeks: your command gives me "bash"15:50
OerHeksfaLUCE, why don't you know what script you added @ boot?15:50
faLUCEOerHeks: becaus I forgot the name15:51
faLUCEand the location15:51
OerHekslocation, cwd should say something?15:51
faLUCEOerHeks: ?15:53
jmspeexOK, managed to get a VT15:54
jmspeexI did another update and it didn't help15:54
lotuspsychjefaLUCE: to find your script, in terminal type 'whereis' command15:54
jmspeexAlso, the disk is far from full15:54
TOM54please you enter #UYBUNTU-IT2        /join #ubuntu-it215:54
faLUCElotuspsychje: found it, thanks anyway15:54
TOM54printer www.helpnetxchat.com16:04
AceKingI guess EriC^^ isn't coming back. He was right in the middle of helping me16:05
lotuspsychjeAceKing: describe whats the last thing yout ryed16:07
=== AceKing is now known as AlceKing
AlceKinglotuspsychje: He had me run a command to see what drivers were available http://paste.ubuntu.com/11799685/16:08
=== AlceKing is now known as AceKing
lotuspsychjeAceKing: is your card an optimus card?16:08
AceKinglotuspsychje: No16:08
lotuspsychjeAceKing: wich card please?16:09
MonkeyDustAceKing  try dpkg -l | grep nvidia | grep ii16:09
AceKinglotuspsychje: I am unsure of the exact card. How do I figure that out?16:11
lotuspsychjeAceKing: sudo lshw -C video16:11
AceKingMonkeyDust: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1179985216:11
lotuspsychje!it | tomTOMTOMTOMTOM_16:12
ubottutomTOMTOMTOMTOM_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)16:12
tomTOMTOMTOMTOM_ciao,sono tom54,perchè mi avete bannato?=16:12
AceKinglotuspsychje: GeForce GT 630 Rev. 216:12
MonkeyDusttomTOMTOMTOMTOM_  type /j #ubuntu-it16:12
AceKinglotuspsychje: Do you want me to post the whole output in paste.ubuntu?16:13
lotuspsychjeAceKing: no, its ok mate16:13
Ranieri_Hey guys. What exactly is a repository key?16:14
OerHeksRanieri_, encryption-key16:16
=== enzo is now known as Guest21582
Ranieri_OerHeks: I see.16:17
lotuspsychjeAceKing: wich ubuntu version did you have?16:22
AceKinglotuspsychje: 15.04 64 bit16:22
lotuspsychjeAceKing: did you have same issues on 14.04?16:29
AceKinglotuspsychje: No16:29
tomTOMTOMTOMTOM_drone,sai come si scarica minecraft da un sito sicuro?16:30
tomTOMTOMTOMTOM_se si,perfavore manadamelo16:30
AceKinglotuspsychje: Also, in recovery, I can't enable networking. It gives me an error message. So I had to boot into livcd16:30
lotuspsychje!ops | italian trolling16:30
OerHekstomTOMTOMTOMTOM_, you have been told, this channel is English only, join #ubuntu-it for italian, thanks.16:30
ubottuitalian trolling: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang16:30
lotuspsychje!ops | tomTOMTOMTOMTOM_16:31
ubottutomTOMTOMTOMTOM_: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang16:31
lotuspsychjeAceKing: maybe you should test a 14.04 LTS, where things get more stable?16:31
tonyyarussolotuspsychje: What makes that trolling?16:32
tonyyarusso!it | tomTOMTOMTOMTOM_16:32
ubottutomTOMTOMTOMTOM_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)16:32
AceKinglotuspsychje: Before I strip the PC back down... Is there a way to go back to the default video driver from LiveCD?16:32
lotuspsychjetonyyarusso: he's been here on other nick TOM spamming italian stuff before, see above16:32
MonkeyDusttonyyarusso  s/he's already been banned, now came back16:33
tonyyarussolotuspsychje: Then that's spam, not trolling.16:33
lotuspsychjeAceKing: well i suggest installing ubuntu with internet enabled + updates enabled16:34
AceKinglotuspsychje: I already had it installed, all updated and running for a week.16:34
AceKinglotuspsychje: Unsure what caused the black screen16:34
k1l_tomTOMTOMTOMTOM_: use #ubuntu-it for italian.this channel is english only.16:36
lotuspsychjeAceKing: did you try a nomodeset?16:36
AceKinglotuspsychje: Yes, that was actually the first thing I tried16:36
AceKinglotuspsychje: Also tried booting into failsafe mode, but it just loops back to the login screen16:37
aktxi havent rebooted my ubuntu server mate in a while16:37
aktxand now i get a kernel panic16:37
aktxwhat should i do16:37
coredumpDoes anyone know what kernel version has the leap second fixes? 3.2.0-????16:37
aktxi managed to load the server livecd, but i cannot run fsck because command is not found16:37
k1l_aktx: try a different kernel in grub16:37
jhutchinsaktx: At what point do you get the panic?16:37
aktxk1l_, okay16:38
AceKinglotuspsychje: Thanks for helping. I'm just going to reinstall16:38
lotuspsychjeAceKing: how about a recoverymode/fix broken packages?16:38
aktxeh, on first boot16:38
aktxvery soon, says something like16:38
jhutchinsaktx: fsck is /sbin/fsck and requires sudo.16:38
aktxkernel panic not syncing vfs unable to mount root fs on unknown wn-block16:38
lotuspsychjeAceKing: that could do the trick also16:38
AceKinglotuspsychje: tried that also.16:38
AceKinglotuspsychje: Thanks again for helping16:38
jhutchinsaktx: Definitely need to run fsck.16:39
aktxk1l_, its working, i selected the previous kernel version on boot16:40
aktxhow come the latest kernel option gives a kernal panic? how would i fix this?16:40
aktxim able to boot into desktop now :)16:40
aktxokay great, now upon first desktop load16:41
aktxi get "the volume 'boot' has only 0 bytes disk space remaining"16:41
aktxi guess only the ubuntu desktop livecd has gpart that i can use? not the server version?16:41
MonkeyDustaktx  server version is an installer, not live session16:42
MonkeyDustnot a*16:42
aktxMonkeyDust, okay thx, im dl'ing the desktop iso atm16:42
tomTOMTOMTOMTOM_drone please op me16:46
freeone3000Every time I plug in or unplug my phone from charging, I get every network mount on my toolbar. How do I make this not happen?16:48
=== IanV0rn2341 is now known as IanV0rn2341[away
OerHekstomTOMTOMTOMTOM_, no.16:49
tomTOMTOMTOMTOM_sorry me16:52
tomTOMTOMTOMTOM_print ubunu chat italy,not #ubuntu-it pleas16:53
tomTOMTOMTOMTOM_i am italy16:53
OerHekstomTOMTOMTOMTOM_, no, english only.16:53
tomTOMTOMTOMTOM_sono del 13.10.200316:53
cellogarciaaqui é brasil16:54
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.16:54
chotaz`wcellogarcia, !br16:54
ryileferGuys...I tried to update nvidia..running Ubuntu 15.10..now I can't even login..it says "The system is running in low graphics mode"16:59
ActionParsnipaktx: remember to MD5 test it when it completes :)16:59
ActionParsnipryilefer: #ubuntu+1 for Wily support16:59
aktxActionParsnip, i just dl'd the ubuntu desktop and burned it to disk17:00
aktxnow booting into livecd17:00
ActionParsnipaktx: helps to verify the data you have is complete and consistent17:01
busynoggssupppp bithcezzz\17:01
aktxbusynoggs, yo17:02
busynoggsfuckk FHS17:03
busynoggsmo fosckaqzzaz17:03
OerHeks!ot | busynoggs17:03
ubottubusynoggs: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:03
busynoggsok how to make 1M with ubuntu?17:03
busynoggsplease helpszzzzz17:04
busynoggslots of softwarez17:04
busynoggsbut no $$$ in my ac17:04
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang17:04
SchrodingersScatdd can make a 1M file easily17:04
aktxi need help partitioning17:05
aktxim trying to make my boot partition larger than 100mb17:05
aktxbut my main drive? how can i resize17:05
SchrodingersScat!google | busynoggs17:05
ubottubusynoggs: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.17:05
aktxi just dont know, it's like making this extra space at the end17:05
busynoggsswithc it17:05
eraggoaktx: How big is your main drive?17:05
aktxeraggo, 1.36 TiB17:06
ActionParsnipaktx: you will need to use a liveCD to resize your system partition, then resize the boot partition into the freed space17:06
eraggoaktx: how would you like to be partioned it?17:06
ActionParsnipaktx: how many kernels do you need!?17:06
aktxeh... just one kernel?17:06
busynoggsalllll of them17:06
aktxi just need to make my boot partition larger than 100mb17:06
aktxbut it's at the front17:06
aktxor something17:06
ActionParsnipaktx: then why do you need more than 100Mb for /boot ?17:07
ActionParsnipaktx: my /boot is 25Mb17:07
aktxwhy does my ubuntu mate server complain17:07
aktxthat boot is running out of space17:07
ActionParsnipaktx: yes, have you ever considered uninstalling the old unused kernels?17:07
OerHeks.. mate server?17:07
aktxActionParsnip, how do i do that?17:07
aktxi use ubuntu mate17:08
aktxbecause i like their desktop17:08
ActionParsnipaktx: there is no ubuntu mate server. You have a desktop OS if you are running ,mate17:08
idebi have a dell xps13, with a broadcom wireless card. i need to re-install ubuntu, but i have no access to ethernet. can i download an ubuntu image which comes with the proprietary driver for my wireless, so i can have network connection ?17:08
aktxhow does i uninstall the old kernels?17:08
aktxthen explain this17:08
ActionParsnipaktx: what is the output of:   uname -a; dpkg -l | grep linux-image | awk {'print $2'}17:08
aktxi use their server iso17:08
ActionParsnipaktx: ubuntu mate != ubuntu server mate17:08
ActionParsnipaktx: then why did you install server, when you wanted a desktop OS?17:09
busynoggsFUCK ubuntu17:09
busynoggswhy do you need it?17:09
busynoggsif webserver17:09
SchrodingersScat!language | busynoggs17:09
busynoggsfuckk kir17:09
ActionParsnipaktx: if you use a page like http://pastie.org you wont flood the channel17:09
ubottubusynoggs: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList17:09
busynoggsapache suckzz aszzz17:09
aktxActionParsnip, linux-image-3.16.0-30 generic linux-image-exra-3.16.0-30-generic linux-image-generic-lts-utopic17:09
busynoggsnot flexxible17:10
ActionParsnipbusynoggs: grow up, please17:10
aktxActionParsnip, because server edition doesnt come with as much stuff17:10
ActionParsnipaktx: there is a minial ISO for that17:10
busynoggswhateversszz is the case, aapche SUCKZZZ17:10
aktxhmm, i see17:10
aktxi did not know17:10
ActionParsnipaktx: can you pastebin the full output please17:10
aktxi cant, it's on a separate desktop17:10
aktxi can take a picture with my cellphone, should i do that?17:11
ActionParsnipaktx: sounds cool17:11
busynoggsdo whatever you want17:11
=== Wiched is now known as Guest9131
busynoggsits cooler than your dreams17:12
busynoggscomlete freedoom17:12
ActionParsnipbusynoggs: do you have a support question?17:12
aktxhow do i uninstall previous kernel versions then?17:12
nrfullah!ot | busynoggs17:12
ubottubusynoggs: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:12
ActionParsnipaktx: if you can show me what the output of my command was, I can advise17:12
ActionParsnipbusynoggs: then please assist others or be quiet17:13
aktxokay hang on17:13
ActionParsnipbusynoggs: you are spamming the channel with drivvel, please stop17:13
freeone3000Every time I plug in or unplug my phone from charging, I get every network mount on my toolbar. How do I make this not happen?17:14
aktxActionParsnip, http://pastebin.com/ifjZ8g7E17:15
aktxbtw thx for the assistance17:15
aktxthis is on my livecd though17:15
aktxshould i boot into my desktop?17:15
nrfullahfreeone3000: More details what desktop, are you unmounting the phone, what ubunru release is a good start.17:15
aktxActionParsnip, i think the answer is this http://askubuntu.com/questions/2793/how-do-i-remove-or-hide-old-kernel-versions-to-clean-up-the-boot-menu17:17
aktxso i will try this, thank you17:17
ActionParsnipaktx: yes we need to see the packages installed in your OS.. think about it17:17
nrfullahfreeone3000: You might define what "I get every network mount on my toolbar" means exactly17:17
aktxActionParsnip, http://pastebin.com/CRs5tAgY17:18
aktxlol so many!!17:19
freeone3000nrfullah: I have a set of folders mounted under /media . These are s3fs fuse mounts. Doesn't matter what, they usually are "Unlocked from toolbar". I plug in my phone, they show up. I unplug my phone, they show up. This is Ubuntu 14.0417:19
aktxthe 52 kernel is what gives me the kernel panic17:19
aktxbut i think its because my /boot partition is outta space17:19
ActionParsnipaktx: exactly, so... wjhy  keep so many?17:19
aktxi dont know17:19
aktxhow do i not do this by default?17:19
aktxi installed ubuntu server17:19
ActionParsnipaktx: sudo apt-get --purge remove linux-image-3.13.0-32-generic linux-image-3.13.0-40-generic linux-image-3.13.0-43-generic linux-image-3.13.0-44-generic linux-image-3.13.0-45-generic linux-image-3.13.0-46-generic17:20
aktxoh dear are you sure?17:20
ActionParsnipaktx: I know you installed server, remember this: "<aktx> ActionParsnip, because server edition doesnt come with as much stuff"17:20
aktxyes :)17:21
aktxbut next time17:21
aktxi will remembr to use minimal cd as you suggested17:21
ActionParsnipaktx: yes, that will remove most of those old kernels, leaving you the one you are on and one earlier as fallback17:21
aktxdo i have to manually remove the old kernels rfom now on?17:21
nrfullahfreeone3000: Your using a git app, THe mount, not in the ubuntu repos, someone may help, but technically not supported here is all17:21
Amm0naktx, sudo apt-get autoremove should do it too17:22
freeone3000nrfullah: I'm using a what now?17:22
Johnny_Linuxthat will remove them all, keep the one your on and the oldest17:22
ActionParsnipaktx: yes17:22
aktxoh okay17:23
aktxautoremove, hmm17:23
nrfullahfreeone3000: I don't see "s3fs fuse mounts" except at git.17:23
aktxso if i install17:23
aktxthe desktop version17:23
freeone3000nrfullah: Why does it matter what sort of mount they are? It's a mount.17:23
aktxthen it should automatically remove the old kernels, yes?17:23
freeone3000nrfullah: I want unity to stop showing my mounts on the taskbar as if it was doing me a favor.17:23
ActionParsnipaktx: no because it cannot predict what a user wants17:23
freeone3000nrfullah: The -t argument to `mount` shouldn't matter one whit.17:23
aktxso it's not like windows?17:23
=== user is now known as Guest6633
ActionParsnipaktx: if there were a setting to cleanse old kernels but keep X number, then yes. But sadly not17:24
nrfullahfreeone3000: I only informed you that this channel supports packages from the ubuntu repos primarily and suggested you may get help, there is no arguement there.17:24
freeone3000nrfullah: What does a package have to do with `mount`?17:24
aktxohhh i see17:24
aktxActionParsnip, is this a common problem you come across then?17:24
icewalkerhi, anyone knows can i find the howto for install oracle11gr2 on ubuntu14.04? i can't see to find it on google.17:24
aktxfrom newbies such as myself :)17:24
nrfullahfreeone3000: WE are done, I can't help on the fix, I'm not sure the issue.17:24
ActionParsnipfreeone3000: mount is part of the mount package.....?17:25
ActionParsnipaktx: yes, if you have a separate partition for /boot17:25
aktxoh, i see17:25
nrfullahfreeone3000: Be careful with arguements that are not backed with any real thought.17:25
aktxwell cool man, thank you!17:25
freeone3000nrfullah: What, that all mounted filesystems should be treated identically because udev handles that crap and not the desktop environment?17:26
freeone3000icewalker: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/database-technologies/express-edition/downloads/index.html . Download. Extract. alien will convert rpm to deb. Install resultant deb.17:27
ActionParsnipaktx: you can also run:   sudo apt-get --purge autoremove; sudo apt-get clean        as a final step. Probably save you a tonne of space17:27
aktxActionParsnip, right, i will do that17:27
aktxthx for the tips!17:27
aktxi guess that should be second-hand from now on17:27
aktxsudo apt-get --purge autoremove17:27
freeone3000Okay. Looks like what I want is to blacklist my device UUIDs from Unity from gconf-edit17:28
freeone3000But mounts like USB devices and CDs don't have a static UUID, so https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/1103593 affects me.17:29
ubottuUbuntu bug 1103593 in unity (Ubuntu) "Unity always shows all devices in launcher when CD is inserted" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:29
icewalkerwhat package do i need to install to get add-apt-repository cmd17:31
nrfullahicewalker: What is the end goal?17:32
icewalkersudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java17:32
icewalkerreturns command not found17:32
nrfullahicewalker: for the record ppa's are not supported here, but what release are you running?17:33
icewalker14.04.2 LTS, Trusty Tahr17:33
nrfullahicewalker: Why the ppa there is an excellent java wiki, open and closed source?17:34
nrfullahjust curious is all17:34
icewalkertrying follow this doc to install oracle11gr2 http://blog.whitehorses.nl/2014/03/18/installing-java-oracle-11g-r2-express-edition-and-sql-developer-on-ubuntu-64-bit/17:35
freeone3000icewalker: python-software-properties provides add-apt-repository. For Oracle Java, I reccomend using the deb provided by Oracle instead of a PPA.17:36
freeone3000icewalker: Though Ubuntu includes builds of openjdk-7-jre and openjdk-8-jre in the Canonical(TM) repository.17:36
=== Guest32045 is now known as hxm
Jactadoes anyone know best way to sed a setting in default php.ini? I want to set auto_append_file = TO auto_append_file = /partners/test.inc17:43
Jactacan anyone help me with that?17:43
=== Vovvy is now known as BirthdayAlpaca
freeone3000Jacta: sed -i.bak 's@auto_append_file = TO@auto_append_file = /partners/test.inc@' php.ini17:44
JactaThanks freeone3000 :)17:50
impihello. do i need to have swap space for my laptop to suspend when i close my laptop lid?17:53
lotuspsychjeimpi: can you describe your real problem with suspend?17:54
impilotuspsychje, for the past few days i close my laptop lid, put it in my bag and drive hom on my bike, 17km's17:54
impiwhen i get home i find that my laptop did not suspend and is very hot inside the bag17:54
lotuspsychjeimpi: did suspend work before?17:55
impilotuspsychje, yes17:55
lotuspsychjeimpi: wich ubuntu version?17:55
impipower settings is set to suspend17:55
impii resently remove my swap because i have an ssd17:55
lotuspsychjeimpi: did you check dconf-editor for the power settings?17:55
impiwas wondering if that was the cause17:56
impilotuspsychje, i have not, im doing it now17:56
lotuspsychjeimpi: wich ssd and did you change bios from IDE to AHCI?17:56
montroydoes anyone know how to get bluetooth working on linux mint17:56
lotuspsychje!bluetooth | montroy17:56
ubottumontroy: For instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup17:56
impilotuspsychje, it's a dell precision m3800 - not sure about the details, of the ssd, but i have not changed any bios settings17:57
lotuspsychjeimpi: some ssd's might need firmware update + bios set to AHCI you might wanna doublecheck that too17:57
lotuspsychjeimpi: but this might be not related to your suspend17:58
lotuspsychjeimpi: what did you do with swap exactly?17:58
impilotuspsychje, i commented out the entry in fstab and rebooted17:59
impiand i also installed a swap app17:59
impiwill tell you now which one17:59
gagaliciousi have Broadcom Corporation NetLink BCM57788 card . which works with ubuntu desktop iso installation but not with ubuntu server. how do i install Broadcom Corporation NetLink BCM57788  ? what do i need to type? apt-get install...? pls help. thanks.18:00
lotuspsychjeimpi: for suspend you could try a tail -f /var/log/syslog and same with dmesg and play around with suspend a bit18:00
impilotuspsychje, you have helped me greatly, thank you a million times over18:01
lotuspsychje!broadcom | gagalicious18:01
ubottugagalicious: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx18:01
montroythat did not work18:01
impii will take it from here and see if i can fix it, you're a star man18:01
montroyanyone know how to get bluetooth working on linux mint18:01
lotuspsychjeimpi: good luck mate, install preload also18:01
gagaliciouslotuspsychje: thanks18:01
impilotuspsychje, +118:02
lotuspsychjegagalicious: oh thats network card sorry, you might wanna look firmware/driver updates perhaps18:02
lotuspsychjegagalicious: maybe install with another wifi stick and enabled internet from there + updates enabled to make ubuntu search for drivers?18:03
lotuspsychje!mint | montroy18:03
ubottumontroy: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org18:03
lotuspsychjemontroy: we strongly reccomend you installing ubuntu desktop, where things get smooth18:04
montroyis ubuntu really that much better18:04
lotuspsychjemontroy: its the most populare Os in the world18:04
gagaliciouslotuspsychje: network card... what should i do???18:04
gagaliciouslotuspsychje: pls help. it's network card not wifi18:05
gagaliciousmiux is going to be the best18:05
lotuspsychjegagalicious: you need to be connected another way somehow, to let ubuntu get that broadcom driver18:05
lotuspsychjegagalicious: or check broadcoms website for latest linux drivers18:06
gagaliciouslotuspsychje: i intend to use another computer that can have a compatible network card detected and then install the network card driver of broadcom on that computer before moving my hdd back to the server i need18:07
gagaliciouslotuspsychje: can u help? where is the driver?18:07
DarkSim_Hi I'm using 14.04 and I'm trying to use a Polish application called Moja cewe fotoksiazka, when it starts it asks for an update but it fails telling me that a perl script doesn't exist. I don't know what to do at this point18:11
OerHeksDarkSim_, if it is not in our repos, ask the guys who made it?18:13
lalaI tried to mount my USB drive and Ubuntu Server 14.04.2 LTS gave me an error "mount: unknown filesystem type 'exfat'".18:17
lalaI found this article: http://askubuntu.com/questions/364270/mount-unknown-filesystem-exfat18:17
lalaShould I do `sudo apt-get install exfat-fuse exfat-utils` ?18:17
scarecrow7hey..i'm running 15.04..my battery has stopped charging..it was working fine few hours ago and it's now at 0% and does not charge at all..18:17
OerHekslala, yes18:17
lalaOkay thanks.18:18
OerHekslala after install, insert the usb again and it should auto18:18
lalaOh okay.18:18
lalaOerHeks: I did `sudo mount /dev/sdf1 /mnt/` and it worked.18:20
OerHekslala have fun :-)18:21
=== guest-Zl2m1e is now known as baja
bajahi i am a programmer18:22
bajai want to install mono18:23
bajaim finding difficult18:23
en1gmai have an I7-4770k and am using onboard graphics over hdmi. i having lots of problems with freezing (almost...usually recovers if i let it sit) ubuntu 15.04 amd 6418:25
OerHeks!info mono-complete18:25
ubottumono-complete (source: mono): complete Mono runtime, development tools and all libraries. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.2.8+dfsg-4ubuntu4 (vivid), package size 10 kB, installed size 71 kB18:25
OerHeksbaja install the -complete metapackage18:25
Kartagisunable to bind socket: Cannot assign requested address while installing dnsproxy. what is it clashing with?18:26
en1gmathe screen will go dim and become un responsive and i have to wait. if i open firefox it takes long time to open and the spinning icon to stop spinning. if i close it takes long time to close and when it does close if i try to open it says it already running. so i have to wait again and then click firefox icon and it will open18:26
bajaon the website i have clicked complete but its showing some text??18:26
en1gmaeverything seems really slow18:26
OerHeksbaja use softwarecenter/apt-get18:26
en1gmacan anyone help with this?18:27
scarecrow7guys..anyway i can figure out if it's a hardware problem or a problem with ubuntu???18:28
OerHeksen1gma, is there any driver available in restricted-driver menu ?18:28
en1gmayea i think there was for my graphics but let me check real quick18:28
OerHekstype driver in dach, and the tool should show up18:28
bajaim getting error @oerheks18:28
en1gmaactually no there isnt.18:28
=== Guest96438 is now known as p1l0t
lotuspsychjeen1gma: grafix card chipset and ubuntu version?18:29
bajaSoftware can't be installed or removed because the authentication service is not available. (org.freedesktop.PolicyKit.Error.Failed: ('system-bus-name', {'name':  ':1.71'}): org.debian.apt.install-or-remove-packages18:29
OerHeksbaja on what ubuntu version are you on?18:29
bajaits saying i have no priviledge18:30
en1gmai have an asus z97i-plus and onboard gpu (i7-4770k)18:31
OerHeksbaja did you use 'sudo apt-get ..' ?18:31
en1gmajust talking to you it has frozen 2x just looking at software update18:31
bajanope software center18:31
lotuspsychjeen1gma: pastebin sudo lshw -C video please?18:31
en1gmak gimmie a few secs its still freezing or responding severely slow18:31
baja unable to change to root gid: Operation not permitted18:32
en1gmai uncheck cdrom and hit reload and its still updating cache. for almost 2mins18:32
lotuspsychjeen1gma: ubuntu version? did you enable internetupdates during setup?18:32
en1gmamy mboard https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/Z97IPLUS/ with latest bios too18:33
nejni-marji_I'm trying to get my wifi to work, and connecting to my router with wpa_supplicant, and when I run 'dhcpcd wlan0' I get an IP, but I can't ping my router18:33
en1gmayep internet updates too18:33
lotuspsychjenejni-marji_: wifi card chipset please?18:33
en1gmaupdating cache still18:33
en1gmafinally it just closed18:33
en1gmaok let me get you the info you asked for18:33
=== Guest24215 is now known as harrison
baja@Oeherks check the private msg i sent u18:34
=== harrison is now known as Guest52410
en1gmagettin rdy to pastebin but opening a new tab is almost making it freeze18:34
nejni-marji_lotuspsychje: rtl8188ee18:35
ioriabaja: behind firewall or proxy  ?18:35
en1gmastill cant type in the address bar even though new tab is open18:35
en1gmascreen going dark after i did type pastebin.com but it not going to it18:36
tomkralidishi, we're using Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS and have installed libxml2-dev                        2.8.0+dfsg1-5ubuntu2.2~precise118:36
OerHeksbaja, keepit in the channel, please.18:36
tomkralidiswe'd like to have this patch available: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libxml2/+bug/1194410/comments/418:36
ubottuUbuntu bug 1194410 in libxml2 (Ubuntu Quantal) "Apply upstream patch to close XXE vulnerability in precise" [Medium,Fix released]18:36
lotuspsychje!realtek | nejni-marji_18:36
ubottunejni-marji_: some help for recent Realtek chipsets can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/RealtekRTL8187b18:36
tomkralidishow would one go about ensuring a patched version is installed?18:37
OerHeksbaja i suspect something is wrong, or your system is mounted read only, or you removed service sfrom startup18:37
lotuspsychjenejni-marji_: check also realteks website for latest firmware/drivers for linux18:37
en1gmastill waiting....18:37
en1gmalotuspsychje http://pastebin.com/G7zCCb7y18:37
en1gmai dont think i have xeon18:38
baja@Oerheks so whats the way foward18:39
bajai dont need this kind of trouble18:40
lotuspsychjeen1gma: ubuntu version please?18:40
bajaim enjoying ubuntu and i dont want issues that restrict me from continue18:40
en1gmawhats the command again18:41
en1gmai looking for it above but lost it18:41
bajacan you help18:41
jmspeexOK, so this is what I get when booting Xubuntu 14.04 before I hit any key on the keyboard or press any mouse button:18:41
en1gmauname -r?18:42
en1gmamy dang router has reset 4x since i booted up but i do think that is my isp18:42
jmspeexthen if I actually enter a password the error disappears, and I'm left with this: http://jmvalin.ca/misc_stuff/trusty_login2.png18:42
OerHeksbaja, normally you can ' sudo touch /forcefsck ' to force filecheck on next boot, but you have no sudo ..18:43
jmspeexwhere the password field is actually disabled (can't type anything)18:43
OerHeksbaja boot in recoverymode, and perform this comand, and reboot to let the system check itself.18:43
bajasudo: unable to change to root gid: Operation not permitted18:44
jmspeexright now the only way I can login is "Ctrl-Alt-F2, login/password, startx"18:44
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LandoftheJunds a game! Coweare Lynx grover, Colege fucklethootbalt wat's that andskin Auguld brucks, Cornfuck beept bubblie the ray!18:45
=== N is now known as Guest20816
en1gmalotuspsychje do you need any more info?18:51
nejni-marji_I have the drivers for my wireless chip installed, and I have an IP on my network, but I can't ping anything18:51
nrfullahnejni-marji_: Helps to know the hardware and what driverb you mean.18:54
lotuspsychjeen1gma: did you try lighter versions like lubuntu or xubuntu?18:55
nejni-marjinrfullah: rtl8188ee18:55
nrfullahnejni-marji: Thanks, just include that in the posts is all, not an area I know.18:56
en1gmaright now im running off an ubuntu live cd called gnuradio / sdr. i have a usb 3.0 hdd that has full install of ubuntu 15.04 (almost exactly like what im running now) and it does same thing18:56
iorianejni-marji, can't you ping yourself or the router ?18:56
en1gmai think im gonna downgrade to 14.04 and do a full install18:57
en1gmai would really like to get this working first so i dont have to do all that18:57
lotuspsychjeen1gma: yeah try LTS or lighter versions lubuntu/xubuntu18:57
en1gmayou dont think there is an actual fix?18:58
lotuspsychjeen1gma: depends what causes this, if 14.04 doesnt perform well either, could be your onboard grafix too low for unity..18:58
nejni-marjiioria: I can ping myself, but not the router.18:58
lotuspsychjeen1gma: try a 14.04 livecd first perhaps to test18:59
en1gmayea that probably a good idea18:59
en1gmaok thanks18:59
iorianejni-marji, your ip is correct respect to the router ip ?18:59
nejni-marjiioria: Yes.18:59
iorianejni-marji, can you paste ifconfig and route ?19:00
nejni-marjiioria: Route to what? router?19:00
iorianejni-marji, the output of the command 'route'19:01
nejni-marjiioria: Okay, hang on19:01
hituCan ay one tell what is ubuntu next phone ?19:04
lotuspsychje!touch | hitu19:04
ubottuhitu: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch19:04
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nejni-marji_ioria: http://pastebin.com/FUqt8QXh19:05
freezeveecan anyone please help me with a rails/nginx/passenger installation in ubuntu 14.04 ? I get 403 pages19:05
freezevee*2 directory index of... forbidden is what I get19:05
freezeveeany ideas ?19:05
iorianejni-marji, i think you have no gateway/router :-(19:07
nejni-marjiioria: That's weird. Is there a way to fix that?19:08
bull3t_sixneed a little help with lxc. So I have configured and started a container in the lxc web interface but I get no results in "lxc list" or lxc-ls. what gives19:08
iorianejni-marji, the eth is working ?19:09
bull3t_sixI have installed and uninstalled lxd, so it may have something to do with my issue19:09
nejni-marjiioria: Yes.19:09
Ally_Hello, is there anyone that can help as I've gotten myself into a predicament.19:10
iorianejni-marji, iwconfig looks ok ?19:10
iorianejni-marji, by the way, i  don't see wlan0 inteface in your ifconfig19:11
lotuspsychje!ask | Ally_19:11
ubottuAlly_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:11
Ally_Earlier, I installed Linux Ubuntu for my first time after trying at a friend's house and when I selected "erase and install Linux" from my USB drive, it rebooted. Great! But when I try to boot up with another drive, nothing works. No drives work for me. This is a bummer as I can't use my PC at all anymore.19:12
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lotuspsychjefreezevee: can the #nginx guys help you perhaps?19:12
freezeveelotuspsychje: nope19:13
nejni-marji_ioria: http://pastebin.com/a7dzg1Ay19:13
lotuspsychjeAlly_: did you disable fastboot and secureboot from bios<?19:13
Ally_I think so.19:13
lotuspsychjeAlly_: is there an underscore _ when you try to boot?19:14
iorianejni-marji, well, the interface it's not configured... how can you ping your ip ?19:14
Ally_I'm not sure what option it is in my BIOS19:14
DarkSim_If one installs software with a install.pl file, how would you go by uninstalling said software?19:14
icewalkerssh -X u@remotehost failed with (process:6397): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion 'sys_page_size == 0' failed19:14
icewalkerError: cannot open display: :0.019:14
lotuspsychjeAlly_: if your default Os is win8, you need to disable fastboot + secureboot in bios to install ubuntu19:14
Ally_No. It just says "reboot and enter proper media device" - not exact as I'm doing this from memory.19:14
iorianejni-marji, are  you pinging ?19:14
icewalkerdo i need to have xserver install on remotehost?19:14
nejni-marjiioria: I'm pinging
nejni-marjiioria: I'd use dhcpcd wlan0 to configure it, right?19:15
Ally_I tried to delete win8 as I wanted to swap to Ubuntu. From the install menu, I selected "erase and install Ubuntu"19:15
lotuspsychjeicewalker: maybe the #openssh guys can answer that?19:15
iorianejni-marji, open Network Connection and set it manual19:15
lotuspsychjeAlly_: doublecheck your bios settings: disable fastboot and disable secureboot and try again install ubuntu19:16
Ally_So at the moment, I can't boot into any drive19:16
iorianejni-marji, not automatic, enter your ip,  mask, gateway and dns19:16
lotuspsychje!uefi | Ally_19:16
ubottuAlly_: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI19:16
Ally_I'm not sure if my machine is UEFI?19:17
lotuspsychjeAlly_: if you have win8 its uefi19:17
Ally_I did have win8, yes but it got erased19:17
lotuspsychjeAlly_: doublecheck those settings in bios please19:17
Ally_There is no fast boot/secure boot options for me. Just silent boot19:18
lotuspsychjeAlly_: dont you see legacy/uefi options in there?19:18
Ally_Only something about legacy which says enabled19:19
lotuspsychjeAlly_: yeah then you need to find secureboot and fastboot aswell19:19
Ally_I've searched all over. Doesn't seem to have it.19:19
lotuspsychjeAlly_: if their enabled, you wont be able to boot ubuntu19:19
lotuspsychjeAlly_: what kind of machine is this?19:19
Ally_Even though no boot option works?19:20
PhveektorHow to I install ubuntu on efi19:20
lotuspsychje!efi | Phveektor19:20
ubottuPhveektor: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI19:20
Ally_It was a pre built Acer machine19:20
PhveektorDon't wanna use legacy again19:20
lotuspsychjeAlly_: doublecheck every single option, until you can disable those19:21
lotuspsychjeAlly_: try the ##hardware channel if you can find it19:21
Ally_I have unfortunately19:21
Ally_Alright. Thanks. I'll go ask there19:22
lotuspsychjeAlly_: is uefi or legacy enabled?19:22
Ally_Only something about legacy19:22
Sewerratsudo dd if=placeof.img of=/dev/sdx is this the correct way to mount and img file on a sd card for raspberry pi?19:23
noonkerSewerrat: If you mean copy an image file to a SD card that looks right to me19:24
Jordan_USewerrat: "mount" is not the correct term here, and be *very* careful whenever using dd. Using the wrong device for of could result in losing all data on an important drive.19:25
bull3t_sixdoes installing and configuring lxc web interface disable the ability to manage containers with the cli? That sounds really stupid asking that, because that is not the case for like anything else I have ever used but "lxc list" is not showing any containers at all.19:26
noonkerSewerrat: What Jordan_U said. Also when you run dd it's not verbous at all and will take a very long time.19:26
zakulrekyaim cute19:29
Sewerratok thanks!19:30
max3does anyone here know a FOSS source code management tool that will auth will ldap and respect ldap groups19:30
Picimax3: I was just about to suggest gitlab, it it looks like only its commercial variant supports ldap groups.19:33
icewalkerfound my problem . i needed to create the missing ~/.Xauthority file19:33
max3Pici, yes19:33
Jordan_Umax3: http://git-scm.com/book/ch4-2.html briefly mentions ldap, saying "As long as each user can get shell access on the machine, any SSH authentication mechanism you can think of should work.". See also http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1573722/git-with-ldap-authorization .19:34
max3ldap auth i know how to do19:35
max3i need group membership too19:35
yingw787hi does anyone know where this channel is logged19:35
SchrodingersScat!logs | yingw78719:35
ubottuyingw787: Official channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too.19:35
yingw787also does anyone have familiarity with the syntax of /etc/fstab19:35
yingw787thanks I will check that out19:35
SchrodingersScat!fstab | yingw78719:35
ubottuyingw787: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions19:35
SchrodingersScatyingw787: if you run into snags you can often pastebin what you're working with and include it with your question19:36
yingw787cool I will share my /etc/fstab in a pastebin19:36
Jordan_Uzakulrekya: Please limit your comments to productive, ubuntu related, support discussion.19:36
yingw787or rather the line relevant to what I'm doing19:37
yingw787so here it is19:37
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yingw787I am trying to make a virtualized NAS device on an LXC container19:37
yingw787and the container with the NAS filesystem has the IP
yingw787I am running everything as root19:38
yingw787because that's what it defaulted to19:38
yingw787it says that I have a parse error with this line19:38
yingw787the file system is XFS19:38
yingw787I'm not sure if I can use CIFS in this but I don't know enough about the differences between the two in order to tell19:39
yingw787I was following a tutorial with this linen19:39
conan1Good afternoon, someone could help me. I can not help the brightness of my monitor. I'm using ubuntu-mate.19:39
Marioiscool246Anyone here?19:39
conan1Good afternoon, someone could help me. I can not help the brightness of my monitor. I'm using ubuntu-mate.19:40
conan1Good afternoon, someone could help me. I can not help the brightness of my monitor. I'm using ubuntu-mate.19:40
Marioiscool246whats happening19:40
VooDooNOFXHow can I find which configure parameters an ubuntu provided library (collectd-5.4.0-3ubuntu2) used to create the original binary?19:42
levoi installed libjava-gnome-java ( a java library) where does the .jar file go?19:43
jhutchinsconan1: No need to repeat yourself.  Monitor brightness is not usually software controlled.19:43
jayjois there a way to email myself if any of my cronjobs fail for any reason natively with linux?19:45
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jhutchinsjayjo: Write a wrapper that catches the exit code, do a conditional email on that.19:47
jayjojhutchins: with shell script or python?19:48
jhutchinsjayjo: Yes.19:48
jayjoOK thanks19:48
ioria http://serverfault.com/questions/610437/when-cron-is-completed-how-to-get-email-notification-and-log-in-a-file-both19:48
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Picijayjo: normally cron will mail your user will any failures.19:49
jhutchinsPici: Cron will email job output, not just errors.19:49
Picijhutchins: right, maybe I misread.19:49
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yingw787hello is there anybody there19:54
yingw787I am looking to fix some syntax here19:54
yingw787/ /share cifs uid=0 gid=0 iocharset=utf8 sec=ntlm 0 019:55
yingw787in /etc/fstab file19:55
yingw787I am trying to make a NAS virtualized filesystem with XFS in an XLC containre19:55
yingw787but I am having some difficulties19:55
yingw787please let me know if you can help19:55
wjko777yingw787 it would help if you expand on "some difficulties"19:56
conan1Good afternoon, someone could help me. I can not help the brightness of my monitor. I'm using ubuntu-mate.20:00
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Apachezhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2WlQZf9zSg Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Leap Second (HBO)20:01
EriC^conan1: not familiar with mate but there might be something in settings20:02
Jordan_UApachez: This channel is for Ubuntu related support discussion only. For offtopic discussion of leap seconds please join #ubuntu-offtopic.20:03
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shkuratahow can I sync an Iphone with Ubuntu20:06
EriC^conan1: try sudo apt-get install mate-power-manager20:06
shkuratais there any program20:06
VooDooNOFXjayjo: You can also set the MAILTO="some@address.com" at the top line of your crontab. This will send the output of all cron entries (and stdout/stderr) to you.20:11
rasalghulshkurata, maybe if you see this post can make it works on ubuntu http://blog.xenodesystems.com/2014/03/how-to-managesync-your-ios-7-device.html20:11
rasalghulHi! I can't get work my ethernet interface on ubuntu 14.04.02 on Asus ROG g75vw, anybody can help me?20:12
jhutchinsrasalghul: lspci -nn, find the PCI ID at the end of the line for the chipset, let us know what chipset and pciid you have.  You can look in dmesg | less and see if there are errors or messages about missing firmware.20:13
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nrfullahshkurata: here is a wiki to glance at, never had an apple product myself is all, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone20:15
rasalghuljhutchins, ok, let me paste the info on pastebin20:15
rasalghulthanks :)20:16
jayjoif I ONLY need email to send the output of my crontab success or errors, do I need an MTA? Should I use SSMTP or postfix?20:17
jayjois that mainly a preference question?20:17
rasalghuljhutchins, Here I have the info http://pastebin.com/z0Wwx0xz20:18
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jollytickif i use luks encryption on ubuntu for root and don't make a swap partition, would it be a pain to add one that's encrypted at a later time?20:24
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nrfullahjollytick: Might help to look at this link on info on dm-crypt https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Dm-crypt/Swap_encryption#Using_a_swap_file20:26
jhutchinsrasalghul: Should be supported by atl1c, should not need firmware, so dmesg | less and start looking for errors (or any message regarding the nic).20:30
jollyticknrfullah: kinda cryptic to me. i guess my real question is would it be difficult to create an encrypted swap that isn't going to even be on the same drive that ubuntu would be installed to at a later time20:32
rasalghuljhutchins, how can I copy the result of dmesg | less?20:32
jhutchinsrasalghul: The idea is for YOU to read it.20:33
jhutchinsrasalghul: You can learn a lot about your system that way.20:33
jollyticki'm not sure I need a swap is the issue, and if i make one now i'm going to have to resize partitions and such to make room. I have 16 GB of ram, but will multitask pretty heavily and possibly have up to 2 guest virtualbox linux installations running as well20:34
rasalghuljhutchins, ok, so... I start looking "nic" in the messages?20:35
jhutchinsrasalghul: Right, or "Atheros", or "network".20:36
jhutchinsrasalghul: is it possible it's just not configured?  does /sbin/ifconfig -a show it?20:37
rasalghuljhutchins, yes it's shows like ifconfig20:39
Ranieri_Anyone else on 14.04 and having troubles installing Dropbox?20:43
jhutchinsrasalghul: Ok, then you either need to set up the interfaces file (best if it's a static connection), or use network manager to configure it.20:43
nrfullahrasalghul: Better if you describe your issue to the channel.20:44
Ranieri_Dropbox asks for admin password, and does nothing.20:44
jhutchinsrasalghul: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/network-configuration.html20:45
rasalghulnrfullah, what channel?20:45
nrfullahRanieri_: nautilus needs a resart in the process, have you opened it perchance20:45
nrfullahrasalghul: I tagged your nick mistakenly, sorry.20:46
rasalghulnrfullah, ok :)20:47
squintyRanieri_,  go to dropbox site and download applicable ubuntu deb.  use gdebi to install.  once installed, click on dropbox in menu and it should retrieve some extra files and then set up your account etc20:47
Guest89019what program do i  need to burn  a coiple of distros in a dvd20:48
rasalghuljhutchins, ok I'm going to view this guide and try to set up the interface on static connection20:48
Guest89019to make them bootable like whit yumi20:48
nrfullahGuest89019: multi boots are easier on a flash20:49
jhutchinsrasalghul: It's a little over-complicated, basically you just need the setup in /etc/network/interfaces20:49
jhutchinsrasalghul: Probably just the dhcp example.20:49
Guest89019i don't have a flash drive  at the moment20:49
jhutchinsrasalghul: No need to reboot, just ifup eth020:49
jhutchinsGuest89019: Multiple isos on the same disk are a bit complicated, one-per-disk is easy.20:50
Guest89019well in fact i am runin a live  distro from a micro sd20:50
rasalghuljhutchins, ok20:50
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Guest89019one per disk is lonely20:53
Guest89019well i have a cd20:53
Guest89019do i need other program than brasero and  qhere is the ubuntu distro thanisnot that heavy20:54
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Jordan_UGuest59964: It's possible to include any number of Ubuntu iso files (as files, not extracted) on either an sd card or a DVD, but not all distros support this. If you are just making a disk containing Ubuntu isos then we can help you here, if you want to boot other distros as well then you'll need to ask in ##linux or get information from multiple distro specific channels.20:54
Guest89019thnaks Jordan_U  for started les  make  a cd whit ubuntu20:57
xanguaGuest89019: would be easier to multiboot with a USB stick20:57
Jordan_UGuest59964: OK, what versions of Ubuntu are you planning to put on this DVD? (very few Ubuntu isos will fit on a CD, let alone multiple images on one).21:00
jayjois there a way to encrypt my ssmtp.conf password?21:04
Guest89019i was looking    want zorin but  is hevy like 1.5 gb21:05
jayjoI don't want to put my email password in a plaintext file21:05
Jordan_UGuest59964: Zorin is also not Ubuntu, and thus we can't help you with it here. This channel is for Ubuntu support only (not derivatives).21:06
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jayjoif I don't want to store my pasword, should I just use postfix?21:08
Guest89019then kubuntu  and lubuntu are a no-no21:08
Bashing-omGuest89019: K/Lubuntu do enjoy support .21:09
Jordan_UGuest59964: Kubuntu and Lubuntu are "flavors", they are official versions of Ubuntu and all flavors use exactly the same repositories.21:09
pbxjayjo, do these instructions work for your situation? https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/SSMTP#Security21:09
pbxjayjo, postfix is swell, but running an MTA is a big leap from using ssmtp.21:10
rasalghul_jhutchins, it's strange i tried to reboot with the ethernet cable connected, and it works, but the led indicator on the port doesn't work... and put the live usb with 15.04 and works just fine (but the lights don't work)21:10
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jayjopbx: I agree, I actually think I'll just use a different gmail account that I don't mind storing the password21:10
Jordan_UGuest59964: That said, you will not be able to fit kubuntu and lubuntu on a single CD. Lubuntu's image will use the entire space of a CD, and Kubuntu's won't fit on a CD even alone.21:11
jayjoI'm not the administrator on the machine21:11
rasalghul_jhutchins, right now I'm connected with the ethernet21:11
Guest89019yes i decide to go whit dvd21:12
Guest89019i will do the cd later whit one sitro o small distros like puppy or something21:13
Jordan_UGuest89019: OK, do you have the Kubuntu and Lubuntu isos already downloaded?21:14
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Guest89019i am on it21:14
Guest89019i alredy have ubuntu 1521:14
Jordan_UGuest89019: To start, we'll make a directory that will contain the files we want to have on our DVD image. "mkdir dvd_contents/" then we'll make directories within that for files we'll need "mkdir -p dvd_contents/boot/grub/ && mkdir dvd_contents/boot-isos/".21:17
Jordan_UGuest89019: What live distribution are you currently booted into?21:18
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Jordan_UGuest89019: Please either boot from an Ubuntu Live system or join ##linux to cotinue then.21:21
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Guest89019that will take time because  i will hve to download the distroas again  no to mention install xchat21:22
Jordan_UGuest89019: It's your choice if you want to join ##linux or take the extra time to get Ubuntu and continue here.21:26
kriskropdif my user is added to the group www-data, and I'm trying to access a folder with permissions 0770 to root:www-data and I'm receving 'Permission denied' everytime I try to `cd` to that directory, what should I do?21:33
brontosaurusrexkriskropd: that 0 in front means disable listing for other users irc21:35
Jordan_Ukriskropd: Please pastebin the output of "groups" and "ls -ld /path/to/directory/".21:36
jhutchinsbrontosaurusrex: Nope.21:38
jhutchinsbrontosaurusrex: To disable reading by other users you set their permissions to -x21:39
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kriskropdbrontosaurusrex: i know what the 0 for 'others' means - thats why i don't understand why my user in www-data is being treated as an other21:40
kriskropdJordan_U:  `groups && groups kris && ls -ld /path/to/directory | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us` > http://sprunge.us/PLfe21:40
Jordan_Ukriskropd: http://sprunge.us/PLfe is a completely empty page21:41
kriskropdJordan_U: yeah, sorry - i goofed21:41
kriskropdkris : kris sudo www-data  < output of `groups kris`21:42
kriskropddrwxrwxr-x 7 root www-data 4096 Jun 30 17:28 /usr/share/nginx/krisbrookins.com/21:42
kriskropdthat directory has 775 and works because my user is being treated as other21:43
Ranieri_What's a good news reader for Ubuntu?21:43
kriskropdbut when I switch it back to 770, it's as if my user isn't in www-data, which can be seen above21:43
Jordan_Ukriskropd: Did you run "ls -ld /usr/share/nginx/krisbrookins.com/" as the user "kris"?21:44
kriskropdthats right21:44
Jordan_Ukriskropd: Does that mean "yes"?21:45
kriskropdJordan_U: yes, su -c 'ls -ld /usr/share/nginx/krisbrookins.com' kris will produce drwxrwxr-x 7 root www-data 4096 Jun 30 17:28 /usr/share/nginx/krisbrookins.com21:47
kriskropdbut if I change that directory to 770, my user cannot see that directory21:48
kriskropddespite `groups kris` showing   kris : kris sudo www-data21:48
Jordan_Ukriskropd: OK, does the following list the contents of /usr/share/nginx/krisbrookins.com/?:  sudo chmod 770 /usr/share/nginx/krisbrookins.com && su -c "ls /usr/share/nginx/krisbrookins.com/" kris21:51
kriskropdJordan_U: yes ... but when i tried to ls that directory without `su` I received 'ls: cannot open directory /usr/share/nginx/krisbrookins.com/: Permission denied'21:53
Jordan_Ukriskropd: Are you currently running as the user "kris"?21:54
kriskropdJordan_U: yes I am21:55
Jordan_Ukriskropd: Then why did you bother with using "su -c" when I asked you for the output of "groups"? Please post the output of "groups" as I asked you to do originally. Do not modify the command in any way.21:56
Caballerohello ppl, i have that weird problem that when I plug headphones in my sound get muted and when i unplug them it unmutes but some time the sound will not work again for some reason.. i can hit the mute unmute button as i please, go to sound setting and verify that noting is mutted there, yet no sound. it sometimes fixes itself after replugging and unplugging hedphones. im using the latest stable ubuntu distro on a HP laptop. thank you21:56
MonkeyDustCaballero  in a terminal, type 'alsamixer' ... anything unusual?21:57
kriskropdJordan_U: http://sprunge.us/WFPV21:57
kriskropdas you can see, it works with su, it doesn't work without21:58
kriskropdJordan_U: is `groups` not the same as `groups kris` ?21:58
kriskropdJordan_U: huh, I guess not `groups` gives me 'kris sudo' while `groups kris` gives me 'kris : kris sudo www-data21:59
CaballeroMonkeyDust, seems prety normal to me: master 47 heaphone speaker and pcm at 100, front front line line all at 00s21:59
Jordan_Ukriskropd: Yes. "groups" and "groups kris" are not the same, even if you are already logged in as kris, as explained in "man groups". Don't modify commands given to you when troubleshooting, it only makes things confusing. If you had not modified the command I would have told you the problem immediately.22:00
MonkeyDustCaballero  if you see MM anywhere, go there and hit m to unmute22:00
Jordan_Ukriskropd: Great. That means that you recently added yourself to the www-data group, and have not logged out of this session since doing so. Any new "login" (including su -c) will act with the appropriate groups, so just log out then back in again.22:00
* kriskropd facepalm22:00
kriskropdJordan_U: okay then - thanks for the help :) it kind of irritates me that it works like that, but I can deal with it22:01
Jordan_Ukriskropd: You're welcome.22:01
usr13kriskropd: I always just symlink to /home/dirs  (easier to me...)22:02
CaballeroMonkeyDust,  unmuted everything and yet cant hear a ssound either with speaker or headphone22:02
kriskropdCaballero: F6 in alsamixer will let you select another card - do you have any other cards that it might be defaulting to instead when you plug it in?22:04
Caballeroit says:  - defailt22:05
Caballero- default 0 inter hda22:05
Caballeroso that looks normal kriskropd22:06
Caballeroalso the sound use to work perfectly al lthe time and that plug unplugues works fine some times and some time has made that bug happen.. right now i wont have any sound on my lap no matter was until i reboot the system..22:07
MonkeyDustCaballero  sounds like your sound is unstable, that is hard to troubleshoot or deal with, we need to havez a stzrting point22:13
Caballeroany way to kill the ''soudn management app'' and relaunch it other then rebooting?22:14
bekksRestart pulseaudio?22:14
shkuratamy ubuntu doesn't sleep anymore22:15
voltyhi, ubuntu-14.04.2 lts, I have muon blocked with «Waiting for configuration file». What should I do? Close it and check / install with apt-get update ?22:15
shkuratawhen I close my laptop22:15
shkuratathis is from yesterday22:15
krab10hi, can someone PLEASE explain to me open source software licensing in private messaging?? please, i want to know how it works22:15
shkuratahelp please22:16
Caballerowell, thank you MonkeyDust  and thank you kriskropd, will reboot it for now and look into that another day ;)22:17
Kamal_MaxHas any body any experience  for installing open cv22:18
kriskropdKamal_Max: it's in the canonical repositories iirc22:19
=== Malsasa_ is now known as Malsasa
kriskropdKamal_Max: yeah, I see lots of libs for it `apt-cache search opencv` - you might want to check with #opencv if you need to know which ones you need for your projec though22:20
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Kamal_MaxI'm looking for a fast and easy way for installing it22:23
usr13Kamal_Max: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenCV22:25
usr13Kamal_Max: http://rodrigoberriel.com/2014/10/installing-opencv-3-0-0-on-ubuntu-14-04/22:26
jayjois there any practical difference to using ssmtp vs a python library in sending cron error emails?22:27
MonkeyDustjayjo  start from the beginning... what brings you here22:29
jayjolol! I just want to send myself emails in case something goes wrong with scripts that update my db fro external sources.22:30
tintedwindowshey i am unfarmililar w/ loading ubuntu on macs.  my friend brought his old comp over and its an old mac giving me troubles.  i already made a dvd of the iso in disk utility.  now what?22:31
MonkeyDusttintedwindows  insert the dvd, boot from dvd, follow instructions22:32
tintedwindowshow do i boot to the dvd on a mac22:32
tintedwindowshold option key?22:33
ubottuFor PPC discussion, join #ubuntu-powerpc. For discussion on Mac software, or help with same, please visit ##apple.22:33
tintedwindowsthe apple key ok22:34
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tintedwindowsok  its saying select cd rom boot type22:38
tintedwindowsi held the option key down that was the only thing that worked22:39
tintedwindowsthis is weird22:39
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MonkeyDusttintedwindows  find out how to boot from dvd, then come back for help22:39
tintedwindowsthis is a macbook the ones before macbook pro22:39
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snkcldwhen i 1) have nvidia module loaded 2) am plugged in to an external display, then => when i copy paste in chrome, my browser freezes23:17
snkclddoes this make _any_ sense, to anybody?23:17
snkcldi will pay you money if you can tell me what the hell the problem is lol23:17
MonkeyDustsnkcld  i'm happy with the money, then i'l start looking23:19
snkcldill like, gittip you or whatever23:20
snkcldlike 100$23:20
snkcldseriously, this is such a pain in the a$$23:20
MonkeyDustsnkcld  do you have the same issue with another browser?23:20
snkcldlet me add one more detail:23:20
MonkeyDustok, then it's chrome related23:20
snkcldin atom, when i close a tab, this issue pops up23:20
snkcldonly when nvidia is loaded, and im in an external display23:20
snkcldso im thinking it could be something with some broken opengl nvidia function???23:21
MonkeyDustwhat's atom?23:21
snkcldits just a text editor (similar to sublim etext)23:21
snkcldisnt that strange though?23:23
buzz_does anyone here use fortinet ssl vpn on ubuntu?23:24
snkcldwhen the nvidia module _isnt_ loaded, then i can copy paste just fine23:24
Ranieri_I don't understand this primary partition, extended partition stuff.23:27
buzz_what don't you understand Ranieri_23:27
mtnRanieri_, http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Partition/23:28
Ranieri_mtn: Cool, I'll check it out23:28
mtnRanieri_, maybe more than you want to know, but it has your answer ;)23:28
Bashing-omRanieri_: See :https://iam.tj/kb/pc/boot/#a_bootloader ; Great tutorial. Basicly, 4 primary partitions, one of the primary partitions is ,made up as an 'extended' partition and within this exteneded partition ( a container) are the 'logical' partitions .23:29
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shammy_hi ....can someone help me with wifi lubuntu please?23:33
buzz_adapter not working shammy_ ?23:34
JenovaHello All. Hows everyone doing?23:34
bodhi_zazenHot =)23:35
shammy_belkin wireless g plus card....works with install cd but quits wiupdatesth23:35
shammy_with install23:35
Jenovahehe. I got my AC running fullblast here.23:35
bodhi_zazenJenova, pool therapy here23:36
shammy_how can i get belkin wireless g plus card working ?23:37
bodhi_zazenidentify the chip, belkin wireless is meaningless sh23:38
cinco15heollo mdo i just bunn whit braseo a image  to make it butable23:38
cinco15the option that says  burn iso23:38
buzz_shammy_ have you ran an update with ethernet?23:38
shammy_texas instruments pci1410 pc card bus controller23:39
shammy_works with install on old lubuntu23:40
buzz_shammy_ The proprietary drivers can be activated under the desktop menu System > Administration > Hardware/Additional Drivers using an existing Internet connection (Ethernet or USB) for best results23:40
shammy_is there anyway to p old  satellite pc.....i ripped the moniter off and now it cant find external monitor....sometimes with other distros23:42
shammy_ty bodhi23:43
everhezhola alguien por aca23:46
Bashing-omcinco15: And ? I do suggest to selct properties, and set the burn at lowest setting .23:47
cinco15rebootin to try23:48
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LewocoIs there any way to change the delay before keys start repeating and the repeat frequency?23:59
SchrodingersScatkeyboard settings?23:59

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