m0r0nHas anyone had issues with loading large images?02:58
m0r0nI have a 55MB image and both Gimp and the default viewer crash02:58
holsteinm0r0n: nope.. what is the image type? try opening from terminal and see the messages..02:59
m0r0njpeg. okay03:00
holsteinyou can share the image, and i'll try and open it, if you like..03:00
m0r0n97.6MB **03:02
holsteinm0r0n: its open here..03:03
holsteinanyways, you have all kinds of errors to look up there03:04
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ReptiliaSince i can't enter the aircrack-ng IRC channel, i will ask here. When i run the packet injection test, using the aireplay-ng command, i am getting the following message: http://pastebin.com/cG6kQKKJ . Any ideas? Thanks in advance.11:02
cfhowlettReptilia, probably need to register for aircrack11:04
roninany idea what could cause fan error on my thinkpad t6115:52
roninit even starts and the fan rolls so..15:52
roninor i mean starts and gives an error and turns off15:53
holsteinfan error? maybe hardware breakage? overheating at boot?.. i might try and isolate the OS from that..15:53
roninyes, before anything happens it gives the fan error. in the past it booted every now and then after reboot (if i got the error) but no it wont boot at all15:55
roninmaybe the fan is breaking but i dont understand how it can sense that15:55
holsteinthe bios?15:55
roninbecause it made weird sounds at some point15:55
holsteinit would have sensors, potentially15:56
holsteinin those cases, i will try and remove the hard drive, so that i can be more "forceful" without worrying about breaking it15:56
ronini cannot even enter bios because it shuts ddown before entering15:56
holsteini will search hardware specific formus.. i will try and get in the case, as much as possible, and look for loose connections, or broken hardware.. or, just things that can be causing overheating.. animal hair, dust.. etc15:57
lduroshi, I recently installed xubuntu 15.04 and was using 14.04.2 before that. My laptop is a MacBookPro retina display. With ARandr in 14.04, I was able to lower the resolution from 2880x1800 to 1900x1200, but now when I do this I just get a black screen. Any idea what could be going on? Thx15:57
holsteinlduros: hardware driver support.. maybe a regression from what you said.. what driver are you using? what GPU is that?16:01
ldurosthis is what i see from lshw16:03
lduros^^ holstein16:03
ldurosit's using nouveau as a driver, as far as i can remember it was using nouveau as well before16:04
holsteinlduros: you can try the proprietary drivers, and see if thats any "better"16:09
ldurosalright, i'll give it a shot... hopefully I won't just brick my laptop16:11
holsteinlduros: well, you should be able to enter the recover kernel, and revert16:12
roninmoney well spent for a chinese fan, after two years and its broken16:21
ldurosnvidia firmware failed. the screen was black after a few seconds of xubuntu booting splash screen16:35
DarkSim_Hello. I'm using Xubuntu 14.04, I'm trying to use an application which is proprietary (and not even PPA-based) If anyone cares to take on the case I'll be glad, the application is Polish and is called Moja cewe fotoksiazka. It asks for an update when I start it up but then it tells me the perl script doesn't exist? I did find a updater.pl but I think it might be pointed wrong18:08
MrSassyPantsok I seem to be missing stuff like xfce4-mixer after installing xubuntu-desktop18:59
MrSassyPantsis there a -full metapackage that I don't see?19:00
Unit193xfce4-mixer isn't installed by default.  But did you install the meta or the task?  Installing the task is usually better.19:01
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hylianhello all20:41
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bynarieanybody know how to change the time display on the lockscreen. so instead of 24 hour format i would like it to be 12 hour format23:14
GridCubeis'nt it the same as your desktop clock?23:23
GridCubebynarie, sudo mousepad /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf23:25
bynariethank you23:26
windows_babbyhi, I'm trying to install xubuntu on my ssd and reinstall windows on my hdd after a horrendous failure trying to fix issues with elementary OS. just looking for some clarifications23:52
GridCube!ask | windows_babby23:52
ubottuwindows_babby: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience23:52
windows_babbygot it. this is my first time using a support IRC so I apologize. might I ask what exactly is the purpose of partitioning parts of the drive for the OS? why I would make a partition much bigger than the actual size of the OS for it?23:55
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/23:57
GridCubewindows_babby, think of it like this, you have a house, you want to have a kitchen and a bathroom, you also want a bedroom and a dinner room, you could technically have it all in the same space, but its usually better to divide the house with walls, you are in fact partitioning your house in different spaces, but its in the essence the same house23:57
GridCubepartitioning a disk is similar to this in many aspects23:58
GridCubeyou want to partition a disk to place stuff on one area that doesnt affect the other in general, so if you renew your kitchen you can still use the bedroom23:58
GridCubedoes this makes sense to you?23:58
windows_babbythat's a very helpful analogy. so would it be unwise, seeing as the OS is just under 1gb, to make its partition (the ext4 with a "/"23:59
windows_babby*"/" mount point, if I'm not mistaken) only 1.5gb?23:59
GridCubeare you not planning on installing any software at all?23:59

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