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lordievaderRemind me of an older plymouth theme.10:32
BluesKajHey folks12:18
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BluesKajhmm, something up with systemd starting up the daemons etc. it's taking almost a minute to reach the login/greeter screen...have to ask if anyone else is experiencing this on 15.10?13:29
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murthyBluesKaj: I have uninstalled the nvidia binary driver and now I am using the nouveau. How to enable vdpau on nouveau17:04
murthylibvdpau1 package is installed17:05
murthylibva1 package is also installed17:06
murthyshould I install vdpau-va-driver package?17:06
BluesKajmurthy, dunno , Inormally install the nvidia-340 driver asap from driver manager or directlt via the terminal17:08
murthyBluesKaj: ok I will fall back to the binary driver17:09
ahoneybunyay I'm all booked17:21
clivejoahoneybun: first time in europe?18:03
ovidiu-florinhello sexy people. I'm back :D20:15
ovidiu-florinhave I missed anything?20:16
sick_rimmitHey ovidiu-florin20:25
sick_rimmitThe very fella20:25
sick_rimmitI'm just looking around the wp-admin cpanel of the new website20:25
ovidiu-florinsick_rimmit: cpanel is a different product. calling the WP admin interface cpanel is confusing.20:27
sick_rimmitAh whatever...20:28
sick_rimmitSo I am looking around WP admin20:28
sick_rimmitI don't use WP, I am a Joomla guy really20:28
sick_rimmitI'm not touching anything just looking20:29
clivejohows the new site looking?20:45
clivejoI was thinking the following plugin could be modified, or a simular one developed for placing Kubuntu members on a map - https://wordpress.org/plugins/usermap/20:49
clivejomodify it to use OSM and leaflet20:54
ovidiu-florinclivejo: good idea, but that would require to give access to everyone on the website. We'd have to make anothere group with users who have no permissions. just reading.20:55
clivejoit would need modified20:55
clivejobut the main question is do you want it stand alone or would a plugin be better alternative?20:56
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valoriemaybe a way for people to submit their info on a form21:04
valorierather than giving people access21:05
clivejoit might be easier to program as a plugin and insert into the wp db21:10
ovidiu-florinhello pablomangustin21:11
ovidiu-florinpablomangustin: read this: https://akademy.kde.org/2015/volunteer21:13
ovidiu-florinand this: https://community.kde.org/Akademy/2015/Volunteers21:13
ovidiu-florinpablomangustin: also join the channel #akademy21:15
valoriepablomangustin: are you joining us at Akademy?21:23
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parzzixok everyone, looking to find a way I can chip in. 23:57
parzzixI only speak english so translations are out23:57
parzzixMy grammer is pretty bad so I don't know about documentation either23:57
parzzixI literally  just started learning python...like today23:59

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