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mr0everywhereevery time i reboot i have to run 4 commands (cd, make clean, make, make instal) in order to get a driver to load up then connect my wifi usb dongle in order for it to work. is there any way i can keep from having to do all of this?06:27
mr0everywherei guess what i am asking would be is there any way to not have to run all of that and then manually have to plug in the device everytime i startup? could i script it out or even better keep the driver loaded so i do not have to re make it every time?06:29
valoriemr0everywhere: how did you install this driver?06:30
valorieI've never had to do that even with applications I built from git06:30
valoriebut certainly never from a driver06:30
mr0everywherefrom some git thing that had been customized in order to run my wifi dongle06:30
valoriegenerally everything you use should come from the archives06:31
valorieso, when you run that final step, shouldn't it be `sudo make install`?06:31
valorieif you want it to be more than a local program06:32
mr0everywhereyeah it is06:32
valoriealso you should be able to add that to your startup06:32
mr0everywhereincluding the sudo portion?06:33
mr0everywherehere is the link i used to walkthrough how to install the driver  http://community.linuxmint.com/tutorial/view/189706:33
valoriewell, I have dropbox added to my startup for instance06:33
valoriein the case of dropbox, there is a dropboxd file that I link to in the startup stuff06:35
mr0everywhereif i could get those 4 commands to run on startup then disable and enable the usb port the device is in i think that may work06:36
valoriein your case, I think it would be a link to something in /usr06:36
valorieyou should never have to do those again06:36
valorieonce installed, something is installed06:36
valoriefor some reason it isn't being recognized as a driver06:37
mr0everywherethats what i assumed as well but just reinserting the device does not make it work, i had to run the install again in order for it to work06:37
valorieI simply do not have the expertise for this06:37
mr0everywhereno wories, i am just trying to figure it out06:37
mr0everywherei have almost no expertise, i have a couple java classes under my belt and was told i needed linux for a c++ class i will be taking in the fall and wanted to know my way around before having to dive in06:39
valoriewell, it seems to me that this isn't a kubuntu problem, but rather an ubuntu problem06:39
mr0everywherethat would make sense since drivers are more of an underlying thing06:39
valorieright, I'm just not sure which channel would be most helpful06:40
mr0everywhereif it helps, i do not plan on removing the device from its port or the file that needs reinstalling06:40
mr0everywherei will try xpostin into #ubuntu as well06:41
valoriethey might know better in there06:41
valoriewe sort of specialize in kubuntu problems here06:42
mr0everywhereyeah i was in here yesterday trying to get my windows computer trying to share a network with my fresh kubuntu install, i ended up just shooting it down and using a usb boot of kubuntu to share the network connection while installing what i needed (BTW super slow doing that)06:44
valoriewell, we don't have 24 hour coverage in here06:45
valoriemost of the devels are in europe06:45
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valorieI'm on the west coast of the US, but not an expert about everything06:45
mr0everywhereit was about 8 pm california time and it was a windows problem06:45
valorieyeah, I've not used windows since..... forever06:46
valorie2001 or so06:46
mr0everywherelucky you, i need it for some things in school for now, but soon i can make that conversion06:46
valoriewell, I have to use my husband's winbox occasionally06:46
valorielike for paying bills while he's out of town06:46
valoriebecause if I port that process to linux06:47
valorieguess who gets stuck with the job forevermore?06:47
mr0everywherelol, i feel that, thats why my wife has a little chromebook06:48
yuriyi can't resume correctly from suspend mode08:46
yuriymouse coursor is loaded and could be moved, login screen is shown08:47
yuriybut can't do any action08:47
naftilos76Hi, i was wondering how i can define specific users allowed to mount nfs shares defined in fstab. By entering 'user' all users can mount. What if i wish to define 2 specific users?09:26
naftilos76192.168.2.5:/volume1/Energymax /media/EFS-Admin      nfs     nolock,user     0       009:27
naftilos76What do i have to replace 'user' with in order to define specific users?09:27
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lordievadernono: nfs doesn't have that kind of user access control. Though you could ofcourse simply use unix file permissions.10:29
lordievaderErr, naftilos76 ^10:29
naftilos76lordievader: Thanks, i am using unix file permissions. I wrongly thought that i could contrain access to specific users which is however implemented via the unix permissions! I therefore used 'user' in fstab and finally was able to mount the nfs shares without any issues. Thanks for your comment.10:35
lordievaderYou could also look into acl's if the standard permission do not suffice/10:37
criearaHi, there; I can't unrar files, any rar file! --> http://i.stack.imgur.com/tnnDD.png --> what is `1sar` program?!10:55
completestatsnooHi there. I'm trying to get a job in systematic trading and have an offer from a firm but I don't know if I should take it and I'm looking for some advice.11:35
completestatsnooFYI I've got a Phd in Physics and can code, but I have no trading experience. Basically, I sent them a CV in November and we had a 2-minute interview back then, but they wanted me to start right away and I couldn't, so we said we'll speak again later. Months later I get a call from the boss who wanted to offer me the job. After a very brief non-technical meeting, he did.11:38
completestatsnooSo I'm a bit puzzled: the boss himself seems quite disorganised, and has offered me a job with a meh base salary, but a potentially fantastic discretionary bonus, without asking me a single technical question. But for the first three months I'll be there as a badly paid intern. Is this a trap?11:40
completestatsnoosorry, this is entirely the wrong channel, I just realised11:40
BluesKajHey folks12:17
hacker_hombre si va esto12:47
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.12:47
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jubo2Guys.. great job with Kubuntu1q513:52
jubo2but why doesn't shell start automatically if it was open when last shut down the machine13:53
BluesKajmake sure your sessions are set to "restore previous session" in startup&shutsdown, jubo213:56
KrixvarTJ-: Hey, I may write something up about doing encrypted /boot on Ubuntu, would you mind if I included some version of the commands you sent me if I give you credit?13:56
other_guyHowdy everyone.  I'm having a handful of issues that I was hoping to get some assistance with... I'll go in order of least priority :-)13:57
other_guy1) Why is there no standalone Bluetooth plasmoid?  There is in Fedora 22 KDE Spin, but not in Kubuntu.13:58
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KrixvarTJ-: have to head out, but please let me know if you'd have any issue with me writing stuff including your commands:)13:59
TJ-Krixvar: whatever you want. I document all this stuff myself too13:59
other_guy2) Is there anyway to get plasmoids to pin-right and grow to the left rather than the other way around?  Because I put a floating systray plasmoid on the right hand side of my screen13:59
KrixvarAwesome, thanks! Figured it was hard enough to find it for arch that people might be interested in seeing it for Ubuntu specifically14:00
TJ-Krixvar: I've been pulling all my articles into one place and format recently, but for now I have an overview of the general boot process here: https://iam.tj/kb/pc/boot/14:00
other_guybut as it grows it goes beyond the screen edge, and when I log out and log in it's automatically stuck over on the far left because it didn't fit on the far right anymore.14:00
other_guy3) Is there an easy way to rearrange the layout of the digital clock?  I'd like the time and date to be on the same line.14:01
other_guy4) WIndow Menu -> More Actions -> Special Window Settings... doesn't work and some background process crashes.14:03
BluesKajother_guy, perhaps a screenshot posted to an image hosting url like http://imgur.com/ is in order14:04
other_guy5) Everytime I log into my session kded5 asks me for a Kwallet password.14:04
BluesKajand you haven't told us which kubuntu version, other_guy14:05
other_guySorry 15.0414:05
other_guyw/ the Backports PPA enabled14:05
BluesKajif you don't want kwallet , just disable it14:05
other_guy6) Finally and most importantly, there are a bunch of places where "Meta+ " shortcuts don't work (Konsole, Kate, etc.)14:06
other_guyBluesKaj, I don't mind Kwallet... I just don't understand why it asks me at the beginning of my session for my password, it just randomly started happening yesterday despite using it for weeks14:07
other_guyBluesKaj, anything in particular you'd like a screenshot of?14:07
BluesKajother_guy, now that you've finished your laundry list llet's make it clear are referring to actual plasmoids or panel widgets?14:07
BluesKajplasmoids are laumchers etc14:08
other_guyOh... one sec I'll post a screen shot of that :-)14:08
other_guySo I'm guessing I mean panel widget?14:12
other_guyI'm new to this KDE thing.14:12
other_guyBut I'm really enjoying Plasma 5 for the most part.  If I had a few of the above things resolved I'd be extremely happy.14:13
other_guyBluesKaj, so in my case I'm talking about that systray on the top right.  All the widgets seem to be anchored from the left, so they grow to the right, which only really works if you stick them all on the left hand side of the screen14:14
BluesKajother_guy,click on the hamburger icon the right side of the panel and leave it open while you move the widgets where you want to put them , then close it14:15
other_guyAs for my item #1, I assume that's just a packaging thing.  I suppose I could figure out where Fedora 22 is getting the standalone Bluetooth widget from and build and install it myself?14:16
BluesKajone thing atr a time please14:16
other_guyBluesKaj... I don't have a hamburger  icon on my panel, because I don't have a panel :-(14:21
other_guyI'm using floating widgets14:21
BluesKajthen I have no idea how to help ...never used them14:22
BluesKajI have all my stuff organized in the panel at the bottom of my screen , i don't even have desktop shortcuts14:23
BluesKajI use quicklaunch for my fav apps grouped in the panel14:23
other_guyAh, yeah I went for floating panels that can be covered by everything so I get max use of my screen and  when I want to see the time or some status or something I just press F12, which I have bound to Show Dashboard14:24
other_guyPer the screenshot14:24
BluesKajdunno if quicklaunch is available on plasma 5. I should check14:24
other_guyI just use Krunner to launch everything14:24
other_guyI'd say my biggest issue is the keyboard shortcut thing.  Any ideas there?14:25
other_guyAll my Meta/Super key shortcuts seem to just print s and the other letter I typed.14:26
other_guyin a bunch of apps14:26
other_guythough Konsole and Kate being probably the most annoying.14:26
other_guyIt also happens in the terminal panel of Dolphin, but I assume that's connected to the problem in Konsole14:26
BluesKajno quiklaunch in plasma 5 , another mistake by the devs ...guess they get to choose what they think is best for us without asking14:27
BluesKajsorry other_guy, I don't use KB shortcuts14:28
other_guyBluesKaj, thanks for trying :-)14:29
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douglHey guys I am googling but finding ways for my computer to connect to a VPN provider I want to connect to my own kubuntu 14.04 vpn server - suggestions?21:03
BluesKaj_got openvpn or whatever protocol vpn your server is gonna be setup to receive data21:05
eXistenZehey guys21:08
eXistenZecan you recommend me a simple image editor21:08
eXistenZe10x easier to use than gimp21:08
douglBluesKaj_, Thank you, I found a read... about server being on a droplet but my droplet is down stairs - I think I'll try this after I am done reading it.21:10
BluesKaj_eXistenZe, depends what you want to use it for, but imagemagick comes to mind21:13
eXistenZewhat's the name of this little frien so that I can remove it?21:26
leumas_eXistenZe: that shud be the Instant messenger21:48
vbgunzahoneybun: if you're still getting those graphical glitches, try checking if OpenGL in the compositor is 2 and not 3.1. I've noticed a lot more stability with 2 than 322:01
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VoyageHi, When I open a video file, my cpu usage goes to 100% and the video either loses its audio or it gets stuck/blown pixels. I have core2duo dell d620 laptop 2.0GHZ, 5GB ram, 4mb Cache, Kubuntu 14 LTC. What is wrong here?22:15
BluesKaj_Voyage, what graphics?22:17
VoyageBluesKaj_, http://pastie.org/1027475022:20
BluesKaj_2 intel integrated gpus?22:25
Voyagecore 2 duo it is22:27
Voyage the kde plasma and xorg process also goes high cpu usage some times.22:29
amichairwhen will plasma 5.3.2 be backported to 15.04?22:34
BluesKaj_oops no voyage, not cpus , but you have one gpu (graphics processor unit), however I don't know why it's not workin on videos unless you don't have the proper codecs installed22:35
Voyage the kde plasma and xorg process also goes high cpu usage some times.22:35
BluesKaj_Voyage, make sure your packages are up to date, it's always the first thing to check22:38
VoyageBluesKaj_,  ok22:39
BluesKaj_I have to go ...bb tomorrow22:39
TJ-Voyage: As the guys in #ubuntu said... this is expected since that D620 only has an Intel GMA950 GPU which is not amazingly powerful22:40
VoyageTJ-,  hm22:41
VoyageTJ-,  going for low resource hungry xubuntu22:41
TJ-Voyage: the high CPU usage by the desktop is because it is using compositing. xfce, lxde, openbox, etc don't use that, but it won't help when playing videos since the GPU simply cannot keep up in decoding the video frames. If there is a lower quality version of the video (lower  resolution, less demanding compression) that will help22:46
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