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BluesKajHey folks12:18
hyper_chhi BluesKaj12:22
BluesKajhey hyper_ch12:22
hyper_chslowly I get nixos to a usable state:  https://github.com/sjau/nixos/blob/master/configuration.nix12:22
hyper_chand it's way too hot to fiddle any more with it now12:24
hyper_chstill need to look at stuff like acpi and also setup default cron jobs and stuff12:26
hyper_chyou can do that directly in the config12:26
BluesKajwonder how well it does networking, like VPN tunneling etc12:28
* penguin42 tries to understand what it means about it's config12:29
hyper_chBluesKaj: well, I set it to use network manager12:30
hyper_chbut all system wide configuration you should be able to set in the config12:30
hyper_che.g. you could directly provide openvpn profiles and stuff12:30
hyper_chpenguin42: that's my configuration.nix file for NixOS12:31
hyper_chBluesKaj: at the top I have the link to the man page options:  https://nixos.org/nixos/manual/ch-options.html12:31
hyper_chit's a very huge list12:31
hyper_chand for package search, nox is nice12:32
penguin42hyper_ch: Hmm, not that different to what you get in kickstarter etc12:32
penguin42sorry, kickstart files12:32
hyper_chpenguin42: I don't know what kickstart files are12:33
penguin42hyper_ch: They're what you feed to RHEL/Fedora installers (I think there's a version for Ubuntu) to preconfigure a system12:33
hyper_chpenguin42: well, here you setup the whole system using a configuration.nix file (or multiple ones that are included)12:34
penguin42hyper_ch: Not as declarative though; https://academy.redhat.com/instructor/guide/instructorguide_ks.html12:34
hyper_chyou start live cd, do the partitioning, do hardware detection12:34
hyper_chand then you just provide the configuration.nix and let it do all the rest12:34
hyper_chpenguin42: here's a huge list of options you can set.... https://nixos.org/nixos/manual/ch-options.html12:34
hyper_chI'll try to switch over from kdm to lightdm some time...12:35
penguin42hyper_ch: Yep, most distros have a way of doing that, although that looks a bit more organised; here's an example of an ubuntu preseed file   https://sfxpt.wordpress.com/2013/06/09/get-the-debianubuntu-ready-and-customized-the-way-you-like-in-10-minutes/12:36
hyper_chpenguin42: I've used preseed file for my debian servers where I install ispconfig12:36
hyper_chBluesKaj: btw, do you do a lot of work with pdfs? combining pages, exracting etc?12:37
hyper_chI like ispconfig on my servers and horde :)12:38
BluesKajhyper_ch, no , merely a home user , no servers etc12:38
hyper_chBluesKaj: well, since I submit brief electronically I have to work with pdfs a lot... so I wrote myself some action menu scripts for dolphin... just thought if you have to handle pdfs a lot you would find them useful https://github.com/sjau/pdfForts12:39
BluesKajwell looking at the work involved with the NixOS install. It looks rather challenging for my knowledge base :-)12:39
hyper_chBluesKaj: well, all I did was (1) copying from other configuration.nix (2) bugging a friend who uses nixOS (3) bugging people in #nixos and (4) read manual12:40
hyper_ch(in order of how much I did)12:40
hyper_chBluesKaj: all you need it a proper configuration.nix file ;)12:41
BluesKajhow long until someone reminds us that this is supposed to be an ubuntu chat12:41
hyper_chchannel topic doesn't say it's ubuntu+1 only12:42
hyper_chone last thing I need to test on nixos is getting my smartcard to sign pdfs.... I think I have all I need for it but haven't tested so far12:43
hyper_chbtw, I reported the non-installable-wine issue as well as my install troubles.... network card not getting a connection and ssd not detected during install12:44
hyper_chbesides those issues, most seems to work well....12:50
BluesKajI don't see any advantages to a labourious installation procedure for an OS, that's why I don't have gentoo. Successfully installed Arch once but ai wasn't impressed with it at all , anticlimactic. Just because Nix usus a novel package management system doesn't mean it has any advantages over more easily installed OSs.12:59
hyper_chwell, it's good to know other things also12:59
hyper_chwho knows how long kubuntu will continue to exist - especially regarding the riddell situation13:00
hyper_chalso I like how easy it is to re-setup and you can hardly break once it's running...13:01
BluesKajwe'll see , there are other kubuntu/kde based OSs, that's why I'm exploring debian again13:01
hyper_chalthough, with the move to sappy (or what's that new package manager called), ubuntu will also have atomic upgrades13:01
hyper_chI was close to it13:02
TJ-hyper_ch: If you want to seed an install for identical config every time just use a pre-seed file, that's what everyone else does!13:03
hyper_chTJ-: another advantage of the atomicity is that you can have totally different profiles... want to test something out make a new rebuild... if it doesn't work... switch back13:11
hyper_chthe last week I've worked with it a bit and it looks really nice13:12
hyper_chbut I'm way too noob to actually use it for real this far ;)13:12
TJ-I use LXC for that13:15
hyper_chafter having used *buntu for the last 9 years almost exlusively as desktop it's time to check what else is out there ;)13:17
hyper_chgood old dapper drake :(13:17
TJ-hyper_ch: You should really be in #ubuntu-20 :D13:34
hyper_chdapper drake was really nice13:40
hyper_chwb Bluefoxicy14:17
hyper_chwb BluesKaj14:17
hyper_chdon't you hate it when you type the first three letters of a nick and the tab-completion fails?14:17
BluesKajwas checking my kubuntu 15.10 upgrades14:17
BluesKajtoo many blue ppl in here, but I have seniority, my nick's been registered since 2006 I believe :-)14:19
hyper_chonly two blue people :)14:19
hyper_chbtw, I had to alter my password on freenode a little while ago14:19
hyper_chI registered... probably mid 2006 with my dapper drake install14:19
hyper_chand chose a short password... well, reasonably long for the time back then14:20
hyper_chand when I wanted to have a cloak for my host the friendly staffer told my that I need to have a longer password14:20
hyper_chwhois doesn't show when I registered :(14:21
hyper_chha, nickserver info helps - [16:22] [Notice] -NickServ- Registered : Nov 16 19:12:52 2006 (8y 33w 1d ago)14:23
penguin42Registered : May 26 22:54:58 2001 (14y 6w 0d ago) :-)14:36
hyper_ch2001... there was a movie about that year :)14:36
lordievaderAn awesome movie :D14:38
lordievaderAlso about 2010 ;)14:38
hyper_chthey even had tablets in that movie14:38
hyper_chso way before apple ahd them ;)14:38
hyper_chdamn I was wrong... not hte password was the issue with the cloak but that I didn't set an email back then14:39
* penguin42 prefers 2010 to 2001, 2001 has too much grunting and trippy bits14:40
* lordievader prefers the book over the film14:41
hyper_chthey made a book out of the film? oO14:41
hyper_chI've seen 2010 but I can't really remember it14:43
hyper_chwhile I remember 2001 rather well14:43
lordievaderThe book and the film 2001 were made at the same time.14:45
lordievaderThere are differences though, in the book they go to Saturn, in the film only to Jupiter.14:45
penguin42wasn't that because the director decided it would be too hard to do a good Saturn?14:45
lordievaderThat I do not know.14:46
penguin42so which moon were the other civilisation on?14:46
lordievaderWhat do you mean?14:49
penguin42well, in 2010 wasn't the civilisation on Europe ?14:52
lordievaderAh, I've only read the book of 2001. 2010 and the other one, 2030?, are still on my list.14:52
lordievaderBut the monolith was on the Europ moon of Saturn in the book.14:53
hyper_chthere's a third book?14:53
lordievaderAh it was 2061: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2061:_Odyssey_Three14:54
penguin42lordievader: But Europa is a moon of Jupiter14:54
lordievaderThere is even a third:14:54
lordievaderAm I mixing things up?14:54
penguin42(Heck Saturn has a lot of moons - who knew of Jarnsaxa or Hyrrokkin)14:54
lordievaderI am mixing things up, it was Iapetus.14:55
penguin42hmm, that's very deathstar14:57
* lordievader is off14:58
* penguin42 is surprised his new Wily install is on 3.1916:28
penguin42yet his 15.04 install is on 4.0.016:29
hyper_chyou're doing it wrong16:33
penguin42well, that is what I'm thinking16:33
hyper_chLinux subi 3.19.0-22-generic #22-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jun 16 17:15:15 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux16:33
hyper_chalso packages.ubuntu.com shows 3.19 for vivid/updates16:35
penguin42hmm it's possible I installed the 4.0 fo rtesting at some point16:37
penguin42but still, wily being still on 3.19 is a bit slow16:39
DaekdroomThe kernel is probably still being tested before merging16:40
xhoch3hello, I am researching for an article about click packages (in a series for new packaging formats under linux systems). Is there a place I can get the most up-to-date documentation about click packages as a start?17:17
hyper_chwhat are click packages?17:20
xhoch3the new packaging format of Ubuntu used on the Ubuntu Phone, that will come to the desktop, too, with 16.0417:21
popeyuh, no17:21
popeythats not accurate17:21
xhoch3very hot stuff, I offered a magazine to do some research and write an article about it17:22
xhoch3ok, then correct me, I need all info I can get17:22
popeyuh, thats your job :)17:22
popeyI'm not getting paid to write your article :)17:22
xhoch3well, my job is squeezing that info out of you :D17:22
popeyok, in brief...17:22
popeyclick is used on the phone/tablet right now.17:22
* penguin42 sees xhoch3 in the guise of Michael Palin in Brazil17:23
popeyIn the future that will be phased out in favour of snappy packages17:23
popeyby 16.04 there will be a build of Ubuntu which is based on snappy packages17:23
popeybut it doesn't replace the traditional debian based image17:23
popeyso by 16.04 you'll likely see multiple images, one snappy based, one deb based17:23
popeyso those users who are using debian based installs can carry on doing that on an LTS release17:24
popeythose who want to play with snappy can do that too17:24
xhoch3not quite, I think I have to read more about snappy17:25
xhoch3what I didn't know was that click will be phased out17:25
xhoch3I heard about Ubuntu Next, which is based on click (or snappy, as you say)17:25
popeyyeah, will take a while, but we'll transition from click to snap17:26
xhoch3is there detailed technical reference about snap?17:26
popeyhttps://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/ seen that?17:27
popeysnappy is evolving, quickly.17:27
TJ-xhoch3: The overview (narrative) documentation is very poor. This may help a bit: http://askubuntu.com/questions/583076/difference-between-snappy-and-click17:28
xhoch3ok thanks, yes, I think users might be intered in how a package is build up, what are the advantages (and why), which files install where etc. etc.17:28
xhoch3maybe even a short tutorial how to package an app17:29
xhoch3but as I see, click and snap share the core ideas17:30
popeythey're certainly similar17:30
popeysnappy is an evolution on from clck17:30
* penguin42 wonders if we get crackle and pop after those17:30
popeyIt's grrrrreat17:33
penguin42no, no, that's the other one17:34
xhoch3popey, I think I will switch to the snappy version as fast as possible, will it be as reliable as the traditional image?17:44
xhoch3fwiu, I would need to do a complete reinstall then17:44
popeyI don't think there is a snappy desktop image yet17:48
popeyI know it's being worked on by kevin gunn17:48
xhoch3thanks, I dropped him a mail17:55

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