xpheresI'm trying to import a web app to the ubuntu sdk13:25
xpheresbut I don't know how to do it13:25
xpheresI created a project13:25
xphereshow can I add the web files and build it?13:25
DF__hey ppl13:32
DF__some one here knows about web services??13:32
xpheresI was asking the same13:38
xpheresI want to convert a web app to ubuntu sdk13:38
DF__i think i mite had find out14:05
SturmFlutDF__: Can you tell us about what your webapps needs?15:00
SturmFlutDF__: Does it only go to an online URL, like a web browser, or is it standalone HTML5?15:01
DF__i need to make an webserive, so i can use it more for apps that need to make an database connection for example16:55
mr-tti'm trying to get a (slightly modified) qt5 app to work on utouch, here's the source: https://github.com/qxmpp-project/qxmpp/tree/master/examples/GuiClient19:02
mr-ttit doesn't launch and display these errors in log: "This plugin does not support propagateSizeHints()"  and "This plugin does not support raise()"19:02
mr-ttmaybe someone could take a look at this, or is that simply a mir issue not supporting some qt5 features?19:04
SturmFlutI wonder which "plugin" this is about19:16
mr-tt"Qt5 supports several rendering backends and they are selected with the "-platform" parameter."19:21
mr-ttmaybe i need to add this parameter with the right backend to the Exec= in desktop file?19:22
SturmFlutYou can only use one backend, Mir19:25
mr-ttSturmFlut: maybe it's using the wrong one?19:30
mr-ttSturmFlut: -platform=ubuntuMirClient like this?19:33
SturmFlutmr-tt: If you don't specify one, it will use the default one, which should be Mir19:45
SturmFlutHow are you launching the binary?19:45
mr-ttSturmFlut: from the app drawer19:46
mr-tt(didn't find out how to add parameters to the .desktop file correctly yet)19:46
DanChapmanmr-tt are you trying to run that GuiClient example basically as it is? that's a QtWidgets app and won't work on touch19:55
mr-ttDanChapman: yep. i thought qt5 apps should all work on utouch?19:56
mr-ttaah or is qtwidgets=qt419:57
mr-ttand no more qtwidgets in qt5?19:57
mr-ttor does mir not support qtwidgets and needs qml?19:57
DanChapmanIt's Qt5/Qml that's supported and not Qt5/widgets, as qtwidgets is a different toolkit all together and isn't even on the phone.19:58
mr-ttthanks, that explains this. would it be hard to port the app to qml, or would it be easier to write it from scratch?19:59
DanChapmanI wouldn't know I havn't looked at it properly or tried it. I just looked in GuiClient.pro and it depends on widgets20:00
DanChapmanI wouldn't have thought it would be too hard to port it though. Swap out the .ui files for a new qml UI and expose the relevant parts from the c++ code to qml20:02
SturmFlutmr-tt: BTW, that project might work on the phone, but the XMPP client will not run in the background.20:02
mr-ttSturmFlut: not without teakgeek, yes :)20:05
mr-ttalso it might be possible to set the gui to use some telepathy backend later on20:05
mr-tti don't plan on releasing the app, i'm just trying to get it to work for me :)20:12
mr-ttbtw, any info on when that/these telepathy backends are going to be done?20:13
SturmFlutmr-tt: No, I don't even think the design is public yet. I am not even sure if version 2.0 of the Telegram client will already be based on Telepathy.20:16
mr-ttso utouch needs new telepathy backends? you can't simply take the ones from desktop ubuntu?20:17
SturmFlutThe existing ones should work, but there is none for Telegram, is there?20:18
mr-ttwell the telegram app would still work, why haste porting it to telepathy?20:19
mr-tti'd love to see some multiprotocol telepathy client that supports all the telepathy backends, is that planned?20:20
SturmFlutBD Navigator already has 45 users \o/ And it's not even localized yet20:47
SturmFlutmr-tt: There sure are some plans regarding Telepathy, but they are not public yet.20:49
DF__SturmFlut: i've found some cool things about web services21:21
bogdandoes anyone have experience with processing audio using QT ? Can I use a QIODevice instance to access headset input and output, or do I have to mess around with the pulse API ?21:50
DF__i dont' know how to use it21:51
DF__but check the api beter21:51
DF__or check back tomorrow here21:51
DF__most people are now off21:51
bogdanthanks, I'll try again tomorrow21:52
DF__no prob21:52
DF__but in the mean time21:52
DF__check the api and look what it says21:53
bogdanas far as I can tell, the UT API documentation is just the official QT doc with minimal changes21:54
DF__hum, well i recomend checking askubunut, and stackoverflow21:57
DF__ther are always geat pleaces to look for information21:57
SturmFlutbogdan: Wouldn't you use a QAudioRecorder or something, why a QIODevice?21:58
bogdanSturmFlut: because I need access to the raw input (PCM, 16 bit). I'm trying to write an app for a temperature sensor which connects to the headphone jack22:03
bogdanSturmFlut: I also need access to the output...22:03
SturmFlutAh, interesting use case!22:04
bogdanthis is the sensor: http://www.kaltsensor.com ; I wrote its Android app, and now i'm trying to rewrite it for Ubuntu Touch ...22:05
SturmFlutI think all audio processing goes through pulse, but shouldn't it be possible to just tell QAudioRecorder that you want uncompressed 16 bit PCM at the right sampling rate?22:07
SturmFlutAh, there's also QAudioInput22:08
bogdanyes, the lower level classes are QAudioOutput and QAudioInput, but I think they need a QIODevice22:09
bogdanI'm fairly new to C++, and QT22:10
SturmFlutAh, there is it: You open a QAudioDevice, start it, and the input will be transfered to a QIODevice22:12
bogdancould you provide the url ?22:15
SturmFlutbogdan: http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qtmultimedia-audioinput-example.html and http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qtmultimedia-audiooutput-example.html22:15
bogdanthank you!22:16
SturmFlutBoth do processing, the first on the input (visualizes the signal) and the second one on the ouput (uses a software tone generator)22:16
bogdanexcellent! that sounds like exactly what I need22:16
* popey sleeps22:17
DF__do you want the links or not??22:38

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