boodllebati have query regarding paste.ubuntu.com , does it support chunked http post cause i'm trying but it does not work accordingly14:41
TJ-boodllebat: I've reported it with a test-case, but it's an internal Canonical project so not sure this is the correct channel to get attention for it: bug #147157016:25
ubottubug 1471570 in Canonical Pastebin "500 Internal Server Error" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147157016:25
boodllebatTJ-: thanks :)16:27
xpheresI managed to import a web app to the ubuntu sdk in qt16:28
xpheresI'm able to run it but not to build it16:28
xphereshow can I build it and deploy and why is the build button not available?16:28
TJ-boodllebat: You might want to ping the owner of the project directly, see https://launchpad.net/canonical-pastebin16:28
xpheresI'm stuck with qt, I can't add a kit neither build an app17:28
xpheresis it possible to run a ubuntu touch app from qt triggering the emulator?18:03
xpheresor how can I run a click app in the emulator?18:03
LHG-MasterIf I build a ubuntu package my debian/postinst script is simply ignored by "bzr builddeb -- -us -uc". If I look into the created .deb package (with gdebi-gtk) the contents of postinst is limited to "set -e + (dh_icons output)" but not my debian/postinst script. No error from lintian, no related error from "bzr builddeb". Also tried "bzr add postins" + "bzr commit postint" but did not help. Any idea?18:30
cjwatsonLHG-Master: The best thing would be to post the source package (the .dsc plus any files it references) somewhere people can see.19:15
cjwatsonI think "bzr builddeb -- -us -uc" builds one in the process, but if not, "bzr builddeb -S -- -uc -us" will.19:15
RPiAwesomenessbzr buildeb -- -us -uc does19:15
cjwatsonLHG-Master: OK, so you said "bzr add postins" + "bzr commit postint".  Both of those are mistyped, and probably lacking a directory name too.  What did you actually type, exactly?19:17
cjwatsondebian/postinst indeed isn't in your source package anywhere.19:18
cjwatsonWhich leads me to suspect that you didn't manage to add it.19:18
cjwatsonYou should also check the output of "bzr status" to see if bzr thinks you have any uncommitted stuff in your source tree.19:21
LHG-Mastersorry those were typos. I think it has something to do with the following: if I am in my build dir and type "bzr status" is shows "unknown:[...]  debian/postinst". But  after "cd debian/" the file "postinst" is not shown when I type "bzr status"19:21
LHG-Masterbut if I enter "bzr add postinst; bzr commit postint" in debian/ I get "bzr: ERROR: No changes to commit..."19:23
cjwatsonWhy wouldn't you just do "bzr add debian/postinst" from the top level?19:23
LHG-MasterMaybe I messed up somehow my bzr repository19:24
cjwatsonIt also sounds like you might perhaps have a debian/.bzr19:24
LHG-Masteralso tried this: same error "bzr: ERROR: No changes to commit."19:24
cjwatson"bzr add debian/postinst" and then "bzr status"19:24
cjwatsonAnd you don't need to give a file name to "bzr commit" unless you have other stuff in your tree you don't want to commit - it's just one more thing to typo19:25
LHG-Masteryes, there is a debian/.bzr. Is this a problem?19:25
cjwatsonIt's going to confuse you mightily19:25
cjwatsonYou shouldn't try to version-control the same directory in two different ways19:25
cjwatsonDecide whether you want to version-control the whole tree (this is my recommendation) or just debian/19:26
cjwatsonIf the former, move debian/.bzr to some safe place19:26
cjwatsonI suspect if you try to version them separately then various tools are going to misbehave19:27
cjwatsonAfter moving it, "bzr status" to see what chaos exists19:27
cjwatsonIn fact just generally "bzr status" liberally, it's handy19:27
* cjwatson → games19:27
LHG-MasterAhh!  I removed debian/.bzr and now postinst changed from status "unknown" to "added" after "bzr add debian/postinst". Seems this fixed it19:28
cjwatsonGood good19:28
LHG-MasterI think this fixed it. Thanks!19:29
xphereshello, does anyone have an ubuntu phone to test an app?19:56
NoskcajCan someone please retry clutter-gtk in wily-proposed?21:20
Noskcajalso gnome-boxes, and maybe lxappearance-obconf21:25
cjwatsonNoskcaj: all done21:36

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