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howefield#chairs cariboo907 coffeecat howefield slickymaster18:46
howefieldevening :)18:46
howefieldnothing listed for "General Agenda Items and Proposals" https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ForumCouncilAgenda18:47
cariboo907were we going to have a bit of a discussion about the proposed Froum staff meeting?18:47
howefielddoes anyone have anything to bring up ?18:47
howefieldcan do :)18:48
howefield#chair cariboo907 coffeecat howefield slickymaster18:48
meetingologyCurrent chairs: cariboo907 coffeecat howefield slickymaster18:48
howefieldthat's better18:48
howefield#topic Forum Staff Meeting18:49
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cariboo907we have tentatively  set it up for July 18th at 20:00 UTC18:49
howefieldwe should post the date for staff feedback18:51
slickymasterit will be posted in SCC, this week, an official anouncement about it, I tjink18:51
slickymasterlol howefield18:51
slickymasterI can do that18:51
slickymasterdo you want me to action that howefield?18:51
howefieldwell, I was waiting for an avalanche of others wanting to post it...18:52
slickymaster#action slickymaster to start a thread in SCC, announcing the staff meeting date and hour18:53
meetingologyACTION: slickymaster to start a thread in SCC, announcing the staff meeting date and hour18:53
cariboo907 We should add something like this for those of us who are time zoned out http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Forum+Council+Meeting&iso=20150705T18&p1=1440&ah=118:54
slickymasterwas planning to18:55
howefieldok, moving on.18:55
howefield#topic Fixed Agenda Items : AOB and Team Report18:56
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cariboo907I can do the team report18:56
howefieldthanks cariboo90718:57
slickymasterI don't have no other business18:57
slickymasterthanks for doing that cariboo90718:57
howefieldok, anyone else got anything to bring up before we close ?18:57
cariboo907it's been a while, but I should be able to muddle through :)18:58
howefieldlol - before your holiday or after?18:58
slickymasteror during18:58
cariboo907I'll do it before I go :)18:59
howefieldlet's close, thanks everyone :)18:59
slickymasterthanks howefield, cariboo907, cariboo90719:00
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meetingologyMeeting ended Sun Jul  5 19:00:32 2015 UTC.19:00
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