MikeRLI noticed that the nightly PPAs aren't updated that much. Why do you guys provide them under that name and description? Why not just make nightlies every week or other week and forget about nightly nightlies?20:04
MikeRLAnd why not primarily use them for testing? That may shrink your workload.20:04
MikeRLBesides, the only complaint I have is the lack of push with certain minor Firefox releases. Like we skipped 38.0.5 and went to 39.20:05
MikeRLI'm just wondering - what is consuming everyone's time, and are there things that you should cut or prioritize less to make life less of a headache?20:05
MikeRLJust my two cents. Besides, I'm not switching to Chrome or Chromium.20:06
MikeRLAlso I realized Thunderbird is kinda out of date. I think the new version will support OAUTH 2.0 for Gmail. You guys working on it at all? Take your time, but prioritize.20:30
MikeRLWish I could do something more than ask on IRC. If only we had a way to donate to certain areas of Ubuntu in need of help.20:30
MikeRLIs there some way I can donate to this team, or provide help even though I'm just a power user?20:32

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