ubottuSchrodingersScat called the ops in #ubuntu (hackteck)02:45
ubuntu157anyone watching the channel?02:45
ubottuutfans05_ called the ops in #ubuntu (hackteck)02:49
ubottuwhallz called the ops in #ubuntu (hackteck)02:58
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ikoniawe really need to do something better with the links the !theme factoid and the !nvidia factoids point at08:43
ikoniaI wonder if we can do something better with the ubuntu-docs team08:43
ubuntu090I stopped once I saw a warning15:03
bazhangand just removed15:03
ubuntu090no problem, should I just go back, I recognoze why.15:04
bazhangof course, just dont respond to jusic, we can handle him15:04
ubottuIn #xubuntu, xubuntu00w said: ubottu :i have followed yr advise. this is print out from terminal15:06
bazhang<reds> 好的,谢谢Djones16:30
bazhanghaode, = ok16:30
ubottuEriC^ called the ops in #ubuntu ()20:35
valorieops in #ubuntu-women please -- I'm currently having a screen problem23:22
valoriebut clitcommander is in there23:22
valoriemeanwhile I need to log out I think23:23

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