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samba35i want to configure mail and web server on same system in that case what hostname i should use09:15
bekksSo do it?09:16
bekksThe hostname is irrelevant.09:16
samba35my public rdns is aa.x.z09:16
samba35if i have web server with abcd.com and mail server with aaa.com in that case what should be hostname09:18
bekksThe hostname is irrelevant.09:18
samba35ok then what i should configure09:19
bekksYou need to configure your webserver and your mailserver to work for the domains/mailboxes you want.09:19
samba35do you have idea on postfix (banner name config)09:20
bekksStart here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfix09:21
bekksThe banner is the most irrelevant part in your list.09:21
bekksAnd the name is irrelevant too. All that matters is the config.09:21
samba35i am getting banner and tls related error on mxtoolbox.com for my smtp configuration09:22
bekksSo fix your configuration.09:22
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sarthorHi, I am using ubuntu-server 14.04, want to install pt-get install python-simplejson python-tz python-unicodecsv python-unittest2 python-vatnumber python-vobject python-werkzeug python-xlwt python-yaml wkhtmltopdf13:57
sarthor, but nothin happens.it says. "0% [Waiting for headers]" how to change repositories if that can help.13:57
Lurchy_awayhappy sunday people18:35
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Lurchyquestion about ubuntu server backup18:36
Lurchyin reading...I thought I saw where there is a default backup option for ubuntu server....correct?18:36
LurchyI have a fresh install and want to take a snapshot of disk image...18:37
Lurchybefore I start adding stuff...18:37
Lurchywhat is best option for backing up accross a network an archive drive on another box?  other box is dual boot win7 and ubuntu client18:38
Lurchywhat is best option for backing up accross a network to an archive drive on another box?  other box is dual boot win7 and ubuntu client18:38
LurchyI am reading tutorial at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem18:39
LurchyThere are lots of otions....I think I want to auto incrementall via CRN18:41
Lurchyerr CRON18:41
Lurchyany opinions?18:42
tewardwith regards to Landscape, are VPSes considered Virtual or Physical machines?18:45
Lurchynobody awake?19:11
Lurchyrsync help anyone?19:11
ikoniaask a real question rather than just saying key words19:13
Lurchylook up19:14
ObrienDave'look up' is not a question or a good way of receiving help19:15
ikoniahence why I'm going to do something else instead of help19:15
Lurchyso...rsynch is installed on ubuntu server...seems grsynch is used to backup a client...is that correct?19:16
Lurchytrying to use grsynch on my client box on network to backup my ubunut server to a network drive...19:17
Lurchybesides Ikonia...I dont want your help after your insulting attitude towards me from before....sorry I am not an expert at linux...at least I am trying19:19
Lurchy[00:23] <ikonia> you have no idea what you are doing19:19
ikoniaLurchy: I have no idea what you are talking about, and 00:23 could be anytime, but as I've hardly been active for 48 hours, I'm not sure where you got that from19:20
pmatulisLurchy: rsync can be used to back up files. is that what you want?19:21
* Lurchy ignores ikonia19:21
Lurchypmatulis..im trying to learn how to use rsynch to do incremental backups from my ubuntu server accross a network19:22
ikoniaman rsync19:22
ikoniaand there are many basic howtos on the net19:23
ikoniayou'll get a better response if you ask specific questions19:23
LurchyIm asking for opinions to help me decide the route to go...as I honestly admit I a newb on ubuntu server...19:23
ikoniaopions on what though ?19:24
ikoniayou've not stated what you're actually doing19:24
ikoniawhat are your requirements and what is the question based around those requirements19:24
Lurchyand check your logs....you know what those are dont you?  and you would recall your crappy treatment towards me.....19:24
ikoniaLurchy: logs of what/when ?19:24
Lurchyjust drop it....19:26
ikoniadrop what ?19:26
Lurchythe issue19:26
ikoniaI have no idea what you are on about, and YOU keep referencing something19:26
ikoniaI'm asking for your requirements and the problem around your requirements that you want help with19:26
ikoniayou keep referencing some past problem you have19:26
ikoniano-one else19:26
Lurchybottom line...I dont want help from you.....19:27
ikoniayou'll get help from no-one if you can't ask a question clearly19:27
ikoniaor respond with the attitude you're showing me19:27
Lurchywhen you insult people with less knowledge than you19:27
ikoniano-one is insulting you19:28
ikoniayou've just been asked to state your question clearly19:28
Lurchyrecall you said I should only use ubuntu client...when I said I wanted to use ubuntu server to learn command line...and you said I had no clue what I was doing....19:29
Lurchybut...I prefer to move on.....19:30
ikoniaso ?19:30
ikoniaubuntu desktop is great for learning19:30
ikoniaif you prefer to move on - why do you keep referencing it19:30
LurchyI am using both.....19:30
ikoniawhat ?19:30
ikoniajust use the desktop - and use a shell on the desktop to learn the command line19:30
ikoniathe shell is the same as the non-X11 enviornment of the server19:30
ikoniabut you have the desktop tools to fall back on / make multi-tasking easier19:30
ikoniait won't stop you learning anything19:31
ikoniait will just make it easier for you to find your feet19:31
pmatulisLurchy: i recommend launching rsync manually until you understand what it does and how it does it. if you're not looking to create disk images but simply to back up precious files then rsync may work well for you. if the destination of the files is on a remote host you can use SSH, which rsync understands natively, or just ensure the DST network "drive" is exposed locally19:33
pmatulisLurchy: but rsync command syntax does need to be understood. so either ① man rysnc or ② check some online tutorial (both what ikonia said)19:34
ikonia(or ask specific questions about what you're trying to do)19:34
Lurchyyes pmatulis....I want to backup the whole drive on the ubuntu server to a remote drive....at least until I move archived media files to the drive and it gets large....but goal is to take snapshots along the way so if I screw something up I can go back(similar to norton ghost functionality)19:35
Lurchyso..is rsync the best to do this?  or would another solution be better?19:36
ikoniaLurchy: you'll struggle with that approach, it will be a lot of disk space19:36
ikoniarsync is not a snapshot tool19:36
ikoniait's a file / file system tool19:36
pmatulisLurchy: yeah, then rsync is not your tool. study 'clonezilla' for image management19:36
ikoniakeep in mind that cannot be used while the host is online19:38
Lurchyok....question for down the road...if I wish to mirror the website on my domain to this local lamp box...would rsync be the way to go?  I want to take snapshots (I heard of clonezilla) as I set this box up (for the moment)19:39
Lurchybut clonezilla I dont think would allow me to mirror the website....true?19:40
Lurchyer would not19:40
ikoniaLurchy: clonezilla for a whole machine, rsync for files19:40
Lurchyok....rsynch would automate the mirroring function I am trying to accomplish...updating files that are changed on hosted to the local lamp box...and vie versa?19:41
Lurchyvice versa19:42
ikonianot automate19:42
ikoniayou'd have to automate it using rsync19:42
ikoniayou have to write the automation, rsync is just the tool19:42
Lurchyautomate via CRON on hosted besite...or on the lamp box19:42
ikoniayour choice19:42
LurchyMy box I currently have the ubuntu server install on does not have a video card in it...do I need a video card to run ubuntu client?  Or can I install the client version on the box...remove video card...and then ssh splashtop/VNC/etc.  into the box?19:44
ikoniaclient ?19:45
ikoniawhat do you mean ubuntu client ?19:45
ikoniawhat is ubuntu client ?19:45
Lurchyubuntu desktop19:45
ikoniayou will need graphics to run a desktop19:45
ikoniaso something to render graphics19:46
Lurchythis was one of the reasons I made decision to go with ubuntu server....but I shall reconsider19:47
LurchyI installed ubuntu server into the dual core box I made to be my LAMP server...then configured openssh to remote admin the box...19:48
Lurchyover the network I made....19:49
LurchyPutty is what I am using....is that a good choice for openssh remote admin client?19:50
ikoniait's just an ssh client19:51
ikoniause whatever you like19:51
Lurchyty for the info...ill be back....gonna read a couple tutorials.19:55
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sarthorHi, I want to install these packages. "http://paste.ubuntu.com/11827688/" my /etc/apt/source.lst is also there in pasted matter, says " Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?" . no result for apt-get update --fix-missing HELP19:59
sarthorhow to add more repository if i am using 14.0420:00
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sarthorHi, my ubuntu 14.04 is unable to "apt-get install nginx"  Can some check on their own side.20:18
pmatulissarthor: works fine for me up here in this cloud20:39
sarthorpmatulis, I am installing on my vm, No cloud involved.20:39
sarthorCan you share your source.lst pmatulis ? or the repo20:40
pmatulissarthor: this is all i have in my file:20:44
pmatulisdeb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ trusty main restricted universe multiverse20:44
pmatulisdeb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ trusty-updates main restricted universe multiverse20:44
sarthorpmatulis, says W: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty/main/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found [IP: 80]20:52
sarthorE: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.20:52
TJ-sarnold: "sudo apt-get update" first20:58
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