studio_Rasperry PI00:01
studio_raspberry PI00:01
mcphailstudio_: aah. The bq phone is much more useful than the raspberry pi. For a start, the network interface actually works00:02
mcphailstudio_: secondly, it is more portable, has integrated GSM capabilities and doesn't require a monitor or keyboard00:03
studio_mcphail, sorry, but in the moment, my RPI's can do more than the Ubuntu-Phone :(00:03
mcphailstudio_: I suspect your use cases are simpler than mine00:03
studio_what kernel are you using on your UT-Device, and what do the kernel supprort?00:05
JanCif you don't need to make phone calls, then why buy a phone?00:05
studio_JanC, you are missing the point, it is NOT a phone!00:06
mcphailstudio_: I'm using whatever is stock. It supports a stable network connection, which is more than a raspberry pi can offer with its hacked-together USB/ethernet abomination00:06
studio_"stable network connection, which is more than a raspberry pi" can you explain that?00:08
mcphailstudio_: My sheevaplug, on the other hand, is a very useful device and probably allows me to do more than my phone. That is even older technology and, of course, doesn't function as a device with audio/visual capabilities00:08
studio_mcphail, "sorry" i do not understand you when you say "The bq phone is much more useful than the raspberry pi" :(00:11
studio_mcphail, do you own an RPI or RPI2?00:15
mcphailstudio_: first gen rasp pi. Son has the next gen with bigger memory. Done have an RPI2 but they suffer from the same USB/ethernet problems00:16
mcphailstudio_: been using them since the ethernet/USB driver used to consume 25--50% of CPU time00:17
studio_mcphail, do you own another arm-based linux device?00:17
mcphailstudio_: yes - a sheevaplug00:17
studio_"sheevaplug" seems to be an old device, right?00:19
mcphailyep, but still works brilliantly00:20
mcphailand, of course, I have a couple of old Android phones which are ARM devices running linux00:23
studio_i am not talking about old arm-devices which are based on kernel 2.xx.x ...00:24
mcphailstudio_: well, then, I have probably completely lost the thread of this conversation. Getting late here. Off to bed00:25
studio_compare your bq E4.5 to an RaspberryPI00:26
mcphailstudio_: I have already. I'll let you read the scrollback while I go off to sleep. Good night00:27
studio_so, the bq E4.5 loose ...00:28
tathhusailfish/nemo on a rpi :P00:30
studio_tathhu, i think mcphail do not like to "compare" linux devices ... for exp. my receivers dvb-t2/s2 can handle more than the bq E4.5 with ubuntu touch on it ...00:33
studio_i think the biggest problem is "MIR" ... :(00:35
Matlibthe biggest problem with aquaris is lack of free space on root filesystem :B00:40
studio_Matlib, why?00:40
Matlibbefore flashing I had some essential tools like gedit and wireshark + several apps00:41
Matliband there was only 40MB free space already00:41
studio_can you please show me "df -h" on your device?00:43
Matlib2.0G  1.7G  385M  82% /00:43
Matlibon a completely clean phone00:43
Matlibjust reflashed00:43
Matlibonly aptitude is installed so far00:44
Matlibno apps whatsoever00:44
studio_Matlib, what partition is using "2.0G  1.7G  385M  82% /"00:45
Matlibstudio_: /00:46
studio_df -h00:46
studio_wtf is p6?00:47
Matlibpartition 6 on MMC block 000:47
studio_mmcblk0 is internal memory, right? and mmcblk1 is external?00:49
tathhummcblk0p28 @ jolla :P00:49
tathhuhere, yes00:49
studio_so, where is the problem?00:50
studio_ext4 is working on mmcblk100:50
studio_not supported, but working :)00:51
tathhui dont haveany, i got 11 gigs free00:51
tathhuand btrfs00:51
Matlibon aquaris?00:52
Matlibon sd card?00:52
studio_maybe 128GB, didn't tested that00:52
tathhuworks on jolla iirc :P00:53
tathhuubuntu for me plsz;00:54
Matlibthat's a tablet innit00:55
studio_Matlib, you can mount that ext4-sd-card in rc.local00:55
Matlibi moved large part of /usr/share to /home so had another 500MB free00:56
Matlibstill, it's very tight00:56
studio_Matlib, do you own the "ubuntu-edition" or the "nomal" bq e4.5?00:58
Matlibubuntu ed00:59
studio_hmmm ...00:59
Matlibgot it in april and enjoyed very much until June's bunch of updates that crashed the OS01:00
MatlibI've got Ubuntu 15 after flashing though01:00
studio_so you have the three buttons, but they are not visible01:01
studio_what channel are u using for updates?01:02
Matlibis that the channel?01:02
studio_is the bq your "primary" phone?01:03
Matlibwell it had been until I had to switch to my old xperia last week01:03
studio_hmm ...01:03
studio_i'd like to tell you to "wait" for a real working UT on the UT-Devices. UT needs more time ...01:04
Matlibit did work flawlessly01:05
Matlibnever had to reboot apart from network problems01:05
Matlibat the end of june there was OS update and strange things started happening after that01:06
studio_"depending" what you need on your phone ...01:06
Matlibmost notably the display manager started crashing01:06
Matlibthen there were some updates in aptitude and that crashed the phone completely01:07
Matlibdidnt boot anymore01:07
MatlibOne thing i miss is lack of wi-fi hotspot, but I found a workaround by creating ad-hoc network on my laptop01:07
studio_did you made your "phone" "writeable" ?01:08
Matlibwhat does it mean?01:08
studio_wait ... have to look01:08
studio_mount -o rw,remount /01:09
studio_something like that ...01:09
studio_then you can do apt-get update, maybe aptitude update / upgrade ...01:10
Matlibwell that's how it's done01:10
studio_and it is not working?01:11
Matlibit is01:11
Matlibone thing that amazes me is all those X video drivers that surely don't work on ARM01:12
studio_hmm, i am missing the point, what is not working?01:12
SturmFlutYou really shouldn't use apt-get on the phone, for the love of god01:12
SturmFlutBut we've been over that so many times01:12
studio_you need a working XMIR !!!01:12
Matlibhow do i install gcc then01:13
Matlibif not apt01:13
Matlibor samba01:13
studio_XMIR is not working on MIR on the "phone" !!!01:13
SturmFlutMatlib: You put an SD card in and create a full Ubuntu armhf chroot on it01:13
SturmFlutThen you can do what you want inside the chroot, without breaking your device or filling up the internal file systems01:14
SturmFlutMatlib: What did you mean by "Ubuntu 15" before?01:16
studio_SturmFlut, did you made the research about the bq M5.5?01:16
MatlibOriginaly the phone was shipped with 14.04 I think01:16
Matlibnow it seems to use the vivid distro01:17
Matlibwhich is 15?01:17
SturmFlutMatlib: Ah, you mean 15.04. But the important part is the image version01:17
SturmFlutstudio_: No, and we already know that the third device from bq will be the convergent device, a device that is not yet on the market. The M5.5 was released in May.01:18
MatlibI basically followed these steps http://askubuntu.com/questions/602035/how-do-i-use-ubuntu-device-flash-with-the-bq-aquaris-e4-5-and-aquaris-e501:19
Matlibimage version was 33 I think01:19
studio_"how do i install gcc then", normally apt-get install build-essential should work, isn't it?01:19
Matlibwell it turns out i'm not supposed to run that01:20
studio_"The M5.5 was released in May." never released, will be relaesed "in future" ;)01:20
studio_MAYBE, the M5.5 is the next UT-Device ...01:21
SturmFlutstudio_: The M5.5 was presented back in February in Munich, so it was already on the market before Canonical told us that the convergent device will be a completely new device that's not on the market.01:21
SturmFlutSturmFlut: Also the M5.5 has a 64 Bit ARM CPU, and UT doesn't run on 64 bit ARM CPUs yet.01:22
MatlibIs 5 any better than 4.5 when it comes to wifi and GPS receiver?01:22
studio_SturmFlut, have you seen the specs? i do not beleve 0.5 inches different to the M5!01:22
SturmFlutstudio_: I don't think it makes sense to guess which existing bq phone will be the next UT device, when we know that it will not be an existing device. Also Canonical will just tell us as soon as there is something to tell.01:25
SturmFlutLet's focus on the existing official devices and make them as good as possible01:26
studio_"it will not be an existing device" the bq M5.5 is an "non existing device"01:27
SturmFlutI'm not in the mood to discuss about definitions. The CPU alone is the best reason that it will not become an UT device in the near future.01:28
studio_what is the cpu form the m5.5?01:28
Matlibxserver-xorg-xmir is available01:30
SturmFlutstudio_: Snapdragon 615 ARMv8 Octa-Core01:30
SturmFlutstudio_: And there is no UT for ARMv801:30
studio_Matlib, try to install, but it will not work ... SturmFlut, from where did you get the specs?01:31
SturmFlutstudio_: Google? http://www.areamobile.de/news/33029-bq-aquaris-m-android-smartphones-mit-potenter-hardware-zum-kleinen-preis01:32
studio_the M5 got a Snapdragon 615 and the M5.5 is 0.5 Inches different, that would be for bq a shot in its own knees01:33
Matlibsamba crashes the phone!01:35
Matlibneeds flashing again01:35
SturmFlutstudio_: As said, there is no UT that can run on this CPU.01:35
studio_Matlib, what samba package did you installed?01:36
Matlibsamba winbind smbclient01:36
Matliband that xorg-xmir but that's unrelated01:36
studio_SturmFlut, what cpu are using the google devices?01:36
SturmFlutstudio_: The Nexus 4 has a Snapdragon S4 Pro01:37
SturmFlutThe Nexus 10 a Snapdragon 80001:37
Matlib>>>> FASTBOOT MODE <<<<01:38
Matlibversion 23 btw01:38
studio_SturmFlut, are you "sure", that the only different between the M5 and M5.5 are only 0.5 Inches?01:39
SturmFlutstudio_: No, apparently the M5.5 also has a higher resolution. The M5 has a HD display, the M5.5 FullHD.01:41
SturmFlutstudio_: But other news articles say different01:42
studio_"the M5.5 also has a higher resolution" where did you read that? the M5 got 1080p same as the M5.501:42
SturmFlutThere's no point in this discussion, I'm going to sleep. It's freaking 3:43 AM anyways.01:43
MatlibThe phone needs to be restored in service center :D01:44
MatlibAny BQ service certers nearby?01:44
studio_come on, the temperature is "ok" now :)01:44
studio_Matlib, for what do you need a bq service center?01:49
MatlibThe phone told me that :D01:50
MatlibWhat's the rationale behind the ubuntu one login01:54
Matlibjust to install the terminal app01:54
Matlibyup that's it02:15
Matlibinstalling samba makes the phone unbootable02:15
Matlibsamba should really be installed by default02:20
Matlibby far the most convenient way to transfer files02:21
excelsioraI have a nexus 704:01
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mr-tt_when creating an utouch app with deps in the package, do i need to use LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./ in the Exec= line in the .desktop file?07:45
SturmFlutGood morning!07:57
SturmFlutpopey: Ping09:02
* svij published his review of the Meizu MX4: https://svij.org/blog/2015/07/05/review-meizu-mx4-ubuntu-edition/09:30
SturmFlutsvij: \o/09:32
mr-tthow can i find out why my click app doesn't launch?09:41
SturmFlutmr-tt: usually the log file in /home/phablet/.cache/upstart/09:42
mr-tttail -f /home/phablet/.cache/upstart/unity8.log doesn't seem to show anything useful09:42
SturmFlutmr-tt: There's a separate log file for your app09:42
popeySturmFlut: pong09:44
mr-ttah ok, permission denied it says there. Probably because i used Exec=env LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./ ./app in the .desktop file09:45
mr-ttcan i omit the LD_LIBRARY_PATH and it will still find its deps?09:45
mr-ttok i need the lib path09:48
mr-tthow do i add it?09:48
SturmFlutmr-tt: if you create a "lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/" subdirectory in your project and put the libraries inside it, Unity8 will automatically add this path to the environment of your app.09:51
mr-ttSturmFlut: i'm building with click manually, how do i do it there?09:53
mr-ttmkdir foo/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/ ; click build foo?09:53
SturmFlutin theory yes, have never used it manually09:53
SturmFlutBut you run "click build" in the project directory09:54
SturmFlutcd foo ; mkdir lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/ ; click build09:54
mr-ttSturmFlut: looks like it worked, thanks. but still doesn't work :/ i get 2 "this plugin does not support ..." errors09:57
mr-ttThis plugin does not support propagateSizeHints()  and raise()09:59
mr-ttsounds like it's a mir issue.. too bad https://bugs.launchpad.net/qtmir/+bug/142644310:02
ubot5Launchpad bug 1426443 in qtmir (Ubuntu) "Add support for input method candidate windows" [Undecided,New]10:02
SturmFlutjrbt: Hey10:11
SturmFlutNo phones for the US market :/10:27
SturmFlutAnd people can't even import bq or Meizu devices because of the different frequency ranges10:28
popeySturmFlut: mx4 works in the us10:41
SturmFlutpopey: It "works", but it doesn't do 4G.10:42
popeyright, and not everyone uses 4g10:43
SturmFlutRight, but lots of people already do, and the rest will in the mid-term.10:46
jrbtSturmFlut, H+ doesn't works in us?10:47
tathhuWTH is H+10:48
jrbttathhu, ? hspa?10:49
tathhuIs that like 3,5G or what :>10:49
jrbtMmh seems H+ can be more powerful than 4G10:50
jrbt(idk if it is real)10:50
jrbthttp://telecomtalk.info/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/difference-between-3G-H.png *10:50
SturmFlutjrbt: The MX4 supports HSPA+ in the USA, the E4.5/E5 support only 2G in the USA. So in both cases you're paying for mobile radio features that you later can't use.10:50
SturmFlutHSPA+ with the MX4 will be enough, yes, but you paid for 4G.10:51
jrbtOh. All plan is 4G now?10:51
jrbtit is so expensive in USA --'10:51
tathhujrbt: doesn't it still use same freq(s)/network/whatever?10:51
tathhuPing with LTE <310:51
tathhuDamn, 100€ would be cool so I could go full yolo with meizu and lte :310:52
popeyhttp://popey.mooo.com/mirror/clicks/graph_clicks.png still climbing10:52
SturmFlutjrbt: This table is slightly incorrect, 100 MBit/s is just one of the "slower" modes of LTE. Cat 3 to be exact.10:52
SturmFlutpopey: Yeah, filtering through all the updates for the next wishlist/status is going to be a real pain ;)10:53
jrbtOh ok.10:55
SturmFlutHere in germany the prices for 4G are falling like apples, I get 5 GB traffic at 100 MBit/s for 15 €/$10:55
jrbtSturmFlut -> Free mobile 20Go 4G, sms/mms/call unlimited 15.99euros10:56
jrbt<3 France :)10:56
tathhuIn finland I could have unlimited LTE ~50Mbit for 20€10:57
tathhu20€ for 10gigs and I could use it abroad10:57
SturmFluttathhu: Ah, Finland. I was there last year and got a SIM for the vacation, so nice :)10:57
tathhuSturmFlut: :310:58
tathhuIs it ok to F5 threadhs to see if someone really wants to buy my jolla :o10:58
tathhuIt is.10:58
jrbttathhu, How is Sailfish?10:59
tathhuGood. :P11:00
tathhuUI is awesome and so is multitasking11:00
tathhuAwesome as in swipes <311:00
jrbtIt would be awesome if the android app emulator will implemented on Ubuntu Touch :)11:01
jrbtTizen (Samsung) and Sailfish (Jolla) do that, why not ubuntu :)11:02
tathhuDudes (and dudeddes) are trying to do some kind of OSS-alien-dalvik-thinfgy :311:02
tathhuFor ported SFOS devices11:02
popeyjrbt: how successful is it for tizen and sailfish?11:03
SturmFlutjrbt: No it wouldn't, and that will not happen.11:03
tathhujrbt: but then... jolla store is "full of" android apps11:03
popeyi know it's been discussed many times11:03
popeyThere's commercial options to do this11:04
SturmFlutBlackBerry had an Android layer and died. Jolla has an Android layer and can't get native apps because of it. Tizen has a (bad) Android layer and will not get native apps because of it.11:04
tathhuhttp://imgur.com/i137LHf 5/511:05
jrbtSturmFlut, uh good point, I don't even thought about that11:05
jrbtsorry for my grammar --'11:06
jrbtUh the Sailfish app are in QML + JS right?11:07
jrbttathhu, ok so cause of this tons of android apps Sailfish is just like a fork of android for users?11:10
jrbtlike flyme or miui even if it is not..11:10
tathhuHow it can be android fork if it isn't android o.o11:12
Stskeepsjrbt: traditionally regular users don't care what os a device runs11:14
Stskeepsit's all about the experience it offers11:14
SturmFlutIt's always about WhatsApp in the end11:17
SturmFlutEvery time somebody wants Android support on Ubuntu, it's because of WhatsApp11:18
StskeepsSturmFlut: not always, you're forgetting local content11:20
StskeepsSturmFlut: netbanks, or special apps for your workplace11:21
jrbttathhu, that's an image ;)11:24
jrbtSturmFlut, perso I want Android support 'cause of Pebble :P11:25
jrbtBut good point, if Ubuntu Touch support Android apps developers will become lazy :P11:26
Stskeepsat same time catching up to android or ios level of api functionality is hard11:26
jrbtI hope not for long, convergence is coming :)11:27
jrbtI think lambda people will love to have only one device11:28
jrbtAnd if there are users the giant developers company come ;)11:29
Stskeepslambda people?11:30
jrbtyep lambda, (don't know if you say that in English), mr Michu, beginner, "normal" people11:31
jrbtThe problem if Windows release that before (http://www.pcworld.com/article/2916899/windows-10-just-beat-ubuntu-to-the-smartphone-pc-convergence-punch.html) IMHO it's the end11:36
Stskeepscan't you argue that in many ways iOS, iCloud and MacOS X comes pretty close already?11:38
Stskeepsin how they interact11:38
Stskeepsadmittedly, you don't run iOS and the phone as your netbook11:38
jrbtYep, Apple's ecosystem do already the work (like Google in fact with his chromebook) but as you say we still have many devices.11:40
jrbtconvergence will fix that IMO.11:40
jrbtatm: many devices, all synchronized on the "cloud" for interaction, I think in the future it will be like: one device, no synchronization just a backup of your device in the "cloud"11:43
jrbtbut will not works for gamers, developers or any type of people working on his computer11:44
jrbtbut it is just speculation, right now there are lot of things to do to beat Microsoft or Android11:46
onlathere on the ubuntu forums someone said the convergence for ubuntu was coming in october or something, while in that article they say in few years11:53
SturmFlutIt's not important if Microsoft are working on Convergence too. It's not important if they are first. Lots of companies which were the first at something no longer exist.12:11
onlayes, no problem. Actually it might even help ubuntu12:13
onlathey market their windows convergence and people will want that convergence experience and then ppl will find out that actually ubuntu has that kind of thing too, and it is less restricting than the windows os12:14
onlawell, some it savvy users might stumble upon some restrictions12:16
SturmFlutHrmpf, Firefox is slow as hell again and chromium/chrome is not an option. Getting a decent browser sure has become more complicated than it should be.12:27
SturmFlutAnd webbrowser-app has no AdBlock12:28
BlackJohnnyanyone knows if ubuntu touch must be in read-write mode to be able to play with phone leds from command line?14:18
BlackJohnnylike using tee on some /sys/... file14:19
SturmFlutBlackJohnny: Should not be necessary, the LEDs are controlled via /sys/14:20
BlackJohnnythe thing is I have an MX4 with ubuntu and dont understant why it is not using the led button to show when charging14:21
BlackJohnnyand wanted to test if i can manually turn on the led14:21
SturmFlutBlackJohnny: The LED does not yet work on Ubuntu, https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/146168214:22
ubot5Launchpad bug 1461682 in Canonical System Image "[MX4] LED does not notify for incoming notifications" [Critical,In progress]14:22
BlackJohnnyubot5, SturmFlut thanks, still want to hack it a little bit on my own :)14:23
ubot5BlackJohnny: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:23
tathhuubot5: yolo14:24
SturmFlutAlso the LED is not used as a charge indicator on my MX414:24
SturmFlutProbably MX4 forgot to enable it in Little Kernel14:24
SturmFluterr, not MX4, Meizu14:24
BlackJohnnySturmFlut, so u have one too. Does it show ok the battery stats?14:24
BlackJohnnySturmFlut, mine does not show the percentage increasing. I think it only shows when it is 100%14:25
BlackJohnnySturmFlut, I had it turned off and charging to see the stats updated. But only charged it once till now14:26
SturmFlutBlackJohnny: No, it doesn't. The battery level doesn't seem to go down sometimes, and at other times it will jump up if you just reboot the device.14:27
BlackJohnnySturmFlut, thanks for the bug page. At least I see it can work ... tee /sys/class/leds/mx-led/blink <<< 114:29
* tathhu ubuntu-device-flash ~~16:23
* tathhu buys first app for ubuntu 16:32
SturmFlutWhich one?16:32
tathhucut the rope is on landscape when nexus is potrait-mode ^^16:48
SturmFlutpopey: ^^ Uh oh16:49
SturmFlutpopey: Does Unity rotate apps that do not specify supported orientations?16:50
SturmFlutor do I understand tathhu wrong16:50
popeywhat device, running what channel?16:50
sverzegnassitathhu, SturmFlut, popey, IIRC cut the rope runs in portrait mode, but its canvas/webview is rotated by 90°, resulting in a landscape "behaviour". At least, that was true for the first version released... :-P16:56
SturmFlutsverzegnassi: Yep, because there was no way to force the orientation16:57
sverzegnassiSturmFlut, I think tathhu was talking about that... anyway yes, IIRC unity8 forces apps to rotate, unless a preferred orientation has been specified in the .desktop file17:01
SturmFlutsverzegnassi: If that is true, it will break every app that assumed that it is never going to be rotated to portrait mode, which is probably every app17:03
SturmFlutSo the default has to be "portrait only" if you don't specify anything in the .desktop file17:03
sverzegnassiack... i've removed the latest devel-proposed from my N5, I can't check now... I only suppose that the app is loaded with the current orientation of the device, but i may be wrong17:07
tathhupopey: nexus 7 (2013 lte), devel-proposed iirc17:08
popeyyou don't want devel proposed, thats wily17:08
popeyentirely untested17:08
popeyAIUI :)17:08
tathhu"woops" :D17:09
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tathhuoh there was rtm...17:15
* tathhu facedesk17:15
tathhunow ctr is on lanscape when nexus is w00017:34
SturmFlutDoes anybody know what's the maximum power dissipation for the MT6595? It's not in the datasheets17:55
OerHekshard to find, SturmFlut, ...18:01
OerHekscore voltage: 1.0V processor DVFS+SRAM voltage: 0.8~1.15V (typ. 1.0V; sleep mode 0.7V) I/O voltage: 1.8V/2.8V/3.3V Memory: 1.2V LCM interface: 1.8V18:01
OerHeksfound @ http://vondroid.com/threads/mediatek-mt6595-mtk6595-out-now-hmp-4x-a17-4xa7-w-powervr-rogue-series-6200.26332/#.VZlwnXWlxBc18:02
SturmFlutOerHeks: Thanks!18:05
SturmFlutUsually ARM specified mW/MHz, but that no longer seems to be the case18:07
SturmFlutHmm, judging from all the relative values they give related to the Cortex-A9, about one Watt per core at the highest clock rate seems reasonable18:09
OerHeksYes, correct.18:10
OerHeksThat is how i read it too.18:10
SturmFlutIs one Watt of power dissipation really enough to heat up the MX4 so much?18:11
xpheresthere any unoficcial apps market to publish applications?18:16
xpheresthere are18:16
OerHeksSturmFlut, 1 volt, it is not saying watt consumption18:16
SturmFlutOerHeks: I consulted other sources int the meantime. A dual-core Cortex-A9 SoC at 2 GHz draws about two watts, the Cortex-A17 is supposed to draw 20% less than that, so one Watt as an upper bound at 2.5 GHz shouldn't a bad guess.18:21
mr-ttxpheres: opensource or proprietary apps?18:21
xpheresopen source18:22
xpheresI foudn this18:22
SturmFlutxpheres: Why unofficial?18:22
mr-ttxpheres: open.uappexplorer.com it's run by mzanetti afaik18:22
xpheresjust to see if I can bring more exposure to an app I want to submit18:22
SturmFlutxpheres: That's just a website that takes the data from the official app store and displays it in a more beautiful way18:22
xpheresI know18:22
xpheresI've been reading it18:23
mr-ttSturmFlut: yep, but open.uappexplorer is an unofficial store18:23
SturmFlutWhat does your app do? Can't it be submitted to the official store? It will also show up on uappexplorer after a while18:23
OerHeksxpheres, good luck publishing unofficial, i wonder who is willing to take that risc. And how would you give support?18:25
mr-ttOerHeks: what risk?18:25
xpheresOerHeks, I plan to publish it official18:25
xpheresI will release the code as open source18:25
xpheresanyone will be able to compile it by himself18:25
popeyxpheres: we like more apps :)18:26
mr-ttxpheres: so you're looking for a store that also hosts the sources?18:26
xpheresThe sources are already in git18:26
xpheresI really just adapted a web app to ubuntu touch18:26
xpheresit is so easy an it seems to work18:26
mr-ttxpheres: what app? :)18:26
xpheresI already installing the emulator to test it18:26
xpheresPlease see the android version18:27
mr-ttheard the emulator is broken18:27
mr-ttxpheres: named?18:27
xpheresif you want more info just ask18:27
mr-ttanyone knows why a self-built qt5 app doesn't launch and display these errors in log?: "This plugin does not support propagateSizeHints()"  and "This plugin does not support raise()"18:30
SturmFlutxpheres: Why not just publish it the normal way?18:31
mr-tt(built a click package from a qt5 app by adding desktop+manifest+apparmor profile)18:31
SturmFlutmr-tt: can you share the source code?18:31
xpheresI will publish it in the official repository aswell sturm18:31
xpheresI have a problem creating the emulator instance18:31
xpherescould anyone help me?18:31
xpheresI can not create the emulator from QT, I don't know why18:32
xpheresI use this command: sudo ubuntu-emulator create myinstance --arch=i38618:32
xpheresI receive unknown flag arch18:32
SturmFlutYou can create an emulator from the Ubuntu SDK18:32
mr-ttSturmFlut: https://github.com/qxmpp-project/qxmpp/tree/master/examples/GuiClient18:33
xpheresSturmflut I try to create it from ubuntu sdk, the program get frozen and do nothing18:33
mr-ttxpheres: maybe arch=x86? (just guessing)18:34
xpheresah ok18:34
xpheresI have an amd 64 bits18:34
SturmFlutxpheres: Which Ubuntu version are you using, and do you have the SDK PPA enabled?18:34
xpheresI guess it does not matter18:34
xpheresI have bodhi linux18:34
mr-ttxpheres: then x86_6418:34
xpheresI'm not sure which version is18:34
xpheresok mr-tt18:34
xpheressudo ubuntu-emulator create myinstance --x86_6418:34
SturmFlutxpheres: You should use stock Ubuntu with the SDK PPA. Everything else is not supported.18:35
mr-ttSturmFlut: should work, if bodhi didn't change too much i think18:35
xpheresunknown flag `arch'18:36
xphereswhat am I doing wrong?18:36
mr-ttxpheres: try sudo ubuntu-emulator create myinstance18:37
SturmFlutsudo ubuntu-emulator create --arch=i386 myinstance18:37
xpheresit does not work either18:38
xpheressudo ubuntu-emulator create --arch=i386 ubuntuemulator18:38
xpheresunknown flag `arch'18:38
mr-ttxpheres: and without --arch=i386?18:38
xpheresyes that works18:39
xphereslast time it did not boot up completely but i hope this time works18:39
mr-ttprobably that defaults to i386, so it should work18:39
xpheresI will wait, it takes long18:39
SturmFlutxpheres: Which version of the ubuntu-emulator package do you have?18:39
SturmFlutdpkg -l ubuntu-emulator18:39
xphereslet me check18:39
mr-ttbut still, the --arch flag should work according to ubuntu wiki18:40
xpheresno idea18:40
xpheresI don't care if it does not run fast18:40
xpheresI just want to test the app18:40
mr-ttsounds like it's outdated18:40
xpheresah ok18:41
xpherescan I update the app without creating a new instance?18:41
xpheresor should I abort18:41
mr-ttdid it display what arch it installs?18:41
xpheresCreating "ubuntuemulator" from ubuntu-touch/devel revision 118:41
xpheresSetting up...18:41
xpheresCreating snapshots for disks...18:41
xpheresit is still there18:42
OerHekserr that ubuntu-emulator is arm based, no ?18:42
xpheresno idea18:42
mr-tthum... might very well be18:42
xpheresthe instance is created18:42
xpheresshould I run it?18:42
xpheresI pressed start in qt18:43
SturmFlutxpheres: The version you have is from April 2014, the current one in Vivid is 0.20-0ubuntu118:43
xpheresthen should I make sudo apt-get update?18:43
SturmFlutThat won't help, Bodhi is based on Ubuntu 14.0418:44
xpheresI don't want to change, I like enlightenment gui18:44
popeyThe emulator is broken18:44
mr-ttthere's a ppa18:44
xpheresso I can not run it?18:44
mr-ttpopey: define "broken imo" :)18:45
xpheressudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-sdk-team18:46
xpheressudo: add-apt-repository: command not found18:46
xphereshow can this be?18:46
mr-ttxpheres: you can install regular ubuntu and install enlightenment on top of that18:46
xpheresmaybe I can do sudo apt-get upgrade18:47
SturmFlutInstall Ubuntu 15.04 and the PPA in a Virtual Machine, everything else is just fiddling.18:47
mr-ttxpheres: did it display what package contains apt-add-repository?18:47
xpheresmr-tt the command says sudo: add-apt-repository: command not found18:47
mr-ttSturmFlut: wouldn't a chroot also work?18:47
OerHeksxpheres, you are not running ubuntu, so get bodhi up 2 date18:47
OerHeksfuzzy problems we warned you about.18:48
mr-ttxpheres: sudo apt-get install software-properties-common18:48
xphereswhat is that?18:48
xpheresIm getting confused right now18:48
xpheresshould I delete the intance and update and upgrade the system?18:49
OerHeksthat is the metapackage for apt-add repository18:49
mr-ttxpheres: it contains add-apt-repository18:49
popeymr-tt: it doesnt work / boot18:49
mr-ttpopey: ok then it makes no sense to try and get this working atm xpheres18:50
xpheresok sorry I'm confused18:50
xpheresI will try to update and upgrade the system18:50
xpheresand reinstall the ubuntu emulator18:51
mr-ttxpheres: by update you mean install ubuntu 15.04?18:51
xpheresI mean sudo apt-get update & sudo apt-get upgrade18:51
xpheresif this does not work I surrender18:52
xpheresI dont want to install the system and all my apps again18:52
SturmFlutJust install Ubuntu 15.04 in a virtual machine18:52
xpheresah ok18:52
xpheresthat is a better idea18:52
mr-ttxpheres: you'll see a list of packages that will be upgraded when you run that. if emulator package is not displayed there it won't change18:52
xpheresI hope emulator is updated18:53
SturmFlutYou don't actually need the emulator to test a simple webapp. You can do that on the desktop.18:53
mr-ttbut, +1 for the vm, should be the simplest way18:53
xpheresI already tested the app in qt18:53
xpheresI just want to see it in the touch system18:53
xpheresto see how it looks and make a screenshot for my website18:54
popeyi tested the emulator earlier today18:54
popeyits broken18:54
ubot5Launchpad bug 1467865 in phablet-tools (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu Emulator is not working image 157+" [High,Confirmed]18:54
xphereswell if this does not work I will submit the app anyway18:54
xpheresin my computer works from qt18:54
xpheresand I created the click package18:55
xpheresI guess is enough18:55
mr-ttxpheres: if it's a webapp, why would it look different? resize the display to phone size and do a screenshot then18:55
xpheresa question I have18:55
popeyxpheres: happy to test for you18:56
xphereshow do I limit the size of the app to adjust it to a normal mobile size?18:56
popeyi can test on a bq e4.5 and an mx418:56
xpheresah thenks popey18:56
xpheresI will send it to you18:56
xpheresin a moment18:56
popeyjust send me the link to a click package18:56
xphereshow can I limit in the manifest the size of the screen where the web app is?18:57
xpheresthe margins are too wide18:57
mr-ttSturmFlut: can you see anything in the source that breaks it on utouch?18:58
SturmFlutmr-tt: It's a bit much and I'm not really the Qt expert18:59
mr-ttSturmFlut: anyone here i could ask about this?19:00
SturmFlutmr-tt: in #ubuntu-app-devel maybe19:01
brunch875The design mode on ubuntu with Qt doesn't work at the moment, does it?19:48
brunch875Or did I configure something badly?19:48
xpheresdoes anyone have an ubuntu touch mobile to test my app? there's no way I can run the emulator19:49
tathhuxpheres: is nexus 7 ok?19:51
tathhuxpheres: popey ^19:51
xpheresI need to know if it works before submiting it19:53
xphereswhat is the login for the emulator?19:55
xpheresUbuntu Vivid Vervet (development branch) ubuntu-phablet ttyS219:55
xpheresubuntu-phablet login:19:55
xpheresFrameBuffer::post eglMakeCurrent failed19:55
xphereseglMakeCurrent failed19:55
xpheresthis is not working19:55
xpheresLogin incorrect19:58
xpheresubuntu-phablet login:19:58
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mr-ttxpheres: try phablet and pw phablet20:00
mr-ttor empty pw20:00
xpheresI'm in20:00
xphereshowever the emulator screen is black20:00
xpheresI just can see the terminal20:01
xpherescan I run my app from the terminal?20:01
xpheresanyway I guess the screen should not be black20:01
mr-ttno idea. to run an app from terminal use "ubuntu-app-launch /path/to/foo.desktop"20:02
xpheresand at the end of the path the .click file20:03
xphereslet me check20:03
xpheres** (process:3751): WARNING **: Unable to connect to Upstart bus: Cannot autolaunch D-Bus without X11 $DISPLAY20:04
xpheres** (process:3751): CRITICAL **: start_application_core: assertion 'con != NULL' failed20:04
xpheresI think it is not going to work20:04
mr-ttxpheres: has anyone already tried it on a phone?20:04
xpheresI'm asking20:04
xpheresit is really a pitty that the emulator does not work yet20:06
mr-ttxpheres: wait for popey then :)20:06
mr-ttor upload it and add some "untested" note to it ;)20:07
xpheresI think I will do that20:07
xpheresI just wonder something20:07
xpheresif in qt by running it works...20:07
xpheresit should work in the ubuntu system aswel...20:08
mr-tthow is it launched? via the ubuntu webapp container?20:08
mr-ttthen it should work20:10
xpheresI just imported the web app, made some modifications and created the click20:10
xpheresI will upload it20:10
xpheresI hope I get feedback20:10
xpheresbut it is really anoying, you can not really do much without testing it20:10
mr-ttemulator should be fixed soon, at least the bug has high prio20:11
mr-ttor get an ubuntu phone :D20:11
SturmFlutYou can run an older image on the emulator, can't you?20:14
xpheresyou can send me an ubuntu phone as a gift, you will be supporting the software cause :)20:16
xphereswhat is my developer namespace?20:19
xpheresI don't know what should I write there20:19
SturmFlutxpheres: What's your name on Launchpad?20:19
xpheresah I will write my git name20:19
xpheresThe uploaded package name (com.ubuntu.developer.username.analyticaltranslator) does not use your namespace (xpheresdev)20:21
mr-tt"username" should probably be identical to namespace20:22
mr-tttake a look at manifest.json20:23
mr-ttedit the "name" value to com.ubuntu.developer.xpheresdev.analyticaltranslator20:24
SturmFlutmr-tt: That's the old namespacing20:25
xpheresa last question20:25
xpherescan I submit an app with payment and the same for free?20:26
mr-ttxpheres: yes, submit it twice20:26
xpheresjust to bring people the chance to give me a donation so I can work further on it20:26
mr-ttunder different name20:26
xpheresThe uploaded package name (com.ubuntu.developer.xpheresdev.analyticaltranslator) does not use your namespace (xpheresdev)20:29
xpheresthis is a pain in the ass20:31
xphereswhat should I do now?20:31
SturmFlutxpheres: Just use "xpheresdev" as the namespace everywhere, like the system is telling you to do20:31
xphereswhat is the namespace?20:32
xpheres "name": "com.ubuntu.developer.xpheresdev.analyticaltranslator",20:32
xpheresthat is in the manifest20:32
mr-ttxpheres: set "name" to appname.xpheresdev20:32
SturmFlut"xpheresdev" is the namespace, "analyticaltranslator" the app name, "analyticaltranslator.xpheresdev" the full app name plus namespace.20:33
xpheresThe uploaded package name (xpheresdev.analyticaltranslator) does not use your namespace (xpheresdev)20:34
SturmFlutYou have it the other way around20:35
xpheresohhh at least20:37
SturmFlutDon't forget to send it for Review and then Publish it, there's an orange button in the web interface20:39
SturmFluthas it been published? Can't find it in the store.20:42
xpheresautomatic review failed20:43
xpheresI pressed on manual review20:43
SturmFlutWith what reason?20:43
xpheresI don't know20:43
xpheres Your application AnalyticalTranslator must be resubmitted                      Thank you for your patience during the moderation process.                      What does this mean?                   There was a problem with approving your application.  Please address the issue and then kindly resubmit your application.           The moderators noted the issue to be addressed as follows:      20:44
popeyyou need to fix the icon20:44
popeyyou don't have an icon set correctly20:45
popeyIcon=foo.png  is what you need in your .desktop file20:45
popeyyou currently have Icon=qmlscene20:46
popeywhich won't work20:46
SturmFlutNice one ;)20:46
xpheresI don't understand20:46
popeyicons, you know what they are, right?20:46
popeygraphical emblems you click or tap20:46
xpheresshould I rename it?20:46
popeyright, you need one20:46
xpheresthere is one20:46
xpheresI added it from qt20:46
popeyand you need to say in the .desktop file what the icon filename is20:46
xpheresah right20:46
xphereswhat should be the syntax?20:47
popey21:45 < popey> Icon=foo.png  is what you need in your .desktop file20:47
xpheresah ok20:47
xpheresjust icon=foo.png20:47
popeywhatever your icon filename is20:47
xphereswith the path20:47
popeyfoo.png, icon.png.. whatever it is called20:47
xpheresthe icon is inside a folder20:47
popeyno path needed if it's in the root directory of your project20:47
xpheresah right20:48
xpheresshould it be called foo.png?20:48
popeyfoo is just a random word20:48
popeyit should be whatever your icon filename is20:48
xpheresI submited again the app with the icon declared in .desktop20:50
xpheresRejected by ca_pkgme_service_bot on 2015-07-05 20:51 - 0 minutes ago20:52
mr-ttxpheres: reason?20:55
xpheresagain the icon20:55
SturmFlutxpheres: It tells you the reason in the web interface, under "Review"20:55
xpheresI think I submited an icon that is too big20:55
xpheres'qmlscene' specified as icon in .desktop file for app 'HTML5', which is not available in the click package.20:55
xpheresI submit it again20:56
xpheressent again20:57
popeythe version you uploaded still has abroken icon20:58
xpheresI added a png icon20:58
xpheresand declared it in the .desktop this way:   Icon=analyticalicon.png20:59
popeyyou didn't edit the .desktop file20:59
xpheresyes I did20:59
* popey re-downloads20:59
SturmFlutDid you save it and update the click package20:59
xpheresit is called html5.desktop21:00
popeydid you re-upload?21:00
xpheresbecause I started with a html5 template21:00
popeyit says you uploaded 18 minutes ago21:00
xpheresI will upload it again21:00
xpheresThe uploaded version (0.1) has already been uploaded.21:01
popeyyou need to bump the version number21:01
SturmFlutI was actually waiting for that message21:02
xpheresI should write 0.2?21:02
SturmFlutpopey: Shouldn't the SDK already show errors like this, e.g. about the missing icon?21:03
popeyit should, yes.21:03
xpheresI hope this time works21:04
xpherescool there is no automated rejection this time21:04
SturmFlutxpheres: I just tested it, when you click on "Build and validate click" package in the SDK it tells you about the errors that the store is also looking for.21:04
xpheresyes, sorry I'm not used to the website, it is my first ubuntu app21:05
xpheresdesktop_duplicate_keys (HTML5):found duplicate keys: Icon21:05
xphereswhat does that means?21:05
SturmFlutNot the website, the Ubuntu SDK already tells you when you create the clock package21:05
mr-tt_xpheres: where can we see your .desktop file?21:06
xpheresI will upload it21:06
mr-tt_paste it please21:06
popeyyou have two lines in your .desktop file21:06
SturmFlutxpheres: paste.ubuntu.com it a good place21:06
popeyboth starting "Icon"21:06
popeyremove the one that's "Icon=qmlscene"21:06
SturmFlutThat's not the desktop file21:07
popeyremove line 421:07
mr-tt_^ this21:07
xpheresah shit21:07
xpheresthat is from the template21:08
xpheresI did not realize21:09
SturmFlutWhich template?21:09
xpheresI used a html5 template from qt21:09
xphereswhich has already a few things21:09
xpheresand I forgot to delete it21:09
xpheresversion 0.321:09
xpheresI think my software will be the one who changed version faster than anyone21:10
popeybug 127586821:10
ubot5bug 1275868 in qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu ".desktop file has "Icon=qmlscene" by default" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127586821:10
popeySturmFlut: did you just make an HTML5 app - and is that bug still broken?21:10
xpheresit passed!21:10
SturmFlutpopey: I always use my template21:10
popeyah SturmFlut21:10
SturmFlutOf, it's a paid app21:11
xpheresI will submit a free one21:12
xpheresI just need financial support to make the app move forward21:12
xpheresif you want it for free21:12
xpheresjust let me know21:13
SturmFlutSo it is a German->Spanish translator, if I understand correctly?21:13
xpheresit is many things21:14
xpheresbut mostly a translator and a learning tool21:14
xpheresit show alerts of several grammar rules21:15
xpheresit shows21:15
SturmFlutI see.21:15
xpheresthe most efficient function right now is the declination function21:15
xpheresit detects many declination discordances21:15
xpheresbut I want to integrate many natural language functions in the software little by little21:16
SturmFlutDoes this all work offline? Or does it need an online connection.21:16
xpheresit needs an online connection21:17
xpheresI want the software to be modular21:17
* tathhu hates cities skylines21:17
xpheresthe people who work in the engine do not need to know anything about the android or ubuntu touch app21:17
xpheresand viceversa21:17
xpheresand any improvement in the engine goes to the app21:17
xpheresit is all modular21:17
xpheresand connected21:17
jrbtJust discovered loqui.im (https://loqui.im/), it seems to support WhatsApp21:30
jrbtI haven't test but I think that WhatsApp works on Ubuntu Touch :)21:30
SturmFlutjrbt: Yeah, but it doesn't simply run on Ubuntu out of the box. I tried it, never got the registration SMS.21:30
jrbtWell, ok :(21:31
* jrbt is testing21:31
SturmFlutThey have an ubuntu-touch branch, but it hasn't been updated since last year21:32
* jrbt is disappointed :(21:33
jrbtNative WhatsApp, native Twitter, (native Facebook), (native Pebble) would be cool.21:34
jrbtIf WhatsApp work with Canonical, why not Facebook..21:34
jrbt(ok, no loqui in ubuntu store --")21:34
SturmFlutTwitter works quite well, they have a great web interface anyways21:35
mr-tt_SturmFlut: link?21:35
SturmFlutmr-tt_: It's already installed on the device21:36
jrbtBaah I hate this web app :P21:36
jrbtbut do the job21:37
SturmFlutIt's not just a webapp, it adds a lot of functionality21:38
jrbta lot? which? I see "only" the notifications21:39
jrbtit is great but not enough for me, I'd like be notified for each tweet from a person (like on android)..21:42
xpheressturmflut did you install it?21:42
jrbtbut as I have said it do the job so I keep and use it :)21:42
tathhuwebapp whith notifications is better than "real" app using shitty puplic api21:44
jrbtdo you think that is possible to change the css of this webapp?21:49
tathhuno idea21:49
mr-tt_if you can download the css file and edit the html file to point to a modified one, why not?21:52
jrbtmr-tt_, but the html is on twitter, I think it is useless to download it.. how it is possible to override each link of the css?21:55
jrbtwith a script like stylish?21:56
SturmFlutjrbt: The QML WebView has a lot of undocumented options for that, you can inject UserScript and stuff like that22:02
jrbtSturmFlut, Ok thanks! I'll give a look, if I can "flatify" the interface it will be awesome :)22:03
SturmFlutjrbt: http://askubuntu.com/questions/492501/execute-javascript-code-in-oxide22:04
xphereshei everybody22:23
xpheresthanks for the help22:23
xpheresI'm glad to contribute to the ubuntu touch catalogue!22:23
xpheresI have to go to sleep now22:23
xpheresgood night!22:23
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