Kilosmorning peeps07:54
* mazal peeks in08:03
mazalMorning everyone08:03
Kiloshi mazal  08:06
mazalGaanit oom ?08:06
Kilosek kyk die klein ding http://mybroadband.co.za/news/hardware/131194-the-r110-computer-that-could-change-the-world.html08:06
Kilosgoed dankie en self08:06
mazalGoed dankie , raasie baie nie08:07
mazalWag om te gaan breakfast saam vriende08:08
mazalBekyk bietjie wat's nuut in minecraft , maar ek moet dit seker nie hier se nie lol :)08:10
mazalAlthough , it is fully Ubuntu compatible so not too far off topic08:14
Kilosyou not tutoring on the game here08:15
mazalI never dare say a word about it with the minetest guys around , you get tapped on the fingers very quickly :)08:15
Kilosyou are talking to me08:16
mazalDon't understand it at all though08:16
mazalIs like the PS3 vs XBOX thing. If a person likes both , so what08:16
Kilosthat channel was made so this channel wasnt all totally off topic08:16
Kilosalso at first we chatted pages of minetest stuff here and when someone wanted to answer a query some hours later they had to scroll back too much08:18
mazalTime for that breakfast08:19
mazalHave a nice morning oom08:19
mazalSee l8tr08:19
Kilosty 08:19
mazalPC needs some rest after that huge update hehehe08:20
mazalbye :)08:20
mazalbackup I mean *08:20
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Kilosoh my , such a quiet day13:49
magespawngood afternoon13:51
Kiloshi magespawn  13:51
KilosMaNI  you here?13:52
Kilosohi superfly  13:53
Kiloshi Cryterion  13:56
MaNIKilos, I wasn't but now I am15:03
Kilosi dont know when peeps havent got the afk/away function working15:04
Kilosso excuse me if you sometimes have to scroll back for miles15:04
Kilosstupid launchpad gives me a quota on how many peeps i can contact from there15:05
Kilos2 emails and quota full for 23 hours15:05
MaNII should avoid reading the news :/15:21
Kilosyou mean its all bad15:21
MaNIhehe, yeah now we are buying trains that are the wrong size15:21
Kilosw000t got ubuntu-nm to join our group15:37
Kilosonly took 6 months15:37
Kilosinetpro  superfly  ^^15:50
* Kilos dances a jig15:50
mazalNM is ?16:31
mazalNamibia ?16:31
mazalGood work oom16:32
Kilosty mazal  16:32
Kilosthe only way i can get any feedback from lots of them is by joining them and their mailing lists and then sending my message across16:33
Kilosn boer maak n plan16:33
Kilosi think i have 4 left then i have the whole of africa16:33
mazalThat's great work16:34
Kilosmainly thats because i dont want to join them on facebook16:35
inetprogood evening18:09
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=== Guest36610 is now known as MaNI
inetprowb MaNI18:27
inetprowell done oom Kilos18:27
Kilosty inetpro  18:28
Kilos4 more then i can hand the project over18:28
inetproKilos: where do you get 4 from?18:32
Kiloswell i have found 14 of the 1818:33
* inetpro still seeing 6 with status "Missing"18:34
Kilosoh my18:34
Kiloslemme see18:34
inetproand then there are many more countries in Africa than just those 1818:34
inetproKilos: you still have some work to do sir18:35
Kilosnono locos im was given the project of finding18:35
inetpronono, you job is to establish a loco per country18:35
inetproyou giving up that easily?18:36
Kilosthe project was to connect us to other locdos in africa18:36
Kilosoh my how can there still be 6 more18:37
inetprohow will you ever conquer the world if you set such a low target?18:37
Kiloswaiting for ivory cost to reply to mail18:38
inetproyou wanna tell me all the other countries have zero Ubuntu users?18:38
Kiloswell, 18:39
Kilosmaybe i can hand it over to the teams that have joined18:39
Kilosburkono faso i have to hand over to someone that speaks french, the dont seem to do english18:40
Kilossenegal french and wolof18:42
Kilosinetpro  when peeps join africa on launchpad must the join the ml as well or is it automagic19:19
* Kilos had another idea19:19
inetproit's not automatic19:19
Kilosok next question19:20
Kiloscan only each individual join the ml or can i do that19:20
Kilosor even better can you19:20
inetproplease rephrase19:22
Kilosi have found how to add lp members to the africa lp team, so can you then subscribe them to the mailing list19:23
inetprodon't do it!19:23
Kiloscan you make the ml automagically subscibe them19:23
mazalNight everyone19:23
Kilosnight mazal  19:24
Kiloslekker slaap19:24
mazalDankie oom ook19:24
inetpronag mazal19:24
inetproKilos: you do not want to be blacklisted19:24
Kilosby who??19:24
Kilosand why19:25
inetproKilos: always hand the control to the user19:25
inetprolet the user decide whether he wants to join or not19:26
Kilosthe option you mean?19:26
inetprodon't forcefeed anyone19:26
Kilosok i savvy that but im not going to follow them peeps on twitter and fb just to make contact19:26
Kiloslike can i tweet to someone without following19:27
inetproKilos: get the book "The Art of Community" by Jono Bacon 19:40
Kilosno more rtfs19:40
inetprowhy nono?19:40
Kilossigh , i got it19:44
inetpro2nd edition19:48
inetprocool... read it19:48
inetproit's only 574 pages19:48
inetpromaybe you can finish it long before me19:49
Kilosi cant see what edition it is19:49
inetproit's on the front page19:49
Kilosoh i got it here http://www.artofcommunityonline.org/downloads/jonobacon-theartofcommunity-1ed.pdf19:49
Kilos1st i think19:50
Kilosif that 1ed means first19:50
inetproThe Art of Community19:50
inetproBuilding the New Age of Participation19:50
inetproSecond Edition19:50
inetproKilos: http://www.artofcommunityonline.org/get/19:51
Kilosman give me a link not stories of what to look for19:51
Kilosits taking forever to open19:52
inetproit's only 20MB19:54
Kilosok ty i have both now19:54
Kilosnow with all the rtfs no time for anything else19:54
inetprosave it in a folder where you wll remeember19:54
Kilosi have both in downloads19:54
inetprooh and please note it was written in 2012... we've moved on since then19:55
Kilosnee man mense is mense19:56
Kilosi just need to charm then then they do it my way19:56
* Kilos ducks19:56
Kilostime to get hot water bottle ready for bed19:57
Kilosoh inetpro  i found fridges and all kinds of things for 12v19:59
Kilosbut more about that on another day19:59
inetproKilos: you sure?19:59
Kiloseven a 12v kettle19:59
Kilosand a solar hgeyser20:00
Kilosbut about 7k for that20:00
inetprothe 12V is just used for lighting the gas20:00
Kilosthats no good billy20:00
Kilosill investigate more20:02
Kilosthere is also them old coal or antracite stoves soos op die ou plase20:04
Kilosbaie lekker in die winter20:04
inetproKilos: we need something that can use renewable energy20:08
inetprothink long term sustainability, not short term pleasure20:09
Kilosok so its to find 12v elements20:10
Kilosbut the investment will be huge to get everything20:10
Kilosbut within 10 yars should pay for itself20:10
inetproanything sustanainable that is also affordable 20:10
Kilosoh MaNI  thats what i wanted to ask you20:11
Kiloshow is you dc setup going20:11
MaNIit isn't yet :p20:11
MaNIpanels and batteries in lounge, charge controller arrives tomorrow, battery balances hopefully by thursday20:12
inetproKilos: lighting is easy, but the savings are very low20:12
MaNIweather permitting I should be up by the end of the week20:12
Kilosyes inetpro i agree  20:13
MaNIgenerally 24v would be better than 12v by the way20:13
Kilosanything that needs to make heat to cook or heat water is what costs20:13
Kilosin toti we had a large coil of black plastic pipe on the roof above kitchen for washing dishes20:15
Kilosbut to heat enough for a few baths could be trickey20:15
MaNII agree and disagree at the same time on that common opinion. Yes geyser, cooking etc. is highest draw by far but its for very short periods of time, while digital stuff draws constantly even if much less20:16
Kilosinetpro  http://www.alibaba.com/showroom/china-solar-cooker.html20:16
MaNII have more digital stuff than usual but I have my digital stuff as probably my second biggest consumer (once all added together) 20:17
MaNIgeyser 6kwh a day (possibly an overestimate) where my digital is somewhere around 5kwh20:17
Kilosno man work out how much power you need to fill one bath with hot water20:17
Kiloselements use very much more power than a pc does20:18
MaNIthey do but they aren't on all day long20:18
Kilosone geyser uses 30% of your months electricity20:19
MaNIyeah, not disputing that geyser is a big part of the bill, what I'm saying is that all digital stuff + lights combined is in my case (and possibly many others a close second)20:20
MaNIif the digital stuff can be chopped for a similar or cheaper price than the geyser (and bring other benefits like backup against load shedding) then the common conventional geyser first wisdom maybe starts to fall apart a bit20:21
inetpromy laptop charger is rated as 73.19Wh20:21
inetpromy geyser uses about 400 kWh per month20:22
MaNImine is 70 as well (actual watt meter not rating) + 30 for monitor :)20:23
inetprowhat do we pay for electricity in Tshwane these days?20:23
Kilosinetpro  too much20:23
inetprolast I checked it was something like R1.22 per kWh20:24
inetproI think20:24
MaNIif you ran it 24 hours a day = 1.752kWh = 52.5 for the month. No geyser but just saying seemingly small things add up if they are run a lot20:25
Kilossomeone here once posted that his pc used R7 in 1/12 months20:26
Kilossomething about some new kinda energy efficient thing20:26
MaNImaybe he doesn't use it much :p20:27
Kiloswith lots of effort i spose i could check current drain here20:28
MaNImy two main pcs are 120W and 85W 'idle' much more when doing lots of stuff, been measuring with a nifty watt meter plug I bought20:28
Kiloshow much more20:29
MaNIdepends what they are doing20:29
Kilosand what is doing lotsa stuff20:29
MaNIup to 180W if starting some programs20:30
MaNIover 200w if gaming20:30
Kilosi only freecell so im good20:31
MaNII have an integrated GPU core which is quite energy efficient - with an external graphics card I'd expect as much as 400w20:31
MaNImy LED screen draws only 27.5W while the same size older LCD draws 42W - interesting to see the difference :p20:32
Kilossome things have improved stacks20:33
Kilosanyway i must go bed20:33
Kilosnight all, sleep tight20:33
MaNIin COCT it is now 175.90 c/kWh for first 600 and 213.90 c/kWh thereafter20:34
MaNIso a small reduction brings greater gains than a large system20:35
inetprowow, gone up quite a bit20:35
MaNIi.e. if I use 900 kWh a month I get the best bang for bucks if I can chop off 300 kWh20:35
MaNIyeah latest price hikes are bad :(20:35
MaNIjust went up this month20:36
inetpro07/05 22:12:22 <MaNI> panels and batteries in lounge, charge controller arrives tomorrow, battery balances hopefully by thursday20:58
inetprohow many panels and batteries?20:58
MaNI6 panels 4 batteries - though I possibly got too many panels 4 may have been enough, time will tell20:59
inetproor shall I rather ask, how much power in kWh are you planning to store for now?20:59
MaNIdoing this as much for research as anything else, I'll publish the results for others to benefit from21:00
MaNIbatteries are small - 22Ah (but they are proper deep cycles ones that can discharge far)21:01
MaNII'm purposefully trying to do things a bit different then normal - normal focus is on systems that will provide power all night etc. which are expensive21:01
MaNII'm trying to find a good balance thats sort of 'as cheap as you can get away with to help you with 4 hours of load shedding and save yourself money in a 3-4  year timespan) but still upgrade in future'21:03
* inetpro should really focus on reducing power usage on big stuff like geyser, stove and heaters21:03
MaNIsee thats the thing, thats still the best focus if all you want is cost reduction, but it doesn't help you at all in terms of power outages :p21:04
inetprogeyser should actually be a no-brainer these days but I haven't done it yet21:04
* inetpro can live with two hours of loadshedding, as inconvenient as it is21:05
MaNII'm looking to show that conventional wisdom is no longer necessarily right. I mean if you only have R15k or R20k to spend. If you have lots to spend then geyser etc. first is still best policy21:06
MaNIbut yeah it all depends on needs21:06
superflyMaNI: where in Cape Town do you live?21:08
MaNII find it quite funny/sad to see people saying things like - "what is the minimum system I need so that I can power 3x 50 inch tvs during loadshedding for myself, wife and children" - can't they just kick their children outside or read a book or something,  just shows how crazy peoples priorities can be21:08
MaNIsuperfly, I'm out in Gordons Bay21:08
superflyMaNI: +121:08
superflyAh, OK, I'm in Muizenberg21:08
inetproMaNI: when my TV broke a few years ago it was the best thing that could ever happen21:09
MaNIheh, I threw mine away when I moved to CT, which is now like 6 years or something21:10
inetprothe kids became human again21:10
superflyyeah, we've never had a TV21:10
MaNIhave not missed it, though I do of course watch some series and stuff still on computers21:10
superflyI actually have hired a jungle gym for the kids (it's R250/month)21:10
MaNIbut somehow not having a dedicated box is better, way less inclined to watch junk, brain washing news etc. :p21:10
* superfly must go to bed21:11
superflynight all21:11
MaNIyeah also :p21:11
inetprogood night superfly21:11
inetprooh and good night MaNI and everyone else21:11

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