ahmed__thank you00:00
joe__Hi, do somone know a package for ubuntu who is like a "siri"but in the terminal00:01
SchrodingersScat!info googlecl | joe__00:07
ubottujoe__: googlecl (source: googlecl): command-line tool for access to (some) Google services. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.13-2 (vivid), package size 74 kB, installed size 433 kB00:07
dennis_Good evening, how is it going?00:07
dennis_I have a Problem with my Ubuntu Mate and aint able to solve it myself....00:08
xanguajoe__: I've seen this http://www.webupd8.org/2014/02/linux-speech-recognition-using-google.html00:09
balloonHello. I am IRC first participation.00:09
dennis_My Problem is, that ubuntu suspend isnt working correctly00:10
dennis_When i want to wake it up after suspend all mate Buttons are gone.00:10
joe__xangua, thx ! gonna check it out00:10
hubrmphdennis_: THis mate from a ppa or the ubuntu repos?00:13
dennis_no, its the image from https://ubuntu-mate.org/00:13
hubrmphdennis_: Not sure it's supported here, maybe others know, has to be a canonical associated release, not a derivative.00:15
hubrmphdennis_: If you're not supported here, ubuntu has mate in the repos for some releases, you would have to research that is all.00:18
xanguayes, ubuntu mate is an official family member starting with 15.0400:19
hubrmphThought it was thanks, xangua00:20
hubrmphdennis_: Just a suggestion, you could do a net install with mate and have a ubuntu with just mate.00:20
hubrmphfully supported here.00:21
xanguaor just install ubuntu mate00:21
hubrmphxangua: I had heard there was a release, just didn't check, my bad.00:22
hubrmphxangua: Is it this? https://ubuntu-mate.org/00:23
yorwosi have downloaded a program to install and in the instructions it says to do "/bin/sh ./<DOWNLOADED_FILENAME>.run" what does /bin/sh   do exactly ?00:24
dennis_I already post the link00:24
dennis_yes its from ubuntu-mate.org00:24
bodhi_zazenyorwos, sounds like the nvidia driver =)00:25
bodhi_zazenI am sure it will install stuff00:25
rypervencheyorwos: What are you trying to install?00:25
yorwosthe program ? no its ardour 4.100:25
bodhi_zazen4.1 ?00:25
hubrmphdennis_: Yeah, that person is a mod, just trying to get the answer, hate for you to not be supported here if that release is covered.00:25
yorwosyes , i would normally do only ./<DOWNLOADED_FILENAME>.run but i got instructions to do that /bin/sh in front of it -> http://ardour.org/first_time_linux.html00:26
yorwosardour 3 is in my normal repo but u can mannualy download 4.100:27
bodhi_zazenyorwos, generally those who make .run files do not know much about linux00:27
yorwosi have read i can install 4.1 and it wont conflict wih my ardour 3 install00:27
SchrodingersScat!man | yorwos00:27
ubottuyorwos: The "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the  command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal | Manpages online: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/00:27
bodhi_zazenso they do not know to put #!/bin/sh at the start of the file00:28
rypervencheyorwos: Not that I would recommend this necessarily, but there is a PPA that has that package in it: http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2015/05/how-to-install-ardour-4-in-ubuntu-14-04/00:28
bodhi_zazenso you have to call /bin/sh manually00:28
yorwosoh i get it, so it shouldnt be any bad calling it if i do it00:29
hubrmphdennis_: Since we have no comments on that version I would stay around and keep working on it.00:29
rypervencheyorwos: I would need to read the script that you would be running to determine if it is ok or not to run. Normally I would say to not run scripts like that, as they make it hard to remove the software afterward.00:29
bodhi_zazenrypervenche, that ppa does not have ardour 4.100:29
rypervencheAh. I only looked quickly online.00:30
yorwosouch ummm00:30
rypervencheyorwos: I'll take a look at the script for you. One sec.00:30
bodhi_zazenyorwos, you should be fine, but is there a README ?00:30
yorwosno readme00:30
rypervencheyorwos: Did you get the demo script?00:31
yorwosrypervenche, just goto ardour.org ->download -> choose i have donated without login -> choose ubuntux64 version and type 0 and donate in bottom -> give email and u get a download link for 3 times valid00:31
yorwosits the full version00:32
dennis_I dont know what do you want to say me....mh00:32
yorwosbuy $100:32
bodhi_zazenardour 4.1 is in the fedora repos00:32
* bodhi_zazen happy dance00:32
bodhi_zazencat your.ardour.run | pastebinig00:33
bodhi_zazencat your.ardour.run | pastebinit00:33
yorwosu can use my key its valid for 2 more times https://community.ardour.org/freeloader?key=e7110f4e17a3f8ebb7e25ce484061c2a00:33
x3464Anybody know why the latest version of Firefox isn't in the repos yet?00:33
bodhi_zazenx3464, lol, use a ppa00:35
rypervencheyorwos: Ok, it looks good. I would go for it. It provides an uninstaller script as well.00:35
yorwoscool thnx ! :)00:35
x3464bodhi_zazen: Why?  Ubuntu has always been current with Firefox releases before.00:36
bodhi_zazenif you say so =) I switched to chromium a while ago and do not keep up with ff, but last I checked, there was a ff daily build ppa00:37
bodhi_zazenso I guess you need to define "current version" of firefox, stable, beta, daily build ???00:37
bazhang!info firefox00:38
ubottufirefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 38.0+build3-0ubuntu0.15.04.1 (vivid), package size 39627 kB, installed size 96718 kB00:38
x3464bodhi_zazen: The current version being the stable/release build00:38
bazhangbodhi_zazen, no need for a ppa with that00:38
x3464Firefox 3900:38
bazhangbodhi_zazen, new version is immediate upgradsed in repos for security00:38
bazhangit might take time for the repos to sync however00:39
bodhi_zazenso I guess they are packaging it then00:39
bodhi_zazenthanks bazhang00:39
yardlinuxconnected to www.canyouseeme.org and got -Success: I can see your service on 50.*.*.* on port (22) Your ISP is not blocking port 22 however I cant connect using putty or the command line. Any ideas?00:44
nikola_anyone knows how to start sublime 3 text from terminal?00:48
nikola_new to linux00:48
utfans05_yardlinux, what exactly are you trying to do?00:49
yardlinuxutfans05_, Im trying to connect to my computer using ssh. I did port forwarding already with no errors00:52
utfans05_yardlinux, did you already install a ssh server on your computer? and if you have a router did you forward 22 to your pc??00:53
utfans05_something like openssh-server00:53
=== corey84__ is now known as Corey84
yardlinuxutfans05_, yes to both questions00:55
utfans05_then there shouldn't be any reason why you cant connect. PM me your IP and I can see if 22 is opened.00:56
utfans05_oh. did you allow 22 on your pc?00:56
ganeshaditya1Hey .. how can I get alt+tab thing back in ubuntu 14.0400:58
utfans05_yardlinux, what do you get when you run this from a terminal `netstat -plant | grep ssh`00:58
utfans05_you will need to be root.00:59
utfans05_ganeshaditya1, it should be in there by default unless you disabled it. Check your keyboard shortcut menus.01:00
yardlinuxtcp        0      0    *               LISTEN      689/sshd01:00
yardlinuxtcp6       0      0 :::22                   :::*                    LISTEN      689/sshd01:00
ganeshaditya1@utfans05_ how to check my keyboard shortcuts?01:01
utfans05_ganeshaditya1, System>Preferences>Keyboard Shortcuts01:02
utfans05_yardlinux, that looks good, did you allow 22 through your firewall?01:02
ganeshaditya1Yup found it. switch applications was disabled. added alt+tab but still not working01:02
utfans05_you may need to relog for it to work.01:03
yardlinuxutfans05_, only thru the router01:03
utfans05_yardlinux, check your firewall.01:03
likecolacolahey... i upgraded transmission on my ubuntu and i don't see a feature for downloading magnet addresses01:05
likecolacolanvm i already choose it on the list of which program to open it with01:06
SchrodingersScatlikecolacola: 'open url' or ctrl-u01:08
yardlinuxutfans05_, i ran sudo ufw disable to disable the firewall temporarily01:09
utfans05_yardlinux, ok, and still nothing/01:09
yardlinuxno, but im going to reboot01:09
whallzi'm loggin in to an ubuntu box via ssh01:11
whallzif i tput colors it says 801:12
whallzhow can i change the terminal for ssh sessions ?01:12
whallzi need to do a lot of configuration and stuff and i sure like my vim to look pretty :)01:12
utfans05_whallz, well inside of vim is different from your ssh session.01:13
yardlinuxutfans05_, rebooted but that didnt help01:13
utfans05_yardlinux, check your PM from me.01:15
whallzutfans05_: but to have 256 colors in vim, don't i need the terminal to be able to display 256 colors?01:16
mildusedI'm getting Wi-Fi is disabled by hardware switch. I did rfkill unblock all but the wireless is still hardblocked... what to do?01:16
utfans05_whallz, try this. http://vim.wikia.com/wiki/256_colors_in_vim01:17
ubuntu157mildused: Name the wifi chip, should show in lspci in the terminal.01:19
mildusedubuntu157: how would I do that? Just rfkill list?01:20
ubuntu157mildused: run in the terminal lspci and look for the wifi hardware info01:21
ubuntu157The channel, not me needs that at the least01:21
michael_pis there away to get them back01:25
Xubuntududewhat is the easiest way to install a Netgear WNA3100 wireless dongle on Xubuntu?01:27
Xubuntududenot sure where to find the drivers01:27
whallzutfans05_: ok i tried that, that if in .profile is setting the term as xterm-color01:27
whallzutfans05_: not xterm-256color01:28
utfans05_ok, did you then source the profille?01:28
utfans05_cause that get loaded right when you start your terminal session.01:28
whallzutfans05_: oook that's it, but why that file isn't sourced when i log in via ssh?01:28
utfans05_it should be.01:29
utfans05_the .bashrc and .profile files are sourced when you first log in.01:29
whallzit's not01:29
whallzi tried agan01:29
whallzssh user@host01:29
whallzand i dont see 256 colors01:30
ubuntu157Xubuntudude: a little orientation info, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=222125101:30
whallzif i source .profile01:30
whallzi see 256 colors01:30
utfans05_hrm... it should auto load.01:30
utfans05_try adding   source .profile to the bottom of your .bashrc file.01:30
whallzutfans05_: it should but it isn't01:30
ganeshaditya1Hey .... So is gnome-fallback sort of the gnome-classic now?01:32
whallznope, sourcing it in bashrc makes the prompt never apper when i ssh01:33
ubuntu157ganeshaditya1: basically it is a psuedo gnome 2 I think it has been called classic01:33
whallzif i do ctrl+c i get back to the non 256-colors prompt01:33
ganeshaditya1@ubuntu157 okay. Will future versions also continue to have it? Cause I loath switching to unity or gnome 3.01:34
ganeshaditya1Nothing personal. Just got used to gnome classic :)01:34
utfans05_whallz, that's odd.01:34
ubuntu157ganeshaditya1: Not sure to be honest.01:34
ganeshaditya1Thanks :)01:34
ubuntu157ganeshaditya1: No problem, use what works for yah. ;)01:35
whallzutfans05_: it sure is, any hints?01:35
utfans05_whallz, try putting the code you put in .profile,into .bashrc01:35
whallzutfans05_: lol01:36
pokergodi've got dual screen, is there a way to isolate the screen's launcher to only those apps ON that monitor?  I hate clicking on chrome's launcher only to find it's the other machine...01:37
Deihmosthere is a seting to disable touchpad when typing but it doesn't even work01:41
ablest1980in setting settings>mouse and touchpad01:43
Deihmosdoes not work at all01:43
mildused hello again. Sorry ubuntu157 for leaving. Stormy weather01:43
ablest1980i dont know then sorry01:43
likecolacolaSchrodingersScat, ctrl u worked, i fail to see where's the bottom01:44
SchrodingersScatlikecolacola: I don't know what that means.01:45
likecolacolaSchrodingersScat, there's a hot key and also a button01:45
likecolacolai can't see the button :p01:45
SchrodingersScatI think it was under file01:46
michael_pi am using dplhin file explorer i have lost my video icons is there away to get them back01:47
ubuntu157michael_p: You run a cleaner like bleachbit or something?01:48
ubuntu157michael_p: Any info leading to this?01:49
michael_pall i can see is like an action icons01:50
ubuntu157mildused: Welcome back.01:52
Xubuntududeubuntu157:  thanks :-)02:17
ubuntu157Xubuntudude: No prob, that link was solved, you seem to as well, awesome.02:19
=== wfreeman is now known as entropius
entropiusHi everyone; I have a machine that had an ancient version of Lubuntu on it. I recently installed Kubuntu 15.10, and get an error: "ALERT! /dev/disk/by-uuid/<insert uuid here> does not exist." when I try to boot the system. Can someone help me figure out how to fix it?02:35
whallzhey, i'm seeing vim with a grey background, terminal is xterm-256color, i've tried setting: hi Normal          ctermfg=252 ctermbg=none, but i still see it02:35
pokergodi've got dual screen, is there a way to isolate the screen's launcher to only those apps ON that monitor?  I hate clicking on chrome's launcher only to find it's the other machine...02:36
strongHi, may I ask a question?02:38
UmeaboyJust ask. ;)02:38
strongHow to use USENET?02:38
Bashing-omentropius: Are you presently dual booting with that old Lubuntu release still available ?02:39
Umeaboystrong: ^^02:39
whallzthit is my current .vimrc02:41
michael_pwould upgrading fox that02:41
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whallzand i'm seeing that grey background and not seeing molokai colors02:41
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entropiusBashing-om: no, I formatted /dev/sdb, which is where it list02:41
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entropiusThe only complication that I can think of is that there are many other disks, a zfs array, on that system02:41
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Bashing-omentropius: OK, Then we verify UUIDs . ' cat /etc/fstab ' and compare the UUIDs in that file to the results of 'sudo blkid' .02:43
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whallzclockwork orange02:44
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SchrodingersScat!ops | hackteck02:45
ubottuhackteck: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang02:45
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entropiusBashing-om: currently only a swap partition is in fstab; I'm currently running the system from a liveusb (since I can't boot from the hard drive.). The first device listed in blkid is the UUID that I get the "does not exist" message about on boot, which is /dev/sdb1 (where grub is installed).02:45
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entropiusBashing-om: thank you for your help, btw!02:46
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Bashing-omentropius: Raided disks ?02:46
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entropiusBashing-om: yes, but the boot device is not one of them. I have one hard drive that's just plain ext4 for the system, and then the zfs/RAID is separate.02:47
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Mr_SheeshI'd hope some op eventually boots the bot02:47
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=== marquezini is now known as marchesini
Bashing-omentropius: Right, so in fstab we got to tell the system to boot that partition containing the boot code ( /boot ) .02:48
whallzhey, i'm seeing vim with a grey background, terminal is xterm-256color, i've tried setting: hi Normal          ctermfg=252 ctermbg=none, but i still see it02:49
whallzthit is my current .vimrc02:49
whallzand i'm seeing that grey background and not seeing molokai colors02:49
utfans05_!ops | hackteck02:49
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whallzutfans05_: already +q that sucker02:50
entropiusBashing-om: actually, derp -- I was looking at the wrong fstab. The fstab for the actual installed system does contain that disk.02:50
utfans05_whallz, ah ok.02:50
utfans05_just came back to the channel and saw the wall of text.02:50
whallzfunny read02:51
whallzclockwork orange kinda stuff02:51
utfans05_meh... I've gotten used to seeing that stuff and ignore it.02:51
marchesinianybody work profissionaly with xen in this channel?02:51
Bashing-omentropius: K, then next we look and make sure that /boot/grub/grub.cfg sjows that same UUID .02:51
utfans05_marchesini, what ya trying to do?02:52
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marchesinispeak some words with a xen virtualizer prof02:52
utfans05_well I do work for rackspace... and I live on our hypervisors.02:53
marchesiniim looking for certifications to join the carrer02:53
marchesiniin virtualization and it infrastructure02:54
entropiusBashing-om: yep, it's in there: there's some code: if [ x$feature_platform_search_hint = xy ]; then \\ search <lots of options> <the UUID>02:54
pokergodi've got dual screen, is there a way to isolate the screen's launcher to only those apps ON that monitor?  I hate clicking on chrome's launcher only to find it's the other machine...02:54
utfans05_marchesini, there is an openstack certification.02:54
entropiusBashing-om: (actually, there's an else clause that just says : search --no-floppy --fs-uuid --set=root <UUID>)02:54
marchesinii don't know if in brazil is so good enjoy this carrer because java develop pay more to do the service02:54
utfans05_but honestly the one person I know who has it, sucks as an admin.02:55
Newusercan anyone tell me how to get a good clean copy of ubuntu or any other form of linux without getting the error message from where it says check for defects on start up page?02:55
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Bashing-omentropius: Hummm .. surprised, OK, back to /etc/fstab . anything UUID wise that is listed, and the partition is not available to mount ?02:56
marchesiniNewuser, i only download in torrent and dont get error02:56
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utfans05_and here we go again.02:56
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whallzNewuser: try downloading and do a md5 checksum before burning it02:56
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NewuserI have not figured out to use torrent giles yet02:57
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marchesiniNewuser, if you burn the image burn lower than 4x02:57
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utfans05_Newuser, dont use the torrent... get it from the ubuntu website.02:57
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ubuntu157apt-get install Nurse-Ratchet02:57
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jzp113hi guy how to write a script when the computer start?02:57
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jzp113hi guy how to run a script when the computer start?02:58
whallz!ops | hackteck02:58
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Newuserwell I have been put installs on usb02:58
entropiusBashing-om: It's mounted right now, since I'm looking at the fstab on it. There's only that ext4 partition which goes at /, and a swap.02:58
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utfans05_jzp113,  http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8339555/how-to-run-a-script-at-the-start-up-of-ubuntu02:58
jzp113utfans05, thanks02:58
utfans05_that will give you a few options.02:58
whallzNewuser: same thing, before putting the image in your usb drive, check it's integrity by doing an md5 checksum02:59
UmeaboySince noone in #ubuntu-translators seems to be awake I'll ask here: Where does one upload po-files to be proofread before they're released on launchpad?02:59
UmeaboyI have done some work that I want to send in.02:59
jzp113utfans05, I have a stackoverflow account .but if i ask question it's show me You have reached your question limit02:59
utfans05_jzp113, well that link will show you how to do what you are wanting to do.03:00
utfans05_you dont need to ask a question cause I provided the answer :-D03:00
whallzUmeaboy: http://community.ubuntu.com/contribute/translations/03:01
NewuserUTFANS05: Thats where Ive been getting all of my downloads fromvisvthe direct sites but when I check for errors I at least get 1-2 errors found03:01
jzp113utfans05, how about defaults number?03:02
utfans05_Newuser, I've never had an error when dling straight from the website.03:02
utfans05_jzp113, what do you mean the defaults number?03:02
utfans05_like when you want the script to run?03:02
marchesiniNewuser, don't stop when downloading, prefer torrent and run md5 when reach the end of download03:02
jzp113utfans05, which number is well for me  I should use the internet when the script run03:03
utfans05_jzp113, run level 2 should be good.03:04
utfans05_or you can put it in one of the other startup scripts.03:05
jzp113level 2 ? utfans05 ?03:06
utfans05_off to bed. see yall later.03:06
jzp113utfans05, which level 2?03:07
Bashing-omentropius: ' grep BOOT_IMAGE /var/log/kern.log ' is that the same UUID as that of '/' in the '/etc/fstab' file ? AND is /etc/default/grub line " GRUB_DEFAULT=0 " ?03:08
entropiusBashing-om: I actually don't have a kern.log. Let me check /etc/default/grub03:09
entropiusBashing-om: GRUB_DEFAULT is set to 0.03:10
Bashing-omentropius: Do not jave any idea yet . what about ' dmesg | grep BOOT_IMAGE ' . Is that UUID same as from /etc/fstab for '/' ?03:15
entropiusBashing-om: Running dmesg here won't be helpful, since that will give me the logs for the liveusb, not the system I'm trying to boot. I looked in /var/log/dmesg on /dev/sdb1, but there's nothing there -- which makes sense, since the problem is that grub can't actually ever find that partition for some reason.03:16
entropiusI imagine I will just try something simple: disconnect all of the zfs hard drives and reinstall. They shouldn't be doing anything, but maybe they're confusing the installer?03:17
Bashing-omentropius: K. agreed . So is the hard drive that comtains your operating system thje booting hard drive as set in bios ? Maybe comsider (RE-)installing grub to the MBR of that hard drive ?03:19
entropiusBashing-om: I tried that -- using boot-repair, and doing this from the console from within the livecd (mounting /dev/sdb1, chrooting into it, and then running grub-install). The first doesn't fix anything, and the second fails with "cannot find a device for /boot/grub (is /dev mounted?)"03:22
Bashing-omentropius: Ouch ! .. think'n .03:23
entropiusBashing-om: I don't want you to spend all that much time on this -- thank you for your help! I was hoping there was something simple, but apparently not. I'll disconnect the six zfs drives and try a reinstall -- I've never seen this sort of weirdness before.03:24
ubuntu157entropius: Curious did you save the bootinfo summary?03:24
entropiusubuntu157: where would that be saved? That's from boot-repair, right?03:24
ubuntu157entropius: Yeah, it gave you a url to save.03:24
entropiusubuntu157: I can just run it again. One sec.03:25
ubuntu157entropius: Run just the bootinfo03:25
entropius(having to reinstall it from the repo, since I'm running from a liveusb)03:26
entropiusubuntu157: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1182442503:28
ubuntu157entropius: I was curious, I doubt I can add more than Bashing-om. I see a mixture of outliers that could cause issues theoretically.03:30
entropiusubuntu157: Thank you for looking. The boot system is one that I've not really studied all that much, just because short of cleaning up after windows installers in dual-boot systems everything has always gone smoothly for me.03:31
ubuntu157entropius: Bummer when that changes.03:32
Bashing-omentropius: ubuntu157 Look'n too .. I be back .03:32
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Bashing-omentropius: All looks good to me less the screaming an hollering about the 9th partitions in the array . Are you sure in bios you are set to boot the 2nd hard drive 'sdb' ?03:45
shine_can anyone offer an estimate of how difficult / how much work it takes to make chromecast work on the ubuntu 14.04 or later? I don't know anything about chromecast but have run ubuntu for about 12 yrs now.03:47
SchrodingersScatwith chrome and chromecast extension it was easy to cast a chrome page a year or two ago03:48
entropiusBashing-om: I am. I get a GRUB menu and some early bootsequence chatter, and then it dies with that message.03:49
entropiusThank you for all your help; I'll just reinstall without the zfs drives connected and see if the installer is less confused by their presence.03:49
shine_SchrodingersScat: palgrave: cool. thx. I did do some fishing on google and it seemed like it shouldn't be a problem but I wanted to ask and be more certain (not my computer I'm intalling ubu on)03:49
Bashing-omentropius: K; Good luck . As I have nothing better to offer .03:53
entropiusI really appreciate the time.03:54
Bashing-omentropius: :), not helped, I look for you tomorrow see how this works out. Good night for me.04:00
shine_when was ubu 15.04 released; and, are there any known bugs that are a challenge for people?04:01
aughpresumably it was released april 2015....04:05
ubuntu157hudson: You want the bots info?04:06
shine_Most especially, does anyone know if the problem was solved where there isn't enough space for kernel updates on 14.04?04:07
shine_The one where the default install doesn't give enough space in that lvm or whatever?04:08
ubuntu157shine_: Not really an issue unless /boot is in a tiny partition.04:08
ubuntu157shine_: Sounds like problems you have had, am I right?04:09
shine_ubuntu157: yes -- but now I will be installing ubu on a friends computer tonight. Kinda want to know what to expect w/ that so I can avoid the problem to begin with (if necessary).04:11
shine_ubuntu157: yes - too small a partition with the default install was the bug04:11
ubuntu157shine_: The default does not make that partition.04:12
ubuntu157you do04:12
djapoi have two monitors conected to my nvidia card, how do i switch which one is the active monitor?04:13
shine_ubuntu157: hmm. Well, when I installed 14.04 on this lappy I didn't manually partition - I chose a default install - in which, the installer does the sizing for you04:13
ubuntu157shine_: This a UEFI setup?04:14
shine_it was a problem and I wondered if some update came through since 14.04 's release that dealt with the issue04:14
ubuntu157shine_: Again, these were your issues right, this happened to you?04:15
shine_for my lappy -maybe ( I don't recall ) // for the one I'll install on tonight it won't be04:15
shine_but the reason' I'm asking is for the other laptop that I will be installing on (not this one)04:15
ubuntu157shine_: Problems you have had are  not the releases they are yours, word you inquiries reflecting that.04:16
shine_whatever - don't waste my time dude. I'll figure it out on my own if I have to04:16
ubuntu157shine_: I will be my pleasure.04:16
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abishekdoes ubuntu 15.04 come with selinux installed?04:20
abishekand what does selinux offer?04:21
pokergodi've got dual screen, is there a way to isolate the screen's launcher to only those apps ON that monitor?  I hate clicking on chrome's launcher only to find it's the other machine...04:27
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Seven_Six_Twopokergod, as in, when you click on firefox on the right monitor, it launches on the right monitor?04:42
pokergodthat as well, but no...04:43
pokergodWhen I click on the launcher in the second window04:43
pokergodit lists all the windows for both monitors04:43
pokergodthe best way to describe it, right click on chrome04:43
pokergodit lists all the windows04:43
pokergodi want it to isolate to monitor/launcher04:43
devinmcelheranIs anyone here an iSCSI veteran?04:44
Seven_Six_Twopokergod, you're using unity?04:44
pokergodand i've checked all the options in unity tweak04:44
pokergodSeven_Six_Two, what are you using?04:45
Seven_Six_TwoPokerFace, I use Mint Rebecca, cinnamon edition04:45
Seven_Six_TwoPokerFace, !Mint04:46
pokergodif have have no windows open, i want my launcher to reflect that on the second monitor.04:46
Seven_Six_TwoCan you install shutter, and show me screenshots? With shutter, you can edit (draw on) and upload to a pic sharing service easily04:47
Seven_Six_Twopokergod, I only ask because I'04:48
Seven_Six_TwoI'm a bit confused, since unity uses it's launcher as the app tray, which is different than what I have. I'm not sure what you're expecting vs what's actually happening.04:48
Seven_Six_TwoDoes the launcher on the second monitor show that there are open apps that aren't open?04:49
Seven_Six_TwoOOh,,, I know. Right click and unpin. Then it will show up only when it's running.04:50
pokergodmonitor 1) 3 chrome windows ..  monitor 2) no chrome.  ...  Unity on 1) 3 chrome.. unity on 2) 3 chrome, clicking on it, chooses the windows for the monitor 1.. I want it to be.. IF NO app on monitor 2, reflect it in the launcher04:50
Seven_Six_Twopokergod, I understand now04:50
Seven_Six_Twopokergod, what kind of video card do you have? ati? nv?04:51
pokergodi unlocked chrome, closed the windows on monitor 2..  chrome still showing on the launcher04:51
pokergodwhatever laucher on 1 sees, samething shown on monitor 2..04:52
pokergodi'd rather them be different04:52
Seven_Six_TwoOk, Using either monitor settings, or nvidia-settings (as root), change to a desktop per monitor, instead of a big display.04:52
Seven_Six_TwoThe disadvantage is that you can't drag a window from one monitor to the other, even though your mouse crosses the boundary easily.04:53
pokergodcan you cntl+win->right ?04:53
Seven_Six_TwoNo. You have to restart X to change the configuration.04:53
Seven_Six_TwoIt has to be saved in the X config04:54
pokergodhrmm, i will test it and see how it wroks04:54
Seven_Six_Twopokergod, the setting is "Configuration", the option is "Separate X Screen". It's on the X Server Display Configuration tab of nvidia-settings.04:56
Seven_Six_Twoyou won't be able to save unless you launch it with sudo.04:57
pokergodSeven_Six_Two, thanks for that04:58
pokergodtrying it now04:58
pokergodi'll have to logout eh?04:58
pokergodfor it to take effect?04:58
Seven_Six_Twoyes. that will restart x for you.05:02
Seven_Six_Two!ubotu Mint05:03
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Seven_Six_Two!ubottu Mint05:04
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org05:04
GreatApeNiggyi just gotta say,i LOVE ubuntu05:34
GreatApeNiggyi'm glad i switched from windows05:34
NicoHoodHi, I want to install my new ubuntu with disk encryption. from the gui I have two options: default settings with encryption or "something else". Within the 2nd option I can chose the mount points, which I want to change for my /home dir. But I still want to encrypt the disk which is not available there. How can I install ubuntu with disk encryption and different mount points?05:39
Dev-gitterhi everyone , unity-settings-daemon crash (ubuntu 15.04 amd64) install gnome3.xx and keyboard layout fail05:51
rypervencheNicoHood: Hmmm, good question. Let me see if it's possible.05:53
Dev-gitterhi everyone , unity-settings-daemon crash (ubuntu 15.04 amd64) install gnome3.xx and keyboard layout fail please help me.05:54
rypervencheNicoHood: You going to be here for a minute?06:02
saganbyteHello :)06:05
NicoHoodrypervenche: i think yes06:09
NicoHoodpm me if you have any progress :)06:09
saganbyteIs there some way I can increase speed in transfering files from windows using cygwin + scp to ubuntu server (over local network)06:09
rypervencheNicoHood: You can do it.06:23
BuzzardBuzzyou can have your cake and eat it too with wine or virtual box or dual boot you can have windows too, then you can be still be reminded why linux is more fun06:27
nikolamHi I constantly have more then 70% CPU time used by Xorg, on 32-bit (X)Ubuntu 14.0406:41
nikolamI do absolutely nothing, Computer serves as Wireless gateway and have Xfce desktop started.06:41
mr0everywhereevery time i reboot i have to run 4 commands (cd, make clean, make, make instal) in order to get a driver to load up then connect my wifi usb dongle in order for it to work. is there any way i can keep from having to do i guess what i am asking would be is there any way to not have to run all of that and then manually have to plug in the device everytime i startup? could i script it out or even better keep the driver loaded so06:41
Blue1mr0everywhere: you could write a bash script, and call it when bash starts up.06:43
mr0everywhereBlue1, can a bash script run a sudo command and disable and reenable a usb port?06:44
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BuzzardBuzzif you have the module loaded you likely wont need to toggle the usb port06:45
mr0everywhereBuzzardBuzz, after running those 4 commands i have to remove and reinsert the device to get it working06:47
BuzzardBuzzwhat is the chipset for the usb wifi dongle?06:48
BuzzardBuzzlsusb i think might tell us this06:49
BuzzardBuzzinside a terminal06:49
BuzzardBuzzmy command sugestion is wrong06:50
mr0everywhere13b1:003e i believe here is the link with the stuff i had to do to get it working http://community.linuxmint.com/tutorial/view/189706:50
BuzzardBuzzmaybe its sudo lspci06:51
ubuntu1575 letters 3 of which are usb06:52
mr0everywherechipset is Mediatek mt7610u06:52
BuzzardBuzzyes thank you, now to look for more driver choices for that hardware06:54
marienzplease disregard this comment (hunting for bots that PM when I say something)06:55
mr0everywhereit is the linksys ae6000 also known as the cisco ac58006:55
BuzzardBuzzits also known as the realtech 2860 apparently06:55
marienz(found one!)06:55
BuzzardBuzzyour objective is to find a driver that works from inside the supported repository for your distribution06:56
BuzzardBuzzthen you wont be having the weird issues06:56
mr0everywherethat would be fantastic buzzardbuzz06:57
BuzzardBuzzusually the realtech drivers work well06:57
BuzzardBuzzfor realtech hardware06:57
mr0everywhereits linksys hardware06:58
BuzzardBuzzlinksys is a brand name, not the chipset manufacterer06:58
EriC^^mr0everywhere: can you type cat /path/to/dir/Makefile | nc termbin.com 9999 ?06:58
EriC^^/path/to/dir is where you usually cd to in the commands you run06:59
mr0everywhereeric including the /Makefile onthe end or not?07:00
EriC^^yeah, including it07:00
EriC^^we can see what it loads, and have that load on boot07:01
nikolamAfter 14.04 LTS 32-bit updates, My cursor is flickering and Xorg CPU usare is above 70% all the time.07:02
nikolamWhen I log out it seems it stops using that much cpu time for Xorg. (I am on Xfce)07:03
EriC^^mr0everywhere: it's a usb wifi?07:03
mr0everywherei have a bad pci one plugged in as well, airforce one something or other, if you see it ignore it it recieves no signals07:04
EriC^^can you type lsmod | grep rt | nc termbin.com 999907:04
EriC^^is it loaded right now?07:05
nikolamXorg behaves right with another user account. Must be something with that account running on login.07:05
mr0everywhereyeah im using the usb one right now07:05
EriC^^mr0everywhere: does lsmod | grep -i rt07:06
EriC^^show you anything like rtxxxx07:06
mr0everywherethat last link is all i get as output07:07
nikolamHow do I figure ot, what App is causing for Xorg to have such large CPU usage_07:07
mr0everywhereeric at the top of the 3chs link it shows rt28xx07:09
mr0everywherenkiolam check this link http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2958807:11
nikolammr0everywhere, I use top but it shows only Xorg.07:13
BuzzardBuzzthat top command shows alot of running processes on my box07:14
mr0everywheresame here07:14
BuzzardBuzzmaybe cause he is alternate user?07:15
mr0everywherefar beyond me, jsut a very quick google on my end07:15
BuzzardBuzzmaybe alternate user has permissions issues?07:15
ikonianikolam: reboot into failsafe graphics mode, see if the load goes down07:15
BuzzardBuzztry running top as superuser?07:15
ikoniayou don't need to be root to run top07:16
mr0everywhereEriC^^ any ideas yet?07:16
ikonianikolam: also press "1" in top to see all cores, see if a process is thread locking 1 core, rather than the whole cpu07:16
EriC^^mr0everywhere: hmm type lsmod | nc termbin.com 999907:16
BuzzardBuzzthen why does he not have running processes listed from the top command?07:16
ikoniaBuzzardBuzz: such as ?07:17
ikoniaBuzzardBuzz: he said he does have processes listed, xorg was taking up the top07:17
BuzzardBuzznikolam said "mr0everywhere, I use top but it shows only Xorg."07:17
bajahello people07:17
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ikoniaBuzzardBuzz: as in it only shows xorg as taking up the resources07:18
nikolamikonia, it is one core cpu. picture of mouse cursor is flickering. It is happening ony on that account.07:18
ikonianikolam: how many cores does your machine have ?07:18
nikolamMaybe if I clean up home dir of that user and load default desktop..07:18
nikolamikonia, 1.07:18
bajaim trying to access a directory through terminal but im getting permission denied07:18
ikonianikolam: what cpu is this ?07:18
EriC^^mr0everywhere: i think this is it mt7610u_sta07:18
nikolamP3-733. I think itćs not connected to cpu type.07:19
ikonianikolam: it sounds like something you're loading within xorg for that user, a startup app, or something is just taking more resources than you have07:19
mr0everywherebesides the _sta that looks like it07:19
ikonianikolam: have a look in the xorg log and the xsessions log for that specific user07:19
EriC^^mr0everywhere: try echo "mt7610u_sta" | sudo tee -a /etc/modules07:19
nikolamok ikonia07:19
ikonianikolam: something minor you are loading could be erroring all the time, taking up your resources as that cpu is pretty weak for a modern distro, despite how low foot print xfce is07:20
mr0everywhereit just poped mt7610u_sta07:20
EriC^^mr0everywhere: type locate mt7610u_sta.ko | nc termbin.com 999907:20
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=== neyhart__ is now known as neyhart
mr0everywherethe desktop portion is where i currently have to cd to07:22
EriC^^mr0everywhere: ok try to reboot and see if it works07:22
mr0everywherei will be right back then07:22
gawdThe Ads are ruining Yelp07:23
e01is there some software that can simulate apple's airport utility, i mean to connect mac computers to this software via airport utility?07:25
ikoniawhy do you want to use airport utility ? just connect via normal wifi07:27
mr0everywhere_now i am back and it got online all on its own, but all of my text is about font size 307:28
BuzzardBuzzwell then you're progressing07:28
mr0everywhere_BuzzardBuzz yes i am07:29
BuzzardBuzznow you just need to fix your font resize back to normal, it sounds like07:29
mr0everywhere_i can read text inside my browser window but all other text is microscopic07:29
mr0everywhere_how do i go about that?07:29
BuzzardBuzzmaybe you need bigger monitor then07:29
bajanvm :command not found07:30
bajain the terminal07:30
bajai have installed node07:30
BuzzardBuzzEric^^ likely knows that07:30
EriC^^BuzzardBuzz: not really07:30
EriC^^it's irrelevant to what we just did though07:30
cihhanhi all. im trying to create my own deb package which installs already existing packages and puts my own configuration files. i have built packages (debian control file, preinst, and postinst files). but i havent fully understood what i need to add for removing a package (apt-get remove foo) vs purging it (apt-get purge foo) completely. and suggestions?07:31
BuzzardBuzzthere should not have been a font size change07:31
mr0everywhere_eric thanks for the help with what we jsut did.07:31
EriC^^no problem07:31
bajaim in the process of installing node and i get this error07:31
bajanvm: command not found07:31
mr0everywhere_al of my icons have also shrunk with the text but they are only about half size07:31
EriC^^mr0everywhere_: are you using unity?07:32
ikoniabaja: how are you installing node - let me guess, building it from source ?07:32
mr0everywhere_plasma i think07:32
bajathrough terminal07:32
mr0everywhere_whatever comes preinstalled with kubuntu07:32
ikoniabaja: how are you trying to install it07:33
bajasudo apt-get install npm07:33
ikoniabaja: ok ? so that should install node, whats the problem ?07:33
bajaa minute07:34
bajaproblem is when installing nvm07:34
ikoniabaja: how are you installing nvm07:35
BuzzardBuzzlooks like fonts in system settings07:35
mr0everywhere_apparently it is all 12 point font but it needs to be 48 point font to be readable again07:35
bajacurl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/creationix/nvm/v0.16.1/install.sh | sh07:35
BuzzardBuzzso you can get it to work correctly then07:36
bajai run that in terminal and was successful07:36
mr0everywhere_BuzzardBuzz kind of but it should be about 12 point with the size it shows at 48 point07:36
beltorakhi all; my lxcbr0 net device has dissappeared, so I cannot run any linux containers. Does anyone know what I can do to troubleshoot? I'm not sure when it dissappeared.07:37
bajaim trying to use the nvm command in terminal07:37
ikoniabaja: so that script is junk, it's installed it to a place that is not in your default system path07:37
mr0everywhere_the first time i go to print and forget its going to print to like 1000 pages lol07:37
ikoniaas you are installing node from the ubuntu package manager, using nvm to use multiple versions seems a very bad idea07:37
bajaok the problem is nvm command throws back an error07:37
BuzzardBuzzwhat about your icons, still 25% smaller?07:37
bajacurl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/creationix/nvm/v0.16.1/install.sh | sh07:37
mr0everywhere_buzzard buzz if not more07:37
bajanvm: command not found07:38
ikoniabaja: right, because it's installed it into ~/.nvm which is not in your $PATH07:38
ikoniabaja: yes, and I've just told you why07:38
bajai @baja-HP-Pavilion-g6-Notebook-PC:~$ ~/.nvm07:38
BuzzardBuzzsounds like everything is scaled down to 1/4 of the normal size, weird07:38
bajai have navigated to the file07:38
EriC^^mr0everywhere_: except for the browser?07:38
ikoniabaja: right ?07:39
mr0everywhere_except for things visible inside the browser07:39
bajaso what should i do know?07:39
cihhanhow does the package creation work for apt-get remove and apt-get purge? in package creation, how can we identify it?07:39
ikoniarun the nvm command from the file that is in that directory07:39
mr0everywhere_i can read everythign going on in the room but not what i am typing down below or any of the titles of the bars or anythin g07:39
ikoniacihhan: those commands don't create packages07:39
mr0everywhere_i think it is the dpi setting gone wonky07:39
bajaim there already07:39
bajatried running ..its throwing back the same error07:40
ikoniabaja: right, so run the nvm file that exists in that directory07:40
BuzzardBuzzthere may be a scaling setting inside your monitor preferences07:40
bajawats the command07:40
BuzzardBuzzthat may be changed from before07:40
ikoniabaja: what is the EXACT command you are using07:40
cihhanikonia: thanks. the thing is im creating my own package which uses other packages and i add my own configuration files. but im not sure what i need to do for remove and purge (are they defined in prerm and postrm?)07:41
baja~/.nvm$ nvm07:41
BuzzardBuzzmaybe its inside the displays settings window07:41
bajanvm ls-remote07:41
ikoniacihhan: they will be orphaned, so removed with apt-get clean07:41
mr0everywhere_BuzzardBuzz setting everything to 48 point font did nothing07:41
ikoniabaja: that won't work07:41
ikoniabaja: please show me the output of "ls -la nvm"07:41
bajals -la nvm07:42
BuzzardBuzzlikely there are scaling settings related to the display that can resolve this07:42
cihhanikonia: so there are preinst, postinst, preinst, and postinst -- i was wondering if there is anything i can do for purge and remove only in those files07:42
e01ikonia: i want to create on my home ubuntu box service for backup utility, it will be nice to be dettected from airport utility07:43
ikoniacihhan: nope, you can't remove depends like that, you need to let the apt-get clean do that07:43
cihhanikonia: i see. thanks a lot :)07:43
BuzzardBuzzthere is a default font scaling factor07:43
cihhanikonia: i will check it further :)07:43
LuvIsBad2TheBonehello world07:43
mr0everywhere_BuzzardBuzz i am looking right now but cant read anything in the menus i pull up07:43
bajabaja@baja-HP-Pavilion-g6-Notebook-PC:~/.nvm$ ls -la nvm07:43
bajals: cannot access nvm: No such file or directory07:43
ikoniabaja: the command is not there - so your install didn't work07:44
=== avis is now known as hayden
=== hayden is now known as avis
BuzzardBuzzthere are also launcher scaling factors also07:44
bajainstall nvm can show me07:44
ikoniaI advise you not to use it07:45
ikoniaas you've already installed node from the ubuntu package manager07:45
ikoniaso trying to use nvm to use multiple versions is not something I'd recommend07:45
nikolamikonia I think large CPU usage is because of "System Load Monitor" Xfce applet in recent 14.04 update. It dopd not behave like that before, so something is changed in recent 14.04 LTS so it uses much more CPU time, over Xorg.07:45
bajaok tell me from start07:45
ikonianikolam very possible07:45
BuzzardBuzzforce fonts DPI to 96 might help07:45
nikolamlet me see with xubuntu people to report a bug and see if change is in xubuntu or in ubuntu itself07:46
bajaikonia but node is already installed07:46
ikonianikolam: if you remove the applet does it go away07:46
bajai can use npm07:46
ikoniabaja: yes, I know this, I've just told you this07:46
nikolambut I deleted user dir of an user and gave it emptz one so it is on default profile07:46
ikoniabaja: re-read what I said07:46
nikolamikonia, yes07:46
ikonianikolam: looks a good candidate then07:47
nikolambut we'll see if it is change in xfce or in ubuntu inside LTS updates07:47
croci can never get file sharing to work in ubuntu07:48
mr0everywhere_buzzardBuzz how would i go about doing that?07:49
NegativeFlarecroc: I've never had problems with it07:49
NegativeFlareJust depends on what your using as the protocol ;)07:49
croci right click, i click share folder, i create the share, i click ok.  i type smbclient -L //myipaddress .. share shows up07:49
croci type smbclient //myipaddress/myshare -U myuser and i get tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED, Domain=[WORKGROUP] OS=[Unix] Server=[Samba 4.1.13-Ubuntu]07:50
BuzzardBuzzthere are alot of possibilities listed on the posted page for you07:50
NegativeFlarecroc: two different computers? or?07:50
crocNegativeFlare, same computer07:51
bajaikonia check private message07:51
ricardcan someone tell me if it is normal that the bios does not leave me the option xmp, if the ram does not have the option xmp ??07:51
NegativeFlareHonestly, I've only worked on the samba server, so I'm not sure why it would be doing that croc07:51
ikoniaricard: talk to your hardware provider, this is nothing to do with ubuntu07:51
crochmm :/  this is a brand new install too07:51
bajajust for a minute07:52
crocNegativeFlare, i've also had the same problem before on ubuntu 12.0407:52
ikoniabaja: no,07:52
NegativeFlarecroc: are you sure your computer is in the WORKGROUP domain/workgroup?07:52
NegativeFlarecroc: Honestly, it bothers me because I run a Samba server on my home network, for my wife can access the files on the network.07:52
croci do find ubuntu to be very buggy07:54
NegativeFlarecroc: The main reason I think that's going on, is the fact that your not actually run a samba server07:54
NegativeFlareand you haven't configured one, etc.07:54
crocsmbd is running07:54
ikoniais the firewall open ?07:55
crocit comes pre-installed with ubuntu 15.04 desktop07:55
crocnot unless it's on by default07:55
ikoniaeg: can you hit it at a dumb port level07:55
BuzzardBuzzricard: in addition to your ram supporting xmp, your motherboard needs to support it also07:55
crocNegativeFlare, fck.. i can't open system config07:55
NegativeFlareoh lordy07:55
BuzzardBuzzcroc: what is your name resolve order = <settings> in your smb.conf file?07:58
ricardBuzzardBuzz, the mhotherboard says that if you accept xmp but I do not get reflected by the ram may not supporting xmp07:58
BuzzardBuzzcroc: do you use wins or bcast ?07:58
ikoniaricard: try ##hardware07:58
ricard## in hardware not answer08:03
ikoniathen wait for an answer08:04
ikoniathis channel is for ubuntu support08:04
bajaSource string already in /home/baja/.bashrc08:04
baja=> Close and reopen your terminal to start using nvm08:04
ricardthe mhotherboard says that if you accept xmp but I do not get reflected by the ram may not supporting xmp08:06
ikoniaricard: this channel is for ubuntu support08:06
ikoniaricard: please stop asking08:06
ricardikonioa're a little edge08:07
ikoniawhat ?08:07
ricardthat costs you answer a simple question08:08
ikoniaricard: I'm asking you to please keep to the channels topic, which is ubuntu support, if we let you make it generic, we let everyone, which is why we keep it to the topic08:09
ikoniaplease use the right channels and wait for a response08:09
bajahow do i install nvm08:09
bajaits already installed but i cant use in termnal08:10
ikoniait is not installed08:10
ikoniaI showed you earlier - it is not installed, hence why you get the command not found error08:10
bajalet me show you08:10
bajahow do i install nvm08:11
BuzzardBuzzricard: find out what motherboard you have installed ubuntu on, next find out what ram you are running ubuntu with, next look at google hardware forums for your solution to run ubuntu faster08:11
ikoniaBuzzardBuzz: take it to ##hardware please, putting the word ubuntu in the response does not make bios options/hardware support in the bios an ubuntu issue08:12
ikonia(or use a pm)08:12
bajaSource string already in /home/baja/.bashrc08:12
BuzzardBuzzsorry, your right that should have been a pm08:13
baja=> Close and reopen your terminal to start using nvm^C08:13
ikoniaBuzzardBuzz: no issue08:13
bajaikonia you see08:13
ikoniabaja: no, I don't see, it's NOT installed as you proved earlier08:14
bajaok tell me how to install and work08:14
ikoniabaja: no, as I advised you earlier, you've already installed node via the ubuntu package, my opion of using nvm to manage multiple external versions is that it is bad/wrong08:15
bajais there another way08:15
ikonia"don't use it" is my advice08:16
ikoniause the node install that the ubuntu package provided08:16
tokamHi I am on 14.04 and if I type in apt-get update08:38
tokamapt-get dist-upgrade08:38
tokamthan update-manager -d tells me I am on the latest version08:38
tokamHow can I upgrade to 14.10?08:38
ikoniawhy are you doing update-manager -d08:39
Qwertie-I think thats because 14.04 is an lts version08:39
ikoniawhy -d ?08:39
tokamBecause it is told in the tutorial08:39
ikoniawhat tutorial08:39
ikoniathat guide looks VERY bad08:39
tokamit did not work for me actually08:40
ikoniait is VERY wrong08:40
tokamhow can I upgrade?08:40
ikonia!upgrade | tokam08:40
ubottutokam: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade08:40
ikoniause the official docs08:40
ikoniathat German guide is wrong08:40
tokamI do not use launch-pad what is updater?08:41
tokamupdate-manager ok08:41
bekkstokam: What is told in that german guide - besides the structure of a source.list file?08:42
tokamto run the commands which I listed08:42
Qwertie-Does anyone know how to get a dark window theme like this? https://i.imgur.com/i5jrm5Y.png08:42
Qwertie-Without switching from numix08:43
lotuspsychje!themes | Qwertie-08:43
ubottuQwertie-: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freecode.com/tags/theme - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy08:43
tokamthe commands are not listed there08:43
bekkstokam: the only command mentioned is "sudo apt-get update" to be executed after a potential manual edit of the sources.list08:43
tokamI do not know anymore in which tutorial I read them08:43
ikoniatokam: just follow the official guide08:44
Qwertie-lotuspsychje, This was just using numix gtk and in the gnome tweak tool there was a switch to make it dark/light08:44
ikoniatokam: the one ubottu gave you08:44
bekksSo that guide does not tell you anything about manually updating the release in sources.list08:44
tokamthis leads to telling me that I am on the latest version08:44
ikoniatokam: what leads you to that ?08:44
tokamI am now reading here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes08:44
ikoniatokam: what are you actually doing ?08:45
ikoniatokam: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UtopicUpgrades08:45
tokami told ubuntu that I like to be notified about all version upgrades and than I run update-manager08:45
bekksI guess he is trying to manually upgrading by changing the release in sources.list08:45
tokambekks: I am not08:45
ikoniabekks: thats how it read to me at first08:45
ikoniaand then blindly using -d from update-manager, which will never work08:45
lotuspsychjeQwertie-: check deviantart for themes you want, they mostly describe names and methods08:46
bekksikonia: Yeah, that'll never work. I'll take a look at that german article and change it by pointing out that the manual edit is going to work for release upgrades.08:46
tokamFinally 14.10 was detected thanks08:46
ikoniabekks: "not" going to work you mean ?08:47
bekksikonia: yeah :)08:47
tokamall best! thanks for your help08:47
ikoniabekks: it looks a bad article to me, but part of that may be my german failing me - so it may look worse than it is08:47
lotuspsychjeQwertie-: http://www.deviantart.com/browse/all/?section=&global=1&q=numix&offset=2408:48
tomhardyhow do i setup ubuntu 15.04 desktop with a static IP programatically?08:48
bekksikonia: Actually the article just points out how to read a sources.list file, how all those lines are formed, and how they differe between releases (by showing the default sources.list for every release). And it points out how to backup and manually edit the sources.list, but it doesnt tell to upgrade the release by manually editing.08:48
bekksThats to be pointed out in there then: "Dont upgrade your release by editing it." :)08:49
ikoniabekks: it read to me like it was telling you to change the distro and apt-get update08:49
ikoniatomhardy: open network manager, and change the settings from dynamic to static08:49
tomhardyikonia: sorry programatically.. i.e. command line08:49
tomhardyi want to script it08:50
ikoniatomhardy: why ?08:50
ikoniatomhardy: just use the network manager gui08:50
ikoniathats what it's there for08:50
tomhardybecause i have 30 computers to setup and i don't want any individual process to be manual08:50
ikoniatomhardy: so you should in that case call the network manager command line interface08:50
yuriy_i can't resume correctly from suspend mode08:50
Qwertie-lotuspsychje, The instructions to get the dark theme involve the gnome tweak tool08:50
yuriy_mouse coursor is loaded and could be moved, login screen is shown08:51
tomhardyikonia: ok so google for network-manager ?08:51
Ben64tomhardy: sounds like you should be setting up static dhcp on the router08:51
yuriy_but can't do any action08:51
lotuspsychjeQwertie-: didnt use the tweak tool myself08:51
ikoniaas setting a static ip manually will create a conflict/fight with network manager08:51
bekkstomhardy: Use DHCP and configure static lease times.08:51
ikoniathat would be asn easier option, just put in entreis on the dhcp server08:52
tomhardybekks: hmm ok.. will the computer still make a DHCP request for an ip address when it boots up if there is a long lease time?08:52
ikoniait needs to verify the lease and/or fall back08:53
tomhardybekks: only reason i ask is that the the DHCP server is 9km away, and about 4 or 5 times a year the connection goes down for a few hours08:53
bekkstomhardy: Which isnt tragically.08:53
ikoniatomhardy: that will not be a problem then08:53
tomhardyand i still need to mantain connectivity08:53
ikoniathat will not be a problem08:53
tomhardythey'll just boot with their previously assigned IPs?08:54
ikoniathey will fall back08:54
ikoniaas long as the expire time is set correctly08:54
tomhardyobviously they won't have internet, but they'll be able to access the local git repos etc08:54
tomhardyok cool08:54
bekkstomhardy: Just take care that the lease time is more than twice the potential outage of the DHCP server. Like setting it to 7 days will enable you an outage of 3.5 days.08:54
antonio_I'm trying to install google drive aka grive-tools - this is the error I got08:55
antonio_The following packages have unmet dependencies:08:55
antonio_ grive-tools : Depends: grive (>= 0.3) but 0.2.0-1.1 is to be installed08:55
antonio_E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.08:55
lotuspsychjeyuriy_: tail -f /var/log/syslog and suspend/resume, see what errors you get08:55
ikoniaantonio_: package conflicts08:55
antonio_ikonia: yeah I gathered that much..not sure what to do08:56
ikoniafix the conflicts,08:56
antonio_ikonia: how can I do that?08:57
ikoniaantonio_: look at what has happened to your system and where the packages have come from - decide what you want to keep and what compromises you want to make by removing the conflicts08:58
antonio_ikonia: is there a more efficient way to do that?08:58
vubuntuHi People. I've installed smplayer but am unable to watch an mp4 video. It works on the standard video player installed with ubuntu. Is there any reason for this? What can be done to resolve this issue as I prefer SMPLAYER to the other players on ubuntu08:58
ikoniaantonio_: no08:58
ikoniavubuntu: missing codecs08:59
vubuntuikonia: which missing codecs?08:59
Ben64whats the error08:59
lotuspsychjeantonio: did you add a ppa?08:59
ikoniathe ones for mp408:59
vubuntuikonia: ive done the ubuntu-restricted extras08:59
ikoniavubuntu: does that a.) contain mp4 support b.) does smplayer use those libraries/plugins09:00
Ben64vubuntu: install mplayer2, try playing it there09:00
lotuspsychje!info mplayer2 | vubuntu tnx to Ben6409:00
ubottuvubuntu tnx to Ben64: mplayer2 (source: mplayer2): next generation movie player for Unix-like systems. In component universe, is extra. Version 2.0-728-g2c378c7-4 (vivid), package size 1018 kB, installed size 2683 kB09:00
vubuntuBen64: thank you ill give it a try now @ ikonia im not sure about the support for smplayer. I'll give it a try and get back09:02
zambacan the ssh-agent be used to decrypt files? meaning that i have encrypted a text file that contains a password.. i then have a script that needs to read this password09:08
ikoniazamba: no09:08
bekkszamba: How was that file encrypted?09:08
ikoniazamba: it's there to manage your ssh keys to the server/client09:08
vubuntuBen64: and ikonia I've installed mplayer2 ran an mp4 video from command line. I only get audio and no video.09:08
Ben64vubuntu: pastebin the output from it09:09
zambamy reasoning is the following.. i have a script that will update a cisco asa.. i have already connected to the ASA using public-key authentication, but to enter enable mode i still need to provide a password.. so to avoid either entering a password in the cleartext in the script or in a configuration file, i want a more secure way of doing this09:09
zambado you have any alternative ways of doing this?09:09
bekkszamba: Decrypt your file using the mechanisms oyu used to encrypt it.09:11
vubuntuBen64: sorry i lost connection. How do i get the output?09:11
zambabekks: but this is a chicken-and-egg problem, isn't it? because i still need a method to decrypt the file..09:11
bekkszamba: The more effective way would be forcing the user to enter all required passwords.09:11
bekkszamba: How did you encrypt it...?09:11
zambabekks: i haven't encrypted it yet.. i need to design something secure around this09:11
Ben64vubuntu: when you open the terminal and do something like "mplayer blahblah.mp4" it spits out a bunch of information, pastebin it09:11
ikoniazamba: setup tacacs09:12
zambaikonia: on the cisco asa?09:12
ikoniazamba: no, for the cisco09:12
bekksAnd configure your cisco to use tacacs.09:12
vubuntuahh ok working on it09:13
zambabut how will implementing tacacs solve this? don't you still need to be using passwords?09:13
zambabekks & ikonia: i basically want to avoid having passwords put into scripts or configuration files in clear text09:13
ikoniazamba: you can make upgrade calls to tacacs with restricted users09:14
zambaikonia: what's an upgrade call?09:14
ikoniawhere you're doing an upgrade09:14
zambaam i doing an upgrade?09:14
zambaupgrade of what?09:14
bekksOF your ASA.09:14
zambaoh.. sorry.. no.. i'm manipulating network objects on the asa09:15
ikoniathis is not an ubuntu problem09:15
zambanot upgrading it09:15
ikoniaI suggest you contact cisco support09:15
vubuntuBen64: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11825181/09:15
ikoniaget supported/official solutions09:15
bekkszamba: Or use tacacs for identification.09:16
ikoniahe seems to not want to do that09:16
bekksMostly because he doesnt know what tacacs is for.09:17
vubuntuHi Guys ive put a pastbin up. Can you tell me why mplayer2 does not play mp4 and the standard ubuntu player does09:22
mac_hi guys, Does anyone have tried to install ubuntu on a Macbook air (yeah I'm serious) ?09:27
mac_How is it working ?09:28
Ben64vubuntu: probably this X11 error: BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation)09:36
vubuntuBen64: its ok ive just installed VLC and it works. Was just trying to figure out why i couldnt used mplayer (SMPLAYER FRONTEND) - it worked great before. But if I cant resolve then I'll move to VLC09:37
NegativeFlarevubuntu: I personally use VLC.09:37
NegativeFlareWell then. lol09:38
vubuntuthanks for your efforts guys09:38
Ben64vubuntu: seems like a problem with your video card09:38
Ben64not enough memory, or wrong driver09:38
Ben64if you have an nvidia card, you should install libvdpau09:39
vubuntuBen64: if its video card why would it work on the standard ubuntu player and VLC and not MPLAYER?09:39
salluany genius here09:40
Ben64vubuntu: different methods of sending stuff to the screen09:41
salluis ubuntu offering to share miracast with tv09:41
vubuntuBen64: im using Video Driver for the AMD graphics accelerators from fglrx (proprietary)09:41
vubuntuBen64: should I move back to the open source tested driver?09:42
Ben64no, really weird that xv isn't working though09:42
ikoniaxv sometimes fails on the hybrid cards09:42
Ben64oh never heard of that09:43
Ben64vubuntu: try 'mplayer -vo gl blah.mp4'09:43
vubuntuBen64: im trying that now09:43
MonkeyDustsallu  is this link useful: http://askubuntu.com/questions/318298/ubuntu-as-miracast-sender-receiver09:45
vubuntuBen64: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11825277/09:46
salluMonkeyDust, ok i am checking09:46
vubuntuBen64 just this pops up no audio or video this time09:46
salluis it true that we can combine 4mb+4mb into 8mb speed?09:47
Ben64vubuntu: try 'mplayer -vo x11 blah.mp4'09:47
Ben64if that doesn't work, get a new computer09:47
MonkeyDustsallu  you're not the first to ask (on forums), but no answer...09:47
vubuntuBen64: omg that works WOW. are you're a super star. You want to brief me with why it works when using x11?09:48
Ben64well you can't full screen that way, its not the best09:49
salluMonkeyDust, oh ok09:49
vubuntuBen64: i notived that thanks09:50
Ben64you got some weird stuff going on with your video card09:50
vubuntuBen64: should I use the open source or proprietary one?09:51
Ben64proprietary is better09:51
Ben64is it a laptop with dual gpu?09:51
vubuntuits a laptop. What is dual gpu?09:52
Ben64just what it says on the tin, two gpus, usually one integrated and one 'real' one09:53
vubuntuHP 4730s i709:53
Ben64yeah thats probably the reason09:54
antonio_Anyone else have a problem installing grive / grive-tools?09:54
Ben64antonio_: nope09:55
panos_can not boot ubuntu frm dvd. something to do with uefi i think09:55
vubuntuBen64: thanks for your assistance. Got it to work and I'm happy. Thanks for your help and advice09:55
antonio_ben64: when I try installing grive-tools I get these errors http://pastebin.com/fDni7QB609:57
Ben64yep, just like you posted before and got an answer about09:58
antonio_I still don't understand what to do09:58
ikoniaantonio_: what's not clear ?09:59
panos_can not boot ubuntu frm dvd. something to do with uefi i think... any idea?09:59
ikoniaantonio_: I explained the issue / solution / approach earlier09:59
drmagoopanos_: disable uefi in the bios ?10:01
panos_so ubuntu doesnt use uefi?10:01
antonio_ikonia: I have no idea where to start10:02
Ben64first step might be to not install random packages because it causes all the conflicts10:03
ikoniaantonio_: start by addressing the first conflict it's complaining about10:03
vegombreihi i just recently installed ubuntu .. am a noob .. have a blu ray burner ... what software is for blu ray playback and burning?10:04
drmagoopanos_: I think that Ubuntu has been certified to use uefi, but if you have trouble with UEFI I suggest you disable it.10:06
vegombreique passa?10:06
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me: /msg ubottu botclone10:07
vegombrei!ubottu bluray10:08
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/ubuntu-help/media.html  - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats10:08
antonio_ikonia: how do I know where to check for the conflicts?10:08
ikoniaantonio_: it lists the packge that is conflicting10:09
antonio_like this? python-pyinotify10:09
ikonialike the packages it says it needs in the error10:09
antonio_ah like this ikonia: Depends: grive (>= 0.3) but 0.2.0-1.1 is to be installed E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.10:10
BBLLCCmy kernel is 3.16, but i see on wikipedia that 15.04s kernel is 3.1910:10
BBLLCCwhy is that not updated on my machine?10:11
NegativeFlareBBLLCC: Have you updated via apt-get lately?10:11
BBLLCCNegativeFlare, yesterday10:11
NegativeFlareBBLLCC: x86 or amd64?10:12
antonio_actually, I think I found the solution http://askubuntu.com/questions/161273/is-there-a-google-drive-client-available/320333#32033310:12
NegativeFlareBBLLCC: I've got 3.1910:12
NegativeFlareso I'm not sure why you haven't gotten it.10:12
NegativeFlareTry making sure you've got an updated mirror, if your using one.10:12
BryanRuizim trying to sync my local ubuntu (older) with my new amazon ec2 ubuntu..  how do i compare the versions?10:13
BBLLCCNegativeFlare, are kernels on the repos too?10:13
NegativeFlareBBLLCC: mhm10:13
BBLLCCmhm = ?10:13
NegativeFlaremhm means yes :P10:13
NegativeFlareBryanRuiz: rsync10:13
NegativeFlareProbably, that is.10:14
bekksBBLLCC: Pastebin "sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" please.10:14
BryanRuizhmm.. i want to update from precise to trusty it seems..  is that hard?10:15
=== shiznix_ is now known as shiznix
BBLLCCyo want the whole log?10:15
NegativeFlareBBLLCC: in a pastebin, yes.10:15
EriC^^BryanRuiz: very easy, sudo do-release-upgrade10:19
NegativeFlareBBLLCC: Looks like you've got some broken Repos list files, need to fix those up before you can run apt-get upgrade10:20
BBLLCCNegativeFlare, how does a noob do that?10:20
NegativeFlareBBLLCC: Well from the paste, it looks like the getdeb ones are broken10:21
NegativeFlareso I'd go into /etc/apt/sources.list.d/10:21
NegativeFlareand find them, and rm them10:21
BryanRuizIm scared EriC^^..  well i hit the upgrade button10:21
NegativeFlarethen do apt-get update again10:21
EriC^^BryanRuiz: no worries, should go smooth10:22
EriC^^BryanRuiz: you won't lose your data in any case10:22
BryanRuizEriC^^: will i have to resetup my desktop environment (i use KUbuntu)10:22
EriC^^BryanRuiz: no10:23
BryanRuizcool :)10:23
HulkHHello. How can I move the launcher from the left side of my desktop to any other place?10:23
BBLLCCNegativeFlare, all getdebs?10:23
BBLLCCremove all getdebs?10:24
NegativeFlarelooks like it.10:24
EriC^^HulkH: nope10:24
HulkHEriC^^, Why?10:24
BBLLCCdone, update and upgrade now?10:24
EriC^^HulkH: cause it's not written that way10:24
NegativeFlareBBLLCC: yup10:25
mgaunard_my google chrome windows have no icon, how do I fix this10:26
BBLLCCany idea why I have to turn on the wifi function of my craptop every time I log in? it used not to be like that10:26
HulkHGoldenDict scan pop isn't active with Firefox, how can I resolve this?10:27
BBLLCCdone, but i am not being promtped to restart the machine so the newest kernel is installed...10:28
HulkHEriC^^, It looks ugly though on the left side of the desktop10:28
NegativeFlareBBLLCC: you won't when using apt-get ;)10:28
NegativeFlareif you use the GUI on the other hand, it literally wants you to reboot xD10:28
BBLLCCNegativeFlare, in that directory you mentioned there are programs that "belong" to precise or saucy. Can I get rid of them as well?10:29
HulkHNegativeFlare, how can I prolong my laptop battery life under Ubuntu, and can the OS manage it like Mac OS manages the battery?10:30
NegativeFlareBBLLCC: ehh, that's totally up to you. But remember your messing with the package system. If you break it, your system is doomed.10:30
NegativeFlareHulkH: not really hard, just tell the settings to shut off the display after a while, suspend when needed, etc10:31
NegativeFlareThings like that10:31
NegativeFlareMy laptop lasts a good 3 hours, and its running Xubuntu.10:31
MonkeyDustHulkH  read this : http://www.webupd8.org/2013/04/improve-power-usage-battery-life-in.html10:32
HulkHNegativeFlare, Thanks!10:33
BryanRuizErr http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ trusty-updates/main libevdocument3-4 amd64 3.10.3-0ubuntu10.2  ---- 503  Service Unavailable [IP: 80]10:34
HulkH MonkeyDust Thanks for the link. I have a question though. do I have to use the terminal to install TLP?10:34
NegativeFlareHulkH: no problem.10:34
BryanRuizi get that while upgrading my dist10:34
HulkHI'm new to Ubuntu. the OS is ok, but different completely from Windows :D10:34
NegativeFlareHulkH: welcome to the free world, where your free from garbage software xD10:35
NegativeFlareBryanRuiz: Are you using a proxy?10:35
BryanRuizno..  you know what it is.. its my stupid router.. has some firewall for porn10:35
BryanRuizthanks NegativeFlare for making me thing10:36
NegativeFlareBryanRuiz: XD no problem10:36
HulkHNegativeFlare, That's true, however, there are some limitations though, like, my laptop has 2 graphic cards, ubuntu only recognises one, while the other is missing!10:36
NegativeFlareHulkH: not true :P10:37
cfhowlettNegativeFlare, false10:37
NegativeFlareHulkH: That's a driver issue, check out lspci10:37
NegativeFlarecfhowlett: oh?10:37
NegativeFlareYou've looked into it?10:37
NegativeFlareAnd checked out lspci?10:37
cfhowlettNegativeFlare, I've dual gpu's.  intel & nvidia.  you can select with the proper drivers.10:37
NegativeFlarecfhowlett: yes, I understand that10:37
NegativeFlareBut linux KNOWS there are two of them, you have to use the correct tools to find them both :P10:38
HulkHNegativeFlare, hmm, as I mentioned I'm still new to this OS. the point here is that when I check system information, I don't get any info about my other Graphic card(which is more powerful than the intel one)10:38
NegativeFlareHulkH: fire up the terminal and run lspci10:38
NegativeFlareIf you see the more powerful card there, then Linux sees it. Otherwise, something else is going on.10:39
HulkHNegativeFlare, yeah, only the intel one appears10:41
NegativeFlareHulkH: that's really odd honestly10:42
NegativeFlareI'm not sure what's going on10:42
BBLLCCafter rebooting kernel is still 3.1610:44
Ben64BBLLCC: whats the output of uname -a10:45
BBLLCC3.16.0-29-generic #39-Ubuntu SMP Mon Dec 15 22:27:29 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux10:46
MonkeyDustBBLLCC  and of  ls /boot/|grep linuz|pastebinit10:46
BBLLCCon synaptic I found Linux kernel source for version 3.19.0 with Ubuntu patches, do I manually install it?10:47
Ben64not till we figure out why its not doing it automatically10:47
calimero_82can i install lubuntu 14.04 in acer 3630? i've sis as gpu, thanks10:48
MonkeyDustBBLLCC  try removing the unneeded kernels10:51
hobbet1hello i am using lubuntu and i keep getting this error under synaptic and i already uninstalled opera how can i get rid of it W: GPG error: http://deb.opera.com stable InRelease: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 517590D9A8492E35 NO_PUBKEY 63F7D4AFF6D61D4510:51
BBLLCCMonkeyDust, how?10:51
Ben64eh... should maybe figure out why they're still in grub10:51
Ben64hobbet1: you don't have the key for the opera repo you added10:52
hobbet1are you saying i have to add opera again to get the key ? im sorry i am new to lubuntu Ben6410:55
Ben64hobbet1: you added an opera repository, you didn't add the key10:57
hobbet1ahhh ok thank i get it now10:58
BBLLCChow do i get rid of outdated kenrels?10:58
cfhowlettBBLLCC, sudo apt-get autoremove if > ubuntu 14.0410:59
BBLLCCbash: ubuntu: Permission denied11:00
vegombreiwhat is a good player to play blu ray movies??11:00
cfhowlett!blueray | vegombrei11:00
ubottuvegombrei: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/ubuntu-help/media.html  - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats11:00
cfhowlettBBLLCC, try this:  pkexec apt-get autoremove11:01
hobbet1Thanks Ben64 i got rid of it11:02
BBLLCCi have a problem with the repos, if I try to access em I get: ignoring invalid records in soruces.list file!11:03
BBLLCCE: Syntax error in line deb http://www.bunkus.org/ubuntu/trusty/ ./ #Bunkus vivid11:04
BBLLCCE: Syntax error in line deb http://www.bunkus.org/ubuntu/trusty/ ./ #Bunkus vivid11:04
BBLLCCE: Cannot read vendors.list file11:04
ikoniaare they valid URLS ?11:05
cfhowlettbunkus?  what the ehy?11:05
ikonialooks pretty invalid to me11:05
ikoniadon't know what ./ is all about11:06
BBLLCCwhat do I do?11:06
AppAraathello, I read these docs - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBackports - but I didn't see anywhere how I could find out what version there is in the backports via apt(itude).11:06
ikoniaBBLLCC: where did you ge these entries from ?11:07
Love3Are what valid URL's11:07
BBLLCCikonia, dont know anymore11:07
ikoniadelete them then11:07
rondonhello, guys... i'm using the xubuntu.. i have a problem here... I do not have the interrogation point, ( ?) .. because is on the letter W,  somebody can help me, please?11:09
bekksrondon: What does that mean?11:09
cfhowlettRondom_, sounds like you might need to change keyboardsettings11:10
cfhowlett!keys | Rondom_11:10
ubottuRondom_: Keyboard shortcuts can be set in System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at http://keytouch.sourceforge.net/ - See !Keyboard for changing layouts. A list of keyboard shortcuts for Unity is available at http://ubottu.com/y/shortcuts11:10
cfhowlettrondon see ^^^11:10
AppAraatapt-cache search tmux/vivid-backports didn't yield any results sadly.11:11
AppAraatoh hmm, there doesn't appear to be too much backported packages - http://packages.ubuntu.com/vivid-backports/allpackages?format=txt.gz11:13
BBLLCCi had to get rid of all these lines: deb http://www.bunkus.org/ubuntu/trusty/ #Bunkus vivid11:13
BBLLCCdeb http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ vivid-security restricted multiverse universe main11:13
BBLLCCdeb http://download.jitsi.org/nightly/deb unstable/ #Jitsi vivid11:13
BBLLCCdeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/videolan/stable-daily/ubuntu vivid main #Vlan vivid11:13
BBLLCCdeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-wine/ppa/ubuntu vivid main #Wine vivid11:13
MonkeyDustBBLLCC  use !pastebin for multiple lines11:16
SnaggleAwayIf someone here has libqt5gui5 installed, can you tell me which libraries are linked to by each of the files in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/plugins/platforms/libq*.so ?  Thanks11:19
Ben64SnaggleAway: what are you trying to accomplish11:21
SnaggleAwayBen64: I'm on OS X, and I'm trying to compare the linkage of libqcocoa.so to the equivalent plugins that get installed in Linux.11:22
Ben64not really on topic here11:22
SnaggleAwayIt's an Ubuntu question.11:22
Ben64it isn't11:22
SnaggleAwayHow isn't getting info about an Ubuntu package not an Ubuntu question?11:23
Ben64enjoy. http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/libqt5gui511:24
SnaggleAwayBen64: that doesn't tell me the libraries that are linked to by the plugins.  Only tells me the dependencies of the package11:24
Ben64this channel is for ubuntu issues only, not comparing stuff between osx and ubuntu. feel free to download the package and do whatever you want with it11:25
SnaggleAwayDuly noted.  I can't ask questions about how Ubuntu is set up in #ubuntu.11:26
MonkeyDustSnaggleAway  if it's a general linux question, better ask in ##linux11:31
sammyghello! what does it take to display binary prefixes in ubuntu? is it at all possible to switch without reinventing ubuntu? i mean is it a lot more involved than just a simple bit flip?11:42
sammygcurrently the way ubuntu 15.04 is set up it displays decimal prefixes, both in the installed instance of the system and during initial installation11:43
sammygdecimal prefixes are ok, but i like binary prefixes better11:43
BBLLCCi still dont know why my installation doesnt update to the newest kernel 3.1911:44
BBLLCCi have 3.16 now11:44
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geirhaBBLLCC: make sure the package named linux-image-generic is installed11:58
geirhait should depend on the latest kernel11:58
BBLLCCgeirha, repo?11:59
KlausedSourceI have a big problem: I deleted and locked the rootpassword, but forgot to add my user to wheel/sudo group and now the system is locked. is there a way to gain root access (from locally)11:59
Ben64KlausedSource: you can add your user to the sudo group from the recovery mode... and there is no 'wheel' group in ubuntu12:00
BBLLCCit is already installed12:00
cfhowlett!root | KlausedSource12:00
ubottuKlausedSource: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo12:00
Ben64BBLLCC: please pastebin "dpkg -l | grep linux-image"12:00
geirhaBBLLCC: Ok, what does apt-cahce show linux-image-generic output?12:01
geirhaapt-cache show linux-image-generic # typoed cache12:01
KlausedSourceBen64, how do I get in there? I'm running this on my raspberry pi (so there is no grub)12:01
Ben64then just pop the sd card out and into another computer12:01
mosesshould i be running ssh into every ubuntu OS i have?12:01
KlausedSourceBen64, what am I going to do then?12:01
geirhamoses: compared to what?12:02
MonkeyDustmoses  start from the beginning, what are you doing12:02
mosesI have 2 pcs12:02
Ben64KlausedSource: can manually add your user to the sudo group12:02
KlausedSourcegiven I would have an sd-card reader at hand...12:02
mosesand desktop, I was wondering if I should put an ssh server onto both of them to take information from the back and forth?12:02
KlausedSourceBen64, ahh good Idea12:02
MonkeyDustmoses  use openssh-server and openssh-client12:03
geirhaBBLLCC: So that depends on a 3.19 version12:03
geirhaBBLLCC: So that suggests it is intalled, so maybe it's the boot loader that needs to be told to boot the newer one12:03
mosesummm can you take data from an ssh client onto your pc?12:03
mosesor do you need ftp only for that12:03
BBLLCCgeirha, how do I do that? why are all those old kernels still there?12:04
MonkeyDustmoses  you can use rsync12:04
bugtraqI just came to warn everyone, that you guys are in danger.12:04
bugtraqanyone connected , is willing to get hacked.12:04
cfhowlett!fud | bugtraq,12:04
ubottubugtraq,: Please do not fall prey to, or spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) - it is not welcome here!  Please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear,_uncertainty_and_doubt12:04
MonkeyDustbugtraq  thank you, glad to have people like you12:05
bugtraqso who will be my first victim.?12:05
Ben64BBLLCC: if i were you i'd start removing those old ones12:05
cfhowlettbugtraq, go play somewhere else please12:05
MonkeyDustbugtraq  wrong channel12:05
mosesMonkeyDust: this looks quite promising12:05
Ben64BBLLCC: i'm really wondering why grub is loading the old one though12:05
bugtraqNo! Son I'm just bored.12:06
Ben64bugtraq: this channel is for ubuntu support only, if you want to continue being silly, you can do that in #ubuntu-offtopic , but the guidelines still apply there.  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines12:06
cfhowlettbugtraq, and now you're ignored.12:06
MonkeyDustbugtraq  tip: switch off you pc, go outside12:06
mosescan you only use rsync to go from the ssh login to your comp?12:07
bugtraqcfhowlett, MonkeyDust, Ben64, real names are:12:07
MonkeyDustmoses  no, rsync is similar to cp12:07
MonkeyDustbugtraq  this is the ubuntu support channel, confine yourself to support questions12:08
bugtraqFor someone who gives support to others..Answer the question yourself, why was Ubuntu, created in the first place?12:09
bugtraqexitting. Reroute::sErveR;12:10
MonkeyDustmoses  use ssh like this: ssh remote_username@remote_ip12:14
BluesKajHey folks12:18
tiblockHi. I use ubuntu 12.04 x64 and I want to use "vsftpd" but i'm on VPS and i have only 210-220 ports for incoming connctions, but vsftpd want use ports 8000+ for PASV mode. I try to set pasv_min_port=210 pasv_max_port=220 but he is ignoring it12:25
tiblockif i se ports to 50000-50010 then he is not ignoring them, but i do not have access to that ports12:26
tiblock*if i set12:26
TJ-tiblock: That doesn't sound like a VPS (Virtual Private Server) to me, it sounds like Shared Hosting12:28
Ben64tiblock: only root can listen on ports <1024 but that sounds like a terrible vps. and ftp is old and bad and not good and not secure12:28
tiblockBen64, i am root12:28
tiblockBen64, i listen on 201 for FTP connections and it is working. Until PASV asked12:29
Ben64maybe not use ftp then12:29
tiblockBen64, great solution =\12:29
Ben64it really is, ftp is bad12:30
tiblocki will solve this12:30
TJ-Ben64: vsvtfd is the Very Secure FTP daemon and is the default provider of ftp-server virtual package12:30
tiblockTJ-, it's OpenVZ container12:31
Ben64sftp is better in every way12:31
TJ-tiblock: I thought so, not a VPS then.  I'm not sure why the daemon would ignore the port settings *if* the daemon is starting as root *and* not dropping privileges until after opening the ports12:32
Ben64pasv_min_port — Specifies the lowest possible port sent to the FTP clients for passive mode connections. This setting is used to limit the port range so that firewall rules are easier to create. The default value is 0, which does not limit the lowest passive port range. The value must not be lower 1024.12:32
tiblockTJ-, i look in htop and he is running from root12:33
mosesdoes rsync just move files around?12:33
temroaguys hi12:33
Ben64moses: it can do many things, transferring files in all sorts of ways12:34
TJ-tiblock: someone didn't read his documentation :)12:34
temroai have a problem12:34
temroacan anyone help ?12:34
Ben64not if you don't ask a question12:34
tiblockTJ-, is "man 5 vsftpd.conf" counting as documentation? Because there is no line about 102412:35
temroaits very easy but my knowledge is not enough12:35
temroai've a laptop with mt7630e wifi card12:35
temroai've running ubuntu 14.04.1 lts now12:35
temroaand installed official 3.14 driver12:36
MonkeyDusttemroa  let's hear it12:36
tiblockTJ-, here is man https://i.imgur.com/i81EyxG.png12:36
temroahere is the driver12:36
MonkeyDusttemroa  put your question in one line, that's easier to read and repeat12:36
Ben64tiblock: why not just use sftp12:36
temroawifi function is lost after reboot after install12:37
tiblockBen64, it is slower because it is "Secure"12:37
Ben64negligibly slower12:37
temroaand when wifi is on it shows wifi is off by hardware switch12:37
temroabut i can correct it with a command12:37
TJ-tiblock: which Ubuntu release are you using?12:37
temroabut wifi function drops after reboot12:38
tiblockTJ-, ubuntu 12 x64. I will download sources of vsftpd and edit them to use <1024 ports.12:38
TJ-tiblock: Do the clients need FTP protocol access; if not sftp configured with a chroot jail group may be a viable alternative12:39
temroamonkeydust are you there12:39
tiblockTJ-, now its like challenge to me. I must win this battle12:39
TJ-tiblock: I can see the Ubuntu man-pages for 12.04 and 14.04 have no mention of the 1024 limit: see http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/precise/man5/vsftpd.conf.5.html12:39
penguserI really hate ubuntu now.... libreoffice doesn't work12:39
penguserI cannot close this program and there is no name in terminal to kill the process....what a joke12:40
TJ-Ben64: where did you find that documentation?12:40
MonkeyDusttemroa  yes12:40
penguserdoes anyone know the process ID for libreoffice?!?12:41
Ben64TJ-: googled vsftpd pasv and 102412:41
MonkeyDustpenguser  in a terminal, type   ps -e   to find out12:42
TJ-Ben64: Looks like someone updated recent documentation to match the code :)12:42
penguserI googled...figured it out12:43
penguserbut, my libre office default layout every time I open a new document is still screwed up12:43
TJ-tiblock: See privops.c::vsf_privop_pasv_listen() ... and "min_port = 1024"12:43
temroaif ı want to whisper someone should i use this command right ? /w12:43
penguserthere's a margin on the left I didn't put there12:43
ThefirstnizzaDoes anyone know whether http://elementary.io/ is a trusted source?12:44
Ben64tiblock: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/FtpMustDie12:45
Ben64Thefirstnizza: not supported here12:45
temroaany help ?12:46
BBLLCCso how do I enter grub to get rid of all unnecessary kernels and boot to the newest one?12:46
Thefirstnizzaok. Do you have advise for a alternative? I use OSX now.12:46
Ben64BBLLCC: you don't do it from grub, you do it from ubuntu. sudo apt-get purge <package>12:46
MonkeyDustThefirstnizza  what brings you here12:47
Ben64Thefirstnizza: this is #ubuntu so... it's likely people will suggest ubuntu12:47
temroaim facing with a problem12:47
temroacant anyone help ?12:47
Ben64!patience | temroa12:47
ubottutemroa: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/12:47
ThefirstnizzaMonkeyDust: Just wanted to live-cd with opensuse, but it had no comfort. Then i googled for a alternative to boot from my macbook, and found this "distro".12:48
temroathe wireless driver i installed is this http://www.mediatek.com/en/downloads1/downloads/mt7630-pcie/ but after installing and rebooting wifi funtion is lost12:48
MonkeyDustThefirstnizza  so you're loking for a suitable distro? http://www.ubuntu.com/download12:49
temroaand when installed it shows wifi is turned off by hardware switch12:49
mosesok questiomn12:50
mosesI have 1 file12:50
MonkeyDustmoses  in ine line please12:50
mosesI edit it a lot, I have it on a remote server. How can i keep this file up to date without editing it in the terminal?12:51
ioriatemroa, you can try this, read docs first, https://github.com/kuba-moo/mt7630e12:51
Ben64moses: not sure what you mean. you want to edit it without editing it?12:52
RogueYunI'm trying to boot Ubuntu from a USB flash drive on my ASUS ROG. I made a bootable flash drive using YUMI from pendrivelinux.com I've turned off secure boot control and changed the boot order... but it won't boot :(12:52
MonkeyDustmoses  i was thinking the same thing as Ben6412:52
mosesI want to edit it using an editor on my machine but save it on this fileserver I have12:52
moseswhen I go between different machines be able to grab and edit this file12:53
Ben64mount the server locally12:53
MonkeyDustmoses  then mount it locally and edit with whatever you like12:53
BluesKajmoses, edit the file copy on your pc, then rsync it with that file on the server12:53
mosesim not sure12:53
moseswoops, im not sure I have permission to mount it locally12:54
Ben64why wouldn't you12:54
RogueYunDoes anyone have any suggestions for the problem I have mentioned above?12:55
MonkeyDustRogueYun  hit the up arrow to repeat it12:55
RogueYunI'm trying to boot Ubuntu from a USB flash drive on my ASUS ROG. I made a bootable flash drive using YUMI from pendrivelinux.com I've turned off secure boot control and changed the boot order... but it won't boot :(12:56
Ben64RogueYun: we can't really help you out with YUMI, maybe check the md5sum of the iso to make sure it is good though12:56
RogueYunBen64: I don't think it is a problem with yumi to be honest.12:56
Ben64then what do you think12:56
RogueYunBen64: It has something to do with the bios.12:57
mosesMonkeyDust: NFS mount?12:57
MonkeyDustRogueYun  bios is not ubuntu related12:57
RogueYunMonkeyDust: I'll try my usb flash on another computer just to make sure it works.12:58
cinaedIs there an equivalent IRC channel for Lubuntu? I need to discuss a problem I'm having.12:59
MonkeyDustmoses  in nautilus, click File > connect to server ... or use gigolo12:59
TJ-RogueYun: Is the Asus ROG a UEFI system? Does yumi put both Legacy and UEFI boot loader code on the USB? Are you bootin the ROG in the matching mode? these are a few of the fundamental questions to ask12:59
EriC^^RogueYun: is the usb first in the boot order for uefi?12:59
EriC^^RogueYun: also you might be able to access a boot options menu when you first boot the pc, pressing esc might help13:00
cinaed#lubuntu - installed some games cannot uninstall. Still show uninstalled in Lubuntu software center13:01
shbm_A noob here!13:02
shbm_First Time13:02
RogueYunEriC^^: TJ-: Thanks for the response, these things a are a little beyond me. I'm used to putting the USB first in the boot order and launching my OS from a USB. I'm not sure about this UEFI stuff.13:04
tiblock227 Entering Passive Mode (130,255,188,231,0,213).13:06
EriC^^RogueYun: which os is the pc using right now?13:06
tiblockTJ-, Ben64, I won! 227 Entering Passive Mode (xxx,xxx,xxx,xxx,0,213).13:07
tiblocki pasted server's ip13:07
RogueYunEriC^^: Windows 8.113:07
RogueYunYucky :(13:07
TJ-RogueYun: It's the most fundamental issue after hardware support. If the device is attempting to boot in UEFI mode and the USB image only contains a BIOS boot image, then it might fail.13:07
tiblockTJ-, thank you for  privops.c13:07
EriC^^RogueYun: did you disable fastboot?13:07
RogueYunEriC^^: Yeah13:08
EriC^^RogueYun: did you try a different usb port?13:08
TJ-RogueYun: *but* ... most UEFI provide a legacy boot support mode via the CSM (Compatibility Support Module) but it can often be disabled in the firmware setup13:08
EriC^^my money's on the usb port13:09
* TJ- sneaks off with the USB port :)13:09
RogueYunTJ-: I'm not sure UEFI is set up on my computer... I think it's still BIOS13:09
EriC^^RogueYun: was win8 preinstalled?13:09
RogueYunEriC^^: Yes13:09
EriC^^it's most likely uefi, if you have secureboot then it's uefi13:10
* MonkeyDust sneks off with the money13:10
EriC^^did you see any csm legacy enabled in the bios?13:10
RogueYunEriC^^: I'm not sure what csm legacy is :(13:10
EriC^^RogueYun: ok, reboot the pc, try a different usb port, also try pressing esc to get a boot options menu for uefi, and check the bios to see if uefi is enabled etc.13:11
RogueYunShould I disable uefi if I see it?13:12
EriC^^just disable fastboot13:12
Dev-gitterhi, can't open keyboard layout into system settings -> keyboard after install gnome new version (my ubuntu 15.04 amd64)13:12
RogueYunEriC^^: Okay, I believe it is already disabled, but  I'll do that and report back here.13:12
Dev-gitterhi, can't open keyboard layout into system settings -> keyboard after install gnome new version (my ubuntu 15.04 amd64)13:14
MonkeyDustDev-gitter  it isnt there, or you can't open it?13:15
Dev-gitterMonkeyDust, yes can't open it13:16
Dev-gitterMonkeyDust, and can't switch keyboard layout13:16
RogueYunEriC^^: I'm back! The "Legacy CSM " is disabled as well as "Fast Boot" the boot order is correct, I didn't see anything that said UEFI but some things that said "BIOS Information"13:17
EriC^^RogueYun: great, did you try pressing esc, or trying a different usb port13:17
RogueYunEriC^^: both13:18
MonkeyDustDev-gitter  i have similar keyboard issues in 14.04 ... workaround: use this command to change the layout ... sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration13:18
EriC^^RogueYun: which laptop do you have? can you easily try the usb on another pc?13:18
EriC^^RogueYun: which distro are you trying to install?13:18
RogueYunEriC^^: I have the Asus ROG g46VW, I have tried the USB on another computer and it seems to boot fine.13:19
Dev-gitterMonkeyDust, used your idea command but not work and again config13:19
Dev-gitterMonkeyDust, bug -> gnome-settings-daemon and center-control after boot and load desktop13:21
FolasHey everyone. I tried this on a virtual machine and it worked just fine: https://blog.manhim.net/2015/01/live-streaming-using-a-computer-and-a-ubuntu-server-to-twitch-tv/13:21
FolasNow I want to make that happen on my vps but it fails installing build-essential.13:21
FolasWhen I'm trying to install all the packages it gives me these errors: http://pastebin.com/xHwSqetN13:21
EriC^^RogueYun: does the other pc have uefi enabled?13:22
RogueYunEriC^^: I wouldn't think so...13:22
EriC^^RogueYun: ok, try making the live usb using linux live usb creator13:22
MonkeyDustFolas  is that with virtualbox or vmware, or soemthing else?13:23
TJ-Folas: is it a VPS or just a Container, like OpenVZ ?13:23
FolasI was doing it on virtualbox just fine. Now I'm trying on my vps :)13:23
FolasTJ-: I can't tell for sure. I'm renting it from hetzner.de :/13:24
FolasTJ-: But I assume it's an actual VPS.13:25
FolasAre there any ideas what I could do/try? I've googled pretty much every error but all they said was "do apt-get update" or try with "aptitude" instead but nothing worked :(13:28
BluesKajFolas, try apt-get upgrade :-)13:31
FolasBluesKaj: I haven't really understood what "apt-get upgrade" does.. Could you explain real quick before I screw up everything on the server? :D13:32
FolasJust googled it, should be safe to use...13:32
Folashttp://askubuntu.com/questions/94102/what-is-the-difference-between-apt-get-update-and-upgrade :313:32
FolasBluesKaj: 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.13:33
BluesKajapt-get update chooses the packages that are ready to be upgraded, apt-get upgrade installs said packages, Folas13:33
FolasThanks BluesKaj but see above :D13:33
BluesKajif you have 0 packages updated then all your packages are up to date13:34
BluesKajand don't need upgrading13:34
FolasThat doesn't sound bad but didn't solve my problem :/13:35
FolasI'm also reading that "dist-upgrade" might be needed... Should I actually try that or am I better off without it? :/13:36
FolasBluesKaj: ^13:36
BluesKajFolas, I joined too late to see your question/issue13:36
FolasI'll repeat, sec13:36
FolasHey everyone. I tried this on a virtual machine and it worked just fine: https://blog.manhim.net/2015/01/live-streaming-using-a-computer-and-a-ubuntu-server-to-twitch-tv/13:36
Folas Now I want to make that happen on my vps but it fails installing build-essential.13:36
FolasWhen I'm trying to install all the packages it gives me these errors: http://pastebin.com/xHwSqetN13:36
TJ-Folas: That Ubuntu release is way too old if it wants to install g++ 4.4.3 !!13:37
FolasTJ-: What version do I need for g++ 4.4.3?13:37
TJ-Folas: oh, hang on, my mistake, it's a >=   not = ... which is in Precise/12.04 ... is the Ubuntu release 12.04 ?13:38
FolasTJ-: It's been a while since I reinstalled... How do I find the version real quick? :/13:40
TJ-Folas: "cat /etc/issue" or "lsb_release -r"13:40
TJ-Folas: Looking at your pastebin, you have some package version conflicts: "libpcre3 (= 1:8.30-5) but 2:8.35-6" and "libssl1.0.0 (= 1.0.1e-2+deb7u17) but 1.0.2c-1 " which suggests you have a mixture of source.list and packages from different releases13:41
Folasbash: lsb_release: command not found13:42
FolasTJ-: Aha... I should check the source.list I guess...13:42
TJ-Folas: that looks like you've got a Debian install, not Ubuntu13:44
=== root is now known as Guest91537
OerHeksVPN's are mostly heavily tweaked, " cat /etc/issue  " should tell you the version13:44
exhumaHi... I think I have a problem with a remote server: I ran do-release-upgrade (inside tmux), and suddenly lost the connection. Now it refuses my login (incorrect password). But I am sure the password is correct...13:44
OerHeks!root | Guest9153713:44
ubottuGuest91537: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo13:45
exhumaany ideas?13:45
FolasTJ-: But debian doesn't use apt-get, does it?13:45
FolasTJ-: "uname -a" gives me this: "Linux <myDomain>.com 3.2.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.2.60-1+deb7u3 x86_64 GNU/Linux13:45
TJ-Folas: See, Debian!13:45
FolasHm... I might have been stupid then :/ TJ-: Can I still get nginx to work somehow then?13:46
TJ-Folas: You need to figure out what you're working with first, it looks like the system is in an unstable state. Ask in #debian13:46
FolasIt is debian... I must have forgot we switched at some point, sorry bro.13:46
FolasTJ-: Alright, big thanks so far then.13:47
FolasSorry for that x_x13:47
Johnny_Linuxthat will be 5 paypal certificates and 6 beers13:47
BBLLCCcan a system become unstable for having like 30 kernels?13:49
TJ-BBLLCC: It might run out of disk space :)13:50
BBLLCCcan this number of kernels influence grub so that it doesnt load the latest?13:50
TJ-BBLLCC: "update-grub" scans all the installed kernels and adds an entry for each to its /boot/grub/grub.cfg menu13:51
RogueYunEriC^^: LiLi worked Thanks a million!13:51
TJ-BBLLCC: that list is sorted by the kernel version naming, with (generally) the latest kernel version listed first. Also, GRUB's default is to boot from the 1st entry in the list13:52
mike745hello,got a linux based avermedia tv network box.telnet port is open,cant establish telnet connection,any idea?13:52
TJ-mike745: how are you trying to get the connection? "telnet <ip-address> <port>" ?13:53
BBLLCCthen i dont understand my machine13:53
TJ-BBLLCC: read /boot/grub/grub.cfg see which entry is first in the list... also look at the "set default =XX" statements13:54
tokamafter updating to ubuntu 15.10 my gnome session fallback desktop does not load anymore13:55
BBLLCChow do I boot grub while loading the machine?13:56
mike745yes,like this,but this error appears: Connection closed by foreign hos13:56
a__maybe iptable close the connect, you can use nmap to scan other ports.14:00
drose379Guys I have my user added to the www-data group. I set the directory owner to www-data14:04
drose379But when I try to scp from local to VPS, im getting permission denied14:04
mike745did you set destinations permission to rw?14:05
drose379Not sure14:05
mike745chmod 777 -R pathtofolder ,after it chmod 75514:07
drose379Ok one sec14:08
boodllebathello any ubuntu official , i wanna talk about paste.ubuntu.com , does it support chunked http POST cause i'm trying but its not working14:08
drose379mike745 I ran the chmod14:09
drose379Now you want me to run chmod 755?14:09
mike745did you try it,how it works?14:09
drose379mike745 here is the folder permissions now drwxr-sr-x14:10
drose379is that correct?14:10
drose379mike745 im still getting Permission Denied14:10
phoenix__Could Anyone help me with TV-Tuner sound?14:11
mike745do you have root privileges?14:11
drose379yeah I used suod14:11
drose379Well, my user doesnt. I have to use sudo14:11
mike745when you copy the files or when you try to run?14:12
drose379mike745 if I set it to 777 it works14:15
mike745yes,it should14:15
mike745is it webserver?14:15
=== sloantothebone_ is now known as sloantothebone
drose379mike 754 yes14:16
drose379sorry mike74514:16
mike745any idea how to gain aces to my tvbox?14:17
daniel__.... español?14:17
Pici!es | daniel__14:17
ubottudaniel__: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.14:17
daniel__join #ubuntu-es14:17
daniel__ /join #ubuntu-es14:17
saderooui oui14:21
ricardxmp is possible with up to 1600mhz memory cpu although now only supports 1333MHz to 1400MHz but I have not got xmp14:22
OerHeksricard, good. ( you know it is not ubuntu related)14:23
=== pheonix999999 is now known as phoenix_r
drose379wtf, just ran some clean up with bleachbit and lost 2Gb of memory14:24
SergioEDuran1Pardon me but somebody can help me?14:24
OerHeks!language | drose379 please14:24
ubottudrose379 please: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList14:24
OerHeksSergioEDuran1, just ask14:25
SergioEDuran1I got a segfault by opening  Empathy14:25
SergioEDuran1could you help me with that?14:25
OerHeksSergioEDuran1, that are normal warnings, when you open a gui program tru terminal.14:25
OerHeksignore them14:25
SergioEDuran1And what about the segfault at the end of the list?14:26
SergioEDuran1Empathy does not opens14:26
ricardxmp is possible with up to 1600mhz memory cpu although now only supports 1333MHz to 1400MHz but I have not got xmptell me please14:29
OerHeksSergioEDuran1, if connecting keeps failing, clean empathy and try again ? http://askubuntu.com/questions/9089/where-are-all-my-empathy-settings-stored14:30
SergioEDuran1OerHeks the issue is that does not appears the empathy window nor it's icon on the messaging menu14:32
SergioEDuran1you know a typical segfaullt14:32
SergioEDuran1hehe it is anoying btw14:33
OerHekswhy do you start empaty from therminal, anyway ?14:34
SergioEDuran1because it does not opens14:34
SergioEDuran1the windows does not appears14:34
SergioEDuran1so I know that when a program has a segfault the best form to report it is getting the prompt on the terminal14:35
OerHeksSo what happens when you clean empathy, start all over and add account again ?14:36
ricardChances are 1600mhz memory up to xmp if only holds 1333mhz cpu now I have to 1400MHz but I have no memory xmp14:36
OerHeksricard, good. ( you know it is not ubuntu related)14:36
SergioEDuran1Let me see14:37
OerHeksYou might need to logout after removal, and login agian14:37
boodllebatis there any ubuntu development group ?14:38
cfhowlett!contribute | boodllebat14:38
ubottuboodllebat: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://community.ubuntu.com and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu14:38
boodllebatcfhowlett: no i was talking about ubuntu development irc group14:39
OerHeksmostly on launchpad, boodllebat14:39
cfhowlettboodllebat, #ubuntu-devel14:40
OerHeksand #ubuntu-app-devel14:40
boodllebatcfhowlett: i have query regarding paste.ubuntu.com , does it support chunked http post cause i'm trying but it does not work accordingly , OerHeks14:40
SergioEDuran1Same result OerHeks14:40
cfhowlettboodllebat, sorry, no idea on that issue14:41
OerHeksSergioEDuran1, then last resort: remove and purge empathy and install again ?14:41
sloantotheboneI'm trying to run a unity3d game on facebook, can anybody help me? I have unity enabled on wine-pipelight, should I enable x64-unity3d?14:43
lalaShould I use this tutorial (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WakeOnLan) to set up Wake-On-Lan for my Ubuntu Server 14.04.2 LTS?14:43
sloantothebonelala: looks legit14:44
lalasloantothebone: Thanks.14:45
lalaI'll try it.14:45
sloantothebonelala: No prob14:45
sloantotheboneI'm trying to run a unity3d game on facebook, can anybody help me? I have unity enabled on wine-pipelight, should I enable x64-unity3d?14:46
lalasloantothebone: In the tutorial, it shows `iface eth0 inet static`, but when running `cat /etc/network/interfaces` I see `iface eth0 inet dhcp`. Does this mean my local IP address on my network is dynamic and not static? Does this mean it can change? I've been using but I don't know how to make it static.14:49
Novice201yHi. I cannot update 15.04 cause proble with 3rh party package: linux-image-extra-3.19.0-16-generic . How can I remove it (like hint from Ubuntu says)?14:49
sloantothebonelala: Umm, I think you have to get into the router to make your ip address static, cuz once we had a problem with our wireless printer and Samsung guy got into the router and made the ip for the printer static14:51
sloantothebonelala: I'm googling about this14:51
sloantotheboneAh heres a wikihow article lala14:54
lalasloantothebone: Okie dokie. I'll check it.14:54
thatkidHow can I open this window through command line? http://www.maketecheasier.com/assets/uploads/2014/03/ubuntu-two-monitors.jpg14:54
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=== Gogoleman is now known as Googleman
Novice201yHow can I check which installed app comes from suse.org repo?14:57
ubuntu090Novice201y: If you have used suse in ubuntu you have a bad mistake14:58
cfhowlettNovice201y, NO ubuntu apps should be coming from suse!14:58
Jusicno, there are universal suse repos14:59
Novice201yOK, but do You know answer for my question?14:59
Jusice.g. owncloud uses them for all distros14:59
ubuntu090Jusic: this is ubuntu support you are incorrect.14:59
sloantotheboneI'm trying to run a unity3d game on facebook, can anybody help me? I have unity enabled on wine-pipelight, should I enable x64-unity3d?14:59
sloantotheboneI enabled x64-unity3d and its still not working15:00
Novice201yubuntu090, So, if it's Ubuntu's support, then how to check which app comes from suse.org on this installment?15:00
ubuntu090Novice201y: This is not suse support15:00
Jusicubuntu090: no I'm not... there are suse repositorys for ubuntu...15:00
Novice201yubuntu090, It's Ubuntu's case, not Suse's.15:00
ubuntu090Novice201y: I wont help you anyway.15:00
Jusicsuse provides something similar to PPAs which can be used for all distros including ubuntu15:01
bazhangJusic, thats simply not supported here15:01
ubuntu090Jusic: Your rhetoric is weak, anyone can run anything they want, however this channel has suport limitations.15:01
Novice201yOK, so let me ask similiar question: how to check from which repo does specific app come from?15:02
JusicI don't need support. I'm just proving you wrong15:02
Novice201yGuys, it's OK.15:02
JusicNovice201y: as far as I know you can't15:02
bazhanglets take the chit chat elsewhere please15:02
ubuntu090Jusic: No you are showing your limitated cognitive development.15:02
cfhowletteveryone: let's move on15:02
bazhangthats enough jusic15:03
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lalaHow do I know if my system is configured with ifupdown?15:07
lalaOh hey bazhang. Lol. For a moment, I thought I was on the ##chat channel, and I tried switching over to #ubuntu, but it didn't work because this is the #ubuntu channel. Haha.15:09
traekiliifquery eth015:11
lalaDarn my "magic packet" didn't work.15:12
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ig0r_what is the packet manager in Ubuntu called?15:23
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Muon (KDE) or !Apper (KDE)15:24
traekilipackage? apt15:24
ubuntu090ig0r_: More comprehensive https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/package-management.html15:24
ig0r_I want to uninstall software in ubuntu WITHOUT using the terminal. How do I do that?15:26
cfhowlettig0r_, software center15:27
ig0r_I'm using software center right now but I can't find any uninstall option15:28
AnimalFarmPigOn an Ubuntu Trusty server instance, I think one of my processes got killed by the oom killer. Which log file should I look in to verify?15:29
ubuntu090ig0r_: You might give overall description including the app.15:29
AnimalFarmPigI'm looking in /var/log/syslog, but all I see are dhcp and cron related stuff15:29
jorgehola alguien habla español15:30
DJones!es | jorge15:31
ubottujorge: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.15:31
ig0r_If I for example would want to uninstall Thunderbird using the software center how do I do that?15:32
cfhowlettig0r_, click on the secret button.            "install"15:32
ubuntu090ig0r_: Mine in 14.04 when clicked has a remove button.15:34
DJonesig0r_: Search for thunderbird in software centre, then click the remove button15:34
cyberalex4lifeig0r_, actually it's "remove" :-P (after you search your app and click on it)15:34
ig0r_how do I uninstall other stuff like drivers and plugins?15:35
AnimalFarmPigig0r_: what drivers do you want to uninstall and why? Drivers are typically included with the kernel and not something that you need to worry about15:36
AnimalFarmPigif there's a driver causing problems on your machine, you could add it to the module blacklist15:37
ig0r_AnimalFarmPig: I want to uninstall samba but maybe it's not a driver but a client15:37
cyberalex4lifeig0r_, it would be: sudo apt-get autoremove samba15:38
ig0r_I'm not comfortable with the terminal. Is there a GUI method?15:38
AnimalFarmPigig0r_: I'm not sure about using ubuntu software center, but if you install synaptic, you can pretty easily search for it and click the box next to it to remove15:38
ubuntu090ig0r_: In general be careful here samba no biggie and thunderbird, but many other stuff has dependencies.15:39
ig0r_AnimalFarmPig: "install synaptic" ?15:39
zykotick9cyberalex4life: "apt-get autoremove" is typically run by itself, does it work with packages as well...15:39
AnimalFarmPigig0r_: synaptic is package management software. I like it a bit better than ubuntu software center.15:39
AnimalFarmPigyou should be able to install it from ubuntu's software manager. Or from cli-- 'apt-get install synaptic'15:40
ig0r_ok I'll try that. thanks!15:40
cyberalex4lifeig0r_, sudo apt-get install synaptic . In time you'll learn that for some stuff terminal is quicker and safer, for others synaptic15:40
cyberalex4lifezykotick9, yes: sudo apt-get autoremove --purge <package> will remove the package and all the other packages that aren't dependencies (for that package or others)15:41
AnimalFarmPigand also remove config files15:42
cyberalex4lifezykotick9, though you may wanna be carefull when using it (sometimes removes much more when being used on multiple packages at once)15:42
AnimalFarmPig(the --purge)15:42
cyberalex4lifeAnimalFarmPig, the --purge deletes also system settings (like /etc/apache2/apache2.conf  which are not removed with autoremove - it may be dangerous)15:44
AnimalFarmPigRemoving stuff that's in the default install seems like a bad idea for newbies, imo. If you installed software and it wasn't good, okay, makes sense. But, stuff that's in the default install is usually expected to be there15:44
AnimalFarmPigcyberalex4life: yep, that's what I meant by config files15:44
cyberalex4lifeoh !15:45
AnimalFarmPigIt's useful if you've managed to somehow misconfigure something into a totally broken state and want to nuke it from orbit :)15:46
cyberalex4lifeAnimalFarmPig, if you don't try you never know in the end... I remove some stuff here and there15:46
cyberalex4lifekind of: bumblebee, you can also fix things with --reinstall (but has some limitations from what I've seen)15:47
cyberalex4lifesome things don't get fixed if you don't remove the "damaged" setting15:48
AnimalFarmPigyeah, I remove stuff as well, but I've been using linux for a while. Folks just coming from Windows and used to computers coming pre-installed with a bunch of junk software may be in the mentality of "cleaning" the system after install, which is usually not necessary are more likely to result in a broken system than faster system15:48
ubuntu090we all have opinions but this is support15:48
AnimalFarmPignot sure if it's available on ubuntu, but dpkg-reconfigure was useful in the old days of static xorg.conf files15:49
cyberalex4lifeAnimalFarmPig, I usually clean stuff like accounts, single signon, unity-lenses and scopes players15:49
privateNodezword, some progs change the init scripts and ifup&down startup scripts that totally bork the system15:49
jeffy123Hey guys15:50
privateNodezdpkg-reconfigure still works and is prolly the best way of doing it still15:50
AnimalFarmPigcyberalex4life: yeah, seems like a solid choice. I don't run ubuntu on desktop, but I imagine I would do the same. With Debian's gnome desktop, I always uninstall "tracker" which is supposed to make searches better or something, but just makes the system run badly15:51
cyberalex4lifeAnimalFarmPig, I like tracker, it worked fine on Opensuse, but since I have problems with intel and nvidia, I decided to stop debugging for some time, stay on Ubuntu and just live my life15:52
jeffy123_Apologies, I'm back. Any way to resolve this problem?15:52
AnimalFarmPigSo, in case anyone has shown up recently who knows, where would I look for logs of processes killed by the out of memory killer on a server running Trusty?15:53
cyberalex4lifeAnimalFarmPig, do you know at least it's name? It is a start15:54
privateNodeztop has a way of checking programs that have been faulted out of memory15:54
AnimalFarmPigI had a rabbitmq instance running, and it suddenly disappeared. Trying to figure out what happened to it15:54
privateNodezincluding a pagefault count for each process15:54
ubuntu090AnimalFarmPig: Can you take it to #ubuntu-offtopic rather than filling the page.15:54
privateNodezyou can also check /proc/<pid>15:54
privateNodezeach pid dir should have a file with page faults15:54
privateNodezyou can also try syslog but whether or not you'd find such a message there depends on the program15:55
AnimalFarmPigyeah, didn't see anything obvious in syslog15:56
jeffy1337 I'm having a little problem- I added a line of code to my setup.bash file & now the '$' sign in my terminal isn't working, how can I fix this?15:57
jeffy1337I sadly got disconnected last time15:58
jeffy1337Anyone know how I can fix it?15:58
MidKnightHow do I make my own IRC chatrooom?15:59
privateNodezyou mean the $ isn't displaying but you can still enter commands and get output?15:59
jeffy1337I can't do anything at all15:59
privateNodezjust a black screen?15:59
jeffy1337Yes sir15:59
jeffy1337I need to remove a line from the setup.bash file but I need to do it as root & I have no idea how I can without terminal15:59
jeffy1337I'm using 14.04 atm16:00
privateNodezYou might have to run in single user mode16:00
jeffy1337How do I do that?16:00
jeffy1337It's running in a virtual machine (VMware)16:00
jeffy1337Thank you bud!16:01
max12345I have some old binaries in /usr/local/lib/ + /usr/local/bin/ how can I remove them safely?16:02
privateNodezjeffy1337: wait, have you tried using a different shell? sh, zsh, ksh or something first?16:03
ioriajeffy1337, you can't run gksu - gedit and edit the file ?16:03
jeffy1337I don't think so16:03
jeffy1337I only have terminal & 2 others16:04
jeffy1337and another16:04
jeffy1337And they both have this problem as well16:04
ioriajeffy1337, alt-f2 and enter gksu16:04
jeffy1337I'm trying that right now & I see it under 'result' but I can't click on it at all16:05
jeffy1337I can hover over it but it just doesn't seem to work, I tried the alt + f2 option before I joined16:05
privateNodezjeffy1337: to get a shell up type "ALT+F4" and then run "xterm -e sh"16:07
EriC^^alt+f4 clsoes stuff16:07
EriC^^i think you mean alt+f2?16:07
privateNodezmy pad16:08
jeffy1337 16:08
jeffy1337I got it =D16:08
EriC^^jeffy1337: are you using unity?16:09
jeffy1337Thank you!!!16:09
publioHow can I get grub to find my kernel at boot?  It's stuck on a prompt.  I've tried mounting my encrypted drive and boot partition and reinstalling the kernel and grub via chroot.16:10
EriC^^publio: what's the error you're getting?16:10
publionothing. It just boots to a grub prompt.  If I use the command 'boot' it says kernel not found16:11
EriC^^publio: ok, are you in a live usb right now?16:11
EriC^^did you decrypt your partition?16:11
publioi think the encryption is making this more difficult than usual16:11
wtm_iphonegrub2 or legacy?16:11
publioI can decrypt16:12
EriC^^publio: ok, use sudo cryptsetup luksOpen ...16:12
publiooh I16:12
publiojust did it from the gui16:12
publioit does the same thing i think16:12
et09my question - every time i click mailto: link (or xdg-open a mailto: link), it opens in chrome.  however i open gconf-editor, go to /desktop/gnome/url-handlers/mailto, thunderbird is the thing listed.  wtf?16:12
EriC^^type sudo parted -l and paste it for us16:13
publiomy drive is on /media/ubuntu/1... and the boot parition on /media/ubuntu/0...16:13
=== harrison is now known as Guest87656
EriC^^publio: ok16:13
EriC^^publio: unmount the boot partition16:13
EriC^^and type sudo mount /dev/sdxY /media/ubuntu/12312312/boot16:14
EriC^^mount it at /boot16:14
wtm_iphonefind --set-root /boot/grub/i386-pc/core.img16:14
wtm_iphonekernel /boot/grub/i386-pc/core.img16:14
publioparted -l: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11826691/16:15
wtm_iphonecan boot into grub216:15
publioboot is on sda116:15
publiothe drive on sda516:15
EriC^^publio: ok, type sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media/......./boot16:15
publioEriC^^: Im not sure what you mean by /dev/sdaxY16:15
publiooh the boot16:15
publioto.. media/1.. (the drive)16:16
publioi take it16:16
EriC^^uh hu16:16
EriC^^publio: k, type for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /media/.....137864$i; done16:17
publioive also usually mounted /dev, /sys, /proc to /mnt/dev.16:17
EriC^^publio: you did sudo mount -B /dev /media/ubuntu/1312312312/dev ?16:18
publiowait $i after 1..?16:18
EriC^^publio: yah16:18
publioi did --bind16:18
publioused to do16:18
EriC^^ok, same thing16:18
EriC^^publio: so you mount binded /dev and /proc and /sys ?16:19
publio for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /media/.....137864$i; done16:19
publioor one by one16:19
publioyea i used to moutn those 316:19
EriC^^ok, it'll work16:19
EriC^^mount --bind /dev/pts and /run just in case16:20
publiorunning: for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /media/ubuntu/1f38e0d5-aa06-472f-92d1-d27fd1a129fb/; done16:20
EriC^^publio: you forgot the $i after 243748927416:20
publionot sure what that did16:21
EriC^^/media/ubuntu/1f38e0d5-aa06-472f-92d1-d27fd1a129fb$i; done16:21
publioafter the /16:21
EriC^^without the /16:21
publiomount point /media/ubuntu/1f38e0d5-aa06-472f-92d1-d27fd1a129fb/dev does not exist16:22
publiocouple of these16:22
publiois it flipped?16:22
EriC^^type ls /media/ubuntu/234626742316:22
=== rafael is now known as Guest39171
publiols /media/ubuntu/1f38e0d5-aa06-472f-92d1-d27fd1a129fb/16:23
EriC^^ok, reboot16:23
publiowhat, really?16:23
EriC^^i think it mount binded /run etc. there16:23
publioI havent16:23
publiodone anything16:23
publioi mean like16:23
EriC^^cause we need to start over dude16:23
publioor install16:24
EriC^^it mount binded /run there16:24
EriC^^easiest is to restart and mount the install at /mnt16:25
BBLLCChi, i need help16:26
BBLLCCfor the last 20 minutes I have been dealing with grub. Grub lists like 40 kernels, from 5 to 19, but the latest one, 1916:26
Deathstarwhen is firefox 39 coming to ubuntu?16:26
rat35I want to become a white hat hacker16:27
BBLLCCon synaptic I got rid of all old kernels, thats it all 18 and below16:27
rat35How to become one ?16:27
privateNodezdelete the rest of the kernels then16:27
wtm_iphoneI'm a Chinese, I can't speak English very well. Don't mind.16:27
BBLLCCon booting, GRUB listed ALL old kernels, even when I got rid of them in synaptic, but the current one 19, and I had to manually edit the booting line to 19 instead of 1616:28
BBLLCCwhy does GRUB list non-existent kernels?16:28
privateNodezdid you do 'update-grub'?16:28
EriC^^publio: wb16:28
EriC^^BBLLCC: type dpkg -l | grep linux-image and paste it16:28
publioEriC^^: Ill mount the drive, umount the boot partition and mount it to /ubuntu/1../boot16:29
publioand we'll be back where it was going ok?16:29
BBLLCCprivateNodez, do I type that on a terminal?16:29
EriC^^publio: hold on man16:29
wtm_iphoneyou should run 'sudo update-grub'16:29
BBLLCChere in xubuntu I mean16:29
privateNodezBBLCC: yes16:29
DJones!cn | reds16:29
ubottureds: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw16:29
publiooh alright, I thought the problem was with mounting run16:29
EriC^^publio: use sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda5 bla16:30
EriC^^publio: it was, this will be easier though16:30
publioright, i guess typing bla is faster16:30
lalaIs this where I can make my router assign a static IP to my computer? http://i.imgur.com/unnbUmj.png16:30
EriC^^publio: did you type that?16:31
publioi did,  its on mapper/bla16:31
EriC^^publio: type sudo mount /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root /mnt16:31
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw16:32
BBLLCCdo I need to get rid of something else? why are 2 copies of everything?16:32
EriC^^publio: all good?16:32
BBLLCCEriC^^, http://paste.ubuntu.com/11826755/16:33
wtm_iphoneyou should run 'sudo update-grub'16:33
BBLLCCi dont get it, I got rid of ALL those kernels, but and 2216:33
publioyea, the drive's on /mnt16:33
EriC^^publio: ok, type sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/boot16:34
privateNodezBBLLCC: you can delete the kernels you don't want and then rerun the update-grub command to regenerate the grub configuration file.16:34
privateNodezI believe16:34
publioshould I umount /media/ubuntu/0... (boot partition first)16:34
BBLLCCprivateNodez, but I already got rid of those kernels (synaptic), why are they still there?16:35
EriC^^publio: is that mounted?16:35
publioyea, I could see the drive at boot16:35
wtm_iphoneBBLLCC, you should run 'sudo update-grub'16:35
EriC^^publio: ok, unmount it16:35
BBLLCCwtm_iphone, already did16:36
privateNodezthe sudo is implied16:36
privateNodezreal men run as root16:36
=== erwin is now known as easyOnMe
rat35Ubuntu can be used for pentest ??16:36
privateNodezanything can be used for pentest16:36
publioEriC^^: Alright, I mounted it and now I can't see the drive16:37
EriC^^publio: did you mount it to /mnt/boot?16:37
publioyup, I meant it looks good16:38
BBLLCCprivateNodez, about your link... do I have to run sudo apt-get autoremove linux-image-2.6.32-22-generic linux-image-2.6.32-21-generic for each of the kernels??16:38
EriC^^publio: oh ok16:38
BBLLCCjesus christ16:38
BBLLCCaint there an easier way?16:38
EriC^^publio: type for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done16:38
publiook, no errors16:40
EriC^^publio: ok, type sudo chroot /mnt16:40
publioalright (im in root, btw)16:41
publiodf -h looks good, with /boot mounted as sda116:42
publiohave a couple of these errors tho: df: ‘/sys/fs/cgroup/cpuset’: No such file or directory16:42
EriC^^publio: ok, great16:42
privateNodezBBLLCC I would keep 2 kernels at least, and delete any ones I didn't need16:42
EriC^^publio: are you using uefi?16:42
EriC^^publio: nevermind that question16:42
EriC^^publio: type grub-install --recheck /dev/sda16:42
BBLLCCprivateNodez, i have 2 kernels16:42
privateNodezmake sure you're not deleting the kernel that your using though, check using 'uname -a'16:42
publioim not sure, this is originally a win7 machine16:43
privateNodezThen whats the issue?16:43
privateNodezyou want only 1 kernel in the grub options?16:43
BBLLCCprivateNodez, but again, on the repos all old kernels (from 5 to 18) are not installed. Why does dpkg -l | grep linux-image list non existent kernels?16:43
BBLLCCand, how do I make sure xubuntu automatically installs the latest kernel?16:44
privateNodezpossibly because they weren't removed properly16:44
publioEriC^^: Installation finished. No error reported. !!16:44
privateNodeztry purging the non-existing packages 'apt-get purge' or 'dpkg --purge'16:45
BBLLCCprivateNodez, and anyone in the room, what do I do?16:45
EriC^^publio: ok, cool16:45
EriC^^type update-grub16:45
wtm_iphoneBBLLCC: I don't know.16:46
publioEriC^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11826818/ dunno if its a problem16:46
privateNodezonce your done purging if update-grub still doesn't work then do 'updatedb.mlocate' and then 'locate <kernel name>'16:47
EriC^^publio: crap, i think the usb is dying or something16:47
publioit's a sandisk! you wouldn't believe-- there were corrupt blocks on day 116:48
wtm_iphoneWhat's the time now in your cities?16:50
EriC^^publio: type cat /boot/grub/grub.cfg and paste it16:50
EriC^^i dunno maybe you could manually type what it needs to boot and then update-grub, my second idea is to unplug the usb and try update-grub and see what happens16:51
arceteraI'm having trouble with hibernation and Wi-Fi on my MacBook Pro 2010 running Ubuntu MATE 15.04.16:51
EriC^^publio: hmm maybe we could remove the os-prober so it doesn't look for other disks maybe?16:51
EriC^^publio: try chmod -x /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober16:51
EriC^^and try update-grub again16:51
bajai am trying to look for my ubuntu version number16:52
publiomaybe sdb is ram? because im on a livecd16:52
OerHekswtm_iphone, please don't poll, this is ubuntu support only16:52
arceteraBasically, Wi-Fi only works every other sleep. When I turn on my laptop, it doesn't work. Open and close, it works. Open and close, it doesn't work.16:52
bajaive tried lsb_release -a nad its given error16:52
BBLLCCprivateNodez, update grub works, I only have 3 kernels, see here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11826749/ , but that information is conflicting with what dpkg -l | grep linux-image shows, see here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11826755/ why do I get conflicting information?16:53
publiogrub.cfg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11826846/16:53
bajaubuntu version number16:53
bajaive tried lsb its bring error16:53
bajaanyone help16:53
publioEriC^^: Should I chmod os prober?16:53
arceteraAlso, when I hibernate the laptop, it takes a few seconds for the screen to turn off.16:53
OerHeksbaja what error?16:53
bajano command lsb_release found16:54
OerHeksbaja and below that ?16:54
bajaNo command 'lbs_release' found, did you mean:16:54
baja Command 'lsb_release' from package 'lsb-release' (main)16:54
BBLLCCpublio, was that for me?16:54
arceterayou made a typo baja16:54
arceterait's lsb_release, you typed lbs_release16:55
OerHekssbaja eems like you don't run ubuntu16:55
bajaok thanks16:55
publioBBLLCC: No, but if you're having trouble booting because you tried to remove old linux kernels from /boot, you're having the same problem as me16:55
EriC^publio: sorry i got dc, did you get my last msg?16:56
publioEriC^: Wasn't sure that was you, you lost a ^16:57
EriC^publio: :D16:57
publiolast I posted /boot/grub/grub.cfg, and you said i should16:57
publiochmod +x os prober16:57
EriC^ok, cool16:58
publioi was asking if ishould still, after you saw the cfg16:58
publio### BEGIN /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober ### being empty and all16:58
noinstallI set up my encrypted partitions, assign them mount points, click continue and get 'The attempt to mount a file system with type ext4 in Encrypted volume (sdc1_crypt) at / failed. (Go Back) (Continue) the Go Back option is broken and does nothing. I've tried restarting and doing this over about 5 times and the results are always the same.17:00
EriC^publio: yeah, give it a shot17:00
BBLLCCim manually removing all those old kernels but the 2 newest17:01
pragmaticenigmaBBLLCC, as long as the latest kernel is installed and operating, I wouldn't worry about dpkg output. You can try running "sudo apt-get autoremove" to make sure old kernels are properly removed, and it will uninstall the older kernels.17:01
EriC^publio: we just want it not to look for other installs on other disks, if we're lucky that'll happen unless it calls the binary17:01
BBLLCChow do I make sure xubuntu installs and uses always the newest kernels?17:01
bazhangthe package management handles that BBLLCC17:02
OerHeksBBLLCC, normally you don't need to do anything17:02
pragmaticenigmaBBLLCC, as long as you haven't disabled the update manager, you will be alerted when there is a new kernel update availab17:02
bazhangunless he means some new kernel released outside of package manager17:03
pragmaticenigmaBBLLCC, You can also run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" which will pull in all updates availabe for your configuration17:03
privateNodezand update-grub is run automagically for you whenever a new kernel is installed17:03
publioEriC^: Ill run update-grub again, see what happens?17:03
privateNodezyou shouldn't install kernels that aren't supported for your os yet17:03
EriC^publio: ok17:03
BBLLCCtake a look at that, my biggest command so far http://paste.ubuntu.com/11826890/ , please notice if I need to get rid or edit anything else17:04
publioEriC^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11826893/ A shorter error list, at least. Old one: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11826818/17:04
pragmaticenigmaBBLLCC, I think you just nuked your machine17:04
AttoxI'm getting a tocblock error on boot for a second or so, after that the system boots normally. Any idea what this is about?17:05
privateNodezBBLLCC, what was the command you used?17:05
privateNodezapt-get autoremove?17:05
pragmaticenigmaprivateNodez, he manually entered in all the kernels17:05
BBLLCCno i didnt nuke the machine17:05
BBLLCCnewest 2 kernels are still there17:05
EriC^publio: ok, chmod +x it back17:05
pragmaticenigmaBBLLCC, You need linux-image-generic* and it's associated packages17:06
easyOnMeEriC^: have you tried Yii framework before17:06
BBLLCCthe command: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11826903/17:06
EriC^publio: chmod +x /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober17:06
EriC^easyOnMe: no17:06
EriC^i haven't17:06
easyOnMeEriC^: thanks17:06
publioyes I did that; i just meant i don't know what we're trying to do17:07
privateNodezI live on the edge so i would have done something like 'dpkg -l | grep linux-image- | grep -v <kernel to keep> | xargs apt-get purge17:07
EriC^publio: we're trying to build the grub.cfg file17:07
EriC^publio: do you have kernels installed?17:07
EriC^publio: type ls -l /boot17:07
BBLLCCpragmaticenigma, installing that one from the repo and the associated ones17:08
pragmaticenigmaprivateNodez, I just use the autoremove command regularly and call it good17:08
BBLLCCmy craptop needs to be udated17:08
publioEriC^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11826912/17:08
publioIm not sure, I've installed linux-generic before17:08
privateNodezI'm careful with automatic anything17:08
EriC^publio: update-grub is supposed to mention any kernels it finds, but it's not, i thought maybe it had to do with the usb errors, it might not though17:08
noinstallTrying to install 15.04: I set up my encrypted partitions, assign them mount points, click continue and get 'The attempt to mount a file system with type ext4 in Encrypted volume (sdc1_crypt) at / failed. (Go Back) (Continue) the Go Back option is broken and does nothing. I've tried restarting and doing this over about 5 times and the results are always the same.17:09
publiobut while using boot-repair before, it got stuck purging my kernel17:09
EriC^publio: ok, that makes sense17:09
EriC^publio: type apt-get install linux-image-generic17:09
privateNodezI've been thinking about leaving ubuntu all together and going back to gramps17:09
EriC^if it says it's installed add --reinstall after apt-get install17:09
publioyea, i had to reinstall it, and it completed successfully17:10
xhoch3hello, I am researching for an article about click packages (in a series for new packaging formats under linux systems). Is there a place I can get the most up-to-date documentation about click packages as a start?17:10
EriC^ok, it should have ran update-grub itself17:11
SchrodingersScat!click | xhoch317:11
xhoch3I have found various sources, but it's hard to tell whether they contain hard facts or just assumptions17:11
privateNodezwhats a click package17:11
EriC^publio: did it mention picking up the kernels and stuff?17:11
pragmaticenigmaprivateNodez, id love to on something like centos or the like... but mythtv just doesnt play the same17:11
SchrodingersScat!snappy | xhoch317:11
ubottuxhoch3: Ubuntu Core is a rendition of Ubuntu with transactional updates using "snappy". For discussion and support, please visit #snappy and see http://www.ubuntu.com/snappy/17:11
publiojust unpacking them: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11826926/17:11
EriC^publio: ok, try update-grub17:12
xhoch3ubottu, yes, but as I heard these packages are already used on the Ubuntu Phone, and they will come to desktop with 16.0417:12
ubottuxhoch3: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:12
SchrodingersScatxhoch3: discussion in #snappy please, it's offtopic here17:12
publioEriC^: same errors, os_prober in the cfg is the same: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11826936/17:14
xhoch3SchrodingersScat, is snappy and click the same thing? how do they relate?17:14
xhoch3for example, I am not on snappy here, but still can use click packages17:14
xhoch3I have the usual Ubuntu 15.1017:14
EriC^publio: that sucks17:15
EriC^publio: linux is the part that grabs the kernels, os-prober is just for other os's like windows etc.17:15
publiois it? I mean maybe the rest worked17:15
EriC^it's empty though17:15
xhoch3and as I heard, it will not be "Ubuntu Core", but the new version will be called "Ubuntu Next"17:15
EriC^nah linux is empty17:15
publiosure, I don't have anything else17:15
DJonesxhoch3: 15.10?  You may be better asking in #ubuntu+1 with that just being in development, or did you mean 14.0417:15
xhoch3ubuntu core is for servers and iot, isn't it?17:15
privateNodezpragmaticenigma: thats really cool, I didn't know about mythtv17:15
EriC^publio: are the kernels in /boot? type ls -l /boot17:15
pragmaticenigmaprivateNodez, also... note, the prefix on the dpkg -l tells you if the package is installed or not... just realized this. dpkg keeps a running log of all packages the have been installed and uninstalled. if it starts with "ii" it's installed if it starts with "rc" it's been removed ... one of the caveats of using grep on output of commands17:16
publionah, just grub, lost+found, and 3 memtest files17:16
SchrodingersScatxhoch3: ok, wasn't sure what a click was, https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/publish/packaging-click-apps/ , idk where you would go for that.17:16
pragmaticenigmayou lose the meaning of the columns17:16
EriC^publio: that's odd17:16
EriC^publio: type mount and paste it17:16
publiomaybe it mounted /boot as readonly?17:16
publiosorry, just 'mount' ?17:17
pragmaticenigmaprivateNodez, check out Mythbuntu... it's a real nice spin and makes setting up MythTV super simple17:17
xhoch3DJones, I'll try there, thx :)17:17
publiomount: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11826959/17:17
DJonesxhoch3: The +1 channel is generally were the people using/testing the next release hang out17:18
DJonesJust may be a bit quiet17:18
noinstallubuntu just seems to be dropping fast in quality itself and in community17:18
publio /boot is +rw17:18
xhoch3noinstall, I'd say it's the opposite!17:19
privateNodezpragmaticenigma, good to know, I should use dpkg more. In that case i'd have to add an aditional grep to my oneliner to only xarg the packages that are installed. and an awk '{print $2}'17:19
google-----hi i cant connect hdmi17:19
xhoch3there is no technology company atm as interesting as Canonical is17:19
xhoch3in the IT sector of course17:19
publioEriC^: Should I try burning a livecd to use, instead of my faulty usb? Could that be why the kernel cant be found?17:20
EriC^publio: no, it's not showing up in /boot17:20
pragmaticenigmaprivateNodez, its actually the first 4 lines17:20
xhoch3Ubuntu has constantly improved quality, I'be been using it as my main system since 9.0417:20
google-----is there a fix for hdmi not displaying17:20
pragmaticenigma5 if you want the pretty border17:21
EriC^publio: try installing the package instead of linux-image-generic17:21
EriC^publio: which ubuntu are you using?17:21
publio14 lts17:21
pragmaticenigmaR is removed, the C is for Config files (which are always left over)17:21
EriC^!info linux-image-generic trusty17:21
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (trusty), package size 2 kB, installed size 29 kB17:21
EriC^publio: try sudo apt-get install linux-image-3.13.0-55-generic17:22
pragmaticenigmagoogle-----, is that the only port avaabile for graphics on your computer? is your computer a laptop? we need more information about the system before we can diagnose the problem17:22
EriC^publio: also try typing touch /boot/bla and see if you can create it fine17:22
Googlemaniui ?17:22
google-----yess it is a laptop17:23
google-----Dell 15 inch 3000 series17:23
sqrt7744hi, how can i disable x from starting on my server?17:24
OerHeksgoogle-----, most laptops have a FN key to enable internal/external/both screens17:24
publioEriC^: It didn't install the package, apt says '1 not upgraded'17:24
google-----mine opens menu17:24
publioEriC^: /boot/bla now exists17:25
sqrt7744nvm found it http://askubuntu.com/questions/16371/how-do-i-disable-x-at-boot-time-so-that-the-system-boots-in-text-mode17:25
publioEriC^: Maybe I should install the previous kernel? Its always good to have a backup17:26
EriC^publio: yeah, sure17:26
RDX4OOsqrt7744, just try this the solution from your link17:26
google-----0erHerks, I'm running ubuntu mate is there a command that will recognize the hdmi17:28
publioEriC^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11827022/ Good news is that it ran update-grub on its own this time17:29
publiogot some new stuff in /boot!17:30
OerHeksgoogle-----, no, your 2nd screen should be available in the screen section of systemsettings17:30
privateNodezgoogle-----: try 'udevadm monitor' and then plug the hdmi In17:31
privateNodezsee if it shows up17:31
google-----0erHeks, there is only my monitor and unknown that displays nowhere17:31
BBLLCChi there again17:31
TrelFor setting up a xmpp server on Ubuntu server (no gui) would jabberd2 or prosody be the best option?17:32
OerHeksgoogle-----, then see the driver menu, if there is a better driver available17:32
BBLLCCgrub is NOT updated. I rebooted the system and the machine lodade grub directly, listing ALL old kernels, but the newest one (3-19-0-22)17:32
BBLLCCwhy does grub keep listing old and nonexistent kernels?17:32
BBLLCCyes, i DID updated grub from the terminal, several times17:33
OerHeksBBLLCC, maybe you have a linux on that machine with grub, before you added ubuntu ? so you have a grub chainloading?17:33
BBLLCCyes, uname-r lists as the actual kernel17:33
BBLLCCdpkg -l | grep linux-image lists 4 3.19.0.xx kernels17:34
BBLLCCso, why does grub keep listing old and nonexistent kernels?17:34
RDX4OOBBLLCC, i had the same issue sometime, just remove the old kernel stuff frome /boot17:34
RDX4OOBBLLCC, and go sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get autoclean17:35
BBLLCCOerHeks, nope17:35
urmphBBLLCC: You have to remove kernels and correctly to remove from grub in general.17:35
BBLLCCRDX4OO, you mean manually going to /etc/boot ?17:36
RDX4OOBBLLCC, yes :)17:36
google-----0erheks, the only other driver i can use is prossesor17:36
urmphBBLLCC: Don't do that, bad advice.17:36
RDX4OOurmph, it works by me17:36
RDX4OOan i still running the same machine17:36
publioEriC^: Am I ready to reboot, to test it?17:37
BBLLCCok, who do I pay attention to?17:37
EriC^publio: great!17:37
TrelQuestion, how can I set a service to run as a specific user?17:37
google-----0erheks this is what I see screenshot-3.png17:37
xarI'm trying to install `android studio` using this script, but, it wouldn't happen. What's wrong with it please?17:37
urmphRDX4OO: Right, however there are correct ways to do this, the channel supports that, a root removal is really only good when you have filled the boot and HD and cannot proceded without.17:37
EriC^publio: 1 sec17:37
RDX4OOurmph, maybe u have an better idea for BBLLCC17:38
publiowonder why grub couldnt find -55?17:38
EriC^publio: great, it's in grub.cfg now17:38
TJ-BBLLCC: do you have more than one storage device (HDD, SDD, USB_ attached to the PC?17:38
BBLLCCnope TJ-17:38
EriC^publio: try rebooting17:38
EriC^publio: type exit first, then reboot17:38
urmphRDX4OO: That is basic stuff, they will get served. ;O17:38
TJ-BBLLCC: Let's work backwards from the symptom...17:38
RDX4OOim just telling my experience :P17:38
publioalright, brb, hopefully off my hd17:39
TJ-BBLLCC: At boot-time grub generates the boot menu from it's (root)/grub/grub.cfg file which in a booted Linux OS is usually at /boot/grub/grub.cfg.17:39
urmphRDX4OO: Cool, however be aware we peer review each other here in general to be sure users are given objective correct info.17:40
TJ-BBLLCC: therefore, the first check is to manually inspect "/boot/grub/gruv.cfg" (a text file) to see if it contains all those old kernel entries17:40
TJ-BBLLCC: Can you "pastebinit /boot/grub/grub.cfg" please ?17:40
RDX4OOurmph, thats great :) but now, which info will be help him?17:41
urmphRDX4OO: He is being helped by a IT pro as we speak.17:41
urmphwatch and learn ;)17:42
RDX4OOurmph, alright ;)17:42
TJ-BBLLCC: Whilst you're pasting that file for us, I'll continue. The file is *generate* in the OS by "update-grub", which is as shell script that runs the task scripts in "/etc/grub.d/" . In that directory the script that creates the bootable OS list is "10_linux"17:42
* TJ- winks @ urmph 17:42
xarI'm trying to install `android studio` using this script, but, it wouldn't happen. What's wrong with it please? https://github.com/haythemkh/installation-scripts-for-IDEs/blob/master/android-studio-installer.sh17:43
Seveasxar: a lot of things. Don't run random crap off github.17:45
OerHeksxar, the number "bundle-132.883541" is version dependant, maybe that is your issue17:45
bettchencheninternet broke down17:46
bettchenchenim bbllcc17:46
bettchenchenthats for TJ-17:46
xarSeveas, the script is safe, but it doesn't install android app17:46
xarOerHeks, I don't think so, the script runs but I cannot run the app from the launcher17:47
kostkonxar, check out ubuntu make17:47
xarkostkon, any link please?17:47
bettchenchenapparently grub.dfg lists all old kernels17:47
TJ-bettchenchen: OK, got it17:48
OerHeksxar,  read their manual, maybe you need java or something17:48
kostkonxar, this? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-make17:48
TJ-bettchenchen: OK, now lets look at what kernel+initrd images are actually installed. Please show us "pastebinit <(ls -latr /boot/) "17:49
publioEriC^: The good news is, I can see Ubuntu on grub.  The bad news is that it gives up waiting for root device.17:50
publioALERT /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root does not exist. Dropping to a shell.17:51
TJ-bettchenchen: Thanks. So, those 2 pastebins tell us that when you use "update-grub" it isn't updating "/boot/grub/grub.cfg". Now we need to discover why. First lets check that file isn't specially protected. "pastebinit <(ls -latr /boot/grub/) "17:51
TJ-publio: that sounds like the initrd may not have the lvm tools in it. Does "lvm" launch a command or report "command not found" ?17:52
TJ-bettchenchen: That's interesting, the latest update was "Dec 18  2014 grub.cfg"17:53
bettchenchenTJ-, i can neither confirm nor deny17:53
TJ-bettchenchen: However... "Jul  5 19:31 menu.lst"  .... tells me a lot!17:53
publioTJ-: I don't know what you mean? It recommends that the common problems are: Boot args (check rootdelay, root) or Missing modules17:53
TJ-bettchenchen: "menu.lst" was used by GRUB version 1 whereas "grub.cfg" is used by GRUB version 2. It appears you've manged to remove grub v3 and install grub v1 !17:54
publioshould i chroot in and run update-initramfs? I dunno what that even does17:54
TJ-publio: The system has just dropped to a shell, yes?17:54
bettchenchenand how do I fix it?17:54
publioim on a livecd now, but thatswhat it does17:54
TJ-publio: As it was trying to boot, so you have a busybox shell in the initrd? .... OH! ... OK, yes you'd need to build a chroot and use update-initramfs in that17:55
TJ-bettchenchen: show us "pastebinit <(dpkg -l grub*)"17:55
publioTJ- thanks, Ill give that a try17:56
TJ-bettchenchen: that confirms my diagnosis: "ii  grub                  0.97-29ubuntu66 " (installed) ... "rc  grub-pc               2.02~beta2-15" (Removed)17:57
TJ-bettchenchen: "sudo apt-get --purge remove grub && sudo apt-get install grub2"17:57
ioriaand grub2-common  ?17:58
TJ-ioria: the grub2 package has Depends on all the required packages17:58
RDX4OOTJ-, nice diagnosis :)17:58
xarwhy does ubuntu always create a ~ file after every update?17:59
TJ-ioria: Try "apt-cache depends grub2"17:59
TJ-xar: the ~ indicates a back-up file17:59
bettchenchenTJ-, im now at the package configuration part. I have these options18:00
xarTJ-, how to back-up?18:00
zykotick9TJ-: fyi, "sudo apt-get purge foo" is a bit shorter to type ;)18:00
TJ-bettchenchen: let's not take chances; choose "Install the package maintaners version"18:00
TJ-zykotick9: I'm in the habit from before apt-get gained the purge command18:01
zykotick9TJ-: ;)18:01
bettchenchenTJ, Setting up grub2 (2.02~beta2-22ubuntu1.1) ... done. Am I done?18:01
TJ-xar: those "~" files are only created by some applications that respect the convention of saving the last version of a file with that suffix, rather than over-writing it. Not all applications respect that convention.18:02
TJ-bettchenchen: Now to be sure "sudo update-grub" and then "pastebinit /boot/grub/grub.cfg"18:02
xarTJ-, yeah, gedit does18:03
xarTJ-, but is it possible to make a back-up then? how?18:03
TJ-xar: I'm not sure what you mean. If the editor you're using creates those "~" files that is the back up... until you edit the file again when the "~" will be replaced of course18:05
bettchenchenif this means im done TJ- many thanks for all the help18:05
publioTJ-: I'm running 'update-initramfs -k all -v'.  Should I be adding a -c or -u flag to that?18:07
TJ-bettchenchen:  I think you're good to go now18:07
bettchenchenTJ-, then as said, tahnks a lot!!18:07
TJ-publio: "-u" Update18:07
bettchenchenhow do I activate a boot screen for my machine while it loads?18:09
publiolooks good, I see a couple mentions of lvm in there.  I'll reboot and see what happens :)18:09
TJ-bettchenchen: Do you mean a grub splash screen, or Ubuntu? Usually Ubuntu uses Plymouth to put up a splash screen during start-up18:10
bettchenchenyes TJ- plymouth18:10
TJ-bettchenchen: That is controlled the kernel command-line option "splash" which is set in the grub.cfg. I see its there for the non-Recovery boot entries so Plymouth should show its splash screen18:11
TJ-bettchenchen: To check which plymouth themes are installed do "dpkg -l plymouth* "18:12
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TJ-bettchenchen: E.g. On Kubuntu I see several packages starting "plymouth-theme-kubuntu-"18:12
bettchenchenhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/11827197/ and how do I choose one of those?18:13
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xpheresdoes anyone knows which ubuntu touch "market" apps are out thereß18:14
TJ-bettchenchen: Those "ii" prefixes tell you the packages are already installed, so if you are not seeing the splash screen it may be it is manually disabled18:14
bazhang!touch | xpheres18:15
ubottuxpheres: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch18:15
publioTJ-: It dropped to a shell again.  Should I try running update-grub, after the update-initramfs?18:16
TJ-publio: Hmmm, I'm wondering if the way you create the chroot is causing you problems18:16
bettchenchenTJ-, how do I enable it?18:16
TJ-bettchenchen: The init system should automatically start it, As you have systemd on that as well as upstart, I'm not sure how you deal with it. You'll need someone who's more familiar with plymouth, and/or, systemd init18:18
publioI can pastebin the commands.  They got got grub fixed, so it can actually see ubuntu now..18:18
bettchenchenok TJ- thanks18:18
django_anyone done android on an hp touchpad before18:19
TJ-publio: Do that, and when you update the initrd add the "-v" verbose flag and capture output to a log file using: "update-initramfs -vu -k all |& tee /tmp/initrd.log" then you can pastebin that log file18:19
OerHeksdjango_, this is ubuntu support only18:19
urmphdjango_: There is the ubuntu touch on #ubuntu-touch18:19
publioalright, yea thats a long file18:19
django_sorry :s18:19
TJ-publio: you can pastebin just "pastebinit <(grep -C2 /tmp/initrd.log)"18:20
TJ-publio: you can pastebin just "pastebinit <(grep -C2 lvm /tmp/initrd.log)"18:20
TJ-publio: when you create the chroot, you should *only* mount the root-fs and bind-mount the kernel file-systems proc sys dev dev/pts and etc/resolv.conf - once in the chroot you should then do "mount -a" to mount according to the /etc/fstab18:22
publioyea i mount those things, including my boot partition.  I haven't run "mount -a", but I'll do that now18:23
TJ-publio: as in "sudo -i"  then "mkdir /target && mount  /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root /target"  then  "for n in proc sys run dev dev/pts etc/resolv.conf; do mount --bind /$n /target/$n; done" then "chroot /target" then "mount -a" followed by "update-initramfs -vu -k all |& tee /tmp/initrd.log"18:24
publioTJ-: I did http://paste.ubuntu.com/11827242/18:25
publioabout to chroot now18:26
publio/etc/resolv.conf is already copied18:26
publioill do it again to be sure18:26
TJ-publio: don't mount the /boot file-system until you're in the chroot... that's what "mount -a" is supposed to do18:26
publioI mean, judging from df -h, /boot was ok last time18:27
publioshall I umount /boot and try to mount in inside chroot?18:27
TJ-publio: when its mounted from outside the chroot it can cause grub for 1, to get confused18:27
TJ-publio: Yes, that would be preferred.18:28
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publioI umounted, chrooted and ran 'mount -a', but /boot doesn't show up in df -h18:29
publiobut i can go into /boot..18:29
=== jhattara_ is now known as jhattara
publioTJ- worked I think, time for a "update-initramfs -vu -k all |& tee /tmp/initrd.log"?18:30
NicoHoodI created a network share with ubuntu (rightclick, preferences). which type of share is this and how can I mount it with a non ubuntu distribution? (using elementary os which actuall IS ubuntu but has no such options so i have to manually do it)18:31
TJ-publio: yes. Always use "mount" to confirm all the expected file-systems are present, first, though18:31
publioTJ-: Yes, I can see even /dev/sda1 mounted to /boot correctly18:33
rockstar_I'm deleting folders using find . -name "other" -exec rm -f -r {} \; But it didn't work for paths with spaces. Amy suggestion?18:35
publioTJ-: initramfs log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11827284/18:35
EriC^rockstar_: use '{}'18:38
TJ-publio: "Adding binary /sbin/lvm" ... tells us the lvm support is in the initrd18:38
publioI remember seeing that line last time too..18:39
EriC^rockstar_: also, it's better to use echo rm first to see which files it'll delete18:39
publiopretty sure at least-- didn't make a copy18:39
rockstar_EriC^: I thought I did use {} after rm params18:39
EriC^rockstar_: i mean '{}' with the quotes18:39
rockstar_EriC^: correct, I echoed with just find first.18:40
TJ-rockstar_: and consider using '-delete' or '-execdir'18:40
rockstar_EriC^: ok I will try :)18:40
TJ-publio: let me read some more18:40
rockstar_EriC^: can I do echo in any other way with find?18:40
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TJ-publio: You missed "cryptsetup: WARNING: invalid line in /etc/crypttab for bla"18:41
rockstar_EriC^: thanks, I think it worked18:41
TJ-publio: So the problem is cryptsetup not having unlocked the block device so the LVM isn't visible18:41
publiooh, unlocked on my livecd?18:42
publioor luksClose? i think it was18:42
TJ-publio: no... the /etc/crypttab" file has bad syntax18:42
EriC^TJ-: we did a sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda5 bla earlier18:43
publiohuh, I didn't touch it? "sda5_crypt UUID=1a5c9917-721b-4950-b492-46f8a0c026b6 none luks,discard"18:43
TJ-publio: the root file-system from "/etc/crypttab" is copied to the initrd's "/conf/conf.d/crypttab" , but the hook has found a syntax error in that file18:43
EriC^isn't bla just a random name? usually i see people using my-encrypted-volume or something18:43
TJ-EriC^: precisely .... the names aren't matching18:44
EriC^TJ-: yeah, but what name are you supposed to use?18:44
publiohuh, I dont't have a /conf dir?18:44
EriC^i mean my-encrypted-volume is just generic18:44
publiothe uuid?18:44
TJ-publio: when you unlock the encrypted partition from the Live environment, you must the same device-mapper name that is in the target system's "/etc/crypttab"18:44
EriC^TJ-: but you have to unlock it to know what it is :D18:45
publiois 'sda5_crypt' the name?18:45
EriC^so i guess you have to close then open again? or is there a way to switch it on the fly?18:45
TJ-You've got a system currently using /dev/mapper/bla   so the initrd hook script is looking for a "bla UUID=..." in that file18:45
TJ-EriC^: yes, but once that's done you can change it to use the correct name18:46
TJ-publio: correct, it is18:46
TJ-publio: "dmsetup rename bla sda5_crypt"18:46
TJ-publio: then check with "ls /dev/mapper/"18:46
publiooh I was thinking of rebooting, and mounting as sda5_crypt18:47
publiobut if that works..?18:47
EriC^you have to run update-initramfs again i think18:47
TJ-publio: confirm the correct name  /dev/mapper/sda5_crypt  then redo the update-initramfs18:47
publiosure, sure I;ll check it18:47
publioand reup the log from initramfs18:48
TJ-publio: yes please, so I can confirm :)18:48
publioyes, it renamed in /dev/mapper/ ok18:48
publioNew log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11827346/ compared to the old bla: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11827284/18:51
publiono warning!18:51
TJ-publio: looks good: "Adding binary /lib/cryptsetup/askpass"18:52
TJ-publio: That's fixed :)18:52
ydabbahi I am running into this error on boot: proc/self/fd/9: 1:  /etc/default/locale: LC_CTYPE: not found . I cannot get to a terminal, any advice on how to troubleshoot?18:54
ydabbaand the boot hangs18:54
ikoniaso he default local is wrong and it's scanning the floppy drive18:54
NicoHoodI want to copy my files via network but I dont have the permissions (i dont own the files with the other computer). how can I give the other computer access?18:54
publioYea, it's time to test!  I'll brb in a few18:55
TJ-ikonia Huh?18:55
ikoniaydabba's issue18:55
ikoniathe variable is missing/wrong for the LOCALE, and it's scaning the floppy drive18:56
TJ-ydabba: "/proc/self/fd/9" is the kernel's per-process  file-descriptor directory :)18:56
ikoniaTJ-: nice, thank you18:56
ydabbaikonia, TJ- thanks for the replies. how do i fix this?18:56
TJ-ikonia: The error is because there's some shell piping going on involved the locale settings which is being tripped up.18:57
TJ-ydabba: are you able to start system in Recovery mode, possibly with an older kernel ?18:57
CryptoSiDis willy still the last ubuntu?18:57
ydabbaTJ-, i try recovery mode, but i still cannot get to a working terminal. i can get to a root terminal but i don't know root password...18:58
TJ-CryptoSiD: 15.10 Wily is the current *development* version18:58
BBLLCCcan anyone tell me how to enable plymouth on xubuntu? I dont see any animation18:58
CryptoSiDyeah i like to run the development version (addicted to updates)18:59
TJ-ydabba: So Recovery menu fails to start a root shell when you ask it?18:59
waykool99Why is it dangerous, in Terminal, to create -and- change ROOT password as "sudo su" instead of "sudo"?18:59
ObrienDave!root | waykool9918:59
ubottuwaykool99: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo18:59
EriC^BBLLCC: sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth18:59
TJ-waykool99: it's to do with how those commands alter the invoking user's shell environment18:59
EriC^BBLLCC: then sudo update-initramfs -u -k all19:00
TJ-my root password is "letmein"; don't mind who knows :)19:00
ydabbaTJ-, when trying to get into the root i receive the same locale error.19:00
ydabbai thought it was asking for password before, but i misread19:00
BBLLCCthanks EriC^ , hope it woks19:01
TJ-ydabba: I wonder if you edit the GRUB menu's Recovery entry, add "init=/bin/bash" to the end of the line beginning "linux ..." and then press F10... that should start the system directly with a bash shell without anything getting in the way. If that works you can remount the root-fs r/w and correct the /etc/default/locale entry19:02
ydabbaTJ-, ok thanks, let me give that a shot19:02
TJ-And before you think "what a $%^! fool" my root accounts don't have UID==019:03
publioTJ-: It's still dropping to a shell :(19:04
TJ-publio: are you able to be on IRC whilst the faulty PC is at the initrd shell?19:05
hotmedalI can't ping, but I can ping or anything else http://paste.ubuntu.com/11827421/19:05
publioI could be19:06
ydabbaTJ-, the init appears to have failed. the boot was very verbose, but it hung at some "call trace" and at the top there is a "kernel panic - not syncing: attempted to kill init"19:06
TJ-ydabba: did you get the cryptsetup prompt for password?19:06
TJ-ydabba: ignore me... that question is for publio19:06
TJ-publio: did you get the cryptsetup prompt for password?19:07
TJ-ydabba: I wonder if the root file-system has been corrupted. Are you using a live ISO now?19:07
publioon my hd boot? no19:07
nicomachushey guys, I disabled wlan0 a few months ago, and I can't figure out how to enable it again... I've looked in quite a few places, and tried 'sudo ifconfig wlan0 up', but that didn't do the trick.19:08
publioit just hangs for a while, and launches up with something that says Ubuntu 14.04, hangs, and goes to shell19:08
ydabbaTJ-, not a live cd. everything was working fine until after i am now turning on after reboot. hardware and install both less than 1 year old19:08
publiothe Ubuntu 14.04 loading screen looks coarse, unlike fresh, current one19:08
TJ-publio: so it's failing before it tries to unlock the encrypted partition, or else the config in the initrd to find it, is still incorrect19:08
iorianicomachus, sudo ifup wlan0 ?19:09
TJ-publio:  the plymouth splash screen is what displays the Ubuntu version to you19:09
nicomachusioria: that did it. Thanks! TJ-: I just came in, but it sounds like publio might be having the same issue I had a few weeks ago with another machine. Just upgraded to 15.04?19:09
publioDid initramfs change something in /boot? I dont see how it can help, as its encrypted if it didnt.  Should I run update-grub in chroot?19:10
EriC^nicomachus: you were having the issue! i was just thinking somebody had it, i wonder if he fixed it and how19:10
TJ-publio: you're on the Live environment right now?19:10
EriC^hi btw19:10
nicomachusEriC^: Nope... lost it all.19:10
TJ-publio: Did you just say /boot/ is encrypted!?!19:10
publionicomachus: no, I was clearing my full /boot and apparently deleted a kernel which was old, but my system was using19:11
publioTJ- no, no the other way :)19:11
nicomachuspublio: gotcha, that happened to me when it updated to 15.04. not sure if I cleared it outta /boot or the update process did... but it's the same problem.19:11
ioriamaybe it's the unlocking command.... maybe19:11
publiosure, to make it worse, is having to work with an encrypted drive19:12
nicomachusmy last best guess before I gave up and wiped it was something to do with LVM19:12
nomicif i plug a usb keypad (not keyboard) into a ubuntu laptop will it take over from the laptop keypard?19:12
TJ-publio: Good! OK ... lets open the initrd and look inside, from the Live env. First mout the /boot/file-system somewhere, then "sudo -i" and "mkdir -p /tmp/initrd && cd /tmp/initrd"19:13
nomiccos i just invested in 119:13
publionicomachus: I've thought of wiping, since I have  abackup, but its troublesome19:13
publioTJ-: So, chroot to the system like before, and mkdir?19:13
publioor outside19:13
TJ-publio: Then "zcat /path/to/boot/initrd.img-??????? | cpio -id" - replace ????? with the kernel version string19:14
nicomachusI gotcha. have you checked the superblock on the crypt_luks partition to see if it's corrupted? Mine was, and so were the backsups, which is why I wiped.19:14
JL235__hey, I need to install Java 8 and NetBeans 8 however the software centre still have 7 in Ubuntu19:14
TJ-publio: no chroot required for this initrd inspection19:14
JL235__how do I find out what repos to add to get the current versions?19:14
TJ-JL235__: I have Java 8 built in one of my PPAs for 14.04 LTS19:14
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.19:15
TJ-nicomachus: there's nothing wrong with the LUKS volume, this is just an initrd config issue19:15
publionicomachus: I can mount the encrypted drive, so I assume the superblock is ok? At least I hope it is19:16
TJ-publio: obviously ensure you extract the initrd.img for the same kernel version you're having boot failures for19:16
johan__tryin so hard19:16
TJ-publio: it's fine19:16
EriC^hi johan__19:17
johan__This is actually not my computer, but I need some help.19:17
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw19:18
JL235__the launchpad ppa thing, is that basically random people's own repo packages that they have put online?19:18
johan__Well I need some help mounting an drive called "HP", pleasee help.19:18
publioTJ-: I have initrd - 54 expanded into /tmp/initrd19:18
Umeaboyjohan__: What's the problem?19:19
EriC^johan__: type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 9999 and give us the link it gives you19:19
supercom32When I hit num lock or caps lock on my USB keyboard my USB mouse appears to monetarily freeze/disconnect and it won't move or respond for a few seconds. any ideas?19:19
TJ-publio: OK, and the current working directory should be the 'root' of the initrd file-system. if you do "ls" you should see a similar directory layout as if you did "ls /"19:20
EriC^johan__: have you tried mounting it?19:20
publioTJ-: I do... weird19:20
TJ-publio: If that is the case, then first check the crypttab with "cat conf/conf.d/crypttab"19:20
johan__when i come to my real home i will try mounting it19:20
Umeaboyjohan__: And what filesystem is it using?19:20
publioTJ-: It doesn't exist!?19:20
johan__i dont know i have dual boot19:21
TJ-publio: that's because the initrd contains a small, temporary, root file system containing just enough to get the system from just a kernel, to the fully running system19:21
publioright, chicken egg I think19:21
TJ-publio: uhoh, that suggests the original /etc/crypttab was still incorrect in some way19:21
Umeaboyjohan__: FAT32 or NTFS is the most common besides EXT4.19:21
BBLLCChow do I get rid of truecrypt?19:21
TJ-publio: but, now we know 100% what the issue it rather than guessing, so you can create the chroot again and we can work on that19:22
publioyea, thats true; i'll do that19:22
hotmedalI can't ping, but I can ping or anything else http://paste.ubuntu.com/11827421/19:22
TJ-publio: WOA! stop stop stop19:23
TJ-publio: my BIGGO mistako!19:23
publioI have a conf/conf.d/resume file19:23
TJ-publio: I got the wrong filename for you!! check the crypttab with "cat conf/conf.d/cryptroot"19:23
TJ-publio: good job I tested it here :)19:24
JL235__where can I find a repository for Ubuntu which has up to date software in it?19:24
JL235__the official one seems really out of date19:24
JL235__and I don't mean adding random launchpad/ppa ones19:24
TJ-JL235__: package versions are fixed at release time, they only receive security and bug-fix updates after19:24
ObrienDaveJL235__, ubuntu strives for stability. they don't always have the 'bleeding edge'19:25
publio/tmp/initrd/conf/conf.d only has 1 file: resume19:25
JL235__ObrienDave, I don't want bleeding edge I want current version19:25
TJ-publio: OK, so, nothing has changed then. Crack open that chroot and lets look at the crypttab19:25
ObrienDaveJL235__, again, that violates the 'stability' issue19:26
TJ-JL235__: Package versions are frozen at release. Later upstream versions go into the latest development release until Feature Freeze19:26
JL235__ok, but where can I find a repository to add which had current versions of software (not beta or bleeding edge, current release versions)19:26
shovel_bosshow do i further customize i3 beyond the config file19:26
TJ-JL235__: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FeatureFreeze19:27
publioTJ-: I should luksOpen it as...  'sda5_crypt', right?19:27
TJ-publio: correct19:27
JL235__TJ-, that only seems to explain freeze features. Where can I find a repo to add which has current software in it?19:28
ydabbaTJ-, played around with the grub boot and made it verbose. found different errors now:19:28
ObrienDaveJL235__, you can enable 'proposed' and 'backports' in software settings19:28
ydabbaTJ-, ureadahead man process terminated with status 519:28
ydabbaTJ-, but when i do f2 that locale error pops up, and my original errors are no where to be found19:28
TJ-JL235__: there are no such official repos. Individual upstream project devs sometimes maintain PPAs to make their latest stable releases available on supported Ubuntu releases, and Ubuntu devs such as myself will sometimes build specific packages for testing prior to inclusion in the main Ubuntu archives19:28
ObrienDaveJL235__, again, ubuntu repos probably will not EVER have 'current' releases19:29
ioriaJL235__, why do you need 8 ? if i may19:29
TJ-ioria: Lambdas19:29
JL235__and I'd rather start a new project on the current version19:29
JL235__than an old version19:29
publioTJ-: you're a dev!  Which parts have you contributed, if I may?19:30
JL235__ObrienDave, how do I add proposed and backports? I've looked in the 'software & updates' settings and I don't see those options19:30
ydabbaTJ-, going to boot with a livecd and try to edit the locale file19:30
TJ-ydabba ureadahead is a typical report ... it is responsible for accelerating boot times by fetching data from disk before it'll be needed19:30
JL235__I have pretty much everything in there checked though like pre-released, unsupported, recommended, etc19:30
ObrienDaveJL235__, updates tab19:30
ydabbaTJ-, ok understood. the second error is mountall main process terminated with status 12719:31
TJ-publio: I contribute all over; I focus on bug fixing, but I prefer low-level stuff like this issue of yours :)19:31
TJ-ydabba: mountall is responsible for mounting file-systems in the correct order, and running fsck on file-systems. I said earlier I suspected corruption... if mountall is failing it *may* be due to a fsck failing19:32
JL235__still only showing out of date versions19:32
TJ-JL235__: which release of Ubuntu are you using?19:32
ioriaJL235__, seems it exists a RetroLambda that you can use with 7...19:33
publioTJ-: figures an os dev would be interested in low-level stuff19:33
ydabbaTJ-, hmm ok. at one point there was an error where it tried to mount a drive that was on the server, but i don't see that error anymore19:33
publioTJ-: I'm in my chroot now19:33
ioriaJL235__, http://blog.orfjackal.net/2013/07/lambda-expressions-backported-to-java-7.html19:33
JL235__omg, I'll just find a copy of Windows and use that19:33
JL235__fuck this linux bollocks19:34
ioriahow do you dare ? :-)19:34
JL235__like all I wanna do is use *current* software19:34
JL235__not even beta or anything like that19:34
ObrienDavethen add the PPA and be done with it19:34
TJ-publio: OK, can you show us "pastebinit /etc/crypttab" and "sudo lsbk -f" - make sure there's nothing sensitive in the crypttab first19:34
EriC^JL235__: as ObrienDave said19:34
ioriacome on...19:34
supercom32Using Ubuntu 15.04, does anyone know why pushing numlock on a USB keyboard would cause the USB mouse to stop responding for a moment?19:35
JL235__so this gets back to my original question; how do I find a repo where I can get the current version of software?19:35
JL235__which I've asked about 5 times now19:35
JL235__and I just get asked "why do you want to use current software?" and pointed to faqs that don't answer it19:35
EriC^JL235__: there's no repo for all software, as TJ-  said individual people upload stuff about certain stuff19:35
ObrienDavethere is NO OFFICIAL ubuntu repo that has what you are asking for19:35
TJ-JL235__: We've answered you, too. You can also install the latest Java directly from openjdk19:35
Seven_Six_TwoJL235__, software doesn't exist in bubbles, and are tied to shared libraries. There is no single repo with all of the latest. That's not how it works.19:35
TJ-JL235__: Mine's here if you want it. https://launchpad.net/~tj/+archive/ubuntu/java-for-14.04/19:36
JL235__there used to be big repos years ago you could add which had more up to date software19:36
ObrienDavethat was then, this is now.19:37
TJ-JL235__: not official Ubuntu archives, never has been. All additional archives/repos were/are operated by 3rd parties19:37
publiomy crypttab is a line: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11827582/19:37
TJ-publio: check that UUID matches the partition will you? "sudo blkid /dev/sda5" I'd guess will show it19:38
publioTJ-: There's no 'lsbk' command?19:38
TJ-publio: sorry, typo, "lsblk"19:38
p5yc071cCan someone  double check my hard drive partition?  I'm trying to install Ubuntu 14.04 After installing OSX and windows on a macbook pro19:38
publioTJ-: the typo was mine, sorry; first time I've heard of it19:38
TJ-publio: I have to break off now, it's time for Sunday Dinner :) ... EriC^ might be able to continue from here19:38
publioTJ-: thanks for your help, I think it's pretty close now! Enjoy your meal19:39
EriC^publio: try sudo blkid19:41
publioHey EriC^. I think they match19:42
publio :(19:42
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Guest46811hello averyone19:44
Guest46811any iranian here ?19:44
publioEriC^: crypttab: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11827582/ matches /dev/sda5.  I guess it's supposed to match that instead of /ubuntu--vg-root19:44
OerHeks!ir| Guest4681119:44
ubottuGuest46811: #ubuntu-ir baraye Farsi zabanan mibashad ke channele rasmie goroohe Iran-ie ubuntu ast. #ubuntu-ir  برای فارسی زبانان می‌باشد که کانال رسمی گروه ایرانی اوبونتو است.19:44
p5yc071cHere's what I've got: http://imgur.com/x0dJztV,tsWeJKH#0  and http://imgur.com/x0dJztV,tsWeJKH#119:45
supercom32Using Ubuntu 15.04, does anyone know why pushing numlock on a USB keyboard would cause the USB mouse to stop responding for a moment?19:46
EriC^publio: no, i think it's correct19:46
p5yc071cCan someone check and make sure I've formated the partion correctly?19:46
hotmedalI can't ping, but I can ping or anything else http://paste.ubuntu.com/11827421/19:46
kichukuin #linux19:47
publiohotmedal: Maybe it's blocked?19:47
linuxholicHello, i have this problem: http://askubuntu.com/questions/615610/brightness-controls-serious-lag-ubunut-15-0419:47
linuxholicI am using Ubuntu 15.0419:47
OerHeksp5yc071c, all those freespace looks wrong to me.19:47
linuxholicI searched on the internet but didn't found anything helpfull19:48
p5yc071cOerHeks: I think most of them may have been created by BootCamp in OSX...I did leave the 999MB free space...should i include that in my sda5?19:49
OerHeksp5yc071c, yes, and those other 0 blocks i should leave as it is.19:50
linuxholicAnyone, please?19:50
BBLLCCon my applications menu there are 2 orfan icons: the programs have been erased, but the icons are still there, i cannot get rid of them with alacarte either19:50
BBLLCCthey are not listed in alacarte19:50
Seven_Six_Twolinuxholic, please be patient. If nobody answers you right away, nobody has an immediate answer. That doesn't mean nobody is looking or reading.19:50
nicomachus!patience | linuxholic19:50
ubottulinuxholic: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/19:50
EriC^publio: are you still in the chroot?19:50
publiohotmedal: try digging to confirm19:50
p5yc071cOerHeks: thanks!  do you see any other major issues?19:50
publioEriC^: yes19:50
linuxholicSeven_Six_Two, thanks19:51
ioriahotmedal, http://superuser.com/questions/845470/can-ping-8-8-4-4-but-not-8-8-8-819:51
OerHeksp5yc071c, nope, go ahead19:51
hotmedalpublio: dig got an answer19:51
p5yc071cOerHeks: Thanks again!19:52
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linuxholicubottu, i did searched help.ubuntu.com19:52
ubottulinuxholic: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:52
publiohotmedal: Any difference in latency between and
EriC^publio: ok type cat /boot/grub/grub.cfg | nc termbin.com 999919:52
publioEriC^: cat: /boot/grub/grub.cfg: No such file or directory !?19:53
Seven_Six_Twolinuxholic, is one of those posts by you?19:53
linuxholicSeven_Six_Two, yeah i commented on that post19:53
hotmedalpublio: .8.8 has 90ms query time .4.4 has 0. That's zero :/19:53
linuxholicSeven_Six_Two, but the problem is same19:53
linuxholicSeven_Six_Two, i think it's in kernel19:53
nicomachuslinuxholic: you can try booting an older kernel if a solution is that important.19:54
hotmedalpublio: I'm supposed to do just "dig" right? No options?19:54
linuxholicnicomachus, wow!19:54
linuxholicWhat if i want to use the latest kernel? :P19:55
EriC^publio: did you type mount -a?19:55
publiohotmedal: put a @ before the ip19:55
nicomachusthen you're going to have a delay on your brightness keys until they fix the bug.19:55
ObrienDavenicomachus, this is a busy channel. please add the nick to your replies19:55
publioEriC^: Sure I did, twice in fact, second accidently.  I can see /dev/sda1 on /boot type ext2 (rw) on mount19:55
linuxholicnicomachus, who's going to fix it?19:55
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linuxholicUbuntu team?19:55
Seven_Six_Twolinuxholic, have you seen   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=220827819:56
linuxholicSeven_Six_Two, yup19:56
Seven_Six_Twodid you try both suggestions?19:56
linuxholicSeven_Six_Two, yes19:56
EriC^publio: ok, try dpkg -l | grep lvm | nc termbin.com 999919:56
Seven_Six_Twowhat was the result?19:56
hotmedalpublio: right, no reponse from .8.8, promp response from .4.419:57
linuxholicSeven_Six_Two, this bug was fixed19:57
publioEriC^: http://termbin.com/xxsg19:58
Seven_Six_Twolinuxholic, I didn't see a bugreport?19:58
linuxholicSeven_Six_Two, no i didn't reported it yet19:58
apexhey guys19:59
publioEriC^: You know, I think the command 'luksOpen' worked without cryptsetup prepended before.  Now, on my livecd i need to add that... Maybe I wrote down the command and omited cryptsetup, because it shouldn't be any different19:59
apexim new19:59
linuxholicas i was using Ubuntu 14.04.219:59
apexwho thinks the console is better than gui?19:59
linuxholicand i never reported a bug :)19:59
publiohotmedal: do traceroutes to 8.8 and 4.4 follow different paths?  They should both end in *.google.com20:00
Seven_Six_Twoapex, console is better once you know how to use it.20:00
apexi know Seven_Six_Two20:00
apexit is waay more powerful20:00
Seven_Six_Twoapex, but they're different use cases. The web isn't fun at console.20:00
linuxholicSeven_Six_Two, it gets even worse on kernel 4.0 :D20:00
hotmedalpublio: trace to .8.8 is full of asterisks, nothing identifiable beyond my router20:01
apexam i the only one here who uses tor20:01
TJ-publio: back. I've caught up. UUIDs match - that is good. initrd.img/conf/conf.d/cryptroot missing is the thing we need to focus on. For that, we should consider how the cryptsetup hook script installed for intramfs-tools isn't copying the correct entry over. This could be caused by an error in "/etc/fstab" - can we look at that?20:02
publiohotmedal: what asterisks on the left side?   Can you run 'traceroute | nc termbin.com 9999' and post the link20:02
=== Trel_ is now known as Trel
Seven_Six_Twolinuxholic, can you change it instantly with command line?20:03
publioTJ-: EriC^: http://termbin.com/0an3 dont see sda5 or its uuid in there.  I'm not sure what I should see20:03
hotmedalpublio: http://termbin.com/53eg  This only shows 6 lines but I get 30, they're all *s20:03
TJ-publio: the hook script is "/usr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks/cryptroot"  so we basically manually follow and reproduce its steps and identify where it fails to copy the crypttab entry20:04
TikityTikHOw can I run 32 bit programs on a 64 bit architecture?20:04
apexWhat desktop environment do you guys recommend?20:04
linuxholicSeven_Six_Two, i don't know how, sorry20:04
TJ-publio: This is good: "/dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root / .... "20:04
Seven_Six_Twolinuxholic, does this (or similarly named) file exist for you?    /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/max_brightness20:05
linuxholicLet me check20:05
publiohotmedal:  As you say, it works for 4.4.  It looks like packets heading to 8.8 get dropped immediately20:05
xpheresdoes anyone have an ubuntu phone?20:06
hotmedalpublio: so basically my ISP's shenanigans?20:06
apexhi xpheres no i dont20:06
apexdo you20:06
publioTJ-: its 541 lines long!20:06
xpheresif anyone have please let me know20:06
xpheresI need to test an app20:06
Seven_Six_Twoxpheres, I don't, but I tried ubuntu touch on a nexus 5.20:06
xpheresdo you have ubuntu touch installed now?20:06
linuxholicSeven_Six_Two, yes it does, it says "937" in it20:07
publiohotmedal: yea, if it's not an error or anything, it's just how it looks... You should call them and tell them about 4.420:07
Seven_Six_Twoxpheres, no, because of limited memory. Maybe I'll give it a shot later today, because I'm still rooted and have multi-rom installed.20:07
xpheresah ok20:07
hotmedalpublio: all right, thanks20:07
apexim using lts, should I upgrade my distro?20:07
Seven_Six_Twolinuxholic, ok. try this command:                  echo 600 | sudo tee /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/brightness20:07
TJ-publio: in the hook script, there's a function get_root_device() which parses /etc/fstab. The key part of it is the line "device=$(canonical_device "$device") || return 0" and in particular the call to function canonical_device. If that doesn't convert the "/dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root" that could fail. There's another related function node_is_in_crypttab() that could also cause the issue20:08
publiothe script I have, same prob for you: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11827715/20:08
linuxholicSeven_Six_Two, quick as fox20:08
Seven_Six_Twolinuxholic, ok. so you have a quick hack. reduce the 600 for more dimming. increase to max of 93720:09
publioTJ-: so I should run canonical_device $device to see if it works? I dont see where $device comes from20:09
linuxholicSeven_Six_Two, right, thanks20:10
TJ-publio: line 402 is the crucial one, so we work back from there. "echo "$OPTIONS" >>"$DESTDIR/conf/conf.d/cryptroot" "20:10
TJ-publio: no, nothing to run, this is a mental exercise to figure out what should be what, and when :)20:10
supercom32Using Ubuntu 15.04, does anyone know why pushing numlock on a USB keyboard would cause the USB mouse to stop responding for a moment?20:11
publioTJ-: I see.  Even if $OPTIONS on line 402 is empty, it should create a cryptroot file for me20:12
linuxholicsupercom32, because mouse is disabled while typing20:12
publioTJ-: But I'm missing it?20:12
supercom32linuxholic: It doesn't disable under any other case except for numlock and capslock. And I'm not using these on a laptop ether.20:12
TJ-publio: no... 2 lines before that, there's a "continue" which would immediate execute the next iteration of the containing "for" loop on line  38820:13
publioTJ-: Wait, where was it again20:13
linuxholicsupercom32, which version are you using?20:13
supercom32linuxholic: I figure it might have something to do with USB Power management, but I haven't rebooted to find out yet. I'm using Ubuntu Gnome 15.0420:13
TJ-publio: That conditional continue is a result of the if test on the previous line, which calls the function "get_device_opts" so thats our next checkpoint20:14
EriC^TJ-: this is probably irrelevant, but we had a hard time installing linux-image-generic earlier, it would say unpacking and never put anything in /boot, we installed an earlier version kernel, probably irrelevant just thought you should know20:14
linuxholicsupercom32, does it happen always?20:14
publioTJ-: Yea it's the first continue in the loop.  So I guess that means the if never fails? And we want it to once20:14
linuxholicsupercom32, have you tried unloading and reloading driver?20:15
supercom32linuxholic: Yep. You push numlock to toggle it, mouse freezes for about 5 seconds, then comes back. Almost as if the device gets momentarily disconnected and Ubuntu re-connects it.20:15
TJ-EriC^: Thanks ... was there sufficient disk space in both /boot/ and the roofs for it?20:15
supercom32linuxholic: I haven't tried unloading/reloading the driver. Is that a simple process? I never had to do it before.20:15
publioTJ-: That's right, I have 54 and 55 installed20:15
EriC^TJ-: i think so, /boot was almost empty, publio do you recall the df -h being full?20:16
linuxholicyea, it's simple20:16
linuxholicsupercom32, try this command ====>>>   modprobe -r psmouse20:16
Seven_Six_Twolinuxholic, perhaps from post #15 on might help you.   https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=17801420:16
EriC^*not full20:16
TJ-publio: now we do some nifty stuff.... we enable the script to write out every line it is about to execute to stdout, then we re-run the update-initramfs command to the log file, and we can track the execution flow of the script :)20:16
publioEriC^: When I first had this problem, my drive was almost full, but I have 22G avail now.20:16
linuxholicand then modprobe psmouse20:17
publioEriC^: I cleared boot, which is why I'm having this problem :)20:17
TJ-publio: I'm using vim on the script, but with whatever text editor you are comfortable with, edit the script and at the 2nd line add "set -x" and then save it20:17
knut_Can anyone help me with the installation of ubuntu? I'm currently dual booting Fedora with Windows, but i would like to replace my fedora partition in favour of Ubuntu since I'm unable to upgrade my current fedora installatio20:17
linuxholicSeven_Six_Two, thanks i will look into it20:18
publioTJ-: huh I didn't know it could do that.  I'll that right after bin/sh... also using vim20:18
supercom32linuxholic: Ok, I tried that. I didn't get any errors at command line, but my issue still remains.20:19
publioTJ-: Alright, give '/usr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks/cryptroot' a run?20:19
TJ-publio: no... update-initramfs .... | tee ...20:19
supercom32linuxholic: I should mention, if I didn't already, that both my keyboard and mouse are USB connected.20:19
publioTJ-: Right sorry, looks like that's what you wrote above20:19
linuxholicsupercom32, have you tried using ubuntu 14.04.2?20:19
TJ-publio: then pastebin the log file... the script output lines are prefixed "+ " and start around "Calling hook cryptroot"20:20
linuxholicsupercom32, have you tried any other keyboard?20:20
publioTJ-: EriC^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11827769/20:21
supercom32linuxholic: I've tried using ubuntu 14.04.2 previously but it gives me terrible issues with mutter and applications that try to make use of full screen mode. I haven't tried other keyboards yet, but I plan to see if I can move my mouse to the PS2 socket instead.20:21
TJ-publio: line 600 it starts the match for /20:22
TikityTikI need help running 32 bit on 64 bit20:22
TikityTiki can't seem to run steamcmd on 64 bit ubuntu20:22
linuxholicsupercom32, maybe you should try another keyboard20:23
TJ-publio: line 709 it matchs the vg-root to the encrypted device20:23
publioTJ-: yea, looks ok?  I'm not sure what the device with uuid=a97... is on line 63820:24
supercom32linuxholic: Do you think if I moved my mouse to another USB port, perhaps if they are on diffrent bus's it might help? <Shrugs>20:24
supercom32linuxholic: I'm not even sure if I have more but I could ry.20:24
=== ubuntu799 is now known as urmph
linuxholicsupercom32, yeah, you can give it a try20:25
TJ-publio: line 739 it matches to the crypttab entry20:25
BuzzardBuzzTikityTic: did you try sudo apt-get install lib32gcc120:25
linuxholicsupercom32, but i don't think it will solve the problem but it's worth trying20:25
BuzzardBuzzas mentioned here ->20:25
EriC^publio: are you sure you're booting the 54 kernel?20:25
publioTJ-: yea I was expecting it the a9. to be 1...20:25
EriC^publio: can you pastebin /boot/grub/grub.cfg again?20:25
publioTJ-: no20:25
TJ-publio: line 758 OPTIONS is set correctly20:26
publioEriC^: That file doesn/t exist :/20:26
publioEriC^: I didn't touch it!20:26
BuzzardBuzzso your grub is hiding somewhere from you...20:27
EriC^publio: grub is booting the default one?20:27
publioEriC^: what do you mean?20:27
EriC^let me get the paste you gave me earlier, i think it might be booting the 55 kernel which has missing stuff20:27
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EriC^publio: when you're trying to boot are you going to advanced and choosing the 54 kernel?20:27
publioEriC^: I think there's only one choice.  And they're between recovery mode and regular20:28
ydabbaTJ-, making progress. i updated my locale file, and am getting further in the boot before hanging. have a language not found error now20:28
ydabbalooking into ways to correct that via livecd20:28
EriC^i think this is it http://paste.ubuntu.com/11827022/20:29
publioEriC^: TJ-: On the initramfs there's a 'grep: /boot/config-3.13.0-54-generic: No such file or directory' on line 407120:30
EriC^publio: yeah nevermind there's only 54 in the menu20:30
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TJ-publio: Ouch!20:31
publioTJ-: /boot: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11827813/20:32
publiolooks mixed?20:32
ydabbais there a way to generate locales using a livecd?20:32
dreamHow can I access the CLI on Ubuntu MATE 15.04?20:32
TJ-publio: "apt-get --reinstall install linux-image-3.13.0-54-generic"20:33
urmphdream: From where?20:33
dreamfrom the GUI20:33
publioTJ-: Should have teed that command; it went over my scroll window20:34
MikeRLQuick question, here: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/contribute what's the difference between donating to the desktop and community section?20:34
urmphdream: Should be in the menu try ctrl-alt-t20:34
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dreamThat's just a terminal :P20:34
dreamYes I know they do the same thing, but any way to get a full CLI?20:34
TJ-publio:  just check the file list in /boot/ again20:34
urmphdream: Maybe you could be clearer.20:34
publioTJ-: EriC^: /boot: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11827824/20:35
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang20:35
MikeRLFor example, if I want to put some cash behind the Mozilla PPA and packages on the desktop, which is better to contribute to?20:35
dreamIn Fedora, Manjaro, Arch and most other distros, I can get the CLI by pressing CTRL+ALT+F1 but in Ubuntu, I can only use the terminal app?20:35
urmphdream: the tty is the same on theses distros and ubuntu.20:36
TJ-publio: what concerns me is the big difference in the sizes of the 2 initrd.img for the 2 kernel versions20:36
publioTJ-: Hah, every other one is the same size!20:37
publioTJ-: Maybe I should try to get the larger one into my grub file? which doesn't exist..20:37
TJ-publio: weirdly, I see that same size difference here too20:37
MikeRLI know I cannot donate to a specific PPA or team, but let me rephrase - which needs more money?20:38
publioTJ-: which one are you booting from?20:38
TJ-publio: it suggests that the -55 and later kernels increased the number of kernel modules they include in the initrd.img. We won't worry about it20:38
TJ-publio: v4.1 :)20:38
urmphMikeRL: Not sure money is your best communication lever.20:38
TJ-publio: I don't use the Ubuntu kernels but they get installed as part of the updates20:39
publioTJ-: heh testing eh20:39
TJ-publio: back to analysing the script output20:39
MikeRLYeah, but I feel that certain areas may need financing.20:39
MikeRLDo they? Like community stuff and the desktop.20:39
ydabbahi. does anyone know how to generate missing locales via livecd?20:40
MikeRLI usually donate a little bit for each release.20:40
MikeRLNot much, but something.20:40
Bashing-omTJ-: publio :: -rw-r--r--  1 root root 19346697 Jun 10 11:37 initrd.img-3.13.0-54-generic20:40
publioTJ-: With both kernels in boot, maybe one will work if I can get them both into /boot/grub/grub.cfg20:40
Bashing-omTJ-: publio :: -rw-r--r--  1 root root 19346358 Jun 20 14:57 initrd.img-3.13.0-55-generic . Any help this ? Default install .20:41
urmphMikeRL: You remind me of the customers whom claim "I'm a regular" not realizing it means nothing except to them, and it is a projected reality.20:41
publioBashing-om: TJ-: 12357336 vs 29429304 for -5520:41
publioMaybe luks adds a few bytes20:42
MikeRLWell, it helps me feel like I'm doing a bit in addition to looking for bugs and what not.20:42
MikeRLNo, I don't expect anything, but I am a bit curious.20:42
urmphMikeRL: Good try to keep it altruistic than20:42
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EriC^publio: try sudo apt-get purge linux-image-3.13.0-55-generic20:43
TJ-publio: don't worry about the sizes, it's not a problem20:43
publioEriC^: :O20:43
EriC^publio: then sudo apt-get install linux-image-3.13.0-55-generic20:43
TJ-publio: the initrd is regenerated by the system when you do update-initramfs20:44
EriC^yeah my initrd is a bit smaller too20:44
TJ-publio: it includes kernel modules that may be needed early, so maybe the smaller initrd had less modules and was causing some boot failures so the list of included modules was substantially increased20:44
boerax/me 320:46
* boerax 320:46
boerax/echo -a20:46
TJ-publio: I'm tracking it from line 4346 where it calls get_device_opts with the correct pair of crypt-dev and root-fs reference20:47
publioEriC^: TJ-: Purge: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11827894/ Install: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11827899/20:47
publiothe initrd sizes are both 12M now in /boot20:47
TJ-publio: really? let me read that script log20:48
EriC^publio: my initrd for 55 is 27mb20:50
publiomaybe if I create my grub file, it'll work..?20:51
EriC^give it a shot20:51
publioto do that, have to grub-install and update-grub, right?20:52
EriC^just update-grub20:52
TikityTikmy apt-get cannot find lib32bz2-1.020:53
TikityTikhow can i add this? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/vivid/+package/lib32bz2-1.020:53
TJ-publio: as far as I can tell, line 213 of your latest pastebin log of update-initramfs is the line that writes to (initd.img)/conf/conf.d/cryptroot20:54
TJ-publio:  So that last run looks to be successful. Lets open the initrd.img again and look inside to be sure20:54
publioEriC^: TJ-: Looks good, added both inits: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11827921/  Have both in grub: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11827924/20:54
samgoodyHi all. Am trying to import a ppa wth no luck.20:55
publioTJ-: Should I exit to check into that... the command was zcat the init in boot into a temp folder,right?  I omitted writing this unfortunately20:56
samgoodyAm getting an error: gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found.20:56
TJ-publio: "mkdir -p /tmp/initrd && cd /tmp/initrd"    then "zcat /boot/initrd.img-3.13.0-55-generic | cpio -id"20:56
TJ-publio:  no, we can do it in chroot too20:56
samgoodyIt appears that port 11371 is blocked.20:56
TJ-publio: just that we didn't need chroot in order to do20:56
TJ-publio: then "cat conf/conf.d/cryptroot"20:57
samgoodyI went to the launchpad page, and copied the key into a text file, which I then used both apt-key and gpg —import to import20:57
samgoodyWhich it did with no errors.20:57
samgoodyBut I still cannot add the ppa. Can anyone help20:57
jhutchinssamgoody: URL?20:58
dennis_is there a chance to install ubuntu with another installer?20:58
mikeitsomeone familiar with ipv6?20:58
dennis_the installer crashes everytime20:58
hoylemdHey, I'm trying to set up some services as daemons to be served by nginx, but they seem to be refusing every connection. What could be causing that?20:58
publioTJ-: EriC^: cryptroot: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11827944/20:59
mikeitfor setting static addres?20:59
TJ-publio: Right, so we've solved 1 probem and gained another!20:59
samgoodysudo apt-key list and gpg --list-keys both list the key and identify it as belonging to ansible.21:00
publioheh well, they are on the same drive21:00
publiothe lvm is different, maybe its not a problem?21:00
jhutchinssamgoody: did you follow the directions on the link "Read about installing"?21:00
samgoodybut sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ansible/ansible still gets "requesting key 7BB9C367 from hkp server keyserver.ubuntu.com21:01
TJ-publio: the entry for the swap is for resume/hibernation images. so in fact that is perfect! do "cd /tmp && rm -rf /tmp/initrd" to clean up, then "exit" then tada! "sudo reboot"21:01
xangua15:57 <samgoody> But I still cannot add the ppa. Can anyone help / what PPA?  Sudo add-apt-repository ops/name21:01
publioTJ-: should I also remove the set -x in that script?21:01
TJ-publio: good point!! Yes :)21:01
samgoodyI read the instructions, and have installed ppa's many times in the past.21:02
samgoodyHere I am trying to install ansible from ppa:ansible/ansible21:02
publioTJ-: Where was it again , got lost from my scroll window :)21:02
samgoodyThe launchpad URL is https://launchpad.net/~ansible/+archive/ubuntu/ansible21:02
TJ-samgoody: it looks like you have problems reaching the HKP port on the keyserver, doesn't it21:03
TJ-publio: "/usr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks/cryptroot"21:03
xanguaAnd? What message do you get? Please use a paste site if too long samgoody21:03
samgoodyYes, it does. I could ping keyserver.ubuntu.com though, so I assume the issue is port 1137121:03
publioright, let me test it out! brb21:03
TJ-samgoody: try "telnet keyserver.ubuntu.com 11371" and see if you get connected21:04
jhutchinssamgoody: Did you add software-properties-common21:04
samgoodyI added software-properties-common21:05
samgoodyAnd ran apt-get update before starting anything and afterwards again21:05
samgoodytelnet appears not to be connecting, so I assume that port is blocked21:06
samgoodyWhich is why I imported the key manually21:06
TJ-samgoody: That is in your route; it connects from my location21:07
jhutchinssamgoody: Are you running a firewall on this machine?21:07
samgoodyNo, but the ISP is known for blocking things when you least expect it (I am not in the states)21:07
samgoodyI mean, I am running a Firewall, but I disabled it for testing. It is now off21:08
dreamWhat's the file manager in 15.04 MATE?21:08
xanguadream: caja21:09
jhutchinssamgoody: Not sure what to tell you then, you can either contact the ISP and see if they're blocking it and if they will open it, or you can run it from github instead of using apt.21:09
jhutchinssamgoody: You can also build your own packages from github and install them.  http://docs.ansible.com/intro_installation.html21:11
TJ-samgoody: can you show us the result of "nmap -p 80,443,11371 -sT keyserver.ubuntu.com"21:11
samgoodyAccording to this, it is possible to manually add thekey and things should work21:13
samgoodyIs he just wrong?21:13
TJ-samgoody: something is filtering it, for sure. It should show "11371/tcp open  pksd"21:14
publioTJ-: EriC^: Same problem, I'm afraid.  It only shows up kernel -54.  Maybe I should try purging it?  Not sure why -55 isn't showing..21:14
EriC^publio: try grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg in the chroot maybe21:14
TJ-publio:  I think you've mixed up the /boot/ mount in the past and there's a hidden grub.cfg in the root file-system21:14
publioI have21:15
TJ-publio: Can you just mount the root-file-system and then look for it, e.g. if you mount to /target/ show us "ls -latr /target/boot/grub/"21:15
samgoodyWe get a router from the ISP, and there is no way to access any of its settings - yif I decided to change my DNS from the router, I have to call the ISP and they do it remotely. So filtering may very well be added at some point :( Nonetheless, isn't there some way around this?21:16
publioTJ-: EriC^: /mnt/boot/grub: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11828025/21:17
xanguasamgoody: are you in a server?21:17
EriC^publio: mount doesn't show /dev/sda1 right?21:17
TJ-publio: and this is without /boot/ file-system also mounted ... that shows the problem21:17
samgoodyVagrant running trusty on a Mac (Yosemiute) host21:17
TJ-publio: create another mount point, say, /target/ and mount the /boot/ file-system into it21:18
jhutchinssamgoody: Yes, pull the code from github and build your own .dev21:18
samgoodyOK, thanks21:19
TJ-publio: then move all those files into it using "sudo mv /mnt/boot/grub /target/grub"21:19
publioTJ-: mount on the livecd doesn't show sda1/boot, but I can see the drive on the left-side program bar.  If I click it, it might mount21:19
EriC^TJ-: maybe those are the old files?21:19
samgoodyI dont like doing that because I forget to update, and then things fall out of sync. But it beats nothing at all :)21:19
EriC^and the new ones are actually on the /boot partition21:19
TJ-publio: you need to manually mount it with "sudo mount /dev/sda1 /target"21:20
EriC^publio: type ls -l /mnt/boot21:20
EriC^is the 54 and 55 there?21:20
publioIm not chrooted21:20
publioshould i be?21:20
EriC^or is it in /target ?21:20
TJ-EriC^: look at the timestamps; the root-fs has the recently created versions21:20
TJ-publio: no chroot required21:20
publiomount: mount point /target does not exist21:20
TJ-publio: I said earlier, "sudo mkdir /target"21:20
publio'create' yea21:21
EriC^TJ-: he was trying to reinstall grub today i think21:21
TJ-publio: you'll end up with both file-systems mounted, rootfs to /mt/ and the boot to /target/21:21
publio /target: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11828038/21:21
TJ-EriC^: Yes... when I joined in earlier I spotted that the chroot was being created and /boot/ mounted *before* entering the chroot, which would cause this issue21:21
publioyes, I have the drive on /mnt21:21
jhutchinssamgoody: If you do a .deb, then continue to try to resolve the connection issue, you can at least make progress until the ISP fixes it.21:22
publioyea that's what i was doing.. didn't know something chrooted could access sda21:22
TJ-publio: OK, you can move the grub files from /target/ to /mnt/boot/ now21:22
TJ-publio: OK, you can move the grub files from /target/grub/ to /mnt/boot/ now21:22
EriC^hold on21:22
ascotHello all, I'm trying to install network-manager in my ubuntu 14.04 minimal installation with openbox and when installed the nm-applet says "NetworkManager is not running". I tried googling for the solution and I did delete two lines in the /etc/network/interfaces which should have fixed the problem but didn't. Anyone have any idea how to enable network manager in a minimal installation?21:23
EriC^1 sec guys21:23
publioyea, I also don't know what you mean by grub files-- grub folder or everthing in /target21:23
TJ-EriC^: Go ahead, what's your concern?21:23
EriC^TJ-: /target to /mnt/boot21:23
TJ-EriC^: *kicks self*21:23
EriC^target is the /boot partition and /mnt/boot21:23
EriC^...yeah :)21:23
TJ-publio: OK, you can move the grub files from /mnt/boot/grub to /target/grub/21:24
* TJ- gives EriC^ a big box of choccies :)21:24
publiowell the grub.cfg's don't match, i can tell yout hat21:25
publiothe one in /mnt is larger21:25
TJ-publio: I bet the one in /target/grub/ is older ?21:25
publioyes :)21:25
TJ-publio: /mnt/ is the root file-system, that correct?21:25
publioit's the main drive, yes21:25
publiotarget is my small boot partition21:25
TJ-publio: OK, just so I don't get doubly confused. So what I said matches the evidence.21:26
publioyea there're two grubs, probably because of a wrongfully mounted boot21:27
TJ-publio: It doesn't explain why on these subsequent chroot's you've created whilst I've been helping you, that the grub.cfg has ended up on the root fs though. That would only happen if the /boot/ file-system wasn't ted by "mount -a" so that's something else we need to check21:27
publionow to move /target/grub to /mnt/boot..21:27
EriC^i was just thinking that21:27
TJ-publio: I'm going to re-read the /etc/fstab to be sure it looks correct in light of this21:27
EriC^it's pretty odd, it's fun though :)21:27
Bashing-omascot: Does this file exist now ' /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf ' ?21:28
TJ-publio: this was the /etc/fstab http://termbin.com/0an321:29
publiowell, I've run mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/boot before?21:29
publioare you looking at the timezones21:29
TJ-publio: and this the blkid http://paste.ubuntu.com/11827623/21:29
EriC^TJ-: maybe he didn't run mount -a the last time?21:29
EriC^i think he didn't21:29
publionah, last time i did!21:29
EriC^cause he was saying that /boot/grub/grub.cfg didn't exist when i asked for it21:29
EriC^then he installed the kernel, and pastebinned it21:30
EriC^publio: i know, but it somehow wasn't mounted correctly, you said it was in mount21:30
EriC^but the file wasn't there remember?21:30
TJ-EriC^: I'm thinking he did but the command failed on the /boot/ device21:30
ascotBashing-om: yes, it looks like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11828073/21:31
TJ-EriC^: and I can think why that may have happened. When fstab uses UUIDs the system has to use the /dev/disk/by-uuid/ symlinks to find the actual device. If those symlinks are missing the command will silently fail21:31
Bashing-omascot: Look'n at your http://paste.ubuntu.com/11828073/ .21:31
TJ-EriC^: publio whereas mounting it using "mount /dev/sda1 /boot" will always work21:32
TJ-publio: Once you've moved those files, ensure that on the root-fs there is only an empty "/mnt/boot/" directory because it is only a mountpoint for the /boot/ file-system21:33
publiooh move or copy?21:33
TJ-publio: move them out, there should be nothing in the root-fs's /boot/ directory21:34
TJ-publio: anything in that directory would be masked when sda1 is mounted on that directory21:34
Ntemishey guys21:34
publiomakes sense, I never understood why it was there in the first place!21:34
Ntemishow i test new grub fixes21:35
Ntemisi hate when my server stucks on grub after power failure21:35
Bashing-omascot: What is the plugin " ofono " . I do not see that as standard .21:35
TJ-publio: then, "sudo umount /target" to let the boot fs go, then create the chroot on your current /mnt/, and the inside the chroot we can check what is wrong with "mount -a", if anything21:35
Ntemisam on 14.04.221:35
publioI dont want to confuse to moving vs deleting21:35
publiothere are folders in grub21:35
TJ-publio: we're going to reinstall grub anyhow so don't worry21:36
TJ-publio: you could just as easily simply delete those files from /mnt/boot/ and it won't matter21:36
publioTJ-: So I need to run 'rm -r /target/grub' and then 'cp -r /mnt/boot/grub /target/grub'21:37
TJ-publio: No, no rm!21:37
TJ-publio: to keep it simple, "rm -rf /mnt/boot/grub" and leave it at that21:38
TJ-publio: don't worry about moving the files over, we'll recreate them21:38
publiomnt boot grub are the new files21:38
ascotBashing-om: I don't know, I haven't touched that file. I looked at the same file in my Xubuntu 14.04 installation on another computer and it also contains "ofono", so I think that's the default file21:38
TJ-publio: yes, but in the wrong location!21:38
publioif /target/grub is old,21:38
publioshoulnt we delete them21:39
TJ-publio: /target/grub/ is where those files should have been written to originally21:39
publioalright, rmd21:39
TJ-publio: do "rm -rf /mnt/boot/grub" and then "umount /target" and get the chroot ready21:40
=== Hexagon is now known as Guest95738
TJ-EriC^: publio And in the chroot use "mount -av" so it tells us what its doing!21:40
=== Guest95738 is now known as Zebra111
Bashing-omascot: Good technique on your part, so - what does the system report when networking is restarted ' sudo service network-manager restart ' ? maybe we can gets some hints .21:40
publioTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11828108/ already on boot21:42
TJ-publio: "cat /proc/mounts"21:43
ascotBashing-om: there is no "network-manager" service, only "networking"21:43
publioTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11828115/ :(21:44
EriC^ascot: don't use tab completion21:44
Bashing-omascot: Humm.. checking .21:44
EriC^it's odd it doesn't show up, but it works21:44
TJ-Bashing-om: ascot "ofono" is the connman support for some 3G broadband modems21:45
TJ-EriC^: publio that's because mount uses the /etc/mtab file. publio ,can you "pastebinit /etc/mtab" ?21:46
ascotEriC^: oh yea you're right, thanks!21:46
publioTJ-: EriC^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11828127/21:47
publiono grub in /boot21:47
ascotBashing-om: sorry I relied on tab completion, here's that is says: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11828130/21:48
EriC^publio: TJ- should we remove all files from /boot ?21:48
Bashing-omTJ-: "ofono" noted thanks .21:48
TJ-publio: please try "mount -avn"21:48
EriC^since it's just a mountpoint, do we need them21:48
EriC^TJ-: before mounting, shouldn't we remove all files?21:48
EriC^the kernels and whatnot?21:48
publioTJ-: same output21:48
Bashing-omascot: Berry strange the command is not recognized. Maybe go through : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkManager#Editing_Network_Settings_in_nm-connection-editor and verify installed properly ?21:49
TJ-publio: "umount /dev/sda1"21:49
publiofrom the chroot?21:50
TJ-Bashing-om: ascot depending on whether its systemd init or upstart, check that (for upstart) "/etc/init/network-manager.conf" exists ?21:50
publiowhats the difference between that and umount /boot21:50
TJ-publio: Yes, everything in chroot21:50
TJ-publio: Because /boot could confuse it, could mean /boot or /mnt/boot21:50
TJ-publio: right now it is confused we don't want to let it get more confused21:51
publioTJ-: umount: /boot: not mounted21:51
publioresult of umount /dev/sda121:51
TJ-publio: good, that is expected. but now check "cat /proc/mounts" do you see sda1 ?21:51
awesomess3Ubuntu hasn't updated to Firefox 39.0! it was released 5 days ago. response?21:52
EriC^it wasn't there earlier21:52
TJ-publio: "/proc/mounts" is the kernel's *live* knowledge of the current mounts it has, as opposed to "/etc/mtab" which is a static text file supposed to be updated by userspace tools21:52
EriC^was it?21:53
ascotTJ-: Bashing-om it does exist21:53
EriC^ah nevermind21:53
TJ-publio: Now "cat /etc/mtab" ... do you see sda1 /boot there21:53
publioexplains why its readonly21:53
TJ-publio: good :) try "mount -avn" again21:54
publioTJ-: /dev/sda1 on /boot type ext2 (rw)21:54
TJ-publio: :D21:54
publiohey theres a grub21:54
publioin there! :)21:54
TJ-publio: OK ... and check with the kernel for surity: grep boot /proc/mounts"21:54
Bashing-omascot: The system says it is running, what returns from terminal command ' ping -c3 ' ?21:55
TJ-publio: Finally!!! now we can sort things out :)21:55
publioTJ-: heh, so it turns out mount -a was mounting the wrong thing too?21:55
TJ-publio: "update-initramfs -uv -k all |& tee /tmp/initrd.log"21:55
EriC^publio: try installing the kernels first21:56
TJ-publio: 'mount' reads mtab to decide what's already mounted. The "-n" option is supposed to stop that happening, but we already had a mtab with the offending entry so the 'umount' was the way to remove that21:56
publioEriC^: already ran :(21:56
publiooh i see!21:57
TJ-publio: no problem... reinstall both kernel version packages then they'll issue the update-initramfs command for themselves21:57
publioshould i try installing the kernels and rerrunning21:57
TJ-publio: and after that you can do "grub-install /dev/sda" and "update-grub" to be sure everything is in place21:58
ascotBashing-om: to answer earlier question, yes I should have installed properly, all I did was "sudo apt-get install network-manager" and rebbot, also removed the twi lines from interfaces config21:58
publioTJ-: initrd.log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11828167/21:58
TJ-publio: looks good "Adding binary /lib/cryptsetup/askpass"21:59
ascotBashing-om: the ping worked normaly, I do have internet connection. Do you still need the output?22:00
TJ-ascot: what does "/etc/network/interfaces" look like right now22:00
publioTJ-: it installed without any errors.  usual sdb errors on the update.  I only see -54 in there too22:00
TJ-publio: have you reinstalled -55 yet? that'll do it22:00
EriC^publio: try sudo apt-get install --reinstall linux-image-3.13.0-55-generic22:00
EriC^*without the sudo22:01
TJ-publio: ^^^^^^^ as Eric says22:01
TJ-oooo, another local :)22:02
Bashing-omascot: No need to see the output, just to know. Seems  we have a config issue here. not a networking problem. Further, what about ' ping -c3 ubuntu.com ' ?22:02
ascotTJ-: Bashing-om here it is without the comments: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11828185/22:02
publioTJ-: EriC^: Yup, I see both installed in the output!22:02
TJ-ascot: that's good22:02
TJ-publio: ok, move on to the grub commands now22:02
publiowhat, I thought that was it?22:02
EriC^grub-install /dev/sda , then update-grub22:03
DoYouKnowis there a chatroom for the POWER/POWER8 version of ubuntu?22:03
ascotBashing-om: worked fine aswell, no packet loss22:03
TJ-ascot: did you install resolvconf ?22:03
publioEriC^: it looked like it ran update-grub.  Also, why do i have to run install AND update?22:03
OerHeksDoYouKnow, #ubuntu-powerpc22:04
publiodoes install install and old version22:04
EriC^publio: grub-install writes to the mbr , update-grub just builds the grub.cfg file22:04
TJ-publio: "grub-install" puts the boot-strap and grub boot executable code in place22:04
TJ-publio: those grub modules in /boot/grub/i386-pc/22:04
publiooh sure, thats what the man for grub-mkconfig says22:04
DoYouKnowOerHeks: thanks22:04
TJ-publio: Tempting fate but I think you're finally sorted :)22:05
publioIll run em both!22:05
skinuxHow do we completely delete files in "Trash" that are owned by root???22:05
ascotTJ-: I did not install myself but it is indeed installed22:05
EriC^skinux: using sudo will delete them22:06
TJ-ascot: so what is the remaining issue, I've got lost :)22:06
publioTJ-: EriC^: Yes, got them both in there! :)22:06
publioI'll reboot and test22:06
EriC^publio: hold on22:06
skinuxWell, I tried "sudo rm -rf trash:///*", but it didn't work22:06
publioskinux: try holding shift while clicking del to permanently delete22:07
ascotTJ-: when i left click on the nm-applet it says "NetworkManager is not running" aswell the right click options are greyed out22:07
EriC^publio: run umount /dev/sda1, and if /boot has anything clean it up22:07
TJ-ascot: OK ... what does this report "sudo /usr/sbin/service network-manager status"22:07
publiooh, to avoid another confusion22:07
skinuxNope. "Failed to delete item from trash"22:07
EriC^it shouldn't have the grub dir since you already deleted it, but the kernels and stuff i think are still there22:07
EriC^so if grub is missing delete the rest so you know /dev/sda1 was unmounted22:08
publioskinux: never had that problem, fortunately.  Maybe there's something in the syslog that coudl help22:08
TJ-EriC^: good point, I forgot about those stray files in the root-fs's /boot/    ,,, again!22:08
publioEriC^: /dev/sda1 not mounted?22:08
ascotTJ-: network-manager start/running, process 74622:08
TJ-ascot: Good. so the problem is not network-manager service, it's that nmapplet isn't able to talk to it over DBus22:09
EriC^publio: yeah we need to unmount it from /boot, and make /boot empty22:09
publioskinux: maybe they're open, try grepping them in lsof22:09
skinuxThey're not open22:09
TJ-ascot: show us "nmli nm status"22:09
TJ-ascot: typo! show us "nmcli nm status"22:09
skinuxThey're just backups which I haven't touched for quite a while22:09
publioEriC^: yea /boot has *-generic files in it22:10
EriC^no grub dir though right?22:10
publionope! :)22:10
publioskinux: maybe a permissions issue, I dunno sorry22:10
pk4771hello, anyone for help?22:11
skinuxpublio: Both directories are owned by root.22:11
EriC^publio: ok, type rm -r /boot, then mkdir /boot22:11
publioEriC^: So I'll reboot after I delete them?22:11
publioEriC^: safe command! I was angling for rm * heh22:11
ydabbaTJ-, problem has been resolved. I cleared my locale file and was able to boot up with no issues22:12
TJ-ydabba: glad to hear it :)22:12
ydabbaTJ-, thanks for your help. it is people like you that makes this community great :)22:12
ascotTJ-: I cannot copy the whole output because it's on my laptop, but it says "Could not initialize NMClient /org/freedesktop/NetworkManager: Rejected send message, ..." I can take a picture and link it if needed22:12
pk4771I get a blank screen after login, i have twoo users, but if i change the user and login then i get the display.22:12
TJ-ascot: GREAT :) that confirms that DBus is the issue22:12
EriC^publio: yeah, once you're done type exit and reboot22:13
pk4771i tried startx and lightdm restart.. nothing worked22:13
TJ-ascot: so now we have to figure out why... is dbus missing completely, not started, or is the network-manager DBus interface not running/configured for some reason22:13
TJ-ascot "sudo /usr/sbin/service dbus status"22:14
skinuxI can't access trash:/// except for using Nautilus (otherwise it says it doesn't exist), yet Nautilus doesn't have permission to delete the directories. And I can't figure out where to navigate to if I open Nautilus as root.22:14
ascotTJ-: dbus start/running, process 50922:15
EriC^skinux: the files are in your home dir22:15
VoyageHi, When I open a video file, my cpu usage goes to 100% and the video either loses its audio or it gets stuck/blown pixels. I have core2duo dell d620 laptop 2.0GHZ, 5GB ram, 4mb Cache, Kubuntu 14 LTC. What is wrong here?22:15
EriC^skinux: ~/.local/share/Trash/files22:15
TJ-ascot: ok, so that might point us to an issue with the network-manager session specifically22:15
skinuxOh, okay. Directories are deleted now.22:16
marchesiniVoyage, see the quality of video, i think you dont have graphics card, i think it is the issue22:17
Guest8237I created an upstart script `/etc/init/start_flask.conf`.  When i do `init-checkconf /etc/init/start_flask.conf`, I get "File /etc/init/start_flask.conf: syntax ok".  But, if I manually do `sudo service start_flask start`, i get "start: job failed to start"22:17
Guest8237this is my upstart script - https://bpaste.net/show/f84e894ff4f022:17
ascotTJ-: also from "nmcli nm status" below it says: "Error: nmcli ( and NetworkManager (unknown) versions don't match. Force execution using --nocheck, but the results are unpredictable"22:17
Voyagemarchesini,  there are builtin graphic cards I guess in cpu. the quality of video? what do you mean? How can I check about graphic card?22:18
marchesiniVoyage, "lspci > lspci.txt"22:18
marchesiniVoyage, try update the codec22:19
TJ-ascot: well spotted! can you determine what the versions are?22:19
OerHekslspci | grep VGA22:20
Voyagemarchesini,  http://pastie.org/1027475022:20
VoyageOerHeks, ^22:20
TJ-ascot "apt-cache policy network-manager network-manager-gnome"22:21
marchesiniyou have a graphics card but the decode flux run thought the cpu, if the video is FULLHD the processor is high utilized22:21
ascotTJ-: both are
marchesiniit's all ok22:22
TJ-ascot: weird!22:22
Voyagemarchesini,  so is there a solution?22:23
TJ-ascot: do they have the complete version match including the XubuntuY extension to the version?22:23
TJ-ascot: I'm wondering if you've restarted/rebooted the dbus service since (re)installing the network-manager package?22:23
Bashing-omTJ-: ascot trusty-updates (net): network management framework (daemon and userspace tools) >>  for network-manager .22:24
TJ-ascot: Bashing-om And network-manager-gnome is
marchesinii don't know what problem you are experiencing, i may say, you already try to clean your computer internally.. if it don't solve the problem try reinstalling the system with a lts version22:24
ascotTJ-: network-manager: 0 and network-manager-gnome: 022:25
Bashing-omascot: gnome desktop ?22:25
TJ-ascot: OK ... packages match, but it may be there's some dbus artifact still running a different service version22:25
ascotTJ-: I don't think I have restarted dbus22:25
TJ-ascot: "sudo /usr/sbin/service dbus restart"22:26
ascotBashing-om: TJ- it's only openbox22:26
TJ-ascot: I wonder if it's something to do with openbox not providing a user session dbus... can't recall now exactly how nm-applet behaves in that respect22:27
ascotTJ-: the icon dissapeared, should I restart computer?22:27
Voyagemarchesini,  did that already. reinstalled22:28
TJ-ascot: No, log out and log in again to the user session22:28
ascotTJ-: same as before22:28
Voyagemarchesini,  the kde plasma and xorg process also goes high cpu usage some times.22:29
marchesiniVoyage, try a memory test22:29
Voyagemarchesini,  hm ok. what to observe there?22:30
Voyagememory test is ram test. right?22:30
TJ-ascot: what is in "$HOME/.xinitrc" - any sign of "dbus-launch --exit-with-session openbox"22:30
XubuntududeHello all, I changed my superkey to open my whisker menu and now I need to change it to super key + something else, but I can't remember how I changed it22:30
marchesinireboot the system, and in the first window of boot select the "memtest x86"22:30
VoyageI am 64bit though22:30
Xubuntududewith it just the super key by its self its very annoying lol22:30
TJ-EriC^: should we be concerned that publio hasn't returned?22:30
Voyagemarchesini,  but mem test is for ram. not cpu22:31
marchesininop, some memory errors lead very memory usage or system crash22:31
ascotTJ-: I don't have .xinitrc in my home directory22:31
Voyagemarchesini,  yes, but my ram usage is fine. only cpu goes 100%22:31
marchesiniit is ok guy, all normal.22:32
marchesiniif you desire you can try some tests, but it is all okay22:32
TJ-ascot: I'm reading that setting is required, but the posts I'm reading are dated 2008, so I'm not sure if that is done elsewhere in openbox now. However, I'm pretty sure this missing dbus session-bus is the issue22:32
Voyagemarchesini,  sorry?22:32
marchesiniall ok22:32
TJ-ascot: It's worth adding that file with that line in it, then doing a log-out/log-in once more to test it22:32
marchesinino worry22:32
Voyagemarchesini,  ok. can you tell me the video codes package for kubuntu?22:32
ascotTJ-: I'll add it then and test out22:33
OerHeksVoyage, intel is supported by the kernel for ages, that Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 is just not that advanced, so high cpu is normal22:34
OerHeksnewer driver package from intel do not improve the quality AFAIK22:34
VoyageOerHeks,   the kde plasma and xorg process also goes high cpu usage some times.22:35
ascotTJ-: didn't help22:35
Bashing-omascot: TJ- Does openbix have am 'autostart' application similar http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2228136 ; where network-manager is enabled ?22:35
OerHeksVoyage, try a lighter desktop, like xubuntu, but still high CPU with video is normal even then22:36
VoyageOerHeks,  good idea, How do I install xubuntu ?22:36
OerHekssudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop # and logout/change desktop and login22:37
OerHekserr xubuntu-desktop*22:37
TJ-ascot: I think you're close. there's some issue with nm-applet unable to communicate over DBus22:37
VoyageOerHeks,  ok, what is the purpose of xubuntu? is it the same kubuntu underneath but just a different desktop env?22:37
ascotBashing-om: TJ- yes I do have nm-applet.desktop in that folder22:38
OerHeksdifferent apps and such22:38
VoyageOerHeks,  ok22:39
VoyageI can still swtich between kubuntu and xubuntu anytime?22:39
ascotTJ-: Bashing-om I just found this thread https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=143640 which had the same error and suggests that "sudo nm-applet" worked, which it did!22:40
VoyageOerHeks,  <holstein> but, installing "xubuntu-desktop" could cause issues.. with your current kubuntu install so, i suggest installing xfce422:40
TJ-ascot: Right, so nm-applet is connecting over the system bus (which needs root privs)22:40
ascotTJ-: Bashing-om so editing /etc/dbus-1/system.d/org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.conf as described in the middle should work?22:41
TJ-ascot: so it might be a polkit issue22:41
Xubuntududecan i reset the functions for the super key back to original settings?22:42
Xubuntududewhere would I do that?22:42
TJ-ascot: post #12 looks more like the correct solution22:43
ascotTJ-: oh yea I also installed lxdm22:44
ascotTJ-: whould I try #12 then?22:45
OGGoHello! I have a machine with phenom 970 be, gigabyte 880gm-d2h, 4gigs ram and radeon 4250 igpu. I had horrible performance problems where unity would be extremely slow and laggy to the point of being unusable. I see that on drivers page of ubuntu site, they list 4250 as fully 3d supported. IF I install 15.04, can I expect zero performance issues or acceptable performance?22:46
TJ-ascot: check what your existing "etc/pam.d/lxdm" looks like22:47
OGGoI had problems on al previous versions including the recent lts22:47
TJ-OGGo: did you use the AMD fglrx drivers?22:47
OGGoopen source drivers, fglrx is only supported on very old lts releases22:48
OGGofor my card, i mean22:48
OerHeksOGGo, ATI 2xxx 3xxx 4xxx are only supported by the open driver AFAIK, upgrade your GPU would increase performance dramaticly22:48
ascotTJ-: it similar to the posters prior configuration with some additional lines22:49
TJ-OGGo: OK, so radeon... did you check with 'glxinfo'  that direct rendering was in use?22:49
OGGobut they list the radeon open driver as fully 3d supported now, i just want acceptable perrformance even if not the best. the previous releases were laggy to being unusable22:49
TJ-ascot: is your system using systemd init?22:50
Xubuntududefixed it, thanks, have a great day guys22:50
TJ-ascot: the key line in the #12 post is "-session optional pam_systemd.so"22:50
OGGoyes, over the two years I tried, with many releases, direct render was always enabled and the people on radeon channel had me try everything and they said they didn't know what the problem was. i have temporarily installed win 7 for now22:51
=== YamakasY is now known as MrWilliam
TJ-OGGo: that's got to be frustrating!22:52
OGGoI was hoping since they now have the card listed as 'fully supported' on the official driver support page on ubuntu, that the new release might work22:52
OerHeksOGGo, what is the windows score for video ? 2.0 ?22:52
publioEriC^: TJ-: It worked! It finally booted, thanks a lot for your help.22:53
TJ-OGGo: do you know which revision of the motherboard you have, 1.x, 3.1, or 4.0 ?22:53
ascotTJ-: I'm using the default Ubuntu 14.04 minimal installation, so I should be using upstart right? Also the poster deleted two lines that contains "pam_gnome_keyring.so" on the right22:53
OGGobut that's the default, the score sometimes changes on a recheck22:53
=== MrWilliam is now known as YamakasY
TJ-publio: YAY! I was getting concerned you were gone so long22:53
TJ-ascot: yes, you should22:53
publioTJ-: Yeh, I had to boot my livecd again I'm afraid-- no wireless networking, or mouse I'm afraid :(22:54
TJ-ascot: those gnome-keyring lines are required to help the session... see the following post where someone points out to put those back22:54
publioGot 2 report system problem errors too, tho they might have been there before because of my low disk space22:54
ascotTJ-: yea just noticed, so I should add that last line then?22:54
OGGot3 i have the 3.1 mothermoabd22:54
TJ-publio: Really!? no mouse?22:54
TJ-ascot: only if you're using systemd init, which you're not, so I think your first idea is the more likely... edit the dbus control file entry22:55
publioTJ-: Yea, the trackpad works, just not the wireless mouse... I had trouble with the trackpad before, but nothing a restart wouldnt fix22:55
TJ-publio: wireless mouse... Bluetooth? Is the rfkill hardware switch affecting that? does it work in the Live env?22:55
publiosure, on the livecd wifi and wireless both work fine.  It's not bluetooth-- has a small usb plugin.  However, I did see a 'bluetoothd server init failed' in my syslog22:56
OGGoOerHeks: does the video score 4.2 tell you anything?22:57
TJ-OGGo: So that mobo has UEFI support?22:57
TJ-publio: and the usb plugin isn't a Bluetooth dongle?22:58
OGGoOerHeks: and in addition, gaming graphics on win 7 is listed seeparately as 5.422:58
OGGoTJ-: I don't believe so if you mean the secureboot thing22:58
TJ-publio: in the Live env do "pastebinit <( lsusb )"22:58
OerHeksOGGo, card is not that bad.22:59
publioTJ-: heh, honestly, I don't know!22:59
TJ-OGGo: I'm looking on the Gigabyte support site for the mobo revision and at the 'BIOS' updates, and they mention UEFI which suggests that 3.1 uses UEFI22:59
publioTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11828368/ bluetooth!23:00
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OGGoTJ-: can you clarify if it's the same thing as the 'secureboot',since 2012, no distro has required me to do anything special for boot process23:00
ascotTJ-: after reboot the icon is available but I cannot edit the connections and when I click "Auto Ethernet" from the left click, is says "Failed to add/activate connection\n (32) Not authorized to control networking"23:00
TJ-ascot: Is that including still starting nm-applet with "sudo" - that will be running as root23:01
publioTJ-: I thought the wifi problem might be caused by my copying /etc/resolv.conf.  So I changed that to a loopback (default?), but that didn't fix it23:01
TJ-OGGo: SecureBoot isn't required or visible for most UEFI installs23:01
ascotTJ-: no, sudo nm-applet works as expected23:01
TJ-publio: "/etc/resolv.conf" should be a symbolic link to "/run/resolvconf/resolv.conf" (use "ls -l" to check)23:02
OGGoTJ-: does uefi have any bearing on distro performance? I didn't see any uefi related info in my bios settings, but I do not have a perfect idea of how uefi works and what it does. If it does have uefi, can I do something to improve the performance then?23:03
TJ-ascot: I'm not sure then; it looks like an LXDE/Openbox issue with either the user session dbus or authentication23:03
TJ-OGGo: No, but I asked since I was wondering if there may be a more recent firmware image for your mobo that might fix known performance bugs in the video side23:04
publioTJ-: Sure, it is23:04
TJ-OGGo: check at: http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=3888#bios23:04
publioTJ-: Wait, it isnt!23:04
OGGoTJ-: I have tried all the recent bios updates listed, included the Beta, but to no effect23:04
TJ-publio: Is this in the live env?23:04
publioTJ-: accidently cded to the livecd23:04
publioTJ-: nah the livecd is a link, just not the one in /mnt/etc23:05
TJ-OGGo: OK. I'm afraid I'm out of ideas then, I can't think much will have changed... but you can test it using a Live ISO without needing to install23:05
publioTJ-: It's because I copied the livecd one to that, and didn't make it a link back23:05
TJ-publio: OK, that isn't going to help the installed env :) do you want to fix that ?23:05
OGGoTJ-: I guess I'll just try an install, with the main few desktops that have gone 3d, I don't know whether live environment will give actual performance impresssions23:06
publioTJ-: just run ln -s?23:06
TJ-OGGo: no difference as long as you don't need to install proprietary drivers, as you don't23:06
publioTJ-: ln -s ../run/resolvconf/resolv.conf /etc/resolv.conf23:07
OGGoalright. thanks23:07
TJ-publio: if you're outside a chroot then "cd /mnt/" then "ln -sf /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf /etc/resolv.conf23:07
TJ-publio: if you're outside a chroot then "cd /mnt/" then "ln -sf /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf etc/resolv.conf23:07
atsu333Hey guys, I'm having some trouble getting audio configured. I'm using a USB audio interface(small cheap brand, so no official drivers) is there any 'universal' driver just to get audio out?23:07
TJ-publio: sorry, typo first time23:07
publionah, Im in a chroot23:07
publionot sorry23:07
publioheh, this is getting tiring :)23:07
TJ-publio: so "cd /mnt/" then "ln -sf /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf    etc/resolv.conf" ( no leading / on that last path)23:08
publioTJ-: looks good.  But could that have caused the mouse error too?23:09
publioTJ-: there's nothing regarding bluetooth or mouses in resolv.conf on my livecd23:10
TJ-publio: no, you said you saw a bluetooth service error message23:10
TJ-publio: can you "pastebinit /mnt/var/log/syslog" ?23:10
TJ-publio: see if we can find out why the BT service i failing23:11
publioTJ-: syslog: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11828408/23:11
Voyagesudo apt-get install xfc423:11
Voyage     E: Unable to locate package xfc423:11
Bashing-omVoyage: The package is xfce4 .23:12
OerHeksI am not sure why xubuntu-desktop should give trouble. never seen that AFAIK23:14
publioTJ-: Maybe my kernel is missing a bluetooth module?23:14
TJ-publio: there's plenty of errors about it to digest :)23:16
publioTJ-: I was hoping all the bluetooth errors were caused by the server failing to start23:16
TJ-publio: are you in the chroot?23:17
TJ-publio: if not, set it up, then in it do "sudo apt-get --reinstall install bluez"23:17
publioTJ-: Alright, it says linux-headers-generic is no longer needed, run autoremove, but I guess I can leave it23:20
TJ-publio: That suggests the headers specific to the kernel versions also need installing23:21
TJ-publio: "apt-get --reinstall install linux-headers-3.13.0{54,55}-generic"23:22
TJ-publio: typo again, that should be:  "apt-get --reinstall install linux-headers-3.13.0-{54,55}-generic"23:22
publioTJ-: Installing linux-headers-3.13.0-54 linux-headers-3.13.0-54-generic23:23
TJ-publio: great. After that, exit the chroot and let me have the live env syslog for comparison; I'm checking the trackpad. "pastebinit /var/log/syslog"23:24
publioTJ-: alright, should I try installing bluez again to check on the autoremove23:24
TJ-publio: you can simply do "apt-get -f install" for that23:24
publiostill there23:25
TJ-publio: that's strange. It should be installed and not warning. "apt-get install linux-headers-generic" might shut it up23:26
publioTJ-: already the newest version23:27
publiomaybe reinstall? is that dangerous23:27
TJ-publio: in the syslog pastebin, line 3144 is where the trackpad is detected and configured23:27
TJ-publio: try "apt-get -f install" for that again23:27
TJ-publio: when you get there, that's what I want to compare with the live env's syslog file23:27
publioTJ-: its clean!23:28
TJ-publio: we're doing well here... now that syslog :)23:28
publioI see, i think its time to exit and get it23:28
TJ-publio: brb... coffee time ... past midnight here23:28
publioTJ-: dinner time myself23:29
publioTJ-: livecd syslog: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11828471/23:29
publioTJ-: It doesn't query for max coordinates (line 3144 on old), but the rest is there23:31
TJ-publio: there's a lot of very worrying I/O errors on that Live ISO USB!!!23:36
TJ-publio: is the Live env Ubuntu 14.10 but the installed 14.04 LTS ? That would explain some of the differences23:39
publiothe livecd is 14.04; it's lts on the system23:40
publioTJ-: Maybe the bluez reinstall will fix the mouse?23:41
TJ-publio: the bluetooth issues definitely look to be kernel modules not loading, but having reinstalled the kernel images those files should be good. Therefore it could be that there are some blacklist entries stopping the modules loading: can you show me "pastebinit <( ls -latr /mnt/etc/modprobe.d/ )"23:42
publioTJ-: of course-- http://paste.ubuntu.com/11828535/23:43
TJ-publio: the kernel version for the Live env is 3.16 which is Ubuntu 14.10 Utopic23:44
publioTJ-: That's odd.  I see 14.04.2 LTS in the lsb_release description23:45
publioTJ-: I guess it doesn't matter23:45
TJ-publio: see if this gives any hits: "grep blue /etc/modprobe.d/*"23:46
publioTJ-: empty?23:47
publiowait but23:48
publioim not chrooted now I think?23:48
publioyes, Im on the livecd.. where it works23:48
publioTJ-: Maybe I can restart, and at least come in the room off the machine with the problem?23:48
TJ-publio: and for later reference for yourself, to compare with when you reboot into the installed system, do "lsmod | grep blue" to let you know which kernel modules are currently loaded to enable BT to work. If you don't see the same for the installed system you can try manually loading the modules in the list on the right side, using "sudo modprobe <module-name>" for each one23:49
TJ-publio: Yes, great idea. Save the list into the installed system with "lsmod > /mnt/live-mods.list"23:49
TJ-publio: when you reboot into it, you can use it as a reference from "/live-mods.list"23:50
publioTJ-: brb23:51
Zebra111Hi, can anyone help me with my problem? http://askubuntu.com/questions/644817/choppy-cursor-when-keys-pressed thanks!23:54
TJ-Zebra111: that sounds like a ps2 serial port configuration issue23:57
Zebra111TJ-: how would I be able to configure it correctly?23:57
TJ-Zebra111: having looked at the askubuntu though, if it happens with a USB mouse and USB keyboard, then ps2 port config won't be the cause23:58
Zebra111Oh ok23:59
publioTJ-: Afraid neither wifi or the mouse worked.  I couldn't load one of the modules-- gave a not found error23:59

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