yorwosguyz , i will be doing some recordings next week i havent done any for some time , would u recommend real time kernel over low latency ? im using ubuntu studio 14.0406:49
zequenceyorwos: Are you doing any software monitoring?07:18
yorwosum software monitoring ? ill be recording guitars in ardour07:19
yorwosdrums from hydrogen07:20
yorwosill be watching to get no peaks if that u mean as monitoring ?07:20
zequenceyorwos: By monitoring, I mean, how are you listening to the input audio?09:31
zequencesoftware monitoring means: microphone -> sound device -> computer (ardour) -> sound device -> speakers09:32
zequencefor that, you need low latency09:32
zequencesince the audio passws through the computer before it gets to your monitors (speakers)09:32
zequenceHardware monitoring means something like: microphone -> mixer -> speakers09:33
zequenceSound devices often have builtin mixers09:33
yorwoswell it will be mic -> sound card -> ardour09:33
yorwosit is so loud i only listen after recorded09:34
zequenceOk, so you are not monitoring at all09:34
yorwosi do get feedback from metronome or drums though on headphones09:34
zequenceYou don't need low latency then09:34
zequenceWhich means, you could probably record using linux-generic09:35
yorwosthnx zequence09:35
zequencein jack settings (qjackctl), make sure you have a fairly big buffer size09:35
zequence1024 is ok09:35
zequencelinux-lowlatency is your best choice09:36
zequenceIf you ever want to record a software synthesizer, you will have no choice but to do software monitoring09:36
zequenceIN that case, you will have to lower the buffer size, to get lower latency. The lower the latency, the bigger chance for audio dropouts (xruns)09:36
zequenceqjacktl calls the buffer size "frames/period"09:37
zequence64 frames/period is often enough for decent software monitoring09:37
zequenceIf your setup can't handle that without xruns, you might need to look at getting a realtime kernel09:38
zequenceYOu only need low latency for live processing, which is what you do when software monitoring.09:38
yorwosi am using 256/48000/3 so far but i havent done any huge scale projects usually 2 channels each being recorded solo09:42

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