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newis anyone here?02:27
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NewHello people02:36
Newcan anyone here tell me how not to get error from a xubuntu down load?02:38
Newim sorry I meant error message02:38
aughcan you give more detail?02:39
Newwell when I do an installation from a down load it ask if you want to check disk for defect...then I check and I get 2 file errors found02:42
Newit said that on several different versions02:43
Newof linux02:43
aughsorry man no idea. did google yield anything?02:45
Newwell I usually try to come here first, kool if you cant help no problem02:47
xubuntu918Who can help me?06:10
nikolamhi, I have very large CPU usage for Xorg on 2 Xubuntu LTS instalaltions on 32-bit computers (one with 512MB RAM, the other with 768MB)06:28
nikolamOne is intel ghraphics (Asus EEEPC 701) and the other is Matrox G400.  System is doing absolutely nothing while CPU usage by Xorg is around 68-75 Percent, staying above 70% most of the time...06:30
nikolamSorry I remember better now. Asus is on 12.04 and Xorg large cpu usage happens for some time then stops06:34
nikolamon 14.04 on other machine it continues to have large cpu usage all the time06:35
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nikolamWhen I log out, it stops using 70% cpu time for Xorg, so it must be something in Xfce?07:04
nikolamHmm, Xorg behaves right with another user account.07:05
nikolamHow do I figure out what app is doing something with Xorg to make it use that much cpu time?07:09
nikolamI figured that "System Load monitor" uses too much CPU time on recent 14.04 LTS 32-bit07:48
nikolamit did not happen that way before.07:48
nikolamIt manifest itself with Large CPU usage by Xorg07:48
Luyinhi xubuntu26w13:13
xubuntu26wi would like to reboot my xunbuntu as i am having trouble with installations, so i have backed up al my files, i have no cds available to burn the disk image...13:14
xubuntu26wcan someone help?13:14
Luyinxubuntu26w you mean reinstall?13:15
xubuntu26wdo i need to start all over or can i do it without13:15
Luyinyou can also create images to be read from sd cards, usb sticks...13:15
xubuntu26wwhat software do i need13:15
Luyinxubuntu26w "dd" from terminal13:16
xubuntu26wi will see13:16
xubuntu26wi have downloaded the latest xunbutu software also13:16
Luyinxubuntu26w but your computer must be able to boot from usb/sd card. you can check this out in your BIOS13:17
xubuntu26wi can13:17
xubuntu26wi thnik13:17
xubuntu26wwhat "operation" should i type in the terminal?13:20
xubuntu26wyou said "dd" Luying?13:22
Luyinxubuntu26w you add the usbstick you want to install the ISO to, find out which device it is in /dev. say it's /dev/sdc1, then you go "sudo dd if=/path/to/ISO of=/dev/sdc1"13:22
Luyinxubuntu26w you can find out the correct denominator in /dev with "lsusb"13:24
Luyinxubuntu26w sorry, ignore that last. that won't tell you much about the pointer in the filesystem13:27
Luyinxubuntu26w instead, mount it (by double clicking it on your desktop, via thunar, etc), then type "mount" in the terminal and find the correct device there13:28
temroahi all13:42
temroai have a problem can someone help ?13:42
knometemroa, just ask and if somebody knows the asnwer, they'll likely reply13:42
temroaproblem is about wifi13:43
temroamy wifi card is mt7630e13:43
temroai installed official driver http://www.mediatek.com/en/downloads1/downloads/mt7630-pcie/13:43
temroabut wifi doesn't work13:43
temroamy os is ubuntu 14.04.113:44
temroaafter install at the top-right there is writing this thing13:44
temroawifi is off by hardware switch13:45
temroai know how to correct it13:45
temroaafter reboot wifi function is gone13:45
temroaand that correction needs reboot13:45
xubuntu00wHi i am new. I installed XUBUNTU on my old SIEMENS ESPRIMO and verything was fine until i tried to install DROPBX and the PSAM. The installations never completed! I do not know how to UNISTALL them. Pls help14:50
xubuntu00wI mean DROPBOX, sorry14:51
holsteinxubuntu00w: i would just undo whatever you have done, and refer to https://www.dropbox.com/install?os=lnx and get the .deb from there14:57
holsteinyou can "uninstall" packages with a package manager.. if the software center isnt doing as you would expect, you can use synaptic, another package manager14:58
xubuntu00wThanks. I cannot enter synaptic, because it tells me "another apt-get" is pobably being executed...15:01
holsteinxubuntu00w: you can only use one package manager at a time, and should close other things that are doing software management15:02
cfhowlett!aptlock | xubuntu00w15:02
ubottuxubuntu00w: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »15:02
holsteinwhich, could be the case.. could have been, you interrupted the dropbox installation prematurely, xubuntu00w15:02
holsteini would want to make sure i *dont* have other package managers or updaters running in the background, to the point of, if i were new to linux, and didnt konw what that meant, i would reboot15:03
xubuntu00wholstein: I have rebooted , no effect, processes seem torun in background15:04
holsteinxubuntu00w: the dropbox process?15:05
cfhowlettxubuntu00w, do you have update auto-enabled?15:05
xubuntu00wubottu :i have followed yr advise. this is print out from terminal15:06
xubuntu00wcostas@costas-ESPRIMO-Mobile-V5535:~$ sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a [sudo] password for costas:                       USER        PID ACCESS COMMAND /var/lib/dpkg/lock:  root       2047 F.... dpkg Kill process 2047 ? (y/N) y Γίνεται εγκατάσταση nautilus-dropbox (0.7.1-2) ...  Downloading Dropbox... 100% o share and store your files online. Want to learn more? Head to http://www.dropb15:06
holsteinxubuntu00w: you have to wait on dropbox to be downloaded15:07
holsteinxubuntu00w: its likely, you just interrupted the process..15:07
holsteinanyways, i'll leave you guys to work it out.. must run o/15:07
xubuntu00wLooks like I have screw@d it up. How do I "un-interrupt" the process?15:09
max12345I found some old binaries for wine15:51
max12345how can I safely remove them and all that's connected to it?15:51
max12345they're not being removed by the package system15:51
kyohi guys. anyone alive? i need to ask something about xubuntu 12.0415:59
cfhowlett!ask | kyo16:00
ubottukyo: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:00
Pavlos_Hi all16:00
Pavlos_I just updated my system from 14.04 ubuntu to 15.0416:01
kyoi am currently installing xubuntu 12.04 on an old toshiba laptom from a usb mp3 player and suddenl, my right speaker started to make a loud pulse (like : tac tac tac tac tac). have you heard of this before? or it's just o coincidence?16:01
kyowell .. the install requests reboot. i'll try to get back to you16:03
Pavlos_After restart graphical excitement is not staying and I got error that user.service failed to start. I found some information in launch pad and I removed  systemd-sl16:03
Pavlos_Sorry systemd-shim package16:04
Pavlos_After restart the error is not there16:05
Pavlos_My system boots but xfce is not starting16:05
Pavlos_Does anyone has any suggestions?16:06
BBLLCCi need help with plymouth for splashscreens while turning on and off my laptop18:49
xubuntu49wcan I install xubuntu OS onto my android tablet19:18
ubottuInformation about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch19:23
VoyageWhat is the purpose of xubuntu?22:36
holsteinprebuilt iso providing an installation of ubuntu customized with xfce, and the xubuntu specific packages/tweaks22:37
holsteina nice, full featured OS that is typically lighter on resources, without compromising features that are typically needed22:38
Voyageok, what is the purpose of xubuntu? is it the same kubuntu underneath but just a different desktop env?22:38
VoyageI have kubuntu lts. but low hardward.22:38
holsteinthey are *all* ubuntu22:38
Voyageis xubuntu for me if I install it as an alternative desktop?22:38
holsteinxfce is the xubuntu desktop22:38
VoyageI can still swtich between kubuntu and xubuntu anytime?22:39
holsteinyou are welcome to install xfce4 into whatever you are running now..22:39
holsteinVoyage: between kde and xfce, and yes22:39
holsteinbut, installing "xubuntu-desktop" could cause issues.. with your current kubuntu install so, i suggest installing xfce422:39
Voyagewhat kind of issues if i just install via apt-get install xubuntu-desktop ?22:40
Voyageholstein,  how to install xfce4?22:40
holsteinVoyage: you are using kubuntu, so, if you say "apt-get install xubuntu-desktop", it can be assumed you want to *switch* and offer to change large parts of your system, and remove parts of kubuntu22:40
holsteinwhere as, if you just install xfce4, it'll just add xfce to your current setup, and the end result is still the xfce desktop as an option for you at boot22:41
holstein!info xfce422:41
Voyageholstein,  good idea22:41
holsteinsudo apt-get install xfce4 for example22:42
ubottuxfce4 (source: xfce4): Meta-package for the Xfce Lightweight Desktop Environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.10.1ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 4 kB, installed size 31 kB22:42
holsteinthen, from the login screen, for kubuntu, you can choose xfce as the session, or kubuntu/kde22:42
Voyageholstein,  very very good suggestion22:42
Unit193(Generally no, things won't be removed as xubuntu-desktop-settings et all don't conflict with kubuntu-*, and xfce4 is just another meta too.  Ubuntu/Kubuntu+xfce4 != Xubuntu, quite different.)22:42
holsteinor, you just download the the xubuntu iso, and try it live22:43
VoyageUnit193,  hm. so which one is better to do in you opinion?22:43
holsteini had problems..22:43
holsteinbut, you can do what you like, and should have backups regardless22:43
VoyageUnit193,  if I do sudo apt-get install xfce4 , I am good too?22:43
Voyageholstein,  hm22:43
Unit193You'll get xfce4, sure.22:44
Voyageholstein,  xubuntu-desktop or xfc4. both will give me same thing ? (ignoring kbuntu is there)?22:44
VoyageUnit193, ^22:44
holsteinin my experience, which has actualy not been, running kubuntu, and installing xubuntu-destkop, but, has been, running main ubuntu, and installing kubuntu-desktop, and/or xubuntu-desktop or lubuntu-desktop, i have had issues22:45
holsteinthey were likely, just bad choices i made, when being promted to swtich login managers, etc22:45
Unit193One looks more like http://techedemic.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/td_rdp_3.png, the other looks like http://xubuntu.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/1404_whisker.png22:45
VoyageE: Unable to locate package xfc423:08
Voyageholstein,  Unit193  ^23:11
knometry "xfce4"23:16
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xubuntuuserHello people23:59

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