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* stgraber waves15:00
cyphermoxbarry: we're just missing o| and o-15:01
pittihey stgraber, welcome back!15:03
* slangasek waves15:04
pittihey slangasek15:04
* slangasek buys everyone a little time to finish writing ;)15:07
slangasekho, no bot today?15:07
sil2100Oh no15:07
slangasek[TOPIC] Lightning round15:07
slangasek$ echo $(shuf -e barry doko bdmurray slangasek caribou infinity sil2100 robru cyphermox pitti)15:08
slangasekdoko caribou cyphermox bdmurray infinity slangasek robru pitti sil2100 barry15:08
doko- GCC 5.2 release candidate15:08
doko- fixed non touch ftbfs in the silo 16 (GCC 5)15:08
doko- fixed most ftbfs for the libstdc++ transition rebuilds (some will be autoremoved)15:08
doko- syncs and merges15:08
pittiwow, this has never fit on one line :(15:08
caribou - ifenslave ambigous message (Bug #1326854)15:08
ubottubug 1326854 in ifenslave-2.6 (Ubuntu) "ambiguous error message "sh: echo: I/O error"" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/132685415:08
caribou   * Fix now in debian ifenslave-2.7 needs merging15:08
caribou Charm dev15:08
caribou - Continued work on Kernel Crash Dump subordinate charm15:08
caribou Merges15:09
caribou - Continue work on rsyslog merge15:09
caribou   Need to disable liblogging-stdlog use15:09
cyphermox * network-manager-applet bug 1418260 + SRU15:09
cyphermox * finally released network-manager from silo 2715:09
cyphermox * debugged NM failing autopkgtests (802.11a failing reproducibly)15:09
ubottubug 1418260 in Network Manager Applet "nm-applet crashed with SIGSEGV in add_menu_item()" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/141826015:09
cyphermox * discussed workflow for NM/ofono patches to packaging branch15:09
cyphermox * multipath-tools:15:09
cyphermox   - investigated how to ignore USB devices and local non-mpath disks15:09
cyphermox   - prepared much SRUs for Trusty, Vivid for multipath support15:09
cyphermox * preparing fwupdate / EFI capsule blueprint15:09
cyphermox * debugged wily desktop LVM smoketest failures15:09
bdmurrayupdated proper-ppa support merge proposal based off pitti's feedback15:10
bdmurrayresolved a test failure with apport ppa changes and python215:10
bdmurrayupdated apport retracer hack branch not to generate a StacktraceSource since errors doesn't use it15:10
bdmurraysubmitted RT to have apport updated on the staging retracers15:10
bdmurrayworking on bug LP: #147356215:10
bdmurraycreated apt-clone merge proposal to list foreign packages installed15:10
bdmurrayreported livecd-rootfs bug 1471903 (-updates missing from apt lists)15:10
bdmurrayfixed merge-o-matic bug LP: #252420 (link to LP page of uploader)15:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1473562 in apport (Ubuntu) "Too many crash files kill the device" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147356215:10
ubottubug 1471903 in livecd-rootfs (Ubuntu) "-updates, -security missing from apt lists" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147190315:10
bdmurrayworked on merge-o-matic sorting by age15:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 252420 in Merge-o-Matic "UI: make uploader linked to their launchpad page" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25242015:10
bdmurrayupdated merge-o-matic on the server so merges are sorted by age and display an age (LP: #881487)15:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 881487 in Merge-o-Matic "need to be able to see how long it's been since the package was last merged" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88148715:10
bdmurrayinvestigation into how to fix updated merges section of merge-o-matic output15:10
bdmurraysubmitted bug report regarding merge-o-matic and updated section (LP: #1474139)15:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1474139 in Merge-o-Matic "many a package incorrectly listed in updated section" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147413915:11
bdmurray✔ done15:11
robruno infinity, slangasek?15:12
slangasekseems not15:12
slangasek * ppc64el tracking for 14.04.315:12
slangasek * helping with the gcc5 transition (test uploads to silo)15:12
slangasek * SRU processing for 14.04.315:12
slangasek * blueprinting of this cycle's work15:12
robru* Working closely with IS on the Bileto rollout, many revisions to the mojo spec15:12
robru* Various minor bugfixes for cu2d and bileto15:12
robru* Ported queuebot from google spreadsheet to bileto.15:12
pitti - Adjust snappy setup script for changed ubuntu-device-flash structure in wily15:12
pitti - Handle build profiles in build deps parsing (Debian #787093), get rid of local gpg archive signing (#1472691), various smaller fixes15:12
ubottuDebian bug 787093 in autopkgtest "autopkgtest: dpkg-deb chokes with build profiles in Build-Depends:" [Normal,Fixed] http://bugs.debian.org/78709315:12
pitti - Roll out non-authoritative cloud tests triggered and displayed in britney; fix fallout in britney, autopkgtest, network config15:12
pitti - Add email setup and notification on worker failure (in progress)15:12
pitti - brief Laney about current setup, to watch infra while I'm away next week15:12
pittisystemd: bug fixes (1466790, 1470845, write initial networkd autopkgtest; start adding if-up.d/ support to networkd15:12
pitti - fix missing ddebs in ddeb-retriever, recovered all possibly missing ddebs since April15:12
pitti - build/test first wily langpacks15:12
pitti - review/fix/land https://code.launchpad.net/~brian-murray/apport/support-ppa-packages/+merge/26343715:12
pitti - merges: lvm2, ifupdown, sane-backends15:13
pittiplan: holiday next week and the Monday after15:13
pittibah! my shiny little END char isn't displaying15:13
slangasekit shows here15:13
sil2100- Landing team work, silo coordination, preparing landing e-mails15:13
sil2100- Manually prepare updates of all language packs for ubuntu touch OTA-5 re-spin15:13
sil2100- Rebuild the OTA-5 candidate15:14
sil2100- Leading the RTM status meeting15:14
sil2100- Commitlog generation scripts:15:14
sil2100  * Enabling fully automated commitlog generation on canonistack15:14
sil2100  * Code refactoring for better testability15:14
sil2100  * Started work on enabling support of bileto15:14
sil2100- Investigating issue with custom dconf overrides not working for certain update cases15:14
sil2100- Adding qml-module-qtbluetooth to the seeds15:14
sil2100- Prepare OTA-5 snapshot to the snapshot PPA for the arale dconf bug-fix15:14
sil2100- Discussions regarding Qt 5.5 and gcc-5 transitions15:14
sil2100- Prepare quick tool for lising overlay-PPA source packages from manifests15:14
sil2100- Started preparing release notes for OTA-515:14
sil2100- Lower work capacity due to not feeling too good15:14
sil2100(no fancy UTF-8 signs)15:14
barrypython 3.5 transition.  ~80% passing builds in ppa, new python3-defaults w/3.5 enabled but not default uploaded to wily, blocked in proposed.  first step: clear proposed.  then: mass rebuild and ftbfs fixes.  LP: #147488215:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1474882 in python3-defaults (Ubuntu) "Make Python 3.5 a supported version" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147488215:14
barryLP: #1473577 and new upstream/PyPI/Debian release15:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1473577 in lazr.restfulclient "Python 3.5 test failures" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147357715:14
barrypython-packaging 15.2-1, tox 2.1.1-115:14
barrygit-dpm transition for dpmt.  we are ready to go!15:14
barrylooking again into rewheel to solve the wheel/pip/virtualenv problem.15:15
barryupgraded main dev box to wily15:15
dokobarry, how many are 20%?15:15
barrydoko: 21915:15
pittihttp://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#python3-defaults (enabling 3.5) has quite a lot of test fallout too15:15
barrywell, it's long tail universe stuff mostly (django being the exception)15:15
barrypitti: indeed, i'm starting with those.  couldn't do dep-8 testing in ppa really15:16
pittisome looks simple, like python-apt trips over some new deprecation warnings etc.15:16
pittibarry: I hope I have PPA dep-8 support working in at most a month :)15:16
barrypitti: :)15:16
barrypitti: yep.  haven't yet decided whether to allow-stderr, add __future__ warning or fix the generators.  this is pep 47915:17
slangasekalright, anything else on status we should discuss?15:19
slangasek[TOPIC] AOB15:21
slangasekor anything else going on?15:21
slangasekanyone have fun vacations planned this summer? :)15:21
pittiwe'll go bicycling and tenting through the alps next week15:21
bdmurrayI'm going to hike into the crater of Mt St Helens15:21
dokogoing to GCC land ...15:22
barryfixing python 3.5 failures15:22
cyphermoxIngress! almost made it to level 7 last night15:22
bdmurrayI already did this https://www.flickr.com/photos/84343144@N00/sets/7215765292536991415:22
cariboucyphermox: I'm about to remove it from my phone, haven't played in months15:22
slangasekdoko: GCCland, sounds like a strange island with lots of sharp pointy bits15:23
cyphermoxbdmurray: very cool!15:23
pittibdmurray: wow, that looks deep!15:23
cyphermoxthere's lots of different scientific research outings over here, I just never have the opportunity to go15:23
bdmurrayoh, to be clear I was a sherpa for them. I didn't go into the caves.15:23
cyphermoxstill :)15:24
bdmurraystill indeed! If all goes well I should be sherpa'ing up Mt Rainier too.15:25
slangasekbdmurray: hopefully not this one http://q13fox.com/2015/07/07/crews-work-to-recover-body-of-34-year-old-woman-in-ice-cave-collapse/15:25
dokoheh, ice man15:26
slangasek(you know, the one that had signs posted warning people to stay out)15:26
bdmurrayno, these are on the summit of Rainier15:27
pittiyeah, it took Ötzi like 20.000 years before they found him :)15:27
slangasekwell yes, but he was stabbed in the back and left to die, totally different15:27
slangasekthat's probably everything we need to cover then15:28
ogra_you guys *never* have a thunder round after the lightning round15:28
* slangasek waves his fake gavel around15:28
caribouslangasek: thanks!15:28
slangasekthanks, all!15:28
cyphermoxogra_: you just need to wait longer, we're *that* fast15:28
davmor2ogra_: they do it's just you can't hear anything15:29
pittiogra_: ⛈15:29
ogra_davmor2, IRC builtin noise reduction ?15:29
cyphermoxIRC has perfect noise reduction15:30
pittiogra_: actually, this is better: 🌩15:30
ogra_pitti, my font doesnt seem to have either :(15:31
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davmor2ogra_: it looks like this 🌩 :D16:54
teward0x01F329 - blah no rendering of it in hexchat :P16:55
* pleia2 waves17:06
pleia2CC meeting time17:06
pleia2rounding up other folks17:06
pleia2while we wait, anyone from ubuntu studio or xubuntu here?17:08
pleia2hey dpm17:09
pleia2just me so far, seeing if I can find anyone else17:09
pleia2ah, there's Cprofitt_17:09
dpmok, cool17:09
pleia2mhall119 said he can't make it, not sure about czajkowski17:09
pleia2seems dholbach logged off for the day already17:09
Cprofitt_I am on vacation... And on my tablet using webchat.17:10
Cprofitt_So may make spelling mistakes and be slow17:10
dpmyes, dholbach told me he had to go17:10
pleia2alright, might as well get started anyway17:10
pleia2#startmeeting Ubuntu Community Council17:10
pleia2and not bot17:11
dpmseems it's off for the day too :)17:11
pleia2Agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda#General_Agenda_Items_and_Proposals17:11
pleia2since we don't have anyone from studio/xubuntu yet, we can jump in to dpm's agenda item17:12
pleia2#topic CLS topics review and prioritization17:12
dpmso essentially the topic is about reviewing the brainstorming topics on this document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bimzQVB3YMBmTPZhX9LWtBn7BMJ__pMuDxvSrDaQd24/edit#17:12
pleia2several of us find ourselves at CLS this weekend (czajkowski is even doing a plenary!) so the CC is meeting up with dpm of the community team at canoniocal17:13
pleia2and yeah, brainstorming on that doc on topics17:13
dpmyeah, so for those not familiar to the topic, essentially, that is the context ^17:13
pleia2seeking to narrow it down to a few talking points that we can bring up as CLS sessions to talk to the broader community... community about to see who has similar issues, advice, etc17:13
pleia2then on Monday/Tuesday we're going to talk about them more Ubuntu-specificy and see what action items can come out of it17:14
pleia2so I might as well just dive on in with what I think is important, since others couldn't make it17:14
dpmok, cool17:14
pleia21. Declining participation17:15
pleia2the document notes this both for LoCos and Summits17:15
pleia2seems that's one that will have broad appeal17:15
dpmI suggested to pick a few (5, but it doesn't need to be this exact number)17:16
pleia22. Community cohesion17:16
pleia2I think we've lost a lot since having UDS in person, not sure how others have been feeling17:16
pleia2obviously doing UDS again isn't the answer (for all the reasons Canonical stopped doing them) but I feel quite disconnected these days17:17
pleia23. Barriers related to [the perception of] company-driven control and development17:17
pleia2perception of closed door dealings, invite-only sprints, employees treating community members like customers at events17:18
dpmI've just changed to docs points to numbers to make it easier to refer to them17:19
dpmpleia2, would the "declining participation" topic map to any of the existing ones in the doc, or shall we just add a new one?17:19
dpmI could see it being part of 3. or 5.17:19
dpmbut as we were talking about generalizing them, we might just rewrite it17:19
dpmfor the record, I also think that one is important17:19
* dpm takes notes17:19
dpmI'd also pick "lack of a new generation of leaders"17:20
pleia2dpm: re declining participation, I'd put 2 & 3 from the google doc together17:20
pleia2and 517:20
pleia2++ lack of new leaders17:20
pleia2my #2 maps to 12 on the document17:20
Cprofitt_I think 9 and 12 are important, but will not be in attendance. I will submit some thoughts on both before the event if they are chosen.17:21
pleia2and my #3 to 8, 9 and 1017:21
pleia2Cprofitt_: thanks17:21
pleia2Iseug s 7 too17:22
ochosiwithout wanting to disrupt your meeting, i'm here now17:22
pleia2er, "I guess"17:22
pleia2ochosi: thanks!17:22
dpmCprofitt_, your feedback will be really useful, thanks!17:22
pleia2those are the important ones for me17:22
* dpm takes notes17:23
Cprofitt_Overall I am concerned with the CC taking a. more active roll in developing opportunities for community involvement.17:23
dpmthanks pleia217:23
pleia2Cprofitt_: you want the CC to take a more active roll, or not?17:24
Cprofitt_Both development and non development work.17:24
Cprofitt_More active17:24
pleia2that might be a different conversation, we're already quite busy as it is, I can't speak for everyone but I wouldn't have time to add to my CC workload17:25
Cprofitt_I think the current passive roll is not serving the community as well as an active role would17:25
pleia2Cprofitt_: maybe an agenda item for our next CC meeting?17:26
pleia2I'd like to hear from other CC members on this, maybe I'm just more busy than most :)17:26
dpmwithout being in the CC, I also think it's an important topic, but it might be a bit too specific for CLS. Happy to join another meeting if it's part of the agenda and I can help in any way with the discussion17:26
pleia2dpm: so we have 4 topics, shall we each submit one at CLS? (you, mhall119, czajkowski and me)17:27
dpmthat would be quite a good match, yeah17:27
dpmI think if we feel we need to have an extra one, we can add it to the meeting outside of CLS17:28
pleia2sounds good17:28
pleia2dpm: anything else you wanted to talk about now?17:28
dpmpleia2, not specifically, I had a call with Jono about logistics, perhaps we can discuss it offline after this meeting has finished? It's about the organization and schedule for the meeting, but I'm not sure it's interesting for anyone other than the attendees17:29
pleia2dpm: outside meeting sounds good, thanks17:30
pleia2I'll also do a blog post later today about our plans, might be some more community feedback I can grab too17:30
dpmthen I think that was all I had, in any case, we'll see each other in person before starting - you said you'd be there for the pre-CLS evening event, IIRC?17:31
pleia2dpm: thanks for coming, and again for handling logistics17:31
pleia2I'm really excited that we were able to arrange this all in short notice :)17:31
dpmyeah :)17:31
pleia2dpm: yep, I get to Portland around 3:30PM tomorrow17:31
Cprofitt_I view it as a framework as we discuss the items on the list for cls17:31
pleia2so I'll go to the pre-event thing Friday night17:31
dpmpleia2, cool, I think I'll be there at around 18:00, so I'm planning to be at the pre-event too17:31
pleia2Cprofitt_: think you could send a mail to the CC list about it and we'll follow up next meeting?17:32
pleia2dpm: great, see you tomorrow! :)17:32
* pleia2 needs to pack17:32
pleia2ok, let's move this meeting along17:32
pleia2#topic Xubuntu catch-up17:32
pleia2hi ochosi and Unit193!17:32
Unit193I'm not here.17:32
Cprofitt_When I get home tomorrow morning17:33
pleia2Cprofitt_: great, thanks17:33
ochosipleia2: note that i've never been part of a CC meeting so i might have to be told what is expected of me or what you'd like to know17:34
pleia2ochosi: oh! so we pretty much just say hello, make sure things are going well with Xubuntu, see if there are any problems we can help with or anything17:34
pleia2we found that teams weren't coming to us with problems, so check in once a cycle gives them an opportunity to have our ear for a bit17:35
* pleia2 switchhat17:35
ochosiheh, i see17:35
pleia2as xubuntu community member, I've been really impressed with the work lately17:35
* micahg_work isn't here either17:35
pleia215.04 was a great release (woo Xfce 4.12)17:35
* Unit193 high fives micahg_work.17:36
ochosiright, so far things are running smoothly. the only not-smooth thing was elfy leaving xubuntu and the larger community, that was unexpected and fairly sad. and to be frank, i havent understood what was going on there (have to admit though that i also wanted to stay out of that kubuntu conflict so i didn't do too much reading)17:36
pleia2yeah, obviously the CC feels the elfy-loss pain right with you :(17:37
ochosiother than that i have the feeling we have a great team17:37
* pleia2 switchhat again17:37
pleia2how is testing going without him?17:37
ochosiwell, we decided to do more exploratory, RL testing with 15.10 due to a lack of contribution in the QA area17:38
* pleia2 nods17:38
ochosiso in this sense it's just that we have less people doing those tests and nobody coordinating them for the moment17:38
ochosii hope we'l have time to figure that out after 15.1017:38
pleia2yeah :\17:38
pleia2hope so!17:39
pleia2anything else on your mind?17:39
pleia2we're going to chat with the studio team in a moment, and I know there's some overlap because Xfce17:39
ochosinot really, i mean we're always happy to gain more contributors, but that seems hard these days17:40
micahg_workI think overall Xubuntu is doing well, there's more work happening in Debian and most of the Xubuntu devs have Debian Xfce VCS access17:40
ochosii read that you mentioned a lack of influx of new members and/or leaders, i would say that is true for xubuntu too17:40
pleia2hopefully we'll get some tips from other community leadership summit folks this weekend to help that situation ubuntu-wide17:40
pleia2micahg_work: that's wonderful to hear17:40
pleia2ochosi: nods17:40
ochosii mean many of you know that here, but in xubuntu we've been pretty much the same team for 2 years or so17:41
ochosithe upside is that we have a stable team, but the downside is that there is obviously little influx of fresh energy/womanpower17:41
pleia2yeah, totally17:41
pleia2and when people do need to leave, there's no replacement17:41
ochosiand i would argue that partly this is due to xfce being a bit dormant, and partly due to developments like RL UDS not taking place anymore17:42
* pleia2 nods17:42
ochosii really feel you when you say you feel "disconnected" at times17:42
* ochosi hasn't been to FOSDEM or any other FOSS conferrence in more than two years17:42
pleia2hah, yeah, I went to FOSDEM this year but none of my xubuntu friends did! ;)17:43
ochosiyeah, it used to be *the* meeting place for xfce folks17:43
* micahg_work hasn't been to one for almost 3 :(17:43
* Unit193 has never been to one.17:44
ochosithere's that downside of being spread across continents again...17:44
* pleia2 nods17:45
pleia2ok, well looking at the clock I think we can migrate into chatting about ubuntu studio17:45
ochosiwell but to end this on a positive note: my general impression of the xubuntu community is really good, i don't see any troubles ahead17:45
pleia2thanks for your feedback ochosi, this is super userful17:45
pleia2yay :)17:45
micahg_workI wonder if a virtual Xubuntu hangout (or FOSS equivalent) once in a while would help17:45
ochosino worries17:45
holsteinpersonally, i feel ubuntustudio's move to xfce was very timely.. and the xubuntu team has really helped keep it going.. with testing assistance.. etc17:46
ochosimicahg_work: yeah, we once tried that and it was great, but there were some privacy concerns about putting those meetings online17:46
pleia2#topic Ubuntu Studio catch up17:46
pleia2hey holstein!17:46
pleia2holstein: that's great to hear17:46
pleia2holstein: studio is just doing LTS releases, right?17:48
holsteinthough, i think that would be something worth discussing17:48
pleia2oh, sorry :)17:48
pleia2any place you see currently stuck or struggling with? (particularly that the CC might be able to help with?)17:49
holsteinwell, the team is just quite small..17:50
holsteinzequence is really the only "code contributor", as far as i see17:50
* pleia2 nods17:51
holsteini need to personally free up more time to contribute setting up meetings, etc. otherwise, we dont have meetings17:51
pleia2meetings are deceptively hard to keep going17:51
holsteinand, we may not need to.. but, , AFAICT, the team lead position is handed off, and has been, for years, in private, to a person who gets burned out after a few cycles17:52
pleia2I know how that goes :( so are you kind of functioning without a lead?17:52
holsteinzequence has been the lead, and doing a great job of it17:52
pleia2oh good17:53
holsteinits great to see the xubuntu team, and the regularity.. the stable development17:55
pleia2well, anything else before we wrap up?17:55
* pleia2 nods17:55
holsteintaking care of business!17:55
pleia2thanks for joining us, holstein17:57
holsteinpleia2: cheers!17:57
pleia2#topic Any other business17:57
pleia2I think that's it, and I'm the last CC person here, so :)17:57
pleia2thanks everyone, looking forward to CLS this weekend17:57
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