ahoneybunseems steam is using gcc-5-base01:12
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lordievaderGood morning.07:56
sick_rimmitGood Morning friends08:01
lordievaderHey sick_rimmit 08:02
valoriesick_rimmit: we'll almost in the same timezone now!08:05
* valorie is in a coruna08:05
valoriealso I never got to wish you a happy birthday08:05
valorieweeks ago08:05
sick_rimmitvalorie: Ooh yes your in Espania now, how loely08:09
sick_rimmitvalorie: Oh you did wish me Happy Birthday, a while back, bless you, how thoughful08:09
sgclarkme too08:09
valoriewe're about to set off on the tourist bus and see the town08:09
valoriein advance of akademy work08:09
sick_rimmitsgclark: Really, Oh I wish I was there, I really want to meet you guys in person08:10
sgclarksick_rimmit: me too :(08:10
sick_rimmitOK, brb need a reboot 5 mins08:11
sgclarksick_rimmit: maybe we can get you on G+ for our kubuntu day meeting?08:11
sgclarkwell time to be off to be a tourist. bbl08:13
valoriebye all08:13
yossarianukwatch out for English tourists...08:16
sick_rimmityossarianuk: Yes, I've heard they eat KDE developers08:17
yossarianukIts the package holiday crowd, they tend to drink an awful lot....08:18
yossarianukwe're not all like them - promise...08:18
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BluesKajHey all12:08
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soeehiho BluesKaj12:30
BluesKajhey soee12:30
clivejoMy sound has stopped working in Skype running on Wily, is this just a random thing or a change in wily?13:00
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yossarianukrandom question (semi related) which I'm sure ppl here will know....16:19
yossarianukDid google chrome come from konqueror code?16:19
mamarleyIndirectly.  Blink (used by Chrome) is a fork of Webkit (used by Safari) which is itself a fork of KHTML.16:21
yofelsgclark: how far did you get with the plasma/kf5 backports for vivid? And where are they?16:36
santa_good evening doko, status update about plasma and gcc5: 1st -> kdeplasma-addons indeed builds fine after your inclusion of scim in silo 16; 2nd -> muon didn't build in my fisrt atempt, it needs a libqapt rebuilt against silo 16; 3rd -> plasma-workspace doesn't build right now because of libqalculate https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=79115917:37
ubottuDebian bug 791159 in src:libqalculate "libqalculate: library transition may be needed when GCC 5 is the default" [Important,Open]17:37
santa_about the 2nd one there's already a bug report against xapian-core https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=791312 so I guess I'm not discovering america here17:38
ubottuDebian bug 791312 in src:xapian-core "xapian-core: library transition may be needed when GCC 5 is the default" [Important,Open]17:38
santa_status page http://gpul.grupos.udc.es/kdenext_buildstatus_ubuntu-exp/ubuntu-exp_status_plasma.html17:40
santa_relevant part of the plasma-workspace ftbfs: https://paste.kde.org/powfmtkyv17:41
dokoxapian-core is rebuilt in the landing16 ppa17:41
santa_I see, I guess we also need a libqaculate for plasma-workspace17:43
santa_* libqalculate17:44
Riddelldoko: I applied santa's patches for kde frameworks so they should all compile now using sources in kubuntu-ppa/staging-frameworks17:50
murthyjust tested kdeconnect from the master branch and the following bug is gone https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=33408018:12
ubottuKDE bug 334080 in common "kdeconnect,some sent photo are uncomplete" [Normal,Confirmed]18:12
murthykdeconnect need libqt5x11extras5 apart from the current depends18:13
murthyone small correction. kdeconnect need libqt5x11extras5-dev apart from the current depends18:18
dokosanta_, Riddell: you need to build libqapt in your repo, apparently requires a newer libKF: /usr/bin/ld.bfd.real: cannot find -lKF5::IconThemes18:19
santa_yeah, also needs a patch for the symbols file18:21
santa_doko: I think the only one which right now we shoudln't fix on our own is libqalculate18:22
santa_shoudln't be included in silo 16 instead?18:22
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dokook, will do18:23
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