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VolundHello! Fairly new-to-Linux Lubuntu 15.04x64 user here. Iiii'm having some trouble with getting a few drivers going. Anyone able to help or point me where I can get help?03:48
Volundhttp://pastebin.com/dMcVFCDY <---- I have no idea what's happening here.03:57
holsteinVolund: a few drivers going?04:16
holsteinwhere are you getting what drivers from? and, for what hardware?04:17
holsteinVolund: why are you installing an alsa driver? do you have no audio?04:17
VolundI've got a new HP pavilion 17 laptop that has Realtek HD Audio and I don't seem to have audio04:18
holsteintypically, alsa is well supported.. meaning, if an internal audio device can be supported, it typically is04:18
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.04:18
holsteini would refer to that ^ and, if you are using a driver from HP, or some other 3rd party, you'll have to ask them for support for it.. but, you likely dont need it04:19
Volundthank you04:19
VolundI had no idea where to start.04:19
holsteinin windows, you typically just find, and install a driver.. in linux, the companies are welcome to provide you a driver, but, typically dont04:20
VolundI don't seem to have a Volume applet04:21
Volundthat's like the system tray in windows, right?04:22
holsteinVolund: i would reference a few places.. in a terminal, i may try running alsa mixer04:22
Volund*checks links*04:22
holstein"alsamixer" is the command04:22
holsteinthen, i may install and use pulse audio.. and use pavucontrol as a mixer for the audio04:22
holsteinall of which can help me troubleshoot, and force support for hardware that is not supporting linux easily04:23
holsteintypically, when i take a machine that is not promising linux support, and i try to implement linux on it, i'll just run some live iso's on it04:24
holsteini'll try the main ubuntu LTS versions, and the latest.. i'll do that so, i can join #ubuntu, and have the larger support team for troubleshooting, if needed..04:25
VolundALSAmixer says... Card: HDA ATI HDMI, Chip: ATI R6xx HDMI.04:25
holsteinright.. but, it really doesnt matter what the labels say.. you cant trust them04:25
holsteinits just a guess04:25
holsteinand, i dont know what you have tried to install, that may have broken the default setup04:25
Volundunlikely, because it never got past compiling04:26
Volundso nothing was installed/changed.04:26
holsteinonly you know.. if you ran something as root, then, root can break things04:26
VolundI didn't. :o04:26
Volundokay something's changed here. *tinkers*04:27
holsteinagain, only you know what you have done, but, installing drivers *requires* root..04:27
Volundyeah. I did not use sudo or etc so far for anything involving audio04:28
Volundso I pressed the 's' button in Alsamixer and it let me change cards, it now says HD-Audio Generic, realtek ALC3241 and I seem to have volume controls04:29
holsteinright. but, installing the driver, requires that, and can break audio04:29
holsteinanyways, all im saying is, factually, you could have done something that makes it *impossible* to "fix" your audio going forward..04:29
holsteinas long as you understant that.. i follow a few tips from the guide i link04:30
holsteinpersonally, i just run live iso's.. the LTS's, the latest.. i'll run literally 6 or 8 live iso's *before* installing any os04:30
VolundI think it might be trying to use the HDMI output as default and ignoring the analog04:30
holsteini'll try a wide range of supported kernels, then, maybe unsupported older ones, making a note of what is providing support04:30
holsteinwith my hdmi out, i simply use pavucontrol to set that04:31
holsteinbut, it would be helpful for you to know if you have *no* audio at all, or, just no HDMI audio.. etc04:31
VolundI don't really have anything HDMI to test that with04:31
Volundall I had to do was tell it which to use for defaults04:41
holsteinyup.. setting a default is key04:41
holsteinyou cant trust the labels, either.. gotta try them all04:42
Volundnow to figure out where there's some actual volume control04:42
holsteinVolund: alsamixer *is* a volume control04:42
Volund... gui volume control. I had it with a previous run of Lubuntu on another laptop. the volume icon was in the bottom right corner :P04:43
Volundoff of a LiveCD no less04:43
Volundmaybe I need to relogin or something for that to detect the change...04:43
holsteinthere are many ways to add volume controls.. but, alsamixer is a gui, and its working... so, i say, if you are new to linux, maybe just use whats working for now04:43
holsteinin time, you can learn to implement literally most anything04:44
Volundthat's my goal.04:44
VolundI've been a Windows user for most of my life, but want to learn Linux. figured I should start with one that's lean, straightforward, and has something of a similar GUI. Lubuntu was recommended.04:45
VolundI have found that, impressively, while Windows 8.1 idles at 10% CPU and 1.3gb of RAM usage on that machine, Lubuntu idles at 0-1% CPU and 300-400MB of RAM usage.04:45
VolundThis... makes me want to throttle Microsoft, honestly04:45
holsteinsure.. its not really meant to replace or emulate windows, though04:45
Volundwell yes04:46
Volundbut a familiar GUI to start with X_X04:46
holsteinlxde is quite light, and not meant to really replace any other OS's work flow04:46
VolundLook. it beats the pants out of Unity. that shell drives me nuts.04:46
holsteina familiar one would be one that is more "windows" like, arguably..04:46
VolundI have a desktop, a start menu, and programs lists. good enough for me.04:47
Volundoh hooray the Volume applet appeared this time.04:47
VolundLooks like I just had to set my default card.04:47
Volundalso a second goal is04:49
VolundI -figured- that since Lubuntu is so lean, it should put less strain on my laptop and thus run cooler overall, extending the lifetime of the laptop. All I really use it for is:04:49
VolundA) Browsing the web and watching youtube, B) reading some PDFs and etc, C) watching videos, listening to music, and D) Remote Desktop to my big windows machine.04:50
VolundINTERESTINGLY ENOUGH, the Remmina client appears to beat the pants off of the official Remote Desktop Client for Windows.04:50
holsteinlxde doesnt make your hardware any better, or faster04:50
Volundno, but using less resources means it may be working less hard.04:50
holsteinsure.. is it?04:51
Volundlike I said, initial tests say that it's using 1/3rd the RAM windows used and idling at much less CPU usage?04:51
holsteinthat can be true.. could also be, its "better" to use something like unity that is offloading work through the GPU?04:51
holsteinor gnome.. etc..04:51
holsteinanyways, lxde is quite nice, and works as advertised.. its just not magical04:51
Volundwell I can always try Ubuntu direct later. I just know my experiences with Unity in a Virtual Machine were not fun04:52
holsteindue do 3d requirements04:52
holsteinbut, no one, including me, will make you using unity.. i dont use unity..04:52
Volundokay now I need to figure out how to do the equivalent of 'map network drive.' I've gotten access to windows shares with smb:// addressing just fine, just need to shortcut it. lessee...04:53
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/windows-networking.html04:53
holsteini use gigolo04:53
holstein!info gigolo04:53
ubottugigolo (source: gigolo): frontend to manage connections to remote filesystems using GIO/GVfs. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.2-1 (vivid), package size 130 kB, installed size 1001 kB04:53
holsteinbut, the "best" thing i did was stop trying to make linux speak windows.. and i just started doing native linux tasks, and natively as possible, in linux04:54
Volundwell, yes.04:54
holsteinssh, for example.. nfs would be more what you are looking for, likely04:54
Volundoh I love ssh04:54
holsteinbut, mount points look local.. so, you dont need to "map network drive".. you just mount it, and it shows where you mount04:55
VolundI'm not TOTALLY new to linux. just usingg it for anything more than a few terminal commands.04:55
* Volund nods. is investigating04:55
Volundonce I have my network file shares connected and RDP up, I'll have this laptop ready to do everything it was doing in Windows04:55
VolundTHEN I can focus on learning Linux :)04:55
Volundthank you for the help !04:56
holsteinyou dont need to "rdp" them.. you just connect via ssh, and mount them04:56
holsteinanyways, good luck!04:56
VolundRDP = Remote Desktop Protocol.04:56
Volundlinux accomplishes this with Remmina, which is EVEN BETTER than the Windows equivalent04:57
holsteinVolund: correct.. im familiar, but, consider using a native linux option..04:57
Volundyeah, but04:57
Volundcan't really ssh to Windows 8.1 and control the desktop.04:57
holsteinremmina is a nice client for sure.. its also not magic, though04:57
* Volund does apt-get install remmina gigolo -y... okayyyy04:58
VolundLook, I put Lubuntu on an ancient Pentium 4 computer and attempted a remote connection to my Win8.1 machine. had that P4 been running windows, it would've been choking to render it.04:59
VolundRemmina responded beautifully meanwhile.04:59
Volundthis is why I wanna investigate things more.04:59
* Volund launches Gigolo, investigates05:00
Volundnetwork shares are UP...05:03
VolundSo all in all I'd say that Lubuntu is responding -faster- than Windows does for reacting to 'you opened an mp3 file' or stuff. Still getting used to a few quirks but overall I like it.05:35
Volundwe'll see if I can enjoy it for a few days05:35
deitarionAny suggestions on how to debug an "Clicks which should trigger menus on LXPanel don't" issue?17:25
deitarionI think it has something to do with my weirdly-shaped triple-head desktop since it doesn't seem to want to acknowledge changes to desktop geometry. (If I kill it, move the left monitor's virtual position up, and then restart, it doesn't appear)17:30
deitarion...but moving the monitor down without restarting reveals that it was placing itself at the position that the monitor normally lies at.17:31
deitarion(And I know it's not that I'm running Plasma, xfce-panel, and LXPanel together on the same desktop because this was working back before my aborted attempt to configure Plasma widgets to match the functionality offered by LXPanel and xfce-panel)17:32
deitarion(LXPanel's too limited on non-rectangular desktops, Plasma's clock is broken on panels too small for 2-line display and its Quick Access widget is broken in general, and xfce-desktop directory menu is broken on *buntu 14.04 and over-pads the launcher menu icon)17:36
deitarionOh, and I can't just use LXPanel and xfce-panel together because PCManFM and xfce-desktop are both broken in different ways on non-rectangular desktops. (LXPanel is over-conservative, xfce-panel places my icons in inaccessible dead zones)17:38
silver_mIn Lubuntu I use google chrome, and when I open Chrome delays to start and cpu is nearly 100%.20:57
silver_mbut later it works ok, only after boot delays20:57
silver_mwhy happens this?20:57
ianorlinsilver_m: not sure might be something with chrome21:16
ianorlinalso what is your useage when you boot and don't use chrome21:16
silver_mI think is also high when I boot because it says XORG consumes usage21:17
silver_mthe Xorg has 46%21:19
silver_mafter boot21:19
silver_mbut later it not has much usage21:19
silver_mcpu usage goes 5% after some time21:20
deitarionThat makes me wonder if Chrome is tripping over some kind of graphics driver misconfiguration that's pushing everything into the slow path.21:21
silver_mwell how can I make good configuration21:30
deitarionFirst, what kind of video card do you have?21:30
sparkyI seem to be having this problem http://askubuntu.com/questions/614198/starting-version-219-bug-after-the-15-04-update only I updated to 15.04 a while back, and it came up after I tried to start a game and my machine crashed and I tried to boot again. I've tried the suggested command from the comments, and I have the same outcome as the last comment22:08
sparkySorry, if anyone responded, I havn't seen it23:26
sparkykeeping on a webchat with an iPod is a bit hard23:27

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