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en1gmayou guys. since ubuntu 9 i been wanting ubuntu to be like this. GREAT JOB!04:16
en1gmasimply amazing04:16
en1gmakept the same ui to the installer but loved the installer anyhow. just theme it so it looks fresher like the desktop04:19
en1gmaanyhow i love it all. keep up the fantastic work04:20
holsteintheme the installer?04:21
en1gmamaybe it is themed already. i forget since i only used it once but i thought it was the same one as 15.0404:22
holsteinthe 15.10 installer? you want it themed?04:23
holsteinanyways, its not released yet.. so there's still time...04:23
en1gmais there a way to add a ppa to get kernel 4.2 to install through software updater? i know i can get the debs my self and install all 3 (2 headers and the kernel)04:26
en1gmaneed to have the 4.2 because i get a gpu hang on 4.1 and its fixed in 4.204:27
en1gmawith opencl04:27
lordievaderGood morning.07:57
BluesKajHey all12:08
en1gmawhen computer goes in standby and wake up at login screen the password i use for my acct does not work (as of last night) will do a update && upgrade in a sec13:21
en1gmais there an ubuntu dev channel? i also am using intel opencl sdk + gpu driver and 4.3rc3 (general and also low latency) and there is still problems with cl programs when it runs. from what i read all this was supposed to be fixed with kernels 4.2+13:24
en1gmai can provide help if needed13:24
en1gmaon kernel.org they are listing kernel 4.1.3 as "stable" is that the same kernel thats in the ubuntu ppa mainline that is listed as unstable that hasnt been changed (officially) to stable?13:41
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SuperLagReally interesting to install 15.10 in a VM and have it boot up and say "Welcome to your Ubuntu Phone"16:37
DaekdroomDid you install the Snappy ISO?16:40
DaekdroomOr Unity-Next?16:40
SuperLagUbuntu Next16:41
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