craigbrashmorning all :)05:21
Kiloshelloo africa06:19
elachecheMorning Africa.. Didn't forget about the map.. It's just that I don't have Internet @home this week..07:45
elachecheForget to ping you Kilos :) hey!08:03
Kiloshi elacheche08:03
elacheche>> Morning Africa.. Didn't forget about the map.. It's just that I don't have Internet @home this week..08:04
Kilosyou were needed last night to help ghana start a new loco08:04
Kilosthey will be back08:09
elachecheDon't let them go away, keep them in here until you/they'll find me here by night :)08:09
Kiloskeep eyes open for stevdok08:09
elachecheOK :)08:10
Kiloselacheche  see here too08:22
Kilosronaldm  is from zim i think08:22
Kilossorry ronaldm i forget things too easy08:22
elachechehey ronaldm :)08:26
ronaldmelacheche: how are you?08:28
Kilosronaldm  he is in tunisia08:28
ronaldmKilos: yes I am from Zim, based in Zim08:28
elachecheAm ok thank you ronaldm :) u?08:35
ronaldmelacheche: I am doing great, thanks08:35
zxsinclairhi, sorry this thing called "life" has kept me off irc for quite a few dasy10:20
Kilosnp zxsinclair everyone has the same prob10:21
zxsinclairkilos: yes work, kids and whatnot. And down here restricted internet, powercuts and bla bla bal10:22
Kilosyeah that sounds familiar10:22
craigbrashdon't worry Kilos after a few years of load shedding you will have all you need to get by :)10:24
Kiloshahaha im looking at other power options10:25
Kilosso lots of work10:27
zxsinclairguys, you come to Zim or Zambia or Malawi.. where we can easy go w/o power for more than 24 hours at a time10:28
zxsinclairI kind of laugh when I see SA cry about loadshedding10:28
Kilosmake your own10:28
Kilosmany peeps are investing in solar panels and other things but thats beyond my means so i have to build something10:29
zxsinclairkilo: we are totally together on that one. this morning my son (12) asked "how much is solar panels". Guess why10:30
Kiloslook at that video, that guy says he has it worked out , working from teslas designs10:31
Kiloshe works things from a radio frequency he generates10:33
zxsinclairI would love one of those Tesla home units10:41
Kilosyeah but very costly man10:41
Kilospower wall10:41
Kilosfamily peeps cant afford that10:42
Kilosyou guys must have electrical technicians there, get some of them involved in building and experimenting10:44
Kilosill give all the links i have10:44
zxsinclairyou can find it all here, it is "only" a matter of mula/money10:50
zxsinclairkilos of money ;.)11:44
Kiloswe also say whats money?11:45
zxsinclairone day will be one day ;-) I do watch SABC 1-3 though not supposed to from here11:48
zxsinclair:Kilos sorry this IRC gives me headaches cause am not on it often enough to rember shortcuts11:56
zxsinclair:Kilos think am getting back to it now11:57
Kiloswhat shortcuts do you want to use11:57
Kilosuse a proper irc client11:57
Kilosoh you mean the ctcp thing11:57
zxsinclair:Kilos I can use Quassel or Konversation, I prefer Quassel. Am a Kubuntu guy11:58
Kilosi use konversation11:58
zxsinclairwhat time did you set the meet for?11:59
Kilos8.30 pm12:00
zxsinclaircould be tricky for me (house/family chores) but will try12:00
Kilosyeah same here with our guys but most have family stuff and supper done by then12:01
Kilosits our first meet so we can decide at the meetring if a bit later will be better12:01
Kiloshi Na3iL12:10
zxsinclairnormally we should be done by then (@home)12:10
Kilosoh elacheche you were gonna fix that wiki page12:11
Kiloswhere i added ideas12:11
elacheche:D No one work on it yet?!!! :D12:14
Kilosno everyone waiting for you hehe12:15
Kilosand you better get internet at home before the meeting12:15
Kilosyou cant miss our first meeting12:15
Kilosi will try remind Liz to be here too12:16
Na3iLhey Kilos elacheche12:16
elachecheyo Na3iL :)12:19
elachecheOK Kilos :) :)12:20
Kilosty cheche12:20
Kilossee even a smile12:20
elacheche:D :D12:24
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Na3iLhey Kilos16:13
elachecheThe kid is just saying HI Kilos x) Don't punch him in the face lie that! :p :D16:16
Na3iLI think wikipage of the team should include at least 3 languages? arabic,frensh and english?16:16
* elacheche is flying away.. :D16:16
Na3iLLOL elacheche xD16:16
Kiloswell Na3iL if you game to do it then great16:17
elachecheNa3iL, Afrikin & zulu too ;) :D Kilos How many languages do we use in Africa?!! :D16:17
Kilosthere will b a button with options right?16:17
Kilosdont start on languages16:17
Kilosthere are 11 in south africa16:18
Kilos3 main ones16:18
elacheche:D Bad idea Na3iL :D16:18
elachecheKilos, check this for the switch thing https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TunisianTeam16:18
Kiloswe need to have it for the rest of africa16:18
Kiloseveryone in south africa does english at school16:18
Na3iLyup but I think we begin with 3 or 4 languages at least16:19
Kilosenglish and french are a must16:19
* elacheche really need to go home now x) :D See you x)16:19
Kilosi dont know how many countries use arabic16:19
Na3iLtake care elacheche16:19
Kilosgo safe la16:19
Kilosthos first three will be good Na3iL16:20
Na3iLwell, then I'll begin with frensh16:20
Kilosis that how you guys spell it16:21
Na3iLyup, otherwise is there any logo for the team ?16:21
Kilosnope nothing yet16:21
Kilosyou up for that as well?16:21
Na3iLhave u any idea about logo, I've some friends can help us16:21
Kiloswell its for all of africa so a map can work16:22
Kilosmaybe with an ubuntu background16:22
Kilosi know nothing about art stuff16:22
Na3iLsame xD16:23
Kilosthose buttons to choose languages are fine16:24
Na3iLyup but buttons should include some flags16:25
Na3iLidk what flag I choose16:25
Kilosthere isnt an all africa flag16:26
Kilosleave flag out16:26
Kilosjust buttons with language choices16:27
Kilosoh Na3iL16:39
Kiloscan you also look down where the meeting stuff is please16:39
Na3iLyo Kilos16:39
Na3iLyup sure16:39
Kilosyou will see i added an item called ideas16:39
Na3iLyeah, I noticed that16:40
Kilosbut i dont know how to make it like the rest where people can add ideas16:40
Kiloslike the links at the bottom or something16:40
Kilosi gave up16:40
Na3iLoh, I understand I'll see how to figure it16:41
Na3iLyou welcome :D16:41
Kiloselacheche  was going to do it but he is such a slow old man it will take weeks16:43
Na3iLhahahaha xDD16:45
Na3iLKilos, check it, if u liked it or I can change to another one (style)16:49
Kilosyeah thats cool16:51
Na3iLcool :D16:51
Kilosjust do what you think best16:51
Kilosyou know much more then i do about wiki stuff16:51
Na3iLI learned Wiki documentation from Ubuntu gnome team16:52
Kilosas long as i can place a comment im happy16:52
Na3iLnoh it's okay16:52
Na3iLping Kilos,17:21
KilosNa3iL  pong17:27
Kilossorry was eating17:28
Na3iLit's okay, good appetite17:29
Na3iLif u want check the wiki page again17:29
Na3iLand give me ur feedbacks17:29
Kilosok let me refresh it17:29
Na3iLI want some critics.. :P17:29
Kilosthats great man, well done17:30
Na3iL:D ty ^^17:31
Kiloshere what cheche says , he always has ideas, but it looks great to me17:32
Na3iL:D hahahah17:33
Na3iLfinally version French done too17:33
Kilosdo you speak arabic as well?17:34
Na3iLyup :D17:35
Na3iLbut I prefer always speak in english17:35
Kilosgood , but we might need some translations sometime17:36
Na3iLyup I can help on translation very much17:36
Kilosi am just lucky that most people speak english otherwise id be lost17:38
Kilosi didnt even think about the languages when i started with this17:39
Kilosbut only 3 more locos to find them we have them all17:40
Kilosand one group to help start a new loco17:40
Kilosghana lug17:40
Kilosi have been very lucky though, everyone so far seems keen17:41
Na3iLvery cool, u meal almost done17:41
Kilosyeah done ty17:41
Na3iLI didn't nothing :D17:41
Na3iLlogo will be done after 10 minutes at least :D17:44
Na3iLthen I'll include it on the wikipage17:44
philipballewhey Kilos18:16
Kiloshi philipballew18:16
philipballewKilos, the meeting went well?18:17
Kilosits only next wednesday18:17
philipballewKilos, oh nice!!!18:17
Kilosdont you see mails from the list?18:18
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Na3iLo/ elacheche23:13

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