ahayzenahoneybun, i'm probably gonna go to sleep, probably best to see if any folks are around in EU time tomorrow00:03
ahoneybunand this is so confusing00:03
ahoneybunI'm done for today anyway00:04
akiva-thinkpadhi all05:01
DanChapmanmorning all o/05:53
dholbachgood morning07:19
rickspencer3is anyone else finding the touch emulator to be unusable resource hungry on 15.04?08:07
rickspencer3I'm wondering if I should create a new one?08:07
davmor2rickspencer3: I was finding that it didn't run at all so if you are able to I'm over joyed08:11
* ogra_ wonders what woke up rickspencer3 at this time of day :)08:19
rickspencer3hi ogra_08:20
rickspencer3I'm actually working in Europe for a couple of weeks :)08:20
rickspencer3I've been at it for a couple of hours ;)08:20
ogra_ah :)08:20
zbenjamindoes someone know when aquarius normally shows up?08:27
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davmor2zbenjamin: when the delivery guys arrives?08:35
zbenjamindavmor2: wut?08:36
davmor2zbenjamin: Hey you asked when it shows up ;)08:38
davmor2zbenjamin: did you mean the ota or the actual device08:38
mcphaildavmor2: he means the person (i think)08:39
davmor2zbenjamin: D'oh sorry misread it :)  Aq is here when he is here, depends what he is doing on a day08:40
zbenjamindavmor2: ah yeah i meant the person :D08:41
snizzoany italian that ordered mx4 here?09:36
popeysnizzo: rpadovani has one i believe.09:50
popeyand maybe mzanetti :)09:51
rpadovanisnizzo, o/09:51
mzanettipopey, does the "maybe" go for owning an MX4 or for being italian?09:52
popeyyou're more italian than me :)09:52
snizzojust because I ordered one09:52
snizzohow was delivery timing in your case?09:53
ogra_arent they sent from italy ?09:53
ogra_should be pretty short for you09:53
rpadovaniogra_, you don't know italian postal service :D09:53
snizzosda for teh win09:53
snizzoan wait no they use bartolini09:54
rpadovanisnizzo, my one was coming from London, so I can't tell you. But looking on social networks seems 3/4 days09:54
rpadovanisnizzo, oh, good luck with that09:54
ogra_rpadovani, i had to do a train ride through italy once though ... i assume the postal service is equally slow ? :)09:54
rpadovaniogra_, yes, something like that :D09:54
snizzoI paid 5 days ago and the delivery hasn't started... they are.. "inspecting" the order...09:55
mcphailIn my experience, Italian trains are just as good as German trains but with better scenery :)09:55
ogra_mcphail, well, german trains go 260km/h :)09:56
ogra_(or faster)09:56
rpadovaniogra_, well, we have high speed lines too, problems are local trains09:57
ogra_ah, i didnt know09:57
snizzoit takes you less to do rome->milan than milan->(put a small town near milan) in some conditions09:58
ogra_the trick might be: milan -> rome -> small town near milan ;)09:59
snizzomzanetti: so you got an mx4 via the game on the website?09:59
mzanettisnizzo, nope, sorry10:00
snizzoah ok10:00
rpadovaniogra_, rome-milan takes 3 hours (575km), milan-cremona 2 hours (97km) :D10:03
ogra_or 30min by car i guess :)10:03
ogra_(well, 1h, not everyone has a ferrari in italy i suppose :P )10:04
svijthose who don't have a ferrari in italy, has a lamborghini i guess :P10:05
ogra_oh, right :)10:05
snizzothe real car for the real man in italy is the "fiat panda"10:06
rpadovanisturmflut2, ^^ do you see? Panda is loved in italy :D10:06
svijhahah :D10:06
snizzowell, the 1995 model of course10:06
rpadovanitime to go for me, has been a pleasure !10:07
sturmflut2rpadovani: Interested in submitting your apps for UbuContest?10:48
popeyJamesTait: sturmflut2 has found an issue with icon_url in the store api...10:53
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sturmflut2DanChapman, rpadovani, sverzegnassi, ybon: Have you thought about entering UbuContest yourself?13:36
mcphailsturmflut2: surely Panda Love is going to walk the contest?13:37
sturmflut2mcphail: I can't enter it because I invented the contest and because of the license ;)13:37
mcphailsturmflut2: you'll never get a jopb at FIFA with that attitude13:38
sturmflut2mcphail: Well, that's true. Silly me.13:38
DanChapmansturmflut2: not sure I would have time to work on a new app :-)13:40
mcphailso how do I nominate someone for technical achievement?13:46
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antonyAnyone want to test my app?15:49
DanChapmanSturmFlut: just missed you by seconds earlier "[14:40:19] <DanChapman> sturmflut2: not sure I would have time to work on a new app :-)"15:55
SturmFlutDanChapman: It doesn't have to be new, you can enter anything you have and improve it over the next two months.15:56
DanChapmanSturmFlut: Oh cool! I presumed it was just for new apps :-)15:58
sverzegnassiSturmFlut, I don't know... it's all about the time, as DanChapman said... I already have some idea in the case :)16:00
SturmFlutDanChapman: No, I think we have to make that more clear. And some people also seem to think it's restricted to Europe only16:00
SturmFlutsverzegnassi: Well, if you register your ideas now, we will bug you for the next two months, which will motivate you ;)16:01
ybonis that supposed to still work http://daker.me/2013/11/web-apps-remote-debugging-on-ubuntu-touch.html ?16:04
ybonI have upstart-app-launch: command not found16:05
* ybon raises on Ubuntu Touch once every six months :/16:05
ybonthe command I'm trying to run is "upstart-app-launch webbrowser-app --inspector"16:06
ybon(cc daker :) )16:09
DanChapmanSturmFlut: :-D I'll have to have a think on what i can get done in a couple of months then!16:14
popeyJamesTait: submitting an app and I get "Service unavailable. Please try again later. ([])"16:14
popeyybon: the command changed, I think it's ubuntu-app-launch :)16:15
ybonthanks popey let me try that :)16:16
ybonUnable to find keyfile for application 'webbrowser'16:16
ybondoes that ring a bell? :)16:17
JamesTaitpopey, checking up for you.16:18
ybondoing a top, the process is named "webbrowser+", but it doesn't work either with the "+"16:18
ybon(when I run the browser by touching the icon)16:18
karnipopey: you're on hols, right ;P ?16:18
ybon(Unable to find keyfile for application '--help' :p)16:19
karnipopey: oh, or you're already back16:19
popeynot any more karni16:19
popeysadly :)16:19
popeyybon: webbrowser-app ?16:19
ybonpopey: you're the one! :)16:19
popeythe + means top is truncating it16:19
ybonah :)16:19
JamesTaitpopey, are you getting that error message instead of myapps, or in the review output or something?16:22
popeyJamesTait: i get it at the top after pressing submit for the first time16:27
popeyon a new app submission16:27
popeyJamesTait:  in https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/upload/16:27
JamesTaitAck, thanks popey. We're looking into it.16:28
JamesTaitpopey, is it sheepop?16:29
JamesTaitOK, got the logs, looks like a similar problem to before. Possibly an old scan process that didn't get killed properly.16:30
popeyso try again?16:31
JamesTaitpopey, not yet, we're exercising the thermonuclear option atm. ☺  FWIW, you might find that you're able to upload an icon in your app details page.16:32
popeyok, i have another app update to do too, please ping me when I can upload16:33
JamesTaitpopey, will do.16:34
ybondaker: so the line to type is "ubuntu-app-launch webbrowser-app --inspector" in case you want to update your (nice!) blog post :)16:42
ybondaker: and thanks for that, it's very useful :)16:42
mcphailSturmFlut: 2 questions - how do I nominate someone for the technical contribution award and how can I tell who is a Canonical employee? :)16:46
DanChapmanmcphail: you would probably be best asking one of the community managers (dpm, popey, mhall119 etc) in private if X person works for canonical.16:50
mcphailDanChapman: cheers. You should go up for dekko16:51
DanChapmanoh is the qml state machine framework now in the image? I see there is now docs for it https://developer.ubuntu.com/api/apps/qml/sdk-15.04/QtQml.qmlstatemachine/16:54
ahoneybunDanChapman: :)16:56
ahoneybuncan't wait to use Dekko as my goto email on desktop16:58
DanChapmanahoneybun: :-D will be nice to have something different on desktop that's for sure17:00
ahoneybunDanChapman: any plans for threads like Geary?17:01
ahoneybunI love that17:01
DanChapmanahoneybun: at some point yes17:02
dakerybon: yw :) sure i will17:13
ahayzenballoons, is there a 'proper' way of running qmlunit tests on device other than making it writeable and installing qmltestrunner via apt?17:41
balloonsahayzen, that's actually not something I ever really do. I always run them as part of a build or locally17:44
balloonsthat said, I remember nik90 struggling with it in the same way. I think the runner wasn't built for armhf at the time17:44
ahayzenballoons, hmmm but i wanna test mediascanner2/media-hub/thumbnailer modules are working with our URIs :-)17:44
SturmFlutmcphail: http://ubucon.de/2015/contest/nominate-individual , and I usually search Launchpad and look if the person has registered an "@canonical.com" e-mail address17:44
balloonsahayzen, does it work?17:44
ahayzenballoons, idk thats as far as i got before sleep lol17:45
balloonsahayzen, give it a whirl, but I believe it doesn't work17:45
ahayzenhah ok :-/17:45
mcphailSturmFlut: cheers. Just realised my nominee is an employee :(17:45
ahayzenguess it might run on a unity8 x86 desktop if that would work on my machine in a 'useable' way :-/17:46
SturmFlutmcphail: Yeah, happened to me too :/ So many great people work for Canonical17:46
* mcphail shakes fist at Canonical HR department17:47
ogra_mcphail, whom did you nominate ? sabdfl ?17:49
mcphailogra_: sabdfl? Nah - he'll never make anything useful17:51
ogra_he wrote a lot of launchpad :)17:52
mcphailthat was just showing off17:53
ogra_naked people on the default wallpaper was also a project from him17:54
ogra_(that only lasted one release due to user complaints though)17:54
mcphailthat _was_ a good one17:54
mcphailthousands of teenage boys cursed him as they minimised their browsers as their mothers came into the room - only to face something worse17:55
* ogra_ never saw it in that light17:56
ahayzenballoons, ok managed to get it todo this http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/11921411/18:03
ahayzenballoons, guess there is some permissions thing i need to enable somewhere18:03
ahayzenballoons, thats my unity8 log http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/11921427/ looks like i need to launch qmltestrunner via upstart with a desktop file?!18:06
davmor2popey: this clock app I turned on Spanish Language and rebooted I selected Paris, Warsaw and Wroclaw, The countries in the clock read france poland poland, however in the selector Paris has a tick thing and the country is Francia18:10
davmor2jhodapp: with the new playlist support will it contain a way to dynamically update track title from a stream?18:16
jhodappdavmor2, describe the scenario a little more specifically if you can18:16
davmor2jhodapp: so audio playlist is an icecast in mp3 format, It updates the metaData when the new mp3 starts, I can poll it once and it will display that, I could then setup a while playing poll once a minute style setup as I'm struggling to make onChanged work.  So is there an api I can plug into that is effective on title change update title18:20
jhodappdavmor2, we do have a way although it probably won't work with the first landing of this code18:21
jhodappdavmor2, the metadata stuff is barebones in media-hub atm18:21
jhodappdavmor2, but we should be able to make that case work...there is a metadataChanged signal out of media-hub that could bubble up to qtubuntu-media, which could then bubble up to a QML/C++ app18:22
davmor2jhodapp: that's not a problem, I want to try and figure out the onChanged bit anyway, it is a pain in the arse though :)18:23
davmor2jhodapp: oh nice18:23
balloonsahayzen, this is an mzanetti question I think. If someone has done it, it would be him. mzanetti have you run qml tests on device?18:27
mzanettiballoons, not very recently, but last time I tried it was working, yes18:28
mzanettiahayzen, try: qmltestrunner -i tst_foobar.qml --desktop_file_hint=/usr/share/application/camera-app.desktop18:29
mzanettiI guess using ubuntu-app-test would be the proper thing18:29
mzanettibut would need to do some research18:29
ahayzenmzanetti, ok that did something different... i've gtg now i'll play around with things later and report back :-)18:31
mzanettiahayzen, balloons: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11921911/18:43
balloonsmzanetti, awesome ty18:43
balloonsprobably worth documenting this someplace18:43
mzanettiyep :)18:44
mzanettiubuntu-app-test is quite cool :)18:44
mzanettitedg, finally got to try it :D ^18:44
mzanettiwould be nice if it could close itself when done18:44
mzanettibut not critical as it accepts new connections even when running...18:45
balloonsmzanetti, does this work with the emulator also?18:53
mzanettiballoons, haven't tried, but if it doesn't I'd say it's an issue with the emulator18:54
mzanettiin other words, it should work18:54
mzanettiballoons, cool. I just tried some of the more complex unity8 qmltests with ubuntu-app-test. works like a charm19:10
* kalikiana wonders if the dekko convergience is coming soon, getting addicted from using it on his bq19:56
DanChapmankalikiana: it's in progress :-) still a few weeks yet until the next milestone release target, which will include the initial convergence changes. The core-apps ppa build should become usable again next week, if you want an early peek :)20:18
kalikianaDanChapman: are you aware of the MultiCoumnView componenet that will soon land in the toolkit with 1.3?20:19
kalikianaie this branch https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/multiColumnView/+merge/26259120:20
DanChapmankalikiana: yes faenil pointed me at it a couple of weeks back. I have tried to keep that in mind for when we can target 1.3. Would much rather use that tbh20:28
kalikianaDanChapman: I guess you already have some code so it might not be urgent, but I'm thinking dekko might be a really good test case to ensure that the component actually works well20:30
kalikianaDanChapman: I'd be tempted to help trying the component out if I find some time for it. Do you have a timeline when the convergience is landing in dekko's trunk?20:45
kalikianalast I checked it wasn't in there yet20:45
DanChapmankalikiana: I'd be happy to test it out in a seperate branch :) , is there an easy way to get the toolkit for 1.3 setup locally?20:45
kalikianaDanChapman: on a laptop it's pretty easy (admittedly I work with it on a daily basis... so maybe a little more hassle for you) bzr branch lp:~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/multiColumnView20:47
kalikianathat has the MultiColumnView which you swap for the MainView20:47
DanChapmankalikiana: oh... does it replace MainView? I will have a re-read of the docs on it tomorrow anyway and work out what needs to be done to test it out20:55
kalikianaDanChapman: the toolkit gallery uses it in that branch so in the diff you can see the basics on how to use it. mainly that means replacing MainView with MultiColumnView, adding primaryPage: myStartPage which is the initial page and then use addPageToCurrentColumn/addPageToNextColumn/removePages - that's all also documented of course in the branch20:58
kalikianaDanChapman: if you find anything might be missing for dekko's use cases I'd be very happy to hear your feedback (as would be t1mp) since basically we kept the API as simple as possible initially but we'll extend it before 15.1021:00
DanChapmankalikiana: ok great, thanks! :-) i'll let you know how I get on21:02
t1mpDanChapman: MainView will stay, but you have the option to use MultiColumnView instead. It has functions addPageToCurrentColumn() and addPageToNextColumn()21:34
t1mpand removePages(page). The rest is automatic :)21:35
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kalikianaooohhhh dekko trunk actually does converge now21:52
kalikianaexcept the html view is totally not high dpi :-(21:52
DF_hey people22:01
kalikianaDanChapman: FYI bug 1477325 (https://launchpadlibrarian.net/212359911/dekko%20hidpi.png)22:02
ubot5bug 1477325 in Dekko "Email view does't support HiDPI" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147732522:02
LichteI've just installed Vivid and I see that there is an ubuntu-sdk that can be installed with apt-get, but on the instruction page on the website, it way to install a ppa22:23
Lichteis the ppa required with Vivid ?22:23
Lichtehmmm, I'm reading the ppa site, it looks like I should probably install the ppa first22:27
Lichtepopey, ok, thanks  :)22:28
kalikianaLichte: there are packages in the vivid archive but they're basically outdated so you should use the ppa22:34
Lichtekalikiana, great, thanks22:35
DF_ i'm getting an strange error when trying to run an app on the phone22:52

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