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anpok_ping trainguards09:31
sil2100anpok_: pong09:31
anpok_AlbertA resolved the boottest issues last night09:31
anpok_in silo00409:31
anpok_do we have to deo the our test process?09:32
sil2100anpok_: what packages had to be changed to get those working?09:33
sil2100Since normally we recommend re-testing, but it also depends on what changes and where had to be made09:33
sil2100General recommendation is: please re-test, since even the smallest change or even a rebuild can cause potential trouble09:33
anpok_sil2100: we reverted changes inside mir - that affected libmirprotobuf009:34
karnisil2100: < davmor2> karni: you might want to ping sill2100 to get a unique number and mark the other section as yes so we get a ticket in trello10:28
karnisil2100: is this something you can help with:)?10:28
karnisil2100: I've added Telegram row in line 53 of the CI Train sheet /Tarballs and Clicks/. The one in row 50 should be marked as failed, if it's something you can do.10:29
sil2100karni: on it!10:39
karnisil2100: cheers! :)10:39
ogra_wow, thats quite a list10:40
davmor2ogra_: what is10:44
ogra_davmor2, that silo4 list10:55
ogra_(of packages)10:55
davmor2ogra_: yes an it increases all the time :)10:56
nerochiaroelopio: hi, quick question: in an autopilot test, is there a reason why calling self.skipTest() will not actually skip the test ? is there anything extra i should do to make it work ? and is it documented anywhere ?10:56
ogra_davmor2, yeah, the insatiable anpok_ :)10:56
anpok_i just noticed that qtmir-gles has a different version number..10:57
anpok_in other words.. those are not the droids you are looking for10:58
Laneysil2100: hi, do you know where the branch for ^ is by any chance?11:48
seb128Laney, https://code.launchpad.net/~indicator-applet-developers/indicator-datetime/trunk.15.10 ?11:50
Laneydoesn't have 0710.111:51
seb128Laney, https://code.launchpad.net/~indicator-applet-developers/indicator-datetime/trunk.15.04 in fact it seems11:51
Laneyk, what happened there?11:52
seb128dual landing I guess?*11:53
seb128unsure why they branched if they dual land though11:54
seb128charles or tedg might know11:54
Laneyit also has a very unhelpful changelog11:57
mardytrainguards: can you please help me find out how to see the test output from https://launchpadlibrarian.net/212289175/buildlog_ubuntu-vivid-amd64.online-accounts-api_0.1%2B15.04.20150722-0ubuntu1_BUILDING.txt.gz ?11:58
mardyI got some failed tests, and I'd like to see what's failing11:58
seb128mardy, they can't, is "make tests" not outputing the errors on stdout/err?12:04
mardyseb128: no, it's producing a file12:04
mardyseb128: it's how cmake works, I'm afraid; how do you deal with it in u-s-s?12:05
seb128mardy, to debug those I usually makes debian/rules cat the log12:05
seb128cmake is buggy in that regard imho12:05
mardyseb128: I agree; ok, I'll try working around that in debian/rules12:06
mardyseb128: thanks12:06
seb128mardy, I think something like that should work12:09
seb128    dh_auto_test || cat dir/somelog.log12:10
seb128mardy, non tested, but I did hacks like that before with success12:10
mardyseb128: cool, I'll try12:13
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jhodapphey sil2100, can you please publish silo 19 for me?12:20
anpok@trainguards: had to reconnect a few minutes ago.. is silo-004 ok now?12:23
sil2100jhodapp: on it, was eating lunch12:35
jhodappsil2100, np, thanks!12:36
sil2100anpok: let me try publishing12:36
sil2100jhodapp: https://code.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/qtubuntu-media-signals/fix-black-video-issues/+merge/262363 still needs approval12:37
jhodappsil2100, alright, one min12:37
sil2100anpok: grrrr... platform-api needs a rebuild ;/12:38
sil2100Version of platform-api at dest changed from 3.0.0+15.10.20150706-0ubuntu1 to 3.0.0+15.10.20150707-0ubuntu1 since packages built12:38
sil2100This is crazy12:38
jhodappsil2100, ok that's approved now12:39
sil2100jhodapp: republishing then12:39
jhodappsil2100, is there still an issue?12:45
sil2100jhodapp: no, reviewing12:52
sil2100It's good12:55
sil2100Too bad we won't be able to dual land those anymore12:55
anpoksil2100: now12:58
sil2100Aw come ooooon12:59
sil2100anpok: now qtmir...13:00
tedgseb128, Not sure, there was a big rebuild for Mir, wonder if that got pulled in.13:08
seb128tedg, but why did the wily update got commited to the 15.04 branch?13:11
tedgseb128, Not sure. Someone screwed up? ;-)13:11
seb128tedg, that was sort of part of the ping/question13:12
seb128or is the indicator in dual landing?13:12
tedgseb128, We should ask charles to be sure as I haven't been following as closely.13:12
seb128in which case was the branching needed/wanted?13:12
tedgNo, none of the indicators or dual landing.13:12
seb128that spare works13:12
tedgEh, kinda. If you don't care about what ends up in wily, sure.13:13
seb128why would bugfixes not be good for wily?13:13
tedgBecause there are always integration issues. Bug fix works on foo version of a library but not bar.13:16
tedgIf you're not looking at those, you basically get bit rot.13:17
* sil2100 pokes ogra_ about the endorsement13:20
* ogra_ whistles innocently 13:20
anpoksil2100: ^ now rebuilding qtmir-gles13:42
sil2100anpok: thanks!13:42
pete-woodstrainguards: hi guys, could I get silo 46 reconfigured? thanks! :)13:50
Laneyhttps://launchpadlibrarian.net/212294587/indicator-datetime_13.10.0%2B15.10.20150720-0ubuntu1_13.10.0%2B15.10.20150722-0ubuntu1.diff.gz and it got an empty changelog13:52
sil2100pete-woods: on it13:58
pete-woodssil2100: thanks :)13:58
sil2100pete-woods: actually, you can now reconfigure yourself! :)13:58
pete-woodssil2100: say what??13:59
sil2100I keep forgetting about that13:59
sil2100The train is becoming more and more self-service13:59
pete-woodssil2100: I don't see any links for that on the dash..13:59
pete-woodsI take it the jenkins jobs are there14:00
sil2100anpok: ok, this is stupid... the train doesn't check all components, just one after another - now it's qtubuntu14:00
pete-woodsI just need to know which to run14:00
sil2100pete-woods: you need to use the spreadsheet :)14:00
sil2100pete-woods: find your landing line (it's written on the dashboard), click on any cell of the row, go to the 'Landing tools' menu and Reconfigure ;)14:01
pete-woodssil2100: I'm on the line, but too stupid to find the Landing Tools menu14:01
sil2100pete-woods: it's next' to 'Help'14:02
pete-woodsseen it now14:02
pete-woodswas looking in addons, etc14:02
sil2100:) No worries, soon the whole spreadsheet will be gone ;p14:02
pete-woodsbut won't you guys miss it?14:02
sil2100hm, a little bit, so much sweat and tears soaked into that spreadsheet14:03
ogra_google will surely miss getting all the incident reports14:03
elopionerochiaro: no, it should be enough. Maybe you are skipping the test but it's failing during the setUp?14:09
nerochiaroelopio: i am actually skipping the test during the setup, because the condition under which to skip the test will be detected only after the window appears14:09
elopionerochiaro: then that should be enough.14:10
elopiodo you have a trace and a link to the code?14:10
nerochiaroelopio: let me try that again. i have a suspicion that i want to verify before submitting an actual bug14:17
anpoksil2100: any idea why 0.14.0 is already in wily?14:20
sil2100I don't know, I think this silo got published once right? But blocked in -proposed14:20
anpokthat was my understanding .. yes!14:20
anpokbut now:14:20
sil2100Yes, I see it's in -proposed indeed14:21
sil2100Ah, so those package versions were caused by the earlier mir landing14:21
sil2100The rebuilds requested?14:21
anpokhttp://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/m/mir/ <- there is a 0.14.014:21
anpokseems so.. yes..14:22
sil2100If that's the case, let's force publishing - I'll double check that and try to force it14:22
anpoksil2100: thx14:24
anpokqtubuntu-gles now as a different version number -- but if it is true the source should be identical14:25
kenvandinemandel, so what's the plan for silo 9?  i see it's been approved to be published?14:35
kenvandinemandel, are you going to do a separate silo for vivid?14:35
mandelkenvandine, yes, that is the idea :)14:36
mandelkenvandine, do to click-scope14:36
kenvandinemandel, however... that silo has an unapproved merge proposal14:36
anpoksil2100: sorry for the fuzz .. those packages are still just in wily-proposed14:36
sil2100Yeah, we'll have to overwrite them14:36
kenvandinemandel, can you get that published so i can rebuild and publish my other silo?14:36
mandelkenvandine, vivid?14:37
mandelkenvandine, or the wily one?14:37
Laneyanpok: It's best to look on launchpad (https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mir) or use rmadison to see the archive state14:37
kenvandinei have a dual landing silo ready to go though :)14:37
LaneyYou can't see where packages are just by looking in the archive's pool14:37
kenvandineso i need to get your's published first14:37
kenvandinemandel, do you have a vivid silo already?14:37
mandelkenvandine, not yet, I had issues building the wily one, just got it fixed14:38
mandelkenvandine, I'm in a standup, as soon as I get out I'll create the vivid one14:38
kenvandinemandel, ok, thx14:38
mandelkenvandine, will ping someone to approve the mr missing14:38
kenvandinethe udm branch is the one not approved14:38
kenvandineat least the only one i looked at :)14:38
sil2100anpok: I'm now double confirming if it's ok to land14:39
anpokit is ok14:40
anpokbetter than ok ..14:40
sil2100anpok: yep, confirmed14:44
sil2100Trying to force publish14:44
sil2100anpok: this silo has bad-luck - we have unbilt revisions here https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-system-compositor-team/unity-system-compositor/trunk/+merge/26286614:46
sil2100anpok: https://code.launchpad.net/~mir-team/qtubuntu/qtubuntu-gles-mir-release-0.14.0/+merge/264185 <- here as well, but we know about this one14:46
anpoksil2100: yip14:47
sil2100anpok: anyway, unity-system-compositior might require a rebuild (and qtubuntu-gles in the same time might be rebuilt as well, since why not?)14:47
sil2100anpok: or...14:47
sil2100anpok: or you could revert the changes that got pushed to that u-s-c branch14:47
sil2100Not sure if that's wise though14:48
sil2100It's hard to say which new commits we're missing, would have to dig inside the train14:49
sil2100I suppose the 3 recent commits14:49
anpokI am rebuilding those.14:49
sil2100anpok: fingers crossed that now we'll be able to JUST PUBLISH14:50
ChrisTownsendsil2100: Hi!  So I want to add a slightly modified version of the lxc package to the vivid+overlay PPA.  What do I need to do to accomplish this?  Is there a Wiki or something so I don't need to pester you too much?14:51
sil2100ChrisTownsend: hey! Yes, the best way would be to use the train as then QA can do the necessary testing - we have some documentation for that:14:52
sil2100ChrisTownsend: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/citrain/LandingProcess14:52
sil2100ChrisTownsend: the "Landing your change to Ubuntu" has an overall train-guide, but "Landing your change to the Stable Overlay PPA" (or "Dual-landing for stable and devel" if that fits your project) is what you would be most interested probably14:53
sil2100Since the first section is more for people that never used the train before14:53
sil2100ChrisTownsend: you landed things through the CI Train already, right?14:53
ChrisTownsendsil2100: Ok, thanks!  I've used the train for Unity landings before, so I'm familiar with that.14:53
ChrisTownsendsil2100: Ok, since this is not a MP, I'll need to send you (or some other trainguard) the source package, right?  My plan was just to use "apt-get source lxc" in Vivid, make my changes, update changelog, and build source package.  Is this correct?14:58
ChrisTownsendsil2100: I'm looking at the "CI Train for manual source uploads" section.14:59
sil2100ChrisTownsend: yeah :)15:03
sil2100ChrisTownsend: well.. not exactly apt-get source15:04
sil2100ChrisTownsend: since the overlay already has some changes on top of it15:04
sil2100lxc-android-config 0.227 <- that's the version in overlay15:05
ChrisTownsendsil2100: Well, it's just the lxc package itself.15:05
sil2100Sorry, yeah ;)15:05
ogra_ohh ...15:05
ogra_be very very careful with that though15:05
sil2100ChrisTownsend: right, then apt-get source is fine, sorry, miss-read that15:06
ogra_since our architecture kind of depends on a functioning lxc container for the android layer15:06
sil2100ChrisTownsend: but also make sure the same changes are in wily as well (if that's possible)15:06
ChrisTownsendogra_: Hmm, ok.  What I'm doing is adding one line in debian/lxc.preinst to add a "phablet" user in the section that creates /etc/lxc/lxc-usernet.15:07
ChrisTownsendsil2100: I don't really want this to go in the wily archive.15:08
ChrisTownsendsil2100: Ideally, only the overlay PPA.15:08
ogra_ChrisTownsend, well, test it very carefully, we modify the hell out of lxc on the phone already to make the container work properly (there are various bits we had to disable like network support in containers and such)15:08
ChrisTownsendogra_: Oh.....15:09
ChrisTownsendogra_: Then this won't work anyways.  Back to the drawing board...15:10
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ogra_ChrisTownsend, take a look at all the override upstart jobs in lxc-android-config ... thats our "hacks" pac kage for the phone where we keep them central15:13
ChrisTownsendogra_: Ok, I'll take a look.  Thanks!15:13
sil2100mandel: some of your merges need approval/review:15:29
sil2100mandel: list here: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-009-2-publish/100/console15:29
kenvandinesil2100, don't let silo 9 land yet... mandel asked me to give it a quick test and i had problems15:37
sil2100ACK, let's switch it to 'not-tested' then15:37
kenvandinesil2100, done15:38
sil2100kenvandine: thanks :)15:38
* kenvandine passes silo 9 and publishes 30 :)15:39
kenvandinemandel, sorry, silo 9 will also need a rebuild15:39
kenvandinemandel, with silo 9 it's just not downloading click updates :/15:40
anpoksil2100: silo 004 looks good..15:52
sil2100Ok, on it again15:53
sil2100anpok: were any packaging changes necessary to fix the boottest issues?15:57
anpoksil2100: we did bump an ABI for mir-graphics-drivers-android.15:58
anpokbut it turned out not to be the cause..15:58
anpoksil2100: we fixed it by reverting abi breaking changes in libmirprotobuf015:58
sil2100anpok: ok, let me just get someone re-approving the mir packaging changes then15:59
sil2100ogra_, slangasek: could anyone of you review this change? https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-004-2-publish/82/artifact/mir_packaging_changes.diff15:59
sil2100Actually more slangasek would be required here, as we need an archive admin16:00
kyrofatrainguards: I saw my soli go from "in the Proposed pocket" to "empty," and my MPs were merged. Where does that mean my package is?16:02
kyrofas/soli/silo/, apparently I'm dyslexic when I lack coffee16:03
sil2100kyrofa: hey, this means the package has been released to the main pocket and is now available in the target archives16:03
sil2100kyrofa: if it was a dual landing then it means that the package is now both in the vivid overlay-ppa and the wily archive16:03
kyrofasil2100, sweet, I was hoping that was the case, but I searched packages.ubuntu.com and saw nothing. Does it take a while for that to update?16:03
sil2100kyrofa: what package did you publish?16:04
sil2100kyrofa: it's there already ;) https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-scope-snappy16:04
sil2100packages.ubuntu.com is not a super reliable source of information16:04
sil2100Not instantly reliable I would say16:05
kyrofasil2100, heh, good to know. Alright great, thank you!16:05
davmor2sil2100, karni: all good to go on telegram16:08
sil2100davmor2, karni: let's ship it!16:08
karnidavmor2: win \o/16:08
sil2100It works now finally, yes?16:09
jibeldavmor2, you tried on OTA4/5 too?16:09
karnisil2100: yes, we resolved the thumbnailer regression16:09
davmor2jibel: meh I forgot ota4, ota5 was good give me a minute karni and sil210016:10
sil2100I think if OTA-5 is good then it should be good16:10
karnidavmor2: naturally, take your time16:10
karnibut davmor2's on the safe side to double check that16:10
jibelalthough if someone updates telegram he should see an upgrade to ota516:11
davmor2sil2100: it will only take a couple of minutes after the flash16:11
sil2100slangasek, robru: could you guys make sure to release silo 004? It needs a force publish as the previous 0.14.0 is still in -proposed16:17
sil2100slangasek, robru: the mir packaging changes needs review by an archive admin, but then it should be fine to just force publish16:17
sil2100robru: and a reminder from me about the compoment name ci train branch!16:17
* sil2100 needs to jump out now16:17
davmor2karni, jibel: video, image and text all sent on ota4 too16:25
jibeldavmor2, \o/16:26
karnidavmor2: \o/ !16:26
karnigreat news, thank you davmor216:26
davmor2sil1200 has ofcourse disappeared now :016:26
fgintherogra_, do you happen to know if the latest wily image (152) is known to work on krillin?16:34
ogra_fginther, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/live-build/+bug/147705116:34
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1477051 in live-build (Ubuntu) "Phones on devel-proposed do not boot - /bin/sh: 1: /bin/sh: initctl: not found" [Critical,Confirmed]16:34
ogra_infinity, is on it16:34
fgintherogra_, danke!16:34
ogra_wall last nights wily buiolds are affected16:34
infinityogra_: There's a build going on cdimage right now with the new live-build...16:38
infinityogra_: Which I just realised will be broken, cause I didn't wait for it to migrate, and that build doesn't use proposed.16:39
infinityogra_: So, uhm.  After this, there will be ANOTHER build that fixes it. :P16:39
ogra_heh, all fine16:39
ogra_it is wily after all16:39
ogra_as long as your change didnt migrate into vivid yet we're all fine16:39
infinityYeahp, but I'm using wily to validate the bugfix for vivid (since the symptom and the fix are identical).16:39
infinityFix is uploaded to both, so once I'm happy with the state in wily, then yay.16:40
robrukenvandine: mterry: anybody got a sec for a packaging review? https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-004-2-publish/82/artifact/mir_packaging_changes.diff/*view*/16:53
slangasekrobru: that requires an archive admin review for package name changes17:00
slangasekI'm looking at it17:01
slangasekrobru: and have all the other packaging changes in that silo already been reviewed?17:01
robruslangasek: yes, they were reviewed the last time it was published. I think by mterry.17:02
slangasekrobru: ok.  and why is the build-dependency on abi-compliance-checker being dropped?17:03
robruslangasek: I dunno... anpok? ^^17:04
slangasekanpok: your mir upload in silo 004 is dropping the build-dependency on abi-compliance-checker relative to the archive, with no explanation in the changelog, no bug references, and we *just* got abi-compliance-checker promoted to main as part of an MIR to satisfy this build-depedency; nack on these packaging changes17:04
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kenvandineanyone around that can override ubuntu-system-settings promotion to release in wily?  It's held because of a missing depends in autopilot, which I've proposed a fix for17:49
ogra_kenvandine, try #ubuntu-release perhaps ?17:50
anpokslangasek: we dropped it because it was optional, and we were asked to drop ist..17:51
slangasekanpok: who asked you to drop it?17:52
anpokslangasek: we intend to add it as soon as it is in main  https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/147598217:53
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1464447 in abi-compliance-checker (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1475982 [MIR] abi-compliance-checker" [Critical,Fix released]17:53
slangasekanpok: that's not how it works.17:53
slangasekanpok: first, the build-dependency on abi-compliance-checker has been in the mir packaging for at least one stable release (which means the MIR should have been done /last/ cycle).  Second, abi-compliance-checker is /already/ in main now, as a result of that MIR bug being processed.  And third, packages get *dropped from main* if they're not being used17:55
slangasekanpok: please revert this packaging change17:55
anpokthis will take about an hour18:01
anpokslangasek: shall I ping you again as soon the landing ppa is updated again?18:01
slangasekanpok: yes, that's fine18:14
jdstrandfyi, not sure what is going on with the spreadsheet for telepathy-mission-control-5. the package is in stable-phone-overlay but the spreadsheet's Status cell is empty and the ppa is empty18:22
slangasekrobru: ^^ spreadsheet explosion?18:40
robrujdstrand: what row?18:41
robrujdstrand: are you surprised that the PPA is empty?18:42
robrujdstrand: sounds like you published it, and it published fine, but the spreadsheet just displays wrong/no status18:42
jdstrandrobru: no, it was successfully copied over18:43
jdstrandrobru: that is what happened. I just didn't do a merge/clean18:43
jdstrandso was mildly surprised it was empty18:43
robrujdstrand: yeah merge/clean happens automatically after a successful publish18:43
jdstrandso wanted to make sure it did the right thing18:43
jdstrandah, ok18:43
robrujdstrand: yeah the spreadsheet is a steaming pile, generally jenkins is working really well but the spreadsheet has trouble updating itself properly.18:43
pmcgowanrobru, how do I tell citrain command I want vivid version of a package18:56
pmcgowanor dont I18:56
robrupmcgowan: point it at a silo containing vivid packages?18:56
robrupmcgowan: what's the scenario? are you trying to downgrade after having installed a silo?18:57
pmcgowanrobru, I want silo 318:58
pmcgowanwhich is dual landing18:58
pmcgowando I just use ubuntu for the distro?18:58
robrupmcgowan: yes if your device is vivid you'll get the vivid packages, if your device is wily you'll get the wily packages18:59
pmcgowanrobru, very good19:00
robrupmcgowan: thanks19:00
pmcgowanrobru, is it supposed to get updates to every package that landed?19:03
robrupmcgowan: not sure what you mean. the tool will install every package in the silo onto the phone.19:04
davmor2pmcgowan: did you pin the silo first?19:04
davmor2pmcgowan: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/TestingProcessesUbuntuPersonal19:04
pmcgowanrobru, it updated everything in the overlay19:05
robrupmcgowan: oh yeah the version of the tool in vivid has a bug, if you branch the trunk version from lp:phablet-tools it should work19:05
robrupmcgowan: I believe that's expected, yes.19:05
davmor2pmcgowan: yes expected, but you probably didn't get the silo stuff unless you pinned it if you are running vivid on your desktop19:05
pmcgowanrobru, I have the phablet-tools ppa enabled but dont see an update19:05
pmcgowandavmor2, did not know about pinning, but seems I got the package19:06
robrudavmor2: the trunk version does the pinning.19:06
davmor2robru: oh nice19:06
pmcgowanrobru, can you publish a citrain package in the tools ppa?19:06
robrupmcgowan: I'll have a look. never done that before19:07
robrusergiusens: who maintains phablet-team/tools ppa?19:09
popeyrobru: you mentioned it last, so you do. (I don't think anyone does)19:27
robrupopey: cool, I'll just build some packages quick and cram 'em in there then19:27
robruanpok: lol, you missed: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-004-1-build/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/mir_packaging_changes.diff/*view*/19:29
robruslangasek: new packaging diff w/abi-compliance-checker restored: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-004-1-build/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/mir_packaging_changes.diff/*view*/ wanna ack?19:29
robrumandel: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-009-2-publish/101/console need these merges top-approved19:34
robrudavmor2: pmcgowan: ok I have an updated phablet-tools-citrain package uploaded to phablet-team/tools PPA, can you guys update to that and check if the silo pinning works correctly in vivid?19:39
kenvandinemandel, i did find a problem with silo 9... your unity-scope-click branch used in the silo has been superseded, and the new branch has conflcts19:49
kenvandinemandel, i think we can just change the status from superceded though19:50
kenvandinebut we should have something from the right team set it to approved19:50
kenvandinemandel, ok, i changed it to needs review... which is weird because it still says it's superseded :)19:51
kenvandinebut i think that's ok, just need someone to approve it19:51
mandelkenvandine, ok, that is weird..20:10
mandelkenvandine, sorry, I was having dinner..20:11
mandelkenvandine, is 22 here, I'm going to rest for the rest of the day, will do as much as possible in the morning to fix that20:11
slangasekrobru: yes, ack on the mir packaging now20:23
slangasekrobru: trying to publish fails because trust-store was already published to the archive, is that the bit that sil2100 was saying needs forced?20:26
robruslangasek: let me check20:27
robruslangasek: yeah seems so. I should really fix that check so that it doesn't block on packages dangling in -proposed20:28
slangasekrobru: er, that doesn't sound right20:28
robruslangasek: hm?20:29
slangasekthe purpose of this check is to avoid accidentally clobbering changes from another silo that have already been published20:29
slangasekskipping the warning for packages which are in -proposed just means you're letting things be clobbered20:29
robruslangasek: don't we already have a silo dirty check for that? the purpose of this check is to not clobber manual archive uploads done by non-train-users20:29
robruslangasek: anyway I'll force publish for now20:30
slangasekrobru: the version numbers shown there are not manual uploads20:30
slangasekand being in -proposed vs. wily again does nothing to invalidate this check20:31
robruslangasek: no, but that's because the check just says "this version is different than it used to be!" it doesn't inspect what the version number is20:31
slangasek"ERROR Version of trust-store at dest changed from 1.1.0+15.04.20150213-0ubuntu1 to 1.1.0+15.10.20150629-0ubuntu1 since packages built".20:31
kenvandinemandel, no problem20:31
slangasek1.1.0+15.10.20150629-0ubuntu1 wasn't a manual upload, that came from another silo landing20:32
kenvandinemandel, i think we just need someone to give the current branch an ack and set it to approved20:32
robruslangasek: or an earlier publish of this same silo20:32
kenvandineeven though it's superseded, this is the branch we tested and it should be fine to land20:32
robruslangasek: point is, that check was written in order to protect manual uploads by other people. my argument is that because this isn't a manual upload, it's a false positive, and should not be blocking publishing20:32
slangasekrobru: ok, but that has nothing to do with "packages dangling in -proposed" which was what you first said20:33
robrusteve pls20:34
robruslangasek: "packages dangling in -proposed" means "we're fixing a previous publish that failed and got stuck in -proposed"20:34
robruslangasek: I feel like this is a false positive on that test. sometimes silos get published and then fail in -proposed and need to be rebuilt & republished. but *every time* that happens, that check explodes because it finds it's own version in -proposed and says "hey, that's not the right version!" and prevents you from publishing20:36
slangasekI agree this is a false positive20:36
robruslangasek: so if that test was changed to ignore versions in -proposed, it wouldn't false positive like this ;-)20:37
slangasekrobru: that's still the wrong fix.20:43
slangasekjust because the package is in -proposed at the time you click 'publish' does not mean it's ignorable20:43
slangasek(or stuck, or from this silo...)20:44
robruslangasek: right20:45
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fgintheranpok, robru, FYI unity-system-compositor from http://people.canonical.com/~platform/citrain_dashboard/#?q=ubuntu%2Flanding-004 is having trouble in boottest23:07
fgintherit appears that adb fails to come up after the reboot. Testing locally to confirm23:08
* fginther goes offline for dinner23:10
robrufginther: I'm seeing a mix there. it used to be they all had boottest regressions now it seems only some do. Did you retry all of them?23:21
fgintherrobru, the *gles packages failed due to a known bug so they can be ignored. I've only retried unity-system-compositor locally so far23:24
fgintherrobru, anpok, and can confirm that unity-system-compositor boottest fails locally. After rebooting, the device is stuck on the Google screen23:24
robrufginther: hm, that is worrying. I guess we'll have to leave for anpok to investigate, it's not my area23:24
fgintherrobru, right, just trying to pass on the failure info since boottest has been less then reliable23:25
* fginther leaves again23:25

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