didrocksgood morning05:11
seb128good morning desktopers07:10
anpok_seb128: ok .. AlbertA removed the libmirprotobuf0 ABI breaks from 0.1407:17
anpok_with that boottest should work07:17
seb128anpok_, does that resolve the usc issue?07:18
seb128great :-)07:18
anpok_need to fix my krillin - I bricked it yesterday with my last attempt to bump libmirprotobuf0 to 1 which went boom..07:19
NoskcajDoes anyone here have the time to upload gegl 0.3?07:22
NoskcajIt and the required patches to gnome-photos and gimp are in ppa:noskcaj/gegl07:23
NoskcajDebian hasn't yet uploaded this due to a lack of response from the gimp maintainer, and it would be nice to get it before FF07:23
seb128hey willcooke08:05
seb128how is u.k today?08:05
willcookeso far, not bad.  Nice and warm08:05
willcookehow about you?08:06
davmor2seb128: warm and grey here08:06
seb128not so sunny here today08:07
seb128hey Laney08:07
Laneyanpok_: nice!08:07
Laneyhey seb128 willcooke davmor208:07
Laneywhat's up?08:07
Laneyyeah pretty grey here08:07
seb128Noskcaj, is that new gegl a transition? is there a bug about it?08:07
davmor2Laney: Ceiling, Sky, Clouds and stuff08:08
Laneytroposphere stratosphere mesosphere thermosphere exosphere08:11
Laneyprobably more spheres that i don't know about08:13
willcookedon't forget heaven08:14
Laneyis that up????08:15
davmor2willcooke: can't blag me the song specifically says Heaven is a place on Earth :P08:16
Noskcajseb128, yes, there's a transition. There's a debian auto-gegl tracker, and we have bugs for the new upstream release of gegl and gnome-photos from robert_ancell, but no actual transition bug08:17
seb128Noskcaj, how is debian handling that transition if they don't update gegl?08:18
seb128Noskcaj, can you share the bug numbers?08:18
Noskcajbug 1470282 bug 147065808:19
ubot5bug 1470282 in gegl (Ubuntu) "Update to 0.3" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147028208:19
ubot5bug 1470658 in gnome-photos (Ubuntu) "Update to 3.16" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147065808:19
ubot5Debian bug 790421 in src:gimp "gimp: please bump GEGL build-dependency to 0.3.0" [Wishlist,Open]08:20
seb128I guess first step would be to add your work to the first bug and subscribe sponsors then?08:20
Noskcajit's in debian exp currently, waiting on a response from the gimp maintainer AFAIK08:20
seb128response to what?08:21
seb128is there an issue/concern with gimp?08:21
Noskcajabout patching gimp to support the new gegl08:21
NoskcajIt's just changing compile stuff, no real code patches08:21
seb128is that patch upstream?08:21
Laneyrenamed pcfile08:21
NoskcajI've tested gimp and gnome-photos08:21
Noskcajbrb, dinner08:21
darkxsthey Laney  seb128,  robert_ancell bounced me back to you guys for the u-s-d/u-c-c gsettings changes ;(08:28
seb128he's not interested? or too busy? or not in agreement?08:28
darkxstseb128, said he didnt understand enough about the changes08:28
seb128k, same than me then :p08:29
seb128it needs somebody wanting to sit down for some hours08:29
darkxstI added some more details on the bug about what has changed08:29
Laneyi am supposed to patch pilot some time08:29
Laneywill look then08:29
darkxstLaney, k, thanks08:29
seb128somebody should hit GNOME with a "gsettings schemas are api" stick08:33
=== JMulholland_ is now known as JMulholland
darkxstseb128, at the same time, it makes no sense having mutter use schemas from g-s-d (under wayland, where the g-s-d plugin is disabled)08:36
seb128darkxst, it doesn't need to, they could have let the old schemas in place untouched and created a new set of keys08:37
seb128having some migration code write the new keys on first start and letting the old untouched08:38
seb128and having the new code using the new keys only08:38
seb128that would have let the old "api" untouched08:38
darkxstseb128, the issue here is that u-s-d shares g-s-d schemas08:38
darkxstseb128, how do you know the settings have been migrated?08:38
seb128you write a new boolean key "settings-migrated"?08:39
seb128which default to false08:39
darkxstthe GNOME approach was to reset everything to default setting08:39
seb128and write it to true when you do the migration08:39
darkxstseb128, but really this is a unique case, no other downstream, shares the g-s-d schemas08:42
Noskcajseb128, gimp is patched upstream, but i've not yet found the patch08:42
seb128darkxst, it's the usual GNOME line of thinking, they do the same for GTK08:48
seb128"let's change ABI, the only users of that API that we know about are things we can fix'08:48
seb128oh well, I guess that's not a discussion that's going to help there08:49
seb128darkxst, if Laney doesn't review it I can try to have a look this week08:49
seb128but same as robert_ancell, I don't understand the details atm08:50
darkxstseb128, its a little different to GTK, but yes I do agree they behave similar in that case08:53
darkxstsince there is absolutely no guarantee about g-s-d api's/schemas08:59
Noskcajupstream gegl patch https://git.gnome.org/browse/gimp/commit/configure.ac?id=f72c138771369575f87f272be1cb94372c220d9709:03
seb128that commit is from 201309:07
Noskcajgimp hasn't had a new major release in years09:07
Noskcajand that's in master, not the 2.8 branch09:07
seb128you made sure that 2.8 builds with the new gegl?09:08
Noskcajyep, that's what's in the ppa09:08
Noskcajworked fine on my pc09:08
seb128no gegl in the sponsoring queue?09:09
seb128let me know when it's there and I can have a look09:10
Noskcajthe ~ppa1 versions will need dropping, i won't have time to do that for a while, so just take it if you can please09:11
Noskcajthere = sponsors subscribed09:12
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desrt*yawn* good morning desktop12:19
seb128hey desrt12:39
seb128desrt, how are you?12:40
desrthow's life in schengen?12:40
seb128we have some sun again since yesterday ;-)12:40
didrocksmorning desrt!12:40
desrtit's been great here lately12:40
desrtexcept a bit humid :)12:40
desrthihi didrocks12:40
didrocksstill really warm here12:40
* desrt is starting to get excited about vacation :)12:41
didrockswill be better in a couple of hours, supposed to rain12:41
seb128desrt, when/where do you go?12:41
desrti have two weeks off starting monday12:41
desrtwhen i return, i will not be the same person12:41
desrtmy mind will have been warped12:41
desrttwo solid weeks of speaking esperanto12:42
seb128do you go to any european conf after that?12:42
desrtdebconf is two weeks after12:42
desrtthen back home12:42
seb128so spending a bit over a month in europe?12:43
desrtabout a month12:43
desrttwo weeks after = "not the next week, but the one after"12:43
seb128I see12:43
seb128we probably see each others at debconf then ;-)12:43
desrtreminds me12:44
* desrt has to send an email about that12:44
seb128I'm still not 100% sure going but I should12:44
desrtis everyone eating at the venue place?12:45
desrtie: did you take the meal option in the sign-up?12:45
seb128I didn't at least12:46
desrt"From the main train station you can reach the youth hostel by bus within 10 minutes"12:46
desrtsounds like there will be no shortage of food outside :)12:47
didrocksI didn't either12:48
didrocksseb128: but your room is book, isn't it?12:49
seb128didrocks, I guess so, Michelle was supposed to do the booking no?12:49
seb128I didn't check12:49
desrtmsm sent an email to me saying that she booked me a room12:49
didrocksseb128: I don't know if she doesn't only do that for those having their travel request number12:50
seb128I've a confirmation number on the gdoc12:51
seb128so I guess she did12:51
didrocksgreat :)12:51
desrtattente will be here soon12:51
desrti'm going to go put on some pants12:51
desrtthere's a bit of an inside joke there.  ask attente some time about his new opinion on pants ;)12:52
seb128or ask him about swimming pants12:54
seb128I'm sure Laney remembers ;-)12:54
desrtwas there an 'accident'?12:54
seb128let's say that one should be aware that some clothes become transparents when wet12:56
desrtoh.  i see.12:56
desrtor maybe i'd prefer not to see, in fact...12:56
desrtthat is some seriously poor engineering on swim shorts....12:56
seb128unsure if those were designed to swim12:56
seb128or if attente just decided to pick that to go swimming12:57
desrtno 'usability testing'12:57
didrocksyou are not supposed to wear pants in swimming pool, so then, bear with it! :)12:57
* ogra_ finds another channel to lurk12:57
desrt"William is a young software engineer.  He enjoys rock climbing and swimming."12:57
desrt^ gotta have your usecases down12:57
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
seb128tedg, what makes an url type defined for url-dispatcher?13:35
tedgseb128, If the package has a hook for a url-dispatcher file.13:35
tedgseb128, We then parse it and put that into a cache database13:35
tedgseb128, So technically, in the sqlite db, but realistically the url-dispatcher file is how you get there.13:36
seb128tedg, hum, so entries in /usr/share/url-dispatcher/urls/ ?13:36
tedgseb128, Yeah, for debs13:37
tedgseb128, I was thinking you were asking for clicks13:37
seb128tedg, I'm trying to understand bug 147714913:37
ubot5bug 1477149 in gallery-app (Ubuntu) "/usr/bin/gallery-app:url-dispatcher-bad-url" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147714913:38
ogra_for clicks you use an "app.url-dispatcher" file .... http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ogra/junk/google-plus-app/files13:38
seb128tedg, which is basically appid:/// not being recogniezed13:38
seb128" appid://com.ubuntu.camera/camera/current-user-version "13:38
tedgseb128, appid:/// is handled internally, so in that case it is the camera not being installed.13:38
seb128it's installed13:39
seb128and I can start it from the dash13:39
tedgseb128, click list ?13:39
tedgseb128, Is it still called com.ubuntu.camera ?13:39
seb128it's not a click13:39
seb128that's on the snappy personal image13:39
tedgOh, then that appid won't work.13:39
seb128yeah for convergence :-/13:39
tedgWhy is it not a click on personal?13:40
seb128because snappy and clicks are not friends13:40
seb128we have snaps there only13:40
tedgAh, so we need a way to launch snaps.13:40
tedgWhich requires a way for snaps to define applications instead of binaries.13:41
seb128well, camera is not snapified yet13:41
seb128it's part of the image13:41
seb128but I guess you have no interest in supporting debs on the base image?13:41
tedgI'm not sure how that'd really work...13:41
tedgWe're using those fields to look up in the Click database.13:42
seb128can't we just look up for a <name>.desktop13:42
tedgI think the work around that would be possible is if you had the camera register camera:/// and then gallery call that.13:42
tedgThen the deb could register that URL and we could call the desktop file.13:42
tedgI need to run a kid to camp, brb.13:43
seb128tedg, thanks for the replies!13:43
ogra_seb128, do you happen to know a way to set a kbd layout on a user level without accessing the system settings (/me just has a question on G+ from someone using a real kbd with his phone and i dont want to suggest making it writable)13:53
seb128ogra_, under mir? no idea, I don't even know if that's possible...13:53
ogra_heh, k13:54
seb128greyback_ might know13:54
ogra_well, for convergence it will have to be possible ... one day :)13:54
seb128yeah, kenvandine is working with the mir team to get api defined for input config13:55
ogra_(but i guess we'll just add keymaps to the rootfs and make the confi dir writable for that)13:55
greyback_ogra_: I believe mir supports different kbd layouts, but unity8 not exporting that yet13:55
ogra_ah, k13:55
dgadomskicyphermox: hey, do you have a sec to talk about bug #1297849?14:40
ubot5bug 1297849 in network-manager-vpnc (Ubuntu) "[SRU] Virtual private network connection fails after distribution upgrade due to outdated Network Manager configuration files" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/129784914:40
dgadomskicyphermox: I don't know what the root cause is, but since it has be identified that it has something to do with obtaining shell version by dbus it may be some kind of a race condition14:41
dgadomskiupstream has removed this shell watcher implementation14:41
dgadomskido you think backporting https://git.gnome.org/browse/network-manager-applet/commit/?id=4473e6a48fcfda1d87d4a4bc9f5c0589235dcfe0 makes sense?14:41
dgadomskiI think it will make the problem go away, but I'm not sure if it will not have any unwanted implications14:42
cyphermoxit looks fine, aiui we also don't autostart in the shell, but better make sure first14:45
dgadomskiI've done some tests with this change backported and saw no problems14:46
cyphermoxotherwise the other patch looked okay-ish14:46
cyphermoxin which release?14:46
dgadomskihowever, I haven't been able to reproduce the problem in the first place14:46
dgadomskiin vivid14:46
dgadomskimaybe I can prepare a ppa and ask for testing in a comment14:46
cyphermoxlet me just check the autostart, then we can just upload to trusty-proposed14:47
dgadomskibackporting to trusty is less trivial, I would need more time to merge it14:48
dgadomskior we could use the other patch for trusty14:48
cyphermoxsorry i meant vivid :)14:50
dgadomskiphew :)14:51
dgadomskiattaching debdiff to the bug is ok?14:51
cyphermoxsure, but what concerns me is that I'm not sure this is gnome-shell specific14:52
dgadomskicyphermox: I've analyzed comment #60 and it makes sense, for whatever reason nm-applet hangs there before it failed to obtain shell version in 5 attempts14:57
dgadomskiso it's either a race condition or something else, but this patch should remove that dependency14:57
cyphermoxdgadomski: the short patch with a notify is safest15:06
cyphermoxbut I'm still not convinced it will actually really fix the "bugs" people are seeing15:06
dgadomskicyphermox: for both vivid & trusty?15:07
cyphermoxvivid and utopic15:07
cyphermoxwell, for wily too15:07
cyphermoxcan you upload?15:07
dgadomskiI can only attach it to the bug (but it's already there), I don't have other upload rights15:08
cyphermoxwell I already have a debdiff then15:09
cyphermoxI'll do the uploads now15:09
dgadomskicool, thanks15:09
* Laney cries at moar autopkgtest failures15:28
cyphermoxdgadomski: uploaded to wily., utopic and trusty, but there currently is a package in -proposed for vivid.15:46
dgadomskiso I guess it will hit vivid-proposed right after this one will be promoted to -updates, right?15:48
willcookehrm.  Just downloaded the W daily image and I can't log in.  From /var/log/lightdm/x-0-greeter.log15:52
willcookeI see that unity-greeter.vala died15:52
willcookeis that a red herring?15:52
seb128willcooke, what happens when you try to log in?15:57
willcookeseb128, it just sits there15:57
seb128on the greeter?15:58
seb128like after you entered your password?15:58
willcookeI've just got purple salad "Ubuntu 15.10" in the cornet15:58
willcookethe login boxes etc have gone15:58
seb128can you check what logs are in .cache/upstart ?15:58
seb128like gnome-session-Unity.log15:58
willcookedont have that one15:59
willcookehave dbus, jayatana, notify-cgmanager and unity-gtk-module15:59
seb128anything in ~/.xsession-errors ?15:59
willcooke$things terminated with status 12716:00
seb128right, those are not an issue16:02
seb128what about /var/log/*.log?16:02
seb128the lightdm and greeter ones16:02
seb128can you pastebin those?16:02
willcookeseb128, how's this?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/11920734/16:05
seb128willcooke, it's like you entered wrong password or something16:06
seb128"[+13.27s] DEBUG: Session: Failed during authentication"16:06
seb128then you tried a guest session which "worked" it seems16:07
willcookeseb128, guest session is the same16:10
seb128not according to the log16:10
seb128 /var/lib/lightdm-data/guest-TYxDIn/.xsession-errors doesn't have more issues?16:11
seb128or /var/lib/lightdm-data/guest-TYxDIn/.cache/upstart16:11
seb128but it looks like your normal session failed on auth issues ... you are sure of your password? not keymap issue?16:11
Laneypassword on a live session?16:12
willcookeI've tired another guest session, same deal, just sits there16:13
willcookehaving checked /var/lib/lightdm-data/guest<whatever>16:13
willcookethere is no .xsession-errors file16:13
willcookeor indeed a .cache dir16:14
* willcooke tries a live session from usb16:15
seb128Laney, who said it's a live session?16:15
willcookeoh, side note - when I boot up the network notification is just a black oblong16:15
seb128I assumed it was a new install16:15
Laney"the W daily image"16:15
willcookeyeah, install from the daily iso16:15
seb128right, I assumed it was an install from the daily16:15
LaneyI wouldn't call that booting the daily image16:15
seb128nobody said that16:16
seb128he said he downloaded the daily image :p16:16
seb128willcooke, is that a liveCD or an install?16:16
seb128if it's an install, was the live session working?16:16
willcookejust trying a live session from usb now...16:16
seb128or did you pick the installer mode?16:16
willcookeI did installer16:17
willcookelive session just booting....16:17
willcookehrm, black screen16:17
willcookeI can get to tty116:18
Laneysame here16:18
Laneysomething is fucked16:18
seb128I don't have a daily handy, I can download one but it's likely going to be a first thing tomorrow for me16:19
seb128I wonder if that's the buggy live-build upload that bugged upstart on the phone16:19
seb128there was a fix just uploaded for that16:19
Laneyonly-ubiquity mode works16:19
seb128I guess upstart buggy would only bug the user sessions16:20
seb128since system is systemd16:20
seb128unsure about ubiquity mode16:20
Laneyyeah that probably doesn't use upstart16:20
seb128k, so my bet is on that16:20
seb128willcooke, I would say to wait tomorrow morning16:20
seb128it's likely fix commited and going to be good on next iso build16:20
Laneywhat is worrying is that the smoke testing passed16:20
willcookesure thing, thanks16:20
seb128we have a "boot to desktop" test?16:21
Laneyobviously not16:21
seb128k, I was unsure what is in the tests you just mentioned16:21
seb128but I guess "not enough"16:22
seb128nothing about the user session indeed16:23
LaneyI don't know if they run on an installed system or just the image16:24
Laneycyphermox: halp?16:24
Laneywell, actually a test that live mode works would have been enough here16:25
Laneyindeed I see initctl not found in .cache/upstart/dbus.log16:26
Laneywillcooke: if you reinstall upstart it fixes things, btw16:28
Laneyapt-get install --reinstall upstart16:28
* willcooke tries16:28
willcookeis good16:29
Laneyhey, how's it going? ;)16:30
cyphermoxnot bad, you? :)16:30
Laneyit's nearly quittin' time16:30
willcookeLaney, next time you boot you daily can you see if you also get a black oblong where the "Connected to network" notification should be while in the greeter.  Might just be me16:30
Laneywillcooke: those happen in the greeter on the desktop for me, I think it's a driver/compositing/something thing16:31
Laneymaybe Robert knows16:31
willcookeoki, thx16:31
Laneycyphermox: I/we was wondering about the smoke tests... do they operate purely on the image or do/can they work on the resulting installed system?16:31
Laneycyphermox: Today's image has a busted live session due to missing /sbin/initctl and yet smoke testing passed16:32
cyphermoxthey do work on the installed system16:32
cyphermoxthat's how lvm test works16:32
Laneyso can we add a test that checks unity comes up, or something?16:32
cyphermoxsmoke tests are busted in general, I think they don't fail if it times out in some particular state16:32
cyphermoxwell, provided you have one way to test that16:32
cyphermoxI'm thinking we should add a "desktop screenshot" thing at the end, just to be safe.16:33
cyphermox(if it's not already tehre)16:33
LaneyI just see tests which poke around the filesystem, nothing which does anything desktoppy16:33
Laneyunless that is somewhere else16:33
cyphermoxthe empty app thing16:34
Laneyah right, cool16:35
Laneysooo... did that pass?16:35
Laneydo these even all get run?16:36
cyphermoxah, wait, no16:36
cyphermoxthe oem-config one should be failing16:36
cyphermoxif it was run..16:36
Laneyit ran yesterday16:37
cyphermoxyeah, this is special16:37
cyphermoxjsut a sec16:37
LaneyI'm going to file a bug16:38
Laneyare you the right person to be going to for this stuff or should it be the QA team?16:38
cyphermoxit runs next to nothing: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-test-case-dev/ubuntu-test-cases/desktop/view/head:/runlists/default.run16:38
cyphermoxit's not really owned by anyone16:40
cyphermoxI can enable moar tests and then start the smoke testing again, we'll see how things behave16:41
davmor2willcooke: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQC7dweRTKU you'll appreciate this :)16:41
cyphermoxLaney: tests still might need adjustin'16:42
willcookedavmor2, screw you! :D16:43
davmor2willcooke: you're welcome16:43
Laneycyphermox: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-test-cases/+bug/147722716:44
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1477227 in Ubuntu Test Cases "Desktop ISO smoke testing coverage is not very good" [Undecided,New]16:44
cyphermoxLaney: thanks16:44
cyphermoxso, about the live session now, I think there are no tests for it16:44
cyphermoxhow do we not have an initctl?16:45
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1477051 in live-build (Ubuntu) "Phones on devel-proposed do not boot - /bin/sh: 1: /bin/sh: initctl: not found" [Critical,Confirmed]16:46
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Noskcajseb128, Where you going to upload gimp too?19:34
seb128Noskcaj, yeah, sorry got sidetracked19:43
seb128going to be for tomorrow19:43
seb128or maybe some .au/.nz/.us can sponsor it for you19:44
seb128you can try asking TheMuso or robert_ancell or on #ubuntu-devel19:44
NoskcajIs someone around to upload gimp from ppa:noskcaj/gegl ?19:45
Noskcajrobert_ancell, Do you have time to upload gimp from ppa:noskcaj/gegl?21:35
robert_ancellNoskcaj, sure21:35
Noskcajseb128 already uploaded the other 2 packages21:35
robert_ancellNoskcaj, thanks for doing that migration!21:35
Noskcajno problem21:35
NoskcajThere's some gcc5 build issue with the new gegl, although i'm not sure if it's gegl or ilmbase at fault21:36
robert_ancellNoskcaj, why did you add the build-dep on libjson-glib-dev?21:38
NoskcajIt was in the debian patch, i've not actually check if it's needed or not21:39
NoskcajCould you please drop it?21:40
robert_ancellNoskcaj, Uploaded as 2.8.14-1ubuntu2. I also update the changelog to be more detailed.21:42
Noskcajrobert_ancell, looks like we've found out why json-glib was needed21:48
robert_ancellNoskcaj, heh, I was wondering if that would happen :)21:48
robert_ancellUploads are cheap21:48
Noskcajfor you, i need to pretend i never make a mistake until i can get motu21:48
NoskcajI'll have a look and find if the dep should be part of gegl21:49
robert_ancellNoskcaj, yeah, it's probably in the .pc file21:49

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