stiv2ki need to apply those too?00:01
darkxststiv2k, the packagekit stuff works, i.e. if you click a uninstalled language in the more dialog, it will get installed, but I didn't properly integrate it00:11
darkxstfor example the new language won't get set, since update_language trys to set the language before the installation is complete (cc_common_language_maybe_install is asynchronous)00:13
darkxstit will also silently fail if there is a lock held on dpkg, ie is synaptic or apt-get or similar are currently running00:14
darkxstit would also be nice if the install dialog was modal, although I have a feeling aptdaemon does not currntly support that00:15
stiv2kdarkxst: it says00:24
stiv2k    previous rebase directory /home/test/jhbuild/checkout/gnome-control-center/.git/rebase-apply still exists but mbox given.00:24
darkxststiv2k, git will be stuck from when you tried to apply the wrong patches!00:25
stiv2koops :(00:25
darkxsttry git am --abort00:25
stiv2kalright its applied00:26
ricotzdarkxst, jfyi gnome3-staging/wily should be in a usable state again11:44
darkxstricotz, did it break? didnt notice that11:45
ricotzkind of caused by http://anonscm.debian.org/viewvc/pkg-gnome?view=revision&revision=4250511:46
darkxstthats an old patch11:50
ricotzI know, but this breaks badly e.g. if gtk 3.17 is uploaded before a-i-t 3.1711:51
darkxstagreed, me now wonders if I had wily ppa enabled ( certain I did though)11:53
ricotzit happened within the last 2 hours11:53
darkxstricotz, ah ok11:54
* ricotz finally pushed some updates11:54
ricotzI hope pango is fine since I stripped a bunch of stuff related to modules11:55
darkxstit would be nice if build-deps could take those verson deps also, but alas that not possible last time I checked11:55
darkxstI'm not particularly familar with pango11:56
ricotzI see, why not, some cdbs deficiency?11:57
darkxstricotz, I more meant form the code side, pretty sure I have never even looked at pango code12:00
ricotzdarkxst, this was the answer to your former answer12:01
ricotzanyhow, ppa should be fine again12:01
darkxstricotz, former being deps like (>= ${gnome:Version}) dont work for build-deps?12:03
darkxstbut that just doesnt work, don't know why12:05
darkxstanyways I'm out for the night, if I land job on foundations team, thats probably something I could look into though12:23

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