smbppisati, Is any Arm we care about caring about acorn partition type? Just asking because I am looking at that SRU patch that wants to disable it for V and W. Personally I would not miss that type, I guess.09:02
ppisatismb: acorn is dead in the water, no one cares about it09:02
smbppisati, Ok, cool. cheers09:03
ppisatismb: except for people who had/still have an acorn system and want to move their data around09:03
smbI guess we will then hear from them sooner or later. Likely later when things move out of proposed. :-P09:04
rtgjsalisbury, could you build a test kernel for bug #1471029 with b51621abbcb4694b8d2842ce3a66006a60bba6e5 reverted in Vivid ?16:08
ubot5bug 1471029 in libxslt (Ubuntu) "ELF programs with R_386_RELATIVE blocks are badly mapped into memory" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147102916:08
pkernHi. Could someone nominate https://bugs.launchpad.net/fedora/+bug/1124250 for Precise?18:29
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1124250 in linux (Ubuntu Utopic) "Partially incorrect uid mapping with nfs4/idmapd/ldap-auth" [Low,Fix released]18:29
infinitypkern: Some of the comments claim 3.2 is fine...18:45
rtginfinity, was just reading the comments after the fix was supposedly implemented. it doesn' look like the patch fixed their problem18:45
infinityOh.  And it seems to mention userspace issues.18:46
rtgmight get arges and chiluk to have another look18:46
infinityProbably needs someone to sort out what package the bug is actually in before opening tasks willy-nilly.18:46
chilukrtg sorry switched machines and lost backscrolll what bug are we talking about?18:48
infinitychiluk: LP: #112425018:50
ubot5Launchpad bug 1124250 in linux (Ubuntu Utopic) "Partially incorrect uid mapping with nfs4/idmapd/ldap-auth" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/112425018:50
rtgjsalisbury, did you see my note about bug #1471029 ?18:52
ubot5bug 1471029 in libxslt (Ubuntu) "ELF programs with R_386_RELATIVE blocks are badly mapped into memory" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147102918:52
chilukinfinity, rtg .. dgadomski is on vacation till Monday iirc.19:03
chilukI wouldn't pull the patch until he has a chance to weigh in on it.19:03
chilukiirc there were two separate keys stores depending on the security protocols, but I could be recalling that wrong.  He may have only fixed one of them.19:03
rtgchiwill you make sure it gets on his TODO list ?19:04
rtgchiluk, will*19:04
jsalisburyrtg, I'll take a look now19:08
jsalisburyrtg, I don't see a note in the bug, where can I find it?19:10
pkerninfinity: You are right. It should be a task for linux-lts-trusty on precise.19:11
infinitychiluk: ^19:11
pkerninfinity: That or the userland. But I suppose it's hard to support both.19:11
rtgjsalisbury, in the scroll back for this channel. I asked if you could revert b51621abbcb4694b8d2842ce3a66006a60bba6e5 and build a test kernel19:11
pkerninfinity: Unless the kernel tries to be compatible.19:11
pkernmarga: ^^19:11
rtgjsalisbury, you might end up having to revert a couple of patches19:11
jsalisburyrtg, sorry I must have missed it. Had to reboot a few times today.  I'll build the test kernel19:12
rtgjsalisbury, thanks19:12
infinitypkern: If you guys can figure out what you think the correct behaviour for both 3.2+userland and 3.13+userland on precise should be, that might help chiluk's team sort out WTF actually needs fixing. ;)19:12
infinitypkern: I'm not sure I have an opinion on the matter, other than "it should probably work".19:12
chilukinfinity, I haven't looked at that issue for months.. and even then I didn't look at it too thoroughly19:13
margainfinity, the problem happens with the -lts-trusty kernel19:20
margaon precise.  That is a supported usecase, right?19:20
infinitymarga: Right, so then the question becomes "should the lts-trusty kernel attempt to be compatible with the precise userspace, or should the precise userspace be made compatible with both 3.2 and 3.13?"19:20
infinityI guess the end result is the same, but whee.19:21
margamaybe we can have -lts userspace?19:21
infinitymarga: Absolutely a supported usecase, yes.  Just need to sort out the facts of the situation and then how to solve it.19:21
margalike with xserver-xorg19:21
infinityForking lts-foo userspace stuff should be a last resort thing.19:21
infinityThe reason it's done for X is the same as for the kernel: to get more hardware support.19:22
infinityFor other userspace bits, we should either be making the kernel side or the userspace side compatible, not introducing new packages no one will find on their own.19:22
infinity(ie: we could ship nfs-utils-lts-trusty or whatever, but who would know it existed and install it?)19:22
margaI was not able to get it to renew the keys as it's supposed to do. Installing keyutils, libkeyutils, libnfsidmap from trusty + copying /usr/sbin/nfsidmap & /etc/request.keys.d/* from nfs-common from trusty, made the keys become permanent.19:23
margaI'm not sure if I can provide anything else that helps19:23
infinitymarga: Kay.  The bug is a bit of a mess.  Can you try to clarify in a comment which combinations of userspace+kernel do work, and which combinations don't, and hopefully chiluk's minions can go from there to try to figure out which side should be fixed to be compatible.19:24
infinityie: if precise + 3.2 works, trusty + 3.13 works, and precise + 3.13 doesn't, or whatever.19:24
infinityWhich is, I think, what you just said.19:24
margaYeah. Although I don't know for sure if trusty + 3.13 leads to permanent keys or renewed keys19:25
margaBut I'll clarify in the bug19:26
jsalisburyrtg, it appears bug 1471029 is fixed in mainline 4.2-rc3.  I tried a revert of a87938b2 in Wily and Utopic, but the revert requires a backport.  Do you thinks its better to backport the revert or work with the bug reporter to perform a reverse bisect and find the upstream fix?  Or I guess I can do both in parallel.19:27
ubot5bug 1471029 in linux (Ubuntu) "ELF programs with R_386_RELATIVE blocks are badly mapped into memory" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147102919:27
infinitybjf: ^-- This probably points to a need for more extensive and creative userspace testing, too.  If we can figure out without a bug report that userspace nfs or cifs or whatever bits don't work with an LTS backport (or even a new non-lts-backport), that would be nice.19:27
infinitybjf: Sounds like something cking would be all over if you mentioned it in casual conversation. :P19:28
ckingi didn't hear that19:28
infinitycking: Heh.  Aren't you usually EOD and offline by now?19:29
ckinginfinity, possibly.. actually just faffing with some packaging while I'm entertaining my kids19:29
rtgjsalisbury, it could be a combination of patches, including the 2 that we've already applied.19:29
jsalisburyrtg, got it.  I'll dig into it deeper19:30
ckinginfinity, bjf, I don't mind looking at that tomorrow at some point19:30
bjfcking, it's all yours19:41

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