MooDoomorning all07:16
dholbachgood morning07:19
Kiloshi dholbach svij MooDoo and others07:20
Kilossorry im slow07:20
dholbachhey hey Kilos07:21
svijmorning dholbach, Kilos and MooDoo 07:21
dholbachhello svij07:21
nhainesdholbach: good morning!08:24
nhainesSorry I missed the Q&A yesterday... it was marked wrong in my calendar so I was sound asleep at the time.  :/08:25
Kiloshi nhaines :)08:25
nhainesHi Kilos.  :)08:25
dholbachhi nhaines08:30
dholbachdon't worry08:30
nhainesWell, also I like talking to all you guys and was looking forward to it . :)  I didn't get to the video yesterday.  Hopefully today!08:33
elachecheGuys! How often ubuntulog log the channel! :D13:06
elachecheOK It takes almost 15 min of quite to do it.. ubuntulog just finish logging our channel x)13:07
pleia2it updates the log site hourly13:11
pleia2it has to run the scripts to generate the .html files for dozens of channels, so it takes some time13:12
* MooDoo logs the channels with autolog in irssi :) 13:17
elachecheI see :) Thanks pleia2 :) MooDoo I needed to share the link with someone :) 13:22
* MooDoo shuts up now :13:58
elachecheIs there a specific board for Ubuntu Gnome contributers like the one for Kubuntu & Edubuntu?14:58
pleia2no, Xubuntu and Lubuntu don't have councils either14:59
pleia2Xubuntu has a project lead and several subteam leads, I think Lubuntu may be similar, and ubuntu gnome15:00
elachecheOK nice to know :D 15:02
pleia2and yeah, they don't grant membership15:03
pleia2ubuntu gnome contributors should totally use the ubuntu membership board to apply, their ubuntu gnome work counts toward membership :)15:04
elachecheGreat pleia2 :)15:20

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