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duflugreyback: Hey I spent a brief while relearning how QtMir does compositing today. And I suspect it's holding buffers longer than it should. Although I need to re-check Mir's logic before I can suggest something better. Are you sure you can't release your buffer pointer held in the texture earlier?08:51
greybackduflu: you're correct in your suspicion. We only release a buffer when we acquire a new one, which is not ideal.08:53
duflugreyback: I think the phone will be noticeably smoother if we release earlier :)08:53
greybackduflu: we could improve this by releasing the buffer if we're notified a new one has been created, and we've fiished rendering that frame08:54
greybackduflu: I don't disagree08:54
duflugreyback: I need to re-check Mir again. I know cachine just the GL texture is fine for software surfaces but hardware surface safety is dependent on the EGL extensions we use :P08:55
greybackduflu: I don't understand what you mean by caching here.08:56
greybackcaching the whole buffer while it's being composited, so buffer can be released?08:57
duflugreyback: For traditional texture uploads at least, it gets copied to the GPU. So you can reclaim the buffer immediately08:57
dufluAlthough I think our hardware surfaces don't get copied. So need more care08:58
dufluNever mind. If I have a promising idea I'll propose it08:59
greybackduflu: understood08:59
duflugreyback: Are there any software buffers used in practice on a phone, or all hardware?09:05
greybackduflu: sdl-based apps use software buffers I believe09:06
duflugreyback: OK, yeah I know about those. Same on desktop09:06
dufluDoes image 263 work for anyone else or am I being over-ambitious?09:09
dufluI guess that's why it's called "proposed"09:15
alan_galf_: I'm deciding what to do for the rest of the sprint. Is "Fix fd leaks in acceptance tests" something I could take on?09:22
alf_alan_g: yes, feel free to do so09:23
alf_anpok_: ^^ See Daniel's comment about image 26310:08
alf_duflu: Did you find an image that boots?10:08
alan_gduflu: lp:147705110:09
alf_alan_g: thanks10:10
anpok_alf_: I think I have an older image here too10:14
alf_anpok_: and it fails too?10:14
anpok_rc-proposed or devel-proposed10:15
anpok_hmm I flashed 280 it seems10:15
ogra_bug 1477051 FWIW10:15
ubot5bug 1477051 in live-build (Ubuntu) "Phones on devel-proposed do not boot - /bin/sh: 1: /bin/sh: initctl: not found" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147705110:15
alf_anpok_: so that's not devel-proposed then10:16
alf_anpok_: ah, sorry, ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed/ubuntu has a 280 image for krillin10:18
alf_anpok_: which is the latest10:18
alf_anpok_: the latest for ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed/ubuntu mako is 26310:19
alf_anpok_: I will try with 26210:21
anpok_ok i am on krillin #277 and spinner spins now10:28
duflualf_: Yes, vivid works. But that doesn't help me right now10:30
* duflu wanders off10:31
alf_anpok_: ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed/ubuntu mako 261 boots, will test silo with that10:35
ogra_only the latest images dont boot (see the bug i posted above)10:36
ogra_yesterdays builds should be fine10:36
alf_ogra_: ack10:36
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camakovogons, after latest wily upgrade, my wifi doesn't work on my laptop (doesn't wired connection). Can't join standup.15:07
camako... (doesn't have wired connection)15:07
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conyooum.. it's 19:38 o_O16:38
racarrCalifornia \o/16:39
conyoohehe :P16:52
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robert_ancellkgunn, do you use a bluetooth mouse/keyboard in combination with a "slimport cable" (not sure of the actual term for it, i.e. the HDMI connector)21:03
kgunnrobert_ancell: yes21:03
kgunnrobert_ancell: yeah, it's "slimport"21:04
kgunnsoon it will be replaced by mhl21:04
kgunnMobile High-Definition Link21:04
robert_ancellkgunn, do neither of those options allows audio/video AND USB?21:05
kgunnrobert_ancell: yeah, mhl is supposed to support audio i think...altho might depend on oem support/drivers21:06
robert_ancellkgunn, yeah, but by switching to MHL/slimport mode does it no longer do USB on those pins?21:06
robert_ancellSo you could have a USB hub + HDMI connected21:06
robert_ancelli.e. a complete docking station21:07
kgunnrobert_ancell: uh, that i don't know, altho at least with slimport there is a hub on a lot of cables....21:07
kgunnnot sure if that's power only21:07
kgunnnever check21:08
robert_ancellIt appears to be just for power (so you can charge the phone while using the slimport)21:08
robert_ancellIt appears an OTG cable will give you USB and a slimport gives you HDMI but you can't get both :(21:10
robert_ancellI wonder if any phone supports using an OTG + a DisplayLink device21:11
anpokrobert_ancell: the mhl solutions should allow both21:12
anpokrobert_ancell: can get an android buffer displayed on a drm device...?21:14
robert_ancellanpok, sounds difficult! I guess the Android driver spec doesn't require anything like this (yet)21:15
anpokrobert_ancell: we could just copy the contents in usc?21:16
robert_ancellanpok, yeah, I guess that's what the app is doing more or less21:17
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