dholbachgood morning07:19
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tewardmicahg: ping, or any other MOTUer, i have a question18:10
sladenteward: if you just-ask the question, people may find it easier to respond ;-)18:14
tewardsladen: well, it's wrt a backport sitting in the queue of micahg, passed onto me.  kind of a two fold problem18:15
tewardthe package is znc, first needs fixing in wily then backported around.  problem is, libicu-dev needs to be added as a dep to the znc-dev package (because it now builds with libicu support for charset stuff), and then it needs to run to compile modules18:16
tewardi'm sorta unsure of policy in this case, since Debian is...18:16
tewardi think "dragging their feet" is appropriate... on that one fix18:16
tewardso, really just tryin to figure out the appropriate approach18:18
sladenpreference would still probably be to get it done in Debian first18:21
sladen(if at all possible)18:21
tewardprobably won't happen until the next ZNC release.18:21
tewardhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/znc/+bug/1449271 is that bug18:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1449271 in znc (Ubuntu Vivid) "znc-dev 1.6 will not compile modules which need libicu functions." [Medium,Triaged]18:22
tewardit's "fix committed" but it's been that way for a whil18:22
tewardand I mean *a while*18:22
tewardnot *quite* as long as I let the nginx precise sru sit unverified, but a month or two so far18:23
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tewardoops it joined here :/19:00
tewardsladen: does it make sense for me to ignore the utopic-backports since it dies tomorrow?19:06

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