cachiobrendand, hi, could you please top approve https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-platform-qa/ubuntu-system-tests/mtp_refactoring_merge_and_bugfix/+merge/26508412:38
brendandcachio, yep was just waiting for rhuddie's ack12:40
cachiobrendand, thanks12:40
rhuddieah, yes i just approved that earlier12:40
kenvandineubuntu-qa: since the change to use the OSK for text entry, we still can't get the ubuntu-system-settings tests to pass when running the full suite.  Running the tests individually pass reliably though13:24
kenvandinei'm not sure it's directly related to the change in AP to use the OSK, but it seemed to coincide13:25
rhuddiekenvandine, have you got some failure logs?13:25
kenvandinei get a different number of failures each time i run the full suite, but when running test failed tests individually they pass13:26
kenvandinevivid and wily13:26
kenvandinerhuddie, sure13:26
kenvandinethat was a CI run for vivid13:26
kenvandinewhich included the fix we needed for dismissing the osk13:26
kenvandineand not all the failures actually enter text13:27
kenvandinerhuddie, i've hit a wall trying to figure it out...13:28
rhuddiekenvandine, just checking through the logs....13:28
kenvandinerhuddie, thx13:28
kenvandineValueError: Object 'None' does not have any recognised position attributes13:30
kenvandinein get_center_point13:30
kenvandinerhuddie, the tests that produce that traceback all pass individually13:31
rhuddiekenvandine, that is weird. the osk is being shown, so its like its not finding where the required key is for some reason.13:33
kenvandinerhuddie, what's driving me crazy is that it passes fine individually, so not the test13:33
kenvandinebut something gets in a bad state or something13:33
kenvandinerhuddie, same thing in wily and vivid13:33
kenvandinemako and krillin13:34
rhuddiekenvandine, yeah... that really makes it tough13:34
kenvandinerhuddie, anyway... i have no idea what else to do to debug this13:34
kenvandinerhuddie, btw, i'm running the ubuntu_keyboard tests right now and i assume it's going to fail13:35
kenvandinewatching the UI, I see the OSK get raised and no keys pressed13:35
kenvandineover an over13:35
rhuddiekenvandine, it looks like a bug in the autopilot helpers for ubuntu_keyboard, although why it is happening i have no idea. for some reason it is passing a None object instead of the key to press13:39
kenvandinerhuddie, should i file a bug against ubuntu-keyboard?13:39
kenvandinei think since it works individually it's unlikely to be the helper13:40
kenvandinethe helper clearly works...13:40
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kenvandinejust some state issue13:40
rhuddiekenvandine, its difficult to say where the problem is exactly. but the call stack seems to indicate that key object coming from ubuntu_keyboard helpers is None for some reason.13:42
kenvandinerhuddie, i just pointed Elleo at that in the other channel13:42
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DanChapmandkessel: hey, sorry i've only just seen your email, (had a bit of a backlog to work through). I'll reply later this evening, got to go sort the kids dinner now16:01
balloonso/ DanChapman16:03
DanChapmanhey balloons :-)16:05
DanChapmanMy apologies to you as well for my slow responses, it's been a busy few weeks16:05
balloonsDanChapman, no worries at all. Nice to hear from you :-)16:07
kenvandineubuntu-qa, the latest autopilot landing is missing a depends, which is now breaking autopkgtests in wily17:46
kenvandinei proposed a fix at https://code.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/autopilot/depends_for_gsettings/+merge/26558017:46
nuclearbobkenvandine: I'll take a look at that mp now, thanks for bringing it up17:46
kenvandinenuclearbob, happy to help, it's holding up my landings :-D17:47
kenvandinenuclearbob, here's the log showing why it's needed http://d-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/view/Wily/view/AutoPkgTest/job/wily-adt-ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts/68/ARCH=amd64,label=adt/console17:47
nuclearbobkenvandine: yeah, the change makes sense to me, I'm going to look at what we need to get the release process going since I haven't done one in a while17:48
kenvandinenuclearbob, cool, thx!17:48
nuclearbobI think we may need a sign-off from another team for autopilot packaging changes as well, since they potentially affect a lot of archive landings, looking into that17:48
alesagekenvandine, you're not alone FWIW https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/autopilot/+bug/147723317:49
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1477233 in autopilot (Ubuntu) "autopilot now depends on "/usr/bin/gsettings" and ubuntu-keyboard" [Undecided,New]17:49
kenvandinealesage, ah... i'll add the depends for the keyboard too :)17:50
kenvandinealesage, nuclearbob: pushed17:52
nuclearbobkenvandine: thanks!17:52
kenvandineautopilot is holding up a bunch of packages right now :/17:53
alesagewe feel the urgency17:54
jibelnuclearbob, can you review the changes and prepare a release and veebers will top approve and land it18:07
nuclearbobjibel: the changes look good to me, but I'm not familiar with the process for preparing a release. Is it just requesting a silo for the train, or is there more involved? I'd like to get familiar with it so I can do this in the future18:08
kenvandinei tried to get the release team to migrate settings for me to help get me moving on to another silo... but they said to just push you guys to land autopilot faster :)18:09
jibelnuclearbob, 2 hours won't change the face of the world but do the release with him and make sure it's documented so next time it won't block on him.18:09
nuclearbobjibel: thanks, will do18:09
jibelkenvandine, understood. it'll be fixed ASAP but I prefer if veebers drives the landing so we don't waste more time.18:11
kenvandinethanks guys!18:11

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