jak2000what happend if is a old pc/desktop, and havent the VT?00:03
sarnoldjak2000: vmware (used to?) have virtualization tools that worked on systems before VT extensions were added00:09
sarnoldjak2000: xen paravirtualization was also invented before vt extensions00:09
sarnoldjak2000: .. though I don't know if modern xen still supports paravirt or not, the virtualization extensions have been around long enough to completely supplant the previous tools00:10
patdk-lapall of them support without vt00:16
patdk-lapthe issue is, your stuck with emulated 32bit mode00:16
patdk-lapand it's painfully slow00:17
patdk-lapvmware dropped all support for paravirt00:17
patdk-lapdunno about xen00:17
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jak2000hi all,05:01
jak2000anyone know a client for update my ip ? similar to dyndons and/or noip?05:01
jak2000anyone know a client for update my ip ? similar to dyndons and/or noip? i want to know other if exists05:01
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lordievaderGood morning.07:57
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jamespagesmb, one comment on your dpdk packages - you might want to unversion the dev package09:25
jamespagemeans that a transition at later date is just  a rebuild for rbd's09:25
smbjamespage, ah right. yeah I should do that09:26
smbjamespage, Ok, I changed that for the next rc. Thanks.09:32
shafoxI have a schell script in jenkins server that tries to connect to another server using pem files in aws ec2 instance, but while doing ssh -i  pem ubuntu@ip it gives Permission denied (publickey). or Host key verification failed .09:59
shafoxWhat would be the resolve.09:59
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RepoxHi. I wanted to google this, but I'm unsure what to Google for, so I hope you can give some input. I have an ubuntu server at a hostingprovider which currently recieves a single webhook. I'd like to forward this HTTP post to a server which is only reachable via a VPN connection. Is this possible?10:56
patdk-lapatleast 200 ways to do it11:14
patdk-lapprobably the best, easy, way, would be haproxy11:15
rbasakI would implementation some kind of shim web service, to minimise risk to the VPN. But like patdk says, there are many ways of doing it.11:18
YamakasYare most people running 14.04 or still 12.04 ?12:14
YamakasYI wonder if I should upgrade some old boxes form 12.0412:15
beisnerhi rbasak, can you have a look at bug 1476904 ?12:15
ubottubug 1476904 in percona-xtradb-cluster-5.6 (Ubuntu) "Vivid needs percona-xtradb-cluster-client-5.6" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147690412:15
rbasakbeisner: need to ask Percona. I asked georgelorch #debian-mysql on OFTC earlier, but it's still quite early for him I think.12:22
rbasakbeisner: I think it might be because the client is the same so we should just use the mysql client, but best to check with him.12:22
rbasak(I might have been present when we said that but I don't recall)12:22
YamakasYanyone some clue about 12.04 ?12:47
patdk-wkYamakasY, you have like 2years to upgrade 12.0413:02
ogra_that will definitely help with slow download speed :)13:03
YamakasYpatdk-wk: but what about the apache versions, they kinda differ it seems13:04
YamakasYfor an example13:04
patdk-wkthat is your problem13:04
YamakasYpatdk-wk: thanks mate :P13:04
YamakasYno I mean.. would 14.04 be an advanatge13:04
patdk-wkstill, your problem13:04
patdk-wk2years of support left13:04
patdk-wkyou can upgrade, not upgrade, upgrade in 2years13:05
patdk-wkit is your system, do as you will13:05
patdk-wkbut if you want to remain getting security updates, 2years you must upgrade13:05
YamakasYyes, but I ask... is it an advantage ?13:05
patdk-wkhow do we know?13:05
YamakasYpatdk-wk: speeds, newer packages ?13:05
patdk-wkonly you know what you do wit hit, how you use it, if it will benifit you13:05
patdk-wknewer just means newer bugs13:06
YamakasYalso true13:06
YamakasYnever had an issue with 14.04 on my production cluster tho13:06
patdk-wkI have had many issues13:07
YamakasYpatdk-wk: like ?13:07
patdk-wkand have pushed out many patches to fix them13:07
YamakasYwhich is nice :)13:07
patdk-wksome ubuntu have finally fixed, many others, not yet13:07
YamakasYbut 12.04 feels kinda old13:07
YamakasYI mean will they upgrade to the new apache version ?13:08
YamakasYwhich used conf etc ?13:08
Luketeward: thanks re: #ubuntu-devel13:12
rbasakpatdk-wk: can you point me to your patches please? I'd like to make sure they're on my radar to try and get them landed.13:17
rbasak(the outstanding ones)13:17
patdk-wkI'll have to review them13:17
patdk-wkI did file a few bugs13:17
patdk-wkatleast I try to for the most annoying ones13:17
patdk-wkbut as nothing comes of them for years now, since I filed them before 14.04 was released13:17
patdk-wkgets very unmotivated to do anything about them13:18
rbasakBug reports are also appreciated, though patches are better. I try to make sure good patches get landed as I don't want contributors to get demotivated.13:18
rbasakBug reports without patches are much harder, because the majority of bug reports are poor quality and time consuming to resolve :-/13:19
patdk-wkno, I normally always attempt to file a bug report with a patch13:19
patdk-wkthe issue normally is, if it gets looked at ever13:19
rbasakAre you aware of debdiffs and the sponsorship queue?13:19
patdk-wkpushback for me to do a detailed regression test and reporting13:19
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patdk-wknot sure13:20
rbasakUnfortunately that work is unavoidable because often we'll have more users screaming at us about regressions than screaming at us about the bug itself.13:20
rbasakSo we have to be careful, and that takes work.13:20
rbasakOTOH landing a fix before release is easier (but I appreciate that in the time it takes to get looked at, release might happen)13:21
rbasakAnyway, if there's anything specific you have a patch for that you think is OK to land, feel free to ping me.13:21
rbasakAnd I'll try and help.13:21
patdk-wkah, ya, the pacemaker one did finally get released13:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1414482 in xtables-addons (Ubuntu Trusty) "Backport xtables-addons 2.6-1 to trusty" [Undecided,New]13:24
patdk-wkwould solve issues13:24
patdk-wkbut as I am not a ubuntu employee, and don't care too much about politics13:24
patdk-wkI can only understand that document some13:24
patdk-wktoo many terms I don't know, or even steps I can follow to do that13:25
patdk-wkso yes, it deadends after the work I attempted to do13:25
patdk-wknot sure how, completely kernel-panics system, to, doesn't kernel-panic, can cause a regression though13:26
patdk-wkdue to people not paying attention that the version of xtables shipped with that version of ubuntu is not supported by the kernel shipped13:26
rbasakSo that's a process issue. Normally we do not automatically backport a newer version to a stable release to avoid a regression.13:26
rbasakSo to do so requires additional justification.13:27
patdk-wkwell, this is the 3rd attempt to fix it13:27
patdk-wkor 3rd bugreport that I am attached to on it13:27
rbasakIt simply won't be considered without a suitable justification.13:27
rbasakI can help you work through this but we need to go into some detail to figure out if it is appropriate.13:28
patdk-wkbug #128691113:28
ubottubug 1286911 in xtables-addons (Ubuntu) "Kernel Panic using 14.04" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/128691113:28
rbasakOK so that looks like it probably is a perfectly valid bug, but the proposed fix (bump the version) is not acceptable for a stable release in Ubuntu without additional justification.13:29
rbasakThe normal fix we look for is to backport a patch that fixes that specific issue.13:29
patdk-wkthe patch is to remove the module13:29
rbasakWhere is that patch please?13:30
patdk-wkthere isn't one13:30
patdk-wkno one bothered cause it's too debian specific13:30
patdk-wkand debian just bumped the version13:30
patdk-wkso it's only a ubuntu issue13:30
patdk-wkit's a packaging patch that is needed13:31
rbasakYou have to appreciate that the primary concern here is to ensure that no existing users who are happily using the package are regressed.13:31
rbasakWe will not upload a fix that is recommended to existing users without consideration for them.13:31
rbasakThat is what keeps a stable release stable.13:32
patdk-wkthis isn't part of the stable release13:32
patdk-wkit's in universe13:32
rbasakThat doesn't matter.13:32
rbasakThe same policy applies to universe.13:32
patdk-wkso that is why universe never gets any fixes then13:33
rbasakUniverse does get fixes when someone provides them in a way that doesn't regress existing users.13:33
patdk-wkonly 3rd party are allowed to develop the patches, and ubuntu won't work on them13:33
patdk-wkbut it must go by these stable rules still13:33
rbasakbut it must go by these stable rules still> right13:33
rbasakNote that there is a distinction between Canonical and Ubuntu here.13:33
rbasakCanonical generally doesn't maintain packages in universe, except in certain cases (generally packages that can't be in main but we'd eventually like to see in main).13:34
DavieyNo, it means that Canonical doesn't make the same commitments to support universe that it does to main.  Whilst Canonical does work on Universe packages aswell, there is not the guarantee.13:34
rbasakDaviey: I fail to see the distinction with what I said :-/13:35
Davieyrbasak: Sorry, i was saying No to patdk-wk.. not you.. You type faster :)13:35
rbasakAnyway, my point is that there isn't anything special about universe that prevents anyone from working on them.13:35
rbasakOh, OK :)13:35
patdk-wkI can gladly stop suppling my insights in these bug reports13:35
Davieypatdk-wk: You seem terse, why do you think you input isn't wanted?13:36
rbasakAdditionally, Canoncial engineers (who are Ubuntu developers) will generally be happy try to help anyone who is trying to look after a package in universe.13:36
patdk-wkas both of you said13:36
patdk-wkit was not done in a ubuntu friendly way, therefor wasted effort13:36
rbasakNote also the Ubuntu code of conduct: "We invite anybody, from any company, to participate in any aspect of the project. Our community is open, and any responsibility can be carried by any contributor who demonstrates the required capacity and competence."13:36
Davieypatdk-wk: I'm not Canonical.. :)13:36
patdk-wkI don't remember saying canonical13:37
rbasakSo there is no special thing that you can't do here. If you want to look after universe packages, you are welcome to do so, including getting upload rights yourself for the packages you care about.13:37
Davieypatdk-wk: Did either of us say something to upset you?13:37
YamakasYstrange eth0:1 is not up but it says eht0 is already configured/up/whatever13:37
rbasakYou just need to follow the same SRU policy as it applies equally to main and universe. In short, don't regress existing users.13:38
patdk-wkboth said, that the bug is basically invalid, won't be looked at, and doesn't matter13:38
patdk-wkcause unless the solution proposed by the bug includes a backported patch and regession testing, it doesn't matter13:38
YamakasYso why is my IP not up13:38
rbasakNo, I said that the bug is valid, but we need to figure out how to fix it in a way that doesn't risk regressing existing users.13:38
rbasakBumping a version may be the best way to do this, but it is exceptional and must be justified.13:38
patdk-wkmy limited time I have to attempt to document and report these issues don't go anywhere, so is there really any point in bringing them up?13:39
rbasakAlternatively backporting a patch may be the best way to do this.13:39
Davieypatdk-wk: Yeah, that isn't what I meant - I think what we were trying to say is the same barrier for quality exists for both Universe as it does Main.13:39
patdk-wkyes, and it's not well documented13:40
patdk-wkatleast I have found so many sru documents that counterdict each other13:40
patdk-wkand after I followed one to make that sru request13:40
patdk-wkand it didn't get anywhere, and the responder posted more conflicting info to what I was following13:40
Davieypatdk-wk: The problem is, Ubuntu - specifically server, has a manpower problem in that there are not enough people working on Triage, Fixing and Testing..13:40
Davieypatdk-wk: Do you have an example that got wedged?13:41
rbasakThe SRU policy doesn't distinguish between main and universe because SRU policy applies equally to both. I'm not sure the non-existence of a distinction makes sense to document.13:41
rbasakIf you can point out a contradition, please point it out and I'll fix it.13:41
patdk-wkmy issue is the contradiction between the different SRU procedure documentation13:42
patdk-wkin my searching on attempting to figure out how to do it13:42
patdk-wkno idea :)13:42
patdk-wkas the bug report states, that was a long time ago13:42
patdk-wkand way too long for my browser history13:42
erkburgleshow do you dual boot another linux disto on UBUNTU 15.0413:43
Davieypatdk-wk: There are prior examples where blunter methods have been done for less maintained packages than would happen in main.13:43
patdk-wkwho is talking about main?13:43
rbasakHe's talking about universe.13:44
patdk-wkDaviey, have you been following at all here?13:44
rbasakHe's talking about universe by comparing to main.13:44
Davieypatdk-wk: I have a call now.. can we fnished this in 15 mins?13:44
* rbasak has a call in 15 minutes!13:45
rbasakBut anyway, as I said, I'm happy to help drive things through. But if they don't comply with existing policies (which I am happy to justify), or you can't point to anything specific, then obviously there's not really anything anyone can do to help.13:45
rbasakUbuntu is quite pragmatic about deviating from policy where it is justified too, and has a well-defined process for doing so (eg. we just did it for nginx), but we do expect a clear and documented justification.13:46
patdk-wkI don't remember requesting anyone change policy13:47
patdk-wkthe bug report, doesn't have a patch, cause none exists, but I documented the problem13:47
rbasakNo, but you do seem to be throwing patches "over the wall" that appear to violate policy, and so don't make any progress, and then get frustrated over the lack of progress.13:47
patdk-wknothing happened, I looked into it one day, and looked up doing an sru13:47
Davieypatdk-wk: You still seem terse, not quite sure what more you want from us?  rbasak is a core-dev, I am core-dev and on the SRU team.. we are both offering to help.. what can we do?13:47
Abhijiti have index.html and phpinfo.php in /var/www/html i get index.html when i go to localhost as well as test.com but i get 403 forbidden if i do localhost/phpinfo.php or test.com/phpinfo.php13:48
Abhijitwhat am I doing wrong?13:48
Abhijiton 15.0413:49
rbasakAbhijit: I can't remember the details, but you want to make sure that script execution is permitted in that path13:49
erkburgleswhat an awful place to go for advice13:49
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pieter               reducing the size of the block device (in hindsight a very very stupig thing to do). The array continued to 'work' afterwards (no idea on how many data was lost at that point) however after doing an actual resize13:50
pieter                of the FS (following the rest of the guide) messed up everything. The device won't mount anymore and running fsck gives lots of errors (an endless list so far, which I'm not sure I should respond 'yes' to). Is13:50
pieter                tehre any hope left to recover any of my files?13:50
pieterHi there. I'm kinda in panic mode right now. I tried following a blogpost on shrinking my software raid to use one device less, however I didn't follow it properly. What I failed to do was resizing the FS before reducing the size of the block device (in hindsight a very very stupig thing to do). The array continued to 'work' afterwards (no idea on how many data was lost at that point) however after doing an actual resize of the FS (follow13:50
Abhijitwhat just happend?13:51
pieterdid a resize of the block device (md0)13:51
pieterAfterwards did a resize2fs, and it wouldn't mount anymore13:52
pietertried some chkfs answering 'yes' to some 'could not read block xxxx' questions13:52
pieterand now I can't mount anymore. And mount -f gives no more files on the device13:52
rbasakpieter: first, back up what you have. Take images using dd of both your raid device and the underlying disk, so you can't make the situation worse.13:53
rbasakpieter: then I'd try increasing the block device size again, followed by an e2fsck, and recover what you can.13:53
pieterI'm a bit scared I already messed up the FS by saying 'rewrite' to a lot of fsck questions13:54
patdk-wkyou did it backwards13:54
patdk-wkyou have to resize2fs first, when shrinking13:54
pieterI know...13:54
Abhijithow to know which process is using my port 80?13:54
rbasakpieter: already messed up> Yeah, that does seem likely13:54
patdk-wkthink only thing you can do13:55
rbasakAbhijit: probably Apache? "sudo netstat --inet -nlp" will tell you.13:55
patdk-wkis throw it into readonly mode13:55
patdk-wkand start coping it13:55
pieteras a binary blob to a secondary array?13:56
pieterhow do you mean start copying it?13:57
Abhijitrbasak, thanks. not apache.13:57
pieterBecause I can't access any files right now13:57
patdk-wkdepends on your skill level, you going need some good skills to do it rbasak's way13:57
patdk-wkoh, your already beyond that heh13:57
patdk-wkonly then left is yep, make a binary copy of the disks13:57
patdk-wkand attempt low level raid/filesystem fixing13:58
pieterAny hints on tools that might help in doing just that?13:58
patdk-wkno, I have never killed a filesystem without a backup13:58
patdk-wkI have done many raids, but those are easier to solve13:58
pieterFound something on 'restor backup superblock'14:00
pieterdoes that make sense?14:00
patdk-wkit does, but not likely your issue14:01
pieterYou mean that's not what is broken?14:02
pieterIf I could somehow get back to before I did the resize I could still access the files14:02
patdk-wkit might be, but not where I would place my bet14:02
patdk-wkthat won't happen14:02
patdk-wkyou did way too many things14:02
tewardDaviey: ping - you still willing to do a sanity check on the merge diff?14:06
tewardAFAICT it's "sane" but a second set of eyes does help.14:07
Davieyteward: unless rbasak is more motivated? :)14:07
* teward looks at rbasak14:07
tewardindeed, that's a valid question :)14:07
Davieyteward: looking14:07
tewardgod i need more coffee... this morning's traffic delayed me... what, an hour?14:07
tewardso i didn't get coffee >.<14:08
Davieyteward: did you test if this is still needed? debian/rules: Drop from -O3 to -O2 to work around a build failure ?14:08
tewardDaviey: i'm curious why it was introduced, but i'll rebuild local and see if it FTBFS14:09
* genii makes a fresh pot of coffee and slides teward a mug14:09
tewardgenii: seriously though i need a lot of coffee >.<14:11
geniiUnfortunately I can only provide the virtual kind, although in limitless amounts14:12
Abhijitonce i setup dovecot ssl do i need to setup seperate ssl for apache so that apache must use squirrelmail on https only?14:12
tewardDaviey: running the local builds in sbuild now without the ubuntu specific change for the build flags, if it fails we know it's still needed14:17
Davieyteward: right14:17
tewardif it doesn't fail, i have the separate copy without that flags change :P14:18
tewardi should probably clean up my computer i have a lot of stuff lying around XD14:18
med_jamespage, zul: normal UCA kilo-proposed to kilo-updates time lag? Two weeks?14:19
med_ref: oslo.messaging14:19
jamespagemed_, about to shove that out of the door today14:19
med_looks like it's been in proposed since July 814:20
jamespagemed_, yeah - sounds about right14:20
jamespagethe vivid SRU released this morning - I tend to follow that14:20
jamespagemed_, and done - should publish ou tin the next hour or so14:21
med_danke! danke! thanks.14:21
med_we were following that SRU so, again, thanks.14:23
Lukeanyone know if there's a lightweight ubuntu image packaged for vagrant?14:25
Lukethe default vagrant ubuntu image has tons of stuff running that's not part of a normal ubuntu server image14:25
FunnyLookinHatYo again Luke14:26
FunnyLookinHatLuke, have you tried this one? https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/vagrant/trusty/current/14:26
Lukeno. thanks =)14:27
tewardDaviey: hmm, it looks like maybe something's... off... if only because without the sed it drops to -O2 anyways o.O14:29
tewardDaviey: i *do* know that the no-changes-from-debian 1.9.3 built in the PPA without any problems at all, and it doesn't drop to -O214:29
Davieyteward: Well, the rest of it looks good.  If you can drop that O3 -> O2, it would be better.. but don't block on it.  Also, the dep8/autopkgtest tests are supposed to have "test: $name" fields for each one, but that isn't something you introduced and they still work without.14:31
tewardDaviey: I would be glad to tell Debian to get off their failures and fix it, or submit a diff to them XD14:31
tewardi'm trying to get them to accept the apport hooks diff too but they're pushing back14:32
tewardDaviey: AFAICT, without the 'sed', it's working as -O2 anyways14:32
Davieyteward: Have a bug number?14:32
tewardhttps://launchpadlibrarian.net/212234770/buildlog_ubuntu-wily-amd64.nginx_1.9.3-1%2Bwily0_BUILDING.txt.gz is my evidence of that, as is my sbuild instance showing that.14:32
tewardDaviey: bug number for...?14:32
tewardthe apport hooks diff for Debian?14:32
tewardnone, direct discussion with maintainers14:33
teward[2015-07-22 10:33:00] <teward> none, direct discussion with maintainers14:33
DavieyThere is a drive to get apport support to Debian, so it would be nice to reduce the delta where possible.14:33
DavieyI'm guessing the ubuntu banner flag was also NAK'd? :)14:33
tewardit helps when we have corresponding bugs in both places, then they accept fixes, the -fPIE stuff was infinity and myself working in tandem I think14:36
tewardbecause of the Perl flags :/14:36
tewardDaviey: i'd like taht delta reduced too.  But the -core package delta is permanent - they NAK'd that proposal14:36
tewardso the delta's going to be substantial in either case14:37
* Daviey has to go. good luck teward o/14:37
* teward yawns14:37
tewardI should have stayed in bed >><14:38
rbasakteward, Daviey: sorry, was otp. Looks like you're done though? Thanks!14:39
rbasakbeisner: from Percona, the answer is that we expect users to use mysql-client-5.6.14:39
tewardrbasak: it'll be done when i decide to push the upload, gotta redo the diffs for one last change14:39
rbasakbeisner: since they're identical.14:39
rbasak(no source changes to the client from the Percona side)14:39
beisnerrbasak, ack, thank you.14:39
tewardrbasak: granted though i might push it off until i've had coffee - tired devs are slightly less attentive devs :/14:40
rbasakbeisner: let me know if you find any problems with doing that please. georgelorch in #debian-mysql (OFTC) would probably like to know too.14:40
beisnerrbasak, thanks, will do14:43
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squisherrbasak, jamespage, any of you by chance at debconf next month?16:44
jamespagesquisher, sorry - on holiday so can't make it16:44
rbasakNot me, sorry.16:45
squisherah too bad :)16:45
squisherjamespage, would you be willing to sponsor another package? It's a little program of mine with fairly low activity: https://de.mcbf.net/david/grubchoosedefault/ | https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=76822116:53
ubottuDebian bug 768221 in wnpp "ITA: grub-choose-default -- Control Grub Default through a GUI" [Normal,Open]16:53
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PryMar56anyone built xen from source on Vivid? with systemd & ocamltools?19:10
cucumber_Hi everyone19:19
cucumber_I'm compiling fw1-loggrabber that needs libelf-dev. I have it installed (sudo apt-get install libelf-dev), but when I run "make" I get this message: "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lelf". Does anybody know where could be the problem?19:20
cucumber_I'm using 14.04.19:21
cucumber_Accordine with https://github.com/certego/fw1-loggrabber/blob/master/README.md, in 12.02 you've to install "libelf-dev:i386"19:21
cucumber_libelf-dev:i386 doesn't exist in 14.04, but exists libelf-dev. That's what I installed.19:22
teward!info libelf-dev trusty19:22
ubottulibelf-dev (source: elfutils): libelf1 development libraries and header files. In component main, is optional. Version 0.158-0ubuntu5.2 (trusty), package size 48 kB, installed size 286 kB19:22
tarpmancucumber_: libelf-dev:i386 certainly does exist in 14.0419:22
teward^ that19:22
tarpmancucumber_: and indeed, you probably need that one specifically, as the fw1-loggrabber Makefile (for whatever reason) explicitly builds in 32-bit mode19:23
cucumber_tarpman: oh.. and how can I install it?19:23
cucumber_tarpman: because I get "E: Unable to locate package libelf-dev"19:23
cucumber_when try to install the i368 one19:23
cucumber_a special repository?19:24
tewardmake sure you're updated - sudo apt-get update19:24
tewardand it's in the standard repos19:24
tarpmancucumber_: dpkg --add-architecture i386 && apt-get update19:24
tewardah forgot that xD19:24
tarpmancucumber_: more info → https://wiki.debian.org/Multiarch/HOWTO19:24
tarpmanteward: server ;)19:24
tewardi think i need coffee :)19:24
tewardtarpman: nope, tired19:24
tewardtarpman: 3 hours sleep helps nobody19:25
cucumber_tarpman: there you go. Thx19:25
tarpman(I don't really see why -m32 should be necessary, though...)19:27
sarnoldI'm worried about needing 32 bit libraries when you're compiling something from source19:28
sarnoldit feels like somethings gone wrong somewhere19:28
tarpmanyeah exactly19:28
tewardsarnold: it sounds like it's Windows software then19:29
tewardsince most is still 32bit o.O19:29
sarnold"building on WIN32 or SOLARIS is no longer supported" h3h319:29
cucumber_sarnold: yeah!19:30
cucumber_tarpman: done. It worked. Thx"19:30
sarnoldugh, staticly linking the world; that's a lot of libraries to follow for security issues19:33
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cluelesspersonHey guys, I'm trying to setup some CIFS mounts, and I've almost got it, everything works peachy under root, however, when I go back to zachary who's part of the group mediashare, and the dir_mode=0770   it tells me permission denied21:15
cluelesspersonon all the mounts21:15
cluelesspersonhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/11922620/   The shares themselves and their ownership+permissions21:17
sarnoldcluelessperson: I think you also need to add 'user' to the fstab flags for mount to let you mount them as s user21:54
cluelesspersonsarnold, already mounted.  root can read contents, nonroot cannot22:00
sarnoldcluelessperson: ah, I see22:01
cluelesspersonsarnold, here's my fstab  http://paste.ubuntu.com/11922616/22:01
cluelesspersonthe mounts (while mounted) http://paste.ubuntu.com/11922620/22:02
sarnoldcluelessperson: does id show that shell has mediashare supplementary group?22:03
cluelesspersonsarnold, you mean is zachary in the mediashare group? nad subsonic?  yes.22:04
sarnoldcluelessperson: I just wanted to make sure tha tyou hadn't added zachary to the mediashare group recently22:04
sarnold.. since group ownership is passed down from parent ot child processes, rather than any inherent property of user accounts22:05
cluelesspersonsarnold, ... hm  I did  id   and mediashare doesn't appear to be in the list of groups... ?22:05
sarnoldcluelessperson: run 'newgrp mediashare' and try again..22:06
cluelesspersonsarnold, but I do adduser zachary mediashare   and it says "the user zachary is already" .. okay22:06
sarnoldthat will start a new shell with the new group membership22:06
sarnoldyou can either restart sessions or use newgrp to give you a new shell with the new group permissions22:06
cluelesspersonsarnold, hm, it works now22:07
sarnoldwoot :)22:07
cluelesspersonsarnold, the zachary does22:07
cluelesspersonreconnecting as zachary to confrim it sticks22:07
cluelesspersonsarnold, back.  I'm at work and it reset my tunnel lol22:08
sarnoldif you're going to use a gui filemanager thing, you'll need to make sure it's started with the proper groups as well -- either via logging out and back in again, or starting it from the newgrp shell22:08
cluelesspersonsarnold,   id subsonic   DOES show it's part of the mediashare group22:10
cluelesspersonhowever I'm not sure subsonic can read the mounts. checking22:10
cluelesspersonsarnold, yeah, it seems subsonic is failing to read.22:11
cluelesspersonI don't get it22:11
cluelesspersonsarnold, zachary works though, odd22:12
sarnoldcluelessperson: check a simple 'id' in whatever shell subsonic is using22:12
cluelesspersonsarnold, I do "id subsonic" and mediashare is in there.22:12
sarnoldcluelessperson: 'id username' looks up the information out of /etc/passwd or whatever usermanagement system you're using, rather than telling you the specific details of a given process22:12
cluelesspersonsarnold, okay, I'm unsure how to check the id of the shell subsonic is using22:13
sarnoldcluelessperson: what process are you trying to use as user subsonic?22:13
cluelesspersonsarnold, the application subsonic (media sharing) should be a part of the "mediashare" group.  the cifs mount should be allowing dir_mode/file_mode=0770 and gid=mediashare/100322:14
sarnoldcluelessperson: find that process's pid, and then look in /proc/<pid>/status -- you're looking for a line like this: Groups:4 24 27 30 46 109 124 127 128 100022:14
cluelesspersonsarnold, looks lik 762722:15
sarnoldcluelessperson: alright, grep Groups /proc/7627/status22:16
sarnoldcluelessperson: and see if the mediascanner group number is in there22:16
cluelesspersonsarnold, groups: 99822:16
cluelesspersonmediashare is 1003 I believe.22:16
cluelessperson(and there is no 1003 there) in the result22:17
cluelesspersonzachary@web:/media/zac$ grep Groups /proc/7627/status22:17
cluelesspersonGroups: 99822:17
sarnoldcluelessperson: what does getent group 998 report?22:17
sarnoldcluelessperson: okay, how does the subsonic application start?22:17
cluelesspersonsarnold, system daemon I believe.   init.d ?22:18
cluelesspersonrc.d ?22:18
cluelesspersonno clue what I'm talking about.22:18
mgolischdid you restart that after adding the user to the group?22:18
sarnoldcluelessperson: alright, look for it in /etc/init.d/*subsonic*, that seems likely22:18
cluelesspersonsarnold, it is there.22:18
* cluelessperson is a 5 year old again, gets to relive life.22:19
sarnoldcluelessperson: alright, try sudo /etc/init.d/subsonic restart22:19
cluelesspersonsarnold, Groups: 998 1003 now22:22
cluelesspersonsarnold, subsonic still erroring some reason22:23
cluelesspersonwell, no errors, checking22:23
sarnoldcluelessperson: hooray, progress22:23
cluelesspersonsarnold, how do I test manually, as a subsonic user?22:24
cluelesspersonthe application is failing to scan the directories still, but it does show subsonic is part of those groups for that process. :)22:24
sarnoldcluelessperson: hmm, probably sudo -s -i subsonic   would be my first starting point22:24
cluelesspersonsarnold, nope22:25
sarnoldit's a bit tricky since this is a different mechanism for starting the process than the service actually uses22:25
cluelesspersonsarnold, maybe I can just restart the server. :P22:26
cluelesspersonsarnold, I actually need to leave work right now, I appreciate all your help, but I have to disappear.22:26
cluelesspersonI'll be back on in about 30 minutes22:26
cluelesspersonbut thank you so much so far.22:26
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