elachecheMorning o/07:44
fedy_mr anis ?12:17
elachecheHey fedy_!12:19
elachecheYo guys!12:19
Na3iLhey fedy_ elacheche12:20
elachecheSo, let me ask my question again fedy_ :) I quote from the ML " especially who's organizing the event, are you a University/School club, an association, or what exactly?12:21
elachecheJust an other question, I'm curious to know if it's legal to host a CTF?!"12:21
fedy_of course it is legal TNCTF is like Hackfest if you heard of it12:22
elachecheNa3iL, got a point too.. Do you have a written planning or something like that?12:22
fedy_and about <na3il> you can shoose what ever subject you want to talk about its your conference12:22
elachecheI know the hackfest guys, some of them at least.. The event was supported by some association if my memory is good.. What about you?12:23
fedy_we are supported by TUNANDROID.com - Communauté Android and Tunisian game developers12:24
elachecheDo you have a written planning or something like that? A draft maybe?12:25
fedy_me ? no im still planning with my partner like i said after 2 or 3 days from the x-event we will create a facebook event with all the information / schedule and requirements12:27
fedy_if the event is on the 18th maybe we will need your your help on the 17th to organise and prepare you khnow :D stuff12:28
elachechefedy_, Let's say that the event will be for the 18th (you can't confirm tat yet).. So the event should be annouced to the public AT LEAST a WEEK before! And the list of communities & clubs to be in the event should be ready WITH a draft of the planning AT LEAST 2 WEEKS before the event!12:30
Na3iLyup fedy_ I wonder the server which contains tasks is already done? besides, I think a stand for the community  u-tn include install party using lan as PXE/bootp protocol12:31
elachecheWhen you start confirm the dates/location + the planning, then only you can say that you have an event and you ask people to join it!12:31
elachecheAnd I'll be happy to contribute with our community in anything we can do for you and for the event.12:32
fedy_like i said after the x event ( this sunday ) evrything will be public publicity i will take care ( i live in la marsa ) i khnow aloooooooooooooooot of people :) i will let 18 days of publicity ( from 1 aout to 18 ) all the information will be available i just need these to days to rent the location ( esprit i hope ) and set the date with my partner ( 18th 90% )12:33
elachecheRent? Who('s sponsoring your event?12:35
fedy_@na3il yes we will use LAN and :8080 html for folders ( categories ) / subfolders ( challenges ) and files :)12:35
fedy_@elacheche tunandroid with some money and my own money :D12:36
elachechefedy_, tale a look at this http://sfd.tn/2014/programme/ as an example.. For SFD we created the planning BEFORE knowing who'll do what.. We fixed our event time line, after that we asked people who wanna do a conference or a STAND or a workshop.. Do you have a plannign?12:39
elachechefedy_, can you please explain what do you mean by "after the x event" ?12:40
fedy_Tarek Djebali : Open source: a life changing! ( this is ok ) ///////////////////// Ghassen Telmoudi : Python Programming Language, do you know it? ( this is ok ) //////////////////// Adel Kassah : La programmation dès le primaire… un choix ou une obligation ? ( and this one ) ///////////// i cant out it all because there are more groupes like you guys who wants conferences and all12:41
fedy_lisent guys i khnow you want to take this as pro but cant we create a groupe conversation on facebook ? i have like 4 browsers 57 tabs and 3 systems running on 4 screens :) please ?12:42
elachecheWTF fedy_ do you even UNDERSTAND what I AM writing! o_O12:42
fedy_cant we go on facebook ? it will be alot easier12:43
elachechefedy_, FB spies on you.. ubuntulog here is logging whatever we discuss here, so when I'm about to confirm something on the ML I can refer to the logs..12:44
elachechefedy_, please focus on only this LINE, clear you mind then go to http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2015/07/22/%23ubuntu-tn.html and READ our discussion AGAIN.. You did NOT understand any of my questions..12:45
fedy_can you repeat them ?12:45
elachecheFocus fedy_, than read and understand what I said.. I never asked for a conference or more..12:45
fedy_aaaaaaaaaaa ok ok12:46
fedy_as an example12:46
fedy_no i dont have a planning ( YET )12:46
elachecheNo no fedy_ :) I understand that you're tired.. So please, get some rest, clear your mind then go to this link http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2015/07/22/%23ubuntu-tn.html and READ all the conversation again..12:46
elachecheI'll be here almost all the time..12:47
elachecheOK fedy_12:47
fedy_i just woke up :) its a missunderstanding can you repeat you question please12:47
fedy_ctcp version ?12:48
elachechefedy_, it's better to read our conversation again :) you have the history in this Chrome TAB, or ou can see it later on http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2015/07/22/%23ubuntu-tn.html12:49
fedy_wich part do you want me to read ? the sfd part ?12:49
elachecheNope.. All of it :) The ML discussion too :) just focus and read it all again fedy_ :)12:50
elachecheYou didn't understand me since the first word :)12:50
fedy_ok can you repeat you questions here ? at least keywords ?12:51
elachecheOK, can we give ubuntulog 5 minutes of silence so he can do his job and log the conversation?12:52
fedy_sure thing be back in 15:0012:52
elachecheAll the questions are in here fedy_ http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2015/07/22/%23ubuntu-tn.html Take your time to read them again and again :)13:08
fedy_can you point at the questions with no answer ?13:10
elachecheYou don't understand the whole conversation :) :)13:11
elachecheYo chaker o/ :)13:11
fedy_lets repeat it ?13:11
elachecheIt's easier to read the log :) it's very clear.. And I need to focus @work for 15min..13:12
fedy_just say im busy and i will come back later <3 sorry for disturbin13:13
hprohappy 3id elacheche , :p13:13
chakerelacheche: o/13:16
elachechefedy_, am always busy :) ask Na3iL about that :) :D It's just easier to read the log than start a 45min from scratch :D13:17
elachechesa7a ennom hpro :) how are you?13:17
elachechehow is your rc.lua Na3iL ?14:16
Na3iLelacheche, good enough :D I changed some lines on rc.lua.multicolor and now my awesome wm look much better :D ty14:18
elachecheGreat :)14:18
Na3iLbut I've some problems on shortkeys14:18
elachecheI use multicolor for my laptop too :)14:19
elachecheWhat problems?.14:19
Na3iLI tried the default shortkeys and they works, but when I try to add some other shortkeys they didn't work14:19
elachechewhat about you chaker hpro_ what DE/WM do you use?14:19
elachecheyou'll find a way to fix that Na3iL :) you need just to check the syntax :) You can use xephyr to try you config file without crashing your current awesome session14:23
elachechechaker, a VIM lover should use awesome wm :p14:25
Na3iLelacheche, I already tried with xephyr and awesome-k command, and it the output was ✔ Configuration file syntax OK. Besides I think it's a bug14:27
elachecheEmm maybe :/14:28
Na3iLbut it's really AWESOME :D14:29
elachecheYep :)14:30
elachecheGoogle Qtile & xmond too.. :) and read the feedback :)14:30
Na3iLu mean xmonad, Qtile I like it cause it's written with py :D14:31
elachecheBut try it, I couldn't use it x(14:32
elachecheNa3iL, http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/hardy/man1/xmon.1x.html x( :D That's why my mind is on xmond x(14:33
elachecheNa3iL, http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/hardy/man1/xmon.1x.html x( :D That's why my mind is on xmond x(14:41
chakerelacheche: First time I hear about it, --> googling :p14:47
elachecheNa3iL, as I remember you're an active Ubuntu Gnome contributer.. Am I wrong?14:48
Na3iLyup elacheche14:49
chakerelacheche: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11920303/14:51
elachechewhat package is that? on what version?14:52
chaker14.04 http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/06/install-latest-awesome-window-manager-ubuntu/14:53
elachechetry this14:53
elachecheapt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade && apt-get -f install14:53
elachecheNa3iL, do you think that your contribution can make you an Official Ubuntu Member? → https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/NewMember14:55
chakerelacheche: The same error15:03
elachecheapt-cache show awesome15:05
elachechechaker, uou know that you can do this too → "apt-cache show awesome | pastebinit" ;)15:06
Na3iLmy connection is sucks :')15:07
elachechechaker, do you have the universe repo is your sources.list ?15:09
elachecheWeird x)15:11
elachecheapt-get install libxcb-cursor015:11
chakerIs there something wrong with TN mirror ??15:12
elachecheI think that a maintainer of ONE of those packages users the wrong dependency version number.. I used that same PPA to install awesome a year ago.. And it works fine.. We should find the wrong DEB file and fix it :D15:13
elachecheWhat TN mirrors? :D15:13
elachecheWhat mirror do you use? show me the link15:15
elachecheGot my msg Na3iL ?15:16
elachechechaker, check the status → https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+mirror/ubuntu.mirror.tn-archive215:17
elachechechaker, do you know how to search & replace in VIM? Or do you know how to use sed?15:22
elachecheYep :) it's almost the same as sed :) ;) You used it before?15:24
chakerI do use it alot15:24
chakerdo you mean sed15:24
elachecheboth :) you know what to do then :D use one of them to replace the http://ubuntu.mirror.tn/ubuntu/ with the official ones ;) :D15:25
chakerhhhhhhh I already did :p15:26
chakerAnd the problem indeed was from the mirror15:26
elachechechaker! Help15:29
elachecheWhen you checked https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+mirror/ubuntu.mirror.tn-archive2 what status did you find!!15:29
chakerit wasn't like this :last probe This mirror was last verified 8 minutes ago.15:30
chakerit was something like 19 july I think15:31
chakerit wasn't up to date15:31
elachecheYep :) They updated it fast :D It's 1Gb link :D it's easy to update it that fast x)15:33
chakerhhhhhh :15:33
elachecheAwesome WM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZikY5lst5lg15:35
elachechechaker, installation done?15:49
chakerYep now customising.15:49
elachecheHave fun :D :)15:50
chakerThanks. Perhaps I will like, even though I'm satisfied with tmux and unity15:54
chakerlike it*15:54
elacheche:) Unity sucks :p15:54
elachecheI like awesome.. I was using MATE before it.. it's cool too :)à15:55
chakerI didn't say that I love Unity but I do prefer it over Gnome315:57
elachecheIt's based on Gnome3 :)15:57
chakerbut it's not Gnome3 :p15:57
elachecheI loved Gnome 2 that's why I used MATE for years.. Between Unity & MATe I used LXDE a lot too..15:59
elachechetime to go home.. see you later guys :)16:04
Na3iLciao elacheche!16:08

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