ahoneybunmariogrip: so it would be useless to buy it for the One?00:05
mariogripahoneybun: Yes00:14
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sturmflut2Hm, since yesterday afternoon the store API returns   "icon_url": null   for exactly one entry: "Match The Color"06:28
sturmflut2Ha, the package was updated on "2015-07-21 16:43:27"06:31
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sturmflut2popey: Ping06:56
tsdgeoslast image doesn't build?07:02
tsdgeosogra_: ↑ ?07:02
sturmflut2tsdgeos: There were some mails on the mailing list that the latest devel-proposed images apparently don't boot07:05
tsdgeossturmflut2: not devel proposed but rc-proposed here07:05
sturmflut2tsdgeos: Oh, that would be a bit worse :/07:06
tsdgeosand now i'm stuck into fastboot, trying to get out of there :D07:06
sturmflut2tsdgeos: Either press POWER and VOLUME UP for a while, or do "fastboot reboot" on the host07:07
tsdgeosoh i did fastboot reboot-bootloader07:07
tsdgeosseemed better according to the help07:08
tsdgeosdidn't help07:08
tsdgeoslet me try that one07:08
seb128tsdgeos, can you adb to the device even if it doesn't boot?07:10
tsdgeosadb doesn't see it07:10
tsdgeosfastboot does07:10
tsdgeosbut i haven't been able to get out of there to somewhere i can use adb07:10
tsdgeosi'm stuck at the white "bq powered by ubuntu" screen07:10
sturmflut2tsdgeos: Probably because the flashed image is broken?07:11
tsdgeosguess so yeah07:11
sturmflut2tsdgeos: You could download http://people.canonical.com/~jhm/barajas/recovery.img and "fastboot boot recovery.img" it, then you have ADB and access to the internal storage07:12
seb128tsdgeos, download people.canonical.com/~jhm/barajas/recovery-krillin.img07:12
seb128tsdgeos, what sturmflut2 said07:12
tsdgeosok, let's try that07:12
tsdgeosi have adb07:14
tsdgeosubuntu-device-flash still doesn't like it07:14
tsdgeosi guess i can force the device07:14
sturmflut2tsdgeos: You have to force the device, add "--device=krillin" to u-d-f07:14
tsdgeoslet me try to flash image 74 again07:15
tsdgeosjust in case it was some hickup07:15
tsdgeosand now that i know how to recover it07:15
* sturmflut2 is eagerly waiting for JamesTait's daily announcement07:16
dholbachgood morning07:19
tsdgeossturmflut2: seb128: second flash worked :S07:21
seb128hey dholbach07:23
dholbachhey seb12807:25
ogra_tsdgeos, weird, i just updated my aquaris on rc-proposed, works fine here07:34
tsdgeosyeah, second time around it worked fine07:35
tsdgeosso it either has to do with the previous image you had07:35
tsdgeosor it's just bad luck i had07:35
ogra_do you remember what your last image was ?07:36
tsdgeosnot really07:36
tsdgeosi may have been wily and then i flash rc-proposed07:36
tsdgeosfrom yesterday for sure07:36
ogra_but with --bootstrap i hope07:36
tsdgeosis that needed?07:37
ogra_indeed, else you leave all the writabnle bits from the former install around07:37
ogra_either --wipe or --bootstrap07:37
tsdgeosi see, so if i switch between channels it's better to use bootstrap07:37
tsdgeosyou never stop learning :)07:38
ogra_if you do it via udf, yes07:38
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solanumHey guys.  I'm trying to get webbrowser-app with remote inspector running.  I can connect to the device (a Nexus 4) with adb shell just fine and then I run `MIR_SOCKET=/ver/run/mir_socket webbrowser-app -- --inspector`.  The webbrowser window flashes up once and then vanishes again.  Maybe someone can help me out?  I'm running build 6 of ubuntu-touch/stable/ubuntu-developer if that matters.07:45
mardyElleo: hi! I'm on the OTA-5 and I've got my device into a state where the OSK won't appear; what can I do to debug the issue?07:47
mardyElleo: there's nothing under /var/crash/07:47
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Guest46428hi i hv a samsung galaxy note GT-N7000 set which i would like to install ubuntu touch os07:50
Guest46428do u think this possible n does it works well on this device07:51
Guest46428has any one tried out before07:54
ogra_dbarth, whats our story wrt google photos and the G+ app ?07:59
ogra_(G+ will turn off builtin photo support on august 1st)08:00
dbarthogra_: hmm, we have to write that chapter, indeed08:02
* ogra_ is just wondering what to do with his G+ app then08:02
ogra_going to photos.google.com gets me an "update your browser" page btw08:02
dbarthogra_: but you mean for posting pictures?08:03
ogra_yes, indeed08:03
ogra_i assume you will have to post them via photos.g.c in the future08:03
dbarththere was no official api for that, and so alex's code will need to be updated08:03
dbarthif ever we can still connect to something equivalent08:04
solanumI figured it out.  I changed the command line in /usr/share/applications/webbrowser-app.desktop if anyone wondered.08:04
JonathanFergusonCan I get some assistance for my Asus Nexus 7 "flo" that I repeatedly get an error on http://s7.postimg.org/d64zjinkr/P1270959.jpg I have documented at  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/11918690/08:06
dbarthogra_: do you run the same code for sharing pictures?08:08
ogra_dbarth, no, i just rely on the builtin G+ function08:09
dbarthogra_: ie, i switched the UA on my code and that leads me nowhere :/08:09
ogra_(i dont have pictures hooked into content hub)08:09
ogra_so you need to pic the little image when posting and use the G+ function to upload08:10
ogra_JonathanFerguson, that looks a bit like a broken MMC to me08:10
dbarthogra_: so what's the path you are using?08:10
JonathanFergusonogra, Can you elaborate08:11
jgdxmardy, sounds like bug 147372008:12
ubot5bug 1473720 in qtubuntu "keyboard stops working, maliit and unity8 consuming cpu" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147372008:12
ogra_dbarth, as i said, you click on "new post" (the little circle with pen on the bottom right), the new popup has a little location and a little image icon ... there you click the image that then gets you to G+ photos ... where you pick "add photo" ... that brings up content-hub to select one ... after picking it is automatically added to the post ... my app doesnt support direct calls via content hub and isnt in the picture selector though08:13
ogra_JonathanFerguson, well, seems there are a lot of filesystem check errors in your first link08:13
mardyjgdx: thanks, seems to be the same one indeed08:14
ogra_JonathanFerguson, i'd first flash android back onto the device to make sure there is no hardware error ... and if it isnt, follow exatly the install instructions (never ever flash any img files you find anywhere directly ... they are all just unprocessed by-products)08:14
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dbarthogra_: hmm, that fails on wily here :/08:21
ogra_dbarth, wily ? who cares ...08:21
jibelogra_, stop saying that. What is in wily will be released at some point.08:23
ogra_jibel, after being moved to vivid or after we have the X release ...08:24
ogra_nothing from wily will ever see a phone directly08:24
seb128right, but things wily bugs might land in vivid08:24
jibelogra_, I mean the code in wily can be released in the stable release or next release, even if wily itself won't be released08:25
ogra_jibel, running anything *on* wily is just pointless here08:25
seb128like new mir is in wily first and they plan to upload to vivid next08:25
seb128so bugs in that new version, which is in wily are important to fix08:25
seb128or they are going to be in vivid as well08:25
ogra_but after it went though deep QA testing08:25
seb128which sometime is not enough08:25
ogra_not in the state it entered wily08:25
seb128right, still not a reason to dismiss bugs in wily08:26
seb128often they are real problems08:26
jibelQA is not a wall against everything08:26
seb128and no need to waste QA to find them a second time08:26
ogra_oh, i never said to dismiss wily bugs08:26
ogra_i'm saying running stuff on wily is pointless, not that you shouldnt test your packages on it before upload :)08:27
ogra_(or report bugs yoou fine when testing )08:27
seb128it's not pointless08:27
seb128some of us have found bugs upfront by testing on wily devices08:27
ogra_well, if you say so ...08:27
seb128and got those fixed before the updates went to vivid/qa08:27
seb128so it avoided wasting qa cycles08:28
ogra_i think it is pointless especially since wily is so much in flux that your end up unbootable every now and then ... and especially in the context that nobody looks at the plummbing layer at all over there08:28
seb128k, let's agree to disagree then08:28
jibelogra_, an unbootable device shouldn't happen, even in devel-proposed. It doesn't happen for the desktop, why should it be different for other devices?08:29
jibelother products*08:30
ogra_jibel, because the undertlying layer is nearly unmaintained, because of a gcc5 transition, because wily bugs are treated like 3rd class citizens ....08:31
ogra_as soon as the gcc transition is done, how do you even remotely judge bugs wily vs vivid then ? you have a completely different toolchain and compile options08:32
ogra_(beyond already having a ton of different libs today)08:32
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seb128ogra_, waving hands and letting things diverge too much and have a free pass to regress is going to bite us back big time08:36
ogra_seb128, yes it is, so we should do proper QA on these images ... but we dont08:36
seb128but the standard reply should be "we need to fix that"08:37
* ogra_ is still wondering why nobody has started a community team for QA testing on devel-proposed08:37
seb128not "let's not care since the situation sucks already"08:37
ogra_this is a perfect task for a community based intiative08:37
ogra_seb128, "dont run it if you are a user" is all i'm saying08:38
nhainesI always assumed it was because upstream doesn't care about devel-proposed quality.08:38
ogra_we used to care during the vivid cycle08:38
ogra_the problem here is that we skip wily and work with backports this time08:38
ogra_and that wily has very massive changes alongside (like the gcc transition) which we didnt have in the vivid cycle08:39
nhainesIt seems like that'd be a good reason to keep an eye on it.08:40
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Hammock Day! 😃08:48
Elleomardy: any unity8 crash?08:56
Elleomardy: also could you run, 'gsettings get com.canonical.keyboard.maliit stay-hidden' and see what the result is?08:56
mardyElleo: nope, but jgdx already pointed me to bug 1473720 -- it's indeed the same08:56
ubot5bug 1473720 in qtubuntu "keyboard stops working, maliit and unity8 consuming cpu" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147372008:56
Elleomardy: aha, right that one08:57
Elleomardy: I believe the mir folks already have a fix lined up for that08:57
dbarthogra_: from what i read, the ability to share pictures on streams and so on is preserved after aug. 1st09:21
dbarthogra_: and oiur content hub integration should be unaffected, as it was pointing to picasa apis afaict09:22
ogra_dbarth, yes, but you will likely need to use a different upload path09:22
dbarthogra_: we may have urlpatterns to adjust though, i'm still trying to find out09:22
ogra_so the picasa apüis stay around ? thats good09:22
dbarthogra_: yes apparently picasa is back with a revenge ;)09:22
mcphailI see iOS9 will have a dock of icons you swipe in from the side to switch between apps. Is that a new thing for iOS? I wonder where they got their inspiration? ;)09:37
nhainesProbably from OS/209:37
popeymcphail: it is09:45
ogra_nhaines, wasnt NEXT before that ?09:46
ogra_(using a sidebar with icons)09:46
nhainesogra_: could be.  I was young then.  :)09:47
ogra_we all were :)09:47
ogra_(younger at least, i was always old :P )09:47
jibelI filed bug 1477051 for the boot issue on devel-proposed09:50
ubot5bug 1477051 in live-build (Ubuntu) "Phones on devel-proposed do not boot - /bin/sh: 1: /bin/sh: initctl: not found" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147705109:50
robin-heroHey! Somebody set the milestone of this bug to ww34-ota6? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-settings-components/+bug/143691209:51
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1436912 in ubuntu-settings-components (Ubuntu) "Unlocalized notification option ("Message")" [High,New]09:51
tcharlssHi, is it ok to discuss of shipping problems related to the meizu mx4 here ?10:26
popeytcharlss: you can discuss, sure, not a lot we can do about it though10:28
popeybetter off contacting meizu directly for shipping issues10:28
tcharlssWell, I wanted to know if other poeple had delay problems10:29
tcharlssBecause they do not answer emails10:29
popeyah okay10:30
tcharlssAnd my phone, ordered 2 weeks ago, has not been shipped yet. Unless they invent teleporation, I will not get it in time10:30
abeatoLaney, jhodapp set-up a silo 8 for latest gstreamer+media-hub landing so we can land both together, does it make sense?10:30
tcharlssSo, I just want to knwo if I'm the only one unlucky here, I'm starting to get a bit worried10:31
Laneyabeato: yes, can you sort out gst-bad with jhodapp, then we can copy into there?10:32
abeatoLaney, yes, that's the idea, I will contact you back after changes look good for jhodapp10:33
popeyjohn-mcaleely: do we have a contact at meizu we can point customers like tcharlss at?10:34
tcharlsspopey : well, there's a general contact email, yes10:37
john-mcaleelypopey, I'm not aware of one10:38
sturmflut2JamesTait: Something in the store API is broken, I get "icon_url": null for one entry, namely "Match the color", id 949.10:54
JamesTaitsturmflut2, I'll have a look into it.10:55
JamesTaitWell that's weird. It looks like it's because the application doesn't have an icon in myapps.10:57
sverzegnassio/ sturmflut2, I just opened IRC and I see you asking about the issue before me. :D10:57
sverzegnassiJamesTait: yep, I get a server error when I try to upload a new icon10:57
JamesTaitBut I'm not sure how that's possible. I'll make some enquiries.10:58
sturmflut2sverzegnassi: Ha! Your missing icon broke my RSS feed script!10:58
sverzegnassisturmflut2, haha10:58
JamesTaitsverzegnassi, can you give me a rough idea when you last attempted to upload a new icon? I'll see what I can find in the logs.11:00
sverzegnassiJamesTait, I tried it again a few minutes ago. May you need the error ID?11:01
JamesTaitIf you have it handy, it can't hurt. ☺11:01
sverzegnassiJamesTait, OOPS-c8729e0381ae45e189398f6b4b2a838411:02
JamesTaitThanks, let's see what I can find.11:02
rbasakIs the dialer app the right place for bugs for the incoming call alert and for outgoing calls made over Bluetooth?11:09
rbasak(not UI, function issues)11:09
JamesTaitsverzegnassi, OK, I've found the error, I'll pass on the details for it to be fixed and let you know when to try again.11:19
sverzegnassiJamesTait, thank you! \o/11:22
conyooafter OTA 5 i can't upload images to twitter any more, i get this "in progress" forever semi transparent dialogue http://i.imgur.com/YujxS6n.jpg11:51
conyoomeizu r311:52
* ogra_ doesnt have a twitter account, uploading to G+ works for me though11:53
conyooyeah g+ works for me 2 :>11:53
conyooand i can't debug the bug because i don't want to charge the battery yet (from usb)11:55
conyoo28h and still going strong )))11:55
conyoooh.. i have a terminal on the phone, i'm dumb11:55
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jgdxpete-woods, do you want an mp against your uss-mp that fixes the tests?12:05
pete-woodsjgdx: either that or just totally replaces my MP, not bothered which12:09
jgdxpete-woods, I default to the former12:13
pete-woodsjgdx: okay, whichever works for you12:14
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popeyconyoo: same here12:28
popeydbarth: are you aware that uploading images to twitter via the webapp is broken12:32
dakerpopey: i have seen a fix for it12:33
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1474234 in webapps-sprint "Can't add picture to post (Both gallery and camera) via Twitter " [High,In progress]12:33
popeythanks daker12:34
popeydbarth: any eta on that? it's quite a regression12:34
popeyguessing that's going to have to wait for OTA-6 :(12:35
popeymade my phone pretty unusable on holiday last week.12:35
ogra_together with the broken telegram :)12:35
popeyyeah :(12:36
popeyi probably should have switched to stable before going on holiday.12:36
ogra_it was your subconcious wanting to tell you to stay away from the internets :)12:37
popeyyeah, nobody shares photos online when they're on holiday12:38
popeystupid use case12:38
jgdxseb128, got 5 mins? I'm looking at running some qml unit tests in uss, and the qmldir in inside the plugin folder is giving me headaches.12:39
seb128jgdx, I don't know a lot about those things12:39
jgdxseb128, who do you pick as go to guy?12:39
jgdxmardy maybe? ^ :)12:40
seb128jgdx, try sdk team or maybe mardy12:40
jgdxseb128, thx12:40
pete-woodsjgdx: unity8 team are also a good contact for that sorta thing12:41
jgdxpete-woods, ta12:41
mardyjgdx: I can try to help, but I think that the sdk guys would know better12:41
jgdxmardy, it's not specifically the qmldir, it's the fact that it's there and tries to define a plugin that does not exist (until it has been installed).12:44
jgdxso if you try to import the (src) plugin folder, the qmldir will crash if there's no e.g. libUbuntuCellularPanel.so inside the folder12:45
mardyjgdx: yep, IIRC I stumbled into this too... let me try to remember if/how I solved this12:45
jgdxmardy, omg sweet12:46
mardyjgdx: ok, the trick is to copy the qmldir file to the same directory where the .so file is12:51
mardyjgdx: and in the tests you do something like  qputenv("QML2_IMPORT_PATH", SOURCE_MODULE_PATH);  so that it knows where to look for the plugin12:52
dbarthpopey: yes, alex has the fix12:53
jgdxmardy, right, that works well. :)12:55
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jgdxmardy, -import ${PLUGIN_PRIVATE_MODULE_DIR} for System Settings in the creation of the executable12:55
jgdxmardy, but then, in the test, if I do import path/to/src/" which includes the qmldir file, it says it can't find the plugin :(12:56
mardyjgdx: with the QML2_IMPORT_PATH environment variable12:56
mardyjgdx: you can set it from within the test, with qputenv()12:57
mardyjgdx: and you'd get the value from a cmake define12:58
jgdxmardy, right, then I get http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/11919797/13:00
jgdxmaybe what I'm doing is really wrong13:00
mardyjgdx: can you please push this branch somewhere?13:01
jgdxmardy, sure thing13:02
kenvandinejgdx, can you merge trunk into your apn branch?13:02
kenvandinejust to be sure it's clean13:02
jgdxkenvandine, dry run or the whole smash?13:03
kenvandinejust merge latest trunk into your branch and push it13:03
kenvandinefixing any conflicts, which there might not be13:03
popeydbarth: apparently this is broken in OTA-5? Worked in OTA-4, so it's a regression.13:03
popeydbarth: do we have test plans to ensure this doesn't break again? Because this is quite significant breakage.13:04
jgdxmardy, lp:~jonas-drange/ubuntu-system-settings/qml-unit-tests13:04
* kenvandine likes the sound of what jgdx is working on13:05
* tathhu got sounds on youtube by pressing volume button...13:05
* tathhu facedesk13:05
jgdxkenvandine, :) hit a wall tho13:06
kenvandinejgdx, i'm doing a landing with those 2 autopilot fixes13:06
kenvandinehopefully it'll help our CI situation13:06
jgdxkenvandine, great.13:07
mardyjgdx: well, it looks like importing the module is working fine; what doesn't work, is importing the qml files using "import "../../../plugins/cellular" as Cellular"13:12
jgdxmardy, yes, but how else get the files I want to test? :s13:12
mardyjgdx: this project is using qmake, but the logic is the same: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~online-accounts/ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts/trunk/files/head:/tests/online-accounts-ui/qml/13:13
mardyjgdx: see the "Source" directory13:14
mardyjgdx: maybe cmake is smarter and it's even possible to generate the qmldir file automatically13:14
mardyjgdx: and in your tests you just type "import Source 1.0"13:14
jgdxmardy, brilliant!13:15
popeypmcgowan: hullo. can we please get bug 1474234 on your radar. seems ota-5 regressed and we can't upload pictures to (for example) twitter13:25
ubot5bug 1474234 in webapps-sprint "Can't add picture to post (Both gallery and camera) via Twitter " [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147423413:25
pmcgowanalexabreu, ^^13:25
pmcgowanpopey, wonder if that api also changed :(13:25
popeythere's a fix on that bug13:26
popeyit's our end.13:26
pmcgowanok good13:26
popeyFSVO of "Good" :)13:26
alexabreuyes there is a fix13:26
alexabreuIt is on Chris' radar13:26
alexabreupopey, :)13:26
pmcgowanoh in oxide, poop13:27
popeyyeah, which means a 5-6 week wait :(13:27
alexabreupmcgowan, there is one that should mitigate the issue in webbrowser app13:27
pmcgowanalexabreu, ?13:28
alexabreupmcgowan, popey this fix for another related bug should also fix it from a higher level https://code.launchpad.net/~abreu-alexandre/webbrowser-app/fix-filepicker-timer-accept/+merge/26483413:28
dbarthpopey: it is in the test plan actually13:30
* mcphail can feel an OTA5.5 coming on13:30
popeysee also, discussions of making oxide a click13:31
popeyin before ogra_ says this is fixed by snappy13:31
jgdxmardy, that worked. Thanks! :)13:32
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pete-woodsjgdx: could you submit an MR for the tests for the new hotspot USS stuff, even if it's empty? I'm just going to get the silo reconfigured now13:41
kenvandineElleo, any idea what would cause this traceback?  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/11919975/13:41
kenvandineElleo, that's the traceback i get running the system-settings tests on vivid, but only when i run all the tests13:42
kenvandinethe tests that fail all pass individually13:42
kenvandineElleo, i had rhuddie looking at it, he thinks there might be a bug in the helper13:43
jgdxpete-woods, 'll do13:43
rhuddieElleo, from the stack at least it looks like key object being passed from ubuntu_keyboard to autopilot is None for some strange reason. I'll have a look at the autopilot code to see what is going on there13:45
Elleokenvandine, rhuddie: it's not something I've seen before13:46
jgdxpete-woods, https://code.launchpad.net/~jonas-drange/ubuntu-system-settings/hotspots-change-test-backend/+merge/26552813:46
pete-woodsjgdx: were you planning to make that dependent on lp:~pete-woods/ubuntu-system-settings/hotspots-via-indicator ?13:46
pete-woodsI didn't quite follow which way round you wanted it13:47
pete-woodsjust cause the MP ID changes if you resubmit it13:47
pete-woodsand I have to reconfigure again13:47
jgdxpete-woods, wait13:48
pete-woods… :)13:48
jgdxwhy don't you merge this branch into yours when the time comes? no reconfig13:48
pete-woodsoh, that could work too13:48
pete-woodsbut if I don't13:48
pete-woodsyou can keep pushing to it13:48
pete-woodswithout me13:48
pete-woodsand rebuild the silo, etc13:49
jgdxright, that makes sense13:49
jgdxthough I would do it in one take.. one take jonas they call me13:49
rhuddieElleo, yes, its really strange. kenvandine you said you could reproduce the issue when running the ubuntu_keyboard tests too? it seems like there is something in a bad state13:49
kenvandinewow... according to the messaging menu, i have 255 new voice mails13:49
pete-woodsjgdx: ty!13:50
kenvandinerhuddie, Elleo: not sure if i'll see the same traceback, the ubuntu_keyboard tests are still running13:50
jgdxkenvandine, lookie https://code.launchpad.net/~jonas-drange/ubuntu-system-settings/qml-unit-tests/+merge/26552713:50
kenvandinebut watching the screen i see it never pushes any keys13:50
kenvandinejgdx, don't be a tease :)13:50
rhuddiekenvandine, ok, would be good to confirm when they are finished if its the same issue or not13:51
jgdxkenvandine, it's all i got captn13:51
kenvandinerhuddie, well now the shell crashed :)13:51
Elleorhuddie, kenvandine: interesting, the keyboard tests were passing last week when I ran them on the autopilot cursor movement branch13:51
kenvandineElleo, yeah, i think this is all new13:51
Elleowill just update the image on my phone and see if I can reproduce13:52
kenvandineugh... unity8 keeps crashing now13:52
kenvandinei'm going to need to reboot this thing and try again13:52
rhuddieElleo, yes, it doesn't seem to be a problem with the ubuntu_keyboard tests as such, but that the system is somehow getting into a state that is causing them to fail13:53
kenvandineElleo, not seeing it pressing the keys on the OSK, is that what you would expect to happen if they key was None?13:53
kenvandinei guess so13:53
Elleokenvandine: I'd expect it to fail instantly if the key was None, is it just sitting there? (that'd suggest waiting for a 10 second timeout on some condition)13:54
Elleokenvandine: I might be wrong though13:54
kenvandineElleo, it was just sitting there14:05
kenvandineprobably 10 seconds14:05
kenvandinethen it would start the next test14:05
kenvandinei just rebooted and running again14:05
kenvandineElleo, irregardless i'm definately seeing the None for key in system-settings tests14:06
Elleokenvandine: if unity crashing keeps stopping you getting through the whole suite it might be worth running in the fast fail mode to see what errors we get prior to unity crashing14:06
kenvandinehow do you do that?14:07
kenvandineElleo, this was the first time i had the shell crash though14:07
Elleokenvandine: pass -ff to autopilot14:08
kenvandinecan we do that with phablet-test-run?14:08
kenvandineyeah you can :)14:08
kenvandinewish i had seen that sooner!14:09
=== howefield is now known as howefield_afk
anpokhm flashing arale during fastboot hangs: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11920184/ any ideas?14:27
ogra_anpok, what was the command you used ?14:28
anpokubuntu-device-flash -v touch --device arale --channel ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/meizu.en --recovery-image recovery.img.1 --bootstrap --developer-mode --password 123414:28
ogra_that looks fine ... i assume there was a sudo in front ?14:29
anpokhmm nope14:29
ogra_try that ... not sure if our fastboot package actually ships udev rules for meizu14:29
ogra_(and inded the phone needs to be in bootloader/fastboot mode ... (stating the pbvious here))14:30
=== Guest17057 is now known as mibofra
anpokogra_: sure state the obvious - since we left obivious city some time ago14:37
rbasakIs the dialer app the right place for bugs for the incoming call alert and for outgoing calls made over Bluetooth?14:41
rbasak(not UI, function issues)14:41
rbasak1) Cannot ignore incoming call without rejecting it; 2) Calls initiated by Bluetooth go out over non-default SIM.14:42
rbasakI don't see these reported anywhere already.14:42
=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|bbl
anpokrbasak: https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image14:43
anpokthose two will involve at least two packages14:43
rbasakanpok: OK, thanks!14:44
kenvandineElleo, after rebooting i only got one failure in ubuntu_keyboard14:50
kenvandineAssertionError: After 10.0 seconds test on KeyboardContainer.activeKeypadState failed: 'SHIFTED' != dbus.String('CAPSLOCK', variant_level=1)14:50
kenvandinein ubuntu_keyboard.tests.test_keyboard.UbuntuKeyboardTypingTests.test_can_type_string(upper_alpha)14:50
Elleokenvandine: interesting, looks like an attempt to double tap the shift key failed14:51
Elleokenvandine: and only registered as a single tap14:51
Elleokenvandine: don't think that'd be related to the sort of failure you had in system settings though14:51
kenvandineElleo, well... i wonder if it is related14:53
kenvandinethanks to -ff i'm seeing the first test failure quickly14:53
kenvandineand twice it failed quickly on different tests both times with this assertion14:53
kenvandineAssertionError: After 10.0 seconds test on KeyboardContainer.activeKeypadState failed: 'SHIFTED' != dbus.String('CAPSLOCK', variant_level=1)14:53
Elleokenvandine: ah, okay then that definitely sounds related ;)14:54
Elleokenvandine: perhaps the later failure to find key stuff happens as a symptom of an early change to capslock failing?14:54
kenvandinefirst time it failed on the 4th test and the second time it was the 7th14:54
kenvandinerace condition?14:54
Elleorhuddie: ^ looks like the double tap to change to capslock is flaky/not working?14:54
* kenvandine kicks self for not knowing about fail fast before14:55
kenvandinemy 3rd run is already running much longer than the previous 214:55
kenvandineso it's clearly flaky14:55
kenvandineand i guess with nearly 130 tests, it's very likely to hit it eventually14:56
rhuddieElleo, kenvandine, very interesting, good find14:56
Elleokenvandine: might be that autopilot's attempt at a double tap is on the boundary of two single taps vs a double14:56
Elleokenvandine: although if it was two single taps I'd have thought it'd return to non-shifted mode14:56
Elleokenvandine: oh, hang on, I think I'm reading that wrong, it's attempting to go to SHIFTED but ending up in CAPSLOCK14:57
Elleothat's even odder :/14:57
kenvandineElleo, i don't know if we have any tests that should need a shift15:01
kenvandineafaict, we only enter digits and lower case15:01
kenvandineAssertionError: After 10.0 seconds test on KeyboardContainer.state failed: 'SYMBOLS' != dbus.String('CHARACTERS', variant_level=1)15:01
kenvandineElleo, failed much further in this time with that15:01
Elleokenvandine: sounds similar, switching to the symbol layout vs switching to shift are fairly similar things15:02
jgdxkenvandine, could you give the apn prototype branch a positive review? :P15:02
kenvandineElleo, yeah, so the test that failed there enters numbers15:02
kenvandineso it's in the symbols layout?15:02
kenvandinejgdx, yeah15:03
jgdxkenvandine, thanks15:03
Elleokenvandine: the numbers are in the symbols layout, and it's trying to change to that but ending up still in the characters layout15:03
kenvandinethat makes sense15:03
Elleokenvandine: either because it didn't press the symbols button, or possibly because it pressed it twice (and so switched back) which'd be consistent with it ending up in capslock in other cases15:03
kenvandineElleo, and would that be autopilot pressing those?15:04
kenvandinejgdx, so i'm happy with that branch, but the CI results scares me... which is clearly unrelated15:05
kenvandinejgdx, you've run the cellular tests on a device right?15:05
kenvandinerhuddie, what do you think?  do you think that autopilot is double tapping or missing that?15:06
jgdxkenvandine, now you're scaring me..15:07
kenvandinejgdx, don't let that silo get published yet though, let mandel publish silo 9 first then rebuild it15:07
kenvandinejgdx, well i didn't run the tests... and can't see them pass in CI, so trusting you :)15:08
mardykenvandine: hi! I see that the "icon" property of the ContentPeer is not documented; can I use it from my app, or is it going to disappear?15:08
kenvandineyou can use it15:08
mandeljgdx, yes, let me get 9 in wily15:08
kenvandineit should be documented :)15:08
mandeljgdx, should not be to long, I need to get a +115:09
jgdxmandel, np15:09
rhuddiekenvandine, its difficult to say without watching it fail, but it sounds like the sort of timing issue that could cause such strange problems15:11
mardykenvandine: actually, I see that in the picker you use "source: "image://content-hub/" + modelData.appId", maybe that's better for QML (because the "icon" returns a QImage, instead)15:11
=== chihchun is now known as chihchun_afk
kenvandinemardy, probably better15:11
kenvandineElleo, rhuddie: could it be a race in changing the layout?  like the test fails because the layout didn't change in the expected time but then the next test runs and the layout isn't what it expected?15:14
mandelkenvandine, I'm tested silo 09 but can you take it for a second spin, just to be sure :)15:15
Elleokenvandine: maybe; the layout should change back for any future tests assuming the keyboard is dismissed in between, but there is some delay switching between symbol and characters due to it loading new qml files15:15
AntonyAnyone want to test my new app?15:15
mandelkenvandine, I kind of trust others more than me15:15
Elleokenvandine: shift is pretty much instant though since it's just changing labels on the existing layout15:15
rhuddiekenvandine, Elleo, from the logs in jenkins the screenshot failure shows the osk to be in correct orientation (portrait)15:16
kenvandineElleo, and it's claiming after 10 seconds it's not changed15:16
kenvandinemandel, i just need to test that updates download right?15:16
Elleokenvandine: yeah, it'd easily have changed within 10 seconds15:19
Elleokenvandine: and with the shift case the issue seems to be that it's changing too far, going beyond shift into caps lock15:19
kenvandineElleo, ok15:20
kenvandineso maybe tapping too many times15:20
Elleomaybe, I'm not sure why it would though :/15:21
kenvandinemandel, testing15:21
kenvandineElleo, ok... now i'm see the None object without ever seeing the assertion for the layout15:21
Elleokenvandine: maybe there's two separate issues there then15:22
jgdxElleo, kenvandine: *gulp* http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/11920488/15:24
jgdxis that benign?15:24
Elleojgdx: yeah, I think that's autopilot querying the keyboard layout to find out all the keys available15:24
Elleojgdx: not sure there's much else that could be done there, and I don't think it is actually slow in the case (rhuddie might be able to confirm though?)15:25
Elleothis case*15:25
kenvandinemandel, hmm... it's failing to download a click update15:26
kenvandineand looking for log files, there is no current udm log file and udm isn't running15:26
rhuddieElleo, yes, that's a fairly standard warning, it will be getting the list of keys back15:26
kenvandinemandel, it's sitting at 0% downloaded in settings15:26
Elleorhuddie: okay, cool, thanks15:26
kenvandinemandel, i even started udm myself and then tried and nothing15:30
kenvandinenot downloading :/15:30
kenvandinemandel, i've rebooted twice and each time it doesn't download or even start udm15:34
kenvandinemandel, so that's a NACK15:34
kenvandinejgdx, so you can go ahead and publish15:35
anpokogra_: didnt help - probably still borked usb.. have to rely on system-image-cli then15:36
ogra_oh man15:36
kenvandinejgdx, oh... right your silo isn't done with QA :)15:36
TonyBostonhow do you guys sync Notes with ubuntu touch?15:39
ogra_TonyBoston, evernote is preinstalled15:41
TonyBostonogra_ anything else?15:41
ogra_not for syncing i think15:42
mandelkenvandine, weird..15:44
mandelkenvandine, I had no issue, what image did you use?15:44
kenvandinewily mako 26215:45
mandelkenvandine, hm..15:46
mandelkenvandine, let me test mako15:46
kenvandinewhat's weird is it isn't even starting udm15:46
JamesTaitsverzegnassi, have you tried uploading a new icon yet?15:46
kenvandinealso no errors like missing/bad symbol, etc15:46
kenvandinemandel, i'll update to 263 and reinstall the silo again15:47
kenvandineit might be a little frankenphone right now :)15:48
mandelkenvandine, well, I know the lastest img does not boot, be careful15:49
kenvandinejgdx, i'm seeing intermittent failures in ubuntu_system_settings.tests.test_phone.PhoneDualSimTestCase.test_call_fwd_unconditional_sim_115:49
kenvandinemandel, omg!15:49
kenvandinetoo late :/15:49
mandelkenvandine, oh my!15:49
kenvandinemaybe it's time to flash it :)15:49
kenvandinejgdx,  AssertionError: After 10.0 seconds test on CheckBox.checked failed: True != dbus.Boolean(False, variant_level=1)15:49
kenvandinejgdx, i've seen that fail several times today15:50
kenvandinebut not reliably failing15:50
mandelogra_, what is the channel for kirllin on wily, is it  ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed/krillin.en cause it looks like vivid to me15:51
kenvandineunknown flag `revision'15:54
kenvandinegrr... how do i specify the revision in ubuntu-device-flash?15:54
kenvandinethe help says --revision15:54
kenvandinebut clearly that's wrong :)15:54
jibel--revision before 'touch'15:55
kenvandinejibel, thanks!15:55
mandelkenvandine, yes, there is a weird thing between touch and not touch.. I hate the current ux of that tool :-/15:56
jibelmandel, it's the channel for krillin/wily Why does it look like vivid?15:56
sverzegnassiJamesTait, not yet. now I'll do15:56
ogra_mandel, devel-proposed is wily i think15:57
mandeljibel, ogra_ lsb_release -a says vivid15:57
sverzegnassiJamesTait, it works! Thank you!15:57
JamesTaitsverzegnassi, brilliant! 😃15:57
SturmFlutsverzegnassi, JamesTait: Now let's see if my script no longer breaks15:58
Kipjeuhm....i'm completely new here and have problems porting ubuntu to the nexus 7. does that happen often?15:58
SturmFlutKipje: Porting? The Nexus 7 (2013) is a supported device, you just install Ubuntu on it16:00
JamesTaitsverzegnassi, and it has an icon on the phone now as well. ☺16:00
Kipjeyeah that's what i mean, sorry. but it won't install, that's the problem.16:00
JamesTaitI'd love to be able to say "So my work for today is done", but not a chance!16:00
kenvandinemandel, maybe flashing my frankenmako will help, i'll let you know soon16:02
mandelkenvandine, thx16:02
kenvandinei guess the benefit of an unbootable update, pushing me to clean up :)16:02
mandelkenvandine, well, I flash always just in case :)16:02
mandelkenvandine, I really really don't trust me16:03
Elleokenvandine, rhuddie: just ran the keyboard tests on wily (with hiding hacked out) and they all passed, so might be related to the new autopilot stuff on vivid16:03
Elleokenvandine, rhuddie: only run them once so far though, so hardly definitive16:03
kenvandineElleo, i ran them yesterday on wily and had 4 or 5 failures16:03
kenvandinewithout hacking :)16:04
kenvandinebut the fix was there16:04
Elleokenvandine: right, so the fix would seem to be the main difference between our setups currently16:04
rhuddieElleo, kenvandine, I'll also ask veebers if he has any ideas on this16:05
Elleokenvandine: can you link me to that branch so I can see what it actually does?16:05
kenvandineElleo, yeah, i had the fixed autopilot from the silo at the time16:05
Kipjethere are two problems that happening, depending on the installation: 1) sometimes it simply boots into android instead of ubuntu or 2) it tells me that the root directory should be changed, and regardless of what I answer it just hangs at the 'Google' screen when booting.16:05
kenvandineElleo, the autopilot branch?16:05
Elleokenvandine: yeah16:05
kenvandineElleo, https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-platform-qa/autopilot/add_osk_show_workaround/+merge/26494416:07
kenvandineElleo, you can also install autopilot from wily-proposed16:07
kenvandineElleo, oh... autopilot is no longer held in wily-proposed16:08
kenvandineElleo, hmm... now i'm confused16:09
kenvandineit is held in wily-proposed but it doesn't seem to be on the excuses page16:09
kenvandinethat's the version with the fixes16:09
Elleokenvandine: thanks16:09
kenvandineah, it is on the excuses page... i just missed it :)16:10
jibelmandel, I flashed ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed/ubuntu mako #262 and lsb_release says Wily. And the checksum of the rootfs is the same than the equivalent krillin image in devel-proposed16:17
jibelmandel, can you double-check what system-image-cli -i tells you16:18
jibelI'll try krillin later16:18
kenvandinemandel, ok... after flashing and installing silo 9 it does work fine16:19
kenvandinemandel, but now we need to wait to rebuild silo 9 after silo 30 finishes publishing and is merged16:19
kenvandinemandel, sorry... must have been my frankenmako :)16:19
mandelkenvandine, no problem, I prefer a false error than a false positive16:24
mandelkenvandine, that is why I asked you to take a look, to make sure that I did not "force" it to work :)16:25
jgdxkenvandine, all tests in the apn-prototype pass, except for the ones with a kbd in them. They all pass locally (desktop).16:25
kenvandinejgdx, ok, cool16:25
kenvandinethose kbd fixes just landed16:25
kenvandineso mind giving them a kick again with 0.3+15.04.20150722-0ubuntu1 installed?16:26
kenvandinethat wouldn't have the apn editor :)16:26
kenvandinejgdx, btw... i found that call fwd test was actually failing reliably, even when run alone16:27
kenvandinebut i'm wondering if it had something to do with ofono-phonesim being running (even though we mock it)16:27
kenvandinethat stuff got installed when running the messenger-app tests16:27
kenvandinei just purged all that and trying again16:28
kenvandinei know yesterday it was passing individually :)16:28
kenvandinejgdx, nope... still failing individually16:29
TonyBostonnow I have to ask...how can I remove Apps/Scopes?16:35
davmor2TonyBoston: For apps just long press on them, for apps you can unfavourite currently but there is no removal system yet16:36
TonyBostondavmor2 you mean Scopes can't be removed??16:37
davmor2TonyBoston: If they are installed by you, you can remove them from the store, But the default scopes have no removal process currently16:38
TonyBostondavmor2 just asked because you wrote Apps twice16:38
TonyBostongot it now :)16:38
davmor2TonyBoston: ah sorry ye meant scopes for the second one :)16:39
jgdxkenvandine, mind reviewing the apn editor tests since you have a good grasp on them?16:46
jgdxkenvandine, how do the call fwd test fail?16:46
Elleobfiller: tested silo 2, and other than the general issue with autopilot failures we're having on vivid it all seems good16:48
bfillerElleo: ack16:49
bfillerwill mark it ready16:49
TonyBostondid one of you guys try to make an sdcard bigger than 32GB work?16:50
josuehi everyone!16:51
josuei've got a question about install apps in ubuntu phone16:52
josuei want to know if there is anyway to install apps with a apt-get script like i do in ubuntu desktop16:53
josuephone apps ofcourse16:53
mcphailjosue: you can't use apt-get safely on the phone. You can use the command line to install apps, though16:53
josuei just want to install all my favourite apps in one step when i have to flash the device16:54
mcphailjosue: pkcon install-local --allow-untrusted _packagename_16:55
=== VargaD_ is now known as VargaD
Elleobfiller: great, thanks16:55
mcphailjosue: it won't download the apps - you need to do that manually16:55
mcphailjosue: just keep them in the home directory16:56
josueok ok16:56
mcphailjosue: that doesn' get wiped if you are switching channels16:56
josuei didnt know if there is anyway to do it with a script16:56
mcphailjosue: of course, but you'd need to write the script :)16:57
josuethis wont be a problem16:57
josueim sure that it would be faster than install manually16:57
mcphailjosue: I have a little script to apply my tweaks after a channel switch.16:58
mcphailjosue: need adblocking, ringtones etc16:58
josuecould you send it to me in a mail? i want to learn16:59
josueapps too?16:59
bfillerElleo: which device and image number did you test on?17:00
mcphailjosue: I don't have it installing apps by default17:00
popeyjosue: i have a script which downloads every free app from the store, which i mirror at http://popey.mooo.com/mirror/clicks/2015/17:00
mcphailjosue: http://termbin.com/vdkd17:02
Elleobfiller: arale, rc-proposed image 6317:03
bfillerElleo: thanks17:03
Elleono problem17:03
josuehow you install apps with wget? this isnt for download the webpage?17:04
ogra_mcphail, gdbserver should be in the image i think17:04
* ogra_ remembers seeding it somewhere recently 17:05
mcphailogra_: has it been added now?17:05
mcphailogra_: i think the bug is still open17:05
ogra_oh, wait, no ... that was in snappy .... mixing things up ... but here is can validly say "fixed in snappy" to make popey happs :P17:05
ogra_*happy even17:05
josuein desktop i have a sh script to install a list of programs with apt-get, make folders, shortcouts for others partitions etc etc...17:06
ogra_mcphail, sil2100 took over seed management for touch ... probably he is better at it than me ... bribe him tomorrow ;)17:06
ogra_(seems he is gone for the day)17:07
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOD
antonyAnyone want to test my app?17:08
mcphailogra_: :)17:20
mcphailantony: what is it and what size is it? (on 2G connection just now so downloading is slllooooow)17:21
mcphailantony: I can try to get it. Link?17:23
antonyIts on the software center as cellular beta.17:24
antonyUbuntu store i mean.17:26
mcphailantony: aargh - just getting download errors17:26
antonyThats worrying. I was getting those but i figured it was an issue with the emulator.17:27
mcphailantony: download bar reads 100% immediately and then the error comes up17:28
antonyYep same for me17:28
antonyAnyone else able to confirm?17:29
mcphailWhere do I find the Store logs?17:30
antony? You mean the statistics17:31
mcphailantony: no - the logs on the device to see if I can find out why this fails17:31
popeyJamesTait: ^^^17:31
* JamesTait looks17:33
antonyNot sure. I didn’t include any error logging capability in the app if thats what you mean17:34
mcphailantony: no - I'm wondering whether the Ubuntu Store writes a log if an install fails17:35
mcphailpopey: does your mirror of the app work?17:35
mcphailantony: yes - popey owns the internet17:36
antonyI get a download error when i try and download it via the emulator but it works when i deploy localy.17:37
JamesTaitpopey, can you try your package upload again?17:37
JamesTaitantony, I also get a download error trying to install Cellular Beta, but have managed to install other apps.17:37
JamesTaitI'm looking into why.17:37
* mcphail wonders whether there is a "JamesTait's day of the year" app in the store?17:39
JamesTaitThat'd be better as a Today Scope section.17:39
JamesTaithttp://pastebin.ubuntu.com/11921300/ <-- Error installing Cellular.17:44
JamesTaittl;dr - bad version number, doesn't start with a digit.17:45
JamesTaitWhich is odd if you can install the same click locally.17:45
antonyIll go ahead and fix that17:45
JamesTaitAnd if that's the actual error, obviously a bug on the server side validation as well.17:46
* ogra_ is impressed about the " (4)." ... how does that even work17:46
ogra_space and brackets in the package name17:46
JamesTaitogra_, I probably attempted to install it a few times. ☺17:46
ogra_still odd that you get spaces in the filename then17:47
JamesTaitI blame mandel. 😉17:47
ogra_yeah, totally :)17:47
=== dandrader|bbl is now known as dandrader
antonyFixed the package but cant  upload it  The uploaded version (2) is not newer than the current version (.1).17:52
mcphailha! got to love computers17:54
antonyGoing to delete the store entry and completely re submit it17:55
JamesTaitWell https://bugs.launchpad.net/software-center-agent/+bug/1477249 is the bug for allowing the invalid version number.17:56
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1477249 in Software Center Agent "Poor validation of uploaded click version numbers" [Undecided,New]17:56
peat-psuwitjhodapp: ping18:03
jhodapppeat-psuwit, pong18:04
Elleokenvandine: after just installing the updated autopilot package I got both a shift and a None failure on the keyboard tests18:04
Elleokenvandine: will run a few more times without it to see if I ever hit them when I don't have it18:04
kenvandineElleo, glad you're seeing the same thing18:04
peat-psuwitjhodapp: Could you please explain why this function https://github.com/jhodapp/libhybris/blame/audio-recording/compat/media/media_format_layer.cpp#L181 return mf->height and not slice_height?18:05
antonyCant find the permanent delete button in my apps18:05
jhodapppeat-psuwit, that's old code and not the actual trunk for libhybris18:06
antonyWell now it looks like i cant upload packages even under a different app.18:08
peat-psuwitjhodapp: the code is still the same in code-review's master18:08
jhodapppeat-psuwit, yes indeed, just making sure you're aware of that18:09
JamesTaitantony, can you tell me the name of the new app you just tried to upload that failed?18:09
peat-psuwitjhodapp: Ok. Then, why it's mf->height and not mf->slice_height?18:10
jhodapppeat-psuwit, one sec18:10
antonyRemoved the beta so now its just cellular18:10
antonyStill get: The uploaded version (2) is not newer than the current version (.1).18:10
JamesTaitantony, did you just change the title, or the actual package name? (i.e. Did you change "Cellular Beta" to "Cellular", or did you change "cellular_beta.excelsior-studio" to "cellular.excelsior-studio")?18:13
antonyJust the application name.18:14
JamesTaitSo the former ("Cellular Beta" to "Cellular")?18:14
kenvandineElleo, so what's interesting there is you had worked around the only issue fixed in that autopilot landing (i think)18:14
kenvandineand it worked for you18:15
jhodapppeat-psuwit, honestly I don't remember why it's height anymore...I wrote that code 2+ years ago...there was a reason but I don't remember it18:15
kenvandinebut with their fix... it's flaky18:15
jhodapppeat-psuwit, why do you ask?18:15
Elleokenvandine: yeah, and the keyboard version I tested against still had the work around for that issue18:15
kenvandineElleo, so i think that means the bug is in autopilot, not in the keyboard helper18:15
JamesTaitantony, I'm also trying to find out if it's now possible to permanently delete an app; it wasn't possible for a while, but I know it was being looked into.18:16
Elleokenvandine: but I'd like to run it a few more times without that package just to be sure, as it might have just been luck that it passed last time18:16
kenvandineElleo, can you articulate that in a bug report against autopilot?18:16
Elleokenvandine: sure, will do once I've finished the extra test runs18:16
JamesTaitantony, do you not see "Delete forever" under "Publish your application" on the app details page?18:16
kenvandineveebers should be online soon, i can make sure he looks at it right away18:16
peat-psuwitjhodapp: It seems to break software rendering (actually, thumbnail) on my device (you know, custom color format)18:17
jhodapppeat-psuwit, have you tried with slice_height instead?18:17
kenvandineElleo, i would just say it's flaky and paste some tracebacks...  :)18:17
jhodapppeat-psuwit, I will accept a patch18:17
antonyNope. I feel like a saw it there yesterday.18:17
peat-psuwitjhodapp: In libhybris? That's what I'm trying.18:17
jhodapppeat-psuwit, yeah18:18
jhodapppeat-psuwit, alright great, also make sure to test hardware rendering with that change just to make sure it doesn't break18:18
peat-psuwitjhodapp: Thanks for reminding that.18:19
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jhodapppeat-psuwit, np, I'm sure the explanation is something like that's what was used in another example elsewhere and it made sense for the initial cases, but I don't remember specifically anymore. I should have put a comment for the reason18:20
JamesTaitmatiasb, hi!18:20
JamesTaitmatiasb, antony is having problems uploading an app. The first upload had an invalid version number, which the phone refused to install.18:21
JamesTaitmatiasb, so he corrected that, but the store rejects the nrew version number, because 2 apparently isn't greater than .1!18:21
matiasback, let me check the details18:23
JamesTaitantony, I need to go and do dad stuff for a few hours, but I'll leave you in the more-than-capable hands of matiasb in the meantime.18:23
mandelJamesTait, wait what?18:24
mandelJamesTait, wait, you mention me and run away... coincidence? I think not!!!18:27
* mandel yells: "is a trap!"18:27
matiasbantony, give me a min and let me see if I can re-enable the delete option for you18:28
maggotshello world18:29
mcphailhello maggots18:29
maggotshow long does an emulator take to build18:29
mcphailalways longer than you expect18:29
mcphailand then works slower than you feared18:30
cwayne1davmor2: https://bugs.launchpad.net/today-scope/+bug/1459394 is fixed right?18:30
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1459394 in Today Scope "No news headlines since the news scope update" [Undecided,New]18:30
davmor2cwayne1: it is18:31
maggotslol i ordered the phone today, downloaded the sdk and trying to make an interface for the raspberry pi, basically buttons for the gpio pins18:31
maggotsused python as i don't know c++18:32
peat-psuwitjhodapp: Using slice_height, thumbnail seems to work now. (using vs-thumb)18:33
antonyAny luck on enabling delete?18:33
jhodapppeat-psuwit, nice!18:34
peat-psuwitjhodapp: How to wipe thumbnail cache?18:34
tathhumaggots: "the phone"?18:34
mcphailI'm not sure the emulator is particularly useful, I'm afraid. Working with a real device is so much better18:34
jhodapppeat-psuwit, look in .cache, there should be a sqlite db somewhere18:34
jhodapppeat-psuwit, get rid of that and reboot...there's probably a better way but I'm not aware of it18:34
maggotsyes the meizu phone i'm in the eu18:35
tathhumaggots: oh, cool ^^ got the e518:35
maggotsis it fast on that hardware?18:36
mandelkenvandine, silo 09 is done, are you ok with me setting it to tested?18:37
maggotsit's been about a 40 minutes and it's still building *sigh18:37
kenvandinemandel, yeah18:38
SturmFlutjgdx: Just out of curiosity, what would be the easiest way to get an image on my arale that comes with the WiFi Hotspot feature?18:38
matiasbantony, ok, could you check if you have the delete option available now?18:38
kenvandineSturmFlut, do you know how to install a silo for testing?  it's in our landing silo 4618:39
jgdxSturmFlut, there are no images… ^18:39
kenvandinemandel, silo 9 is dirty, so i'll kick a rebuild18:39
SturmFlutkenvandine: No, never done anything like that.18:39
jgdxSturmFlut, check out the newbieguide (i use that all the time)18:39
peat-psuwitjhodapp: Now confirmed, thumbnail now works correctly. FYI, the cache is at .cache/thumbnails/18:39
jhodapppeat-psuwit, perfect18:40
peat-psuwitjhodapp: And video playback doesn't break, too.18:40
jhodapppeat-psuwit, alright, what device are you testing on?18:40
jgdxSturmFlut, if you're here tomorrow morning-ish (EU time) I can walk you through it. Given you have adb acc. :)18:40
peat-psuwitjhodapp: LG L90 Dual (D410)18:41
jhodapppeat-psuwit, do you have a mako or other official model by chance?18:41
peat-psuwitjhodapp: Sorry, no.18:41
jhodapppeat-psuwit, no worries, just curious18:42
jhodapppeat-psuwit, propose a patch when you're ready and I'll test it on the other devices18:42
mandelkenvandine, again? I just did that (well, before I took the dog out)18:43
mandelkenvandine, thx18:43
peat-psuwitjhodapp: How to send the patch?18:43
SturmFlutjgdx: I think I could work it out from the newbie guide, but I'll be on vacation from tomorrow on. So next time maybe. Thanks for being willing to help me though, very much appreciated :)18:43
kenvandinemandel, you did?  it was still showing as dirty18:43
kenvandinemandel, unless i'm bit by a stale dashboard page :)18:44
kenvandinemandel, sorry... i bet that was it18:44
kenvandinemandel, i'll handle it, thx!18:44
eschatusogra_ & jgdx : Just an update to let you know the ending, in case someone else falls into the same pit: Trying to add the recovery.img (from Alex Tu) to u-d-f with --recovery-image=xxx gave this terrifying result: http://imgur.com/eKE0ucz18:45
mandelkenvandine, awesome, should I update the spreadsheet?18:46
kenvandinemandel, i did18:46
kenvandinei'll wait for it to finish building though18:46
kenvandinebefore i publish it18:46
eschatusHowever, by following this: https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg13878.html with the same recovery image, and using the down / up power buttons to enter fastboot / recovery mode it finally succeeded :)18:46
jhodapppeat-psuwit, you can do a pull request against the mako tree and gerrit here: https://code-review.phablet.ubuntu.com/18:46
eschatusogra_ & jgdx: Thanks for all the help! :)18:47
SturmFluteschatus: Wow, I've never seen that screen.18:47
antonyReuploaded it and submitted for review. Thanks18:47
mandelkenvandine, perfect,  we need to get the silo for vivid ready, do you know how to do that, we need to copy all packages over and then just create an mr for click scope, right?18:47
mandelkenvandine, since they are all using dual landing AFAIK18:47
peat-psuwitjhodapp: Using repo, right?18:47
kenvandineyou can do a sync18:47
kenvandinemandel, so sync all the packages, which will just sync the sources and rebuild18:48
jhodapppeat-psuwit, yeah18:48
eschatusSturmFlut: It's a bit blurry (taken with the BQ), but it's a chip with a red Ø. Didn't give a good feeling at all. ;)18:48
mandelkenvandine, except the click-scope18:48
mcphaileschatus: the only way they could make that picture scarier would be to make it a picture of a brick18:48
kenvandinemandel, that has a 15.04 branch?18:49
mandelkenvandine, yes, and diff dependencies18:49
kenvandinemandel, ok18:49
mandelkenvandine, it uses a diff version of ubuntuone-creds18:49
kenvandineyes then18:49
mandelkenvandine, I'll ask how to do that in the ci channel, I'll take care18:49
mandelkenvandine, no problemo18:49
kenvandinesync:ppa:ci-train-ppa-service/ubuntu/landing-009,wily content-hub ubuntu-system-settings ubuntu-download-manager18:50
kenvandinemandel, put that in the spreadsheet18:50
kenvandinemandel, column G18:50
kenvandinemandel, i'm getting it started18:50
mandelkenvandine, awesome, that is going to my notes :)18:51
kenvandinemandel, row 6318:51
kenvandineadd the click-scope branch in there18:51
kenvandinemandel, also add the testing instructions18:52
kenvandinemandel, with this we can actually sync the packages before they make it to wily18:52
mandelkenvandine, doing it now18:53
antonymcphail try installing it now18:53
mandelkenvandine, wait, you did everything and just want me to do the MR, correct?18:54
kenvandineand add test instructions18:54
kenvandinemandel, let me know when you add the MR, and I can create the silo18:54
ogra_eschatus, yay, awesome, happy it worked out18:54
mandelkenvandine, ok18:54
antonyAnyone want to test my app?18:55
mandelkenvandine, done19:00
crsHi alltogether :) is there some problem with the newest devel-proposed version? because it bricks my phone. Tried two times19:04
kenvandinecrs, mako?19:05
kenvandinecrs, i think image 263 is bad19:06
crsyes, nexus 4, mako, tried 263 and 264. They both stopped at the google logo for me19:07
kenvandineyeah, flash it with 26219:07
crsok, thanks :)19:08
kenvandinenot sure why though19:08
kenvandinei know 262 is good19:08
crsok i will try that. I was at 228 for a long time because mobile data didnt work with newer ones19:08
crsthanks for your help :)19:09
kenvandinemandel, building in silo 1719:09
mandelkenvandine, superb19:14
antonyAnyone want to test my app?19:27
ahoneybunantony: have a .click or is it in the store?19:32
antonyIts called cellular beta19:33
* ahoneybun looks for it19:34
antonyAre you aarom?19:38
ahoneybunmeant to type aaron19:38
antonyWhat side of the map are you on?19:39
ahoneybunno clue19:39
ahoneybuntop right?19:40
antonyIm comeing to eat you :)19:41
ahoneybunso this is on a server19:41
antonyThe maps meant for around 20 people and we only have 219:42
ahoneybunbit laggly19:42
antonyStill lagging?19:44
ahoneybunnot badl19:45
antonyRicoh ate me19:46
ahoneybunive seen no one19:46
antonyThe map is 500by500 squares19:47
popeyantony: i played a couple of times, but on the second play, whenever I touch the screen to move, the keyboard pops up19:48
antonyIll look into it19:49
popeyantony: url is broken in your desktop file too19:49
popeyshould have two slashes19:49
antonyFixed the url19:50
antonyCome kill antony 2. Want to see if i get the keyboard issue19:54
popeypainfully slow19:54
antonyWhat device are you using?19:55
popeydesktop pc :)19:55
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popeyno, desktop pc, chrome19:56
antonyCould just be high ping. What country do you live in?19:56
r00t_xhi ;)19:57
popeyi am seeing popey2 still alive, but popey ate him ages ago19:57
antonyTry the - ping command from your desktop19:57
popeyoh, this is on your home connection?19:58
popeyyeah, it _just_ told me popey2 died, which i did ages ago19:58
popeyavergae ping of 12719:58
antony127 shouldnt be to bad19:58
antonyYep im hosting it from my home19:59
antonyUsing dyndns to fix dynamic ip issues19:59
antonyWell the game seems functional at least and i wasnt able to reproduce the keyboard issue on the emulator.20:00
popeytry typing the nickname in and press enter, rather than tap the button20:01
popeythats what I did20:01
antonyMain issue is that the server needs more people in order for the game to be fun.20:01
r00t_xguys is there any option to put ubuntu touch to samsung galaxy tab 3?20:13
popeyantony: if it's slow you won't get more people20:15
popeyI suspect it's not slow for you because you're sat on the same piece of ethernet as i is20:15
antonyCould have just been a temporary issue i just tested it with a low bandwidth proxy with a 600ms ping and it was bad but not unbearable. I would think 127 ping would be fine.20:25
TonyBostonkind of weird when I can access the aquaris on a mac but not in ubuntu20:25
r00t_xguys is there any option to put ubuntu touch to samsung galaxy tab 3?20:29
antonyYou can create your own rom20:30
r00t_xim not that good20:33
mcphailantony: got your game. It is a bit like osmosis20:35
antonyIts multilayer arena. Needs more people for it to actually be fun though20:37
jgdxeschatus, oh sorry that happened. You should get in contact with meizu support at this point. :|20:38
antonyNoticing any lag?20:39
mcphaila little20:39
mcphaildoes your blob get slower as it gets fatter?20:39
antonyWhat part of the map are you on?20:40
mcphailtop right corner20:40
mcphaili am mega blob20:41
mcphailhas potential. I'd rather it had an inertia mechanic, like osmosis, rather than simply slowing down though20:42
mcphailantony: I'll be away until next Tuesday, but would be happy to join a big game to stress test it then if you want20:45
taiebotIs the calendar on the Today scope gone for good?20:45
taieboti meant there was a big icon with todays date on top of the Today scope. Is this suppose not to be here anymore?20:48
mwenninghi ubuntu touch guys20:58
mwenningI have a Nexus 7 with a bluetooth mouse attached, looks like it works but no cursor shows up.  Ring any bells?21:00
eschatusjgdx: You got the end, right? I got it running again after the bad chip screen appeared. :) Was hoping I could figure out away without bothering them so they might think - hey this worked great, no trouble at all, let's make a bunch of Ubuntu phones already!21:14
taiebotmwenning it s normal it s not fully implemented yet21:16
mwenningtaiebot,  thx.  ETA?  Workarounds?21:31
taiebotmwenning i think it will not land in a long time  it's a mir thing and they are still working on it.21:33
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antonyIs it possible to publish mobile apps to desktop yet?22:26

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