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tsdgeoshandsome_feng: you there?07:31
handsome_fengtsdgeos: yeah, :)07:34
tsdgeoshandsome_feng: so you get "QML Image: Cannot open :file:///home/feng/lp/unity8/qml/Launcher/graphics/focused_app_arrow.png" when running on the device?07:35
handsome_fengtsdgeos: yes07:35
tsdgeosthat's weird07:36
tsdgeosi mean on the device is /home/phablet, no?07:36
handsome_fengwhen use run_on_device is /home/phablet, my nuxes 4,  and also can happened on my desktop trough qtcreate07:37
handsome_fengnow , it happy again on my desktop07:39
handsome_fengQML Image: Cannot open: file:///home/feng/lp/unity8/qml/Panel/graphics/VerticalDivider.png07:39
tsdgeosand /home/feng/lp/unity8/qml/Panel/graphics/VerticalDivider.png just exists fine?07:40
tsdgeosand the permissions are fine?07:40
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handsome_fengyes, i confirm07:41
tsdgeosvery strange07:42
tsdgeoshandsome_feng: are you using wily? vivid? vivid+stable ppa?07:42
tsdgeosok, that's a difference from me at least07:43
tsdgeoshandsome_feng: if you do a simple qml that loads that file, does it also fail?07:43
handsome_fengtsdgeos: hm, i will have a try now07:44
handsome_fengI found this when I coding for the bug: 147157707:46
ubot5bug 1471577 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Left launcher should show what apps are open" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147157707:46
handsome_fengAnd Michael said testing my code on the phone does't work07:47
tsdgeoshandsome_feng: so how do you reproduce the problem on the computer07:52
tsdgeosyou're using lp:unity8 with some extra changes or none?07:52
handsome_fengtsdgeos: ctrl + R , stop , ctrl + R , stop ...07:54
handsome_fengno changes07:54
tsdgeosi can't reproduce :/07:57
handsome_fenghm... :/07:59
handsome_fengtsdgeos: I made a simple qml file, and it can load the icon without any problem08:14
tsdgeostry adding the ubuntu components import08:18
tsdgeosjsut in case08:18
tsdgeosand now i have to really go08:18
handsome_fengtsdgeos: I found that if i rename the icon from focused_app_arrow@30.png to focused_app_arrow.png, every thing goes fine now! through the icon turn bigger.08:27
handsome_fengis "although" not "through"...08:29
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rakesh__While setting up the enviorenment for unity813:38
rakesh__I am facing this issue13:38
rakesh__package 'unity-shell-application=6' not found13:38
rakesh__can anyone help on this please?13:38
greyback_rakesh__: have you installed libunity-api-dev ?13:39
rakesh__Let me get that package by the way thanks for the helo13:42
seb128is there a standard way for apps to say if unity8 is in desktop mode?13:58
greyback_seb128: not currently. Why would they want to? That's not a convergent idea13:59
seb128greyback_, gallery-app has a desktop mode, the current logic they use is14:01
seb128  // Assume that platformName (QtUbuntu) with ubuntu14:01
seb128  // in name means it's running on device14:01
seb128  // TODO: replace this check with SDK call for formfactor14:01
seb128  QString platform = QGuiApplication::platformName();14:01
seb128  return !((platform == "ubuntu") || (platform == "ubuntumirclient"));14:01
seb128that's buggy14:01
seb128and make gallery be in phone mode on unity8 desktops14:01
seb128unsure what it should be replaced with though14:01
greyback_seb128: yeah, not good. Could it not device what layout to use based on the window size?14:02
seb128yeah, I don't know14:04
seb128I'm unsure what the "desktop mode" does exactly14:04
seb128they show the "import from camera" action only if !desktop14:04
seb128they also seem to use that as a logic to put things in fullscreen or not14:05
greyback_I'm not opposed to informing apps about the current form factor, but I'd need design to clarify if that's what is the right thing to do14:06
greyback_anyway, there's no such information available to clients as yet. So you'll have to hack around it somehow14:07
seb128k, thanks14:07
seb128I think gallery needs some work anyway14:07
seb128I'm just going to record a bug about that issue14:07
seb128it's not something important to resolve today14:07
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1477173 in gallery-app (Ubuntu) "desktop mode doesn't get enabled in unity8 desktop sessions" [Undecided,New]14:10
seb128k, other question14:14
seb128is anyone looking at enable indicator profiles?14:14
seb128the code is there, just not used14:14
seb128like loading indicator greeter profiles on the greeter14:14
dandraderseb128, dednick might know...14:31
dednicki know nothing14:31
dednickhuh? what?14:31
seb128dednick, read the line I wrote just before dandrader's ping14:32
dednickseb128: we were looking to enable the profiles, but then was rolled in mp back by mterry because of lack of design i believe14:32
dednickas to what lack of design, i know now.14:33
seb128dednick, my question was if anyone is still working with design on that14:33
seb128or trying to push forward14:33
seb128seems it's not14:33
dednickright. erm. i dunno14:33
seb128I'm going to try to revive it then14:33
dednicki'm in the office, so if you want me to poke someone...14:33
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seb128dednick, that would be nice :-)14:43
tsdgeoscimi: so you basically want me to merge this branch into mine? instead of making it a merge with prerequisite?14:47
rakesh__Hi one more issue while building the latest unity8 source code.14:53
rakesh__Can anyone tell me about this.14:53
cimitsdgeos, I can do the latter too14:53
rakesh__CMake Error at tests/plugins/AccountsService/CMakeLists.txt:26 (add_executable):14:53
rakesh__  Cannot find source file:14:53
rakesh__    /home/rakesh/ubuntu_development/source_code/unity8/trunk/builddir/tests/plugins/AccountsService/AccountsAdaptor.cpp14:53
cimitsdgeos, but use_sdk_13 requires my branch basically14:53
tsdgeoscimi: why?14:54
rakesh__Seems not able to get the full source code from bzr14:54
cimitsdgeos, well I updated some stuff...14:54
cimitsdgeos, both are ok anyway14:54
tsdgeoscimi: you updated some stuff, but it doesn't require it, does it?14:54
cimitsdgeos, I am not sure14:55
cimitsdgeos, I havent tested your branch14:55
tsdgeosi know14:55
tsdgeosi told you to do it14:55
tsdgeosyou didn't :D14:55
cimibut I tested dash etc with my new ubuntushape14:55
rakesh__Does anyone know how to get??15:29
tsdgeoscimi: i don't think i can test that whole branch today man, there's a lot of things that need careful looking at15:29
cimitsdgeos, ok...15:29
tsdgeosrakesh__: how are you building it?15:29
tsdgeosrakesh__: it's autogenerated15:29
tsdgeosrakesh__: do you have ninja-build installed?15:30
tsdgeosrakesh__: you don't need it15:30
rakesh__I am using this document15:30
tsdgeosbut if you have it it changes how we build15:30
tsdgeosso it's an important thing to know15:30
rakesh__tsdgeos, I don't have ninja build installed15:30
tsdgeosrakesh__: ok15:31
tsdgeosrakesh__: qdbusxml2cpp  -V15:31
dednickseb128: know anything abou this? "There is a currently hidden property in System Settings called "Messages on welcome screen""15:31
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1358340 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "[Indicators] Complete greeter profiles" [High,In progress]15:31
rakesh__tsdgeos__ , qdbusxml2cpp: could not exec '/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt4/bin/qdbusxml2cpp': No such file or directory15:32
seb128dednick, yes, what about it?15:32
tsdgeosrakesh__: set | grep QT_15:33
seb128dednick, that's one of the reasons I asked earlier about profiles, that option makes messages not being listed on the greeter profile15:33
seb128dednick, but since we don't load the right profile we don't see the result15:33
seb128dednick, so it's hidden until it can work15:33
dednickseb128: where is the option? i can't see it in settings15:33
seb128dednick, it's hidden because it doesn't work15:33
tsdgeosrakesh__: also dpkg -l | grep default | grep qt15:33
dednickseb128: you mean because the profiles arent used? or because backend doesnt support?15:34
seb128dednick, edit /usr/share/ubuntu/settings/system/qml-plugins/security-privacy/PageComponent.qml and comment the "visible: showAllUI"15:34
seb128dednick, because profiles are not used15:34
seb128the option changes the messaging indicator greeter profile15:34
seb128but since unity8 loads the phone profile you don't see the change15:34
seb128which makes it look like to the user the option is doing nothing15:34
rakesh__tsdgeos, same error I am facing15:36
tsdgeosrakesh__: sorry?15:36
rakesh__tsdgeos, not able to find the   Cannot find source file:15:36
rakesh__    /home/rakesh/ubuntu_development/source_code/unity8/trunk/builddir/tests/plugins/AccountsService/AccountsAdaptor.cpp15:36
tsdgeosrakesh__: i don't know what you did15:36
tsdgeosi'm asking you to post the ouput of15:37
tsdgeosrakesh__: dpkg -l | grep default | grep qt15:37
dednickseb128: does that not conflict with "Notifications and quick settings" option?15:37
tsdgeosrakesh__: set | grep QT_15:37
rakesh__[01:36 rakesh@param /home/rakesh/ubuntu_development/source_code/unity8/trunk$]  :  set | grep QT_15:37
seb128dednick, not really?15:37
seb128dednick, and that's a design thing if it does, they can change it15:38
seb128dednick, are you asking that in context of enabling the profiles?15:38
tsdgeosrakesh__: what about the dpkg one?15:38
seb128dednick, but that's likely not the only case where the profiles need to be different, on desktop it's more visibiel15:38
rakesh__tsdgeos, for dpkg one I am getting nothing15:38
tsdgeosrakesh__: do you develop other qt software?15:38
seb128dednick, things like the session indicator shouldn't let you open settings on the greeter15:38
rakesh__tsdgeos, I have just started eveything from scratch15:39
tsdgeosrakesh__: install the qt5-default package15:39
tsdgeosthat should help15:39
dednickseb128: is the "allow notification" related to the bubbles, and not the messages?15:40
dednickwhatever... it's a design/backend distinction. i guess we can just enable the profile switching.15:40
seb128dednick, correct15:41
rakesh__tsdgeos, Able to start the building process15:41
rakesh__tsdgeos, CHEERS15:41
tsdgeosrakesh__: ./build.sh should have installed that15:41
tsdgeosi guess you Ctrl+C'ed when it asked for the password the first time15:41
tsdgeosand it only does ask you to install stuff once15:41
rakesh__tsdgeos, Why these steps are missing in the setting up unity8 document?15:42
tsdgeosrakesh__: it is not missing15:42
tsdgeossee what i just said15:42
tsdgeos./build.sh wants to install that pacakge15:42
tsdgeosit asked you for your root password15:42
tsdgeosand you cancelled the process15:42
tsdgeosthen the next time it doesn't ask you anymore15:43
tsdgeosso basically you "broke it"15:43
tsdgeosagreed it's not the most resilient thing ever15:43
tsdgeosbut oh well :D15:43
rakesh__By the way thanks mate.15:43
dednickseb128: i'll pick it up.15:48
seb128dednick, enabling the profiles? did design agree to it?15:49
seb128dednick, the code is there working, it's just a matter to set the profile in unity, I tried that as a local hack the other day15:50
seb128dednick, thanks15:50
dednickseb128: i meant i'll pick it up with design, and sort it if they approve.15:52
seb128dednick, thanks!15:52
seb128dednick, let me know if you open a new bug for that15:52
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