cmaloneyGood morning12:50
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wolf|workhi hi hi15:03
rick_h_hi hi15:05
cmaloneyhi hi15:11
* greg-g is a trend starter15:17
wolf|workTurns out when I was thinking "hi hi hi", the actual quote I was misremembering was "hey hey hey"15:36
* wolf|work was never actually a fan of Good Times15:36
cmaloneyWhat's Happenin'15:36
wolf|workor What's Happening15:36
cmaloneyI don't associate hey hey hey with Good Times. :)15:37
wolf|workor whatever show it was15:37
wolf|workI get the quote wrong, I get the name of the show wrong.... I quit.15:37
cmaloneyyou fail 70s TV references15:38
cmaloneyplease turn in your child of the 70s / 80s / 90s/ 00s/ 10s card.15:38
cmaloneyCongratulations, you can now adult freely.15:38
wolf|workIt was just that one show (those two shows?) that I never really watched. I still love the 70's!15:40
wolf|workTwiki. Starbuck was a guy. Michael J Fox was a teenager.15:41
wolf|workJo was hotter than Blair, even though she wasn't supposed to be.15:41
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