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mazalMorning everyone04:55
mazalmaaz tell kilos Oom as ek reply op jou mail kry ek delivery error op daai email addy van jou : http://bin.snyman.info/rrafr04:55
Maazmazal: Got it, I'll tell Kilos on freenode04:55
inetprogood mornings06:06
ThatGraemeGuymorning Kilos 06:26
ThatGraemeGuyseeing that nobody else wants to greet anymore :p06:27
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy and all others06:27
Kilosill bee here now now, chatting to debs06:27
Kiloshi inetpro can you please check out the list mail for africa, it wont accept replies07:22
inetproKilos: please explain your problem07:29
Kilossome of the africa peeps tried to reply to the mail i send out and they get errors inetpro 07:29
Kilosmazal also and he gave that paste07:30
inetproKilos: does msdomdonner@ubuntu.africa exist?07:30
Kilosoh my07:31
Kilosoh it should be ubuntu-africa?07:37
Kilosis that right07:37
Kilosmazal  look man07:37
pieter2627hi all08:04
Kiloshi pieter2627 08:04
Kilospieter2627  have you tried a reply to that africa list08:06
pieter2627nope, just got it08:07
Kilosive had some guys say they cant reply08:07
Kilospro said inetpro> Kilos: does msdomdonner@ubuntu.africa exist?08:07
Kilosso i dunno now if it should be ubuntu-africa or i must make a new account08:08
pieter2627oh, someone will authorize any mails going to the list?08:08
Kilosyes i do, but some tried to reply08:09
pieter2627the site is ubuntu-africa.info - so an addy for it should be something@ubuntu-africa.info08:10
pieter2627will test the reply for you08:10
Kilosoh my08:10
pieter2627the reply-to is definitely wrong (msdomdonner@ubuntu.africa)08:11
pieter2627shouldn't it be the list's addy?08:11
* mazal peeks in08:13
mazalLo everyone08:13
Kiloslo mazal 08:13
pieter2627hola mazal08:13
Kilosi dont know pieter2627 08:13
Kilosaha so where is the prob08:14
mazalThe reply to is wrong08:14
mazalSo check where that is configured08:14
Kilosinetpro  ^^ 308:14
mazalBUT , you sent that from your own mail client ? Then it can be in your own mail client that reply-to is wrong08:15
Kilosnot my ubuntu alias08:15
mazalCheck both I would say , mail list config and your own client's config08:15
mazalCheck yout thunderbird or whatever you use to what the reply-to is set. If that is fine then check the mail list config08:16
pieter2627you send it from your client to the list, then the list sends it further which is why i think it is mainly in the list08:17
Kilosoh also, the one guy was using yahoo, which i had to then use my old one to be able to join them08:17
Kiloshi ronaldm 08:19
Kilosand MaNI 08:19
ronaldmKilos:  I am good, thanks and how are u?08:20
Kilosalso good ty08:20
Kilosi need a mail from that list so i can see what TB uses as a reply-to08:23
Kilosas jy kan sukkel sal jy08:24
inetproKilos: why would you want to mess with things that don't need messing?08:24
Kilosi dont know inetpro , i dont want to mess with anything08:24
Kilosi just want things to work08:25
inetprothere's no need to modify your reply-to address 08:25
Kilosthis is all above me08:25
Kilosplease dont make me try to think it out today, head to sore08:26
Kilosjust say do tis or do that08:26
inetprojust keep it the same way as you do for all your mail, there's nothing special to it and there is no such thing as a @ubuntu.africa address08:27
inetpronobody created it, so why would you even try?08:27
Kilosso what must i tell the ghana guy that told me the reply-to gives an error08:28
inetprowhat is the error?08:28
Kilosi will mail and ask him08:28
Kiloshello Miles08:31
Kilosmy reply to the mailing list failed08:31
Kilosplease let me know08:31
Kilosthats all i got08:31
inetprothat's not good enough08:31
Kilosyes thats why i mailed him now to ask him to paste the error message08:31
Kiloshave we received any replies from that list08:33
Kilosi dunno08:33
mazalinetpro: Full error in the paste I gave thise morning08:34
mazaldomain don't exist08:34
Kilosmust be something i am doing wrong08:34
pieter2627DNS Error: Address resolution of ubuntu.africa. failed: Domain name not found08:34
inetpromazal: that one was obviously a problem on Kilos's own setup08:35
inetproand I guess it's related 08:35
Kilosoh my08:35
inetprohence me asking: 07/22 10:24:23 <inetpro> Kilos: why would you want to mess with things that don't need messing?08:36
* Kilos lost08:36
inetprolet anyone else send to the africa mailing list and hit the reply and see for yourself08:37
* pieter2627 sees that the reply for previous emails from the list is correct08:38
Kilosso what must i do if i mustnt mess with things that dont need messing08:38
inetproKilos: obviously you changed something on your local side... dig deep and ask yourself why and then go undo it08:39
Kilosoh my08:40
Kilosok sent one, hopefully this works now08:46
KilosTB has funny ways of doing things08:47
pieter2627the reply now goes back to the list Kilos08:47
Kilosso thats good right?08:48
* pieter2627 is not sure - got a bit confused by pro08:48
Kilosi will just have to choose the reply to addy everytime08:48
Kiloslol he likes to keep me totally confused08:49
mazalIt's still not right08:50
Kilosoh no08:50
* pieter2627 is pondering the same thing, but waiting for a pro to confirm08:50
mazalBoth reply and reply to list is the lists addy now.08:50
mazalIt should be reply - your own email addy ( for someone wants to reply only to you ) , and reply to list option should be the list's addy ( if someone wants to reply to the whole list )08:51
Kilosif you reply to list then the whole group on list should get it08:51
Kilosthe reply to is to me only08:51
mazalThat's my point , the reply to is the whole list currently , not you08:52
Kilosbut now both are same08:52
Kilosso i dunno08:52
mazalWhich is incorrect08:52
Kiloswell at least they all get in now08:52
Kilosor maybe i must make and account like that in there too08:53
Kilosmaybe i must join that list as msdomdonner@ubuntu.africa08:55
pieter2627or it should be left blank (but don't know too much about lists)08:55
pieter2627Kilos: msdomdonner@ubuntu.africa does not exist... it will go nowhere08:55
Kilosoh well we wait for some pro advice08:55
Kilosso does that mean i must create that addy?08:56
KilosYou are an active member of this team already.09:06
Kilosall that ubuntu one effort09:06
pieter2627Kilos: you won't be able to create that addy if you tried09:14
pieter2627the current addy is okay, there is just an issue with how it goes 'out'09:14
inetproKilos: why do you even want to mess with reply-to?09:15
Kilosout from my client?09:16
Kilosits not me inetpro 09:16
Kilosits others trying to reply to mail i sent out09:16
Kilosi dont understand it all man09:16
* pieter2627 now thinks that is enough confirmation that it should be left alone(blank)09:17
inetproyes, it should be left alone09:17
Kilosoh i can look at the blank thing09:17
inetprowhen you send a message to the list the receiver can decide whether to reply-to the sender or reply-to all which should then reply back to the list09:18
Kiloswell TB decided to add the reply to thing09:18
inetproI don't believe that at all09:19
Kilosit pops up on its own09:19
pieter2627filled or blank?09:19
Kilosi have just deleted it09:19
Kilosfilled with the domdonner addy09:19
mazalinetpro: That's where the problem currently lies , the reply to ( for only the person who posted ) is the list adress , and not his own adress09:19
pieter2627Kilos: check account settings09:20
mazalSo if a user choose reply to ( to reply just to Kilos ) it goes to whole list09:20
Kiloslemme try again with it blank09:20
inetpromazal: because he messed with it09:20
Kilosok i go look for account settings09:20
pieter2627craig's email arrived as mazal explains09:20
Kilosyes i got that09:21
mazalAnd everyone else09:21
mazalInstead of just you09:21
pieter2627Kilos: Edit > Account settings > the addy on the left list09:22
* pieter2627 hopes he remembered correctly09:22
Kilosin the accounts settings page that opens i see reply to and its blank09:23
pieter2627for the @ubuntu.com addy?09:23
Kilosbut that is on my gmail.com09:24
Kilosi dunno where the ubuntu.com is as yet09:24
pieter2627list on the left09:24
Kilosubuntu.com is just an alias, it doesnt show on the left09:25
pieter2627inetpro will have to jump in again09:26
Kilosinetpro  fixit09:27
pieter2627thinks that you will either have to check the address that it is an alias for, or there might be a setting for aliases09:28
Kilosits the alias for gmal09:29
Kilosand the gmail account shows reply to as blank09:29
pieter2627then check the second case09:30
Kiloswhats that?09:30
inetproKilos: why do you make something so simple into a complex issue? Just treat the mailing list the same way you treat any other email address... 09:31
inetprowhen sending to a private address the receiver simply hits reply to send back to you... no special settings needed... end of story09:31
pieter2627somewhere that account is set so that emails appear to be coming from it, right?09:31
Kilosi have 4 accounts there and all show blank reply to09:31
Kilosok inetpro so its when i actually make a mail that i must just ensure the reply to is blank right?09:32
pieter2627inetpro if he composes a new message and the reply-to is auto filled, then a default is set somewhere?09:32
Kilosit stopped09:33
Kilosnext mail doesnt show the reply to option09:33
* pieter2627 already started running away09:34
Kilosthat was with gmail. when i change to ubuntu.com itr auto adds the send to09:34
pieter2627is ubuntu.com chosen from the dropdown?09:36
Kilosi havent been able to make it as default09:36
Kilossent a mail with ok 09:37
Kilostry a reply and we see09:37
pieter2627so somewhere, sometime it was added - the same location should be where to remove the reply-to default09:38
Kiloshaha i always make simple things difficult09:38
pieter2627wbb (have to go check a Tb)09:39
mazalOk , it looks right now09:40
mazalreply to goes to miles and reply to list goes to list addy09:41
mazalSo if that miles addy exist it should work , I sent a test to it oom09:41
Kilosgood then i must just remember to blank the reply to everytime09:41
Kilosyay ty guys09:42
Kilosi got them09:42
mazalShould only be needed once , once you blanked it and applied the changed it should stay blank09:42
Kilosit happens the minute i choose the ubuntu.com alias09:43
mazalReply to is best to always leave blank as the mail system will then default it to the account that send the mail09:43
mazalYou only use that when you want replies specifically to go somewhere else09:43
Kilosit chooses it automatically when choosing the ubuntu.com option instead of gmail.com09:45
Kilosill try remember to blank it everytime09:45
mazalThat shouldn't happen09:45
Kilosanyway now i know how to get past it all is good09:46
pieter2627Kilos: go to account settings again09:46
* pieter2627 might have found it09:47
pieter2627for that gmail address (which it as an alias for) click 'Manage Entities'09:48
Kiloslemme get there09:48
pieter2627the ubuntu.com addy should then be there09:49
Kilosmust i dit09:49
pieter2627edit and remove the reply-to09:49
Kilosty so much pieter2627 09:50
* pieter2627 still feels a bit like a zombie, but learned a few things09:53
KilosTB is involved, thats why i always used evolution10:04
Kilosonly the alias thing was too hard to get working10:06
Kiloswhew need a rest after all of that10:17
mazalOk , so why use aliases in the first place ?10:18
Kilosso peeps can see its ubuntu talking not only some domdonner 10:18
mazalDon't you just configure the second account ?10:19
mazalI don't even see anything that says aliases in my TB account settings10:19
Kilosno there is no option to make the alias my default account10:20
Kiloseven getting that to work was a mission10:20
pieter2627mazal: the aliases are set in 'Manage entities' for the real addy10:57
mazaloom Kilos , I struggle to understand why you would want to struggle with that ?11:11
Kilosi dunno the pro said do it11:12
Kilosbut it gives you some authority it seems11:12
Kiloswhen i approached peeps as domdonner i often got ignored11:13
Kilosthat improve lots with the ubuntu.com11:13
mazalWhy not simply add the second email acount on it's own11:13
Kilosbecause it isnt an account11:13
Kilosits an alias of another account11:14
mazalEach has it's own inbox and folders in main view and in whichever one you are standing and click "write" for a new mail it automatically selects that account and sends from that11:14
Kilosno all same inbox11:14
mazalOk , I thought it's a second email account11:14
Kilosthe ubuntu.com comes in the gmail inbox11:14
Kilossame as my nick here11:15
Kilosthe ubuntu.com cloak is a cloak over my other freenode cloak11:15
mazalSound all very complicated to me11:15
mazalBut ok , I thought it was just a second email account11:16
inetproKilos: don't confuse cloaking with email redirection... it has nothing to do with it 11:17
Kiloswat ai! jy nou weer inetpro 11:17
Kilosoh that11:17
Kilosya man i mean its similar, one thing hidden behind another11:17
ThatGraemeGuyI'm going to call him ainetpro from now on11:17
mazalNow that was sharp :)11:18
ThatGraemeGuyja noem my sommer minora11:18
mazalNou hoor net so bek :)11:18
mazalHy moet jam kry11:18
inetproThatGraemeGuy: hmm... you were way too clever to stay out of this discussion11:19
ThatGraemeGuysorry I was driving around a bit, just got back :)11:19
* ThatGraemeGuy reads11:20
ThatGraemeGuyew no I'm glad I missed all that11:20
* mazal sips a coke and glares at maaz11:20
ThatGraemeGuygmail FTW, you can keep your thunderbirds and your evolution11:21
mazalmaaz , we skipped lunch again !!!11:21
Maazmazal: Excuse me?11:21
ThatGraemeGuythe evolution is over, desktop mail clients are the dinosaurs11:21
* inetpro should learn to rather stay focused on work during working hours11:21
* Kilos a dinosaur11:21
MaNIdinosaurs are cool11:23
Kilosinetpro  you enjoy ai! me and it adds something intresting to your daily grind11:23
MaNItrex > swallow 10 times out of 10 :)11:23
mazalThis is one of very very few days when I concider a bear11:29
mazalEverything is kapoet and all batteries are flat11:30
mazaland that should probably be beer*11:30
mazalOne of these days I will learn to spell , don't worry. But not today11:31
Kilosi was wondering if you prefered bears to dinosaurs11:31
MaNItough choice11:31
MaNIpolar bears are pretty awesome11:31
Kilosand then grizzly bears11:32
MaNIwind today is crazy11:32
Kilosyeah and cold11:32
* mazal wonders how we started at mail and wound up at freekin polar bears lol11:32
MaNII think I felt my cars tires lift off the road at a robot, later on I log into facebook and there is a picture of some other guys car turned over at exact same spot11:33
MaNIlucky escape11:33
mazalWow where is that MaNI ?11:33
ThatGraemeGuydo you drive a double-decker bus? o_O11:33
MaNIgordons bay11:33
ThatGraemeGuyoh right never mind11:33
ThatGraemeGuythe wind there could blow an A8 over11:34
mazalSpeed 1 , great movie11:34
MaNIthat specific road I think acts as a wind channel or something11:34
MaNIworse there than elsewhere11:34
MaNIwon't be going that route during wind again11:34
ThatGraemeGuyspeed wasn't a double-decker bus ;-p11:34
mazalNow I feel like having an oldies movie night sometime11:36
Kilosinetpro  its all about community spirit. work is never such fun11:36
Kiloseven MaNI stayed here11:37
Kilosand ThatGraemeGuy too11:37
Kiloseven if we ask stupid questions and mess things up, its part of the fun of belonging11:38
mazalThatGraemeGuy: What Os do you use ?11:38
mazalAg no , my domain is back11:42
ThatGraemeGuyxubuntu, specifically11:42
mazalAnd you don't use an email client ? Do you use web interface ?11:43
ThatGraemeGuyyeah gmail11:43
TinuvaMacgmail ftw, love it over multiple pcs, multiple os's ect11:44
inetprotalking about strong winds, in the news; "The Huguenot Tunnel had to be closed late on Tuesday afternoon after four trucks were blown over on the bridge near the N1 Toll Plaza."11:44
mazalI use it too , but still use client , in imap mode11:44
ThatGraemeGuyah, Irritating Mail Access Protocol11:45
ThatGraemeGuywell its better than POP, Pathetically Old Protocol11:45
ThatGraemeGuyI will forgive the use of fat clients and IMAP for those of you with dodgy connectivity11:46
mazalI use imap for that exact reasons TinuvaMac mentioned11:46
mazalAnd use client cos I find it a little easier than web interface11:47
ThatGraemeGuyI don't like tying my mail to a device11:48
ThatGraemeGuyI can check my mail on my laptop, phone, tablet, etc11:49
ThatGraemeGuyeven on my TV if I feel like it11:49
TinuvaMaci love it when people connect their phones to ms exchange, give you access to remotely wipe their phone when they leave company11:50
TinuvaMacand is also why my personal phone will never be connected to exchange11:51
TinuvaMacif company wants me to read mails on my phone, they can sponsor said phone11:51
mazalNot a fan of exchange11:54
mazalOur work uses it11:54
TinuvaMacours too12:01
TinuvaMaconly problem is, they use 2007 still, so i cant use the new outlook on osx to schedule meetings12:02
TinuvaMachighly annoying12:02
mazaloom Kilos I am on the verge12:16
Kilosof madness?12:16
mazalGetting very close to just write off the money spent on pc games and go back on my main machine12:16
mazalI miss ubuntu too much at home man12:17
Kilosthats a very good sign12:17
mazalOh sorry , I'm still at the M$ conversation by the way lol12:17
Kilosplay games on xboxes and playstations12:17
mazalEvery night I get a little more annoyed12:17
mazalSure I have it on server box , but is not the same12:18
* mazal hears some singing12:19
mazal" Dink jy darem nog aan my ! "12:20
mazall8tr all , enjoy the afternoon12:21
mazalmaaz bye12:21
Maazkbye mazal12:21
Kilosyou too12:21
KilosMaaz  seen superfly 16:44
MaazKilos: superfly was last seen 21 hours, 59 minutes and 32 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2015-07-21 11:45:13 PDT], and has been online on freenode since 2015-07-21 15:22:40 PDT16:44
magespawngood evening16:46
Kiloshi magespawn 16:46
magespawnhow things Kilos?16:48
Kilosgood ty magespawn and you?16:49
Kilosim trying to get through hendershots fuelless genrator16:49
magespawngood, very wet here today16:49
magespawnlogic would say that is impossible16:50
Kilosyeah but im going to try it16:53
Kilosjust need to find the things needd16:53
Kiloslike a magnet bar16:54
Kilosbut tesla said if you ran a copper cable from north pole to south pole it could power many new yorks16:55
magespawnit would get stolen16:56
Kilosso the power is out there, we just need to find how to harvest it16:56
Kiloslol yeah16:56
Kilosespecially the piece over za16:56
mazalor broken16:58
magespawnhi mazal 17:01
mazalhi magespawn 17:01
magespawnthere is a large group of americans here at the hotel tonight, straining the network a bit17:03
mazalmaaz seen Kilos 17:04
Maazmazal: Kilos was last seen 7 minutes and 19 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2015-07-22 09:56:41 PDT], and has been online on freenode since 2015-07-21 23:18:15 PDT17:04
magespawnmazal how are you chatting?17:26
magespawnKilos: maybe tesla was working on the idea of inducing a current in the wire using the earths magnetic field17:33
magespawnnot sure if that is possible though17:34
Kilosyes thats the whole idea17:35
Kilosthats what hendershot based his research on but built coils to concentrate it17:37
magespawnhaving fun running scans on the network17:44
Kilosthe africa wiki page is having 2 more languages added17:45
Kilosand i just sit here17:45
Kiloshave become a delegte17:45
Kilosinetpro  comment man17:54
mazalmagespawn, at home hexchat , at work konversation17:55
Kilosoh my17:59
Kilosyou should stay at work17:59
mazalirc is so basic anything will do really18:00
Kiloshi SDCDev 18:06
LangjanHi Kilos 18:10
Kiloshi Langjan hoe gaan dit18:10
LangjanBaie goed dankie, en met jou?18:11
Kilosook goed dankie18:11
LangjanEk het niks gebreek nie...18:11
Kilosdis goed18:11
LangjanWou net kom kyk wat julle geeks doen18:12
Kiloskom jy net groet18:12
Kilosdit kan reen binnekort18:12
LangjanLyk na 'n koue en nat naweek18:12
LangjanMy kaggel sal werk18:12
Kilosbaie sneeu op die berge18:12
LangjanIs dit nog koud by julle?18:13
Kilosalmal besig net ek wat tyd het om te gesels18:13
LangjanWaarmee so besig? 18:14
Kilosja man, hulle se 9°c vanaand maar dis min vir my18:14
LangjanJy ook maar jy maak tyd, waardeer18:14
Kiloshulle almal werk en ek jaag nog die laaste 3 locos18:14
Kilosen ek kyk ook videos18:15
LangjanEk hou ook nie van minder as 10 nie, dan is dit onder vriespunt18:15
Kilosjy moet kyk18:15
LangjanWatse videos?18:15
Kilosvry krag18:15
Kilosvan mense wat tesla se goek ondersoek18:15
LangjanOns het met kerse gevry18:15
LangjanTesla klink bekend...18:16
Kilosja slim ou18:16
Kilosinventor of the cntury18:16
Kilosek pm jou die lienks18:17
LangjanDink ek het jou gesê het die maand solar geyser ingesit, kyk na die res maar dis baie duur18:17
LangjanDankie, wat is pm?18:18
Kilosprifaat message man18:18
inetprogood evening18:18
LangjanOK baie dankie, sal graag kyk18:18
LangjanHi inetpro 18:18
LangjanKeeping well?18:18
Kilosbaie interesant18:18
inetprohi oom Langjan, hoe gaan dit daar?18:18
Kiloshi inetpro 18:19
LangjanPunt innie wind dankie inetpro 18:19
inetproeh oom Kilos18:19
Kiloskyk die mods inetpro https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AfricanTeams18:19
Kilosdie mense werk18:20
inetproek het gesien ja, jy besig om baie beroemd te word18:21
LangjanDankie vir di skakels Kilos , ek sal kyk18:21
Kilosnee man ander doen die werk18:21
Kilosek gaan dit probeer doen Langjan 18:21
LangjanDis hoe jy beroemd word, as jy kan delegeer - wel gedaan18:21
LangjanWat probeer doen? Sal ek op die videos sien?18:22
Kilosi have actually been thinking about the whole community thing18:22
Kilosvry krag self maak vir ons18:22
LangjanKlink goed, hou my asb op hoogte, ek kyk intussen wat jy gestuur het18:23
Kilosinetpro  imo a succesfull comunity is one where all the peeps become friends, before it comes to the sharing of knowledge18:23
Kilosek moet net soek vit n magneet stafie18:24
Kilosmagnet rod18:24
Kilosthat could be hard to find18:24
Kilosand all the copper wire will be expensive18:25
KilosLangjan  the first one is russian i think, havent looked at it yet18:27
Kilosothers are all english18:27
LangjanFirst one is English...looking now18:28
Kilosim looking at the hendershot fuelless generator18:28
Kilosbut 2.6 hours18:28
Kilosi just start watching then someone chats here so i get lotsa excercise too18:29
=== Russ_|Away is now known as rusbus
Kilosha rusbus you alive still18:35
LangjanSecond one is Russian18:36
Kilostell me what the pictures say18:36
Kiloshehe then i dont have to go through that as well18:37
rusbusyessir I still live18:37
Kiloswhy barely18:38
Kilosnot enough curry18:38
Kilosohi superfly wb18:38
rusbusalso cause of work being a dick18:38
KilosMaaz  seen superfly 18:38
MaazKilos: superfly was last seen 23 hours, 53 minutes and 25 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2015-07-21 11:45:13 PDT], and has been online on freenode since 2015-07-21 15:22:40 PDT18:38
Kiloshi Cryterion 18:39
Cryterion_Hi, Eskom is back18:43
Kilosoh my, you been shedding18:43
=== Cryterion_ is now known as Cryterion
Cryterionnah, been shed lol18:44
Kilosi was lucky today18:44
CryterionForgot to check at 8, so geny been running extra half hour grrr18:44
CryterionHere I get hit almost everyday, between their stage 1 then 2's18:45
Kilosanyway guys, im going to bed. much warmer there18:47
Kilossleep tight everyone18:47
KilosLangjan  visit more often 18:47
Cryteriongoodnight Kilos18:47
Kiloslekker slaap18:47
mazalNight everyone19:32
=== Webtricity is now known as Guest16758

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